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Chateaugay record. (Chateaugay, N.Y.) 1878-189?, May 02, 1890, Image 6

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- \ *.F T 'f£'** j , * y i\*K «i(* Ayer s Hair Vigor IS tlxi \ideal \ HaJf-<lre»i<lii(t. I t x* . »tore» th e color t o gra y hair ; jWwnotea a freah an d vtgoxoa s growth; jrar*<r«a*» th e forinatfwn of dandruff; Btakea th e bair soft an d silken ; an d impart* a deli - eat e ba t lastin g per - . fume . •geirefal \ntontha frngo rty hair com* mence a falling out , . an d l a • few weefca my hea d wa s ataneat * _ \bald. I tried many. temedtee . bu t the y di d no good . I «n»I- , l y bough t a bottle of Ajar** Hai r > tgor, and,alter uainjr onl y a parte * «»<*>**. tenta, my bea d wa # covered wit h a heav y growt h of half- I wcfliametwl you r preparation a s th e beat in. th e world?—T. Munday , Sharo n Grow. Hy. \I har e use d Ayer'a Hai r Vtgntlo r a numbe r ot years , an d i t ha* alway s give n atesatisfaction . It i* a*exetdleatdraw- ing , prevent* th e hair froin taming gxaV. ia»iir*» it * vigorou s growth , an d keep * th e seal p whins an d clean . — Mar y A . Jackson , Saleui . Maw . \I hav e use d Ayer' s Hai r Vigo r for promotin g th e growt h of th e hair, aad ihisk it iinequaled. Fo r restoring «»*. hair t o it s original rotor, and,for adre** - ing , i t canno t b e surpassed.\—Mrs . Geo . Xa Ferer . Eato n Rapid*. Mich. \Ayer'a Hai r Vigor l# a moat excel - len t preparation for th e hair- I »peak o f i t min i my own experience . It» ns a womuM th e growt h of new hair an d make * i t gloss y an d soft. The Vigor fa als o a wire tat dandruff.\—J. W. Boweb, Edito r \ Eaqairer, \ McArthur , Ohio . \I hav e a*ed Ayer\* Hai r Vigor for th e part tw o years, an d found it al l it 1» represented t o be . It restore* th e natu - ral color t o gra y hair, cause s th e hair t o gro w freelv, an d keep s it soft an d pliant.\—Mrs.'M. V . I»ay, Cofcoea, N . Y . \ M y father, a t abou t th e ag e o f fifty. }e»t al l th e hair from th e to p of hi* hea d Alte r on e month' s trial of Ayer' s Hai r Vigor th e hair bega n coming , and , i n three months , h# hail a flne growt h o t hair of th e natural color.\-!' . J . Cullen , Saratog a Springs . K . V . t f^c*. vmmonm. g«r, rUTiUD BT Dr. J . C . Ayar It Co. , Lowell, Mas* . 8*M t y DrogyteU end PrTbjnwr*. , HtOOK AT THIS I THS rLACB T O BUY A HARNESS IB AT \ •fDrmurAci vein R s TUVBAO XT tola II la O f The Lawgatt Han*»a> Sho o l a 5orth - arn Ha w York. tkawaatallitoekof arerythta g In ay Una. Blankets «l cTary Aaacripttat Trfwnjng » •faBaryla m DOTJBLB ft SI50LE HAPVBSaES afetenriaak A SekM-tedBnajretof the Latest Dtapate hea. Great Damage and Suffering In- flicted by Floods in Texas, Thw tncirt .datfMrurti**' Hood awar- tatown in the history of North Texaahaw just paandV MWMHth th « Trinity Riv#r a t Hwilaa, Tanut. Thu great rate* raise«l «v«ry tHhatar y of i t far oa t of titevr ba»Ju. iKiring th a nigh t i t ro** ntpidLv. an d at 10 u'dock In tlw iaom< ms pastmi tii» higtum w»u*r-m»rl! in fifty yewn . In' front tk Datiait, Teaas, i t w*« tw o mil w **, #3tt«»ding to th # foot at rnandem Ufijrht wart aa d t o 0*i Off »>uth of U w city. O n th a north alt r«Ki. dfuc^. trotn a huwirwi >-ard» beroo d Cochran »trwt wet «ulnurt-|{«i tom e t o th« »w-ou.l floor «wl oth#r» to th e attic. X o on» h» d been r*port«id drowwKi. Back wairrcxWiwleii far u p o a tha north mkhictf tfa#elty, wltilo o n tlw «witJi h«>u»n» W*I-«>*O«WI>»TK«1 • » far a p a s Wani^imwl oflrth. Houth an d tn front <rf th # aty 'taara MUaMTut ocaano i water thirty an d fort y lBid«v|J - tt» ilk* h*» iKtt been <•*•(!. ^\raijiw o n nil tb»> raliroadi, th a T*«a» I i'atUJf. th» Mitaourt F.plfi.-, ta « Honu F«> | «u»i th e t»r*ea*iJfe, were not running wait, I tiorth or wiathrtf theeitjr. Watbomta war* **• ptTuni all nlonic their line*, bu t the worst w«r* : itnuinjtatt>iy Hroumi,th«rtty, <J»ng*of mm w»rt> wau&ia g ttt« brid^ni oir « th « Trinity Hiv.-r «a d kwpitm offi tha drift. Th * cra#C »f tb>> „ w*»nt hwkntti - tux feet of tttv Cooriin of tim bridgmm In tb« Hty , hut ttw> Sant a F » (.'antral** bruittw twiow town wero n^jorled *uhnt«rx#d, ^«*w» from th» tarrounding country is tua>t. f*i»all bridg** hav* t>a«i ii*stn>ywi by (h » \iaJttjre. Indrad, few nr» left Th e dmtruction of cropt will natoaat to iiuh> or nothing, for as notm aa th e watw gowdowt i they w&l gro w again. The *tan» of Fridny will h e a oMwaorahte one i t extended from th a Indian Territory to the tiulf, from Mamhalt V< AbUeoe. There ww not « »tr»»m. how«v«jr «ua H o r Kraat, that -mm not ratoed highehoT * rta high wste r raark. At mna y puot a were hurrk-anee anti f»t» ifKnittnv ejVlane. Many houtce werp hl»wu down, but m> far not a »ingW tife ha» b«wi n?f*>rt«i kwi, A norther m hkiwinjt. and fir«» were «(wlt» foenfortabie. H(«nlr > i n liondoj i iimr y M. Htenl^if. the etpioriirr of Africa, •rnvw i a t tiu- \\icti»ria «t*tio» in Ixndon . Tb*r« we * e n tmawnse tinaemtr&e of }aeat>ls tttxide en d oisUiil.- th e station anil be WOM riwoi m«t imthu«i«Jtn- greeting. Th e ! nukw of Aberoow, BarocxMi B(irdett-C«u«» j ami a large numfcwr <>f oth w fneodn of tho rxpiorer werw awaiting to w*ico«w him . The fiku-oocaa prmmatM Mr. Stanley With a 1 tmuquet. H«.Mi<tnt]}'tmw«d hb» tb*'nk» ami j thmi enterwi tb» e»majt » ° f 'h e Baroneet j an d i!n.n'«j off wjtb her j The hour of Mr Stanley** arrival a t f>nr«r wan 3:35 o'clock. IHtgranirful fo« - fttMon prevail*! oajhajjiw^wh^ n b e land*i. I owia j tk> !m«n*n»^etnpnt b y the local j a«tbeirtttea — ¥itty reporter* w«»f*» I pre»ent atwi they <-nn*« near havinx a ^m - I fl«ct with tli« (.lola-v. owini; to thwr S defiance of <-«rtatn <>nier» wbk>h th» r<- j (xjrtem revardni as unwarranted, A j number of Mr, fitanl^f'* friend.*, amon|; J thein twins Mr Sew . the American Consul- j Ueneral; (tenerai Sir tiarsvet Woiaeiwy, and j Ru.itern r*aslta. (h e Turltwb Ambniiador, i an d other* «f prominew * ware unable to I (ret aboard the uteamer which brijntbt Mr. Stanlwr. Th e authnritien of i>oe*r presented sui ad«fr««ji t o Mr Stanley. H e replied with s t»w words of th.'Uii-. At ttip mmnian d nt th e Prin«-» \f Walca, Mr .Stanley. f>r 1'arie, Sir William Ma*> kinnon an d 8<r Kraaoi* l*» Win too went to Handrian^tam, wb-r,- they w^re t.j roattui »er,T»l ciav«. Ummh—Tm Wtnaeu* IM**}. ~ nun OOLD »«••»< m— >ih |<A» ud(«Mieaew, b nrt l u d >•••• 1 t nHm tufs raatev (« txmOlr f M* > •\• MfM&«v with tmr lerte I mlaiNVW >lHnw)MM Tfc** »«,»!**. M e«iJ _ » #*ree. Att a>»w«cky»« ••Ma aMia* r •»*\*•«»* y» » \»»• •\» <«B-y«« aw«<a M4 MlMm ••»!«>«• «l»«i ,ta»-i»M»i«»f»»M«» la wlat k «•*» «» m, «kfc a (..WJ tjerM\ •*•*»«••<• *W«>«. a»«ia»i<f*<niT(a>it W* p«r •!! itftm. »«fkt. ««. <» e rmthmmnl.it r «t «»«>M W» •• I» » e\\*- 1 *» •»• - itnm Sa*> - -**••\' attawwi A <'... BVi Si » , PawttaMul, MaOaau than IWfim TftK piTijiertT of men i n the Vmtwl mor p tha n th o tota l |<oWssjona balance of. ,<&y, .\.:U«.iV} if w e the present jioptilatio n iii),0WV^) . the State of Michigan, t o a«sa sinpl p illustration , on e vw | >b.nnilretU k par t of til e popnlatio n owna 61 pe r cent , o f the rea l estat e variations , and thi s i s a »bette r showing than many States make. Teh thousand people own near - ly the whole o f New York City with it « 2,jOOO,000 people . The entir e bojaie<l debt o f th e United State* i s held by 71,00 0 persons only, and ove r 6 0 pe r cent , of i\ is ill the hands o f 23,00 0 ^rsons Three Hor* e Thieves Whippetl. Th.» n Inppine <>( thr w borne thieve a | th e -i-iunty whipjituif j>*»t at iSenrgebtwo, Itel , affrat~t*>l a jri^«r rr*d. The <i;jtf!nt«, J. t)«eo « iMaAt-?*, Ji>!»n T Dtma and Joeeptj HamiSs«>:i ar>- >•• >nn»et*d with ' the ieadtni; f*tiii!iw «f Howsei Count r, Th\ cnlpritu tbernelve* an<l 1hilr friead* ei(i*< - E«( Vi ge t \riier* fr:>m th e l*nv. fTO J f«r the rumwMioo if the whiin>in|[ jwirtof the wnteie* , a»i>J were sorely di«anpo«nt*d The .ro w 1 that gathtred t o witnewi th e fl vg- srin; *i» the Urjrent swwn at f}eor(tiitown on a •laiiint•mwuiiii t«>r man y y«ar<- It w«u» 1 r<«ii|>«wl a! men , «'jm-?o, an d '\hildnro w.«nen narryintf their halxwwnnd men dne- . iii^: for allies with tii*>lr famjliea t.) nee th e -' fln whipping was in a fwblii\ s<|uare in VtjiS view <.f th e window* of th e oirrmtxliri j 1 houses, \rjarh window wu filled with »j*e>-- tat\t-H. Th e whipping wa s dune b y the Shrhsf nt the ••oonty. wh » u*»<l umall swlloliw. tw o of whl»'h he w irv ', m i ,> n ' t n w bnili of eavh niau. girin g them twenty laahut eartf TVse first ma n wa s po t m th e pillory nhoot lJ>>K)o'idiwk in th e mornim;. Kach «to>»d an hijtjr with hi* head in a wooden yok e an d hi« twM>!s raijieil aWve his head, an 1 wan after- ward whipped. TheexbibitiiHi eaifodatalrei t i :*» P. jr., a/ter which the priwwier* were onmmitted t o jail. Thi* (ienalty carries with it perjictual fli*frani'hi»emeiit. an d thl>i f«r*t was th e w/arre of greatest irrief t o th e cul- prits. MBW nm STATE NEWS. Tana** 0. Sietat, Fmident «rf the N*** York\ LtasMtaotiifa, Work* m rton**,' «h*i a fe w day * a«o.'ago l taxty-one. : HovKHta* flux, aent «\ imnwajf* t*.> thW, LeKialaturw raoMMtacodin*: anaso?;! Iroeni V> the «*omtpt Practice\ met. Aaotrr !••*> o'dka.-k in th e n»ort»i«s ttt 8yr»i*u*5 Unia Bear, a han>U»nr> (gtriof tw«tty-thrw>'ye«ra, w*» walking with Ju- 'leph K«arn«y,.««o f Wiitlaaj Kearney, th« brewer, w.hen aha dre* » rar«lv*r a»t *h*«- hin* tw«o» in th * bead He w*» lUafeew**' injured Kiwaraey h a l t«et» k«woins w«- jiony with Ham l>e«r f*r munt Umi.aodH wo r »up[»JW«d aha nh--'t hiroon'a*.'«*int < )* jealousy of another «»rl, Mt*» iv»r . wis» wa» found about t o'l-lo-i. appareatly adoe ? at her bucne, deoie t bavmg m«s Kearo.Tj', and.declare ! that *h - M n-tt »h«>s W m Kearney, la M» ante^-iJo-'W-u. itatMMtnt. <w..rr that ahedidth e tin* >tw{ A xrxaa* of ineradiary are* have o» cttrrw! in th e F«tth Wan i ..f f.t wra rw.voliy. Aa the rwealt of Ar» ,:iiv^i;»s» n by t>8 paik*, Ja y Kearin . the a»«.> nr--4d *» A «f PtdlcMnan Kearin, hi* !«*.» ajrrwtejl. ,aa t h«* ^mfeawtd tha t b«> *wte t tn« dr»» J)a, (UaMltK'A •tatdio, »£ «»:«>r«-itle w«?re tHtrned, and b f '^a.-h-nan, E.S1'\'\ W.'!lio:!i*>n. an d tbr—' *v«rw>». ••*«*• t«jrn« ' tn death. Th * Bra ><• *tim»iwd t. l-Jive be«fa started b y a njiasrk tr-nu WilU-xm^tis'* •jrf;» Ttt*«*bo*aMtcratavt'»nr ,>.' tt'ive, Ttujina- A, Kirk in rtoehaatef ha* Iwwn barn* ! Tfe> i.»« M *S*i*MR .Th * !•.\«> >*« th e rnjifcltn*; wM'-h ***» wWflwl it,- J»h o U %V«is{!«er. •• !»(.',,'«»< Th**fa«at*»ie.n. > the rtuur t.jry 'rf lAnjpdey. Fowler x. < > . and l«jru- it, enmilinji a Ua» «f *t I Mww Aaet Mooa a »»'**ai•«. ^ro^ewrw o? |\ \Latta an-t ttrwi i a t Vas.<»r <.'..»«««», dtada J few <t«y» afo in X'»*«ar H-.»j«tx!, P-.at^b j kee^jwi* Kbe hw i been an t«*tru'-tor *! Va* ] Mr Collajpj fur a»rwnt«en yarn . i t'ht.t.» H*r«a , a far.w r j St-buybv- Omnty , has (•>* i«\ th*iau;htn f doc k •*? the •>'•.»• f tiu fiaii j thai a »li«' m.ae « f farm. Mowa(*<*»•<•> a **'«:.i j *u «ent to K . <* M'.'i-tts, t t i-> j I'luoy u Hmeltlag W»irk.» *!>i th - a***, <•»; ! returned, w&feh *tj'i*« *** «i» J er a-« t (T; rat i « u> th e to n of rork. bu; it-- !e,\d i«r >i'r>'(, V I .*».»-k compan y fa fe» be.-.rjaas» ! as-levi | 'xrjuu at iaw* o n th' 1 mu» •. I Tut W«teri t Ne w v.* « v, ..ifiau\. i.i[-t»s j *F*i>re»j{» Miwrton an>! S--.-».>tv !:»• •!<•\! it* wwt.nd ananal weet^oj a! I^x-if.-rt Them were over-tw o hno=lre.l »nd rtfi* tie>j*i«i | [>re«ent an d a iar^e u'io;l»-r w' (•••fii'i nil* ! »i«n*rt.» from Uttnriah I'iaiiw an 1 b»l'» J The loading wpeaaer «» Ms*' j »f !*>od,in, Knjflani. U- \ Uwflx n kuwlifa «m.'n ; sh- fa^-t-jry ^o very dramatic an d tHrUim*. Acaaaos Kvinrrr , f..r(i«rh- * inanufai-tore^ a t B!>fc--Rii!«*- l, or,' -h Tintgbkeev«*le, agwl wgbtv-wt-i v.^r- leavca tw-> daa^htera, \m »r. \«r> , »cb»x>i a t P.sOjEhkeeju.e. THK draa d Jur y of .*<arat<tja »•*\»\ turned *\>*lel iB>lh-\->o mU a^*in«l flwartout an«i J. II < '-wt-n. vi«**sr »>i t,M- criminal n*j{Hgen.-» rW-nu*l K wa* ai*> indlcte-l forirawi.. ; ..-f.mj.-ti j a« rd'la^* i-lnrk in si--' « ! The [wtrtiat w»r«arrests ! ! Tna A«wtnbly J .sit i j Alljony *ubtndte>l in.%>-> I rei>-«rt« <m the B'vAf'-my^ former ex> - olti«$*! '\>•! plK-»ty in th e illegal «-*• « r »n; Flaf-k diroroas an d th • latter r-- his lnaryMRbat:wil, Cos.-iTAatJtOr-WJK W Tri.r n t*eater, whoba«f-\<r *\«•• d'n - >•» oring to jpet o n the tr t wh o haVo b»a» (ipjr** i hltruatf tbu latent v,.-n<! •-* th > ^ thtev.*ellter»:i Ul> \V v<l<« u l fir t arem i •. an 1 «t >'. • h.j r.-<', ft'i I • the rrt«t WAS tb« ,•):'»!•' 1 '« w.i l>ini»,\l Ur th> K-ir.n'K « •• > » »' 'badtra a deputy eh-n-T b*U-v a i stable t»dg e an d a srixli i,\4 ! i«i-l;< eagle snrm Matin g <i f > g -M j'U.** *• by a «IIAU ehaln. A nta*. treaty y«»r< ftf aj e re.^ the H-wton Hoa*> In Tr. y a* L '**« of Bwton . andpr.>nie*t a r.»^ , » wa* touod dead n««t avmm fr- ,r >l FOR- INFANTS FOOD ffiwnAfvw iV/\ AMfc'ft H^FEVfe^ [ptO Li fan \ j c«wtaiiiii ^ ntfcnu, i^ai VM'^IOMMWII »OOTHIII«. »-^re i^a ' **T\.- ^T A ««•««•• Cum- 'CUEAH-WKKft, °*\flS« , t3^-a (S;*:* rvTcWSCeaft - MCAUNG • .•weaatvat a a* VAN WtlTT CBtMlCAt, CO.. WATfWTOlt* *.* For sale at SHXI-DOH'S D»UO STOMfclt^Chtt I WILL GUARANTEE • 1 Badical and Speedy Cure for Hard IF YOC WILL HOT '•rats^-', •tnrt\-*-t .- • it i *> > . f ui. -n hl« to-r . ; rcr -.* th- ki»i I «!• J*U\ fr».ui nn; of til- *i i*. .-riff hb-l T..e* , 1/w In an! ffi5ere.l •** W-rer. ( i*»re dv 3 t «iw >d *Tt » VH| Waeeewrfal Hexedr aw (ww- jeett, «H K eenatn la U« rtfart* mni tttm* aet bUn.» timd pttiet l»«aw. lEIOHL'S SPAY1H CURL Of*wa«er«uaa a a. a^rraca, , aacatwa ,-•» ' Cu:-*mt*aa IU» »»» »awm»«» fta*» H a« n > - Kurwwaa, lu. , »e».»«. MM. ba. M J. K«»MLLOa. tM-ar aiet t «,»>» alwat* ynehne < r^w tE«- itair* a«a«ia C«re ht IAe 1iuk-'r <^>*ea V^\(0^« t w»,aS<l like fetrve toiarrr awaiKr- I tMnk Hi* nw^lMlnl Uatawaia « i r«nfc. t aa* em mj ataiia— tor u>re» t****- • TimrttroJr- < R,a 4. trriMm. lEUDBLL'S SPIY11 CURL Rane*i.Tir, ]». T.. fcrmhif J, ion. ba. a J RaaauACa. XHfta ttn i fl«tre t» ft** Tea «*»»li«ei»)al af «f »i>,)««»nk>l»r-f io»r *>»taJl •»(..•!»<-»rr t ham r<*^.aawraewa, atlW Jataia. Mameail it 1c Toiifa tfaljr. . \Fcrib tanning* * ba a received , a tre - . inendons shock i n England os account <yf the disclosures i n the Birchell case . Judging fro m the inquirie s that these pnpit farmer s make o f thei r agents, they need a great deal of teaching. One young man recently wrote / to ia - qture il cotto n was grown i o a certai n locality in Canada, and the sapient •gent answered tha t i t was not , but that s o important a n industry could sot long escape attention. „ mr. rusu t o cu e goia neias la tne Tratisvaal regio n ha » been unprece- dented i n history . In thre « years** £150,000,000 o f English money hare been invested there . Citie a have ^eTEeTe~Ki^TB68 only grass could be foun d and no habitation. Indifferent port s o f the world , under the auapices o f uiiteen differen t soci^ tiea , there ar e twenty-Hevei $ vesaels engaged i n inissionarr'-workif j Hi x of tbe~e ar e enspkiye d 'in lhe i Pacifi c lOeea n and sixteen o f them alanf* the jeoag i o r o n the riyen of Africa . t ' •;..:•: . ;. • ... \*— S -$,>,: HarrlKo n « KtAt Veto . Freeident Harrison «ent hisflr^t vet o bith e Hotixe In bis message, retnrning without opproral th e bill -t o autiio^iit,- the r jt y of Ojrden, Utah, t o assume increaaeit Imtebtcd- n<»»«.' , H e say*: The general la w Gx,« th e limit of four j*>r cent, on^tbe last asses*»ment. for taiatio n • s the limit of indebtedneaa which a mu - nicipal \corporation in th e Territorien ma y aaiame. This hill eTteinN thin llSiit as to Oj[d«n , tn eight |>er eent. I d o no?, doubt tnat ttie citiicena of Ogden will nlti- nintely reaiijie tltat the creation of a muni- cipal debt of over half a million dollar* !>v a city of 1f>.ljOU jj<>(iui»tioB, being about $87 pt-r capita, is unwjn •. Knla l Firv In a Mine. Fire started m th e North Ta-naraok shaft at Hancock, Mich., near th e surface {tamp, it boy being in the mine a t th e tims. The flawed r«ach«*i the shaft hoti»x ba t were *K«> extinguished. Captain Joseph Roberta. John Thomas anil Joh n Row e »er p affected by th e (fas. Roberta wa s bronght u p nearly imffoeated. Thomas wa* irowTMribie an d (;i tally burne d and How e wan dead. TBe oum irowned at th e bottom of tb » shaft *5f) feet from th e unrfaoe. The ' ftre is mppoeed to iiave cj»ti(|bt from.the boy'* candle. Torrible* Accident to a *Ple«*ures Party. \iVhiie retnrninsc from a trip t o Lafayette, a. . party of young people me t with a shocking * accident \near Lima. Ohio. Thei^ horaec became frightened an d ran itjto a *t.'ane wail, killing bit h of them, am ! ilaebinst th e ocr^ipanta against th e *1one abntmen t of a bridge. Minnie and '5*r- vi«- rVrc e were inntaotly killed, an d Ella Hawkin* an d C M Chorda, wer e faia'ly i»- Jnr* , araenh'. x A p**i*| e r*.nUmittc th i j>oi«.in waa found in her p>-> »t Hh« U uttknowu tba m Hh?Uad l»t UtU» m«wr, t«it w»^ well <!resseit aa d coot<-lr In aj»i>«iranc\. riti'iiriciiN meiuo»'r.,ti; ttt««r\»=s\tet>>T t An« y • if Y<<nJ(ern were ane-t-dfo r dKturbin^ ttm peat— an I wtnctity of th** Si- i nt h by ,p;ira J- in? and brtirtn^ tint>' ) » >nri!>»<. They were marcel under guard -\< a til.'ij.xio of j>. !;<-' U> the 'titio n hoa*'. a-1.I the «v;bt cr.-»f,.-i ,i Kiw*l d»»i of iatarevt an I excitement. !';«>!! lwt:ig taken before ttie t,*lty Jnd^e they wer.-i remanle l in default .>.' }A;I tad eac j Rr,it«f: bt/»V»\». nl Klm.ra, on - o f the iw^t- known iron worker* in the Stale, died n (»* days aa> o ; a c>.iip\ i -.m^i -if di*»i-w»-«. si: •-! flfty-tw,. A «i\j, m»*tin,c of tb i Brotherh^^f <•; Ij<icoio<itis-e Engine^ri «a » hairi at <h«w»j;H«. About .V^l engineers were |»re,ieTit. iiv*!u!sn.' ffraud Chief I*. M. Arthur. Th*y- - rt\me front ait prini* letweeti Boston an d ( lik-afM. principally on special tr u»«. The affair w«* ini'hursco \ l>ivis\so;i \'K •>\- (Juwe^ri. and tht ri»it«r» wer? haiidaontely entortainei]. mmus mm CURL tun, Wnrrn* CoeaTT. Otoo, Dec i 0*. B. J. KrJ«t.»li Cm. (leal* I tee| it ar* oaty to•* / «aal I aaeednae wtta year Keadalli *rA,lti frm. t!>»•• rmrt-* twsntrDv* a«nmi IMI t>*4 !»»r«'»l««. lea <•' Rla* near, atae aftlderf wr u Hl a Ilea * itl ar»enof t^if Jaw. aiae^ f b*»» h«o vn* of jr, b<v*» and ro4u»we>! l*» 4ti*ctloi«». I War* a*> MT loa* a ea«e n( aar alad. tomnttvir, Bot»eOwM«r. lEMMLL'S SPAVIN CURL . Prtte at Mmietllawai betO«» for 9XIR Tm*- «U*« \»••• It cr oan aw II tne joa. or ll»UID»»eTi« Io any aadrawioa raeafta of arkw by Uw eeiwHe-* lora. Da. a J, tnuuCo.. Ktx»Nirrt rail.. V t i SOLD BT AXJi DitUQOISTS ! ^mw^ m 0 V i t ^ t g B # e^^i fc*-r^e«ie«M»»*. _ ia««*«k*aMn*ae«rta*i>le. aeaaa. HMan*w»»«««»»»««ifc»,p»i-«™«*»fi> r-i«^^f w ine d with gadi and otner wenponsi. visiteii the brnisi' •>( Luther Ihinrici. a t HaSc >tuville, Ui c/iasti*. him for Ui*»llex«»i m>n-*ij}»jiort an d til-treat meat of his invalid wJXs^and family On bended knee* be irn;>ff>r«i forj^vanmst and pronn<»»<! to reform He «-i< then allowed togo. wCtbtb'j warning tbafcif hediinotfer - hav« bbttwdt th e Tititors -.vowld retof*. Fia a a t the v»iiae<> «f bandy Creek de- •troyedth e Bolkley Oje-ra Koiiat, thy Handy Creek Hotel aa d eseeraf «frr*a. Tkn<at B\ JwaiTy. «IM«I th#eesie»i fmrf »tiwiwm- n MMft*«H}.*««M*e*#iK4#. »t«p*.»,larr,»f » wW*»wor W» ml>it>ie)^MieriMi (we^^tt mo •ekttrwa H»ll*i'l> •! UMI. *--m!»->!«.;».^. •»'••eerweP* •«»***••»«••' » W»««r«M ^a^r«w3r»rtei. i*jr.».a. M*u^rr af <-.. •., «»•, ron . .-.:-».:»•:, 3DO-5TOXJ ITfiJCTLT BELIABLE GWDS FH81 A ITOUT 1BMI W GRASS AND CLOTEB 8EBD, DEFIANCE SKBD WHEAT, BRADLEY 1 * PHOSPHATB, PACIFIC, OCAIfO t GENUINE NOVA SCOTIAIVAHD FLABOKJ •IRACUSE8UIeKT AND HAND PLOWS, PERRY SPRINOJrOOTH HARB0H| Stoves and Tlnwari^ Doom, 8ash r Bliodi, Blinds, ^birrtp, 01»pbonny-, Lfttk, Paiou, OiU, Wii*h«§, Tarred sad FeltPapor, Wheelwright and tilaclymtiktag Material. |TI tolicit yoar tradt oa improved basi&esa principles - ^ D. 8. COOafUEfi SELL AS Jiinnfgiix. Atterawya »*A Cnaaailar * «k*c efrTh«4 Thtf 4 ^aUaoadJtaAk. ) Ttauooad JOHTf L GILBERT. *tt.w»a y amS Goammkr, i*n t a ICallawattara !•, V . GEORGE L. JORDAN. M.U, I'byatciaa asd ftwrgeoa. r^rrrtiK at j<wd M »::«\v<li o A rail by <latr«r»*«litfMOT Kiinwattinwi ••» NATIONAL HOTEL, Zhifham Viitaca, Qoa , T H. fWMajJQ ! r*-toe ftxrwntly aa4 Uwwo»t«aly w>\ ...I refimMakwd. Rioafwaw aawpat fW*> ami ft foo d Uvar*. UrlTWELLS 1 WAIrL ^ anar»er> »*« r\«**«1an at l*» . C>n« ll-»w wMekaee. M« ••» « ' ' IF. a <eew*ifiwit'* >w*.i*ei »,c->«iwri»«tat. fc, T, .CieewMo. taw 0*» >R. wan. WEAD ft PADDOCK, Uwyera, Maiaaa. W T , «etwtla» teaae eaj** CKwl »n«Mh. Heal KMate ao4 Life taw^aw* iw* eaw, kl! Wertarn f»»r.nu*4 eaewflW «a» ar»e*»la a taail » araachea. .^ Laaua C. *aa». ra«'s * ?*»••• • BADGER, GINB i IDE. iiawne n aa<5 cnowwter* •< law narawetar •* * aria Urva-alore, Java r. taa&ata., Lost Lir lIBlTTrl^B 4fajt0f TwoCoBtix >T K*« aw* Jafcwai CrUrTE\ XXX . Tbn«M datt*err4 th« •* 1 it a n awfft l hawj 01 eT aOtb'-ttoi**- ,^- ,! t a- 1 *\<•\* c^>B>« o*^ \ llfc c\i. It **» *«* WJ \the •**»'<«* *Wl» .•.» tit-o i! th*> window tt»a !b e tuny. i«\^«^* \f * cat.-b . if |a>««W« « b*r llaT . « \ \ I keVw w^etmn* »* * i»M * l*n* u '\^ ih ^ r »BO«b« ;« i& trouble- »r»'iti\ , , ,- , , 1), e l,i:lof«T-i«** „<< i.«,-. t '••*•• * *>*** ^ m r ? \« b.r back,\ d\a rooo*-, * B * ' * w . Lata, *»> , .f 1 tiiwt ktre'W t j,.u went bac *, v :dl'A ti»e b * .innc Uw alar * i«)ja.id.-iJj;o««»' °'-T1>otr.aa, -ro t » ,l,t - wan-h'-l r«r»ft*^*i-; : h e wen t away, and h« b i tar»*-l . f4 * I :* ,hi \ K l ^! h n wint\ 4 ^* her* IwtOT* .»,t otei'.Kk; bare la»Utnlv. an d dnva n rotttaeli . 1 <*^« lMrt f' ' \Al l rwht, «n.a«u» . t mint:* , M* an y 1' tor •r e Brra akre . Chaieahfai. X. T. \ \ Kaaa I_f.«lt»«. ' CORDOff H lAIR. a Uw-Ota* «***.* riaaat aawIUewaw*** r.lf.r, _ , HOLMES 2W?#!\ «\»\ ta| PBEE niiC the mrt(, rR» J5.gffi»iSi »»*^»«4 , *m4 t« •*jeCH«« *T*WS, » • l»e» * tgit^.s-iB *»«,...,»..,.. tke ^..< . *»r « ex« n It i . •» ««w w»»,»a -r •!*J»*!-H!* -^imsteea'Mr »^: I*J»4*'*•?* *»,<-)» tw«^l1r L -!•» *a V*« •WrtW m*»a* #wa ^ « V»r» I * *T« t* «w* I>*BA* t» ?>*•' iV b*» k aaw artsaMl' to auM PHOTOGRAPHS ——r«omr«TtMlliS6^«ranric •*»«»* nonotwou atuowtb *T ea «*!««*» CBATtAC«AT,lf.T , 8 of0.t.inflW*rW25c* mnn at ruMrat* aaw.JPHC5J VflBjtfffiiiT -*«^ tJ ^^ 2?s E9SjE*7f* jeal a !' ko n O B Tom. _ Itlba! * few »t»W riaffe »** driven frcwrtt «.,« and rayuUy flywg H « ..id' <'j^«l* Di w * •hiTerici r wotaan. *vrr bnt rarrj-.Bg a »aA act The amw waa «ir where Ka v often !««» rot there , a d had o<» r Thotman went to ef * cit-. im t Bay waa not aatioua littl e wif«» aai cciv e th e time answer \Not «ef n here to- * Jn* t *•* I^BCT* •** • W *h»- bad b on waitu rmmng Jn«« l *»\ ° ™ th e cicr k that a horw ftlirer-r stable , and t y*e mailer ^f the Br He did ad fcnow Ibere . hnx the pasty cago . Thi» bit of- n<?w* aomewbat. and yet altogether aatiwed; gone oft\ an d never V> or sai d a won! about neve r dose l«for<'. \I t i» getting q« an d le t «• g'» hoino t master wil l r\4um b' bu t tha t a m<HWW«n . 3»e was here and be — star t hnirifdiaiely . 5igbt had p»*)«et Lenora bad not »- ll.cr « w . r e great • her eyes, which c beantv . That h»$->py «n«l « face , aud now i t -' »tam«l. ' =• Al>owt Bite « ol°* morning af t*' e T tt*T[ Irfnor a revived a ' brok e her 'poor aeh Catoxt Krs. Bristol , of Brtftb Cosn« lattnediatej dead—committe d *«i< Pacific Uolel . I av

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