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\%• \•I'J ^!Wfg A ^Cftateatijg^^ccrrd FRIDAY, MAT 6,MB7. J. I>. BECKWITH, EDITOR Sw Ksoess I* toss* c«tjr Trite? aMraO*' ta law krtlMfint mill, M4 *«••»•• *tt «* Utx •*»» «f I«>P««UM op to Ox -o\ «f f«»f to »**•' TKIIS: sxa i»*r. * «i« MX *0>TU3 i . We e .Strictly io ad* tan OOM io Joni*n'» Wort, (Mcoad tear) Mala tuw*. seaMMUMasai **t A an .Jtefarjr —w, the UMIMWWU, fOOUMMd ,JB til* MUM MUM| Innaal Keesare. May opened ao floe!* that on Mr»n day, the 2J, we were reminded that the fl»b were waiting to be caught, after having had a rest Ihrongh the six months of winter with which we have beco favored, and while we are not much or a follower of I»wc Wnl ton, we thought perhaps we might » well try our luck anil started to get together our tackle which consisted >>f a beat plo, and about six fret of wrapping twine for a line, and as we hunted tor a pole we found that the day was not an auspicious one te tempt the finny tribe from tuelr icy home, and having concluded to make this a day of recreation we went about among our i jslness places look- ing over the eleg . ; stocks of good*, and the many tempting and atrikiug bargains offered by our merebanta.and as we priced different cooimodities, we were on the point of making many advantageous bargain* to ours«jve*, until the aeveral proprietor* io farmed •a* that with the advent of »pring,they had commenced doing business upon a sew basi\ that is, CASH would pur. obaae aaytblng in their line That not being 1B our line, we aadiy cooler- mended mat erder, saying thai we would call again. Of course we gave Do reason, only saying we thought we would not buy that (fay, but from t be \* axpression upon their cvunteDances we Imagine they divined the reason, for Instead of being sad at the lose of trade, they seemed to be rejoiced. It Is aver thus with the impecuons editor wne waileth long, and In vain for the people who bare lived opiu his wise utterances during the year te respond to his argent and oft repeated reqnesis to pay the one dollar bill se long ow- ing. Well we suppose they are all hard up,and if that old saying be true, ' that a fellow feeling m akes one w>>»- derous kind, we hope that knowing that they are hard up.And that we are too, that they will let that kind feel- ing get something of • start aa the sua comr* out, and while we were passing from store to {store in onr wander, logs the thought struck u« that it wonld be a good time to start our annual blow not for ear patrons, but where to begin and what to say was the moat difHouit thing for us to determine, and If we should chance In speaking of oar patrons to say a word more of one than another we cheerfully forgive our critics for their criticism. Aa long aa what we aay don't „ ooet them a cent tbey ought to be wil ing to take the gift without finding fault. In ether words never look * gift horse iu the mouth. .-• Commencing •-> a point where the business see ens the most penetrating, for at the in-menae tannery of H. A. Douglas do they not. take the hides of \suiaial* as they leave tbe body and bring them out ei a process which con, verts them into matter or substance which is good far to* SOLE,an»+> doth it not appear that through the enterprise ' of its proprietors it has become one of 1 tbe leading and most prosperous enter- prises of the county, and do not one hundred souls not SOLES earn therein from day te day that which ntaketh tbe body fat and the heart glad. Yea. verily, and while the odor that doth }>ervade tbe atmoinhere is not the moat fragrant, the business Is putting many a dollar in tlio pockets of its 'proprietor. May tbe pile ever Increase. While we bare no desire to become a custom* i of Daily's in one branch o< his trade, nevertheless we are con- strained to say in all truthfulness that the caskets he prepares and keeps li< stock for the accomodation of those ol our citizens wbo e»M Inclined that waj ' are of superior quality and they are . eartd to be rrmarkably restful. v David Davis (not the judge who has a reputation liial i* world, widsj but Davis£the artificer in wood who ruakts each excellent wagons that they are never known to wear out ia still in the baiinesa aa will appear bv Lis ad- vertisement in this issue. Sotwithftauding the fact that the junior member of tbe firm of Collins Vfc Powers bas yone to the Indian wotmtry for tbe purpose ef teaching aa heretofore, to wit, to Urn of the public by at all tlaaea striv- ing to meet every want of oaeteaaer*. Daring the year last paased this Arm have met with marked aaccsas ia the trade ae they deserved. |probeb)y be. cause they appreciate tbe vaJae of printers Ink aod advertise la too R«- coau. c It ia aa old aay lag that he who con - tributes to tbe welfare of tbe public is a public benefactor aod just each a per- son de we find in tbe furniture rooms of Joan B\rhan» for his business is of that nature, furnishing aaey chairs, sofas, coaches, mattresses, aod io fact sverytblng In tbe Hoe of fnraiture l bat ia desired. We are glad to know that during tbe year fortune has smil- ed upon him. He is a good fellow and deeervee the patronage of tbe public. While not at present advertising be expects to in tbe ne%r futore. (To be continued.) The Bell Telephone Company, which uses t'uodrsdsof thousand of dollars every year tot ''legal expense es\ has convinced a majority of the Axeetnbly Ways was and Means Com- mittee that the Senate bill limiting telephone rates In this 8tale ought not to become a law. The eight men wbo have yielded to the company's arguments are Messrs. Erwio, <*balr- man}, Alnewortb, Tenons, Ingeme], ilea, Dickey, Finn, and Oleee. The three who could not be convinced ars Messrs. Cornwall, tSheehan, ana Hed- : ley. The bill that has been adversely j reported after a delay of nearly a month Is one that finds ample sup. port in the condition of tbe telephone business sud lbs ex-actlons of the [ greedy telephone monopoly. We do not see bow any honest and intelli- gent legistor Wbo Is acquainted wish tbe methods cf the monopoly can say that it stould not be passed. In view j of the facts disclosed io the last few J months tbe action of the Ways and j Menus *>mmltiee Is disgraceful. The I Assembly ah J old promptly reject the 1 committee's recommendeUon and I show, by pansiug the bill, that the [ Bell Company'a Influence does not ex- • leadbeyoud tbe commit', ee room.—If. Y. Tfmee, April 25. v*r Daily Bread. Heavy aod aaar bread or btaenlt ha* a vast loflaenee through tbe digestive organs nunn the measure ef health we enjoy. How Important te oar present happiness end future usefulness the Meaalog of good Malta end u soond constitution are, we can enly reel lie when we have lost then, and when j we have nave loot I hem, and when It i Is too lale to repair the damage. ~$»t- I withstanding these facts, thousands of) pernor* dally jeopardise not only their health, troi their lives, and tbe healths and lives of others, by using, articles in i he preparation of their t>od the j purity and uscfulneae of which they i kuow uotblng. Perhaps a few cents! may have been saved, or it may bev*i been more convenient io obtain tbe f articles used, and the hoesekeper! tekes the responsibility and possibly will never know the mischief that has beeu wrowgbt. Paterfamilias may have spells of headache, ibe children j may have loot their appetites, or look j pels ; If so, the trae cause Is rarely | suspected. The weather, the Isck of ! out-do«r air, or some other cau»», Is ] give'i, and tbe unwholsome,. poison- ] ou» system of adulterated food'goes on Next t<> thetiour. which shuulil be j made of good, sound wheat and noli ground io fine, the yeast or -baking [ powder, which furnishes the -ising I properties, is of tbe greatest import-1 anoe, and of tbe two we prefer I'sklng I powdeT, and always,use tbe Royal, as I we thereby retain lb> original proper- ties of the wheat, no fermentation ilk-1 ing place. The action of the Royal j Baking Powder upon the dough Is j simply to swell it and form little cells , through every part. These cells are filled wltu carbonic acid gas, which { passes off during the process of baking | Tbe Royal is made from pure grspe : aoid, and it is the action of thl* acid i upoe highly carbonized bicarbonate of j soda that generate* the gas alluded to: i and these ingredients are so pure and | so perfectly fitted, tested and adapted to each other, that tbe action is rnlid 1 and permanent, and is continued dm- ing the whole time ef biking, and no residue of poisonous ingredleti's re- matoato undermine the health, no heavy biscuits, no sour bread, but if directions are followed, every article witl.be found aweet audwboleeoiue. wamessBamm MEW jfflmETTsmktJm. mm Three Pecullailtlat tateesMwatkMiUss.DaawlT 1st: 3d: s^assylsassjasasisas^^ rt r lalalMlNNttaa^a^atibaaoM \Mm\ - anWs^jSSfSff^l •PECUL BARCAIIMS EACH Mf IN- A^l. The peoperttoe ta Waieh the rsaSa. emU S ibstas. bark\ ete^ are aslaea. Tae proesMby whiesi tbe seMve ssedlesast proserttoe are severed. The resell isasssdietae ol aenseal stroagtb , sad earsttv* sower, wtueh etsets eeres here- MeeesaMonallea. Tbtss psseHarmss setseg eaetastvetr to Hood's asrsaparUls, aad are Unknown to Others f Hooo-i Marsspartna is prepared wtth (be greatest ski a sod care, by pharsssotsra of •docaUon aod loog suwrlsoee. Bases It tss \ ssadtetne wortliy of eatbe loalasncs. Ifyee saver from serolvla, salt rbsess, or say dts- ease of the Mood. dytpsosU. bPloasasss. stsk besdtrbe. or kidney sad liver eesssisarts. cotarrk or raeuButUm. do sot tail te Uy Hood's Sarsaparilla mm CLOTHING cMii HATS. UPS. GENTS FURNISHING GOODS. I GUARAHTEE THAT I WILL SELL CLOTHING CHEAPER THAR EVER BEF0R2 SOLD IN TOWrl. \1 iscsa— md Boed't ibirsaparnta to sfl nv rrtfoas as the best blood vortasr os earth.\ Wat. OAtr. dmi*l*t. BaastRoe. O. - tloodTt aarssparlttafcss eared aw of strat- etoss tMBser. aad deos aw worlds of rood otherwise.\ C. A. Aaaow>, ArosM, Ms. A book eootatolag asaav sdelttonat state- osoUst cures wtU be seat to all wbo desirs. Hood's Sarsaparilla •DM be sH areaglstt II \ sU fsr aa. Made esjy by C V HOOD * CO.. Lowell, Mass. , 100 Do*** One Dollar. CA LL t(- EX A MINI BEFOREPVRCIIA SINH EISE W//EH£ JOHN WILSON. OfHHSN FEONT STORK Opposite Ladd's H.UL B OOTH OOTK OOT» AND AND AND 81I0KC1 HHOI-'.X BHOK l J B OOTH «M>T?t tK)T5 AND AMI* AND MHOr.X KUOK<U no TO- HI I M BENNETT & SION'S Foit youn- BOOTS AND SHOES.?: (A 8 W z D B OOTH OOTb OOT8 AND AND AND BHOEr* HHOBV SHOK^J » I WILL GUARANTEE A Radical and Speedy Cure for Hard Times -IF YOU WILL BUY- g immmiiuiimiimuimmiauBt am 01 •a* IN GRASS AND CLOVKR SEED, DEFIANCE SfcKD WIfKAT, BRADLEY'd PHOSPHATE, PACIFIC GUANO, GENUINE NOVA SCOTIA LAND PLASTER. SYRACUSE SULKY AND HAND PLOWS, PERRY SPUING TOOTH HARROWS. 1J Hardware, Stoves mad TinWe.ro. Doors, Sash r Hlitxls, BJiodn, Sbinglc, Glnpboan's. I^tth, •Paints,'Oils, Yaraishes, Tarred and Felt Paper, t, Wheelwright aad Blacksmithing Material. JlWl solicit yonr trade oa improved basinesM prinriples*^i D. S. GOOIVX.BT. WE HAVE RECEIVED OUR SfBING STOCK The HuaaeaMst Ladj la Chateaafaj. Ilemaiked to a friend the other day that she kuew Kemp's Balsam for the uroat aad X>aag> WM * superior rem wly, s» It stopped ber oougb instantly wtieu others had DO etTect wtiatsver. So tit prorn llils and convince you of its merits-soy druggist will give yon a (Sample Bottle Free, Large sice 60c. auti 11.00. J Bleepiese nigbta made miserable b,e that trrnble oougb. Bblloii's cure is the;reasedy foi vest. Sold at bheldoe's Drvsj»to«. BUILDING. 1887. o The nnderaigned wauld re8]M>ct- fully inform tlic people of this vicinity (and especially those in- tending to bmld) that he hae »e<\ar- , ed book* containing plana and »pee- ificationa of fifty different style* of houses of modern architecture, ranging in ,primjs from $3Q0 to $5,000, which he will be pleased to show to any and all who are tending to build. He i» also pre- pared to famish material, do all mason work, etc, Conenit yonr own interest and give him a call. Bvs 1 «ctfully, 0. L. NEHER. s*M*tera?ai imf***\ JfiKrSAIMlI^^ ALSO, A FINE LINE OP WtNDOW OIL SHADES* PEAKE * CARR. •\•^SSEs? tw, tmMut» las ssea or :.jffi5^fj&. a, aW'\sssr \^ iHasMnMi ikw i Jseas *o , '! t ,*\* SfsaWssesisWrfdsJea S^as^ssasas. *,„* aisi«iii ssswow. W»»«M.TS-.»»JUrtl* •M i»*f »#e*«« »• •\ I . rf rr««4i<a. M St>* • ^(.teiwi-* imUmvA* at m*» ** rsuiSwjr— •VMM . i« is* «ua«« << ats ^j aw * w mmtt *• IS» r \tisJsr •«*' •* so- p-K—«- •Tta«W* I***)*** — i *r i ui Vwr« , Hm, C»»»su , ktsess a t 4twr»r;> 50TIC1 TO P «f ftu* t»«8| •wwt, 1M* «i am •»•» •» • AiuhnHMite ~ St Onto*•> <nl aiiBn»mw, a •MC -•••« * M*n* «, 1\* S. M. M J A*S » M)Tlt K TO P *n»mr«»* «f rrm«mi <•» i» ait p«a* lw*ta( * an^lb w»ns»*Ji •mt*** M k* »tom *< <m* WKI «• *t man iMMi.swsn. a. tr. SM.S *OU WHRN L BTKP TIE PAE18R CLAR TIIE FIS^ LOWES I'FERFECT SETIIR9KNTI. DEN ,.| NKV V j sJims i \*\, - Clark HAVE LA < e o o 1 1 = ' • I • i * c t M e C O 0 O or ALL FOR WHICH T PRICES HELP CALLS c. P. *•* «*«:rn*r« *f»»Jtr, hnnoprsnl l\m\ Same Sol TRC /

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