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Chateaugay record. (Chateaugay, N.Y.) 1878-189?, July 27, 1888, Image 4

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\\> -j •aHH\t \B LHL IU\i ammmamm FmiBAT, JflTLT 27,1888. EDITOB J. ». BKCKWITH. ' MU—JUMLW II.JX—LJIUH-J-M TBI BKXMJitt towed every MAa* awronw la time (erU» ant MB. aa* «aMa»t«a aw lawai •**• at inwarlkim up» M* taw «f notnf» \*•. tllll; GNtYaaJt. »•» «X MONTHS. «•««• ftmictir n ADVAXtx. MteetaJcrtafll Woc«. <«MO<S Oocc) Main Street. g|^m-.^.,wuj-»jm--J,u..-KJiix«ugLi-j.;^j.j»jj.g.. l i;i -' IteamhUcaa NatloaaJ !**ml»M»Uo»«. FOR PRESIDENT, BENJAMIN HARRISON, 07 IKDUN i FOR VICE-PRESIDENT, LEVI P. MORTON, orstwrosK. •saeotaes^r. WTATK CONVBKTIOif. From to* florae tt«wls ft***, • It clearly appaare that tlicra le ft bug* floating TO*» la UweoQBtfrtlMt oelUj- er of tb* tMurttaf can aflbrd to tow with tti« otoMBMi In tlit vow oo«r axiating Tb* floating »ot» to eometlme* eaJt- •d lb* ind*j>eadaut contingent, not that tb*y bare any regular organtta- tloD, toot ttaey cooalat of a claea or oil- total wbo are cat IdeBtlfled with either party, but wnaae.baliol la J«*t a* effective, and mora to bo aougbt for. It mu«t be evident from the forego, log atatement that the fiuctuatioo In tbe gain* of tbe teapeetlv* parti** In- dicate that at every national eltotlon the Independent voter I* abroad, aod no party leader cao b#> *aid to be po«- •eeaed of ordinary aagacity unl*w he keep* in mind ooaatanily tbe fact that ibU independent element it a very important oae and one that moat be •ecured to en*or«.*uoc*ae to hie parly. UodoiibtedlylBla element will be larger tfaU year than *»*r before aod mora attention wirHw paid to It and great pain* wilt be taken not la offend tbe independent voter, for either par- ty that eecoree thb vote will be aimoet certain of iuceeae. •iaWa-^wiA CAD REFLECTION. Yes, it i« indeed very *ad ^^l!**: «»er tfae faat thai wo matt mil mr. good* at asclt verjr low j»ri:m. tilt m lead and HEAD<}UJt.RTKaB RSFtrBtUCA K STATB 'Coxwrrss. To tb* Republican Elec ton of the Stabs of New York: Tbe Republican elector* of tbe elate of Naw York and all otbere who may d»- sire to unite with them Ho upholding J — tbe principle* of the Republican party An Inqueel la being held on tbe ftttS ». 0 «1£. EST. fifS \-\• - \' «-*•<\••*• «*»r», hereby reqneated toaeod delegate* to ! who recently died In MuJIeroore jail a Kale convention to be beld at Sara-.near Dublin. The teatimooy being ega Spring* ou Tbnraday. ttteSSCh d»y j t ».k # o ahow* the nioet bratai treatment, of Augu*t, 1888. at 12 o'clock noon .for Moor head who had vlelted ti» pnrpoee of nominating candidate* |J«»aMoa Moorbeaa, woo nan miiw tor governor, lieutenant governor ami a judge of,the court o. appeals aJx> for tbe tranaaction of each other bu*l nee* a# may pre^ertf come before the convention. Each awMtmbly dUtrict tn tbe state will be.entltled to repre- aeotation in accordance with tbe baal* ayattas, a* advocated by tha Republl- can party, baa for many year* bean tbe leading doctrine of eminent Pro. bibtltonbt*. In the National Temper- anc* advocate for February Mrs, Ellen FuaUi, tbe famoue l.tuperanoe •peaker and writer. *ai«: * The repeal of all Internal revenue law* I* deatrad by all temperance people on moral and economic ground*.\ Mar reaaon* art) tbat the national govern- meat, by tax aopafvlalou of the liquor (raffle, given recognition to tbe beet- neaa, while It doea not materially todu- enoetbepriceo ooeumptlou of drink*: and Impede*8 te prohibitory iegi*la- j lion. Henry B-M jalfof Rhode ItlaJd. a well known m| eraa • man. •»* an article la ma aame journal in j which beltakeea *imllar »Uod, on j the ground* that the nation*! tax ha* i built op a powerful oligarohv that j JCXTIiAOfiDlXA/i i' VPWHTCMTi' T V if'-IA*^ JUm d#««*ail moral lawt, • • * • I , t ^r,s n * i*-- » rvts that the lienor trafflc ha. greatly! i IO! S BAL<*AIM>. thriven through the saeai parUclpa-1 lion of the government, aod that the j moral *en*e of the nation hae be eo j greatly debauched by lb* receipt* of j fnorfflnw IUDM of money collect*d | from the beer and whi»ky intereala.*' \ Mr* Frank E. Wlllanl, pwtdeat of ; the National Woman*Christian Tern- | perance Union, In rrc*ot pamphlet*; and •peer-be*, ha* advoeat-d the rt moval of tbl* whUky t*», t>#c«u*a, in j her own word*, \it »tan U a* the) »tronge*t bulwark tietween the liquor traffic and anoihiUtlnu \ Hot«c« Water* in a reeent pamphlet declared that tbe evtl* of liquor trafll^ar* *\l*rg#ir in be charged toth<«*«Cnrikt< m WE MUST MAKE A STIR. Whoa we get on tbe warpth Use people cltac* -*iik aimoai fiemlwh gU« a« they LISTEN TO THE CRACK of falling priw*. It ia the ligoal Uiat they are puing to be benefitted aod they RUSH WITH EAGEP HASTE to look orer and buy the bargain* from ont fullv *elt!t:t«d atock of Dree* ti-aoda, K««ti.»n Hoaifry. Qpb- cerim, Carnela, IVraiaii Bu^. Walt F*r*i, Oil Rhado*, Lacw Curtain*, White Quilt*, IJM* Dr*|«ry, U,>ot» r Uhiw*. A It i* no titae to hesitate. Y«>u UJU*I tvtu at vnvc »t*l lake advantajro «f thia < Figured Lawn* for 4e., I'rinS* f^r # 4c, Cotton Sheeting* ©e», f>E.*KE 4b C£SM. HEWGOODS jti*T «IJ;CKIVI:I> i;.f uufortunat* man.etatea that wbile MAndevliie waaaufferiog from tore throat and diarrbw* he « M put on puniahment diet, although hi* health w«* KraUually declining. He founi Mandeville n»ked in hi* cell he h*v- mfJfd^n wbi^U^r^ ;u,;r.w..^par.,.*l* h ,r.» ^^y '«'\«£ j^^ j- ^r^^^^^x:^ \\•: A HBW Line cf Wall Paper Ladies' Fine Shoes A. KPKC1ALTY J. F. KNAPP , Chairman pro. tem. FBAN X E. SMITH, JOHN W. VBOOMAS. Secretariat. i who *u former! jail depowed Inat on tbe evening of j November 22 the governor of the jail [said tbat ha had received orJem to jutripjir. Mandevill^; that hr{»ifne»*j Ike Independent Eleawat la Politic*. ma4 th e 0(h etflv« *ard*n*entered the in all preeldentiaTyaar. It la. a* a \ pnaootr-a cell end found him .leeplug He, expected thai member* of either pundit; that tbry .hook him rudely oTtbVgr7.VpartTv.wiH voTe with their :» Dd •««\«* bjro: ' h \ Mr. MaadaviH. p.Hle..and while there aredeviatlon.-. r «'» u * 1 bal waa ttr, P« 1 * 4 *\***• ia from thrnt rule, and tbe deviation* thia 3«»r will undoubtedly be larger than ever, tlit paitie* are changing In their al- legiance, many Democrat* leaving bile there are deviation.* ,. , , . , which condition lie remained during ;ue nlKht. Dr. Ridley, tbe jail »ur- memberaor both and all of *eoo,wbo wa. ai-euewl of partalpating in the III treatment of the prtnoorr, ha* committed Muicidv. The i»qu«nt their party on account of the quwtioo !\• il progreww* 1* creating the great*** .,f proteeltoo and vie. vent*, ther« i* |«xoit*m*nt, a* well it ehould. Wer. M,U an element in our politic* iipon [«»• ehargeaDot wdt »i»*Uiaed by tbe whici.no emain dei^ndence can *. e I te*lt-nooy they could hardly t« be- tdned ihev having never regniarly ! ,ieve< 1 mj Ch««endom. England'* powerful *uppr Tiiv While Ribbon, a !*r»{>«'r»*»ce ( Ju«r»mFH*bH*h*U In pUtstmrgh. no quallAetlly coodema* tfceloternaj rev-i eune *y«em. I),roix-r»!l..i 8^n*t«r j J««»pb E. Brown, of U*e»gi*, In hi» | January *n«ech. *atd'*th*r* U no d»»- ( ger of li>crva«log tbe qo*n(Hy >t»f i liq'j«r»l mad* and need by st* pwpl* o f the UliltlN l Htale a by the tti*eal u f he pre*#nt Internal revenue J**».\ AT LOW i»i*ie*;«. >r:W FATTKK.1B IM wiiw^ujua 1 . A pecuJarity of Hood'» KaraapaHda I* that wh<ie tf purllle* the hloo*i, it «rnparts new vigor to every function of the\body. AT- XKir jnrr.RTf9KMR.vTS- irit-nttfttrd themaeivea with any party, > i.t it K'luatinK like tbe markets. I j prv-Jdrntialyear* there is a nott- b 1 * u,tie»i«elK the number of voter* <* \* i I'l.'ated by the number of vote* >>.' „- coutrxnted with other year» J hi- may be owing to either one of two s< if* t;!tl>»r ti> the growth in p«>pula- ,i, ai.! toe divire of every citisen to « ix lie »>ailot. or to the Increased • at« i ie* for voting,' for every means , i i ptiaucw known to the politician • in aciiv>-operation, and thereby '• appears that at each tmti.'iia! > lliere it a larger percental i * nuiuit-r \f vote-* co*t than i.u*i ^fni to IH> warranted t>y the r »* li of tlr>country. The intere«t» ' ii i n«i»f» in the result and the *u « o the respective pa'tie* . to 'make almost superhuman ' • to attain that end. »• he fturf>o-B of i!lu*tr*tlpj: thin j t, we ttitl take tbe U^t five lit t-ivcirod!* beginning witti tliit 1-*-. Th<> war had cloHeaar.d it 1* ii :i to T-iijp wi that the poiitlna) growing out of it had in port i?u layed. lu thai year the lit! ,i » • s-'^i\ 1 over the prewdimt-eiec . i.i 7W».')04 *ote.<i4. and tbe Demo- i «ain IX'iO.«W.S. In tho-eleciion 1\7J wtiiie th«* Kepubiicans mad* a r5.Sl.009, the Democrot* scote-1 i 1,-ase of-only 124,4*5*3. Tliii uir. however, wa* singolarly iv in the election of ]8\r> for in <• x the Republican Ruin wax 415 HSO. while the Democratic -.«• wn* 1,350,80}. In !heC}»rfl<id- :k enoteat c: 1RS0, the Republi* «'e increiiHed 41-5,103, wiiile the iiitic vote w(pi enlarged by 1 i» In the la»t election tbe Re- < .it iuer*a»e wn» 399,281, and the rn'ic gnin 4^,f>82. \. , conning election ie to be judg- treatuient of her IrUb *iibjeet* i« cruel m the extreme. itamor-< ar«« in the »ir that thor* i* di*a(Tectiiin in the Republican camp's in tbl* couuty over *«<tn« of th«? pro--i| po*ed nomination*. How farthli di*« {: affection wiil extend ti bard to t*l!. j| We do not imagine that there vuuM VrrRtHntrWRT rrmaifta CheriT. jtsM ? * .*'fijijs , r.«*»» i*. iotm t tntrw , X'&tek A *O-: ri*>, I'IWVI i un, *nifc\fii K-BrrrT.!\» » (*r:'n#, H.,.r»>ft >' rh.4KtJH»!j, tt!?»Ei p. Tb.a.^mn, *t.-4 N*r.'x»n 1*. <tAi<0'-AS. [;: (te»ui» * .«f i >«*itf»»»Bt olfnrw; «if»«&l miti ;•,%.&,.n ts* liin ria.f <4 J'-ii*>, WW, Is •>•* tor-i* ta- tu:,',i «r<i>« *t!-i ii..;« rturtr^t ia tE* < >,*'« -ft-,- -,t '> i'ni£!( ,i mat-it\. :tm w&m»i :.-J lv:»r««., u-«>tri ii.t;-»-.t, »t!l *r.il tt oaHh- * »t|. * «A in* \*+mi f'*t:.'r at UV> I •••in liowir. )•> K*iiiv I'i .**«, rrttl m ii,as;i, H T, r* »b* 2*:~. i*i-4l&.l t*-«s *t !n \ > :«eti .3 Ca* \.\rvtxxm '4 omi \J*!! itt &n>;* *Rt pr*ra:««t bi.rsTVii b> (»• »i*j i»i Uirmta il»»-r|f«t ».« f!*l««t«< ever be cause for duaffectinu if the! .*'- ! ttv*s 'r*-». ,c p»im»i e -imj in »;*•.*». »fr*r. swvurai i fnces of tbe county were dl«- ! {^.nqtu* *t it>* *«« «•*.« wi^r -r ;.-„i r t «. ;) criLiUted mvDrilnii' lo tln< nu>rit« of ! >«''iP^Hi P<n,r J«««-J». «•! *.\%»-«i.it« *&.-» -i injiueu acturum^ lo me rutr^* «\ ,«„(;-.- ii«f ..( W*nn. t«w. c»a«i w. sr f v:-. wr u localities , ' LAf*r.» MV| *<IW J-ftn T. -»64.-ya *»5 rtjr.fl;-.^c :t»-r^w It dje,« rot neee^arriy follow that {tat *> sih*+ t.'. uw -rr.ti-r «r av ««M»-IT. n»>n bwii »e a town l«a< aiwav* l> COLLINS& POWERS LAl^fCTO & DUFFY. S-I*-K-I-.\-«,' - T'-I-in-E 3 Special Attract ions OffercJ This Week fa tbe lale*t Spring 5«relliM nb!rh we ^ate j B «t r-'elted. T*o {«I law leg ar Ik lea which I he i»i r.iwpri««>* w tali a:ttuti«B fa. He i <>r - £»«4i«ra»*e ia [•tihlicati thrit it should always bo the \uflii-e i>e*rer.\ 'We are not « prophet, but venture to predict tbat linfe^^ a.change Is |>(j : made In tbl* direction' in tlfo near fu- fuie. ti>at-towun that have ilonu v*l- ieot *crvice for the party in the pa»t, overr.imlnt; i»troiijr Democratio ma- j'>rltiev and making thv town-, Repub* iican, will reil^ tl-.elr inb.irt.and >»!iow thf*e strong fiej'xiililican tuvrui \a li«tjt the bait lea \f tbe counfy. We imagine that when this h> done that it may perhaps be a more difficult mat % ;ier to count F r abkiln county a utrong Republican county than at prevent. Tbe principle of a jn«t ami fair dis- tribution i>i one that munt a-ioticr or later be tiilteu iuto cotiitid ratie>o. The lale.«t intelilKeoce of the condi- tion of Hon. Samuel J. Randall M lo tlie effect that be !» *ufTering from cancer in tise *tomach, ami that the public career of this able, honest aod courageous KIHII IsUndoubtedly eudeti. Tlii* lutelligeuc© will be tcceiveU with unaflvcted norrow by men onfall parties, who have long admired hli rxalte<i character. Througn a iotig and unbleuji-had public career there El=t?U: t^f <U*Kf*-r+ **ir*t a~'tt£ t^ rmntet it pmd *<-¥!>- «*r 3D Wx*.t« '.6 lin** i» «• nt<4 Urv ^t *>MI Unit t«-!*-nrini to mt't *-j;«-«r I- Ahtrs* *»1 >*B T. AtrtriM *s *fwnii*M. *<vt ilvn *vu*ti *i<i^ s.'-t. «a»t line tt>«*vf 3t.£j!»ln» *s«l *» ll«*» v» t-',» pta.» -f t*tr!cKS{;». •• >iiUlMov a* rr-l;ju»rr»« .-.f [* a j [<. .„>•„ PUD\ Bl'-Hf 'W \«• jtl*i».i t;.ttc:!i*'r'TruJn p?«n»ftr p\*-*-i t -,i JK^ •loiat* to W*«'0* «f.'«**«H wl h>.5\.'l« - #n?v,i ** f--U..«* • tv-^niiintf *5 tfc*'* ^;-^--IT,-*? «^ . iv r «\f -tft-~ f*n n ksEr t » !,-niff« t t y >f*l.»vn PrllVlf r »n>1 n;i,:>(rrf I,VJ»T n-.rV) i .-ftiJiat »nt ' o :n,t, ; ID*Ct ' *>tiV' f. •!« k TV,<HI •-l,«J W rialI X tix j j > IBU , t't <;.;^ hi-^-, .>r=,f ; •*o*--R»-V' »-,'«* f*IV,*rc* i- r 1 -'-irrii * ' ; \ *..» '.!,<• pi*',- ..f l*-jt!nr>sr.i, o.-iuloiri,- -I »<.)•«> arxra •>f said, twitiii * vtk»<r t\.« fj*'\ i'f iAJwt i A:*- *U f\at \iHivr p*m-p<s( Un4 t-u.ir .i,* 1 'ha* t«.-i V* I SM of *,r»»t t.-t S.>. t l :» 'f>« i.«r;^*si.r, f »*.-r. «nD. •*\ \ * >|.'ft (« l» -i!l»>.| « TWUpW*. E»i Wit B<V'T,!JI4t 111 rtjV *.•.;'.:) I in,' of «K-i t t t t ftt tlw »njtfi*'V»'. fi^wr . ,f » I---. . ,' :»r.-\ N»rv!\f.«r» cwf.-r^ »«n-f 13. :-H», , .,if)'I.'»,| t'> J.«H* fl- i^t«<H»l'tmi f''.T! !>*.;•*• ' o->'•!>-'Ci Xft.-jv«>n'»»a»5 , lifi\ i: rtwjtrt '-< tf,,' .»'!.•*•? of s!i^ lvi;u.. J-I pus.): ih*'ti™ i?iiis*;v«\-! f ui»>, f!>-'kn in! rvivt «r-jSfj-«ifliE:fj H \!•.*(!.« T* ''r** ! J » ^ p\«; : %:;'t»-f «f«.*i 11 rhAia* '*> l:i i« r.f {,>• *:<*<& HOB <it !Jw I.U; th«\(W \f> IS» 1<4 :H» •>»! » *-ftV(c« i?> I'w- sis*,* > f N•ctnr.tnj, \•-r.yunitu: I* U»M< (/r*» •>f lir*t'. ' «_^_ A',** ftii tf.»t \Jh* ' p'i>e>> •\>( f*n«i *!^j!»!*' i*> Sf*li' ar.-r,-«i.i. »n4 i«'fisu pan >f * tanv-.':«n*t' f'«>t—' kiVJwn ai M .S.: tt, T»\*atfs.;' ,V. *. <jftv»i Tntrt N.i. I •••! j|!U'..i!({ir» i.'iu-\»ji^ i<nrn'l.t! tn-f »•»«\! *« fc.t :t tr.,i iuf[.i ;!vw,' »•»>! rj.'i.r,-j'It)»*rvi:?i hi-,: Ivj <.( *>i>l tt-i I Ttc ft'.i,tn< ;.. Ur.-i fr>f*j>'rf-| r.>ft?*t,'.t t,i !«• * ;r| «... i Uric Cinr.;n(rMr«: IJKT,* c»rtn „••*.» A Fine Twill Wool Henrietta la L*wiluc, Attrjiii»' i elan, Wool Bcigi^i India Serges* MIXTURE*. WATSE SILKS, Rhadamo Satins* Faille Silks, BRAIDED TRIMMINGS, .JET OEXAHEKra, FlBRItS.t> Kn<,UA«S, HiTI 5r\S. 5 RI1TH, SI>T.1>S, yiS WiKH. Pi.UStHKra ATHsmiPr:^ This clan* cf jrcod* we prep6*# t* «*H at the l«we«t market price*. OIVK IN A CALL. LA1TCT0 Z. DUFFY ban never been a stain upon hl« life. ^pa^'Il^^p^jMna'-iI^fbt ]****** ^ ^> P* r ty when he believed it to be lu the right, and quick to condemn when he believed It in the wrung, he hat always commanded tbe respect of hi* party and of the whole country. We trust he may yet find relief uud that his life may he »pared to the country for many year*. >w ,aIJ increase in the popular' rtoout ;t\5 whUle fhe D«m- < ifain a.^ao ofl period ought 1 to J ..ut :75,0f>0. Tbiti deduction is j n upon the theory lint' fhe oon- - Kuverning both the j.i<\at pa'r- '•^thewame a* heretofore, bnt i^ not the case. Inoes are now the people dull net aod clear, have not before been presented, it)(-r«fore great change* may be »-cted In tfae vote nf both partlee, A* wa*generally expected, tbe Mill* bill pa>*3d tbe Hou*e of I{epre*eut*- Uvea OJ daiurday, tba vol«i beiog 162 yea* to 149 nay*. lard in |-»K U*.tlH« '.XV ai^ta; tl ,• • tBe ruin in *.Utl! HI \1 Cinntr.c. <• Slf'Tv \T U' vriiititii AT»'tr!» t her»-tBr Sfit«n!«! w i po*«iii*f-< <!<-* rtv^i i m<--«if \f. arnlni.. arfl <tat«J San a 12, \f®. in rrsokiln V<Ait,tf i »t pas? *ft. bat«J at M<ioiw, S. Y „ Jnn» tJSUjilSB. _ rntSK ir Ahity. aefertw. S. A. Rims, nff'« Atty. M*hw , N. T. .) t,. jim-i* ii. Jai *.«.-i JR c^.«:»» in •'*iit <T (\' r!»'T ftaAW't ».-f h;t i*+tgn* ; »!•«»- tl«- \-::tt.'T)r l!i,>- »h..irc,f ami •i!n s !!ii*..f lnr.'1 nf j..'s:i Rtrnv« ;.. ift» rf [\.r >>f <n.-t : -t Tl l!(*-,.tjif Mit^*.«> .if l»iti! ..f *.i i 3-Hn i!«rf!s«ae«1 ;T*I-I.',. *9t.J tin.- ST. \';Ci« in »w p'««i» -.f i«-. italmiHT I**' »<-r»« of iati'l l»-1?),\ Mm« KTi'.'I't '>Ti* s A»T^ E>wr.*t*f''-rv r?i^.-'rti l-J If-ritT RiuneSl. Tl;* pr*inl*>* fUtrr i3^,-«S wv*^^ ^T S,-r- •> »!'•* J<*f] T. A«.1f!|«. -.«,nt*«l M*rrh H l«» , &(5SfV in UKr* *.\. «t >>*•*! ! R0TICE TO PB0TE tJLAlXS. REMOVAL! '\?— THOMAS DAILY fea* rt:fK'.'..-,! !•:« ir«a« rr,w'.'-t '*• s>«- «*\•«\ f-ira*rJ» ^irupit*. ti» I' A «* i«* A HN*AT : ^, a!4,'ni* (A 0 t»> i ..,(«! lUV sla-M'S\. jEresh^nd Salt Meats, | CHICKEN, LAMB. .pr R5UANT tv> *a oT.ipr of ft™. Ho«*re A. Taylor. * fci-rr*»t»f of tbe t'otmry.of rrsnatts. ttoUSi Ii j lwrrt'jr e-'-.cH ii- al i piTDcn, liaTlnc eiUnw «a«lr.«t j C*JrlnS. 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Into u, |C0!J»i lurtoj [iGJaf jnai ISTl |I1TE1 T lorviiut lum rrTit t<zt taOl ^iteOier LONG PR Sold und rtp&int if Rsaatmataria laiaat :*.* mai l •TMUifartory Actual $1.25 F J. C. Bi>j* MCoi M)i:if5i

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