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Fulton County Republican. (Johnstown, N.Y.) 1870-1877, July 20, 1882, Image 1

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:ABE NOW SHOWING IN rHEU: Crockery, &c. CHILDREN'S ht~ ., \ I ER¥'$ 1 ) I llliif'Utt\t II 1..>d uiln .. Uo. I 1 n1.t I 1 \V~~ PlatcsfiOe; li(k; ,..GC\ 1 t Lbl.h\ 11 1 Um;en } Wash Df)wla ani llteb.M~ '! untl tltlt pe1 put - J We '\\ prepared \' 0 lien ):.;o)w ::Col <ln•b,. or on ~ Easy l)Jp;nthly Payments. I > DECOR '- ~T)-\\ Eltiploy No Agents, ~ ~t!~h~:E~~~:&;4r:t~i MAJOLICA WARE rCC('iH l \ls Sea Side Flannel Suitings 1 At 20c, 25c and 37 1-2;} H\Il 0 Hd:'\\1 IIWit- ~WHtlil NEW ORG-ANS, ' tth ~h 1 and nool~ f oJUl 1 $60 and Upwa.r4;. lnfwt tr~thug bdou,.,mg to.t :\lust tialP ftil~tre ~,lu( ge( tile UenuulC. w! POETRY. I I [From the Christian Union.] The Old Form Bl CLARA. B TROWDRIOOS out m the meadows the farm house lies. Old uiid gray, and t.tQn~fi' tt¥1 ~ ! lllany b \\ollmi' th\tlior ruilol !i !!JE~ , Twittering under tti£. ~v.eMdg 4fi:jg' In the old chimney bui~ har nett I 1 Ah ho~ the spu r old hea~ eweu 1 a,~·:t., 'li!L ~ :J:ff ~ • I i.l!JWt S<)elllll Those we luh e lo\ ed so long anti we'il To come again to the dear old nest ' When the pay e'{enin!J ~oul n.nd stilt. Hushes the btafn nnd bea:H t6 r!8t Memory come~ with a joyouS tbrlli. Brings the .) oung children back at will Cans th!Jm all hom(' to the gray old neSt Patl\)ri.t We wJ1t till the goltltn dlohi Rii«! on our weariness half eonftlSserl Till with the chill and darkness gone Hope shalll'lrisC with n.notb.er pawn. And L new dll) to the sad old nest Soon ~>~h~ll w<> see nil the eager oo.st Bright w1th tho Day~ at heaven~ bebeet Soon from tbc bonduge of olay released \ Rise t 'th('P Palaile~tb~King!SO:Wilf~\' Bml\' f flight from the last ycnr s nest \ml when the tmre fo1 Uepo.rturc l.'llomt The bag was ihlt as a tlounder nut BeSsie had neatlY hooked~~ gar :\ hun!_rcd an<Few:Htv p);mnde'( <:J '' earmess BY LO~LI\iw 0 0 little hands, that, weak,ot strong Have shll to serve 01 role so long Hnvc still so long to gJve or ask I wbCJ so much with book au.d pen Ha' e toiled among my f-ellow men Am voenry thinking of your taSK t) h~tlQ hearts ljbOt throb ~ bmL1i With ISUCh. tiJlpabcnt, \(We~s~~e.JG./ t Such hnntless and strong desires Mme that so long bas glnwed,arlli bbtned,. 1 \- Wlth pasSions mto ashes turned NoW' covers ailil opnCealsrlts~Jos 0 little souls, as pure and white N. Y., JULY zo, 1882. And crystalline as rays Of Ught ''i'l•~:~~~~!!~~~~~~'J~:~~~::~~~~:~;:! Diiect from. heaVen their Source dlViiie, Relnt~U 'through tho mist of yeaq., HOW rod my set\ing-osinf:aj.pea.J$. · I· How lundlOOkit:Qis.sotilofJ~e1 1 1 !\ 1 A Wmdy-Day. BYTW~Y I' \' I tke the spra3o of a golden fountam- But tbc wmd-tbe wind-\-Uh me L ke a wehd invisible spirJt It swooped in its any ibght J \ ur'l thB.ea.rth.~ ew neat 11 l f'Qu>liled .. 1b I ) I l The gra~ m t tve.E'&,.J The'\ t\ ~ lf tb£1 smitten btook ( It llih ~<hu 1\ltc 1and stnvercrl \11 tl rf i j-bf'\~ I d wn mtr't !:ihook I l 1 n tV. 1l''l thw t 1 It I l (\fl IHt<l 1t '\ ttih:rlnn I ))luw tilltl I ' tntln h(cslookedw<•.Hr) \\h nth hntllk ttl t Hlltl tt\ \nlt 1~1 rlillllttnthf.:l~t ....,.......t ~i A tl tlu t:itl\;~t..:UOt i{J.'1116st?etunl t;~ t» t1 H tS .. tt 1l'Na.1m 81 t ~~19 It t!:i Juh \\h ltlt h u~ lHJSostllthat'Ituu I orgotR them un 1lctH thf.!m lie Nf>H.th 1 ctals pink tiWtlie ntglltit-~ti.ts WfnK \t t.bc SUIU\ct m :t;Jic sU;;n It~~ jul} \'11 n e tC:h tlng£.J::.@~·byth \ t) Nays tlutt NlmnbO~t&\'itits nigh \~ h~n the glUtiS iS tall tlJI 1 th 1 1~\'1 flit ~nd nobody '\on lets :w Ia It

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