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Ithaca journal and advertiser. (Ithaca [N.Y.]) 1847-1866, June 23, 1847, Image 1

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f: ; ' ^ ■ :-T x T-I;T; w / 7 * ' T T : - 4 , / T ’- •■/.TT' I'-'V-T/ I '/ i ;W:.; P le d g e d to 't r u t h , 't o lifaertji^, a u d l a w , KTo fav<Fr,sv« rays u s , a n d H i lattiMi iiwiiTisERi iiiaaBcet door .post Office. ' ’•~j te H s Of B y \fl A^^ianc^; ISJ^flO i|f ijoyjai^ In j ' ,^ARfeiBR.—§ 3.00 if|iaid jn AdYanise; § 3 , 50 if notpaiim Advniice. . i' i i ! JO -|f f § 2,00 if ooi paid , , „ . J S E r ”i ; 5 .K f e E u . „ , ™ . . a 25 ,cents foreaeh ^ufeseqorntms^rim). if fot.-a threeffl<^BtI|S^J 3 &|mcatha, ^ ;.l. paiv^Ub -- T .,,ep ,,n .„ n .re , : ' : r \ ‘\“\ “ '\'' . With Hs budding hopes and fears, ; A:rtrl 1 -ho nntnmn timo ii ArtWiihff ' : ptVsT/ibeAay^w. JO - . pL A iS i r m c j M v k N A i , s- a o f e e n a e ^ j , S S . W ., . , , ' ffe\ 11- ! £ & « . « . [etjier va|ih Eivifr.i DepciipuiiR .jf, ,, ^ AndAhe autuhm'tra^ iB eofcihg , I. •, With its weigh o f .weary years QurjoyoOsneBs; is fadings ‘ ' ■ • : .. ;Our hearts am dimffied; with care,. And veuthM fresh droanis of gladness' ^ : All perish darkly Vheref ;' ; ! WhUe .hlips Was bldaraipg pear us ^ / ' ';X inUhe hoarl’s first buyst of spru;^ ^ . j Wkilo many' hopes could ehcer us, ' - , Likiu .seepTod 4 gluwbus't^hing I-. ifio'the fpam' .upon;a a river | ever sett ;N o ' SE L K R E G . i i l S S T . rr-: S&ivjifltsi f ‘ ‘ Iivfr^iI)epcripUoj RJ 3 |S i^Ri:N’TJ sexewted wpft Kfa^ess b M Bespatch,a^Ha a c IW b w M m k s ; ' i l t e f , CaUid's Noita Anieiiaaai ffilb plates.^ :s^ ttisKiry of tho Cooaujialh aod“|SkWc.fN®oie<jn, JlBipite. I I Liko'the foam' ,upmi river ^ ^ i t . 1 ' : When'tl|e breeze goes,rippEug. o’er, , ! ;^Tiic.-,e Imp^s have !, - W Td eomCrlo US no mdife^’'* ,',V ‘ ' fTi& said~yei sW’eet—to listen , entle swell, 6Q well: To’ gSTe out on the even, ' ' And theInundTess fields of air,' And'fi'el agaiti our boyhood’s tyH . To roatn,'like angels, there ,' * , -There.are, many,dreams of g|adne^. i 'i'uia eling'around thepasi^- - - l ^ And iroui that lumb ofe''''\' Xteni|g u . . tfid timagins jcouie' tlirdngtng fsirt-r Tkdfc?ms/vve loved so deari|)| ■ ; v k r s tiie - liearJ thad it.wns ^coining, down’ .the nGcnssity imposed upoi} jhfe b y v fe.w p st |sfc <' 4 e??rto 'mal£eranyadi.w*,,. idr. a nevv trial;, ap.ddown it ca/ne- a|d after remarkable inreigle.mciit of which he had br%eraent^(*r:her!;] bert^ ; sd another tnal,ibf t-lV’ T'^^cmards inesl-imable been the victim ip th.e inorrilfig, T^e fd'w.n give^-herself no trouble'on that: accounts^ He privileges’ a'trial by agda graye.dce;- pf politeness,, she saidywereiafiexiMe;. which Oeofliajjwho Was in reality an amiable and., ffipprewe pourf. In the mean tithe creek; 'Weil 5 ;the d,ay passed ofl'l It vta^.not pey- time.she reaciied theidoor, to rdpIytvviEh 'be- b Aaps noee$§ary,to AWve r e c o p A tltifkci fpr AHfng'Bpb^ the information of' the teadpr;' The' - pfcpe^; did. ^ake place/ ahe saiA fi*:f^hfeld®pt?bp/i!fr' iti but wiipro pnop nac| dpterred, hipii' from dent la one that, ha.^ Imnn so jhA/i'ffsphnif of a n j malimg at y overtures o.f conipromlseTkopcd Jtljiat ' fthbi this 'iiAxild bring it to art end, • But he .any i |wps disap mlnt'ed;; the suit'went „prt, ,, ,|,|to T p .i,v ,« . fTlus,^hv,vye,ver, Is ohioily gigrusAQU;. • ' ^Withdraw our .'•iro.vthlf :Hg abortt Jaclt Hilton. Imagine ^sen.d thcrri home; artel alUiyUgft a venerable j boor between herself and the'y?4*cee for ,tHe ||WaB/lable.' Ke laiew tliatit Would j asm^alksh, ue:;i'.huilt, mati,|^vith' jadageassrtres us, that there are,Argreat many pfiTl^bOof prPtectmn.'dodsApTdp I^jib Ifeapy lot; him, tdipart uiplexion, and i>cjuiet, g(jok|-tuJr- ,wayp to get out of the^ woods,,A«^e none .ean can h? noHraprobable that she had ljd%e‘expense- Ijstead jto, liquidate .his debts, n d As Bedlamifcesr Btit after b a g 182^^ is «wn0 , V .. Texas after a l l f / ' that Jack’kimiall- A sankW p A v p r happen in real life. Rich undea ‘, -ctedr'and se- ev'dle; h} 'if %hei{ do/ they t ^ e the j»lc«« - ) .!■' .-''r- ’ fevH lbDliei’e,-h&Tp ever been e m f < ^ , - ing'around thopasl^- .... of A Uirdi U.C ivi uia vve io vckt op dea*»^f) ^ lit , the happy ,days nO'W gbpo> The heauliaii and iijvely, i So fair tolofilt upon, .. i ' -- - • • itle maidens ' smedi for biisa. |w 4 re-.talkj .,, tbA<>«rA,p]j j rtif olive cdutplexiort, ,B latest ^co«nt%liia S bift the iniid t » i * \f;; 1 assures us, that there arerargreat msny | to g et out of the^ rtmod9 l h t ‘ ;r or more efEcaciouB ,,for ^ eyes seemed swimming. 3 S I , ^ k ? s t l s i f e ' ' i i S S S J s f k d O’er hi-pAb |so sunny bright. . Whose smvc^lwefe like / the suashiue ,. ' J a the s'^ifig-timet of the y e a r ^ '> - Bike the ebangefuTbreeze of April ? They hapeTrtiien from th ¥et da 1 it isfa lovely death . ( . .| i To fade from earth like them ! j A t A yet---t:a? thought is saddening I To' muse on .such a= thdy~ And feel that all the beautiful ■ t Are passing fast away ! ' , That the fair one.s whom we love, 1 Like the tendrils of; a vine, ‘Grow closelv to each loving hearlj i^'Thenpcri'shontliCirshriae!, o l S t S S . ' l l ' I . S S ' S l t i t ' j .'Ana ™ ttc tat tt,i„k of thesa. The House Surgpon «id PUy«<San..H - I j i {n the Soft Eod gerttie Spnng, . uyvert’uieoaousmiHeli 4 «>if s.^ ', | When .the trees afe waving oA&us^ : Ger Army on the RihGtandb. f , The Lueo«;:ui,.Ta.vior. : ' ?hara^er-df ifiibiarrEdiUQa,' ShXttt'Zjfcal Wort, | , do rtfeanihso rtiim a gathered Harfesr, tiy 3 ? M .Voa 1 ». Sirs, t •hiid's l,e!l. .b iroi.t Ne.SS.ThrR!. new* ed. , Plve Hjmdred Skftphes andSkMeton'sitof-Sennoos- and i^quiet, .ggod-rtp-tur- dlecfual teurttepance;fthat's Jacki fshorter or more efficaciouB :,,,fop:o.ur,: .presefil ^ eye is alway.Bliglitcd,' and if ■them IB hot purpose. I fepeat, tlien/tliat rtl|ihys a ErtlioAp his.Kp, its cxprpssiojf a s - . m ' ,; ' \ ,,V LT/;;/:/:'',’ l^/Tft&sfzeAer cfOsidgirenjarkrifiA^^ ____ _ ftorns, or t gh;t boots, ,IIo is notono-pf those. pmi|h, was destinc-d tO.a Bujide^Aarkhe G|oriartnaiwatc'hed.te^ id who ire’pu.ti^q jook-opi fqr aflrpnta.— ;on the return of that, lady- tp hets, parental •finftldS 8 '.''ekp( nevor meeUAmiufcuIt huir^vvayy Tt re-' ,pof| Boding clouds ..had ;pt|i|red AportA^ at, her feetv *A 3 ut fes a 'strong brelzc to' disturb -the'placid: brov|, and low andeontinual gifitteffirtge gavA mcfl| M s ' '' \ ‘ nrs of Tack's brpafet;'but whpn Tie ?s\a- tokeps of a coming Ptoripf.fCnOt of seltie'T m 4 sed, lu£: face is li|c'e % thundarjclpud, and thi'cl^ weather.' - It vyoulT TdOp. 4 ®egl;i' JlTackory ekeuses Aeyes you vvowd,suppose pppQS|telychargf- fo fqrm any sentence from 'f|e- words that ' .r 1 ,i diwlth eh ctrjeiiyy so vivid at _ -r. if '- There v|ere ladies in hlidgc.villc. . A’al if a.s Aininx,” “cat,” “upstart,lL<4uz!sy,’- \and fisr'view'w histafiiancSdhiTde hnder: fineni. )1 th|fe .had ijot b.eeii,,Jaek Hil-loh' ivoulcl. hover j “trollope,” with adjedtiy^-. 10 : /match, the j eiscrtinstasieeB,' ^or/that ho' shduld jmt heei^ . FS hiTey|s y< n vyoiTd-suppoae pppQs|m}y charg sentence from words th|at tiiiir, ftastes..', i^opTs.the ^ ing^ His is: a sienlorian voice when exer-. H ted,' and seenas to home from th; '’•eqessosol his chest. ' B - IT i-'L 1 I'ld t ' . ' f i-t • '■ 'I'. Kiugsjey’s Harp afi>a.v, tl^d BB?[eglfpctioUioi 3 (PiUjpR Sboifsa^eor^^ail, on aocp|nmqdatin$t^mp. ^ ^ S T R A W BpHA’E T S , • ' ' ' tantey. sei -Wlmt the town will bp when it.ifs flai shed; ; wil'be difficult to tell. Thrtt! it is inot yet ■ Tdae, is perhaps-owltig, to the T’aqt that. thT irtstitutibrt last' named has't nBt bben'ictrtg estabrikhed-,'::.' ...'{'... ' \'v. .1 Samuel'Smith, a brother-j ofi John, is onp ; IT: ’’g S l g g ; . '-. T T .......................... w t e : »sed through tfap.'viliaf'e| tas.nrtetof the .principal men; Jtoj icka thb veiTifirSt. I l | fifif the'firslT ;tfep, turned the fiist forrow.,ah4ibiGitthe first -oabin in ail .Midgevaie; ,tA iWti*'fae-Mas that ffidiwidual so .often .talkgd,. .-.pf/ |dom-seen, the oldest .ifrb.abitaa|. ,..iYet Mr; above articls s ,aHA alt OtlTerl-ttiat miar ' ^ A f e s s . s ' s i S M .. ° s l ' F r i \” ’’ I’' ' ~ B h x - S e e d ' f i f B B e e i [ l ,]P trad teg-on Forhipiaelf, he believed his natural f o y q e ^ ^ t it to talkeJ abjiit at presim be rtaabled.' He eaald'sem-he said, Kpvv .it dd happened, that notwiustandii as ever, Anly he*wamted a l i t t l e - ^ lAsTo hearffig, there woi’’ ’ L j ... •'rlicalty, but his neighbors #d a bad habit of I.: ■ & “ * ' ................... ....................... r = * = . l # S '\ .............. idietf-Dreswvia, \[ . c received-^,o^m Hrv.Gaoifs.,1 '1 : ■ I '\ ' I«a®hs -a,n«r — - - - --- - 5 bWa,Ms.Y.l:a.f.sH' '\ -sal\ ' J a d k H i l t o , ' ,/3iiJgeTillo_.'R’as once a small place. • prekont magnitude and beauty v|ere.Httie an- j I;Gns’'S I f u ^ t i a i s . ' Bt.P. H 425 I.CTON. SyBaata;; ; ■/CHAPTER I. '.-Jfrh! ............. .. Smith* was not- very old* ,tBesiden.that,A4|-p4ial,ffieii I d k ^ m lfh ,' said Elsie, laugh- rtshehTd . . . k:hel', b it that she hadthi ms in psTspn; and mak^ 'l‘Mr. Hi ton s e e m ^ T je quite at your dis- (rtsal, theil, xvXif^m-lt'h/ said Elsie, laugh- tffalterty acqnirf | V G.r jnalstinetlyi ale, and in oi-der ^ i t h was tall and stout arid erqct, wite n grey hair, the reader j (t description of him to ^ btTt fibrid ■ face, s wilh lavi: and iron grey hak, the re n%d or to the fraternity in a pucili iargei ph I H e possessed every element of success, exf-- [lebpt ambition. 'You Will find a good man|r iridmduals fessionski the fatepue Rattle ............. [Cuibtayn,'said he onl'y\Wanted rousing I make I him quite terrific. Y'ou must havje It suit. Raitie Creek anjipcratl',. . and said fhat shd asm trioiid,. uudjrslaiiduio ft bataik- d happened, I b had’Gbrne hersell for tihe p^url iking sure of sqciiess, shel'wa.s b} Ind: means urgent in her invitaUon. .rOn the /jcbhtrary v ffieri the other suggested s(j)lme pqs- j piile-obsta'Ice, to her. going, alio rose hastik' ‘ 1 4 thk 'green-eyles, . w ill-bife 'a;'kuffici.ei know whom we are talking about. :, Jack' Hilton knew him 'well; i deck wah the lawyer of MidgeyiTle. \ He t|as a gGofl fdl|o\V eyery way, and might have dons hoi or to the fraternity in a pucili idrger place.- tei-Ie-o^ti .'Ice'to df|d depart od regreltting lo'ddly her disappoint- 'mhui. But, Mias •Sffiitli quite otelrdid thq jshe told M r, Hiitoai-siie had reVail on Miss Glurr;, to ae-'i jqmpany inem, that gentleman secretly solved -to try hvnAwEj 'pefsua.siVe When OH the foll 6 jymi..niori|i'ng, herdittle 1 heird.aboutthat suit. Rattle Creek wash, ericlosi 4 ; 5 s j g ^ £ a p 4 s * l ^ i s nkL./ ffefbfiGe had so -bew^iderei|i‘the little, rivulqt; Emftl[Vgrotmdg at a place quitdierriotefroh the former channel,. thereby- ehtiirely givin| tfhd slip, to old Mr. Glum, whose disappoii|l ted dttcKs retuvniag in great comipotion oqe morni'iig from it notice that the strei dry and dusty bed,^at|e lam hadirun away. Glum ivith B yery little straiten that creek, and restore l.pouttfy 'td their former' pri'yileges.' 'Hi I'shonid’ not ride rough-shod over hirafl’ ThAt what Glum said. ■ Sdiith .said it Was m •riek^: It came' from - a 'spying bn his lanT.- ■-f A:„A/taTioa.oA if - ■ HfR catfte were ■.accti i ■herTittle']|arlor windOv'savv Ithe meri_ tyf pass bjj; she wondor-*d' much hot to pee .Hdk amomg the beaux, ilsr wonder, perhaps, I .wpuJ/J hMe-bksed, ooDld .she haye heard •■what Glajjiafina' w'as just at that moment re- latiii,g toAne 'of her companions; to wit, that hf r. Mj]4n PW:-io wrapped up in his busi-f to be unable to devote the wliole day 1 —^ * —— ; ^!T^ ' •r:*TA>'i !,>1 '•m*n ♦l*k'S'»»-vi s I t S \ ^ , ness as] tq amul said, in u | in enclose 3 a very sinall , (snyclopp. ! devoted nine days out of isemervt, and still had ample time professional i&bors with whh IS burthened. B u t’Ehie, f|r all t h | professional i&bors with jyered it; His e&ttte were ■.acch^-t ---- J,drink of it, arid I ad a right to drink,' it Ify; which feat indeed : hey had fregnentfy ] ppHormed. Heffiada' rigbt'todamfit OriglT ii pp.j but he bad done neiltber. He had oi^- 'ery-j ime i*jrpn.e. S h r c S i ^ s ^ ^ H - l E ^ ^ liderit, tome two hours afterwardj slowly pprisulng the fore.«.t-wt had taken. But ,, intoanotiier street/and came di- ?ard their own house. .Doubtless, dhe thought,, ho had seme .business with hef fatheri . )oubtless he had not». Misa Elsie; hfs busin‘s'S Was with you, .pretty ijlisie.--- HoW astcjnished, nished, ' how delightMj hoy fui' looke 1 those large blue eyes}~**n 3 , they v|ere not blue, 'put' pf thatindeserfflafie h.ue, which, in our ignorance of .theweGamilary oH angels, v e are compelled thus ifladequatew to design lie, Thp urging vvluch Misa Gl«r- ' janria hat accidentally omitted, Mrt'Hilton 4 ol-e tha 1 supplied, And Elsie'weft, , Thri iittiegipi y-could not havemiade herfeelf look J ’ • . 1 .U—... ; __ [,ry p |e s that were peering dovVn form a Iitt| [ cloud of dmoke that fioated overhead, 'midvp phrty had taken. But he quite as eeriamly tfiat «the aflhir’’ hadbeeri.a long,tlmo j | ! n S | | turned ofi into anotiier street/and came di- apd inquiring when Jack promised to bri-ng^ ft ifectly to vard their own house. Doubtless, to a cIo.se.' To. this the latter ahstracYlf' rd-' me thou^it, ho had . ................... ; How aste how delightld, howjmirtM j; strange Way i T - ' tged its- Qourse a little for His own cot i- ;e. >What became of it, after that! e arit.care. 'If Hlum_ waited the creekl|e, bje to tel otherwisf than handsqmej 'but som^-how ippeined.th ted - that ^ e r y thing was, a t .band hlch mide her look most provokingly beau- UlU ** . ............ ------ - --- ---- might comff and fetch it. There it wasr Arid' so. the question stood, until one morri- Smithf to-his utter amazement, was sef- ' Aces§*atthe smtofGiqm:. lerwmf 1 , happe a t- mi .de her look most pn 'ful. T iey walked very slow “\hat th( i j found to talk about it is impossi- j ,. and would be impertinent to con- One thing is certain; there Was;a j rokinglybea lowly, tbP.-y j t is impossi- p S e i t a m K f S S S ;ated to his delighted family tpe iriteliigenc / f i One thing is certain; there WasA : 1 ^motion among the fauns and dryads i irgreen: Groves when the new-|oih-l o )d. Miss Giorianpa turned pale and i Ams wasatfcua.twx.xcM. .Hs*F» \ “V — ------- ; b md by to ;ps| but|be soon recovered herjself- t|im 0 disputes in Miageville^ and eaused full fs posSessio □, and did not hesitafe to insiri This st mrich astomgfaroeHt hS a dbelworild -nbwm |n the pkhtitade hf that amiability for — • any wellArdered commnnity. /There/Was hjia ^as r|markable. That there bad:feeeii i any Well-ordered community. no, lawyer there then, ; Sipith -imported o|e: fdrthwith.. He was a .|ar^$%toed map. He sept for Jack Hilton, who had just been affi mitted to the bar, and aroposed to set him rif IwithrtMfsuit fek his capital H e welid nte* it, Smith wouldn’t, and he knew s^me exdeedingiy artful managementi on the dart of S Eiss Glum to bring about the result' - -/laeiA ' ■ ; romto- Ti - \ T HT;

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