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Chateaugay record. (Chateaugay, N.Y.) 1878-189?, April 11, 1890, Image 8

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Tatoaoweev nearer vairta*. A»W»el**pnrKr, ' ' mmwh-nliiitmoii Mm**t*Mim$m _^onti<MrT MoML Mat oaaaot ft* ooM *a exMaacitttaa wish the awnWn^ a« taw toW.ihaet T&^fAfs^^'fSfe^-ra ••SKlit*., j. r. T. IHBOI*, m Y3ICTA« AITOSCSOBOIC. otrrae AT KES- fctewce and AlAm A Bois'a ***«. Uutoetigny. S IE. ~ ' \ DE. J. S. TAJ YECHTES, MTTSK3AH *an> Knasof. omrcci, wr <W**S* Btoek. Sate ftV ehataaagay. it. Y. R. J. WILB15C, H. D. MIY81CIAK JUTD SCBOKMT. 0*TtC!« OVKB S M dear Mat* off !.. <?. Wnd'i enj^arit Wreak Yhev«algh*o»itoifc.:.attbaiiiade. Tefaphen* __ M. W. M. 1RAHD, wnrmaAVAmmmam*. <**•&« AT A&- toe * HahY* Dreg Store, Cbnteawgay. X V. x.«. CABPEjmm, rarHicuff AJTD WTBOBOX. cantcm-Bco. Jf. T« MU F, ». wMrreiEiD, K»A» MJMMNMS0 J nrrsKSAX AJSD st;8eeos. omncs ASP ~ \Tela m*. Bark*, JLY. Tato- H. r. esmtfics, rBYSICflAW AXD SITWJEOS. CBATSATOAY LaA«v», Y. Offlea at reaidaswo foraMrriy oc- « copied by Dr. iabmaom. E. E. THTJKBER, M. 9. rHYfoaAS Aim SCROKOS. BRAISARP- vffie, S. T. OBee at reatdese* foruwriy oe- - s&alsd by Dr. Qehring. \jrw^BFtSffiwi^i^'i^^' , D«Mal room* o*ev 8nehteo*» Orug LStore. W«« and bapnoved epeer*- etna A«ajii*rfcea*nn*edloat**-iB he *atfefatAortly executed. WilUaiiiRflSbatvoirc4 lute «M Jo**** &<*., tea***, and ha* Mxwdl v> them for taw ntnwnr. Willie rortane. of Ktgv*. P- Q. ha4 M» bawd lataariy torn ******* wh^lpta*** bif wWfc * at*»w «M*BV «* Mog*Jfc* B**> ' rtwrlM ftarri* »• mattta*. ft to a «W- JoeiAndr**, Ami aaa Georg*. bart bcenqalteatafeviith paevnmti*. Jf. rdao Broa., are mania* tUr how* •Vrp f uU blaat. ' Mta* Await MwliMtt teaching £•' djhv •ffc* JJ«4;#.: Iffeftj ittmtttJXmmm J» teaching Ifa the Mjrwi BoTAdtllilaV - Mb«8UMiii(! A#M«r Jordan an in Sew To** parc-baatatc goodi* forth* Arm af G. A If. Jordan, and inn-nd buying a large *tock el mlUlaerT good*. jiifrjftaBnaBiiaaaejBaa^^^ ss^^ssfiii^iei^' *g anaee* af ana- . _ _, , L . ...«f *** Mat' «*afc aa «alck MhaertpttMiA> paia; ^^^^^%r^v;:;;;::;:;;;v; f |S S^l!y,«afc«Ml^i*'-\'ii l ; ii aa„j^«%B. Aiww 4 H .„_,,„_-.AjBf1t i . t .. _^„ •to £•»•£» «<rt*..; v t ». ft. . A J.^ata<r.ltov,«.it **1iifT liaaa AAMIM. Ayrl aV & DtMaav Aaffi 11* % fl.tMI.Jaa-A S» ,. Ai»ru »\<»;: DESTalH. -BUMWCA^AI t#»*MwaWrtW. » . ,T_ % \m. |fa»«*»«>. _»aaat»r.<•*!«•.*if 'ftBatW •(PPd ^ * jPaaaw*' taumwat*i|l.C «aa«»(7 at t Tawiirtaj\. mmjjai :-Mw>i<wia)aiiijJi.JwMMBiii)ui»wiipui apM Maw A4t*MiaBBBMMa». £9^ afasnlaaa a* aajr. iaanaia ii caMM t^uba airtda awiii i r l a t»4ay'* I Qaartgrty laa««t- af aaaa a f Clataiagi y. -Fata* tm fcta=H*r». W/atilffiav <Jo«T»«**»to* BarWaia - VBNp> af Caaiar. Ofacatlaav Aw.^-y. VL rawsr•- Agaaa* Pana r»r«a!a—Wm. ^Wail»t«t tnaaaaaf Jtaaaaaafl ail fac c^iaaaaaaaw ] ».«« Kr» Attteam at Qaainpaad'-aT UearaUaa Mastoa—K. A. loaat . <vor *k4clilng Li goae, ami we an aim Is tbe ma4. -, ITw aiaplis tafw r aeaawi ia pro«reap- 9na *lo«rljr. Osr tanner ten* of »«IJOOI cotam<ntc- *«1 ta*t W«t$k wHt. Miw titbits Ajrer*, ' of BASRof,: «MH*»cBieifrft^ Tim t&portrtefr fw Maadwtfw, JC- II, u*t Fridftx, Mr*. JrfHtetnwe *j«ilu>a. uf Mao<jSK^irr X. II., arrived fi<n»e tfct*w#«8 lo viaft father aa*i sotttcr, Mr. am! Mr*. J. l> VMAff- tamer BaWurrf. of ftattebart^. I* at boai*, CAlkd ttoere hjr Ute »?T<<MW IIIIK*^ of aU father, Ileoff Botaford. Geo. WIMtr left for M»*tb«t«r, N- K-, Isat Friday. MtChKEl * PADDOCK, •TrCRSEYK AS» OOtntBIOOItSt AT iJdW. <MR« o»«- Hutrbartt A Xaiaw'aatanr. Xafeaa. ?:.Y. 1-B*aii aa<l aoBaetSna*. KAa*c*E.JieOfc*B«. rasa's O **»«)«.., -FIME • AMtTMIAA MKSJAaW Fifly orkwda of Ice AAvebeea flapped treat Fort Cortafftoa to Haw Itefen. CotiDectJcvt. Electricity la BOW need to eradicate dirt, hot there b one thltrt that can dean c!otbhi» quicker ttiAa ligbt»la(. and not is TnHp »o«p. There were 4i0 Arresita for tlntnkr^ea* at inatUbwrffli laal year and the Ttt*- •fram think* that 4ifc of the vabjecU got drank at onllcroaed places. Toe bofttnetH portion of the TIIUR* of Tharema, Jeffersoa eownty. wa* dtatroyed by Bre Aprft 3, luroWSti* a Jo«a of fo«y- t»o bnUtilog* with a tow of $t&),«*>. Tweaty-oae of the hoAWUaif* bffrued ware dweliinja»aid thcrwuaJader atores and shop*. The KKenbargh Centre eorrespoodest of the T^yr*!* #av*; \We woald like to ace Oiaiy'* 'horned ho«.\ we hare plenty of the hog\ hied here, hot Done with horn.*, who alwaya take all they can get but itcrer glte.* What cominonity la there that Ua*»\ia superabundant of these people? The l,.Ton Monaulu comMpooiIent of the llUutsbarjgh T<Ufm«* a»ya: '\Juba flnrrica and family hare the •yiopatby of th\ entire cotptnauity tu *hc iocs of their M>«. ChartSc, a brigbt aad Snter««tlnj; boy of thirteen year*, wito died Saturday evening after an rllaeac of a few days. Kiiiiors, aa a rnle. are kind-hearted and ilberal Ah exchange telbi of a aubscri- b»r to a certain paper who died and l<-'t fourteen jeara' MjbwripUoo unpaid. The editor appeareil at the grave aa the ltd wa» befog screwed down for the hut time aad pet In a tin «n duster, a thermometer. palm leaf fan aad & receipt for tuakii>j{ Ice. ' * The Qgtitn*bargJ<ntn*>il report* that a yoouf: inau of that city on a be* Satur- day 'evening eat^dre pouoi*\ of raw lonad Chicago beef ateak. and r followed r thta with a dozes bard boiled eg**. The hapi of tajawnaigiy. ffaatlag bo Rlw-Mrgtit «n41 feat—or whatever It mar Ire rsJlrrt s. bl^iaaa. Mto«: (Wawa! «l lb« atmta. * *™*~^ wnawrer iv may m caUN~i» - - - - • — • Mjrt to have been aeeomoltahed t s WITCH REPAIRING Watciies left »Ith m* for repair* will raeeiva proiairt tUhraUaa and »e FULLY WARRANTED! a* m> «*rk to doae fey one of UM> beat watch ie- satriDg hooan la Northern Kew Vort. 6IVK HE A CALL. isiiiii's Bin Store, CMtsamiT S \ 'akaWIwMTW amaVaX.«^Ooua^o?FraaAlha. i ,*»—%. •?***•* °*aa execution fawtett out of tntCSntiatrONirtof the Ooaaty of FranAUa in the State at *•« York. a«*>fl^U\ ewxtm «*»t- leta, taiid* aad ummiipm of V»itu-t ratey. t aareataMB all the right. tHl« aad i«t*r«»t »tri-.-h the said Patrick rahrjrbae oft toe H aiayof Ue- •nabrr. |8«S. Or watch he aiar hare subapqiteaW If aniulretl, la and to the roUOWfog tir»,-ribr<i bunt* and premtma, wliicti I i«Aail <>X|H>)H> for eafctaataelewdfractaat the front «iwr of i&« 4MitrtHoaa»laUieriUaroof Mak>»«. S T..'<w the 44 day of May, taw, at tee o'clock in ibe ftyreaooa ^--~ •' Alltttatosrtata ateoe or parcel of toad lying •ad hefajtin ta* .town of ChaUMmray,and brio* apartoflotaajebeeBRr«e»«o. kMtaabipaooi- r OkTwiltary Tract, bejhet at \ » viW eaat corner of A lot known m the <)*!feB lot. and iwaaSag tbeeee ma t three chelae ami Uiiny- rtirwo aad one half linfcc IO the •ooth-weot corn«r at Uis o'Sfi! W* aad tt> toad o<wn«d by John U. \Bait: f rotn thence nouto parallel with the MM itne'of i»U lot No. ST about four rttdx to land ewaetl by Helen L Bemaa and lcawwa aa the KIKS Laporte lot; theaee eaiet oh tha aortn lirw of the Laporte or Btfcn L. itemaa tot te> the eaat Noe of (aid lot So. ST; tlteaee north to the ptare *f tMneinnins. eomtalntag ait the* lej»«T la iatd aoano^eaeeptlBgihe right of the hjjiiwar on 'oSudlUnJ>3I,19»-__ OBOIttlE #. DU8WS, fShmm. By S. R lieckwttn. Deputy. ^••TtJACJI •At,aV>H«tffagbr. John QJL r*hey. Komtag»«. WHIImo Johotlnn Jfortnpi dated No*ember S. we?. Refolded to Fraafctfa floaty Ctert'ioffln; Snramber 7, MB? teUber4?of]fort«ac<Hiat page l»i. TheatneouteialaiedtoledEw «n Mdd mort- gage at the tine of the Ant (MitolteaTtoo of thin itoitf) is *aJL4o. The amount ctol«ne<l *> be «*• fj«at^«MOiMon^Hiaor^eea«th0«nt»nl) aeatton ef dii» aoth» h *»1 itf . i iwlaattha^ngiieea ojade U» the pay men t of the laooeya •ecored hy »»»! ntor wage, ootiee in horeby (rf*eotbuu accord hut to tbo atalota in «)Kh <saae made and jnwioW, and by rlrtoe of fhepower of aalecontained Jnaad raeorded with jiahf luortgnee, uid mortgage will B» fn»>cloM)d byaaateof thepremowatlwreiu deaetJhMl and efieaMHtt wiBbe eoid at pabtto anetfeft on the »th day of Jnne,.l»«0.at Mo'rfoc* In the fore. Booa. at .the la* ofios of J. D. Bteekwitb. ik (she Tittagc of Ciatteaugay. Mo aatt or proeeedingB at law or otherwise ha* been ctmuadactsi to re- *o*«r the sum aocurecl by aafal BMtirtxage or aay aartthereof. v $*ia prentoea am deacrtbed M.folIowV: AH Mia: wrtato pitvae of toad alttiate in the town of aial*««jray, rraniUnCcrtjnO. It Y.. aod iwtair pirt of (i>oat Lot So. 7a,OStatllB*ryTraeft L ~imded and deacirifaed »« followm. via : Begin hoar and thirty minutes. Salt wa* oaly aeaaotilng applied to aha beef. one the msiXBt»n*.ocALa. W. IT. Mooaey, of Chernboeco. has rented the b'acksrfnltb s.hc^p. formerly oc- cupied by'P. Mooaey, and i* now ready to do general Mattstalthlns, borne »boe- iojr a spociali|y; Interfering stopped or rnooey rtfundttl. also all other ailment* of the feet looked to. Gife 'him. a call. Terjti* reaooAbie. KeajMclfully, lw2. W. H. MOOXEY. Kdivin Smith ha* a quantity of seed wheat for sale. The dweillng,house formerly occnpwd by Mr*. II; A. Robert* and how oceanftd by H. R. HccUwith If for aale. A«* pet* son de*trih# to fWrehase can obtain terms, etc - J *^\ — '\•'\»\»» \•» •wrwi-wTw. wmcr uiermi an«i ntatrieg ewam tgmew paraltel with the north yaeofaaidTjp am > amend and alxty tSda; jhaaaej awtta pafligei with d» weit ttao of aakt m0&&&&%£ aortlnajlgy iiitf*«o the place of begtnnfag, coo- y. acvea of land more or tea*. ' IAM iomrarpy, Mortgagee ii tbl* We need rpcaey aad iniwt have lt,° '•DocteM**^' The ladies are invited to an aarty la section of the immenee etock 6* &t«* good* i«*t received at Koberta A ggailli'a- Rotxirt* & Smith carrjr a 1 crockery which i\ ~ Hare yon aeuled yohr aecoont *inec JUituary lit, 1890? If sot, do *o at ooce. lX»S13f,X* A lUfWAMS. Boot* and shoe* for everybody at BoUert* A Smith'*. ' *• ; Wall and eeUIag iwaper intl «w leadgw pattenw and ftneat quality aad go ch«D •titohertaiBaaltJia. The draatatlc eaterUlemeot Fdday night eat wed attended sotwUhtUadiug the bad read*. M. C liut«hi»» ttakea eharg* ef m bet- ter factory at Waddtagtoa tbi* aefajmt- Joaa Uclkuiaid to very tick with heart rUieaae. Large qttaatttle* of tee have bee« ahfp- pet) fm«a thl* atailoa to eaatetii arctk4iB. The draaiatk- aociety w ill give aanthef rntertalnomat at Town H.^tl aett Twee* day ereain*; ami will reader -Out lo the CoW.\ Kev, FerrU preached hi* f -;wetl *er- tnoa Seeday. Mhw Je««> QOi to teachlof ta New liampahlre. Sarooel flaaacHiae and fasti !y have gone to Canada to lire Amatwae. Tm, T. Castwcll. Jr., eon of Iloo. W «>»i mini -QUA WOU*^ ACME BUCKII^ Ari d 4aW*awl VNMMf SawM S WTTMASPWCe tejajae* af A Onatlt. Mouw^l* ' , CeMai»og RM«| Caim«f*Ch»»|ef' TV% Umdtmkt BodyaWeto hold ahtaah^ ^ J9IK-VSON j JjiiwmsuXX nrJL ' aw^ gifiiL^a Ouiaa awe ewvnjanjnee • em *WMW tiwM t r wn* mmm IWI <K» a»aaaee J *»••»« a*wr aeeaeai «aa \* wourr nuineu'i. , t\t*t <«« mn i wourr a »»!«h»u>*, wai*ii*j»a», art at *n«. '-.•••' --< »w» Aee*ii(i# awaa I \'~iawmATtwsr aanrtcs 1h*i to to eaeafy «*» I h**w thai *•* g*eaa at * *m». AtowM' Jf. YeaMaT-' ato tan * atMiag the a* . nmtonViv ef Ma n**ar*tr. c **d *ha/t ttatat awaaef hi* warn nr pay aayaehtaaf ato«*aaia**la* after thai daae ttomt April to. jnoa, tw* • - » a toi?w». /JCAJIYUiLV HKTwatT »F TaM ^ BASm •? CMATEAtWAT, ••> i*» MMtaiag ef ttotonla}. lao SRh day af tEttea. laia ftitawvacam. toaaw aail I^MWBHW. Inadaw freea iMnvtee* . faVSaal Do* from t«r*e*oe* ... . . . *jmm < h..r«ir*il». *» p»r orhexlldo --.- \ RM«* tiia»frflaaT?nMCatapanl«* Saataaad N«1Hank».a*|>»rK«Rl»l» t*e»Ti f-.„t_ it K— *„. m ^» . ^»< JM .i,i. Baat'tai|tt*g««*»aa<l ljM»an«lw*ih> IJKtaji (.antwrU, ha* fomed a <;opartaer*l4j> fe«*»*arf Marteag*,.*, I^VMM Tiavat with a promlaeat atu»ragy la froy la theUtoginawl i<—»i*.»*t*rm>im*,h, i*wr* lawbaaiaea*. flT^^i.-iu-^-_ i™_^ **** . . „ . . ^ , . ., , j V.AI^raedlWdawlhatoaaawCwviaaV Jnclge Bent* presided with digtiUr at 1 few x«*t*»«t **u««*i Baaea .. tana* bl* 6r*t tatta «f eoort. Vwfoaio* mai>v ; c *** &*»V!2-j , w * aa^raer** far \• A*M at the general admirable tnaaaer <>f hi* ci> Ibagl«7»to that I am a a—»«aa anauaa. ILSg^aifja-am silt coma WHh * few BatwtKwr Bw • oirtii IprHl&th,7l P<ar Cash $113^ 40 h«i» ijewi f3c«fi» ; » *^ 3 cana 3k«# I Cw*te»-- : * i 31 pBjwr* StuokiD^ T*wjat*»v | too-oodajcnr* t - r ' - i;;; 15 mm pemnd {Mper* ot | . IjtttJEKlrY ImBEil*.,-- f^ S lbs. ffoed Baking Poavtkr, } \ Evef3rth*nol« Crooltw GlasAwaro and 10 c: \* Counter Goods at w ducad Prtoas,to ma* . room lor mw 90c ^ and also to f^d^ atoclt betora I oluucz; stores. 7 r ^^ataWiM V atf ai MSMSC ' Ih^aSawVM 'inpi fMnkt 'iwP iWflpiwil'wWrJaP'p* *\,M ta.ni.- pooUton of ooe*Uoo» that cmtae before him fjeorsre C- WoodwAnl, an ohl reeldent. died at bin feahieace la thia village April tth. lie wa* #0 year* old and had resid- ed la town awe* 3? year*. Oar oKltim* friend Svama^l J mid U In town asd 1« at hie old trick* a gain. A oo w chjear naatifactory i* to be »tart«l lo Iowa. TJu* f|warterly n*w«tlrw| of the Y. 1*. % Y C. -rV^iriil be bHd.aAhe M. E- thtirrb I'rtday &ft»'raooti aad eveuiog. April ti. A» attractive pfuyraiaate will be pre- i*** 1 - jKATiorjttirYowci Mr. and Mr*. 1. «lhw>« hart taken f ^^^\ySlS poa'acMtoii of the l'h]«tuut aoo«« And are \ Cmrt^r rfthZtmatet < uow wttk-d in their new home %i; i ret** aad Aoimg ,<.s!*oo will give the bop fans tot* votlrir ?**¥**'-**!' attentioa In the f atore- «. -LM**** - Kred G, Paddoek, -ft the law firm of McClary 4. patitlock, wa* asarrted at l'pt»- dant on Monday to Mia* Katharine llara- hart. AateM am metaaVd «Hatar aay ef the «i--**v» hoeAfc, *lfc > o-'»»ar« MU ajttarw. iLAeft* .. A>a t titatLmti. flapwa «ee* MM rn. tudivsard pi<4U*. VU; Dtfcwfle* ........ At.»t) tA f;*v*«»*» . trtm t^iwrjwt>*lf* . ... i»»u Do* .Vp> «•«<*•» a* fisB»w«, t»: Deixwtt* rabjrci to rt»-c» iai.est« peaa *** **TMB«a»«i» of 4> P\«»* ... 4 tlT . TMB. mrtaaoihta of dowcw* MI S 3* Mtta payaato . ^^ Terms Cash an Cash Only. Will aeaarf. gi«ai ta«r|f»}iW ati GOODSPEEj Paris? Oropaiiy, Bartta. John Richer, of Brabbet, wa* in town laat weeir, Mbw Satlle Avery I* on the atck list. H. I- Miller thlpped a cariued of horst.i from taw *tat>oM, to Uie tra»utra toarkWtast TburMlay tttguW / Frof. Crowley aad JgX Nornsaa »peiBt Ka*terat their re*pxcthe aouic* in j*ou- .iaaa aud UgdeO«burj(. Mls» Jennie Wood H not egBeet,*d to live. Mr. and Mr*. Carlo* H-H have the aym- pathy of all. In tnc loae of their little eight year old *o*. Ht bad been nick tor MBe ttina, and died Wedocaea/. April 3d of pneottMHaaa Com plicated with Whoop. i»g tough. *- i The band kaya have the frame no on the actoool grotiud Ur the new band ataad. Waaw Aotabed It will be tu> oraar tueot to tog place, 1 preenme, both to the errand ear. rWd Stanley I* qclte 111 of pneamonta. i'otatcH >. are brin^lag sixty cent* per htiahol-at tiit'dcpvi. and at preaeiu there aiwmore hoyer* than potatoes. The .MW« festival at the church Wed- nesday evening was not vtry largely al- u-nded owing to the bad road* ami want of appetite toy maple sugar. Kev. H, Heaaelgrave weiit to confer- eoee Thesday. W* hope be will return US. thig charge. . ay. a Baa* *» ( taw ***»*»• e f Chat tvr iitiuwW. **y» tttat ih»_wafcwiwh» rWatt#*»?foa. aatl Bask, twf • ur— tm ifc* t^htokaow aay Chat the f«a*gn(ae rrpmtt. «Kh -g .the «aa»e. to. ta all <4rh*ro«.!tii«aaftae traaweeUMt of aay toaav of Starea. MBO. twlha aval ~ >; ea4 tn-y faftawe aud Haadt aaatwwo THE CH*TE*U0*Y HUSIH1HPQRIUI taw* MAEK fT10Ba*T» rafATatAKAA V, - - - a. IV *>r*t f aad HVawi^:; ag waliaeef mm ixDifie mmmn Atoa BMke ta i*4&^ * -»,„? e^ama-iiarpav A«**>Mar**, awlhaak, i»w; XHaNMMaea a«« »wtwiearra. r*.«*li m WIS ABK AOENTI. IV- the foaawiag CMfhtate* hw»r«toiantt PIANOS the ahw** feport hi laofletotal^oorwrwvwtwedftwni leod-at <>f the Itaafciaat twfwaioat ratanUr. »*• 8»lh dav of March. the day oawktohM UnriffCAKK, •, «fW- \AWKWt. Cte**, »hwTth«J a«d »ww» tohthothaV ' ** *1* J* it* 9 W\ h ^«» «P»- t, M. W«aaa>. Sotarv tVahaw. F. H. PEECY, Ageat. a ptapared to farotoh the paesto of CHATatACeAa UKB A^IBTICtSIITT. '—tm:— tar j GltOCBMES. t^pnj P TIXWAflg, ^g Wr* i rAXKMjro TIOXS j 3a a*wl #BTA ofApr m»4$ f* ar* Jhrpt fa a fvuptry tlorr. AM»s«>t.icrrs A an ABB mr FAT- B*9tA«B. tee BeMtoeew, Bhn«««' Bat BaTlMaWawaftaj a**««w«M aaat Man* Ke>«Aaa»aV ORGANS * liatollB , Wllawa B WaBhVi J tl SSl mm **455! w ** •»** ^«a*i»«r«**aaf ^ awaat y ar Taarwrg haaaK^ttt ^ <•*«•*•» : weato •**• « ta eaeaaaga, ivwwa Mr **7*ft H ir««»*rau.iie»*a*w«w»t. | _5*\.andetaailae toauwawaiaar wtB» aaBrf fpfw»s*»Bf i#m*%. L fhat~agay.rob.at.ta3*. f MEAT BCCTA ft' A^Dntoa ALL POfNTH MAST A#l> WEST t TTt« OWLV UXg TOTKB. 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