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r~ NEWS IN SHORT ORDER. DOM E STIC HAPPENINGS TOLiB IN A F E W B R IE F WORDS. In t e r e s t in g Paragraphs Condensed From Many Redundant Columns. at BaT tivity throughout the South in building cc ton-seed oil mills, and that a dozen mills, to cost $1,000,000 or more, have been organ­ ized, while there is a report that a two million dollar company has been organized in Philadelphia to build milts in the South. The new mills reported a nearly all by independent companie.= not co nected with the Cotton Oil Trust. —In the House of Commons at Ottawa, Hon. Mackenzie Bo well, Minister ol Customs, said that the amount of exports from Canada for the nine months ended April 1, 1889, was $59,790,391; for the same period in 1888 the fiaures were •'ii;;\)9.308 This is ex­ clusive of Briti.sh Columbia. —Boland Gideon Israel Barnett, who played a prominent part in the wrecking of the Centra! Bank at Toronto, was found guilty of fraud in ha ving appropriated to his own use $10,000, the product of two draf intrusted to him by ex-Casliior Allan. —The Illinois Senate resolved to .'i.sk Con­ gress to make a survey for the eoustruction of a canal between Lakes Michigan and Supe­ rior from Bay de.Noc, Lake Michigan, to An Train Bay, Lake Superior. The ground taken is that it would be useful in case of stringer, missed his footing and fell into the river. He attempted to swim, but soon sank, and the body was not recovered. —George Black, of Gray, Me., has l^en ar­ rested on a charge made by Abel Bl;*k, his father, of mixing pai is green iji a ,jug of cider from which the lather was in the l*.ibit of drinking. The father was made seri(*isly ill. —Arrayed in evening dress, with .u, dia­ mond in his shirt front and a jack rose in the lapel of his coat, John Sydney Walters, a journalist of London, England, killed himself at Chicago, in his room a t the Richelieu. —A loaded gun was exploded by fireii . house of VV. H. Stewart, near Chestertown, Md. The report awoke 1 he family and enabled its members to escape from the building. Eighteen men were in ah ore mine a t Farm­ ington, Berks County, Penn., when the sliaft caved in recently Tiichani Ettinger was crushed to death. The others escaped. —The British mails are again to be dis­ patched by Canadian steamers. S. P ratt, an old offender, was con- Ticted a t Boston of passing counterfeit Uni­ ted States Treasury notes. He was formerly employed as agent for the sale of a counter­ feit deteetoi’. — Abe Robertson, a prominent citizen of Danville, Va., was overcome and burned to death while fighting the Patrick County forest fires. There has been great destruc­ tion to farming property. here were many arrests with po- xunning care over n lice protection. Thi rioting. —The Commercial Exchange of Kansas City by resolution requested President Har­ rison to appoint an Inter-State Commerce Commissioner from West of the Mississippi —The new Steubenville (Ohio) iron and steel works, which started recently, are closed by a Strike of 500 employes. —The Baltimore Grand Jury has indicted half a dozen oystermeu for dredging in for- bidden waters. —Great damage has been done to the pea, TCan, and potato crops about Norfolk, Va„ by heavy rains. —The body of Rear Admiral William Rod­ gers Taylor was buried jn the Congressional C e m e tei’y a t W a s h in g to n . l<''uneral services ■were held a t St, John’s Episcopal CJmrcli,the R e v . D r. L c o n a r il o f f iciatin g . TJie p a ll b e a r ­ ers were Gens. Schotield and Schenck and Ad­ m i r a l s T e m p le, S te e d m a n , Selfridge, B r y s o n , I.ee ami A lm y . -yAn official investigation of the Santa Fe Railway disasster at Lorenzo, III., by which Mrs. Emma G. Hartt, of Brookline, Mass.; her son and niece were killed and her husband and several other persons injured, shows that Conductor Fred Hughes and Engineer Frank Converse were guilty of gross criminal care­ lessness. —Capt.-Gen. Salamanca, of Cuba, has i.s- sued a proclamation offering a reward of $2,000 ouch for the capture of Victor and Luis Mactin, brothers, who have been sen­ tenced to death for kidnapping, and $1,000 for the capture of Juan Suarez, an accom­ plice who had been sentenced to life imprison­ ment a t hard labor. —Tile trial of Mrs. Fi-ances Carmichael for the murderof her Jiusband ended a t Hinsdale, Mich., with a uerdict of “not guilty.” He made the micnsatlon on his death bed that she gave him strichnine, but it was proved that he had threatened to take his life. —The New England Methodist Episcopal Conference of Worcester has iuporsed the Public School bill, approved a constitutional prohibition amendment, voted to aid tile cause of Southern education, and appointed William N. Bi-odbeck president, and J. C. Mansfield vice-president of the Freedman’s Aid Society. The prisoners in the jail at St. Joseph de La Beauce, half way between Montreal and Quebo<;, revolted and shot down Jailer God- bont and Sergeant Harpe of the provincial police; overpowered, bound and seriously maltreated three keepers, and then five of the convicts made good tlieir escape. The jail contained about twenty-five criniiuals undergoing short terms of imprisonment, be­ sides several priisoners awaiting trial. Among them were the brothers Napoleon and Victor Giroux, arrested on suspicion of being the desperadoes who broke into the presbytery of St. Frederic parish and robbed Father Martin of a large sum of money; the broth­ ers Jacques and Joseph Paulin, accused of arson, and Antoine Malaise, accused of as- Baulting a young girl. Keeper Leblanc entered the ward to dis­ tribute the supper, but no sooner had the keeper turned to lock the <loor th r o u g h which he entered tliani lie was felled to tlie ground by a blow on the head from a small iron bur in the hands of Malaise, witli which they li;n! forced open thedoorof therooniin which the- were confined. The keys were then tak< frona the iii.sensible and bleeding keeper, ;i' one of the supper carriers was sent down say he bad fallen in a fit. The remuim. keepers hurried to .the ward, but were m. •well within the door when they were savage ly assaulted by the five desperadoes. Tin- ordinary prisoners took no part in the terri­ ble struggle which ensued. The unfortunate keepers made a gallant but ineffectual fight, and wore soon overpowered by the despera­ does, who beat tlieir heads ami faces almost to a jelly, and then handcuffed them with tlieir own irons.. They then took the revol­ vers which the keepers, owing to the sudden­ ness of the attjxck, had been unable to use, and, accompanied by two ordinary prisoners, the five made a dash for liberty. At the foot off the first lauding they en­ countered the jailer and Sergeant Harpe. wlio had heard the noise and were hurrying to the scene. Both officers grasped tlio situation and fired on the convicts. The fire was inef­ fectual, but it frightened the ordinaries, wlio fled to tlieir cells. The others, however, re­ turned the- fire, and the jailer was slightly and Harpe seriously wounded. The five men then made good their escape. The jailer’s youngdaiiglifer gave the alarm in the village, and several villagers ran to the jail and as­ sisted tlie injured officials in securing the rest of the prisoners. Intelligence of the affair was then wired to Quebec and Montreal, and a strong posse of .provincial police started for thcscene. The Giroux brothers were recap­ tured in the woods seven miles from the vil­ lage. The police are on the truck of the other bree fugitives. AS SWIFT AS THE TELEGRAPH, Mails Can Be Transported at Light­ ning Speed. A correspondent writes to the “Manufac­ turers’ Record” from Laurel, Md., as follows: “The BaltimoreAutomaticTransit Company is conducting a scries of experiments which the officers of the company believe will bring' about a revolution in the transportation of express, mail, and lighter freight. The com­ pany has constructed here a circular track, two miles in circuit, upon which its experi- naentr - ^ —The London “Times’s” Vienna corr spondent says: “The Grand Duke Nicholas has visited Queen Nathalie and induced her to return to Servia shortly. Ex-Kii has therefore decided to return.” ing Milan —The King of Holland, though very ill, is •eported to be in a sane condition of mind. transigeant Gaulois, and other papers i insults to the Chief Magistrate. —A dynamite petard was exploded in a church in Valencia. The altar was badly damaged, but nobodj' was hurt. e south- 'he coun- ig n —^H a rry N. S e a rle, A u s t r a l i a n ’s c h a m p io n oarsman, has accepted the challenge of Wm. O’Connor of Toronto to row in England for $5,000 a side in September. O’Connor has agreed to Searle’s terms. —The appeal of Dion Boucicanlt from the order of the Divorce Court to enforce the pay­ ment of the alimony granted to Agnes Rob­ ertson Boucicanlt in 1888 has been dis­ missed, and the court has ordered that the arrears of alimony be paid. —A verdict was given recently in the case of Luke Emerson, of Bowling Green, Mo., who was charged with the murder of a man named Robinson in London in February last. Emerson was acquitted and was dis­ charged from custody. Emerson, who is a horse-dealer, went to England last winter to buy horses. He displayed a considerable sum of money in a public house one night, ami upon leaving the place was, he claims, set up on by two men, who attempted to rob him. He thereupon drew a revolver and killed one of the men. —Tin-The Procureiir General will conduct the seoution of M. Scceetan, Manager of the Societe des Metaux, and M. Lavaisserie, the chairman of the concern, at Paris, count of its financial troubles. —The Archbishop of Malines has received from the Vatican a communication an- he is to be raised to the Car- nouucing dinalate. ig that J ill issue new si 00,000 marks. —The Bishop of Newark, who is about to teturn to America, had a farewell audience with the Pope a t Rome. BISM ARCK AND SAAft3A. Says Germany Has Nothing to Do W ith Samoa’s Internal AlTa^rs. A despatch from Berlin says: Prince Bismarck has issued an‘ order in which he defines the responsibilities of command­ ers of war ships with respect to requests dynamo and the Sprague motor are Consuls abroad. The Chancellor directs employed. The ov'erhead rail is the main commanders to examine for themselves the feature in the system, a double-flanged logical and political grounds for such re- ’ ’ ' ■ quest, unless the Consul produces special au­ thority from the German Foreign (jffice. As the reason for hit ' uit, upon which its expi iicted. The system of p much the same as on tlie dinary elecfric railway. The Edison dynamo and the Spragi eature in the system, a double-flanged wheel on the car and motor catching upon it when the train h ' ingupoi The idea is to fiiles or move is in niotji have BtatioT» a t twenty-flve miles or moie apart supplied with dyriamoB of sulfrcfeht power to furnish electric force enough to drive the trajn/or a round trip. The com­ pany have been working for over a year past getting the experimental plant ready, and nave made several trials of the system, which, tentatively, were quite satisfactory, a surprising speed being attained. The pro­ jectors of this enterprise expect to work such a revolution in the carrying of m a i ls and packages that one may' sit down to break­ fast in Atlanta or Cliicago and read the Bal­ timore or New Yoi^k papers of the same morning. The practicability of the scliem c has been passed upon by Prof. W. C. Row­ land, of the .lolins Hopkins University, and Thomas A, Edison, the latter, of whom is laid to have declared it to be the greatest conception ilnre tlhe telegraph.”' Five Persons Drowned. A dispatch from Burlington,Iowa,says: The Bteamer Everett, si boat raft belonging to the Burlington Lumber Company, was sunk a t Otter Island, and five of the sixteen persons on board were drowned. The names of the dead are Capt. Vincent Peel, Mrs. Harry .Bell and her three-year-old daughter, Geo. How­ ard, first cook; nurse girl, name unknown. The Everett was on licr way from Burling­ ton to New Boston Bay when she was struck by a terrific gale of wind and sunk in twenty feet of water. Ten of the persons on board were on the lower deck or in other open parts of the boat, and were flung iiito the water as the craft sank. They all managed to escape by swimming to the overturned craft and —■■— the thority from the German Foreign (jffice. As the reason for his action, Prince Bismarck: *fe‘g\tar tifiri5et«uu7eyifnfeS^irr&nTuc^^ says.an unauthorized j cqiiest resulted in grcat loss pf life and in injury to German interests, anddanger danger was thereby incurred of (lermany - ry to German ini ---- was thereby incurred of Germany bwomiiig embroiled with a friendly nation, with no conclusive reasons existing for -the intervention of armed forces. A Samoan “ White-book” has just been is­ sued, obviously in view of the approach of the Samoan conference, in a despatch to Herr Steubel, tlie new German Consul to Samoa, Prince Pisinarck ,ceiiBure8 Consii'i Knappe’s. conduct tlirongirout the trouble in Samoa. ^ He dwells upon the deplorable fact that with nn' inadequate force and with­ out authority, urgency, or a likelihood of Buccess, Consul Knappe took measures, on Dec. 17, which resulted in thedeuth of a large number of persons and an iindesirableclmnge •er of persons ami an iindesirableclmn^. ■ position of planters, besides jeopardiz­ ing peace with America, while quicsci would have preserved a affairs. The sanction of mti. ...... .......leenee >ler.able state of Jic othei -------- —B sanction of the other treaty powers being lacking, he says, Consul Knap- pe 8 demand for the control of the foreign re­ lations of Samoa ivas of no force, and com­ pelled him (Bismarck) to notify Gre.at Britain and America of its withdrawal. TheChancel- lor concludes by deckaring that Germ.any has nothing to do with the internal affairs of Samoa; that her mission is restricted to pro­ tecting Germans and enabling them to devel­ op commercial interests. ■om.the Jefferson Cit}'Penitentiary. His mtenoeof twenty-five years for complicity in the Glendale train robbery on the Chicago and Alton Road was commuted by Gov. Morehouse to seven and a half years. was granted in the Equit; preme Court at Boston dii ... . Elec tric Company and appoint- ■ O’Brien receiver of thfe dead compai ssets. iverturned craft small portion of it which ve water. Oi.pt. Vincent Peel, Mrs. Harry Bell and her tliree-j'ear old dauglitorr, George Howard and wife, respec­ tively first and second cook, and a nurse girl, name unknown, were in the cabin. This w’as submerged and Hilled with water in all but one small corner- Mrs. Howard found this and remained in it, calling for help until the roof was bi okcn in and she was resened al­ most dead. All the others were drowned. A Bos-^’s Fingers Blown Off. John Conry. .aged twelve, was standing a t the bliickboard copyiiig figures from it on his slate at school in .Shcnnndonh. Pa., when drowmed in Albemarle Sound. —The bill to repeal the act by which exclu­ sive franchises were granted the St. Paul Street Car Company was jiassed by the Min­ nesota House of Representatives. suddenly a loud report uKis heard, and four of the boy’s lingers fell in different parts of the room, strikiiiig a number of scholars. Young Conrv w a s tlirown to tlio fioor, and the blood spurled in streams from Ids shat­ tered hand. He wa.s carried home, and the remainder of ids ii.arul bad to be amputated It was a longtime before tlie nw.slerions ex­ plosion could be exiilained, anil then it was learned tliat the boy hud a diialin cap, a powerful fuIm inaSe n.sed in the mines, fitted on the end of h is .slate jiendl. While: blackboard he began piekingat vith bis knife, w ith ’ ncil. While a t the the explosive tlife ni.snlt Ktateii —Joseph Casey, the Baltimore wife mur­ derer, was sentenced to a penitentiary terra of 15 years. Trelain<l's Caii.se. Mr. Parnell lias engaged Sir’Charles Rus.scll, Mr. Asquitii, and Mr. Arthur Uu.ssel to con­ duct the libel sidt brought by him again-st the* “Times.” The trial of the case will take pIfRp in London in the .\titiirari. The specific cha.rgo.s against tlio “Times” are that it pub­ lished a fac simile of a letter dated in April, Tersity. The gift w.as announced to botli 1887, whidi w.as falsely ascribed to Mr. Par- branches of the Legislature a t a meeting with noil, ami lliat it published other letters diir- the Regents. ing the trial of tlie case of O’Donnell against Walter, among them being tlie Kilmaiiiham letter beginning,. “Dear E,” which the P a r n e l i W a n ts $500,000. “Time.s” siib-sequont to the trial called genu- M . h„, ...it a«ai=.t the London “ Times” for half a million jrene.s and that all questions of apolitical dollars. . nature be c.xcluded from consideration. DRIVING OUT THE MORMONS. Tar and Feathers and a Whipping Admintstcred to Five o f Them. Information comes from Dale county, Ala­ bama, that five Mormon missionaries have been severely whipped .and driven from the county. They have been holding meetings among the ignoraut classes and had formed a colony to go to Utah. The last issue of the Ozark “ Star” advised the people to tar and feather the Mormons and drive them away. Recently about forty of the so-called best citizens' of the northern part of the county, without the slightest attempt at disguise, surrounded the house of “Gid” Irons, a recent convert, who was entertain­ ing the five missionaries. The missionaries were brought out, stripped to the waist, and tied in a row. Then each of the regulators, with along switoll, struck each prisoner i blow. Bj\^ the time the last blow was givei two of the men had fainted and the others were wet with blood. After the whipping the legs of the Mormons were coated with tar and feathers, and they were warned to leave in­ stantly on pain of death. Irons was told that if the Mormons were found in hi.s house again he, too, would be whipped. The names of the Mormons are Asa F.Hixson,.I.H. Hngadom, M. F. Miller, John Pearce, and Ancel Morri­ son. They have gone to Henry county. Their followers in Dale county talk of aveng- inir the whippinjr. Wneckage and. Wrecked Vessels. A despatch from Philadelphia says: The British brig Anglo, from Havana, reports that recently, off Fenwick's Island, passed some wreckage, consisting of several casks, foie boom painted green, with foot steps i tached, and bulwarks painted white, appar­ ently off some small vessel. Capt, Randolph of the tug Hercules reports that twenty- seven miles southeast by south from Cape Henlopen. passed a quarter deck of a vessel of about 200 tons, ^here was a single quar­ ter bitt Avith cavil through it, and the for­ ward part of the steering Avheel stand was in its place. The deck had been painted white, and the top of the bitt was covered with yel­ low metal that had not been polished. No other Avreckage in the A’icinity. NORTHVILLE, N . T . Call and inspeert My Stocsk and Prices. NOBTHTUiLE, K . T . All the latest Stylet Of SPRING SUMMER SUITINGS H. F. FISHER, Shaving and Hair Gutting P A R I .O R . Next Door to the Post Ofloo, NOBTHYILLB, X. T. Clears and Tobacco. JOHN PATTERSON. linffitCiiiiiiSJtlar FeniloBf ■iwttea ;iHth tioae end Omtoyuieiiig ma£i$edittiei^ ik« Will Write or Place Insurance on Swelling Houses Furniture,Farm Property, MERCANTILE OR OTHER RISKS AT REGUUR RATES. Call and sec hipa or write for particulars. FAY DUNCAN. Office Over F. L. Barker’s Store Northville. N. Y., April 1, 1888. II^O A R D IM N ISa&GRAYv lilPIANOS P E S TABLISHED 1837. STERLING, E. H. McE WEN, and ' SMITH AMfiMOAir Pianos Organs OP ALL MAKOTACTUBB, Sold on the Installment Flan. Write Iw price* and term ' BROADALBIN. N. Y. H k M tA M : UNACQUAINTED WITH THE GE0GSAFH7 OF THE COUNTRY. W IL L OBTAIN MUCH VAliUABtB INFORMATION FROM A STUDY OF THIS MAP OP I I j lA .* Sr r . THE GREAT ROCK ISLAND ROUTE. (Cliicag:o, Hock Island & Pacific aad Chicago, Kansas & ITebraska Hys. j _ J, Joseph, and Kansas ( in NEBRASKA—Horto: :U,in.K ■W -a n a v a s u l ._ — ilities o f intsrcorai _________________ ________________ tewms and cities in Southern Nebraska, Kansas, ■ Colorado, Utah, New ' Mexico, Indian Territory, Texas, Arizona, Idaho, California, and pacific coast a n d trans-oceanic Seapoi'fcs. S9LID FAST VESTIBULE EXPRESS TRAINS Of Palace Coaches—leading- all comp ‘ ----- - luxury of accommodations-^-an r rado Springs, Denver and sions daily. Choice of routes 1 Angeles, San Diego, San’Francis prom p t connections and transfe in d from siirL a k e ^ ^ ^ o, a-ndf intervening localities. Quick timej 3 in Union Depots. TH E FA M O U S ALBERT LEA ROUTE Runs superbly equipped E ^ iress Trains daily each -way bet\ween Chicago, Rock Island, Atchison, St. Joseph, Leavenwox’th, Kansas City and Minne­ apolis and St. Paul. The Favorite Tourist Line to --------- ’ --------- ' \ ' ' rounds Tick E. ST. JOHN, General Manager. or desfred inform a tw ^ apply to any Coupon C H I C A G O . IL L - E. A. HOLBROOK, (re?'I Tick £& Pass. Agent

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