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Chateaugay record. (Chateaugay, N.Y.) 1878-189?, April 25, 1890, Image 8

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y+ / »r ft. Chatoaugay Record-. «3MM« AY. APRIL *3, U89Q, Patf-erflee at Caateanfajr.ir. Y. Ab*olut»)y Pur*. This pa ww*rae*nr nation. Atnarsalotparur. , ajewwrtb and wholpnamaaaas. Mora MOMMIW aaa.fa* ordinary kinds, ; an« mid be acid is .. . ,. ——1««|- • • - • flllWl«W*»hCITl ***** ^^MS^o^Sl^ra 8 ^^ t*»mn*titioa with the mottltod* * weigh* atom ar * •i earn. SOT, WaHSt-,R.Y» BraiMKst i CAMIM* . JT. F. f . fttBOIS, ftlTSICIAS AW8CWJI60X, OWTICEATltia- M»ae» aad Alton * Rett's ator*, OurtsauKajr. Hi Y. Telephone connections. •.•CA L ....«' . .J. V .,...,...4SMtO*T*> Da** Butt** \........... , IJ«*W <%••*• U\.••••-•-*•••«••-• W ftr#s 1.,....../,,..,. ,...|9w-« Bean*. . \ fiwtofi'oe Drted Apples........,; ,. .» Mapfe 8ti««r ;..;..,...* ... ,atolO Hnjf ..... '.'.\.V.. \J \i.ia'ou t«f»«ft B*e( ,„ ..4ieeto|su Fork ., 7 fcie PotHeen.,..,.. , ....*., .*» •Bcaurrs ron TUK KktcoaD. Wattvabalow* statement of aaawa of aoh- awfnsra who tan* paid imtag the pant wen* »Ka date to which subscription is paid; Oror»MoH.M*y3n,-M f 1 W ttJ-Vlnafn^nToe*. II. •«.... i» B M. Hmttb. Jan. MY \»1 tte I\ MnnsiU. »e«v J*. TO. I» WB,Ktvttfftta*. feb. K, w» ten Henry ttocfcU*. Jan.», *•! l« touUIT»»«.Jan. *.* JOB Mfchael Urates*. Oat. SS, • » SO DK. JT. 8. TAH TBCHTE.V PJIYSICI-VW A!tD St'BGEO*. OVOTCB 1ST tfeatwelTs Bkwt. Main SI.. Cnatennany. 9 . Y. B. I. WILDIXG, M. 9. PHYSICIAN AKD SUBQBOX. ornot OVER nattriek's bookstore, MMOM.K. Y. Besidenc* Mrs* door north of L. C. Wend's oa Park street, where »i^ can* aaoaU ha aunte. Telephone t-J31W>CtioO«. DK. W. M. BRAHD, i-itraici.vs AS » SCBOEOS. ornc x AT AL. ' U»\ # HoHn t>nif Store, Chateau^-ay. !». X. Telephone eooowcUow. \ M7». tARPESTEK, ~ rUY&tCIAX AX0 SURGEON, CHXBCBVaCO. s. t.- ______ ^~pir¥r©rwH ITEHE A», PHYMCIAX AS» B13KOKOS. OtTKt AJTD rnddenee East Mala 8t „ Burk«. K. Y . Tnto- phone comtccttoiM. H. P. UF.HKKIG, MY'WCIAN ASP SUBWIOS. PHATEACOAY IJUW, X. Y. OAee a t natldvmw fornwriy oc - cupied b j Dr. Jotuwoa. E. E. THl RBER, M. D. riiYSICIAK A»t» 8CTIOB0X BRAnTAllD- r>)l». W» Y. 0»e e at nanlrttne* lo—aarJQr oc- < up:?d by Dr. Oehriaff. J. WCSLEy CAMPBELL. 0. ». S. Dental roomt ortMr fflwttoo'a I»~ « ktWor«. >>w and impraw d app«» - >H». AU work eatrwMed W ma wffl be satisfactorily esecated. XetLART * PAMMM-E, AT3rOB^^!YS AM> Cf>CS8«JtlB!i A T WW. Ofltee o«rr Bubbard A MaUoa'a irt*-. MateM, N. Y . I^>an» aa d ooUectkaui JtumxK.McCi_«ir . FaaasO P&BOOCK. riNE— WHTCK REPftlRlKG Watrhnt left with mr for rv]Mki~ will n>c»i»» prompt ctteattoa and be FULLY WARRANTED! a« m y work i* done by on* of the best watch ra- ^dtnuf kntHi In Northern Mew York. 61 m MK A CALL. SiieWs Drill Itore, Mm® Gtttni' rmutfi. a.-o. ft L. c. mr BEST BOtT E TO AND FROM ^U.t POJXTS EAST AXD IV£ST . THE ONLY USE TO THE Woaderful rhatvaasajr Cltaaaa . v O S AXIJ AFTEB THURSTtAY. FEB. 3D. WOO. and tiotll furtlwr a-AU e, trains will leave Cuateauxay a» folluw* :— OOlX«i RVT S OU A. M.— KXPBJ2SS for a'.i elation*, ooinncct •ow lax a t Kt. Albans tor UtrlluKtun and all tmuturimt Arrive Boatoo ?4Kkp- m.; Sprit«|r Hrld65T p I\.; N«-w York lO.txTp. m . At JlwwnSi JiiofeOon with l>. & U. C. Co., Fl»U*bursh 11.S0 «. m. P. M.—Local fTOIB OgJen»lnirx to Chera- I bn<co. H.31i 4 1 ft V. M.—34 Ail. (topping at all atalton*. oon- diiirc-tink' at M. Albanu with »!«rp*n«t eai train fur ptrfots aanth and east, arrltj. Troy > U 1.52; New Adtverttaaoaaaita . TV> attrntkn of oar rrad*ra 1» naDtd totb e f«*u«hw now adTartiarmrata which appmw to to-diqr'a jaatm: Btatrnwat of rtaaadal Condition at ViSag*. NaU w - Jeh a liuchm. Admin**ratur. Otstar Kih*n-J . _ HO . ror Hale-Ma n Bnah aad B. C. Bwt . ~» Do You U*w8makmi-n. _ liombpMd. AB>»fTIOKAI. I.OCAV. The convicts of Auburn prioon ate r.35 titny of egg* for their K_»t«r bmkfsnl . W. II. Grmr, «>f Malo«e. Ua> been Ap- pointed kMtalaiit lecturer for the third Masonic district of this »Ute. ~ The natlno's hope J* la tb« librrat u*e of tlte natlutt s noap, stultbat U UBivcrsal- l; known a* Tulip soap. AH hopes ha w been given BJ» for the solution o f the mystery enshruudlus the FI«JK! tn»KP<'T «t Wentport. AU c!u«* tUu* far bark; faik*i. Bohemian oa u arc no better than or- dinary o*U anil farmers should oat be Ittriocod to pay extra pricea for sttcti sceil. An esamlnation of bop rani-. In tbl* locality snows taat UK rw»«.» Itanr wiu. terwl we.]. There bare been nc stales in the county JnrJiij tt*e week, and price* remain uuchang.il from last qnoutlotts. UtMiff* L>tdf* BfH.k for M** maintains It» high rank aa> a magulne for the fair s«, the abomEance of 1t# illustration* ant) the excellence of the literary cootoaU S>e4ng folly up to tbe»tantlariiof Its foun- der. We fled from the return* from Confer- ence that the fnltowtus cleraytnrn-weH known in tbl* locality are a.*»i«n«l as follow*: Kev. A. 1). Webster. Clayton;! I>. F. Pierce, Illlon; W. H. Helm*. Rich-1 Held Syrlng*; C. II. Uttlle, t'ajntlen; W. ' F. Took. Sandy Creek. ^--m-^smm,^,.- *lBWU^t .,.....•. •- mm* eitiMHiittiici. Geo. Henry Beck with K*q., one o f PUt*barfb»»mo»ti>U»qoeot lawyer*, taw accepleii KIHI will deStvvr the menwvrlal addreaa on Decoration day ta tb h Tllia«e WeeonfrnlitUiteTV. I>. llrennau Fo*ton Mcttriag »uch a brilliant orator. The boya o f the *;tb .enarnf rotnpany of the vilbtge fee! etaMI overibe Ut\& grata reftette4 from oor member, aayiua that the bill bad become a law In ivtf\tU to t{A*iti|e * »ew •noory In tho n«»r f*> lure, and tt la. expected that the company will tarn oa t on Satarday of thto week and lend a reception to onr member of Anaerubh'. The Maloae City Band, wtdeb be* be*B practicing ail * Inter, came oat f<*f tbe tirat tttoe oa Saturday **«olBg laat, aad g»»e a saort concert. The boya have a *ew aad experienced leatler, A. t*. Move*, and tbe expectation* are that u»e band will be oat «*rjr Saturday cre»ia«. Urn. alnllbobtad, wife of oore-«teemed lownaman, 1, V. Matlboland, died on Satnrday morning laat. Tfte fnnerai am itea wer^ wmdaetcd at the re»id.-»ee of Marvbal S . Howard soniu-biw of the dcecaaed. Fred Seymonr. it -former rexldcnt of Clialeaaway dl«i on Somlay morniust and was bttrtetl oa Tuesday, tie bavta a wife and three children. fieo. S. Howard, oar popular lianlware mrrcbant ba*c«*aic out with a new de- lt\irry wagon. A- C. Hndley, wboTia b«-en con One. I to |ne bona* for otiar tw o week* t ruu» that riread«4 db>ea*e. pneauioala, 1 * a^i n oot and looklagafter the iu*urat»ee b««S- aenjk W e areglwd to »ee lib gcuial fa«e ta onr midat. The editor ©f the .Kr.com* *M In town on Monday. We think that bis «lut en nm>t alt lightly upon bint, a-n be U I<«>kiu« yonttger and baa the saute jfeniat lace as of tore.. Mr. Kuril LsE H|ue. of tht» city, h*« jost received tne appoittttui nt a* one ot the snrseuna f«r the medkal bo«r*i. l« be established in ihla eouuty. The ap- pointment 1* a g'Jod one. Harry Howard, the ••Urnmnter boy «if the 1'ototnac,\ ha* been euicaj[c<l for IK-roralton day, atut we umkr^iaad from commander tiritnt, tb.it he wdi UITI- a emocert some «l »« tu Jn««- f»»r the lieuo tlt of the 0. A- U- !'«•' of thi* |>Uce. awdaa KSOSSSBM wwmmmm ******* MMtf' fat *WtSk WWW* 1 ' flMw Tpamannnj eaafcStot*. mm^i fam u! lloalety a«n flww## »• at the M«w Tort Ca#* ffrtttjf Harlar mirraMfWWlRwr r«* wlwr* I nave been retch in* HAntenl laaafctkw from Wttf. hm, «t la* 4B««ba«wa C««- aenratarr, I am »ow preparew la take poplU In voeai and Inatntawutal M«*k. priyate InatrocUtin or cla*». IIATTBt McfJosat». fmf T. O. Iloji S3*. Matooe. ». T. Without any exception the Sew York Cash Store U »bowli»g the taawt Uae »f ladtn' and fe»t»' wnderwear la ftranklla county. We notice that Coml.peed baaaVatb* bjwfc cbewtnif plug »» towa-«tb« \Ahead of All.\ Try It- Have yon »«ttl«i yonr aceoaaft alaee Janoavr l»t, law? If not, doetoatoae*. Dot ot-A* * KUMUIXB, The N«w York C*»b Store pulou with prkle to their nne*cellod ^oatlt* aad com- plete Oae of boot*, aboen aatf atlppera. noot« and «hor» for eeeryhody at llobwrt* A »mlih#. Yon can and the nne»t anoew or tW be*tboot* at ttolwrt* A MaaHh'*- AU dri.t* dae the *M ttrm of CoQaw A Power* aiujtt l>e acttted at one*. ltobert*A SmltA am reeetrtas tbeif nnr tw»>- It will pay rati to esamine Uiroi evt-oj f yon do atrt pnrcaaM. —*f lallh*«» GHATUUuki »• • wWmtf**lj[w*m *Wtf* fall vMRHTHt and oUtara tajaffafaaV---*\ 1 *- CUATiurOAYBAKIXY ana a> mm taaopply r>«trUan« «a «a» aawat BREAD, BISv- C*ke», Rolls, Ac, at abort notion aaa «f tanaaat PatMealar a*ianHmn c>»c» M> ia* el \ WEDDING CAK~ A 9tm\ JM^MV jjraalatVaVMNw^l MM| \*——•- G. B. CHAMBE: wwwim> * m CWATRACWAV HARiUAatEft Bl«x)KH-IULU ta tanx by ftwt.nana M. K>aa*r« A. - riMln, Mr. WUUant J Wn»tta, nff »-in- .umiwniiumiBii'. >ni.IJHU-Ij»«t>i«i4. J-awm i MATHS. LAMCWIt Ai Kawabarrh <.Vw*aa, Apra Hi. Una. CbaHe* UaBuaar*. aa>w aaant tt ynara. WATHOS.~At KBnabargb. April Man. |*K* Oeoraw Wnana. nan *4 Am and ftnw Ana Ufa* * 4a^ •ALif Base B? Hoprlasters . room ArrmmoM^mn ttjH_awkf ^*^ i '*^awiS3 -4f)B 4o;.t The citlicns of Watorlown, Jr comity will probably IKJ olillg«d l< \beer as t4*ir .otatulanl betera^e. .-.•< live anakes. dead frogs and otocr crawling bopping things come thron^b the water pipe*, and many citizen* have declared that they cannot stand tills kind of a thins for a steady drink. urkf . One of Barkr'* former ton nxmen who has for some time been a r.-.!d«'iii of the ^teen's donismon on acrcunt >A hli evli dolagt, Teatored a IHtle t»w far on tltU aide of the Hoes one day i»*l wwi anii was Innaeaiatcly taken inti cnii'«ly hy l>epoly Sheriar Keown. When »u tlwir way to Matone, h.* sprsus friMrt Urn wa^ott am) beiwg pt>«^e>«e<l fliith itncr>in- rooniy hiojr letf* he s<icreetfed In r«aehl»s Canada befure he cvwld again IK* sm.re- nni pm Jaat-jikwa a i im<ied. !T*lT*!r*T HO« aS> utaTYRC0 havkl Mitrbell startetl tji«t on Monday > ^ • - \~ * v rttr-i ri for a tea tlays rlslt in lkiaton and S^rttiJ-1 mmmmmmmmmm ^ m j -»»»»»»»*»»MBMMBaaMi C. S. Johnson, of Ilatiabiirgh, spent Sunday In tawn. 1*. S. Smith purchased last week of K. Smith bis bulldlnjr lot on Main street sr.d will baild tberoofl arbonseand aturehoa*? tUTsTsonrmer. Arbor l>ay wilt be doty celcbrnte.1 here thbj year with pUotinjc of treirs d<x- omiloits, mnstc. e|c. Slat Montgomery returned from Brook- lyn on Wednesday. I'at Conway tliip;»od a carload of hordes and a rarload uf ntllch cu» * from uu* station last week. Ahm I by and family bare mored to C'hairau^ay. lit. Mayne. of Malone .wan la town on Antnrday. Mr ivas eatSetl l*» se«.- a v •«••»- httt alack ht»r»c belonftinf toll, J(. KHSy nhich Is sli:k with lung ferer. assswAsstantssv FARMEES, ATTENTION ! Supplit ISl*- ni.; Sa w York 7m. a ni.; Arriv fc>*tttiiM3n. m.: Bprinirafld 7.10 o. in : »i York M.Ha. tn. A!*oconaecls a t 1»*HI»«» ^m.. i.ithD.&H . U.Co. OOISO WEST. j A. H.—MAtLstoppuiR at all stations. A* . j rive CljfdeaslftirK ll.ai *. m.. eonneettejr at Norw«*xl with R.'W. ft O. It. K., and Optl^s- burs; with Uraod Trunk By. for all points w«-st. 1 IQ 1*. St.—Uwal Espre w for OKdenfthnnr ami i ,t%i Ititanartliate statluust arrive 0^deut,huri; l to p. in. § 1 fl P. M.-EXPRESS for all stations, irrlt e ,l6S»nroo d tusop . m.: Cgdensbtirif li.« ) p . MI j:xmim-tii5„' with Grand Trunk Ky. for all points we»t. ,^ i Bon't frti! to visit {'KATBACOAT CltAJOt, 1 - rwrnrty iua<l«- aceessiblv to toarista, > • i [I in ?»itl n> exe»\ Aussible t*haR«o. \ Z&~Furvlta<* rour'tlekwtii at the Depot. Tlck- clw to all uviotx EAST and WEST, add baggnge c-U«cfced UITO«K1I. E. K-CHAFMAS. Agent. V. W.BALDWIN'. - S . W. CtJIMIXOS. .Supt. U. A I: C. Div. Gen. Vass. Aerent, St. Alba»B,Vt iORFOKATION ELECTION. <-»MrOBATION OK THE VILLAIiB Of tHATKALWAY . Publi c ffeMaol JCanes. It may be of Interest to our' reders to kiio»- how pubftc sfclutol money Is. obtained, anJL we th.-refore tfve a brief statement gathered from the 1'lalls- borsh Teleyritm. The whole amount of the school fond for the year for the Htate. Is *J3.1W,«»0, divided an foTtaws: First— from\ iiie U. S. d.-partiacut^ fund. The annaal Sorome from th - fund for the statu Is $;;,(KHi. Secomi—Tb^ Common School fond. The whole amonnt of this fund i» 8HX>,- tW, and frotii its revennes there Is an- nually appropriated .$170.0W>. Ti.lrd—The Free School fund. This fnnri Is ratsetl nnnnslly by lax. oelnj^one mill <»n « dollar of the sssoWl vatnallon of the state; from this fond the legisla- ture appropriates J8.250,ooo annnaily for the support of the poblic schools. The State Soperintendetit of Public In- struction apportions the public school money in th * following manners For cYery city andtach rlllaitc harlng a pop- ulstton of lire thousand or upwards, which under a special acts employs a si:p 3 rlnteRdent, fcSOO, and in case a city has more than-onc member of nswniblv, then SSM for each addtUonai one. mafc. \Xr&TWZ to hrt*l.r jflj«-» tbat the annoal mwt - j,^| i«r t>r <!«•-k-<-ioi'8 (rf ti,- ru!ae<> t.f <h*t- »»«Kajr tor theefc-eiW of (Stlcew aadrl w tnn<*. a\tl»o of tJtibrr tiuniHfiui will be h«W at th\ i;nh*n Itwnae, inna-d iriUani; .»aTu™»»y. the *»jb day purposes, erKJ.ftOOj for Indian schools, $5,?,7MA0; for contingent fond, *3,70!J.- I *8. These amoonts deducted from tlte total appropriation would leave $3,S17,- 0J1.12. One-half of this is apportioned to the counties la proportion to the nnm- foer o f teachers la each. and the rematn- Laurer <'hntenmcai Lake . The Ice Is out of the lower lake. (tar school imder the manastemeiil of Miss Kingston, of Fort Ci-v.'njr;«>n, !-• protfrva^tng fl <I* and the aclmlars nre laklua an uriusuai Interest In tlK-ir--!iit.:r« Dilalil I'.iniplx-il. (Igtlen lii'gor srifi f*ej-rse Mcr.beison. who left here a tdtort tt in v since for Wendell. MA«»,, report wcirk In plenty and waste* jjoml. We hope that the lit-.. d«.ho Utrii will, be rt^turned to tiil«~charge for eitaninit* year. He has beeu a iaiilifi.l pastor and is niaeh estei'm^t. Hiram Bellows wh.i has b«>mr very 111 for the past tSirec week, wc arc glad lo learn ta linprorinir. Mr. aad Mrs. Warren FIBrld desire to return thanks to the friends who so kindly remembered them on the 20t!i anniversary of their marriage. _ Ttonrera Cortter*. It has come offnlce and warm, spring is coming now. Moricc Yonns Is moving to B'lbnofct lie is ffoing to r^ H a cheese factory. F.-i'd Tinner sold his span of Macks last week to eastern parties. Win. Yoiinfr has moved Into the Joel Andnts nelghltorhowtl. Mr«. Crow is on the gain. -^N'otnsn Mason Is convalescent. W1ll=Brbj!j8 Is danKcroasly 111. J. \J. Young Is some iwlter. of May neat. Tlw puha will be open at» « ekek y \(l«r ftccordtag to the population, based on * ****** < * u ^* s ^w%H,r»!t.lVanMe«. I th * '*\* ptw^Ilng fka«o or I'oited States J*D* •ADVJHIflSE IX TUK £«:C(»RD. fopaUtitm, Ta* library money is also ap- port'.oned aepirately, of.x^Tllwg t o lb* It Is reported that a lar^e number of cows in St. I^wrence county hare reccnt- ly.died of blackleg. Try the \Ahead of AH\ plug tobacco, for sale it?: Goodspeed's. Boa* cbewlufr is town. „i , K. ii. UongUs wants a steady, compe- tent girt t o do hoase work. Jast opened, a fine line of beaded cape* and wrap* at tbcls'ew York Store. Tbey j^eb««atiea. Express Wagor AT WUKX yuitt.i.u ru ncr THE BEST MOWER, A SPRING-TOCTH j HARROW, Sprisi-Tsslls Caitifatir far Potato -*>r. .• • FIRST-CLASS PLOW WING SPADE, OR HI-TLli CALL ON THK rXi>KKSION'Er>, WHO KK1.T.H TUK KKST lilNIIW TN lllY. MAUKKTATTHK LOWEST LIVING PRICES SATlSPACriO* GVAKAnTBaTB. SEC. W.EQBSRTS TH£CHATEAUCAY % MUSIC EHPOEl'\ *E8T MAIX smUPCT. raiTBir.jiT, - • • . nrpair aad B«vK>del nB asakes af PIAKCS, OROAIt IIS - \ (IfSTRUHEMfS AW make to order rtsna-Marss, AaUk-Bfnrwn, z::\ XytoyMoaen an d UnlclanAral BP^Pfanos nxwen carefnllr wtthin ~^- Itenfta at tt.06. WK A«aS AOlwsi-*.; Pnw'itss Mlewia* iVWwnted li_Z _-_::\' PIANOS 1 •welter Brwdsern, Halle t «V _ »•*«« A alaanlta, Z=^—-'-'- a*rea«M*- aad Menf atn^;1aa4-' ORGANS \\*! siaao« dk alaasdlaH Wth»* 4k '' ~; I^PlaBOi aad OtfaaaaoVl foeeasfc-. mwUdyyr qoarterlylnsSaameSiU. Q*A menw lakm ia adannra. - mens km •\ fiwda rcucy waaaaiaasX v •* *^land«ujniM{natrwa«wtsor wrfta petmaad t«mw, Chatw»a»j,Frt. a^iaML

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