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**» v* _ «*» *t*hi**s»u, *v\ rttvafagp^,:: >>-d am an, | ***** tf*Wtefc : JW Inst $»J|| *4t»r ***f £tj t» lb* M***f j »*«* »w»wm~. «*** vMsis**^. •it* »«»«^f im p . T*Jur U lid I .*£>*» ih#y m • .. I*l<#lp»% % ,S u# m^4, %* b* tkiiMNlK *V . *SW nr*. m *** ttommt *$toem\ »t «.«&* 94m »'. iv* **•••> f.'>ft***. CM H •yj** |»*»ti**it** *•#** #n \^ip** *»***J, Bui**- • !ff*S* SSSSW- !•*.*# t*MV taaSMlMsV !%** a* a**** **• ,: s *i r***»twi *k* \ | «»* '-*»**»*•*» ; : | J. nwnf«IM»tM :: | !»*• a t ••**§% 4 '; dlii MMJ «*> ^ rvvwlvfd a« eh* -a****. iMtmt • i ttnutfM • * S- •» 24 \IS? 8S' >r»p»rv4 l» *W* •^»,. *ir**NNl«** 'stnfc«« Ag***- '• terming*. in «r *•»» , «* KM» «* **¥*•• W £^«M#*»*J *•* . c%wag^« a^ja*\?^***- 1^4 » wtM ***** It; UsM*. ^^l^wlUf* M, »<M«» I*******? •»> i****** *y.gg kttiM* »****> »r ,*»*^»«rt«»5»*5 4, T«w «***OJ»*W* &tn*1r* > OTMWH^ t uH *«*#»* °* l* J «aftmtt*w****J* ! j*T*fPK»*C1stWM»; .. f0.s>|»- IJ w& w\ tt*Mr. t*P«f,Si : H4«* «**»«SSSj2**S -wt One «•«»• r ™*5 UP *s^s *****? >; * •w'« AwtKtW* *4*** .*»*<**«# «»** t * w tatflee. . K-rt^N^^r^^* * - w*«•a3«»«« a ** , tp» ni ,*l»W«*2r» S»-M wo. •<'\•**\* TICK. \»«»«* *y,'£r .rDBBftffiE' i ,- - • t *#A ssasMiB a%. VOL. XL OHATEAUGAY, N. Y„ FE^AY, JULY 27 t 1888. Mo, 17, FttE SAJ.8. I i i|M!ilPtt»6iwi*|*iM K«»«. ** «*** fcr !«*h»nt t« j * rmitbm ***#.. Twt«iwi«if»*n\i» \totWrtMi r'iHSrtlWW MH iNf [••«Bii»e« *?i- »« 7 'im-iriM\. fvf j iw nm.*n,*i*rt. | \\\liiirAL MJKMI, areerru. :jCU0*1tM«Tlil'.\r V.r. 1. n>9!X i>T l'3UTS*C' • •fM>w*\w*iiiipiama*W!wn! ROXE MATTERS* Uvm4<rr». mmr fco*-*! V OriCf, i« t-^ V -* .PS«W !*«« ! \^ K*\*^.- .'-•! ? i- •• * * »*«- *rh 1,1 i5»* f te» b I ft*S|*s. > 3'*J\ *'|li !•* fb8**k»t, i« '.;»• V'.iv!* '.-^ | i fet fW^lftf. *«ri,\S >**.!*\• jr^t,-: . *-.* 9» trusjs* . -.-. 'Jf i-s^t t^Vy. kwh&tt ii v tM**& *uit '\*\'-t *-^'^ t.'&l * V^i •i.-4«-%.» t, SIS- MJ»*J , Ta-J»S*r t.', T.v ( -„,i Tb«ne«ljr <n*oni«d barnj »i»l t » known o* tlt«\FAfBi^r**UriMwOaod.\ A.O. I*iM#rt»l I* T*»tniJn«r unit olher- *'t«<- itn^r>«vins i>i* rt-Ideuc* on Cbureh «lr««t. lU^uttr ojoathly mmilat^t E. B. HwlUi 1|«*e tV».. HfXl Ttmrtt'lay *»• cnlns *>t 7:30 o*«>«ek. A fail »U#B« JoJin A. Gomlrkli b w *»et«-r»cj Ibe The Retmbiient. couoty oaa*«ntioj) trill b# Itcid «( Mfttoo« Au^nttfft William h*v*rs WM 4alt» b«d}y bur; on {Saturday la*; by * fttttawtf tjWJTMS, AlWrt amiiimm** I«T«»1«B of »«•• W* ictlB« H«wlHc HttehlAC KafvM Durlni? (ha pwi two or Ibree y**r§ we b«*e often apokco oftbaiaveotioD Of Mr. Albert QuIllUm, of lbl» plwe, Ti S c»»<-tJit»a«f iJH»mo«n«*Bi»©ff ««l® f dw«W« seling mowing roncbttie •d»(rrtt*txl «so4 <|«Ue * uumber of oar i kB,TC, > *°4 ,, \»^« *»•«\> »ti«lled from I»««fl« «»t up to *l*w tl, I what w* Imve «en of their WO-EIO*. „», , , , . »ad from the reports w*. b*»« recet*- Th*«NMRd anr,«r,! «jnr*«ntlor« eft .._ , J . . ... «». »?. <*u f . *f *, «„ , * edtroni farmers who taw* owed lbet», the FrsukHn to«ftty W.i\ T,U.,*iH s.i. » .. , ,. . k » ,. ^ % « < . . ^ «»\-. * that tlieilroe would wireiycom*when a! effort should be made to obtala ft. fait attendance.\ We *bould be~8orry to believe (hat oar cUtseoa do sot vast to have Ibe law enforced, or do not care for the preservation of good order, for to fcclJeye tblt weald place our citizens lo the position of being admirer* of disorder, We do not b*>» Steve that this la true, and we sincere- ly trust that the next meeting wiH be fully aod larjrely- attended. If w» b« ac ij.t itutim A « s « ». |;-;-; ;;; efl T i ;;\;; u ^'^7^;;r^!• h ^ ft « att f ro p« to f veth f u * h ?•?• B. J, ftp* r. of MaSow, b 3 . covimt | a» one of great merit, and that as *>on ] °° IaraDa lUe eomptainta that are daily fjuHe a number tJibtiiktlng* in town a« it waa placed in tbabanda of AJWA! PKIBS mtt i CLEtnox. _ men ; i.w\o« A M»io a* * dur,n «f '\* P**« w ** & *'t*» *»i« palect j«f enterprWand pu«h, that it would ' •^£Z5?u™~*t™ !iL r :«»fl»*P-\»'. !m* k e • tbrt« M for'the , D „ Blor J good dea! *ur,rl ^ and b^lde* that tt^ mad« or violations of law and order, we imagine our readerg would be » crrn' S ,» * S i. t - . _._,, J^^. : Wi iii-'i •', r---V;l * vonct w t*«*M \' «J \A<et* > f S ^ff*Tn«a •'< *\\^ •4TH W -<'^^•.' ? -' WrttRMait' . fittt. *n»*«L« ?*s t?w.; .,w'- , «WTB will U\-» «',•' i*»**w* rv*» <•* i SPORTSMEN \ AND VISITORS T0CHATE7.UGAYUKES 7ht5SUsr 4 :rAi;::r.^:k «iSfo in Uti* vlis» Mr*, ti. A. J*rk*on aotd rSH h«ve cbargti. of :b«'ir j wouid give our village a repn'ation , Th» imi s«« iw«r«. v„«»« « .VvM he ' From present indicallont these pre , „vfr, *,.,,' ' dleilnnearellkel* to h* fulfill « J In »brottd that would not be very Credit- 16.1 w^fci It. W. At)Jr«w», oftbl*jiS««ar««*r»Uy l ,,,cuo,:,l **' e MKeJ y w «« miniled in ] _., i*»>.u>Miiur w*.** Cnuwli #»w»t.oB#l hM Wa »i*H':*'» *»S»«' !>» A!J\ft twalfurvaodonetoSJre Mot k-tit*ack. who will civci dwailiog* tl;<-fWia Stii* »-?**ffltt. (i will bv gratifying to tb« taapay. !*r*«l IL'PIOH Fr«« fee'.oot l.)l*l. No. I \ t« know ttvav S*.u> laat tK»t*d for build- ' teg *cb**4 iK-uae i» to be t«ld tbia j car After t hi* >< ar tb« tattea wlil W SU»«* Ut*. hontK to Jluenoat Afxrt. Wear* lod«bt«d n Mr. Mklinvl C»i* f«i a mn« <>f new ^xsklm* Mi a otw varM? eitil«4 Mfju^uln K«J#« 0 which be brought frura (.Vlorado. They are *in>pjy delkifu*. Mr*. WiilUm M«tl «fj«r»h«r *'*+lf able re«ld«ne* \Uuaf« t^a Frsnklm her. valuable f ,,ie Dr \ r * utare - In our 1&»1 week's : |**ue we made mention of Mr. Q'* re- jJorti from Chicago,where he bad been ] to consult wiih eapita)l«t«.'and that jbe bad d!*po»ed of one-half interest In Ithe iuvt-ntion for the United States. ] We were uot then in a poclth n I ogive | i-nnicuUfv. but In tins icau* will give | Much InformaUon a» we have obtained f When Mr, Jefferaoo Robert* left tbi» •treet far «»JA in t M* i«<w. The house j pi^e h] the opring for Chicsgo, be br F. F. G3AY, *b.t», Slf if**'. JU * TU* !*rgp*! ji«,lr of f or*e» ml* M*\U/iu vn'fe pnjcli»<N-d by R. Wftgbl, ihe h«r**» buy«. In Canada iwi wwk. Thev weigh Ston pound*, *n>l arp »jiji«» j<aor at !hst» Wbta Rr»t«y tbfy will wei^b S&to pound*. ;.,'.^ -^IVt.have received M-vvrai «»tnmon- '*\\** nm:toT;» !#t#Jy naroded f<»r pobliea- r •, ip'ii.isi B* iit> ti»m<* was attscbed) • u>*y •.'•> «<' t 8n**r. t\otfe«po«denl*i cugbi tr> lerueruWr afi<>r wwiag »l lit ( rt ' j^j*ii »•«! t ft<-.n. th»t utulf»r n« Hreuaa> I J \ssaisrp* «l<! rjittitrr »;>j«ar uiilx* ac-} i>'.m;isfl!r4 Ij Sb« ti#ualuf* *ti the} 'trs* aeudvr. over lo '! a \ 4 t ** ,,, * r ° ia r ' rf ** 1 * ti \*' of T *P* U > ;c*aie arqualatiwl with parties int«-r- * ana £ the pt-|K-fiv i^a ve«ydew;r«bi« jestted In the development of iuren- JKBHSOW.1I . CHITCHAT. Mr*. A. O.Jones returned last we*fe, Mr. anrl Mrs. S. G. Laactoretoraied on Tuesday, Mi^» Mar:bs L. C >lina Is in town livm, and lnt<*r**te<i them In the in- ! 'feuding vacaiioo. | Bee. O a aor«e I-*. I.Tblpp*r;Wd,of Hat-j v * ,, » tif>n or Mr. Quliilsm. At bis re- | Earnest A. HindsTs etill very Hi i tf« t\r*ek. Mi !i , lm*«««pp!ed the e«U i«|«f» l ^ r - Q>e»t an old machine with j with typhoid funr. | *ste«d^l to l>im by tbe tViv-regatwi»« j bis kniv.-s attached lo Chicago, where i alchtsrehof Maiouc«.iobeC'»ra»U'spa»-iairlal wa» bad in iwnpetllion wllb M«r and will commence UU labor* at*l*rg« wnmber of other machines, | that p$»c* Osl.>b*r 1*'. \> which result eel in a greml triumph for We wvre a*lie«) the -Mbcr day what A» it Uhe double ncting knlyea. The trial saii»fli-d M psrtU* that ibree knive m HaveyouCsnts? we wets runologa W *r for. A. u ; werft fcf ,„ ftdvanc<! of ^ | D use no| m.y be a m.utr .hat th«gva*ral fwb. ; o0 , U| ..fl^^. work> but , n the ^ lie wuuM Jik,. touoder*t*nd,we would j thml th wooW M „ , t fcmonnl M y(h.t«r*«r»rub b io t it for «I a| tlf!fttwr r a tbe western country tbis y«aratr| 0 U; j»»<l«M«., a*d that ^i Uclor i urtf won r „„ r fo r the inven. •rr,wa«u.abouId «* < Md at otjee j foUmaebiM wllh thr„ kntve* Thia f« tioM«. Nt a svihi fwd, .lUefc^l could readily be worked wltir Altb*Vailedfltld e T »nneit meeting,oo« pair of borsas, while the oilier «^ machines with the old *ystem of ...._. ....... . . . . „. wreocejknlvejs rvquired two sod three pairs i f^*^d«eUtm if caught, | am , A , Hrondtfk rai3r>a{ 1 WfMr ^ ii f Mfjwf hom ,» to wo ,k ihem. After the the Dr»t time. — {i't.c. Huntlnsdnn Jlrlul Hie gentleman of whom «re have (il««net.) It U quite evident that our !*f»ok«ii organiZi*d a company at once Canadian frhudt are In »>«r..e*t in with $£50,000 capital, purchasing one- their rail ro**! pnterpri»«u A pel linen t question might be a»k<d our jwople: Are we? Either we sbonId alisodoo | A «:• anted man rcaltLng formerly U» %Ja.l-:s*i9«doj5«.---t with a young glij or<d»r fcUtrfn years from thf _ifj ? r T.h.and Wfrot to C*ua |.«.,*.,.*^:t li!i# j.«i.[»,'5iwe*U far which *»fT<pr$#e I* UfliH. i>{ n.,( ]«••• (hsn Ji<«fO, ft 1m- j;j!l*rT*TO<nt in the»tsl»\s priwm tud J*.*,'filing fiv«« y< »r». \V» *ioctre3y ' hi'j* the nn*crejinl msy be caught. --» \ «] A* IOS vaiie^ »f ji| c r >micii roe»ui * P r *' r • | held July 4th. a by-law to giant He will > ^g^ „j tlO.ytf* to Oie St . Lawreo half interest in the invention, and will at once commence the € rection of „_..._ . „ manufactories at different western Trirffi With 3fild2!!lith I'•«**«•»'« wire driving from this lue eohrtprirealtogether, and let our points, and the company will push *'*\ «*•»** *-*.*«-** ,_ , . _ .. . _ , Canadian friend* who are looking In tbe manufacture and sale with vlgijr. It ia a treat Hatlsfaction to the friends of Sir. Quilliam to know (hat be U to Saturday evening abotiJ ten iViock Ivtdage inward* Kcllmont, tbelr nor*.- N*-nm« ffightendwl at the cars; Ul *» direction uoder*Utjd our position I Wbet-tthg around, throwing tfaem >*ul ^ _„. , , ^ ,«„i -,»*/««—»»n» ' ll *f»n tiofih with terrific sf>eett down >, w t {« i«•-« !*•-.B« •- *'« f\« ta ;iVr»>i nrw!, against the sidewalk in '(front of II\. A. I^ug'.a** store, where ] befell on the wstk and was secured or take some furwsrd movement. We '• M W tm ifita S000 G609S Cheap, Choice C-L-O-T-IM-N-6 lal. B. * \ • inn <sS»* IT<S r%.*r . f!-^*p ck*fclne- Oar <l.ittijw v ft** * 5r»i, n»-i fb«*,piCrfT«srt. Elwose Cheap Clothing, \i cTcri ow «i:; I«*T moifE CU>THtSO t'HIiift bt a <*•»»<» ART Ai.t. cainrE not rniurwr*Ei.KTBMf. ' wlEhoul dmug aojr great dam*g«. i There wa* a great many people on the j*tr«wt«and ft was a msrvsl that no luue wa* injured, - j C^nijdaintsarecoolinusliy coming i to u*o.'tbedi»lorbsiio* sf the peace Urn) gmxi order of the vtliage on the f.^sbJwth day by » Claos *>f people Who i hav<? nn regard for th* day. It may | nrt be gererally known that alt these ! thing* are a viofalfon of the Jaws of • the *Ta<e, and in order that these Ji«iflj)le ra*y understand their post- | Don we give by nourst tbs notice [that all violation* of this natute wilt shfreafter pro*ecu»ed lo thafaU ettent joftbelsw. Home of iheae violation* j we w!H brb fly notice:' profanity and obscene talk upon the •.trwOshouiin*, dlschargtos ftr**rms, and everything of this nature that bat a tendency to to disturb lb* public peace. Our police i Ulcers wootd do well to visit th* switch at th* O & L. C.RB - on Depot street aom* evening. It Je reported thst a gang of young and old hoodlums congregate here, using vi'e «ud profane languaga to every p**»«r by, and that no lady can pass without ix'ir>g io»ult«d. As topg a« parent* 111 nut take tbtir children In bsnd, hav* too much oonddenc* In th* good mt . ei wUh $QCCtm ,f| W his years of sense of our pw>p!« to bettcva that ar j UOU i S labor*.and In thisoonntcilon they would allow this much desire*!; it wU , j^^ap, Bf , t b, amJM fo r „, to prl«e lo escape them. ^ I ro41e ^raonal mention of Mr. Qull- W»ha«*»«en told repestedly thst njam'* hr« and alrugglee. money t* snare* and bard to gel. W e Ut fim emtne htrw from d D ,d*.and betisve It, for whits we have repeated- | en , #rw | t h e employment of Mr.Aloert ly askvl for our own, we fail to get it- ; v«Uio*, in the north part of the town Subscribers lo a newspaper ought (o r^an^toinsc there thrcugh the summer, remember that it uses money to ra» Returning in the winter, he aliended lLi.bu.lHee.si well as It does to run a i whool forth smooth, , tt be district sch'Jdf, the only echool Hf* he has lever had. In the spring ba entered ! the grlrt mill of Mr- W. 8 . AJvord as |an apprentice. Mr. AJvord inform* ! u* that after his work, was done for ! the day, he was always in hi* room at sKilt' QtMUT T AXT> IVJAS T !N OEY <r' LAMP* AN\ . M¥H!M< rEsrsa tt oca . rr/rraw*,,, S FVK- jm^We^o^^-sorija^^r^ U granted on eith.r \\ ^v . - . t i i. ,;.I....T (•,,. fw,nt;,r vet «n tha line William 'Goldsmith, 2f£Wr<>ftk'$TOX£. r>y the c*>mnKJU rules of decency. It is ttroc that come other mean* should te u«wd I^strike* us that our village atben would do well to appoint a •peel* I officer for this purpose. 8up- [H»ae it does cmt somathiust. I» it not better 4© b*v* order*od TtNSeoey than vileoe**., profanity nnd rowdyism on our grincipal streeta even if it does dttammethiug. A few dollar* spent in this direction would soon pat an end-to ofl«ni!T* »od IdhrrepaUb'e practice*. farm or anything else. If meowed a farmer for a load of wood or a bushel of potatoes we should expect to be obliged to pay, or else b* dunned every time w<? csw him, and 5t would be right. And while we do toot l»ke to i dun our patron* every time we l»*ue a hiBbwkttndeavoria< l0 obu , Q fof naper, we feel that they ought AO pay- us. If thev do not. they um.t expect jh.msetf the rudiments at least of a J^stsueh notices as they^^ would gI « w>\aiaM»tt •cbool educatlon.mnd ha con. us under like circumstances. Wsi 1 \ 1 ^tht»ey*temof, tu <iy all tbroocb have a l*rg« amount due 0« and we |bU engagement with Mr. A want It, want it bad. We hope thl* i WM * boul eight y eare - notlce will aeffwar for a year. If it, doe. rot, another will come. j employment ofiMew^.Scrivtr 4 Bob- jerteattheUlobe Mill*, a* a miller. The Huntingdon Gleaner of '«*« | where De hM ever since been, H e ia week in obmrnentlug upon the «l«»« j 4D hotieili bmrdwork | 0gi mdastrions groggerie^says: __„.? man, esteemed by all who know htm, ••Tb.iiiJ.r- done by the imrta , M|| ' ou6 Md M ^ olce ln lh , prmpeel along the frontier cannot U . «y- ^^ wm , ^ton ••\^•\^^\\^•^^•il.ln.. May it, opening and develop- people of both sides of the.line «• Ju^. m > s d „ire. largely responstbl*, for a unitea etlort j would greatly mlfigale If not eltit pate the evil. F«ra distance oLover^ which After leaving he entered tbe sideof the frontier, vet on the Hue itself, in defiance of the authorities of both countries, are «. *ucee**ion 0. Law and Oraer, Bv request We published a call last week fur a meeting of citiaens to be held Monday evening at this office, nieces kept by idle vagabond* w^are | for the purpose of organising a Law working untold injury In order that !»«•«. Order League, expecting from they may mak. ao «*y living. vyht!e[tb?«J»r««*«i» that hadI been made the4awa.it stand, ought to be eo4'»«t »\ repmenlative eltlteoa would forced, we believe tbatan effectual intend bat In.this we were mistaken remedy will not b« soured until both | «• *>»<• •** Persons were prewar. After er B l^e*h»vetheg«>dse D ,eto»gree|ooo^rabi e dl^ Zo a eonventta* forbidding ^i^lXiX ^'^ erection of buildlns^n the boundary- f>«™^ «f«j Wo ^*?*^*?*' irB*.\ 1 with tbe tBiiderstandlng that a peraoo- Mrs J. H.Moffitl baarelurnedfrom Washington and Is at her home at Chateaugay Lake. Mr. George Macy and wife, of New York, are In town for tbe summer.tbe gufcsisof tbe Union House. Oeorg* W. Hssseo, of the Eqtiltmbte Mortgago .Company of New York, was in town on Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Donnelly and Miss Bell Campbell, of Ogdeusburg. were, in town last week visiting friends. H. W. Derby and Marshall Derby left on Monday for Woodside Del., to . remain through tbe peach and fruit harvest. James Morgan and wife, of Law* rence. Mass and James Hale and Miss Bell Benson,of Potsdam, X. Y., ar* in town the guests of Mr.and Mrs. W, H. Finn. Mrs. Asa B. Smith and Misses Em- ma and Agnes Fitzgerald are at tbe Atlantic House, New York Beach. Mrs. Smith occupies tbe responsible position of superintendent of the cook- ing department. In which she excels having occupied the same position at tbe Maocester House, Manchester, JN. H., for several year*. Mlsa Eon ma FiUeerald baa charge or tbe dining room, and Mis* Agnes has charge of the chamber work. Mrs. Smith and Misses Emma and_ J Agnes ajre ^giving. Rfdsndid SatlaJfactfon in their respec-. live positions. The house with % bleb, they »re connected Is one of the larg- est at this famous summer resort- The bankrupt stock of Bennett <fc Bpn ia being sold by tbe assignee, and the store will be open to all customers desiring to trade for a short time. All , person* desiring good bargains Will do well to c*U before the store is clot- ed. All persons indebted to Bennett MUST pay at oaoe. This is the. last notice, A. H. £ARX., A t »ijr(.ee JU able. L't every citizen interested in this eolj<K!t re»ieml««»rthat their presence * is requested at tbe meeting next Mon- day i veuing at 7-o'clock. C. A. Jeuktns, of St. Albans, Vt.,. i« in town liiiiing frituds. A. B. But-ll.'- f HackHtetown, X. J., was iu lown on Tuesday. MisaNtrtlte McGregor of New YorS, lain town visiting fritnds. Mr. sod Mh. J. ». McBride, of Malone, spent Buaday la town. Mrs. George Howe. Jr., and Mlea Stella returned from Cbazy this wtek, MTS. A. McAtlhor, wife of A. McArihur, of the Troy Budget, is ?u town. Mra. II. 51. Wright and daughter of Chicago, IU.,' are ,n town visiting friends. Albert Jordan and Mie<* Alice Jor- dan, of Potsdam, arc in towu vlsiilng friends. Mrs. J. 11. Chamberlain, of Cfaaxy, N. Y., Is in town, the gaeet of Mrs. Oeo. Howe, Jr. i\ K r 4

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