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Chateaugay record. (Chateaugay, N.Y.) 1878-189?, June 13, 1890, Image 4

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FRIDAY, JUSTE 13, IMft. * J. D. BECKWTTir, EDITOR. THE KECQKD i s tested eTery Frfdar c tiaas forte tot sstii, aad ooanaiM tha latest am wp to line boor of jroiac t o pwsav _ OXBTSJtS tum SIX MONTHS SCcwt STWCTLT IJ! AJMTA5CE. XMMMI war Desists* &Kissas»** susre, Xsi a St ' fm Jeffisrsoa Davis was barfed the ' cowatry thought the \lost cans*\ was burled with Mta, and Usatit bad done wttfc jwbllc demonstrations .of dishmlty. lib fuaerai vu made Uie occasion of great Democratic rertvaL aed the South- ern bout waa fired as It had not been for » long tin*. Bat toys! people mid: \Vevermlatl; this to probacy the end of it; let them enjoy tfe* old (Ban's faaeral aad make the most of it.\* Bat it seems sot to bare bees tbe cad of It, OB the * eoatnury, is It teems to hare be*o the be- ' giantag of * new lease of Hfe to the tost -\ caase. Tbere are a camber of BKMtsraeBis ' and tacBKrrisJ* of Confederate heroes ia tbe Sonth. every one or which la aa oh-} * jeet kascna of treason. So long as Uttjr j ' stand the* will teach Southern children j Uwt it la patriotic to fight for a dissolB- ' tioa of the anion of tbe states, and more j 1 afreet and honorable to die for erne'* state tlua for one'* cooutry. Xo other gov- * eminent to tbe *orW woald have perolt- ted each moBBSteats to .x erected. It is qaestjottable whether tbl* government of * am U atroog emmgh to withstand tire kutdioos Infiueoce of this scolptared trpa- \ aon, perpetaally working iiricrt its * authority ta the raiods of tbe yn-eng. If tacit a mas as Bobcft K- Lee may property be cant* i zed* or held «p as a aodei to American youth, what i$ to kir>- \^der tbe tehabttaUoa of sach a taaa aa Benedict Arnold : we need o»t be HR-AIT- xnoctbed, or pick aad 4 e!ioo#e words is ~ dealing wrtb tees—who betrayed their Stoat. Benedict Arnold betra>ed a tra»t \ and baa aerer had an appoiogist in the ^wectfoa where he was born. He ooght not to hare an apoloeist any- where. He betrayed It witaoct a jot or JTeaenie. Arnold had t, -risv-ance, bet Lee ' bad BOW. Arnold was not educated by j tbe government and employed at good : -*i»j from TOQtb to »i.idle a^e.. lie had i never been denied recognition or credit for anything dose la the Hoe of dirty. Arnold laid hi* complaint before tbe au- thorities aad being ignored meanly,.be- trayed hia traat for revenge atsd pay. JLt* was a great soidk-r, so waj Arnold, ^wbo showed fully a» msth miiitsry geu- \lm a» Lee did. New England will never aoreil a statue to Benedict Arnold. There *H not a man la all tUat regUm who ib\n'i* of ArnokTs raliitarr cenli*. New T.ng. ^tMBly remenjbers that he wss a traSwr. ^TbeyiBay execrate ht* laeuwry; ibey wffl aervr canonize hint. But perhaps the m»*t fitt.'o^ tribate that could be paid to me memory of I^-c \\and which awtf go la exteriaatlon of that phase of character which w rotjght tbe treason Is cocefced in the following: \Lee was not A conspirator. like the oJJgarchy ^tbat compassed secession by fear., vio- \Voce tricks, and all other manner n[ crimes. He was the <!ecorr>i» and nmi- v neotai figurehead, and the aject and \tool of th#^li33rcbs. after the:r Clxh'A- ieaiplots had beeu cocsuro^tffd ani the JSootbeni heart had beca 'Sred* \>s vlv •bombardment of- Fort Sumter ,' 21 U * I , fSiwjuiii' Tiiiali fHi n—m Hi Hlk \d*fwl||| pca-fowe of awaet ilowert aBdallnataref t» dnaaatd fa I.er !>r^;hte»t and tnoct beaa- USxsl 'fM%„ bttt of all tW beauty I am asabt# ta write fcr i- ww3id oaly make year reader* feel p*rbap» that It i» aa- fa|r that 1 abottld'be enj^ysBg SM» iatt«h aad yoa do'huia, not bat that yoa la yo«r <j«set home Uvea are USLIQ» a decree of co«J6fort known no waere et»ela tie wide wide world, b«t becaustr aoasc people hare aa idea that Use food thinfU^of this Uti MH iw>t cvcaly. dlatrt^otel t expect that w ao to a greater «r k*s eitcBt, bvt | the good tSiissj* co'cae to those that aeek thetu with a u,-t,-r!:;laatKm to obttlc them. i — - On Saaday with a party of fttesda, Ja- cSadlag Mhm Addle Hay*. I Tbdted AUi- aadria. seres mites from Washington down the I*otoxoac. It wa* founded In 17*4 aad waa for some years ka*wii a* Beli IJavett. [a Its early days it was a Ujimag port and eajoyed a lar^e foreljrc trade. There are a great many ware- houses, relicts of Its farmer prosperity. For a hwiR tlnsc it occupied a very com- manding position among tbe eitio* of the Sooth. Had the procaine-* of ,t* «*riy history been carriai oat { shoald aa- donhted be writtnjf this letter f rora that city as the seat of t'jc Satioaal jjoTern- went, bat to~d«j she present* a seen* of simple decay, rot aad ru^Mmb. There arc i:iai:y <,uaiot and cariijns bu:tdinc* of which I w*ul«,l like to write, hat time will ofcly penatt me U» speak u.' Christ Episco- pal church, liein^ Use i>ld ehorth »f Geo. Washington. We attemied tattrniag ser- vice ta tlii* (jttaiot old bo-kfing aud|focod Jt in the i>at*e ctn«iitioti as in Washinj- n?ji*?i «lay. Uu j,.«w U jc*t as It was dar- in; h!# Jlfe a..d everybody ha* taken tarns stttinjj lu it: oar party were also as ea^er to * It So the p«w of Kobert E. Lee that bear* fc!» ua«ie. <*n either »!«ie of the altar, that i* of ttwr old tian* style, -.were Hiarb.e tablet* t<j tbe memory <t( ti*^rge HVa*hi»2U-»o and H«!wrt K. Lt-e. Thjre sre a' ixt^c tiumijer of jrraves scattered a boat the grouaii* of th.r chare U: one in- *rr!plion I itotked was to the tn-Muory «f a person wh<> dltd at the asj« of 1 iA year*^ There were anacy otb<-r* contaitilnjf cur- ious instcriptSotis- Kvrrythtn^ a'x^iit the I city Is jnst as it was befire !!•*» war. Ij noticed at the reU3loos !»*rvic>-» tpsay of t tbe so-called nsenjlxers of the V. V. of V..' but 1 oooldn't rtailr see tUat tlw-y ioukni any better or ciore laMlijier.t than osr Chatea»gay people. I saw tiic ttvlti \a which gallant Capt. Eliswortb w*» shot, \ b«t did not have Utae to examine it. Ttie weather thus far this SBHIWUT, old rc#Uknts say, h* not a» warm a*Sa fortwr years. If that k the case; I am shtd I was not here sa former y>-ar». ills* Cora C'.dtds .'»a.* just r<*ccircd aa appointsient la the crnsns o^ec- E ban* bat little time to write as my tiaie ha* been pretty well taken cp since my ar- rival, but hope to be aide to jive you ft more entertaining: letter before tsy re- (turn. , J. I>. B. I I I IwCSuffStSwwss mi m ^'•jBssissSS ii|i«r^lil». l V)iiii»»'»«*- '11. tiiii.iii wiiiiii iniS(l WILL IT 'ftW' 4 l> 4 r k\ TO LOOK AT OUR STOCK OF r< T^ J^y^'M^m^Ti^Z^^'^^ erm&ert ajmnw —m %.— m *««•*»• _m iwwaa^P^saiwjaaai^^ yww SMS a^sjav ss- vswssw aaaasjssaaaiaHMssBsswsa' ... JW*t.tWLmWMts. %• Ws^gs.^ss s»fc| ,s» ^^^^^^^s^^^^^^^bJ^^^^^^^^^g^^^MMiSijS M «KT*iAUK •A| > a L .x, v t«arw. Jotra Fshe j Moetcsa**. win™ * Jofas«r<mt MarSMM <SsMtf V^^tmhrt 1. Js»C Krcn. d«^ m rnakMm Can*?? i'Smrk* <4&c* S,+rmt~r:.\*>~ ta LHMC *• 0* itonsMBH • » pmgm ttl , ^T*s aasMMit cMlasea a s **• £v* ••« ssi4 mo*%- far* c t ta * time at th» Uf pabincmi*mM ifcw •otic* la tat; «. thm-*mnmtsi el*us>«d to tw o « - Mf so d >mp*kd oa a«U nertcmire at U*» bw f* '- kesUMi «f «bsw secies is fstt.sa tfetsoM hsitair W-s awd s la ttw puj-wwai at tits BHsni seew« d b r *•*! o«>rvr««». sosi<nv u heepttf ffWs IhU teanltm* ia ib» XMtti* in wtck «•• • nsd* and prcrvUM. •*) t>? riniif' »! \hrprm~r of «s)s owwtstsiwt. to sad mwnif. ! »at >*1<1 a»e>nckam.«ud mar«c«c« «Kl >>* I'**---•*** bjf a MSIW of Che pt»t»s»» tk*««ia <U*ef»!*»J **«r tbe ma— vfii hs Mttd a t Jwi-iK sn^kdi ua !b» 1UJI tfsjr of Jaw. Htt a t &* t V«rit ts <&e f.-<v. Bofla. « t IIM l*w «0k * of J. t> h«-f»si s in ih» tt&mge «C ClMiMttasar* - 1 ** ** ii * \^ t' nx, * <Kiia as at is* oe «StMT«iiBr lass •<» • etra-ianetmi (» i-» c»*«r Ow *mn sKroft4 tqr sahl aiurtcsc* « sc r san f.l»»w«j* 9sM ppwasisas si » 4*serited ss taBsws: AB that esrtats p«a«<» «f hHMi Wtttato ia ta* U>«o s.J i-tairmugaj. Timfkltm Vmi^y S, T . sa d twtoc pan of Una * Urt K«. *.«, (J*l M«*ary T»s«rt. bcxu»dr4 sa d it»«<,:thxi a* fuiiows, »ti -' Banria- •iajr na (la* **** Htm <4 tsad. S-4 -»\> TS flft} reda Si<Srth (**as tfc\ snrta-sw*! mm** ttmrmt »t 4 mcsutiit from i**»e* *•*< p*r» »•. » n S tb« sens in* «f aM4 tot taa* b«i^n<3 *»S p»l1» tr»!# . -ttwocw »ottU> par*9*l *i ! >l it » »r« !na* »T aaitj kit «.ichr» radia- tbaMW wawl t*r»!M *1»» U« surilt KB* O( *ai4 M «a» itaattripti and ».»?» t> .'* to th* «*• ( !S»*-or asM W *. «»tS fn«» i br«« •wrtS «tsHt»ty n*ta U> U» -ptecs of (MCtsaat^, n>» tatitiitia ricm j aeis* nt iaad »<v * or ina . CaU^XanrS £1. f««J. wsi.u.1* JC»a»rrX>!t. Xortgac**. J. t>. Bsra»rrs , *«*»»*» . T1M> SI>}*P> «tW M asswb? ptwttpimmA t* Jua* A. t««»,a* IWMUB* b««raa 4 rtsn . lJ*M-a Jm 13, i«r. wiixus joirstvri'ss, startirsjr**. J. t>. Srcawira. MUanurj. CLOTHHSTG! ->-%r** SSX£^ -FOtt- Men, Youths', Boys' and Children. Nice Sost.'* for mon from 13 to |1\. Ni« Suit* for r»y.* an4 c!ii!da*a from 11.00 upwanls. .*^l The Largest and JBEEoart Select Stock Ever in Chateaugey. Y<m ha»c IwHisrht. or wtsi-n pjs»J* lumsrlit at «V)<r« meetiotied l»rit»», \l»ut il our >iati »rt not fn«.i ] i tu ;.'.*> J*T cvtrt. Uc-tWr JO quality, tre vitt^rtfnnti *jvur uitmt'j in ev€*y inrtanctl Will It Pay You? I! So, See Us! N 'wTirR Tw- *mit»ITi»a|«.-a« psm > , sac* ot * a (»*« • «>*.<• ajr Mua. •' A. B* I man, rrank'.'a Ctxastr J*tsr» oa ia»Cil i u* j T»poL IMS, Mtlott b*»»t!Tirt«*«1o*i»ih>. vrt«l j swm SB4 pw»»e»« ha->1«c cSaim» sca»««i Fraek I V. Smb/ftmom, tastrtr Aoim tw»»'.cra« »t B»lte«sL j S«» * ?w*. Uwl tfeef arr r»*JBt»<i 1« pf*mM.t sfo»tr rUjm*. irtlli flu* »<wicker» ts»r»<r. 4aly rvruhht. t*» lb* «ii»rr&mr, tt « <Jaiy tMnttM aasi(S*r of la* asid Frsah C. JEk*stw>«.!.» lb» kmsoOi »« \m rrvsHltm. at Saia «io*»uc» la Rrsi'Mtnfoiv.. j u tlw l'<woty of TrmnkiPt •* * ^tsl* of N*w T<MS. j o« ot hsfoee lim *»tt (Jaj vf Jt»;y. t* » j l«*l*d AerK »a*i«. vaumcN s. Hwrunr .*»»%»*« j Ts<aus t'Asra-aix, Any. U* .v«*itfs*«. A letter frsaa Wsalilnrton. WAnrasoTOx, D. C, Jou» 3, l»ft). Dear Record: —I reuscrabcf a r^niark that was attribatrd to Heu-y War! Beecber at .he entcrei IiEs <-bttro?! «>i\ .Sunday morn in.'. I cculd almost toake tb** •mme expression r,-5ih reference to tbe weather to-day, but feajin?'that it ittay offecd stotr.c of tho orcrsecitivs, I will omit the remark. b«t wt-I- tiiink\ a^ I please, bat in my thosghu will try and Ottdt luc profanity. Heat is an excellent •ih B^ .n its way, bat I prefer It on sotne- lo'S? s else plate! I armed in this city Saturday after- CQ03 at 3 :S0, having iiajj a very pleasant trip indeed, devoid of any kind of excite. ttent, and even if there had bc»n any ex- citing event I should issvo. feared to re- jtnrd it leat acme of my brethren of tiw press should think it„nnsafc to travel. 1 really think tiiat'cvta the editor of a country newspaper can travel in safetyif , he doesn't let his - ba^ine*! !w^known. f btherwH* I won't aaswe-r for him. I biwayi hate to »j.-e a man carryina his BJop out Into tiie wr>rlu with hiro, but yoa •will not care to read matter of this kind in a letter f roia WasMnston, for yoa arc led to imagliu; that there are so many e erfal aad beautlfal things to be asd described that the coraaion 1 of bfe shcmld be omitted. ' *.' to****** l h * T e \^ *° 7°** rc *deri in |fc«rf letter* yaat of an the mostba of Weak Women. The mor»- * % tn>i;ive cataiv of th- f>?- roaie n*'t render* wotnen much mory su«- ce^tlblc tha'i :n _ n to thfuw nnuerous i!i» whicii sprsiij; from 5.sck of Itarmonv 'in the eyitci'i. The ticrvnu* system glies way, •sick lica«iache I* frcs^ent, the sp- petitc is !o»t. and ntiiOsismettts fxt-'jiiar to the sotdii-f srrtmt suff»-rintf.\ ll«^.«i'* Ssrsap.lrilfs i-« p<-rul}arly atlapted for such cases, anti h,i» receiv«l the inort aratify- i«^ prai«e for the relief it iiat atf^rdc! t,h«<?*»!lnds of womt-a who*c very esi<*- enre )*;{<tr-' it.W.cg it, tva^ ..:iiy ttiis -r\ It ^*rcti^then* tf>- ncr-rr< circs «.i i. b'adiciif and hn.lpestior;. ptirtfl«-« art'.! fi'^.lSjjcstlie W'KXJ, and jrHv^ r'jfoiar an! heaithy action to every orsrsn in the ho,!* XV. G. HALL, E*t«rsctu?sr of sad !>*>r ta MARBLE WE WILL KE 'JLAD TO SHOW T1IE51 TO YOU. Wry R4»«]wvtfully, Wm. Goldsmith, NEW VOltK CXSII STOKE. P. S.—A* O^rjf •« Ftimi-hin'* Q<n>.l ban ! its UinJ wi:h C1*itb- ir»fT, wr fiiF-r ift^T itniui••\m^tiJ'* in •alii'. This Space Reserved for ROFl I tnptrttr' '*••'?? JCUay J*\** <tf **?* 'j'^atei-iaaatag «\• ',WrT»t^ tort,fl 21 S5Si ****** \12 •rTgjoa o». isae*. •*•' &»««»«*•*\*\ r f* n CU w usa! n»«r* •^J\ |JS^ktr*aU«\^ la^Iffllbti*«*«»• ,B »f , lsmsa » b« »*ca* awa •'- Ilss*ai»«-«*' M * |I *J? S \ l!r»S«**« ll * at !l! fc, • lisss»*.»»»-4Sae«'b»»? w 12a* i.f.Csatrua.^ JLIL Dss«'**'* 1- * 1 • Hood's Sar ] : w fct »*M3iJ * **** **\^ |00 0o*<»» * - ^ IWiJf im« conf cojiyt K' v: \i«\im Vti-TTtV/i- Wblr h !•» xteiolda\ l,7J>Tfi T<> - - — .- »*« J^VEKTt fT*a;t --r ui-fxi (•«- Kaa «* B*»* JCV > if'' <. »' i J ft* «u a* »^SJ H.^;i- rO.VJi- a» Hw »«,i.-Jja»»<* GRANITE I 0 r» -u A \l) <; r.< r* i.v/r K ,V>i.V » fvrof; r.vKXTs run Tfc* *?w#«t smuj»a »f SartiS\ a»4 f;r*r4T» k»-pt Is M»tk »:i.i CuinWd iO Sr.l ciast a.*:,T,»T. .vo.vr.VAwr.v ,i.v,o r;/r.i VKST*>XK> I^ nue rnat I* ^siaraateed to !>r!ne ycj sat'-fsttorr r^s-tfi*. or in <-a*e iif-faiii'\- .1 n.:nr:i of ;n;r':ha»e pr 1 ..'-. Un thit fsf.- plan }'«u c:in i.ny f-nm 01-r ndv«>rt:>»•>! l»rtnr\ii-t » »«}ttie of Dr. K'.'JSS N>W I>: covery for.con.^mnption. I: ;» >;ijars.n- tee<i to brlnis rc'llvf in ov •-;•' r-iM', tvben nsed for any -affection of Oi.> Tiiror.t. Lnnt's or iciest nuch n^ C\.>c?runpt ir.n. InBnmrnation of t!jV L-uu^. Bronchitis, Asthnrrt\ f \Whoopinfr C\!i^': Troop, t-:.- , etc. UN. p>ai>a;it an! agKn^a'ik t«j \taste perfectly safe,and CM-a!ways i* depended nvoi. ' Trial !»t*.»es fre« at G. 'j. Bcntley's Drag Sture. Roberts & Smith New Advertisement Next Week. «- K Ir-AI** To VI K\*« tt'W* *.-».-•.'. *.* - — «•? »r»-l*o'- )'>r-a - <»-* »m il * '\-»' Sarsr.w:. i \-«•-!»* ttare-rt»c.«ii« I n tltlt Bul^iJInc , ftalo *irr<-t, ( baieancar< > • t' . Rheomalle* Swear »T ( t Ciierofeee Indian Oil has n<> c<!Dal for he relief of Rheumatic pain* and Sesra'- f t'ia. Speedy and sure.- Fcr .*aie by Ailcn j A [loll. assortment of at 3c. per yard. The goods see their prices. We have yet a p>od print*, standard miii.'*, Jfew York Cash .Store. Fiaetcaa and coffees at tbe Boston Cash Store. A splendid tea worth 4Qrt*. selling iicts. Portieres. 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Scienti- fic r<*wm:h i» fgli of ir- fomnkoa coiiccniinsj the j-poatancons develop. nn.-»t of alectricity in the • moving enrrcots of air above as, and snder pro- per condition-\ why may we not as weil lie able to stinralate jlmlliar con- <:itions and prodnce the &V.\w5i O S \NP \T K-S snl'l '. ba'.vak,T«f *• (MV(.-t U;W*r. p It. .'issrtk-i «»'» a.SJ, an ill traiti t?r p«\rt» a ». : S 1MWt> * *« a York U *\<a. with t). ft H. »»ILT* m ~i*> ^~^fe\ '-. • ,n. ncctricat eapressioa in tbe oven, and so be said to bak* by electricity 7 SontcthaV of the kind appears to be done in tb« ftypocanst systcju. Is is a wonderful adratW* over the oid way of doing tbe baking aad cooking, aad promises a most beaithfal reroloUon in the preparation of food. THE DOCKASK RANGE. B.C. BOET, - r.w.BA fl«r>t.o, &,i;

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