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Chateaugay record. (Chateaugay, N.Y.) 1878-189?, July 29, 1887, Image 4

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:•)• v* 99HB itsm&Q &U9X& KIDAY. JCLY 29,1887. (ECKWITH, - EDITOR ,_ I-IJI . .« : '. j. J * oftsa it IWMd swry Frklay nwrauid! la t!aw n* mai], »EJ <w»t*in* all th* I start aa»» <* -<* uploltat -oar r,rpnm( to [«*». TE8MS: ,•; II 00 •Ttl* ...5«€1» BtrlctlT linlnvt n Jordan'• Btaei, (*«.**J tow] Maia »*rw*. now Rohert T. Lincoln is pro- fly named in Republican clr* a candidate for tbe pnwidency. •'•:j%:*:.fp UMIJL •aid*. ItwoaM work a wr*og tc th« MMcmt third party.\ Uaatoo b*kj that ah* WM MM lawful wllw o f both baabandaaud moat raaaain ao untllta* •<o md bti<baod wool * eaoaaat t o a ill- ve-ree.whkm b e rafuaad t o do.Kow tba legal complication eomea i u again. If the Jadfa was right l a bia holding tba woman locate aba survived both bow hand* would, be entitled to da war In both estates, and her children by lb* second husband will 1* Iba htlr of both, a* h* ia tba «oa of both. ft imma that I be color line la not b« obliterated titta aide th e grave CRACKERS. Cereallne la unrivaled M a Health Food-. Ver y Nourishing and EASY TO DIGK^T. and whe n used with tb* tfew Patent Proo»a» Fiotir, prortaceaa very Rich , Fine Flavored Cracker. Th e oat- nf tkbi cholc* material, skill ID manufacturing, render tbeae (be aojth. A bill la now pending be- 1 fore the (leorgia legislature wbtc b If iQr&CkeFS - SUPGriOr paasad will subject teachers in the At- \ *\^ laota^Utilvanity wholeaeb their ow n > children to a possible fiu« of fl.00», [ and a year in (be ebaia gang. The! Uuiv*rsity is far colored eblldren,and ; Toledo Blade b»# fille d lb Mean reader* acdout <if il.SOO, is that 11,000 ar-.- for Blaine. Huffman comes tii st. the state does wot propone that tbe y shall be ccn lam lasted by while*. •mas K. Powell, the democratic oce for governor of oiiu, is a r residing at Oh pulatiou of being The Atlantic seaboard ringing : from New Jersey to Maine ha* beau i visited witblu tb e past week with *e- \ vere storms. Iu some places tbe ' >«, find bat [ atorm* are d ear r I bed a* the worst the , in of great country has bad for years. A*. Dover,; } N*. H-, it Is estimated that nine inches [ of water fall fmin Thursday night un - ',•• Lacombe.of the United Statesi til sj tiday. In tbe vicinity of Great court in N»w York, decided | Harrington, Mai*., t% bridges, beahba hen the commissiotor* of erai-t dam*,mills and factories, were carried i order that \»'rti*iu persons., away witb au estimated loss t5OO,UU0.1 to say In tbe market. m : INVALIDS: AfID : CHILDREN tbey ar* unsarpassed! I'ACKKO IS 1IAK&SOMK OSE POUND PAPER CARTONS Ta-y Xln-«n. _ - » IS I0W PESFABSD to TARS ORDSBS for COAL I will s«ll yoa Coal by the ton or carload as cheap a» you can buy it nny where. Mi' TMRMS WILL BE .... CASH OXDBLIYMRT. Unless otherwise agreed when purehawd. E^TDott't put oiT and pay the advance.-®B Give too a trial B. C...BORT. <i»JH IH.,1 I •! J.I *ll,_i|l SPSCIAL RSDUC7I0N on AiLSUMMEH QOODS •A T THF, - i-ome to tliis countr> ,n>u»l return j i-e tliey camp, the ••ni«-r 1* abvo- \ ui.il the court La* !><'< jurisdiction | •• matter. j iilgeTbarman , <;f (»>!•». while in; York la»t week; re't-rrins to tbej •. dfiitul < utlo >k »ai;i tliat in hi»i ••ion it tlepended «!«•'» trie U»>or ; - ia New York and Oiiio. Tile • r vote in 'Oui<> »w very heavy, , lie thought favorao!«j to democracy '• • lectined the iiomi:; t'ion fur f;.»v- f >r of Ohio, aLhoui?!i strongiy urn- f to sect pi it. i 1% m believed by those familiar with politics of the daj, that th e labor} iveuiaot will bave grrat weight in; i aeUrniinatlon of the contents of! '..'« year and next. Republican au- j T7,rtiea assume that the labor vote! •I p.-reatly diminish the Duouooratic j reuglh and thereby ensure Repobll- j ,ii strength. On the ntiier hand j ' wK-ratic aLthoritiea claim ttiat thi*| •tncnl will as seriously afl'eet the i. -publican party a« the Deujocratic, | :»l they go .*9 far as to aasume that; ie larger portion of the labor vote | ill eonse from ti-.t- Bepublicsn party. | is p; - oi>ahIy itniKiasible for eithrri »rtv to make a correct cslculattonj iiita tlie subject. I Th e only di*cr«*pancy found in PJC- aroining the tmoks and accounts of ex-Vreoaurer Jordan before turning the office over >o Mr Ify-att WSJ» a oliofiage of $2 60 MI a Lag of -roi;.* of tir't •lenomliia'.ir.n. This ws* eviden- tly due to sn error in counting tlie duns when the bag was filled, and the clerk who del t »* amount. t ban** of Hhdfin . If II, nun utteud!! »tnctly to tii* own huhlci-sM be a t>l have uo time to at. leud to <.>rU?tL..peoi»ltf'*. A b«sy tongue creatn# great mi«- cblef—One drunken man can disturb a whole commu*mty. A boy who alwavs ha» an natii >ip»n bia lipa generally li«« a quid of tobse- «.\o la his mouth and i» tiierrfore wbolty unclean. In this vicinity church goinjf is not eoiMitierri a luxury that can't be dis- pensed wjtb. Fishermen who bring in hr$ro strings officii, generaily tjuy them. 1 I8r For Sal* bjf all Leading tirnvera. W. H. DANIELS, | Manufacturer, ocsuKNisint's^c;, >'. v M. Mrholas For Aaga^t. The iitMiiher opeufi with a heou. fti! The obnoxious Crimes Bill was, of. i«-taliy proclaimed in Ireland July :JS. iy this proclnruatlon the whole of Ireland with the exception of tlw? ounty of Aut^im, Is placed outside ue- protection of the common law. The courts of England will set for filiVn cause*, and. Irlsbuitn can no noro be tried by a jury of tbeir 'jotin. rymeti. Th e t;ews fell upon Ireland «it b a deadly pall. Hereafter Ireland; »ill be ruled by British bayonets, by orce and pot by the strengthen right. It ia .-eiJ^rteJ that Gladstone anil Pur- :ie!l are very sorrowful over the sttua- -^ ion, but they will keep up the fight o the dee pot ditch.. fionti?!puce, by Maty Haslack Foote, illu'trsttfig soma bright verse-* Iy Edilb M. Thcmai, entitled \Invlta lion to Etdio ;\ and the Illustrator turns nuttior a little farlheron in a charming sketch of R.-icky Mountain life, called, \An Idaho Picnic,\ with . more picture* In her characteristic e'ili-. Atiotber Artist leJis 1:4s ow n •*!oip «s:!i sen »s vr«*H s* peficil ill this iiftmtMr—Oeorgo Wbarton Ed - ward*, wbu writes ai.sl draws picture* for Th*- Figure or the James St at buck, a capiul »• a story told ashore. ! THEPLACETOBUY: Mschins Cil, 1 Paris Green i -Asn- Insert Powder -H AT- BEHTLEY'S HEADQUARTERS NEW YORK ONE FRICE CASH STORE, WW. GOLDSMITH. JORDAN'S BLOCK. AU Summer Goods Men? Boys Clothing Matked \V»y Ikiwix II A. *TH FOR MEN. Yoi'TUH AND DOY4 111 grwkt VafU-ty , r!)f|j„, t »h« 8 any »i»t* to the c»>uuiy. Mi rusiiliii 6§Mi-i Mti$m Can be fiHihii, »)**> s t pHires U» .!*/• Ci'llirwdf^ti »>y any t+ubUth. oitni In Anwttc*. LACE >, HAMBURG EDG1NCS from - c<»t« a yard up. VKX>t;<*&D IN PRICE SILK AND KID GLOVES! AU Khadns and Color* Mitt a at y. Black and CoJ»re«i 8dk ' cents a |««if ; Kid (Jlu\c* from (A cent* a pair up iShawls and Scarfs, i JERHEY JAVKKTrt. : Are marked to ptea»e you. BUSTLES. >Langtry, Vx eentp V. 8 , PatU, 40uei 'Si cents. IIOHZI-IK: <JOI«ISEX8. ! PARASOLS. i ! Children'a Paranoia fmm lj cents ! Ladle*' Parabol a tftm tX cent* up Ail Cn*gon«Uiu »b*»v e hue greatly . reduced la price U|^ j Gauze Underwear | Far laditit and trent*. grrstiy | r*-ttu«inl iu pric*. Satines @ Seersuckers! j Will b*cl»*w>t out at lowest j , posatide pncea- j ;A FEW TEeilTIE LADIES WRAPS Closed ont at cuat. \ Lace Curtains Chtapcsr than ever heard of Sn this ;' nuntrv. • Fon- Toweis, Napkins & Table Linen 20 per cart Reduction. •iTHir.K VFILINO^I At 13 ctal s a yard. Ail Cotan j Of I15a-k nod Color-d U.'te*, 1 MJ^ssa' ! and Children** H<MC at % eta a pair SILKS and VELVETS Marked down :*5 per c*«ton *v*ry dollar .or ten day* only. *Robez and lre$$ Goods In IHaok and C\!ors. at 'prion lbs* will suit tiie rao»t careful buyerc. The New York World in its Issue of July 20, has an Interesting illustration •jf th. vagaries of tbe marriage laws of. (liis state, showing bow two hutbandH Biruggled for one wife. • The case proposed is one Jthat is of easy illustration, and tn some of its features Is a familiar one as it is «i everyday occurrence. A Mr. Smith married an estimable lady and they iived happily together for teve'rl years whe n misfortunes overtook them, and the husband Riving his vrifa ; what property he had left, started for tbe west to make^ a living fox his family, .'./at tii* lapse of five years the wife hearing nothing from her husband, •ind supposing him dead, (as .be i*. Scrlbner's Magazine f»r August ! oneiiM wiib tbe flfib iustailment of j the \Unpublished X*Urr»i>r TbacKe- ray,\ whi«li is iiliiatraled wlt b several [ Thackeray drawings, including B! humorous equeatriart (igure of the au- thor, and a view made from a hotel winjiow at Basel. A photograph of the statuette of Thackeray by 1 * Roehm is also reproduced. The letters plve a glimpse of tbe great i<ondoii exhibl- «ion of 1851 as seen by Thackeray,and an amusing account of a trip on the Continent which Thackeray took with bis two daughter*. Many other : interesting articles are to be found in ! tl»ls number, among winch we notice, \Tb e Piciureque Quality of Moiland,\ \Tlie liardeo of Time,\ \Th e Sus- ! tauifity of the Atmosphere.\ ' Real-1 hm and the Art of Fiction.\ j Groceries Crockery Boots : Oriental Lacs Flouncing i Marked dow n S3 $*tr cent. III. MimWt is tie Place far Banaisi. WHITE GCODS Such a« Check M N«in*o\->k Victoria I-aWtis, Hwl«* Mu* i;,s, &C very cheat* Call 8Bi See far Titroff Shoes -AT- JOHN HUGHES'. Who l»a« jo»t recelve<i afresh asock ol M»lectetk Oro*.-eri»-s Boot* and Sboea and the ' ' I LAE8M«5I MOST COMPLETE LIKE ,We have no War Clubs nor Tomahawks We'«hall NOT \scalp priops or PEOPLE, hut continue aain the past, to sell oaly Iteliable Goods at as .LOW PRICES As they can l* purchased elsewhere, <K1A FULL LINE OF DRY G00DS,t> — of-. co.,ridered civlly dead under the mar ri«i;,* laws of this state after a eobtln- j U0u4 absence of five years without the v»-;,'i! ktioalugof bis beingallve ) alie i..arri«st agaiu as she was advised she j li*k i lha right. Borne years 'after her second marriage tbe first hoohand ap- ^»ir» upon the aeeue and claims bw wifs. Husband Ko. t coo testa hi* claim, and tbe^adge before whom tbe i'eaa* w«* brawgJbt aald, \It «o«ld d«- tect tbe object U thataw tftha party -, '^ F <mutabs - --— - - —'\ • •~s m r^-XM Prof. Smith Bays, for August that it will bave several wet aud unfavorable periods witb damaging local storms, Heavy rains in I be south and south* w«sc and probably with very change- able weather there. For next week he says : I t will be b« and windy . A Mae tntervai, changing to stwrmy weatber, heavy raina and hig h wind* iDo jr*w -« CROCKErY y VMl OtFFERED IX THIS TOW2T Soott A Huntsv araprrpar^itodo»ii kJmla «rf bHiidlug. by tt* day or ooo- tmit, mtf t%ni*tt •unMrtai %t •with all the novelties of the season, Boots and Shoes Constantly on hand CHOICE SBOOBBHS—Haw and Fresh. •arCOME AND SEE FOR YOURSELVES^. |»i*SJlsllll€i tg/0/tt^ IMI |MMMna aA m £ aa*y M*af * ••*** «( A |H] naaintBM* *Bf*i ww m J'* Mi iniliMH the *t**l tali V B |»«i«raaaa|>jWar «a si 1 ^-« awsaiawuia kaa * «« •• Dor yn*.: Tbarafti n* saoa m d a*£n» ol : aPwIam •1 was tronbiaO vety m Mas la ray Mr*. *rfu>* (Mia aar4ry watt, and w H4 a r* 4 dsati <.< lie ^BMMded te try Ibxtf* 'DaH fear tsMtles awl urn I etwertatly rswctmcoJ lis u me *4 U» tst'St btooi' werw.* W, r. W<KH>. BkM . F*»Tw*»tf 1 w **** aaTBetsd wBt iba wt* 1 l<ssad aa »*nt* ban gs tt&nuxm IbNMl'i Saraa aw laars r**! tfeslt afi Ua* ewrhsd.\ K. T. lUxtois. -! safleted frwHs waat BMKttUr ibewaatWm, I uparSU and aaa «*UT»JT PMXTVFOOT, tetter mcriM Tt st»a be glad I* ana te tS ats» way *Mra,*boa *£&xM suietneftta of ta Hood's 8ar «ell t*y all 4resir»««- ttj «UTt>yC I IH*H» A tV», 100 Dose* On Sportsmen^ TOCHATEAOGA Th Steams: A t*A IM' !-T.f> V ,,: {«'< -.M V O * t t* . -4 fr^«w •*• \• ' -' 4if»- Ho! Forth liSl—UCOfiStOS 81 - rt*« TH K <:nATK.\r<.AY TBE KKW AM* rt.tvi. •> AlilT Water Y. M-J--««.j. *» J S*! • TVt » »•=;-. - t HI 'US ION* »IM>M «-,i.ft . a« ! .•Sur* «»1 S»!»f It' -t -f IrtiHt l Oi-nw-M .1 lllilnstl*! TV Ti:«« frmt fr-p« ^* ~*f**i»i:j l^'^- f \-* • • ^*f;iw* A<r,lf-.T^ * H> »1»w,! J\<jr » I -an* • » n. m «—nrjt « ' ' '%• 5-ims, lP»«t it Hi tW • »•«••-. it-:n»ti^ »ist-«»«»• « tt • -'. K«.H.4TJ'. ,t.i - *» trmu HPF.CIALT j..-i»r-l ti •^•e-^MfcS' i»i*» *» c ••*•• • -.»ii-, *; aithrr « >«th J-f ».. i>mj;«c4. THAI*. W. B, 5' 0 •; i I,: -ffT*r* uliTT - i--: uxs: Cantral Vermot (O. JkZ*.C IIRST R »L*TK Tii . ALL POINT H EAS T TbeOnly Line tot aHATEAUjLW O R ASI> srrc a srst A-1 uotti tartktt mOcr, ocsrv M ratio** — OOIK O a s <».»• A n—txr*-n* m »u *!*(•»* (in Llaii!»*l»i swt UWOB *,VJ|» •>.< Sfrtof V«rt SO M f>. w *t HOKS H. C. Co. fisttsSWS* tt t.19 r W^MMjjJtggNL M **.#». ABj»W*i«» *SPrp*«f *»l «a*t *rtite T*ojr t-S* a ra . Nr» Y*trk t ; » s, m . a, SpfiRffifiil T a. »• ; Kef swtiaacs* • : >«» Tuint »iH (HUSO W Sil t A. It,—MAIL #fc*W>in* o^saiiwix lliSS *• «*• e\ 0 0 a. w. a «. a. a; w>.i * tnw k Hj , fc« all pwloM »t* a- H ». st-EXPRiay tw • •nod le-.*? » m. 0«S«IMteiir •Sib Ofaad TITID* My, for si ctN>a<tf*Mt» TW * fia < raotatty awa»anusasHit» f ssM tacnMl •*«- iraasaos nsMot w su mum**-! «wi ; - -'^ h -px

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