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*- r .'maw UM CMM«* t*m»>) LINK BY LII The Rended Veil. 7 BK M7M# a URNER. Atthar of \Ftomrr Falkland,\\TK» Matt- er* CVu»»#e,\ ••fbrmml-Cap.\ \Jfcrtw amt TrmHrr,-' \Ttut ttpithlmu .. Spy.\ \Bvttdmt Kte.. JCIc. •ppeareu , uta wuiwssd « t » rapi d paes, acros s th e lot* toward a nswlj graded street o n th e further sid*^ jtbjt e the Bum als o reappeared, an d cant* saunterin g di - rectly toward n*. W e drew behin d the map]* * a» b e ascend - ed to th e road, crosse d « , and\ the n weo» dow n th * 'step* into Th e Spider, Hi s face was fully expose d to Die lam p ns be passed unde r it- It wa» a dark, troubled-lookin g face, but it, nevertheless, belonge d to the ne w proprietor of th e •banty. \Great liod' \ exclaime d Doc , staggering back an d striking hi* forehead . * She — Marion— clandestin e meeting * a t this hour, and with Bach a character?\ I drew hint away, an d (trov e to oon*ol« him ; tot, in spite of appearances, I atttl ra . tatned in ; faith in Marion Digb y cHAi-riit xit T _ TKxqjbeo a>r» IXWT. To describe so detail th e bewildering, harrassuig. and finally nseles * cbss e thai Do c an d 1 kept tip after that \Washhoni s Trunip,\a s ho described himsel f In fall letter t o Jocelyn , for upward* of two week*, through th« interior of Lon g inland, o n foot and o n horn*, by bogg y an d b y rail, would prove mor e wearisom e tha n en - tertaining to the general reader. Suffice it to any that ho elude d u* like a OUrTEn XI-Continued. xYeUld thfl two letters side by aide-- the perfume d note ami the otherwise seeme d •crawl—an d compare d the m carefully. Tbejr wera unquestionabl y the.work of oua an d the tam e band. \Ho w abou t that stupi d confoundin g verdict now? \ exclaime d Jocelyn , with a little pardonable triumph i n hi* tone. \Still I don't understand it,\ cried Doc , striking the table with bis fist. \I'm afraid we shall have to confes s that w e are cornered.\ said 1. lookin g at bu n ! phantom , leading a s almost a* far a* VIon wit h * pur./led expression. \Our ChfOW . uuk und back-again , throug h station*, la weakened , at any rati'.\ farmhouses , barns, villages; towns , forest* \A n ope n cemte** on is goo d for the %a d tvarnvi , bk » a veritable will-o'-the - soul, \ said Jocelyn , good-hamo.-eilly. \De - pen d upon it the villain we re afier is a dee p one. Soo n after writing m e that scrawl, and beuig see n in Astoria, ho mai l bavo burne d back her e in hi* ow n propel person. H e bad tim e enoug h to make the change. \ \Vest but his purpose' \ said Doc . \H e mus t have know n the risk be tan.\ \I can only accoun t for it on the suppo - sition that he is connecte d with crtminai association* here, in a way to compe l hi* occasional presence in Ne w York, m spite o f the risk,\ said Jocelyn . \ What do yo a propose a* the nex t beat move? \ said Doc , deferentially, for. in view of his services, it would no w hare bee n worse than irrational to exclud e hi m fro m our counsels . \Th e followin g u p of this tramp clew. withou t reference to what has happene d thi s evening, \ replied Jocelyn, promptly. sp, until una! y at lb s en d of ma t tte^ wikb-na s and esaaperating fortnight, w e ; nor-' led to really think that we hi d run him to earth in ib * htt!*» town of l5.»bylon. Irj vaiu! According to |the bent inforica . « tiou. wi'h a 1 kept on lii!\ hr«U for the en - tire f r^enhn ^ 1114,'ht. and vet w e storme d ; into tbp iittl« »»djt,'« »ooo after darbreak only to bf luf-run-d that a man of th» aailor-tmmi> 4 d>'*crintion had take n the cars for Hunter * I'omt an tuiar b*-for» our arrival, ind that there wtv.itd'tit be another tnsi-i for the name deittaaUo o until shortly before noon. \Was therecv^r mich eia«pen»ttrjg!uck?* prnulpd Doc, whets we wore di»ensiJng breakfast ut the onl y tivcris tn the place. ^ -SluilS we hire a bugg j or wait for the tram '\* 'Wait, * I replied. \Ho w do yotj accoun t for our failure in comin g up with thin utieerab:**, but iwift - \But shoul d on e of us two tik e that up. ,. , . . u . ... whil e the other remain* hero to look after 1( , lOU ^ tt ( n , d »!H>\er.tly ftend- B narded tramp. Marchrnont himself? \ eaid Doc. «tiil in the * »erccr ' toils of th e complication. \ You forget. * said I. smiiing, \that w e bar e jus t abou t determined them to be on * an d the sam e person . No ; we b-id better bot h start for Astotia to-morrow, aee Jaek- tnan. an d the n follo w u p tiic trump clew. Com e an d pa»H the night at my cotta^ei w» ca n har e an earlier breakfast than here, an d the n le t ou t together.\ Thi * «u agreed to, Mr. Jocely n heartily concurrin g in the plan. \I n the meantime . 1 hop e von will kee p me advised, \ said be. a* we were taking ou r departure. \By the by.\ with a glanc e • t me , \you will se e by to morro w s paper* that an extra thousan d dotSars ha s tx»en offered for th e arrest an d convictio n of the murderer.\ \Bu t th e firt.it* ha s already offered twenty-fiv e hundre d reward,\ said Doc . tn *jari>ri*e. \Doe * thai prevent m e offering a thous - an d more outo f m y private means? \ was th e quie t response. \>lr: Jocelyn, \ eicUime d Doc . suddenl y grnopias: hi» hand with a RtxxJ deal of feel - ing . \I cheerfully relractaiivtbing offensive I may ever have said or thought of you . \ In a few moment's Do e uud I were on Onr way across the garden , whe n I re- marked upo n a bright light appearing at the library window. \It is Joceiy n at work,\ said Doc . in re- ply . \After considerately asking the ac - quiescenc e of I.ulu and me , be has quiotly installed himsel f in m y grandfather's Study ami bedroom , and even in the easy chair in whic h he was foun d murdered. He mus t have nerves' of iron. \ A* we eatcredTipoTi ttrff ronir. lonesome , partly built up street on which The Spider Bad its suspicion s location. w e sa w a woma n precedin g us at som e little dulaii.-o. walkin g rapidly. Th e ope n '-.'rounds di - rectly across th e way from Th e ^Spider were alao sunke n several feet belo w the surfac e of th e street or. ruber , the street- grade bad been rained above the Iota on cither side an d formed a rather I.aWen tract of disuse d loin, p-own here an d *\'•! slmn»l a j SVo h/iv'nt altogether failed yet. \ \Pshaw ' whe n onc e more swallowe d up by New York, will be be any more th-in a needl e in 1 stack of hav?\ \Iv a know n a wilder goose-chat e than ours to en d luckily. Let us keep' a stiff upper lip. * , \Do t don't von really think tlwt w e mad e fools of ourselve s by Idlin g th.it fel- lo w Jack man of onr plans' \ j \W e were not product there \ I \May w e not ul- o bar e ci*e n ourselre* ; away io constantly advisin g Jocelyn , fro m \ day to day, of our movements? \ | \What' a return of the old suspicio n i against Jocelyn' \ I tried. *\I don't care,\ said Doe, discontentedly . \If he were disboneet-mind I *ay »/— how easily h e migh t have forestalled u* by telegraphing onr fojr.tiv* fro m tim e to tim e of ou i .ntejtious' \ A *UH('lcioo of this nature ha.i more tha n onc e crosse d my uuiid, t wa s about to mak e som e reply, whe n we were im*rmpt* d b y the hasty entrance of o*ir landlord, wh o had bee n advise d to expedit e the delivery of any message s that migh t com e for us . an d wh o now bande d m y companio n ft let- ter addresse d to him. Do c had n o soone r opene d it than b e ut- tered an exclamation of surprise and alarm. But, having read lis contents , h e hande d It to me,°witboo t further commen t than an eager, questionin g glance. It was a s fol- lows T«E Aorwta, Dec. •• •-, l*-~. Mr De*n FRUMP I««.VQ everything, and hasten home at oner! Strange sml alarming Uiitijra h»ve occurreil, and are sttil oeeiVfTm^ Iter*. \ l.ulu U-j$ rngsterunulg tlk-Uifftrartii, no on* kn.>w.t h,»V nruhtihr-r Nrn Mitfjrlen !«»« «l»o jrono awny, following' a dreadful <pi*rrei with Mr .locrlru. 1 remain here only on mffersjnce, and hardly that: Lii l gn I xlttll not as Img as Lulu's »b- seuce in unexplained v: 1 !n« in otic of many letters }h»t I sbclt write and mail today , to the blind trust of one of Uicnrreiiclimg you t am ronsuntly wilchol . Iv U there with stunte d treei and bushes , an d wit h the remains of building-foundation * * \ ome that had never progressed muc h beyond* : JJ. T f \besrinmug. It wa s a deserted and neglecte d Kpot, es - peciall y at night - in fact quite in forbidr din g accordance with the other sid e of th e road back of Th e Spider , upo n whic h the gloom y shimme r or tbf. tide- water en - croached. Yet the woma n rufcedin g us. whe n directly opposite the street-lam p at Th e Spider, suddenl y turned, descende d the bank, an d disappeared in the wasta- lots.^ A'R sh e did BO her form wa« fully out - lined by tbe rays from the lamp, aijd Do c simultaneousl y pause.1 ami clutche d my anu with a convulsiv e grip. \That fo-ni' that w.ilk'\ bo gasped. \Do you not recognize h\r?\ I hesitated to reply. I bad ^certainly recognized a resemiilanee betwee n th« woman's dress, build and general bearing an d what I remembere d of the stTeel ap liter. in-tAut. Corrjo hornet come Your annou s friend* , MARiojj Dir.st. elurd Dixon. Il*byl,»n, U I. iUnng read the foregoing, I at onc e nrm o from Ibe table and began putting o n my overcoat and gloves. Do c did likewise. Surprised and dismaye d a s w e both were, a commo n feeling thai commen t was use - less, an d that the hour for prompt action of SOTU<3 sort was nt biiil , [»>sse*sed u* simultaneously , and. desperately fiitigued * and don e upa s we were, we.at onc e started for tbe landlord to deman d a conveyance. H e fortiniaielv me t us midway, however, with the intelligence: that a freight train wa» rumblin g westward, in whic h we might mak e •rruDgcrnetit* for fit Jeait facilitating \• our journey Now Yorkwards. Arrangement s were S|n'cdily made, and in a few minute s we were seate d in a - brigcage-csiT belongin g to the train. *\ Fate really teeme d to favor mi a little at liiKt, as thoug h Weary of l.allling an d ob - pearance of Mis s Mariotf Digby , who m I sfurtni g °™ pnrpuHCS for s o long.lu_ had know n bv sight for som e time previou* » bo,u [l \ no « r lh * miRerabte.-STOW-Tfuli^ to making her personal ac.niamtance ; lint, dh,B « traln ' c * mo ' \ a 8t0 P nt Bn , out-of-the - recalling the innend o brou.dit against hor way station.- 1 h e conducto r informe d 01 b y Eunice, and that my companio n wa s tin- ,hal a <«i*'««\\ had been received there to questionably tn love with tier. I was loth nalt everything on the road, becaus e of a bridge over a cr^ek abou t ten mile s away having been destroye d by fire a fe w hours before. W o waited onlv lon g enoug h to assure ourselve s th.it the pa-senge r train preced - ing us had als o been obstructed by the ac - cidents an d then , havin g succeede d i n hiring a hors e and light wagon at an estor - tionate rite, w e were soon onc e more npon t o ech o bin snapieions \Heavens'yo u remembe r ho w white sh e turne d when Kunice ebarged ,ber with — with—Ha ! the word -chokes me! \ gaspe d Do c again. \And yet that i» sh e Marion Digb v herself!\ \W e have not seen her mee t any one,\ snid I, evasively. \ \Come! \ he continued, ' dragging m e _ Alon g in the shelterj2f__the__roa<lside tree<. th e road, with thirty miles still betwee n u?i \111 follow this up, spyin g or~no~ipylng-- >nd EMI River, to be~hur», butuitb the I'll kno w the wotst, if it kills me!\ i encouragin g sntigfacUon of inferrin g that ' Whe n we ha d gaine d the mapies, fro m w e stoo d an excellent chance of overtaking tbe shado w of whic h we bad recognize d our man, provide d h e bud foun d himsel f D e Marchrnont several hours before-ti t : compelle d to continu e hi s flight o n foot, wa s no w abou t eleve n o'clock—we could j whic h wa* extremel y likely, mak e ou t the figure of tbe woma n movin g ; \its a n ill wind , and all that sort of cautiously over the waste-lot s below,until ! thing.\ exclaime d Doc. a* w e bega n to sh e reached a clum p of bushe s an d small bowl along , ove r ba d country roads, it i s trees near th e nwnt b of a disuse d sewer; o r ; true, but in a vehicl e that wa s provin g drain that ran underneath the road almos t ' serviceable, an d behin d a mare givin g tin- at our fee t Ther e sh e cam * t o a pause, ' niistakable evidence * o f both spee d an d •nd was almos t immediatel y joine d bv th e S bottom, \Tha t old prophetic itcb. o f hnT- figure of a wan . wh o slippe d ou t o f the 1 in g som e on e by th e eoat-coltnr i s begin - •hadowst o mee t her. The y wer* together oa t of onr'rivW for •OHM waoment*. dorinw wbio b ft coul d jnajte of mi mmmutouf* aagwiMBM b y hi * nin e t o com e into m y ban d again. M y apirito also began t o rise wit h the 'occasion, bu t It wa* no t lon g before w e Is tlM &n t p)ae * » wiolra* an d blindia a •nowtton n bega n to *• ! in , wit h tbr** U of lon g rontinnaoc* . and with a stron g *•**! win d driving it pitil***ly int o on r fae**. The n w e experience d ronsidwrabl* delay i n nndin g a auitable place t o for d th e ereek Where th e railroad bridge ba d been, de - stroyed , whil e afterward UM road * gre w roughe r an d slipperier at ever y atop. An d finally, in answe r l o unmerou * question s concernin g on r fugitive, w e wer * forced to believ e that b e ha d lost bee n see n obtain - ing' a \lift\ in a charitable farmer's wago n ' far in advanc e o f us. j We still continue d t o gain *1*adily upo n him , however , and at hut . after lon g an d fast driving, dashe d int o Hunter * Poin t j wit h th * certainty tha t wo war* again j almos t upo n the very h*el* of ou r fugitive. Th e me n abou t the livery slab! * at whic h > jreo d to leave oa r tea m mus t has* ! though t a* *ilbrr craviy or runaway con - I net* Oiirselve* from th * manner in whic h . w e urge d ou r jaded steed to th * door, an d ) the n spran g t o the groxin^an d ru<tk«d : away toward the ferry^jyaasii, after shou t • \ tug oa t som e word* of cip!»n*ttoo . : W e dashe d tbrx/ugh the ferry-gat** at a ! run. Tho u l>oc gave a sort o f bowl , an d 1 als o stampe d m y foot, indignan t an d . furiou s at on r miserabl* luck. [ Th e tsrry-boftt we shoul d hav e boarde d } wa s already clear of the slip , an d pushin g ou t majestically \^ito th e slream ' Th e ' slor n ws a de*^*» d X bv on * D*a**nif*t. wh o leane d npo n the rail, an d regarded u s sardonically throug h th» fast-tiytugftak**. H e w*s a gaunt, travel-stained sail T- lookin g tramp, with dirtv, urnhiie n fea- tures-, in other word*, h e waj the fitful phanto m of onr burnin g tiuest. th * will-'o* the- wis p o f ou r fortnight s chas * the M»*B »ft*r! 'Bear op! \ ad d I, turnin g warningly to my companion , who wa* fairly cutting op antics *u the extremity of his diwtppoint- nieut an d rag*. \Better luck t,cit time. Her e ts a«otn.'r ho»t ' W e trusse d tbe nveri u th * nei t l*a t in a deridedl y low state of spirits. But fat* befriende d a* again, an d quite uiTsxtnec edly. 1 pou reaching th-' f»*ot of Twenty-tbtr d \ streef. 1 was fortunate enoug h to run ' across a wule-awak e detective of tuv ac- quaintance, to Whotn I h.vatdy elp:.xir!ed our dllentiua. mor e wjih an in»tmciiv # j longin g for a little sympath y ihanwnbtb* ' eipwctation of receiving a%si«tance, whe n hi* answe r fairly rslfi i n-.e off niy feet. ' \Se»'a Ibe man you describe \ he e» - cUimed . \Of cours e I have not three minute * ago ! H e was s o mean-lookin g that he had to bairgie w ith » cotsi* driver for som e tim * bwfore be coild 1 ducc hira io accep t his fare. I^>ok\ pou tuigdow n th\ street—\there goe s sb« c*iti(>« hentn! I heard hi.'a call out 'Harlem' to tb e driver \ \Harrab Tioc\ 1 »bon*,rd to m y com - panion, wh o had also ab«orW d this m - formatidu with wild delight, \YOJ Uk * '. on e hack an d 1 another. He *•:.-* an a don't IOMS sight i^f that coup*' \ Disengage d hacks wera forttmate'y at otsr service. D«c sprang xnt > otve. I int o another, th e drivers seerneil to niiderstand ] our iustructious w.th ouuviial tntc!!UT.ce , and awa y w e dushcd tbn.iii h tb.- . r-wled •treeta an d driving «aow . tn hot ha*le aft<?r Ihi t coope , whose dn v r Uickd? «» a yello w oil«kio Cf»veriiw ov«r bi s tail hat, : whic h enabl.vl our drivers t o kee p hi m well in tigh t Bu i h e wa* »S*o driving furiou«iy, an d keepin g folly a bivk . abea<l of at O n sn d on w* went, in suc h * rac* a* ha * seldo m l»?*n see n in tbe streets of Ne w York! I *»-. ««« sure that.iihe r J»o^ or I woul d overtake the cvnpw wlnr h 1 nevc t lost sigh t of for an instant that I wi»i Ihfiaght of *top)untr at a telegraph ftatiwa an d wirin g tbe 3tt- rent \prectncTt Tot lb * parpos o of heading off the gam e Hut th e con]-* driver niu^t have hi d a golde n bait before him ; at any rase fc« held bi t ow n bravely. Throug h Yorkvill* w» follnweil him. throug h Harlem as well, and ther . to our mingle d surprise an d d>.-| gbt . h# I'd ns westward from the brl lc« s n I stra ght alou g lb s road leadin g to Th e Aspen * itself. [TO » F CONTtNt i:!*.]' 1 PEOMINENT PEOPLE, JAMES Srr.Er>,»lv) wa* l.incV-.in•« At!..rn»v- OwrwraJ. ispmrtHiu ^ Jaw ,„ I^. u ,iii.e , Kv at the age of eighty FKASK OsBonv. foreman of the j./rv wl,, h triml the Chicago Ansn-hi«t,. MH tin t ti c condemned men will ivrtuuily 1*> lians-ot Pito'rcmoR tJri>R.jK immw, .of s^ Kmncwcvi, has tieen • onn*- {«J f..r f-.rtv !w,, y«ars wtth th.3 t*tut>«l Sut.- , l .«.,t an h ... . , detie survey. ; O * his eightieth birtMa v Kai*r tViIbelm gav e his medical att«tidnnt. l*r \'.,n Ijati.-r. a purw enii^iinmg f.;;.t**i, au l on Ins rune ' tieth birth lav. |7,\,ot*) ('Aimi s Bwm s, one* famou s in the <-r--ii» world as the cttaulpiou juvet«.ie Kic-lci ^ rider of th^ wortl. is now a. pro.iiioeti: • 111 o in the .Halvurson Army Qrirr x V|.-roRM ha* revivedetvKiz h j.;!^ !<-<. gif u t« till a «.t,>rvho;»<«i? as leg .-1- Wnid-i r t'astle Mmy of them have to )*• -1 •...;i tin 1 v for want •»» |.f t n,. t.> put tiw m MtI-U'vsniR« f\>R!'rtRAW. who do-*- more for vYaahingt'iii than all lb ? otlier mdli<.-*f ' airt-s liitnpei tos-:l«..r. i«v s tai« «n «rve- 1 *<-V»M,«*10 worth c.f pr..j«-rty. .1 THK Sitltau of Tnrkev ba<. e-tal>li*b-d t>v , •', sch.»Ss t«>r w.»rn.>ti af (' irwuntinople. Aj-eti tur y rtgo it »« <r>UMilerml an improiirietv f .1- - a 1 urkish woman to know ho-.v to rend. OEVKRAI. Rot-r.ASurn pur»»»*« to re,;,,re ' the rank <*f Marshal in th» French »rmv. an,.l \ \t> bav e tl» K nule e.nferred o 1 the . mn i mande-H of the tbre.' er.rj« into whteli tae French arrny i s t o lie riiri>i.,t W . C. fif>A»utr, once the p-'raotial fii-n l of Brigham Y'lrtiug, but Utte r known ,-,„ 1 ,,„ Mormon wltn |.<1 Um revolt nj,nin>t |n,lVi- amy , -is- vhltin™ ti»> Kastenv • tti.-< f..r'ibe - purpose of inspecting their institution-. ] THB ce!ebrate,l Kwe.ii.sh explorer, N'.ir i denskiold, whose Arcti ' voea.;.^ t.ro«i-ht | liim intS such firoininence a fen- years a-,, 1 -^r-conterriplatiug-a-riew eij^rhf^-ar^^rirt-r^ time be wi d g o 111 (he direction of the South 1 Bole. AxcwrAS friends of the Rev Dr Parker i of I^jfidon, say that his lnvit.it i'>n t o 'iMiw r • 1 the eulog y on th« late Hnrrv Wu.r.1 ikwhe r in Jun e nei t ts tsily ;pjT-,iaratorv to a pr.»«. ing denismi that he accept llw vacant Broov lyn rnilpitBerrna-wntlj. Dr. 3'arker will not Torrarto Aiaerica befo-e Autumn . NKAR Oakvllle, W«*Iiinzt«-i Territory, is the inirntd stom p of a cedar trw \ probably trwlarg^oarword. I t is a hollow thell, •'*)(<** high, mtottn circumsuuioe* I font from fly li|jpl v T»Vav ; feet from thegroxuvl, *>ndMI|*«#|sjste{f«*t from th e ground. NEWS SIBIMARY I raste r n ami Mtddl« «t*t«*k. FtttK tn 14 »«g Br.vokljn g*« ftstur** tUO» is. tor..• en- «i a I.** of r*»»,t>Jl>. -JXKK\ riitsni\. Hut ma n whoi»charg**»l with tuihlu j the N«^w York Aldermen to prunt hi.\Bn-*«lsray lM«w*-»r c»np»u y a hsrier Mat baui«*i up'iiuvMirt liy th* Dis- ttT-t Alt..!•i.»v on M'»:»,i*v, and Ui» trial *H forau-ai'l., dav A rsiir. at A'1-Koehy City, IVim . r-ssulted In th - «i-aiH of tiro p«-m«>«).» a »«an and a woiiuiii ml fata} injur*-* l o one 111*11. N1. Mil R..; , i'.ov H. to'tnijrsfn in the Ka*t hav * Hx^-rt cj.».«,| 1^-4(1,. rw.l.ler. r»(*ol to w.jrk ,>n pal'ccsiv utnle br a bovcotloJ St. i>ouiii LATER mm, ^^T*?S • t!l Ftv»: nun fil-ctlajw e »*.l,JH L . hu>Ti-. -r* iv. re wiKitli'-rwl , i«t death by •t a p.Har i n an A*bla«d (f'etui •>. Til l of tti- Pa/'ill- raitrtissJ* by >ti r»>'%-!itlv spj».iot-<d be^aa a fe* il.i-i « mn<i< in N>••* Y.«-k Tm> N'-w Ham|»!ir,'T C»ttJ* CiKinuiSiiau n h.-»ve ..;>tem>l a cattle .10»rai:it!ii» against H^« bti*dt* a-»«t New Y.nii <«i nc'-xxjut of Ihe nii\t;-tl exi%i<«ii'v of i>ietir\ pmumoui a tn th.e»> State*. x *i,x .t'.itr furniture f».-t».rv in N<\» Yori. *u- •tifiiiA-l l« lb-- rU;<»™ l**m, |i\»J k«>-'\ i' \\ J.-t.u I KiJttlU »» x proonricnt p- *, ,.{ Fn-.i4t.-si! ,-'.-« ot at if-,,- u. HVsl. m\ eral \abittft. < i- Uili f l!«- Hut * *'Vci*is.l •ma ,.f 1 itio'.m its rtutrlei-txn. .S »ti <-» from all \arU i m t'fse t«ratb- »» wr« exasjiiuiiig an «W aluell -t tb# *nie <{ ti»c ufrtintaui at •at YD. . M!V-II it e 15 io«U»l with that irv »rn.i d welling* - • sir.**- .Jein^U.hssl -I, »«--. with prU*ld y U.^il^,ncb«*oftb*!«r**YjfkU* _^ 1., v paasMi the bill providing t<* * half |s|. tUviMi.ltetiurdnjr*. r*,.sTn:.ft\« Orcsva HiwgrH t Des M.flntt.^j of tl.-- tiiM4>t theatre* i n Iowa ha* been t«|*>% destroyed by flrxx l*m about #,;>,>*«. J. II. M*K*f»t wa* publfcly hanjsl^ S^ -UIM, K,y , fo^- the murj«-r of hi» usuis, Fivhcr Man-tim TIIK <\»pt«iii and fT^w -ft lb* Hriiuhstaiaj. ibip lW(sb\-» hav*. arrivwd a t Kavassah vl'hile si*ty\miJ-*ifr-«« land a ar» bruasa-a, at.d i>,*V# ejus* of crude pexfAixa-j-^je^ rawiMHitaiijirig abcsit forty gaKtSns-t^-jBi, <.xpti*le, bJirbagth* vwaaJT* timtien hi^isi s 11. • al r .The ctwW took to th * UkSUuud *w* p, Lo.! up by a passing v«*sr4. A MIWUKH of the UKhi,-i a tirgMsthB* nit.'SMnl I%k.iii has be« i «tj*riml ?.«• cxvro*! pr-e-tw-v-n. X'AiJt*rn*fK Puw\Kl(JS#nU\* hx> )nm sa. j*.i.-it«l |*t«t«Mi*t*r u!*X John W. XarUa t\ Alnlnr vt ('us*0*Bi« » l fbtK'r*»»l*f, \$ Y_ Till Oovx«-am--Bt*il msjiority in th* Rritsb Uou«s of t,'«>ti«no4is haw *•«««$ d>wn ~r*fttm au.u-twtat'nti t<» lb * Irish Coeri'tin bill, A *v 1 J. riattr by eiet-trV b^fet a a 'Im*. tv* r»|i»-trt<*i frv«a <l*e city of Mrii-xa Aacag tiy *j«*-tat'«r« wvre lY**ikl*nt tiiss andsMB> l»-m of l»M'.»fain-»t Fii e tiuilna/ii f.^*a--sn| KBi-B hillisLiw o b«U ,fi«ht«*> .b*diy lnjttrst) asj>i -wversl i.4h*r*di*sjli>k<l. A 1*>'.>«.*¥»* m iiu-.'i f*ull y att'I an Mi»o. J.irv-.t by a ..,;»,;. « (,!»,.. tj-a.'i »r»l a l'-wletl '-*«il Uiv I\ fill TS* (-etxjH'i -J. * SJW ic«*4r «v ; t^» Vsra-fcjsv • '•• -4 m 'M%. fcav •>'3>t»Zki8g. _: oie»**g *!n'T--*n Dr Ni«r:h-ip n an.1 *>v,r»ir »i»u»rf*-J eCtier Wc<*«.vt weno ar- i!> Itail •nta^ , >:ii*M| the >-.Ard f.vr tt» au ope*' <t 1; fv-il , frwn Alaska, nt b ail ..I bmr d nv n i • j*-*rx>-»f 1 n* ti v • .dr-* nt Hhsrri Kmith ounrig (lie tMih'-x't HI ^ia^tA^t iirg Co , <iBvta» ! Wa«tiln£ion. HUM - btrXiiiisy xra- nel*! j-ated rmrs ..' a ».r*nif| Arm y i'.i«t in 1 >h',,ri h \n fB«e\l»T AriHWg icre tfe llnl'Sa Jfins-*-\*\. Fmtt M'-rj-asi, t.riirraj liroltj* and uitder tie- an a Wa,«h.tt,-t > th o »j»^k,*»-« 1 a!.* J< t-,n i. othrfK J A Ml*.* II, HART,, rhwf rierit ixi th» Ftn * A.\-o«tamt F,»rt,-!tx*ler t i,-nmtl, t« .teo*!. li s *»a*t»-ii in MaVyUuvI tn J*l>'. and bad b-wo ntlv mix year* m tbe<-»u;in!^i.i*«rrfic«> •,< iha t'-RtfifB e Svj^ir'jii-ivt. l^jiriiiifij; with tJs* avlministrasvou \f }\rv«ei«-sit J*'k-«jn, FnK-lnrx r I'tjivrtxiDS m,-t intjnaale frier! !•• ,|.-n» th - •taVxivnt r-»~entjv mado that he hv l d-Ur-i- i e-ti;-;jiticjki:y thai hm w-siid n '* arvept.i r-'.'i*.tn.tialej«a. Xv% IT if, UK > . x ni»fnl»-r «t the .'Vruxte Firtan.-r < ., t ,io> »t «-, think* that o»:i»g l.j th* s.-i iT-c,! ati'.:» of th.) *urpim r-i-m» tn the Tr-i.iiry. sn extra «r--»i>.-( of lV.ngr>*w to re- li*\e the ..unlr i , i a |»« 2 ^t,le Sria.-i--j*l »trs» \J'nr Artti f'--ver!y H.<V'ti< t ti lrr.1 ,f, NVw Y«s H.nr r «, >f .«>tin, llje »U-|*-»fJ .t'a-inv pft'-umen! luruilirra Tit* tuS' U-^ - Nusv-ixi -vwi.j,,; »'j,tt>\.. - <••{ U:~ ix w > \-U«*t»i ttg_biu£ p.. \YiiWrr j*r~H»* IVtrr Urv.m-- ol-l, fUrah !M -Fwr v , a, P -»t !:• - IDi.ry l^isri »r-v »*s»-yj( , •, r ; a£ ^stnai-B, <*>««tj an.) ttr-ow-^ I ii HUE- !««•»!.» , rw-irlrj r« r <t|£h. l\«i.n , Minrth-ered iit* !ic-.*y t.i ttrai b «fi- • I'.'I s fTtti.n -,ii- i '. .twtarit d fin-**!-- «,r*.! ftn*sv\~»l troiiiy; bai e '^[1.*-.! tnin»i>iV, II Ml ,*1'>>*.s leg a.* h ;o» . ,.-- k l«.--iv» i:.«i a'. St l\ai >' c..r...,lerai,V .tatnaen , iv ^ ;.- MX iiv*l*riin*n «l «<- k 1;, in a ••jiiJtii r»«r NVrfi'.i,, V dr' -«.'^i FiCAititST <*< rv xt ( x; , B r, be the g»r»tj> of }>-. 4'*^-; t'olkrife. At Ifetee ll£i\ei/,E^ - f t astl-iiri' ttw-iriurtwn! si. Sr* |{ ; i M Si 111 itiiiin, tj». Fn-n. atrrewt by ibe l«*s-ma!i* Wi t •tar w-arv «t.J---«l, fea« twien pr.«»n In M'-ts Art.: h.t «'r*;il-.t !.. f'Ar.. «j'.| had* : 1'f.nw MitU*ler <lni.«'<-t. MUX oon>j»rati>r* ••• bar;»r Sjj*iu^t XIK I'ear «-f }l;nmm * •writetKwi to .leatls ao«i other*i *•• «j»i Or. f-TSW*,** ^i-lnsisi* i.ia*<* i jsr» *•** MrL -•i'»iJ TA n**r t3*a> 'ti' -i»!sjKj<r --•aUtrost - »«*sr.| r,v*r « v^sas d a rwljhvtsgt ,*i:.->*«, fltHfM' *;. wpartei ', !:j ,v »^» VM Si^'-Kvl Y*» : j. - - jilw s sad I-!-.-. JtaurtT. - '• h Avsal «ia s 9 r» >. ral <»J f*f 1 r*'.'**4 hm r»'-n*aj h» west •! i:ivrvtswtms 1 * ;&(iMUa| >i'.- ksv* is** •. • »sri iliaVta TMJ -nt ha l.*-n bave i >.-!• a -d at the !-.-«,.. ol e it h.l» -imle Uw- HiUn . -rof i-.iKj..-,,, 1 n.nl. W H . •i;..rn>oi that \ jisia^ Ari Airmittura l «:».1 rspti-i t eiv c t^*;w**fi t»etl Framed ! of J»n=.arv AN OHIO MOB'S WORK, I'.JoWi p l'«ni» t I'roje-rtj' WHb l>> 11 ,imii r. ,f \V«i e »! N., 1^..- •11 be created e l,;i^»raJ leader. .1. tne.1 by H.urt A y Ttir. ' vtlleoi the lain A d m .Mexico , hundr^i thev mn vear*. irncr |, ha& ju-t l» •\ I tier rSrT I I bv rty of pro.p.i. •^p-xni.-irds 10 er a • nbenisd-vit* of • v-t.-rv for munv Mr fit f gtxe„l,x, !, <'tared In* inxilf bv H disl- lE-ra-nfj-i that Farn-ll bad approval of UK? .tv F.oat Club is • to Atoenc x this •th tbe Harvard wntfeji a let' l'li<mix i'.n i Tilt: Cam! maksu ; am <«Hrii w to row a ni WuvfrMtyiWt CUil.r TH K Hex- ft,- McfJlynn. of >'„» ^v,rk, lias again infontied the I'oji.. that be rei'use* to come to Borne. A .vt-Knr.R of Nov a S-nti* |oi,nt«r Oshsr- nien have i>fien lust i n a Ilea-, •,- paV*. 1 Tint Dtike of Portland 1 residence. «f Rob- ertland. bis seat In Arrsh.re. K.-otland ha* ( been destroyed by fine j THJBTJCRS me n WIKI rwontlv resigned from i the Irish Constabulary have failed for Ne w j Vork. A large crowd, including the Mayor of Cork, bade them farewell amid cheers for i Parnelt , MSJI, HATHAw-AT.'of r/otrisville, Ky. , has bee * acting as Deputy C«nimb«Joner of the Chs«cer y Oonrt i n that cit y &bn isthajrst womanJoJDLMch a post l a Swtoolrj c n I'b l'n .\d l^»:d,ii.: Ih-n lc IU deat'ii • 1-t Uie r .aj't- \ \' tie- U _...,--_. 1* ., „ hrjasE*'. ! >> >-'w*r* ««ai- I Til.. i^7\ h'V.»* «• si no 11 .ro.- l t-> the irroasl 4.-U-. v.»l lie- r^Tvi«r*M [ nvtern and ll» I's**** ** . r.i.n- w| ',tih-'.- i •* r*f* r - 1 '..u-otv ft-itli-'nte-* •*»»*• - !-• ,„• rfeec, I^-a! *x„,;,»thy W* vt!-\.;. Fncitdvof the rMnal T\*** lb-i for (r.*i;H an t ibe J»°J«'** 1. t.r.» ivmalion i^minanding *\* to .[„,,-., v ami xv.xrnmi ibetBtta* --.l.-prviiali-vn xx»u!dU-a.* their *f» 1 .eti-r nl U-AS at one ->nt t'l ,? **|3* - no.,Hie !>t „i all »!•.- m.^mNflr*- i-ri (linn n-rnv ordered b> U m re*d»n** v from N»|»vt«iti. l^nrrt^^ -ej-t to ttie »viir\ UriTTTbe • !.tire«»•\\ fine, tvj.li u> forwaivlel to »>>» F*™ i,.^».-sary. llovemo r Koraker _f ^ ej;rapbf*l t,>ii\i.-»e»i. MI ne sBverelx-- pnaisliel.^^^jL * A Toboln - dimrmtch sar * tliat rT*fl»i» River*. *»f Compan y H., \while on «!»«*•* t h e canal xvas snot and killed |>- r TEltPE To4P*lui la Btroag Drink is • Of matirn *nt A potanrt tha t 01 Th* fountain* •Strung Drink'* A« ihousands fls leilM UHt tha t With hi m aha i&rucig IWu k t» Ah has be ttu T«!i thxAiMund po Lit - ttavi-* ti» -.•>•.- A'auxins, ut Tr l,«ng Kt*>p! F«»r* he I it-* Bu m tier :•.*! 'I;ij\.(--r S'flb rs t ut ti, t.rriirftt te r - iwai.- !.!<i J.U'blk •r w;:i':„*, aa'S i I-.- ijVir: of publi c «, - !;.:,:- o* j-r .bibit. ;• 1;', \ I'l ' c«for r t:.i' ],.' , ;,.'-tio{j of 'i »ii..t t.'T>W. dilli 1- obtiit.'d -i-'iiavt f'M t,:.''i..li!'.'fr !»• .j.'il ' trtieti - * ot,:;tJ \.ax» A fail if.i'iv I it vtd r M* 1 tin pv. ti la. ij ; . r •:. fStlie:il« .. L . t-T of ,',;-- . -•:e nj.j, 1. ,,, ''Win \ -,, [jj- di'-ein to ; h h\r.ri.. p- i>:-'. j„ ^ITIU.IUT , v,. -f^-C-'^A-V-ifi-- iitid otV,. r i>,! may I'lio], i, ' rh.lt thet e •.\Tui: tha i •r jn'ii.mo r lo.rer .pi., :-.i of infrr i •U<:<M:, ror r ;<-;itrc*o f .. 11\. ••!*• '>v*i.t«: JM-^dt'-i -RtiTt- e-dtnls HTC e>h-.xxn. \I f 'tliy!i,- almho l jsr-r kiioo - imat* wei K ),t , xvhile of 1 re,,„tr « 0ll |v ;ihtnit (11M> ^ dne e iler,t>i i„ r) man 1,'niJimrx weigh t it wo i -Tatntnes ttf-tiiu jxxirv; ak- ^Rh'y-fiffhto f tbPothrr turreforc. jiroduoe d *$ vc wit h th e latte r tba n

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