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Ithaca journal and advertiser. (Ithaca [N.Y.]) 1847-1866, June 02, 1847, Image 1

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F I o « ^ P l S e r ^ © e d j ^ & ^ ^C||||rQfOw^oand Aatop.^t%|th^^^ a ^ T f a s L |e apempt,,and did make i ®’^¥ h b ^ a t ib n t w ife ,,.. ....... ....ttS i& f c a ta a 3 * y s i s ' s i i t « i s f e f e Joflaihas e id b u g ,iiiy &ther> itt whose spi(-!sMll ienouoh‘to put on the bait sti as to|cont lioos but decaying tSijnsidn I spent part of ceal the iook, even to the giidgeong i that |i y time; for f would n o t ^ y e the reader inti-, flpated ifi our shallow streams.* Th( were always so neg- a Ji)roken liridge nedr our hi f of f( r the phb agine, that m j ligent a s to lei . . busses with my uncle Gfidebnj or to eat turn- siirTfeyof overs from the hand of my aunt Hannah, i nifehd it f * My father u-as'a tall, stately man; with tile piiblii lider; his rival and dnemy,! was le office-r—who suffered | the bridge paired, with the uhgenetous; If. Y. Mormng'Wewsi ; ■iSffiS f s “!r lii oflevOt^B v^fj- SENSATION | * 5^; weles(tn-, is very beneficial in its results W e allmle My father iwas a tall, stately man; ^ ne good cobt, which he kept to wear to and toe’etihg; one idecent pair of shoes,, which p|tt' lasted^ in my memory, seven years; one cot- tq n ton shirt, Withia linnen co'lai; to it-^andj,he si^c Was sometimes compelled to lie ih bed, in or- sfiattered house, might wejl endeavor to! ride' .der that it might he washed. H e dwelt in a oyer a rotten bridge. There was a mHitial large houses vv|iose exterior,though n o t spied- Gompany, and my father Was expecting to be j eas much preferable to some of the chosQn captain, e t.„ t.t_j u_.u_ s within. It was surrounded with la tile irevolutioi j fence, with some of the parts brokejii spoken to Oefl. W ashington, downf a front g ate swung upon one hingq; age of foity-one, they choge him orderly si several of the window panes were brokeh; gfeant, wHch office my father refused, deih on two of the,front windows hung two s h a |- ing,’ With much|spitting and sputtering, |th ■ ‘ ‘ ‘ ’ * !i|d he would ueverlserve his ungrateful- couhtry again. ffius jclosed his military honors ; ipafcious lime trees, forming ja | and he w is redhced to the necessity' of lind- |ra te f u l shadei As you entered the hotise, | ing the p jst o f'virtue in a private ^tattoln. you came to a large, liassy, oak door, big e- i ! I have leard that the only way to Jcure am- noimh to be the g a te t l ' a castle, wdth an rrob ■ h to stdrve it to death ; and all^ the knocker on it, shaped for nate boy to seclutfe him from ^le ] f^^sittesr . „eeplv deplofS the poor creature’s infirirftipes, • fifSSs;^«teTkss E f ; a i s a r j i p K C i = »?■ BSilipIl Wffiecalomel diOSrframe: T tebtigh' em. Sfri BriMot a^fcen^a the hant rUe pp«e but tl __ __________ -J- « e w 3|ork«'uu.- s tvhe|i tii€f4a[^e> ®,^bovei8riecmed seffioient tb sat ^\|«|«ionto.the^hisW^^ bjeen jaatily writ- i^®“r«feidp«il totrees.fronStll 4 presg cdulfi be given ' “ ‘ ifficien^yjsaUsfy finy one of i ,te r ies ftom four irieeB ts a qtarrin 1 rqputajioii it ^ae-! It gives fide ho fegretful throb. Nor should it yield thee* pain, ris veh white, I grant the Yet pluck i t dot, I prsLy, W h y should thy loving h e a rt regret j Your lustres; Kate, have ta’en their flight , Since'thod and I fir§t met; . ; And darkeped W o n a have spred since thep, And m u rky M b s h ave set. Yet light frotiijtlmt fern heart of thine ^ Has been a riund Uy Way, And With so dear h. guide and friei^, ’ i Wodld agMfi thra gray. T h e wife jihay view With unconcern Tim e’s s ignet op the brow, W h o n e v e rgave tile w e a rers heart A an g le throb of woi - And if angelic worth, sweet Kate, M ight keep the curl a t bay, ime ne’ei- h ad placed in triumph there, His banneret of giey; - i T h e n let the s tranger live, sweet Kate, Amid its neighbors dark, ' Until they too, in tiirie, shall pale Beneath the spoiler^s hiark. ’T i s T e r^ y w i i \ parties, \ fhere, aftei Cards and cptiversation, they cloi ied their enjoyments with an ele­ gant SUp IBP. But, oh! at what an expense Qp OUT poor purse w e re. these pleasures bought! Onco, 1 remember, to buy my hlOthedl muslin gown, u’e sold our pig, our only pig, and our only hope of animal food through : he’ winter. And mark the malice of raaniEitid when yoii are ttying to tower over them ! The very next Week were writ* iten with i piece of chalk, oh the door of Bob Gill’s grl 5t>mill, the followifig. Hnes, where every hoc y could read them. They were the produciio i of some cruel country wit, vVhom I could jal Post have murdered, had I known A pidiji r^iged for food ;--it make* you itar I P kftOA' that pigs arc eyerraisedto w to r : 't l|[ia< am Oldbug puts her brain i to mck. id -|v-e .rs her .pigr, traiisformed, upon tier back. l6w‘( t le writer came to know the fact, I * ” ; only th a t hypocrisy, in religion, is seldom loi -wMte, I grant thee, Kate, Yet; pluck! it notj, I pray, ' W h y should thy iPving heart r e ^ e t T h a t I am turning g r # ? JC e e p in g u p A p p f e a f ^ c e s ; by LkOSARp WlTHlNOirpN. Pocker on it, P f ^ hoP? acre like a dog,; and ikving ente ing, you saP' a front j entry, th' ad colored by,th( m regt of the rooms were xn k condition 4ich i ijiush to naine.- There, in this s t a t i ly maijision, dwelt fny venerable sire, wllijo! -\’M tdustly be depominated a jj|por jtion, rybGqyel®«* ■ ■ • i- My ifather was' a man o f expedients; atm „jd spent h is w-HoIe life,' dud exhausted ml his in|enu!ty, that udrbit preM matloh f pretei^e, wmch in commPn spe,ech| is callqi keeping up appearances.- Ip this a r t .he chant---aii( a'pensioh ir on W e had laked and scraped, turned, to procure all the mo My motbf r had sold pickle man^ ,s|nt to pi ;k up mushrooms iii ___ j ____ _ ____ _ . . • overhSs ill-dissembled poverty, itwould havp. ber^ better for his squl and body both. He w? map that hevfr told a lie, except it was |of lawful sPspendors;- of: Using,a remnant la pillow-case for a pocket hanakerchief; fefofo t i( front door; but as there was Very liltle pros pect Of his dver being paid,’he could n | c ^ ^ ..........'' a pillow-case for a pocket hanUkerclnel; pt table wer’s broken, ? 0 c \ i m s a bur m their rent, stocking to coy- them; h u ; falling ... ^ eru p % hole; .and'after slitting their^woiin i^em tog^ wluph y to & (IS n to n ^ ^ of befJg; |oth;° 1 he table-cloth, itself was o1' tlie fi- to tie a prAended pocket handker- --^ Chief 6’ver a pr#tended wound, seeming to he km e f und pefhdps before they had walked ttjn rods,; forgeff i n i 'in wMch leg ; the lam enep was seated!.' No,* there arc th[e incomiPuM- ragged generation .-1 To me, and to me alonj m s reserved tie a%ful destiny o fheing iii-^diesV “ jlvifod to a-partjiv ■^’here were tp’assedihle the first beauties _ of a fpuntry -eat; havi'r'’^ xyhich bi nbst dafos s k thoi spot P the middle ot it,;at tp a hole- ^but this; we cpuid cqhteal by at on which w.e fciid the great dish in the, yntre.- My mother had_ spent the p.revi< tyeek in p reparation, keeping the 'wlfole :onfti siori; washing, ljusti ig the best chamber, ih confo siori; w & h in g , souring, cleaning e riio take off tlieir bonnets-^|nend- no cledn sliirt-^net even a dipyey Which h&d for been thorn tei|, tiinffs-^supplpng its pla|e sjiperanu ited, was having bfeen !ei ■iting p ii w i t i ’wri lesttbepPpei th a t tM^s&ta'sfemS!jof o f' poverty'Jwi o v e rff Twere to' UPdefected, tb'ijiave a.iady, p ^ p p s the g e s t and most I wafe exulting i i p ,ulS;^- in tbU party, cb examine ; rave a,iady? P^btpi ^ __________ beautSM- in thUpa . . provokihgly nqar^.^ndheg |o'exam in e collar, because she admite'd th e lattern.* ten has i t been my lot to return from' companv, whero aU hearth seemeff to boi ■with gladness, jtG water m | couCh With teaj ipg the c mid I mu putthing 5 in tolerabl4 ordei riegro we man, by thelnar formerly Waited on pfirth aniid sorrows vfhich f cbUld tell to none, apd with; which none would, sym p athia thought i t E i t was somi PI And then th'e ’dWkward apologies to whi^h one ib reduced in* such a' situation, dome Ve- near to a mendacious violalibn of real 'drityv p i ! how often haVe'I seCn i»y hoji- - - „ . , _ . . . !juit- g his llnguage so as to •ftiout incurring a lie, and rei none were deceived, iss.es, when tmluckily? ^ , .. happened fo walk in \withbut knocki (a very improper act,) , and Tro h ad n o t u dip away the plates and table-cloth ; i b- taken in the verv -aht. 1 never saw r -ery aht. jl never i afounded. A heel \llaGre cdnfb — \ over his long,: sallow, chcoky Kke t| in the visage q f a coiisui]^-^ m.- H e looked, for a moment, alra<^t convicted criminal; but, hov?ever, |te' soon recovered himcelf, fflid returned to h is ?dients. <We thought,’ sai(| i f he, W >M mqkifo* y . ciod oy my boyhood, “ ’ w a s irelaxir- lexpcdients. <We thought,’ sa he, |wQuW have a plain dinner ' to4ay;, alwayS|to' teat roast turkey makes One piokl’ w a s n o dispuling this brpM_m?klfo* In our town, at the Bbttriers c n Sometin mother I s|ce e s ^ u borrow ih« r shawl a t one place, and her tippet a | anothir, and a cap at a third. Often would |h( I and ray father come home late at ’''g h to ft ?, winter evening, without a sparl ! lithe hearth, or wood to kindle ii my moith jr shivering in her airy drei w*as sent down cellar to pull °ff the n rg h to p of fire qi .. ^ s e n t do’- - -----------r — ------- - ----- — — from tie potato crib, or to bring up qn nld flour barrd tp fight a transient flame, blaz­ ing and d dng, like the fading joys on vyhich pm h e a r t | were set. Sometimes we vyould pull dowii lone p art o f the house to warm the other, s o ; h a t the old mansion was made to plrform a double office, yielding us at? once Sneltfer ai d fueU idients,’ popular man; Though he was ai- lo'de q f \^ays'’angiing for public fdvor, he never had ? spa -1 sk i enou wfi to p u t on the. bait sd as to' com f Yet iny fiitlier,- with all.his exped , ’••’’popular man; Though he w a sal- 5 plotting and the highways; idblic convenieneej itation; and ope tUlU UL ‘Wfe 4lsappoii!ited; a lien, but looking world seemed to combine to move my fath* d,vtng entered the buil* ^ e f s passi >u for that unwelcome medicine.i— entry, th e paper torn | d n c e he bad determined to have a large par- tin: on youri left haM t} at our b o u sel and we desired to get it up in our b« St style. W e had invited all the glandees of iBiundlehorough; Esqulire 'Wil- ’m stumpTesS quite; O f Cerrq Gordl . I left behind tp pay iKe S c p ; ^ . JMy grub, add gavel my leg i i; I dare not tuhi t l the p lk A ’ Hes^ Yankee tods should findinet, And, mockingj MMe before m'J fapej The leg I left hehilid me. A t Buena Y ista I tvas sure “T h a t Yankee’’ iflust s u rren ^ t; And bade my men “Hurrah ! fot yc I All going oh a bender.” | T h a t all my hopes and plans welre (Mhfed,' ' My scattered troops rem ind rpe; But though I there got soundly ’’ I left no le^ behind me. Should T ayl | r of my track get scent, Or S cott beat up-my quartei|si | . I may as well, j u s t be content , ■ , i To go across the waters. [iaf my fortune be j ' _____ _ Muslim i'll T h e leg I left behind fi But e’en s h o |id tha F a te has not quite^resij F o r in the Museuc I’lU e e i. P o r t r a i t o f a S a r d Cfas Now you t h i t was cut for a inkn but' so villainously spojied in m aking uji r i attend to your case. For what end did you 1 lurst d- in the world’s door arid rush iij ti; rcalled, roic art, some great discoyery, di|',ev|en ohe solitary remark f No! mose that ook for a- hything good from you will he, ji st as badly fooled as the man who caught a. skunk and thought it Was a kitten; or th e y Pna in who s of gqn-powder tea. Yo i know where' gre?ens l of gqn-powder tea. Ire neatest, tightest: ,p a n t|/w ith the it straps can be g o toir' “ ticjk,’* m t you ecti re will You know the color of a r est, but nqVer studied the gm-geous h u e d , d f tfii rainbow, Unless it was for a piece to iiake ^ era vat of; you' Ithqw how a fool feels i n |fullj drqi s, but you don’t kno# how a man' feel3 When he eats the bread earned by tba si|) sat Of his V;: you'know how amoi|ikey io'|is, f see one twenty times evdry f ay j a yoi ..... J a d y ’s looking*glass; biit you^ loif■ kno hovv a man feels after doing a gat d ai ilpn—- ight is t)( be^ seen. ;t-fish-m luthvd, ba- egged, £ oost ^eyed, sheep-faced, b e - W h isk e red ^ d ro n jin tl world’s bee-hive, W h ’a t a w yog ofd'ox caft, aU h is pui ahbut hal ’ o f ,h is Indiail corn.—^to nii tfie sum ( f fifteen dollars, thirty-seven and a hkw c e n t !, With which we tvere to shine out, f(|r one e ?ening a t least,1 in all theipeac'oclc yithith whichhich ingeniousngenious poveiove^y m, fdathers w w i p could, cover, it! hide-bound, frost-bitten, hunger- w isted ft kme. . , [., I Wje • si nt for all the china add glass , w'fe ~huid b eg or borrow: ^nd Mr. Plane well, the. tqlcon n g b stipulatcjjd^tbat she feast for h er pa; •^ad hUn^ up in t|fe ir turkej 1 ght;oin lu r c a r d s w e r e my thoth ;r was t ^ lanhefdi collar for m v father’s best coat, We were s|t(- xyas in ci mfusibn. My father, however, tried: iiit o f his condition’, like a cat out of “ P lague take [Mr. HaVdwood, our .laker; I hgff jusfc’ordered a riew ta- bM h u | he never sends l|is work ik time !’*' ■ ' . \ v money w e could.- n-goes-!—I was the great pas- r d for? itly tP a b l cider : poetaster, sentiijQentally talk lotfe, e | t oys- I ters, aad act ^ .tljie fool ebamefal ly.!. I say, our m o tllr khoxv you’re out! l am you have no mother, nor ne ixer iad!-r; re o f no more use in this wprM than a latt ’ass in; aCe in thm miisquito jiYou are o f no more use in th is w xrM than a [time piece in a beaver-dam, o r a — I, a hog-pen. You fill no longer eye than the toe-nail o an a mai I all out doors. Yod as little : thqi igHl of the fellow who knocked h is grapdmn itl t le r ’s s.erved was, summoned to repair our from\: ip the fence, and new-lay the step front door; b u t as there was Very | d n a m arket hOpse; or a stump-ta J'eddog in. mu( h sea- _ _____ J...... ---Ji ghi who knocked h is g r a |d n e r ’s ip o f brandy, room’ as a tad-pole in Lake Suj jriop trnn iinvTO Imf rino _ L m | |for your ideas, you have b u tP n e—^ ind thatis. [stamped on your leaden skull an i: ich leep~ that TAILORS and females were nad 3 to hi you t b t e ■\ learance. PjpGr a dec ped|y hard [How J e . ir. An oiu aecripit’, ■ of Jgice, who had ies, hut now nearly ime'and assist us; it ■■ ha icked glasses a introductory iur iellies, and is, i f any at ; /season sbbuld pr( the product o f th< worth gathering, I prefer potatoes beii ting whole onesV a mi three pieces being much better busy, m y moth ;r v le' H u tlefn i iii£ ------ , , ^ --------- id &tesMd’B3forethe' h(|ur of* supj '• foice' fits eomplaanel already tf Id things to do v?ith| diid on the nafro’ e in tbli kitchfeh sTfe overtu'fned a laid Jed the bottom’ of Ihe great dish on whi the turkey was to be presented on.thfe sup] table. 1; beeam'e slippery, ,dnd s i ’e was ha|L, blind. J l S she came waddling into the sup- ' per room With the treaseres of her cookery,* she stum )led, and struck the poor spliced legff our di: ling table.- M y patchwork g a te way; .down went thq, tble, dis hes and sauce, on idle ladjes’ gowns; [own went poor Joice in the midst of them; by fishliie was revealed; the torn place in the 'tahbl cloth vvas selny tornl still more disastrously; my father [loo fn s a y r h J this, I dan h e # witneM th a t iiiY lonored father did not tell a lie; he told just half the truth. H e had|ordered a table,- and M r. Hal dwpod distm c tll told ihy father the leaSon-—and and that was. h e should not send it th a t was,: h e should not send it Ih til h e ' fettled off the olp score. I “Oh ppverty, poverty ! f said Cervantes, “a ft h ave a great share o f the grace o f 0 can bring him self to be contented frith thefe. W h y dqst thou choose to pinch gentlemi m 1” Yes, I m dst allow, poverty is fad qnoi g b ; but n o t so terrible when i t comes |lone. itm a y then bring peac . . . . . _______ _ _ probatio: i, instruction, yyisdora, improveme ;|n|d;reh:g lom T i p and good» in aff , . Potato Planting. Having h'ad soin'e experience in the xulture of the potato, 1 beg leave to call :ou attett-- tion to one point, a fact not weff mdfrstoodj I believe, or a t least i'f so, n o t gen? raljypran- ticed, that is, that p lanting the lar^ e qi' prom-; inent eyes only, yet will get a b l t t # yield and less small ones, L have tried bejIxperiT- ihent several times, and always g( t the same ' . consider five single .ey ;s ( is they ;ailed)' the proper seed for f a hill, and would put the rows three and, a f alf feet a- unfavqrable,j:(|oti dryy) ikll stbek’ wM la nbt be ling cut for sledtopilan- iiddling sizea ohe cut in . ... -at J plant it whole, as it spreads' the stalks in ihehiilj ■and many kinds of potatoes colitai iing a number of eyes sliouid be c|it i i seve^ sees, in order .to'haveoas eqiml a n u ipler Iks in d hill as possible/ f know this - ____ itrary t’o the theeoy and praclicd Of nil- a r swOrdd — , ^ ... ah )th J r /i answer,’yoti get very few potalbBS’ of pny id to -what you would||if p|fop|rly .. - , II before, it wste properly divided. ' j Fm ^**y plofifiog I take the m e s singly frotn ' the potatoes with a pointed inifi for the purpose';' and consider that I am |dou3ly dnd thribiy\paid for the labor;- fist, inlthe saving of the hulk of my potatoes required f'd s’eed, of Tvhich not more than o n e-UiirJis'required ited whole, and abiut half as as when planted whole, and ah? - ’as when cut; and again iujjhar; *est; by ^ ‘stSBNTBSfeE FOR^HxE'quTioN, j-.A Icblored foan’mamed JYerO Grdnt, having |iU e l ‘a per- flnnWn «];edbdrf’ Go.'dotne ,;foontp /s'nCe h^' son'in Sfohbdrf’ Go.- dome ,;foontp , . striiiin.g hiffi' dufmg some'd^fficully aijith an Oxe; M ' was found guilty of ihurder i h d seb- teneeq for execution o n 'a '^ e c ifild A , beenenferei. h e 'w p named. Tho-excep­ tions were argued before the S u |reir e| Court at its present tend but overruled an<! Grant , was b rought u p this fore nooh ustice Bronson addre Chief Just rtm ay then brin g peace and resigna- iide, and even I ' ■; is bg. b u n g (in Steiliben co.) on f rriijay i d # lent ddbe between tlrej hours of 12 aj d Y iff clock. .1 s^SfiSISS.. the trqasuryjah a fund; aind | q » | fqrxtKqySPe miles' o f goqd lpad;„ ihen.w tei4he pootf lafids, da n o tyieid enotigihy this | | ' n l --‘'--i'—- cifities for seitlemqht whiGh ,roe roM -^i create, for 'his supcesd/ A n d the ( resu Hake to the .Ocean, |I400 niilMy and Ms-qp is estiihated a t ; M r. /W ||itney. be procured. : L e t p supnosb thit-lBOl ,of good land'vf ill b e . b y fee rol|pliade arage $ i | pef iacre, less Say'Jen'per cent, for waste; 30;’72G,OOG acres would he, $%4,5‘6O,Q0O-, and part one. way, d^nd fwo'and a hafflthf other. W h e n Whole Or cut potates ate ffian .ed/the ...... ______ )r prominent ones talfo th l le id/ and hour, would he reached ih P. ^ loduce good, sized tubers ife nc otliers ‘b’—i- -Ur, *Ddrt;4rt a put out; but if the season is favclrable,- (■say Warm and not too wet, th e ; small; ey? is will throw out stalks which much |etard the' groi^th of others, and only proluce siiiall- ones, i f any a t all. If the latfor fearj; Of the I to jbim a lent 3nced to ' 26th TOon^ repblVindteffi Mexican f#,pfevlehtedactiont-»^tlftbtfle peo­ ple throughout the counEry -hM expressed fa­ vor for hud that the press almppt tupiyey?^ sally had. ad-yqcatqd! ib^^that meetings had f t nf.fhq; routeJ‘^hibh it appears is more favorable than I n y T|iiroad IrM te w e |iayerbe#d;qL -l ftom-theLlhketo the Bass' in th e fbehuilh on Ede,>fromjt on the c iintrai, Tlterinaiy teedttiM ! ti ve missiles .J Cruz, areinext tire ’s throat. g ||» H « a qqieriimmuBr p r p iM p ™tS£- ' f j , 0 . , , . n o o n , « „ e HllSfjSSSS\ 0 vner consoling h im self with' the satisfacto-. ges,. lA c e n r i refleption t b a r a ll thq fesq^egh q'f f M;ms- n s - resources o ti oaiioiij.hsU J ie Manea hV the . e o r c u ly ......... ...... ........... . C a PT.’ 'LmcOLiF.-^a. cOL^.;^ !,0UU; an_ ... the value o f the othey part, (IfiOO 'milqs, 61,’ fojOOd acres); so aq to makeij q u q M lf 6P»- iOjOfiO aOres Worthjthe lid o ll a r s , and Lve the :sum of S ’7 2 ,96Q,00b^ju^ ahM ’„ What i t is estimated the road Wilkeqs:|/ ^ :H u t; it Ought, to be expressly; undqrstood 'm ust fie th e road ftslif alone by whi one-quarter o f this sum/ie'an.e’yer hei rfMii^^^^ ilfotali. these lands; , K is thp,ppipion p f ;ma- iny that the tim4 is npt f # dibtant‘^ben'edfo B will pass a / l |w alloWMgl^jirny.onei toi how thiq project coutld be ■' injured by it/ for' those who bq-^ cSa-Stlo nm* lUci Unipf n f sthio • roadj would h price-thby -may pay lands as' they a f e j .^ n consider ith( little value. If M r/:'W h itney can all h is life, make th e p produce - means, to-ac- lands still b& b n g tq the n |t i o n - ^ i he stflr. actual capital o f . ph T; coantfy, and giving the entire control pf the copmerM.pf the A single glaW e a | t i e rlsUlts-i^ g t'^ t: porUnce. miles per FranT for '^ilGSy wni\ju, vv iuiA., 4 .*—.-«** — . Dur, .would bu re^ched^ f # f dsiys^fl^ na w S S f i l ' S o r d t o ' h i m : the> h b n # / i f f i n r \ uttMXE.Jiiiieti ty.u, u i i tXi 6 U a p e G,,, y, for this, kjnd^effort t o j e s s e n .t h e rs of this obHo and nsefnlVnimal. ^ . ■ • - enter upon iheirdatfe sufilrihgd qf this .nqbie |nd animhh * ,i . ' ■ iBostoU Medical i qurnaL' Las rope despa,eh ■ J • carried fo^wai® b y his own s p e e d ,Js 'sdon as B 5uc%r ! ? and ihp transcript .if such record, • gement h f thd court of appeals jbere- rcttiii.oS .i >«» , - a r e ? 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