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Chateaugay record. (Chateaugay, N.Y.) 1878-189?, July 29, 1887, Image 8

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#%v t SMttftllMV, FIMRU1 BtMTT, KVYfM FKIDAY, Jpty 29,1887. Ifaloo. baa IS raUdmt pbyslcisaa, 20 practicing lawyer*, B clergy ouu and 0 prcfeaeiona l baaeball player*. Ills claimed that the exhibition of hone* at tie Clinton jroant y fai r will fa* the i*tt cr«r been iu Ctlatou coun- 4te. The O. A. R. b->jre at Samnae .are •3*M*I **. Uu FdttaSM M Cta*aW3rV, H. T. . M atemi-CUututMr, IWU aUK&KT RCrOM raw iswta«ea /^* ^r::::::z:::;::\:::::: \^ »j*° iu * iu *«* * *>\\*» «*»>t»**»«»« ^ Wsf \ i4 jllwat pUce at a cost not ieea than $1,- *(t»\ u |soo. !wt. IWJtotJft .._,.-. twj.. ,i» I A man in 8t Lawrence county d». i>tk.i AIV;<?*.. M T jairiug to aaceruin thu qualltle* of a Ki|>le Bj^ir 0»u.... fej- »...;! .... f;,r: .. . Fuuwo . White Oi l a t Douglaa & Kis- » I potato bug, awallowrd one ia» t week. 32 w »I He bad t o take Faii* Greeo t o kill I be bug.' The Cbamplain Tran»poratlon Co.' a new atearee r the \Cuateaugay\ ia i n tbe frame* at Wilmington, Del., and will w>ou b e ehl j ped t» bbelbume harbor . ... 9 60 .* oo ta i «o ..«<W to t <M ... . 40U>aO A a excuse to flay away from the jSahbath aerviee which would not OwiTtraMir btfsfllVNft Mm SHtM^M^t ft^-^1 AfeMrt flv* betMtr**! th# ntcantoo to rmfBl—Kf Istesd iatt Friday ham palttUi Ma* •? bart, Glrta who promenade the ttreet* tat night t o \cateh mi\ mn calli>d ««t.htp. file* \ lit Troy.—Tioy Budget, There are but few town* but that bare \oblp^e* more abauie t o tbeui. RAW cr*.mt.erri«a are rtfeomniei i ded a a a preventive of cure fo r rheuruettam and cancer. Have a handful or two la your pocket and munch »ne uxcc or twice whenever you tbluk o f ir. At Wbetalone Golf, near Lowvilte, Lewis Co.. a party of young people bad »ugar oo mow on Haturday luit , tbat delightful apo t furnlahlng anuw fu r tbe inhabitant* tbe tntlre year. Look out for a couple o f cheeae fac- tory ewiiidten. They pretend to bare a patent on a chee-t e eat, your* will he an Infringement, and you will b« a.k- ed to pay royalty. You can eettf e a t Lyai w own flirore*~autl b e \out\ Jui-t •wSt traMrtf «a f ferae* it. Um, phaaat.atalr''' - T .a «»..SfMi , v«** Rt< ^.-k«4- r '\ TawM^^ritaaWajSJ 1 --'- tot* . «:>K* »*,*ia!tLd«I iftl*r«r;fci4 r 8«a t (••! «« M v»» W t-w» '(a ti_- w*rf..>l i^. OM K> ,-.*.^ tW .»TJ7I „, r*-j »w*.-i s'. • ••* tup; * Bwc w •»« aa ^ » • i *»„.»'. Jartt-fc4i|i| W^t £.« tl«#*?^3| g^ W»«\> w, ,l» *BK- •: f«»i tv * «| ^„| w _*W«i k•. j irt<t i'»»« i . i%« it^ a |f-f. tea, in* ^'..emtii. ifitb »!,frj» *MaOM> ' to. ''MI t tMrta* M^s:\^'! »•»» iaTSa a « i«r.. i*aa ''kg Mjun. *r.f, *»i (twjjl^ IkM \.'MW'-AU'.^ •-»«( 5--, ij_ _. . »*r! rtv^ ( . audi. <M ;, •.« tuiw, •*vt fcn*^H Ut.i |4 « r*-j jaw* l«H '. r»> t»H ' POWDER Absolutely Pure. T*H fwwfcr a***r *»r*r« * awiw #» t«»Ur «lr.c*sh <i»i »v»'<*umr-uai'». MUf* <««nm<ic.«l (*KI I&C ofJaanrj *b4*, »*l *»«••!< k« #u4 t* em*%~*til*B UXL t&» an«ai*«V«c* Ww twi »£ w .*t «wrt$a»«, *•{«« <* t* * Wat eaneT\ Nfw dry goods Just opened at Bos- ton Cash Store. F grocer A very fine line o f new clothe }uat! ... ,, 4 , , , i . , , , ». , . . 1 wt_ j> #v i x w* A revived a t Andenoo'*. * hil '7 D f^ Wl«WwJI.I»| | A eel.br.ied Norwe, la,, phvalobw. | f^* m f Qf Sslfi Df tO E©3t liifuriuatio a i n rfgard to the Normal A quantity o f Nova Scotia pLwtec. School at I'otadat u ha » recently be«n For saf e at Collina & Power*. f i<*uwl as. d copit-a iwa y be bad by »i~ AH tbe lates t styles In cdlftr.aand / !i ;* im ; ° E - il - ^°*> Jj ' principal. \or ex^eilcii t bargains iri dry goods |fe««|»ob« fromTbe baytlifTd oo a we#k ;« o nriueli, Givr Vr a a abow?r o f »»u r }i*W-*'»»*«*« \ a*jifla , »»»f«*» W»i. >cerie»^ete. , call a t John Bush 'a. ']*•*. »1« n-t eWud lb. Judgr. j wb^ if they com, your way—Low, i\- ****•*>.• »»•\ ^'-- »'* ^ juituttf?.t. [Tile Journal. j ^ -'•\ \ -*- - •• '\•-'*• -.-.--— Doe'or M«bn. cure « wh<>opin g coin» b by tbe fume* of burning »uJ}ibu r j \if r«<<«JI »«, tto^i«i'< w» =* ave Thepatieola are reru»vt><l fruo i tb* »^. Mw.rtuto^w^wi.iii. rooma, their bedd.iii? , r-lotblna*. Ac . *>»«»»'ri»«i*t\*i»«<« | i\ * .-in* * cut- being left , and tw:> ounce* o f rulpnur i *IM> «MLK.<.W a..)tt> are burned lo every luo cubic f»*t i f; ' **\' t \\'J*\ V ,\ o«i alier lb* I tit* (»'•• ' tt- j - cuffs just «*cei\ed s t Andtrtou'* J Crazy Jiu » McGSnley.of Eneooursn One good farm hor.* and one go«|'Centre, waa locked up Iu the Clujlon rok .„ ; .,e„ fo[ „ i .,,w. L .c,n,„.i rr .> M i;|ir«,r?; u r u ',J L \!-•»•»\•-» .-•\^.••„;r;j BUILDING 1887. Tiiespritiir and summer atylea o f c j u tw 0| {bla aged father . |ate allowed t o return. It j« .l»hn»«i! ZLlZ , _ZL_ * wwl * eoft and sti a bats a t Ander^una. ( ' i tlij»t in tbi * way »!t-ck» o f cnuyUtng [ The umlcr*:j^n>l WJUW n**!*'- ! tat l«r_s>.Jt>» «K*» •-( ,«*s.'l sj»( , rfaa »x •<»* «ti» c**-:., r^ngd, ^j «T (tea |>*''t'fc«r'( ~t<Wv> J-:,,:? Ji+,Jii)|} »««.\i;r.n.«S»r - Oe»*\W B M»n. lits»-rt, tw'axMjtv *Na» »» . |M«wa>« •»«,»•, duaaaajie. \ETHAN MORGT rpHll rtftMiafi, af •*>« ttaawtj,' is, t**^— lanuw :.,' >.i» i«»<:#<«- ami.• . pt w % $ ^ ^^ % !M» »* j ;• -j<i*e »# MM (vfrwvMT ^.nuauta. i .!«**. ;,w b«t ,t«i t^ !>.» n: -, ffimaa u; M i« T. r ,i« e a*- '.j,.^ ,^ fei# -•- tk* I>M>. i»« »a* *>t).V-'! JtJ , j s.»j »— u•\'«nt-!i'• tu',».»» <t\:;i„ »»*! in ^ay ^ VJ* lk«»» |MW||t)l*« •*.*» V.. l^J _ \- ! U jr«as UJ>'i **<# *••• «r-* t,- U** 1 * \ J «i«r» *» W«»i4S«»sit\*-fmin-~ r tadtt'it Uttm ; tjj j»»*.4r •» «4> r »x M>t *.<. ikfspmnf warn I i**n^ <4WM, K..t «^ L t ^e.%.«^ atk»^*« ««, M ^ JV« j«a*\M •»• i w »«f?.» NHrnu. kwwtoatJ uwOtr 1 . uu*#iii N | tit|P: - k*sj -w awttx'*. «•**«« irtri-'it-uaWiat ? Jt«*!U *^T|** ! %.^ffw; fe-'^ S^p. *->'>;? Iwr £%#« |»«t*> fctari\*'..' *. V *!'<-Tt*s »««e»ri \ i ;t-KUUtk « i>3! .••**•» ! J«a>r« *?w««* - fa r A*.-.f» * *».!lrt 1 ir.i.M i > -:,l •yjft'j f {t,i i^m »»•.«•»-« *«—»<> «>» •n* «.r -•; N -i *•* * »*|»fc «*','<• ««.! *M h*nl Vf a*V.V*^ «M»* »•!,« roanagera A tii.« line o f white and colore! ry fair it ^ K wf E r t UJ W Ujifl , d of '•liirln at Aiitiersou *, i, , , ,_ _ , , , , . , , ,. \tliefai r a-» vbildreo » d»y, where al l •Tb e btu.'pwt tradf in Xf\ in town.five [chiblrei ) uutla r t! fHiUud* ft.; ;1 tU u t I)ju.;iujs Jk Kia The fluent lino o f gent*' furrtNhinj r goods i n the county at AutJ«.-i*>nV, CirU ! tranj effoa r a4nlrert aaao j }>a %) tkftr fo»! terf»[h. In'»-t as thrlr taMac Bt:it- ; AMI'S P 1.000 Tlfcirr v Tlirj atll makr an asrr'fjfcic ram^aaioa of a rajn aa a antmui ;atM b a iJ.-Ku-ifa* ihltor . j i»\» <*«>-, where ag« i.f flte« n y«>jir», w-11 l>e admitted to the crouuda ft r e >t charge. rn arcliittf!nr<,: nin^ina; ia pricm from |t\i«' t<t' $;.,0«M». whirl* l.«. will U' (.tm^tl to; •>!iOW to any »ti i ai l wh\ ar^ h j , rr '(•'ti'Iiit ^ t > hyii» L He i» ulr- i _ Ip:m:'i to furnj'b rnnttria'. do .-i', irn;t-« n work, i-!t*. Y'oR.ntt y<.i> wn J!.teriv t .\>?;*! ci - . e him a call. K-.-> t i*-tr'?;iiv, t'.L. A'EIIKU. d&.*-3 ? >Jrt»y*fe-\* «f», l^^^-^S** tlA«4 ..**•*• f«n '!K* fee^-w *a* P« £>-**• *%% t*-. *f <t«!«4 W*\» \lai^jii'.v-ij ;.JII j (..*• *_ I ift»a 1»<*\j»i ?* >J•» »>•» e-.* «, t-^4< ^ ^ &£#.% $c-« «%«« wa^t^. *'.#.' i% ini^tiiM,a< »it » *J j. is, st* »at 8*»« w'fMtrjaia »*» ••* M muatfcw I»T *'*»».'•• *«*•«,•»' iu. •>*\» »*» am a»» |an.l4n«j »» >• «, J4d *^ g *^.h |aOJ 4.3 «>Y »fc»*fc * --^ ^>«KUI • •• i ..' s >,-«\; t-r*** »wiM«*«i *« «» y •< _ -a.1 .'. * F C* !*%.»,— * •s»«=«.tf'«.i«« l |f#% ! e8»| DON'^ 1 FORGET i»ac,H af « th\cl»j«r4cieil*tie » o f sin\ Anu'-rlca u Clothing U<jUfe , Maiuoc N. Y. IV««jile wondi- r v hy thU t-«tMti?i»h* It is. clain.i- d tt.a t a ph>>irian ba» [ nient I* «l«a>^ I'uli uf ru»u.ni>>r», wi>n - no righ t uodt- r the law* o f l%7*i* and '^'mlt'K even ft-.m Canada. Tiie r«-»- 1S-.I tonvll teeth without Hud a.tcud-'*\\ 1* »if\ply »b> • Trw lar^^l aw-li. niii * college of .irnti^tiy »hd obtain- ; th ® ***** Rood- , very autal i |>r«»fl-» am) .i.j^alict-:.^. A te*i caie i s being * ui * *» le< * ' T'.-y pref«-r a Urjf« trad ^ Why wi!tyn»t u ;t j <*>r heroaine;trf4<%li , New York. [ witn amali m-»rglo*-, rail.rr tbiu » when'75 cent, huya riv r gaihma ul j |<imatl trade wl:b bhjr pn til* and wbm Water \\ liit e Oil a t LuugUs «t Ki»- j The Caita-l u thi^ti e fl >ur'»h*s f 1 \ i >- ( -u lak*-intt-iVMi*iit F rati'M k that Hit *•*\*• Itriatiynf tb>> hisbwjjs. aiu i a o <1o j Aai-r1e*n Clotbiui; H«>ui»e ^*. Malnnv. , Mart'rs t. ale k headache mar bare ;burdock«ai»d tuany toxloue weed*, j | » a bra n eh o f the tuaoy . ther *u*t*r- 1 their i*afferin«* relieTe d a t am lira * i u ;T»«--i&w -ay-, that f.*lluuA.-t-.r-ar « r>-. | wbicb the Jaet>t.«M>!.i» own. au>l ar r ' A^rs\BL«\»*Tll^ET!t!-\^ K i:iu!j cul *'•*\ 6 \' ! ! R»«inufarlurer» ttwroaelv««v,they .»..»\t [ T« iiroj. ill a;»»l cx.uuu.c afew prit^ 'xtlkh wo *£ft?r 01) lls c foi l Ua» sic k ueudaehe who usestbew. ' jdi-troyed hefor * going u> ae*^l. What [ fM y that S3 t*r *ent. tw«.lii t» wh»ie-[ , fa t>ity that (viUimsutfM doi.' t uttttu l tn,4ale(traiera Which other* l»av«j t o d» . [ i'a thei r ; \ U < *' <J,,ti, ' , ' • ^ ,,w '* tne \ mH Sf) !i,V( ' 1 thep hny and neH f'«r .^»h owljr a«d - o x^olta , sr s Acker. Dyspepsi a Tablet* . ; Ul< \ 1 ' cut '*\*'\ *'*•'\\' H*i' «*te rain * | »n t hav<-»ny l«wea t o Juake U(. grow. Recomioeiided fey physician s an d endorie d ; bring theu » intoseeJ. 'njront ( ' |>0'<r deb!«. b y all who hav e use d tLem. The boat . | T;»«V ,i n ii,. i,,.,.. fi„»!,i„» t>,.„,r ' ,._^ ,_^. . .,. rfi..T»» »»*/.» .. t * ** > u*> jit ? jar-c*\** ^.-i*>.(iiny, r>t**>t reojfHiT fcr P^pcpnla, Flatuhaey.a B ! f -'•»• <<•«!«>j i Ltdy'*» U'-^k for Auc»-t • \ *\ Bftr^,*i«», iV.i««,Tif.«.^ .n^Jii'iv h» ; • , J « i ,. ,. i and *|jr«i btt\ur;c*» o«it»hl e o f the great jnpanon. ujaracivea, an a IMI I B. -V*. »y . yiv«>\ rvhl«>i'oo o f a n iidvauue alt alftu c •*»~t;ej< ; ciina.t|«i*mly a a A faid . thei - t>nn w< ;: aft..id t o »ell al a l^** jtri. f Uan cisfintry inerohafit * pav for thftr jnoti', ani l tbrn make ft fai r l't> .f.l. Many •i-wirr** •uoply llifnwlvx HI the American i*b<:btii g ll»uoe at M.i - looe f'»r f'a- h ; no t on tiuir. ) Win -h >u;'i ii >t w»- k -.» tti>T>t r»^r our..ci«tili - fiU'.' !••».(•. »ho.-#, ha'a, r.i|\-. ai. d fi.f rvrr_M!i<i!»; »•!(•»• i n th^ -h»j[H- of riif n'» a oil i»«««nf, A il'iiU r •'i> > i\! i» a >U»iiir Kirue<i. and t* n mighty >h>!-»r t u iht-M! tine\ litrut'tuhe r tti e j<-lai.**\. rSai I * DRESS GOO BS y^.r .--J!« a. ILuuIi!! ' » T >rut.f*tut« WSer. U»lir w*> lif k, ire fare her CwtorU, Vi.cn Kie ni a tAfld, *h« crj-.l /ir I'scoria, VVhma «h« bf«-»fij« UiM. i«hr clun; t^> C'jMtxn*. p'acn she bad riiudrea, aba gare Ui«ai Ci»totl» the line . Thrre In no t » pa£e that i» u-t fres-h an.J atlra i ttvr . Mr* Croty ha * a Ipudin n article , \Tb«? tJvtnltiff U'o(i<8n. \ Iki'c ^:iu!-.\>rn a ljr«.-»iy h-t- I*T (ru m \IlllI»Top.\ Tlu-r « I* a c»p- .t i l de(<:itttuen t ofcurr.n; cv-'i.U in' • 'To.'I.i y »mi To-nion««w\ suit! *o;n » var y pr»ftty and orij;'i!..l d«-> , y':i ;iii>l , eiiiiggitUiCia In tbe \F»*>h; '^ lV|i»r;* nn-ut , ' which I* gr«*at!y < •n'.irgctl, .»<>•! II;IH a hti.r tiy Jenny Jun>; The 1 other Ittrr-JiY fejitnr^.i'tr- cdTrr n at $!.i!5 f •'.\\if )i»u h4V.« krartbilra or »nir *l,>miffi HKLltllf S BtuO» <1 T.IBtirT'i Kill rorf atmt.t „t„rii»« Imiuftllj. I »/IJ,IH*. Mharg ) »MJ lltllr^^ars-* h«« »fi plat* ahfrr tfcrj ar« u<pi!. Trj th«r.i aa4»3iUJj juarsctr. jAUir.-s Croly PublNhii,-, ? C^n.jary Ub^aft^\' 0 * f ' r \ )S H \ \• p - tol,,w, \« ,h ^ r \- [t(ctit«r! y the |io»-iu«. All•Iro-s i Croly t'uhIM; Wc HuxU «3l.5*>. Biirpntns i n I>i:tck (nil-tttM.h ) Ht45, J*\' Tf ^•ftiM . f*'i\rcd ffir'Snr.rr«-. - f»»nMJi- 7;» tiiiii {.IT yurd. ni-vk C'.pnsf Pre Gt r^itck Hcnru-ttr.; i\hu-k Gm» Grain f*iib at fl i'cr yar.!, vr.:»rtli anl^l.'ia. Wc have just promrtvl '.3 an.I S:> CA tf '.Js froii. lino of rW-irjo o 7\ricot s i n *[-rir!4 v th*r.\ The k^t j !:;•>, d ni*rti tisc market at 501 Artit% I'a«hiH(r »d Reliable. tv y«» ce't t Wc kc-op nmc »j»c<is1sy in f* »*lif.-t FitH' Sln>r*, whicb fcrl conti.ictjt tviU JTOV© fiiparkrl aiif pj.^t offvTcd at vi>Tr&*$ ]•: ice?. ' sumptio n are enrsd ever y j<-.zx by Acker'a ' celebrate d t Eii^ish ikiaedj. U i s agaaranted prpp- \'lent- , kiilt- d |Ji*t« T>ie! printing prca i ha * made Prp* h f!»rtii*hed'lu«tl*'! aration ; if i t do»3 no t helpyou it willcc«t ' fi>r t.enutlesi, iwdiditt d getnu* wjd ro u liotliiof,-. Tr y it, A aiagl e dos e wil l crititijni It h« s .-..;i»«,.n. - . . atewH* Rood eflic t TritliottiealOctaL cru,u \\' *< ba a n.^d e world- E K uj K<«r sa!^; H H itiiiiu' s Drtij? .Store. -anj r(pf'a.«lve loutr »ou!fl l a lajear< H. A. J; c'cxi can al-.ray< !••> reji -t ui««n t o c a r . i.i atock tn » \<**\' »t a»»d I !...,( g*.«.|». » of »u«t>itn pie r«;nnafi . i. | ofliehig a. titf», pu*hlH K ait>i-r<'ii.il S-, !<y re*ronio e i'iiog antre* with w>i. < c^tablUhni iiitri and »uc h a« air j»'j<- »>y roil.caUevery ujornina: , givm Iti\» t ii!«r.. Itnvlng theagen.-v fi.r ih n ..U\ 1 pulpi t lungaof Iron . %-!«•> o f ^t.^sm , »hrate«l Dr. KiugViSew l>.«coeer y f< r j U<Hf*' BH,Li*ti-> Bt«>n;> TABi-rT* ai-f *r aun has se i a prx- p n n wln-atand maii ^ i w \\ ,ln, l'»'\». «-.«ld«, and c^ouh-. *>i«j ««.»«yetae to ,aa . The, .ill « • »ert I- a fee ; ,„, „ u||l .^j,^,^ tll , ,„„,,„„,„„ ; ?«*[»» J.^rv .Ver\.^^ . fr*. ! .,,,,, r, a .a, nt, ^-,. 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For *»ie dinadvantagea tbey labor under, we t ^ y j> a j^ t Jnrkson. make a brie f extract fro m a lette r n- \ .. recelived red GIVE US A TRIAZ.. LAXCTO & DUFFI; A Grateful (leigjman •T, Ti..<, V.^x-; fTrn-.-T'r tirn: N V-l m.t- r.t,.-. ftuwly . 1 h»»« faun Wi^flli. T <-** :•-•*,' ;,.;.;. •.i«b«:;tk-i i: : • wril f. an ::•«; s -iv.-'..a'p-iiTO an h,iv*fi:i.,». i -i, u... >•> iii '.ui>«. it wotn -ff-. mi rttiw.iw, «! wt.u .1 ur;:~ S !:••! (hrral !r.aJ...-« (,. !/•]•. 7 R. A.J4..V»-.t.. |.t'iiiir/.' » ^••'^Ut'.pin M •1-Vjin »<'il,l . m-i r^r <:.*> lasir' >f my lrjir?^i »;>;» n »>-..6> ar\iri.< u'> [»;,< ..f •:.-,.1.^.. *i^ ^H,; jr'.* ia;! :. s- : ' fJOT H ANT> 8H(iKn B 'JOIX ASH MtoK.X ours AND Micr | -J » B tHYT* AVD i*Hf>Er i OOTrt AND riHOK.N OOf.^ AND .SHOBW Back ten s Arnica Salre. 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