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Lansingburgh Democrat and Rensselaer County gazette. (Lansingburgh, N.Y.) 1828-1828, June 12, 1844, Image 3

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ice. iurg h . ed up an 3t elegant ivefy con- :o receive ith p leas- nd in any nd in the establish- the rich- ig House ;very lux- be found f'ruit, and Anvil & g Aineri- f » W U u L i E T f S ’ B O C T dfe SM fM B -S T W B E , f J p H E S i w h ich t'hi iplele assort- ‘ S ® ® ® P i t U S S . OF THEIE OWN MANUFACftJEE, piality of Stock, and of superior Boots & S lioes: Ladies’ Gaiter Boots, Geniierrien’s sewed Calfs Roots, Misses’ db do. |: do. Peg do do do Buskins, do. Calf Bootees, Infant's Kid socks, | do. Kip do. M i s i t ’ MoroccrBusksr'’ Boys’ Calf Boots, omens’ Leather Bools and shoes T ’u dies’ French s'ips and Busks. Mens’ cheap slips and Pumps. ,AP SLIPS AND TIES AT 25 CENTS A PAIR. , W A R R E N , & CO.,, I A Fiarin For Sale, Win®Gr'^cMief^U^^^^ Q » T l J A f E » . in ' .iState-street. 1 a^nsing.burgh. tho town ot E ast-^ S. D. SMITH, Keeps constantly on hand a (tenera'l assort­ ment bfClocks, VVatclioB, and Jewelry of the i s a a w ____ _ _______ i j s i a s s s s s s s ; . 1 and about 1)0 acres tillable uplami, theremaiii- I der covered with limber. On said farm there c , . d . l'H£‘iSo. ..................... ... E ~ S “ “ = s : = l . J ^ V U U E l l pbernes, Straw berrici cherries, arid very h tg i ipprovea o edit asilow' a s j v S , \ o n i o u ' iital trees and Shrubs ; a^s» can. be.bo igist. this ,side o f H ertaceous .• d Green bouse Plants, Double New Vo'ii. Among iiich !l>al,Has Um ooice varieties, Thorn Ruicki j _ 'andPrivet >r hedges, Eng ish tw e e t briar ^ ‘^'^Apply io lOSEPn CALDWEI,X,: .M o .ST F .Pn S t< lfeo’' i r cor. Congress and Third St, T one, Id-lb. is reccivinga large and gfin ■era'V assorlmeirt o fD c jlgs, Medicines, Dye- .v oods ,iD) e StuSs, I'aiiUB Jif,, Glass Putty, a ndbr • lies. & c - which'.ihey ''ler for casli’ eil 0 edit asilo' Scnnimony Alioopo Kliellac orange c!u„ii,.„ Vryer B ISM T IS’l!',. of the most approved patterns, Lansingburgh, Ma.v 1. 1844. J. K . & El M . W I L L E T T . irwegian made o f •np sale. Fire tested to i Friday siriess o f J lEY, j | form th e rfl '■/S^ I here she- \ Bortnient trimmed^ lillinary irran'ed Z J ! I iction o r igtoniaik S^wil: !igr sing- i Rooniy. inic : , X . IS- EN. ii“ ’£ 1 NEW BOOT & SHOE at 319 State street, Lansingburgh, A few do south o f Woism, McMurray's Brush Factory. rpH E subscribers have entered into -I partnership, for the purpose of man­ ufacturing and keeping constantly on hand, a general assortment of Boots & Shoes, of the latest fashions, and solicit i share of the public patronage. The red for sale at this Store ' STORE. L. R a n som . B a r b e r AND- H A IR D B E S b E R , At his new Shop, near the Lansinj irgh Book Ston., would be happy ceive the calls of his numeroi Razors put in complete order. policiei March 23, 1844. r, and General JaT Delivery wil held at the Court House in the city o f Proy in and for the county of Ilensseraer,, on the 4th Monday (dd) of April nc.vt and '.he,Jurors who are to serve lorithe trial of 1- sues in the same courts wilihe drawn pursuant to the directions ot the statute at this ollice on the 13tli day !• E O N A R l ^ ^ N ^ ^ i ^ s V t rceeiveil a 8_il lar e lot of beaulilul Hair trom N. 5Torlv, lomprising Wigs, Curls, Frizettes, &c,, ol he latest slyly of finish and arrangement, nd of every shade of color that may he requi jd. Ladies and others wisUng to purchase, re invited to call and oaainliie lliein. S f S s I S f l ^ f|lL i i i p i i i i Flo Camomile Logwood Gamp o I: W est Troy, May 1843 Gnseng bogw ood.Stboiii Gum Arabic uogwood Hond’s: Gum Myrrii Dogwood fainaioa Gum Tragacanlh Nicaraiigua, Bonairi Gum Copal, scraped Nicaraugua, Gore Gum Benjamin N icaraugua, Hatch PAINTS. D E F # T . i - l x r . \ : ■ d \ c,.ption and sale on; commission, jf all kinds of Agricultural a m p tenients-ard would take this opportunity t o invite mnnu- racturers ofsuch articles, to give them a share >f their consignments. T'hey will nt.all tinie.s keep a full and entire issortnient of seeds. Tlieynrc the agents for the sale ol Langdeii’s Horse Hoe or flow __________ Cultivator, and are now prepared b exeoi ‘l ‘A K B M '< 3 ’i;S€J3E3. ‘ same to,almost any e.Uent. New Book Stoi^7 aurifying, and preserving the teeth; for resto­ ring the breath to its original sweetness and, purity; lorsourvy; for spangy and bleeding iruins; for pains and agues in the face and i Teeth; for extracting nil soreness, and conn-,! eraet.n, the effects ot calomel on the teeth , ....... And gums, and rejto-mg them to periect BOOKS ANDSTATIONERY, ‘• a b , ADAM TO.ISBSRH, J - S ' S ' t l t r W d S ' e . rent, a t No. 6u Congress-street, Troy, and by Miscollaneour. Cooks, childrens Books, sing- Ihe proprietor, a t Ins dentist office. r ..... . a ..... „i. ‘ ■ ......... L m isin g h v r g h . work offered for sale at this Store is of their otvn manufacture, and the stock used is of the best quality. Their work will all be warranted, and executed in • a style unsurpassed in the village. Just; give us a call, and we’ll please you all. Boots and Shoes made to order, and! Repairing done at short-notice. Their assortment comprises all the various kinds of Boots and Shoes worn Lansingburgh, Feb. 7, 1844. N E W COAL YARD ale Factory. reat inconveiiier e put, and the hi ich those are subject who hr been so unfortunate as to defer fa^^ing in a sufficinnt quantity of Fuel, for the purpose of heating either their Stores or their dwel­ lings, during the time Navigation iso ’osed ; we have been induoed to open a Coal Yarn on our piem ses, at the Lansingburgh Scale Fac­ tory, \vl»ere we intenu to Keep a general as­ sortment of the difterent varieties ofC o a lin use ; and we ftiel confident that we shall be • able to give general satisfaction, being deter­ mined thi’t no Coal shall leave the yard until It has been thoroughly screened, and is SI s .“ • . f f If anchea, i v S S >k and NEW HARDWARE STORE. H W M P H E E Y 4- L A N S I N G , IMPORTERS OF HARDWARE AND CUTLERY, ALBANY, O A V E opened a Branch Store, under the name and firm of Lansing & Humphrey, in the new brick block of buildings N o .-----State street, opposite J. Nichols, comprising a very general lent, also a full supply of American Hardware, Swedes Iron, flai English do, flat. 2 r,)ose keeping ' u ieiilof L do. old and r round iroi square; re and round; new sable; see fit to patronize us will always find our Coal in the best possib'e orJ-r anddtliver-* ed in the shortest possible lime. Ourarrange- ments are such that we are confident we cun deliver Coal from the Yard or Ve=sel as low as it can be bought elsewhere. We are also prepared to make contraers wilb any time It is ordered ; or, if more convenient for th - purchaser, we will deliver it as they may want it for use. - . Manufacturers and deale's supplied by the argo, on the most I received a cargo ofLeiiigl) Coal d.livered in Troy or VValerford a< Ilia lowest rates. J. D. D- Lansingburgh, April (5, IH44. DISSOLUTION. TWYHE Copartnership heretofore existing .1 . between the Subscribers, under the firm k IL WILLETT.’ April C; 1844 , ioMABsa, JOINER W « s e t ^ ! the paWicgeij- ornllytiial he still continueE tho above butj- at 261 will be happy to v..ceive orders nd IB prepared to exeeu e all linds o f worit his line of business. He would return thanks to the cit this village and vicinity, for tlie liberal paG ropage they have heretofore extended to Kiipy and hopes by a strict attention to busi- oese, and a prompt execution o f work on- tra s te d to him, to merit a coPtitiiiaiiGe ol Ijho Bame. Having served a regular apprei tiseBhip ana haying been long engaged ! « practical builder, he doubts not hisahili to e;jecjitea)l Jobs in a style satisfacton the Binployer, and in a superior worknin like ipanner, A, share otpublii public patroiia American round iron, assorted; Band, scroll, and horse-shoe iron ; Horse nail, spike, and Brazier’s rods , English [Lj German, American, and cast steel; lit. Wrought ar heet. Pig and Bar lead ; Axletree Arms, V\ aggonbi crowbars; Anvils, Vices and sledges ; Scythes; Hoes ; Hay and m inure fork English and American mill and M c English and American shovels and spades ; Powder and shot ; Brass Kettles, Hollow Ware, &c, all of which will be sold for cash or ap­ proved credit, at their Albany prices. Lansingburgh, 1844. REFINED LARD OIL, A UPERIOR article for burning in Lamps and for manufacturers use. Mould Candles, and Family Soap, of the best qualities, for sale at the manu­ factory, corner of River and Richard streets, J. F. PARMELE E, collaiipour. Cooks, cliiidrein Books, ging ng Boons, Almanacs, Annuals for 1843. <S-c. At* assortment of S ta ' iiovaiiy Letter am Foolscap paper, a great variety of qualities; enamled and embossed cards, kc. Witha general assortment ol SI]I!(ML IMOKSq Scliool liewards, Toy Books and other arli- o es pertniniijff to Schools. Froman experi- e nee o f bevernl >'0ttrs in the School Hook trade Qiidlrom the facilities offered us by publish­ ings we cun supply goods ia our line a t whole- Jiijuhe Fflste 'ssro k r rladcler French Munna Flahey Munna Sorts Oil o f C Oil Peppermint Opium Turkey Opium Egyptian S E ' i Sarsaparilla Mond SU'S'SSf- L»o Am'crlcaib^dO' Sp ground inoil B d l t S B I f E S S . Balm of Columbia T v restore it on bald places : and oa •cbiUlren make it grow rapidly, or on thosa ; wlio iiave lost the Imir from any cause. Al< vermin that infest the heads of children ' ” scliools,are prevented or killed by it atones- Find the name of Comstock 4- Co. on it, o never try it. Remember this alwoys. V e n i a l Red S ^ L e K i s - i i S i S e b ing, w e cun supply goods in our line a t whole­ sale or retail as low as can b e bought in any ICr Countrv Morclmnts and teachers are es­ pecially invited to call Troy Agricultural W A R E -H O U S E , Lansingburgh, January 3, 1844. F ^ H R subsori bers would iiitorn the Typ JL Founders and Piinters in the U. State nd Canada, that by a newly invented ma Line, which has been patented, and of which hoy a re the proprietors, they are enabled to a t Wood Type of any style and pattern,and f any size required and which they can af, d at prices 15 to 20 per cent, less than tiiey ve evei yet been sold. They have now on land a handsome a ssortm ent of Roman, Ans tique,Gothc, Tuscan, Italian, &e., plaino I haded and ornamented, condensed and ex- cended, o f various sizes, Irom 4 to 28 lines lica, ofa qualilyand finish which will bear a Foraparison with any manufactur’delsewhere. Also, Grecian Border, ot various sizes. The following is a scale o f their p rices:— Roman, Gothic & Antique, Tuscan Con. Full Exten- Shit-, and or Lines denaed face ded. ded. namentd Pica, cents, ots. cents, ctg. cents M i i iS ? 5 ? 11 ? .1 r, 11 11 i “ i i •„* A small a o rtm ent of c u ts, border, an- ocy metal types on h a n d ,for sale at liieFotin ei’s preos. LOOKING-GLASSES, Portraits, and Pictures framed in Gilt JOHN N f f e S k A N , , |U C . 255 State-street, Would respectfully inform his patrons and friends, that he s prepared to inanufactlire eilhor Looking- Glass, Portrait and Picture Frames iii every variety of style. He has in Ilia employ, a de.mute from New York, a firs make every kind share o t ! 18 also a •nd will turnish designa, and draft plani buildings, for such as may d esire his ser' |ian8in^bur|;Ii, A u ^uat 1849. 1 first rate work- f n„,g • He also continues tl.e riouso and Sign Pamting^, Glazing, and Paper Hanging bus­ ty man, able to p, From Glazing, and Pi J. widnis promptly I sliai p o f public pain langing e x ecuted. ■onage is respect- A sliarp < full, siihcll 111? terms are cheaper than the cheapest. Lansingburgh, A u g u st iQ, if-S. 4 GeneraJ assoi tmeht of Blanks ■A* hqnq at this 0 ) ‘ e proprietor, a t 1 233 Slnte-Sl Printer.s’ & Binders Nos, 29 and 31 GOLD Street Jfew York- ’■ ’IHE “ Hoe ’ Printing I ress Machine and JB. 8a'\ ^^nnulao1ory, in oonsequei\t:e ol the addition ol new and improved inaoliine-” to their work, and the rednctioii in the co of materials and labor, are enabled great to reduce the prices of their Presses, and Printers’ and Binders’ materials generallv will be seen by their ne-wly printed circular, to which they beg leave to refer. ■lliisestabhsliinentis under th e np.-sonal superintendence ol RicliardM. Hoe and Rob­ ert Iloo, and they assure their friends an toe public generally that notwithata.idin_ the great reduction in prices, all art cles manufactured by this establtshnieut shall retain the high repuiauoa which they have __ ________________ hitherto sustained. It ivill also be their ftim r - S t r e e t selves, also, that the t .Id Irienos will not ( lO N S fA A T L Y supplied wit h all descrip- o-lv continue their i.avers,butthal Primers' tions of approved forniing nnplemenis generallv will appteciii e their endeavors to maoliines at prices to suit the times.— furnish llic verv beslar .ides at barely romu- Among whio . „ re, ncrating prices.\ M inor (k l l o i t o n « cclefafated F r u ' cmg Type, Ink, Pape-, &o. will be e-vecute.l LivinA 'sloH C o iiiHy P l o w With the p:re.itest care and promptitude, ann Loijf)! y P J o w s ; on the beuUerms. . , 1 1 1 W Staibuck’s. &C &C, S k ; - ; , . , SSS'lSftK;'” Co so that persons Iron, abroad may not be ciu.rns, anil Spades, imposed iipon vviU. spurious articles, made Cheese Presses, Spinning Wheels,! in imitation d theirs. Gorn Shellers, Cheese &. W ashTuls, Also, a fresh and choice assor tment ol Garden Seeds, by the pound or in ainalleb quantities. HEARY WARREN, 437 River-st, .\E\V VOLUME OF OODEY’S LADYS BOOK, cominfeiice vvMlh July, 1843. O riginal Paintings by the f i r s t Mas the A r t — ()?'igiri.'il — Original M ailer G T o ^aintings by I'lv j u s t .u a the A r t — ()?'igiri.'il De-. We ofibr 1 copy Lady’s Cenlre-tableOrn 2copieg Lady s Book and 2 “opies tiodey’s Centre-table ornament, containing 13 ele­ gant mezzotint and rteel Engravings, for gib 5 copies Lady’s Book and 3do. do. do. 10 8 do. do. do. 4 do. do. do. 15 11 do. do. do. 5 ro. do do. 21) 23 de. do. da. 10 do do. do. 40 Tlie Centre.table Ornniiient is the first of tiie kind that lias ever originated in this country and, of course came from the office of the Lady’s Book, fioin whence all other designs and loeas were 'hpied, Y'’e Jiave now 'a. hand ten original I’ainI ings, by the most celebrated a rlisls of tli ‘Addresc. L. A. GGDEY, ________ Ptihlj-her’s Hall, Philadelphia. I I R N I I Y ^ Y A U U R .V , Manufacturer of Miner’s Pater Pumps, for wells and oislerns-\^ quality imprtiveil and piiccs red reed label upon n in regard to , lalion wh cli have not my il upon them, the pipe and wooden parts vl'icli being made of Whitewood, ar.J I • , • {Jr some ol them of Cucumber-Wood, 1 deem it W hite P ine , hraiit - stupf , tree fhok and boing boiled and -well saturated in a. sinous coiniiosition, is warrsiited in evorj spect asujierior article- every re- iF^rnutUin 33 ootj JSfnlicig, 216 River-st., 'Tray, rthn Franklin Book Store-Young and Hart's, {formerly Z. Clark's) \jVyr )1. FUASER, gratelulior the put-^ iY l # ronage wiiich has been exleuded to him, For the last foul years, respectfully in­ forms the citizens of Ijansin^^burgh anu its periodicals o f the day, that they can hi them rtoriH ,.o m various slvles ofhimji; and at prices to suit llieilimes. Music Books bound in appropriate style of binding. Scrap Books and Ilefbariume made at short notice to order. Blank Books in g eneralusekept c o nstant­ ly on hand or manufaetured t o order and at prices as low as they can be obtained in Gentlemen’s Libraries repaired. ioo?A!Si.s.“SS:74:5\'£ Anvil and Sedge, Fare ReducecL New Yo)k and Montreal Steamboat ITIOH St, Johns nnd inlermediate places, 1: via i.ake Champlain. ThenewIKOzV Steaihhoat PILO T , Cnpt. F. Dow, will loiive Trny tor S t J o I uih and intonneciiate places, Safurdsy, Mityyijth, a t ;U o’clock, A. M. iiiid each week tliereallor at thesarne time, a.iiil I'arther n.itloe. Cabin, through to S t, Johns, $4 OOi Steerage, do d o 01) ir.% the most subsliiiitial manner, with water tight bulkheada, and provided with Fr.in- As there is no renliipraenl, groat despatch and saicty are given, to freight. All freight, haggaiie, <Vo at iherisk o f the owners there­ of, unless otherwise npreed upon. Freight insured at very low rates. For freight orpissago, litiving hands cor. of River and State sis . Tre BOAltDlNC-. * 1'Lw JsoiirUeiH can be accommoated with good boiirJ and ipleasant rooms, at 175 Slate Stroet, by Mrs. Yandorn. Lansingburgh, ilu no 14, 1843. Boardmau & Gray’s Fiano Fortes. rriM U ^ a tlcntion of the public'is respecl- i fully called to the following M tcr K-om. that distinguished vocalist, Henry Rus- K*ll, who hus recently returned fro.T Lur-ipo whicii with a number o f letters o f 0 aiiTitler jhanicter received from other celebrated vo- jalists and pianisis, show conclusivolj^, in he language ol Mr. Russel, that our Piar- orte ‘ c annot be surpassed.** Uowev reat theim p ro -------- * ^ voice.” Manufacti ‘ BOA ROMAN .IS-GRAY. 1 6 North P earl, st. Albanj « i a For Cabin, second Cabin, and Steerage Passengers, from Great Britain and Ireland. No. 61 Foutli Sireet, New York. r V l i i E subscriber con- JL tinues to make cii- in this country may wish e r try it. Remember this alwoys. F l i p u m a f i s n i a n d a l l anti Bone L inim e n t- but never V name ol Comstock Co. on it. are wholly p revented, or governed if the at- i;:^'rL;r:r 4 inrr“.,r 4 l:vs “ t sores and every thingre ievedby it that ad­ mits of an outward application. I t aets like a charm. Lfseit. Horses that have Itin s b o n e , Spavin^ a n ti Windgjalls, entirely cured by Root's SpecU fic; and Foundered horses entirely cured by Roofs* Founder Oinlinenl. Mar this aU horsemen, Dailey’s Magical SALVE— The most extraordinary remedy ever invented for all new or oW Burt>« and Scalds and sores, and sore Eyes. It ha. da- lighteil thougands. It will take out all lira in ten minu'os, ana no failure. It will cure Lin’s spread plasters A better awd more nice and useful a rticle never wa^ made. All should wear them regularly. Lin’s temperance on tlieprinciple of substituting the tonic in the place of tlie stimulent principle, wliicli others for cleansing the system and the hu morsaffeotieg the blood, and for alfirregulsr- ities of the bowels, and the general health. given by thmn to promote the comfort o f the 'passengens. Stcaniboals are feguiatly run • from Liverpool to New Yonc is now conside nibly reduced. Drafts to any amotint to as- Kingdom. Applications from persons resi- iling in the country, {post palil,) will b« promptly atlendedto, and passages from New York to Liverpool can also be engaged o n lli< m o str asonal le toriQs. The co|ra tnersliip heretofore existing un­ der the firm e f tlerdinan & Keenan, was dis­ solved by mutual consent, on the 23d Octo­ ber. la i l . The unsettled business of lli« linn will be liquid.ited by tlie nndcrsignciT, who Mill continue 1 lie business on his own account. JOHNUERDVIAN. South st., one door ea.al o f IVall s t , N . Chestnut Posts. ubscribc-r, No F35 K ‘'-*e-Slreet, JOHN FITCH . Lansingburgu, May? ) 1843. land Raritan Cana':— - ---- _ ^ T h r 6 u g b iH tw i anil halfdays, and no transhipment. f>ou steu m ln m t L in e . One of tlie steamers of this Line will leiiv-e lor Philadelphia twice a week until furtliet notice Freight taken on the most reason able terras, anil ell raasonable charges pnit; on goods destined for Philadelphia. Ship-, pers will find il to their advantage by ship-' ping by this route, a s III s the cheapest and most expeditious node o flransporlationever offered to the public. 145 River s t. Tro. '5J' Hie Trustnos of the village > Laii siiigburgli tor thedetection and o'- viction of theincendiory wIiQ eausotl the ro in this villiigo on the night of theSiJ o June iiwt . Walter Chipmnn, Clerk. Lansingburgh, .Itine 5, 1843. re, tliusrj Doctor O. C, Lin. w efiectuaily cure sick headache, either fiiitlio Nerves or Billitms. Plundrcdi o mies are using it with great joy. lortlie certain p revcnlionof FEVERS orany general sickm s s, keeping the stomach in perfei I order, the bowels regular, and a de­ termination 10 the surface. Colds, Coughs, irnins in the boni s, hoarseness, and Dropsy are quickly cured by it Know this, b y t» s ^’oi’sas.—The French Plaster i» India Hair Dye Colours the lia’r any shade you wish, but will not color ihe skin- m ’H a p t i r i l l t i , , Comstock s C ompound Extract- The • is no oilier propii alion ofSarsaparilla that ran exceed or equal this. Ifypu are sure to gr t 'Conisloek’s. you will find it superior to al. others. It does no ireqnire puffing. s.nw of efiCtt llaiinel will relieve and cure at once. Fresh wound; or oid sores are rapidly cur^ ^ SJv. Expectorant* Will prevent or cure all insipieril oort'Bump tion. Coughs and Colds taken in time, am -IS a deiighi lul remedy. Remember the muw •and get Coiiistocl, ’s. I t oEii}st<i4.’k ’!» V e r m i r u g { i R Will eradicate all v.'orliis in children or a> ,dulls with a ec-ii.aniiy quite astonishi'ng.- U isth c s a n ie as tlialinadeby Fail itock, ^ T o o t h Dwcjps, KLINE’S-^dure effets ::Kntei-ed a r e o iph g lo .-icl o f Congress iiitfis year U42, hj Comstock & Co., in thi C lerks ifficf of the southern distriev « By applying to our agents in ertch towl and villiige papers may, be bad free, show­ ing the mostresj-ectable names in the eouR try I'or these i-actg, so that no one can fail to only o f us. K. n. PARMELEE 1 )riiggisl,Lansinghtirel JOJ3 PRINTIN G , OF EVERY DESCRIPTlONv BATLV AND EXPEDITIODBLY BXJSCOTED AT THIS oyric*.

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