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Lansingburgh Democrat and Rensselaer County gazette. (Lansingburgh, N.Y.) 1828-1828, February 07, 1846, Image 1

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Colds^ Goughs, Spitting of Blood, Bronchilis, DikciiUp o f Breathing, Asthma, Pain in the Side and Breast, Wht Croup, and ali Diseases o f die L iver and LungS] Bro \ing Co g h , Diseas and Lnngs, ken Constitution, 4^- r a i t t E above is the origia»J aiid only! eases oi the Luiig!), nolw ithitaniling thel “ any a rticles p repared by persona whohaye: no knowledge ofthe science of'medicine inj theory or practice, and sort-e more readily; to deceive the unsuspecting, uie a part of a reputation iu the “ hesiling art’ ’ never toj s f f i 2 a s . * » th e ir and purchase none but th e o r ig in a l, LlMSBIRliH DEMIMIKAT. THE BEST METIIOn OF SD8TAIWINO SAB- BATII SCIlOOIiSr—NO. II. 3. Ministerial eo-operation, 'I t is a happy consideration, th a t rjere are at presen I ‘ that ure disintr School < W^^IhLIAM i . LAMB, O F F IC E CORNER OF ST A T E AND EICH A R D -STR E E T S , U P -STA IR S . ED ITO R AND PROPRIETO R , L A N S I N G B D E G B , N . Y . , SA T U R D A Y FEBRUARY 7 ,1 8 4 8 . lUBl he witnessed to be beleived, and ------- jj.g e<|Ualiy to be recom- ?’,U )Vb)-L U'h It I S 81.0 It iille I 11r r o f ' 5 i S »n“ by ;l Icgii'l nl' n ” e\\'n.o g*^1iad ,f p iv , nr him P o i n Z c S S i h . v .!:» ,N . .. been cured by th is < w onderiul remedy!— i ;Paralysis R o b e rt G lenn, steward ot theialiiis hoasei near Fraiikfoid, testifies to the efficacy o f D j . Sw a y n e ’s Compound Syrup «f W ild Cherry, in curing Valentine ehem ian o f oue o f f he most aggravated cases o f diseased lungs, a lte r every other remedy had failed ;tem mu st he and his physieian had given him up a s in - /is a ^ certain^ r i^ d of\lee^lng*of't^*eTun^gs^^^^^ years Certificates bearing strongest witness landing. „ | th e oxtraorriinij effects of these articles, , Mrs. Brown, cerner of 2nd st. and Ger are daily accum u lating. The following antoivn road, Philadelaphia. eHectually are merel r offered as a sample o f huiidredsi | cured o f disseased lungs and the sym p tom s ol a simil ofinoipieiit com suption R. Jackson, D. D, former'y ?irst Presbyterian Church. N ^nen*d*s^l^t^tYe hVad8*o?fom^^^^ T h e Patent CalTatilc Rings, wliis Aorahain Skinner, Crawford co, Pa c u red m a k ing such a s tir in the world ju s t now, )f a p rotracted cough, pain in the side and iare novel invention of this age of inven- ireast, &c. a lter being reduced to a sVele-: ' Ihy ^ i’S *■■ •••'• \•* \ i highly respe T h is medicine in a ll cases THE ©lOTirra; IFAWM (aiflliRii!! MAGNffiri,lni!! T h is remarkable discovery has received le universal approbation of th e medical H O N O R T O W H O M jB O N O R IS DUE^ may truly be said, t h a t n o one has ■ b e enso s u c c e s s f u lini - ----------- g a mediciiie, which has d« • so m u c h torelieve ih e h im a n f a m ily, to rob< disease p f itste r r o r s , a n d r e s toretheinvalidi to H ealth a n d com'Ort, as the inventor »aa. proprietor at th a t m o st deservedly popular family medicine. Dr S wavse ’ s C oufouhb SvBvp OF W ild C hkrrv , a n d none hats been geaerally patronised by t h e Piotessiou 1 o th e r s ,b o lh in th is c o u n tr y a n d in Eu- irbeen so great onef- piii§S:rSSl§^ ^ *0 the who! •en unable to use arm in eating, and :ould not help. Jie hus ^orn rest T r o y -and by J. HiRgum, WaU Lansinghurgli, August\ 1845. t ^ r i c c s . ledy, and worthy a trial from the m o s t in me side, and many symptoms of a pul- - - ............. - that o l a young mai .........ddressed ....... lesidentesident off thehe fcii y,, \ vUerc at I orders must he a l o t t y who about one ye en years, ro deceive the ’.redulous andj me o f W il d C hkrry and as much o f the. me of the origtnai prepararian asw»U reeh them irooi the lash of the law , .‘indj e o t the im p o s ters « ho puts o u tth c c o ^ - j dejicc to caution th e public a g a inst the O- \ “DE\r»’S f c \ * s ”uC H ,M P O S T raES. A n d purchase n o ne t ut tlie oi o n ly genuine article os prepai S W ayne, w h ic h is the only oneci by a regular physician, a n d ai o riginal and a red by D r. oiscovery . * uoubboub f th Side or B r e a s t, Broken C o n s titution iron, various c a u ses, the abuse o f calomel, & c .. B r o n c h itis, A sthm a , W h o o ping Cough, &c. w ere declared to th e w o rld y ears before any otherpreparation o f W ild Cher-y came o u t. T h e m o st s k e p tical may s a tisfy themselves as t o l h e t r u t n of th e above, by a little e n , Jss f c 5 r . r ™ i ‘.“ X u .',“T a other spurious articles have been sold o u t A GOLDEN RULE. One appeal t o God above. Supplicating foi hi* love. Daily offer. Peace of mind. Makes thee happy, good and kind. Daily sing one eheerliil song. From the bosoms fiery throng, Daily do one noble deed. Daily sow one bleaeingm seed. Daily make one foe thy friend. Daily from thy surplus spend. Daily, when the gift is thine. W rite one verse in strains divine. D a'Iy setdi kind n a tures face; Daily seek for some new grace; Oiily dry one enfterer’a tear. Daily one grieved brother cheer Daily drink from sparkling eye, Sweeter n a ture; soar on high. Then thy life will know no night, And thy d eath be robed in light. where to step next, his head began to; swim, and he began to tremble and. shake like a leaf in a gale of wind. Poor Tommy couldn’t keep his balance .t slippe but only to the next limb of the tree. —^his foot slipped, and down he came— W e once knew a little boy who stole an apple. It was the first thing h e had ever stolen, and his conscience troubled him a great deal. H e was going along in the s treet where h e lived, and hesaw a countryman with a wiigon full of ap* pies drawn by a white horse. O h ! thought be to himself, that’s a fine chance to get an apple; up he runs to the wagon, seizes the biggest apple ho |T hold of, and then digs for hoime R e d u c e d ’‘»tes Type and Stereotype Foundry, cc \ Nassau an -'A n n stre e ts. New 'Ssrk, .e |, ,d ^ T ., c . ., ..rA O U K .T , BEUUCTIOO — try, lortnerly known as .fames .1, “ fflu.ui-iD c o s t B . jxKir;? sif» p = S\ E r r 2 1 3 .° u p t . o r f . f n ‘•i»sn>' i.hed with p a ttern .. f o t t h . , A T O T I C E is hereby given th a t t l i o On that limb there happened to be a branch limb partly broken off and shat at the point, which c aught him right his pantaloons. His pantaloons tore all the way up to the waist-bands, where they were so strong as to hold. Thus the poor little fellow hung dangling be­ tween heaven and earth, and he could neither g e t u p nor down. M eantime,— the boy screeching, and screaming and crying for hOlp,--lhe old birds came their n est, and finding the little birds le and the boy hanging on the tree, rogue, and ind screach- ing, flyinglying a llll aroundround him,im, andi back and they set u p a real yelling ai ig, f a a h a gone and the boy hanging they suspected he was the forth to and from their nest. Poor Tommy had plenty of time to reflect before any body could get him down, and he solemnly made up his mind that if he could once g e t safely his feet, b e would never a g ain be caught robbing bird’s nests, and especially the Sabbath ; and be was as good as his promise, for after his friends took him down, from that day to this he has er been out again stealing bird’s nests- ------- ------------- -oie is told IC7“ An interes.tiftQral poet. W hen laking rb” - of Dr. Wn/rbpensity a t making lira’s so great that H a R«raiy Kue. he made one, not could be from it. His father, ed childish in him, him of the hpbit. Isaac, said he, you can lay hold of, and then digs for ho with all his might. He felt so guilty and so unhappy at Aie wicked act he had done, that he did not try to conceal his conduct, but told his mother in a moment what h e had done. All the rest of that day he did not dare tpin'e out of the house through horse man with the wagg;j than a would flfw a r d i every while horse he tein th e s treetw o u ld o a u s e h im to g o and hide. But this was not a l l ; he knew ,i„,e yo„ speak, he had oflendedGod, and done very - ^ wickedly in his sight, and he could not bear to think of dying, and going to the judgment-seat. 'This was his firsUheft. After this he took things without leave many times, but n ever felt so bad again. T h e more b o stole, the less happy he felt. Now, this shows the isityof shunning the first transgres- ** --Ml ;steaV, or lye, or swear, or do any other wu,—i , action, you will ?ent but few pastors ;crested in the Sabbath cause. But still, it is to be lamented that lliorc are some who d o not engtige in this work with the zeal which it demands. W hen m inisters ; pursue a course calculated to con vinco t^hose around titetn th a t they have no heart to the work, their influence is all back-water upon the school; P a r ­ ents will fee! discouraged, teachers, become disheartened, children unin­ terested, Jesus wounded, and the dev­ il comforted. Some m inisters say they have no time—but they shoultJ take tim e; fo r ther is b ut a very small p a r t of their work more important than this. O u r churcheSj or at least the future pros­ it perity ot the church, is already, asTar 1\ as human agency is concerned, i n the Imnds of Sabbath school teachers. ^ >uld the feeling lai fhey I ate’ and mould th e feelings & r o f o u r churches, and in th e language o f the Rev. M r. Todd, ’'L e t teachers b e lie ye and g o wcongi aiid w e cherish an infant H ercules, w h o se club will shortly be used in beating and killing its own m o ther.” T h e of the churches, their o r d e r , telligence, stability, all, piety, p u rity, in under God,iod, deiepend d upon ter o f o u r Sunday-Schools. If m inisters are deficient, either in interest or effort, that character can be w h at it should. Shall ministers neglect this all-important subject, u n ­ til! a w rong d irection is given, w h ich • may require years of labor, tears, prayers, siglis, and groans, to counter­ act ? Nothing but absolute inability will justify liis.neglect. If possible h e should be present at every school. B u t some may say, the labor is (RT arduous; it is much easier ffttii; w ith freed from it. W e.f»’the afternoon, much m o re, suppose the leader of a Arf»i?i4orse team should conclude-- while draw ing a heavy luudL.uin the v in g a hill, that ifhe worqjA^ go much fas- aterease and later ease disengr Jad, and gallo IS, iumsclf oft’ w ith tWs ^depattninnt w 5o‘*p®e;^‘*wm o le great mea take any opportunity h e could to go out into the woods and xob the poor buds of adaitioB their eggs or their little ones from the to the requisite 8chotarsnip, « - ^ ^ ^ „egt. One Sunday, his mother and accompanies I him to the Department ^ father happened to be away from home, “ g g g la S - w B liesonreasonablMer^^^^^^^^^^^ m the load, and gallops otl w iin ;e, a nd m akes a very good apT^ar* - . .. ,ia n c e , 6M t,hedoeshism aster, andlel- et, thinking U appear-1 j mean service. I h i s !, d etermined to break Ijg altogether unlike th a t minister, Isaac, said he, y o u l ^ h o absents himself from the S a b b a th hool that he may live a little e\=“=’*’ id p reach a little more fluently. 4. The ------- - - punish you severely. IsaacAried as well at he could to stop it, h u t could not suc­ ceed. A t length his father, ^^ompletely vexed with h im, took down h is whip and called Isaac up to give him a sound drubbing, when the little rbymster fell upon his knees, and in the most artless imploring tone commenced, “Pray, father, do some pity take, And I will no more verses make. do any other w i c - action, you w find it much easier to d o i«. un at length you may do any act of w« edness without being troubled by con­ science ; and unless you repent, and be­ come converted, God may a t length give you up, and you would go into eternity' with all the blackness o f character form­ ed by a long life of indulgence in sin. ------- A utvaatABLE aosME. Thomas Sherman was, at the time we KT’ W e were once teacher in a Sab- co-operation of parents and Christians is ntcessary. ^ ^ It is almost impossible to interest and keep children in the school any length of time if parents are uninter­ ested and indifferent. Cluldreii can reason, and that, too, li^ically; and if their parents are indifferent, they will conclude that the subject is o f no great ilnpoi friends on lhat th e subje c t i s of tee, o therw ise their b est ■th would, o f course. have some anexiety on the subject. But let parents and church m e m b e rs feel, act, and assist the children m ‘-Ath school which met twice on eachlg^^ w ith their Bibles, lead them Sabbaitt,...,^ occupied from one to two! ^ retired place, and there sion. WTe found it easier God, to talk and pray school botli B- -;» related 1 thmn on the subject; and they ore at once convinced lhat it is matter of im portance. T h e re arb many who patronize it>o school, send their children, and perliaps occasionally contribute a mite tow a rds procuring a library; but feel as though it w a s something in which they have little dr no interest— probably a very good thing, as it keeps their children from play, and is quite a relief t o the par-- ents toJiave them taken care of, and kept out of mischief during schoolhour and it also furnishes the teachers w ith ling to occupy their thoiights hours each sessioi to k eep up the school botli a ;» related 1 jhm n on th e subjec., —— — . interest and numbers by meeting ^ , .g jjj convinced lh a t it is matter twice, than once on the Sabbath. le and they Many ol the e inosteffica- GO O D E Y ’S l a d y s b o o k , T o com m e n c e w ith J u l y , 1843 h iginal Paintings by the f r s t Mas­ ters o f the A r t— Origxual De signs— Original Matter W e offer as follow s:— 1 c opy Lady’s Book and itre-tableOri b.irgh, sole agent for Lansingburgh, W aterford, and Cohoes. All sold else- wWAve in those places are worthless countei lies on reaso Lansingburgh, April I S t a t e A g r i ^ » ' ' a l depot . have opened IV p fo!l27 River-st., for t h e ’ • eeption and sale on commiasion, S j a S S S S S : WUITTLQIS. The Roman Citizen, speaking of the specimens of curiosities handed in at the O n eida Co. Fair, gives an account of one or two specimens which cannot fail to interest the younger readers of our paperj and may serve to awaken a spirit o f emulation, if not in the “ whitt­ ling'’ trade, in some other line of em- playmeut o r passtime, more useful than the habit of to have a regular bird-nest hunt. Ac­ cordingly, he with one or two others went off to a patch of woods about a mile from his father’s house. It was a beautiful summer’s day, the sun shone clear and bright, and the little birds ivere a s thick as grass hop-] spending all the time in driving hoop” or “ playing m arbles.” T w o cases o f articles ^unatic Asylum, One fil froin the at U tica, attracted illed w ith curiositi tm the '^Whittling Establishment” o f th a t institution, consisting o f chains tables, knives, forks, spmons, sh' beadsteads, sofas, c arriages, & c. -\'hiitled ■ ■’ m t t l e d out world have votei adies w o rk filled something to occupy and tim e. In this light many C h n s- ns (and to their shame be it spot ^ard the subject; very much as ither regards the doll o f her I daughter— v ery innocent and hjri :ndeed. _ WKan .^.il<l-,qtll- b y th o se w h o n i j h e id to be insane. The i W hen Sabbath-schools, to any great extent a re thus treated by church members, they droop and die. T h e church must come up and co-op- pefate, and engage in the cause, and act as though they believed it of G<^, manifesting zeal com m ensurate w itii their responsibility. before they discovered a nest on a tree , which stood almost alone by itself, but I B u t th e lYAtttfei m ltivator, and are now prepared irdara for the same to a lm o st anv B u t th e Whitders, of the Asylum it was so high op that no one dared at must y ield the palm t o a young compe- firrto nuempt reaching it. A t length, titor from Buffalo. This w as Isaac said Thomas, looking wishfully a t the nest, “ I’ll go up, and you stand ready with your hat to catch the birds as I throw them down. Up h e went as nim- ^ ^ ^ ''“ publiaher’o’ M a lb P h S i’elph » ■ » « RACY, Agent, N 6 .10,W iIlett> R o w , itate-S t. Lansingburgh. fi\pcuL*Jf‘finbh®h‘/c u t by any manufacturer in central New York, for sale at the sign o f the a n v il and sledge, ''\•'®\*‘'‘te^l^NlVNGAHUMPHREY. iMiic 1843; ******' ' said he, they’re j ust the size, catch them [ as I throw them down. Sure enough, they were just large enough to spread their wings as they fell’, and thus pre­ vent their falling so suddenly as to kil] them. All the b irds were taken out and successfuly secured in the hats of the boys who stood belowi and Thomas now began to descend the fearful height he had so successfully and rapidly climhed. B u t coming dowB, wasn’t quite as easy as going up; As ho looked down to sec tito r fro m Bi Sangster, a with no o tl ----- iry looking- Jack-Knife, verv lair ideal representatit rk itself is a L . R A N S O M , *€ W * ‘ he village k L s n s in g b u r g Ood scorns not humble things, Here, though the crowd despise; The cnildrenol the King of kings, Are training lor llie skies;\ Middlefield, Otsego Co„ Feb. 1^6. Iter, a lad o f 14 y ears o f age,who th e r tool than a Very ordi- ■ !,h ad cut out le rv lair ideal representatio n of N oah’s ark, The ark itse lf is a mam- - ■ ' • ■ - unlike lingburgh Hereturns thanks to the c itizens for the liberal pawo ( bestowed ul on biro heretofore, and tendersto all gen­ tlemen who may favor him with a caH,th< assurance that no efforts ehall be wantin{ on his part to give them Batisliiction. was the origi ferent figures tiles, all well fQrmed, evinci of animals, birds and part of the young a rtist a te for sculpture. Thi raft^as W hy is gra! le cat 'll ea 3 like it. ,-imouse? Because king beg- tlio prophet lu ’ wi s^ c im e n o f ingenuity Gonstantly surrounded by owds of visitors. I t was hat some friends, w h o bad B o f his evidence of his geni to afford the young artist an oppe iiy ol besoming a finished sculpture. W e hope it is the case, tor beyond a here is another T owbks . A -TERRIBLE SLAUGHTER. In tlie reign of Ilezekiah, the rians Uiider Seniiitcherib their vaded Judea.— Hezeki the intercession of ren- Isaiah, and then otl’ored a mostfervei ho slew 185.000 in one night. T h u s are the enemies o f God and Ins pic overthrown, when b e figi them. T h e Scriptures well that “ he is a man of w a r .” I sers fear. to visit uSv he case containing o f ingenuity and onstantly s isitors. I t w as ruinorei w h o bad seen the lius, had determined ;hteth for well declared .” L e t oppii- T h e H a rtford CouraiH sars. ( W eather was so mild last w eek as induce the robbms

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