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Chateaugay record. (Chateaugay, N.Y.) 1878-189?, December 19, 1890, Image 1

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vfila'.-e-xibr-o! close* to day for a • •a i>{ two weeks. t!ifu»ai»<l d<>lHr<t So c**h <tu paid r {Milat.:,(•» hi tow n !s*t week. A ft.riMm'* tree will he foralahed by) i!i4- I'trViVtriSsn < hureh Chrintma.-* eve. st<U vt potatoes, »lt of iron tare!* have been shipped S fr»»K t'.iid i.un'm dnrleg ibe past week. 1 A . e « Mrth'wtm timr.-b 1* to he bnllt at (\hateati^ay -fak c Wit year. It »11! be ' aecotispl^be'l ihrftojfb the eff-»rt» of the Lsd 4 «f AM *»«clfctT. The a'n-ar.a' elerUoti of church ami SUD- < <!ay Sell,*.,! -fT.CP!*.>f the^Pre Mteriau I church of th.» place will'4* held at tbe The dwetH*, IKMIM; occupied by AWM j C **** X lht an>t KrSd *- v ia J\ nary at 2 U-r*. on tte*t Main **r*#t, csiajrbt fire -a] p \ m \Ve4m-htar *t«ffi«g af-'-te* week. The! Tne sera©** al the aevrrtl charches fnt.Ur Mtweeded ia *«*&«)».£ *a* J |re f Kandav morain; wi.l cn.ioatitediy be «p- wULi-nus. gUing an ilana. y i propnste for the aappr day* that arc | eomiajr. If you want to be happier and I b*».t«f Juiin- the week, attend divine ser- f let oe StAdav. pAnta. H rank.'* one think that annuity r lime Stwtead of winter. Cbr<«ltn*s good* at ttentley's. Tht-re are *ewr^ c&aes of pnemno»iS_ the towu of Clb ton ';>.-.*ii qua::ty dr.atas*d cr-m for sale at l< hop L'la. U*V», l.*WRt\CK 4CO. M'M Ella S SmSthwil! give yon ba- salts*, ia tinlliuery goo«t» until Jan. 1st. T. S. Miller, of St. Albans, a former refcidert.uf ths* place, is ia very poor health. T'UJW of oar »nh*erlbrr* who receive a'jiumeat* thl, w«*k will confer a favor *<y |,r«mpt payment. A v* BOS w>a..of .ta:3e» Caeanaugl! waV ban!* #cakie<l ot* .Salutday bi drinkiflg a quauUty of hot *»!er. C. town pg»sowA«. <?ry»<?tf AT. W. Spragee, of New- York,\& it' Wei: Huntley, of. LyrSe, JJL H., is te town. Beacon W. V. Darby lain >ery poor health. M. W. Smith, of Monday la town. Plattsbnr-rh, spent- Q»* \>f«w hilarious e!Uten* bt-injf de- i»iro'>» ui havmg a, BglHwaa nuiUlt a«i- T!ie fctare w ioilow* and the *<;v«-rt'»Uji; e»lu?r,is* Sadi«iteth''at»pTW»« 1 < : •» an erevt la wSieb eeery elUai-n h«^h fj'J U<..J, l.iatlj; 1«—Itiffr^f*^ , ...j ^ ^. »4r;ci!v tiftivparUsaa. catenated hy * p«raoa Whom he insiilted preat plea«are for o«rj_Afw ^ttrt., 3 p wh«t tierc was left <-ii!*.-a w> wan-b the Siekerisa Hjrht of [of it- i ema^wi he eipr»»«.d himself as tlie ,<rre fcw^r tbatw r pljaeM B pon lamp 1 sasUtieJ with the kBocidoara argaiHcat. The price* of hops have defined\ dor- jlog' the vr«*e*. ra<»diiia] to prira* <j»alitir An tflrhael Hrtrrijran, Jr , wa» feedJaji »eli'.nc 'r^TC 3a so 37 e«us la ttte J?«w a ttire»htaf marhlne at Jamea iforrtitaa\a| York market. Choice, in the Producer* on Wednesd*?. ht* left arm wa» drawa { fnct V%rr*»i, are qooted at 3*. (Julie a into the cylinder. e«njj»5rteiy aeverfag It! ^ajsber v»f »»le* are re,»orted during the fiww the hoily. Tli* 1* the wvnB&^cel. f we«k. holder oSericg on accotaat of tb# dec! «f tJw tlad occorring lathi* vieSalty | decl:a*. rerenry. A. Ban^ary, of this place, la*practical Ti e Genual V«-m«at railroad will »ell - r*^\*^ aT ^ 'levrtes a lars^ portioa ot Chrt*ti»*» a».S Sew Year* hf-iiiev ticketa' u% tKrm to lbai P ttr P°«- \^ product this, yrtu- WM ver..- large. He shl,»s large- ly of vegetables to Paul gcnHhV and at far* r.n* nay for reun-J trtps Mama ail illation* <<a all *t» dlvMnna- Tscks^n e<«i<S jrr.lftg from I»ec. 2«dt«S5th \mttm- *\<rc. ami lH»? ?C«UJ !« JRU. l«t iBe!«aiv» ai<d g«H>i1 retannag tSU Jaa. 3d, !S3!. otscf Adiroudack resorts aad raus a team to I-y.^a Moaotain every week where he a«5s a ready tnarket for his vejfffcahles. lie M»' ha^orerSO.l'OO cabbagesoo hand. r*»tau»e* ar» br^atitig a* oaual Ijirae i Several of oar farmer* arc paying a*teo- <io!.r;j;i:;a , it* Htinjt ahipped iai\y fro*a \ tioo t^ Jh:* brunch of agrSculiire and are ihn (.isl'ctT! astl fatne?* art (|n!*«Jv p«cSt-1 £t-*llr|: tt w^r profltabie. et'oc the (T r <'ech»ck.*. Several Kate* rtur Mra. Katltaa Bemao retcrs(sl frora, Bottoo. Mas*., OE Tooediy. A. F. WSUisias, of PiatMiurgb Tele- gram, spent Siui<i£}' in town. Frank L-wis, of Sjpx City, Dakota, arrire* buitie on ThuTday. ^ Mr. and Mr*. O. F. Chase retarned from Holyoke. Mass , on Friday. • MU»J<*f»ie Wilktu. of ?*ewburg, ig ic town the sae^t of Miss Ella Smith. Mrs. C. A. Patterson has left Wa*h- togt-B, D. C , and gone to California. E. A. Hinds, of Fergus Falls. Mino.» Is lu town the jrutst of B. E Cbapraajo^._ Mia* Carrie Mould left for Brooklya, thl« wtek wiiere she will sp<?tfd the winter. 4 Medical Cnliege, to s|>eHd the bor. Mi'h hoHiUiys. Wta. and Lnnltj Goldsmith •trtre called to PiatUbur^h }a*t week by the death of- their motht-r. Mrs. C 8. I>o'!gIa« left on Monday for S&oinatia, Florida, where she will Bpeo3 the winter. Mia* Aly* r*tnt!ey, of Wa»binsrton, I> C, ia aspected home to-morrow, lo re- BMUa darias the holidays Charie* K. G«rh-y left oa Monday for\ PfclladtlphU to eater npon bis cagag«- r icat with Waonamaker. *>**& Alice If, j»-efcwttB,\jB**>le «»» • FerreU ami SelUe tioaktiaj, of the Kor. mal Sthuol. P.*tt«sburgS3, are home for the bolidavs. ' Children's Toys lng the w<-ek at «S cent» are repcv.*ed. t o jirn sti- psrtir*. <*ne hnyf r ;**!•! W cent* u< h''i'l u!ih t!«e expectjttiictn «f realirlng SI ia t!. ii\-ac folnre. O M Sheldon h*» R gr«o<! fc«»rtmeBt -:o);iJfly cood* in csnnwtioa rrsl Onis hn*iae««(. i»«*?de* ; huait'.e<M> !»e I* caaased la the life la*ar- aijc bu^ineea aad can glre yew what all earef-oi htnelnf** raea »ri^ now eon»i«i*r- j Inst the H<-»t faveaMDent. aa iojarance j pulley thai will leave yonr family la | consort at vonr death. . . f all kind.'\. Sfv*>ral entrrt ri*!ns centlrmen of ISrsinariU Ula are fteo't ins 1\ the direction of fr.rwlnj; a ro-f.peratsre ftre laioracee cnBipaiiT 1Q the tow a of Bellaioflt. A mtM-Mfijj for the p'.jrpo*s of d!«K-tis«iDjr the mfiiter will («• hrXot at the rtorr of 0 F <\l!*<»e A Co. on Satardtv The quMtiatt ba« be%.n repeatedly rais- c;l af>oi!S the rl^ht of incorporaied vi»- la^ef t*> rvact a licetsse of peddier* as oou-re-ide^ce veadora. A case was riv oeati* deride*!, t.y the gtnetal terra hold- iog, that, viilage* l:»v« that right, lu with hi* j the emav of o«r own viiLage • our dealer* hi* drag! have oftenUtae* beeo ia^ured hy this ' CIJUI* of petiole eomitsj; into the villaRe aad offering t!i«-'.r };.H:H!S for *ale, and for th«>ir pr,)S<ctsou we vonkt sogsest that every r.»n-re?iileot be r^'^ireil to !#ke oat * license. ,\ noti-resideat means per«oaa rrvMin: oatsldetbcviliatfe limit!. The fertj boars devotioa «crvice-> held at St. I*atr5rk's church oo Tocsdav, Wed- aes-l.'s.v aad Tiinr*<iay <f thi-s wees werv of a ver* iaterwting and profitable nature aad wt re atteaded by large crowds of peo a\c. pr.rsti\ ihe services !t Is estimated KleetlQa aroflten. At icepuhr cociiucnicalion of. Fron- tier Lodge., No 5^7, F. 1 A. M., held Wednesday evcumir. Dc-c. 17, the follovF- log officers were elected : W. Hf.—I. M. V.'arnu. S. W. —H. E (tooiisprt-d. J. \V — W. I! Finn. Trt:us —C 1. r»entley. Secy—H. !' HcLTTt''. S. J).—(i O. Coilkis. J. j; (ie... r.<-:ii-ie. Tiler—M. A. K t.n-tiy. ChaplaiD—W. V. Derby, »asslsteJ\ &y Itev. O. A. ,l«iBi-«ion. Mar-li.i!— W. W. Strlver. A public iusV.latlca of officers ^tid .banquet will be giveo by the Lodge on Wednesday evt-plag, Jan. 7, 1*31. The aatne* of f 81 '* 1 ! « tSA) per*>t.s receive<l commanion. Kei^men connnrte 1 with U,e more- 1 »\«« * w «!rt«ted each day at 6 :Jrt. S meat S re a rafllelrDl C tiaraat*eof lt»*«c- j : •» aBl 5 l \ siclicft »• ra ' iud *«»««<•\<\» and lajitrwcts->ns were eiv.n o^ Tuesday E\«,T «khotfn in tmrn. Albums and Plush A gix5<l looking yonng nj»K' wants ft good ScHikinj pbutograph. Iicttnes car. mi*» it. fur you. We hope our readers will not be affects ed with tovthavhc or need dental (work done, but M* they do, Campbell can do the work iti ilrst-c!a«s enape. If you arc in uecd of good legal advice coa^ult the profc^nional cards of lawyer* At the mom-1 in our columns. The bctt lawyers of the si aermon ia I countv at*verti>e with us. v. J. M. Var.l Goods REM'CED OXK-HALF. {^/•'U^nv-nihrr thi s i s your only i-lwiH'i' for Burpnii^ . GOODSfPEEDS D«ps;tm9iit St3re3, Bt'Uirvn\ B!<K-k and Stor e old Kolvrts {^M^cs' of«n unti l 11 p fn. from now nntil OSri-tmiw . re**„ !f the cnaipauv I* orjaalzed. •ad Wednesday evenings. The people st the Froatier. CIlRtfwt.ar* j juj service oa Tnesdav a aeraion ia I count^ at'v * c«.,d i'-il cxc.-cS«f^lover the wiiarea j KreacGTwas delivered by K?v. .5. M. Var. J je y 0 „ , iec j merfical treatment our phy lerently msde in that «-«Uott by re**on f rtty. and in the evening tur. J. 0 . Fiti- j gSc^j^, w hosc cards appear in our col- of Sh<- inf.»rraalie.n helng Riveo ** they j ^-rald interested a Urge congregation j umng> v ,m ca r e for and restgle yoa to helk»o :>y a resident of that aectioS. i wj «« rt R a ,-itccUenl tnstmctlon. On Wed- j uca u,h. \\ ir They di not believe io *mog£line and do ; nnu }ay Rer. .1. J-Unfly preached at the not *ti«tain parties in SUe^al acta, bat \ ^.gjj tia« and Rev. M. R- Barn* in they believe that reap'.e who jftve-i i 0 #. evening. The latter al|^ deliveietl a « infi-trtnatioa for the Minple de»!re t»f.1 ««naon in Freach «n Thursday. On jjain aod to Injore their neighbors and j Thursday cconrrcd the •iiouse-warmlng'* from ao other motive are not.food eitf- \ of the new parochial residence, at which ivm- We lx-11ev« tiiere is no claw »>f i the foHowla^,elenrymen were the pnesta people In Cue world Who are so yenenlly ] of Rev V. .T. Devlin :—Very llev. T. G. (iF-pUM a* , !nfonafr«., , ^and wc are not! Walsh, V. <!-. of PiattsburRh ; Very Rev. «ure but that th's* itclfng U ptoper. A hk-aa trUriscoil, of Cantou; Very R ev - ro.<om» official is alway* cciam<<K!ed for j. |J. n'Kunrkc, of Port Henry; Rev. J. ie*.l<Mvdy perfArrainK t^e dntlea of his j G. FiUjrerald, of Norwood; R pv - «*• M - off.t-e. ba: an in.'onner for ba»e motives ' Varrlly. of Madrid; Rev. J. H. Lyons, of i* too detestable for reco-taition. Bat, 'J Sorth Lawrence; Rev. M. R. Burns, of If » man will violate the law he > Rinses Point; Rev. J. T. Murphy, of rao.-t expect pnnishraent. This !*all very j rherahn*eo; Rev. M. A. HalUhan. of true aa'd tiiere la tin earthly reason why * Ticonderog*; .Srv- J. J. Pudy, of Troot he oho-i!d tie s >»w^r«a.ker *nit we are al-| River; Rev. M- .1. Brown, of llojaa*- way^ Kiad to s«e bins caatatr b«l that < unc#h ; Rev. I). E. N'olan, of Massena; d<>e«'t alter our oplaioa of theaaeak who S R?V. W. B.' Nyhan, of Brasher; H>'-''. , is ev.r preytntton hU neighbors »i»for- J Fior-we* McCarthy, o f Minevillc; 'lev.B. j tuatn. Them\ onr Matimenta, and Bill \ Marrnn, of Potsdaai: Rev. E- G. Brtc*.-j . Meliialey had aothiag to tH with o«f «-j of Ciavvoc; Her. J. If. Conroy, of Og-.j Ptertainlaf theaa otth«r. i dT.T,»horp. ' In woodwork and repairs and genera* blacksmitliicig, John SIcXiecc is an ac- kaowledscil espev?. iTe received a letter r-jcrntly from El|- B. Smith, of Pine, Colo., in which be\ enclosed clippinua from * a Denver paper describing, the suCertngs of settlers who had been induced to migrate id that country by urtsenipulons real estate men\ who [-epmctited-tuat there was a acarci* ty of men \n that section- Mr. Srailk •writes us that there are more Shan SOC i families on the very verge of starvation* and bandreds are out of employment. This statement come* frctri one of our own townspeople and onght to be a attf- floleat Indication that it ia well tothialc twice before tj°' n « *o a coatitrj; that fS nuknown to the cmignun. Christma* Rosdi « Beatleya- .

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