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Fulton County Republican. (Johnstown, N.Y.) 1870-1877, July 27, 1882, Image 1

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NTY R • JOHNSTOWN, N. Y., JULY 27, t88z. I I Fine Gilt Pap~rs e\Cl uttered tbhi part '-If tbu ~tutv POETRY I l\r01 t the Cilthohc Hem.ltl ] Better Than Gold Ucttt:I than a-randeur better than gold Thnn ranks and titles a. thousand fold IsaJ>ealtlir~~at And simjl\ic pl ures alw. ) e ple A heart fb.at c f for other's w \ndsl ate'):tafoys wt lS'lo 'il !titS! mpath!cs large enough wenfol<l Ul men M btothorat JS bQ;WJ tba~ld Hetttlr than gold flt a..ood;Jen(JjJ Jicil.r Though toll fur bread In an humble st>h~re Doubly blessed with content and hcoltli ~f;,tr,llyoou,.bi, oii~,.~'.\\J.I!wf ( 3 • Are the ge~ ui c te2t8 of a IJ(lntleiiU\D Better than gold is tli.e iiwoof:Tc.r ose Of tho son$. or to 1 vheo tb1nr labors close Dett('l: than llOld Is thP poor man 8 sleep \nd the balm 'j•a10ops on:Eslier d~ llnng 5:l~e6fl?) l lf tiTChe eU '\'fhercl~Ur~ p to~ its)lC h 1 ~,~t<ob.o:d But he hlB simp e opmte deems l it••it.hc,ar•o. \ Rl ot't~r r ute to the land or drea.tru~ ·~~~r~F~:!~:~;~~~j,£,~i.i~,\~ Detter than gold IS the think!U(l' ~ a: 'I bat in the IQal\ll:Ol bOOU~-..Ai \. hcOSW'C SUfflassi~ J.%Us;\tl\l~l OleJ \ d ln e w1tl\ ~h'-'peat. and good Of yore The ~~it \UI.;~ _i'~d the poets la} ~~sJ.brlcs-;o.t ~Pill! pRSSaway ~e wotld s B'l\eatdrl!'am will thus enfold tnd ~ l~J1d n pleasure better than gold Hl.!ttCI thnn gold is u. peaceful hom~ Vi bon aU the fu'CSldc chfll'llcters. oomo Tbc ~hl'lllC of Jm; e theo l;l.~ven of life ~~~~~~~ t:U::':'f~i.orisiestor or:.\~ Q-.a tr!ie<l w{j;h sorr~ s..dec e The blo:ss~ that mr\ 1 e b9uiht r sl\ld \nl tP.ntcred there are better than gold ------ -- \\ hy ~tl • Lo-:e 'iou ' ''I d tl \u~ol my sunny eyeddarlll)U.'..,. Wh,Y UQ tb,c i}.owei,'S B\Ulluo.R, ut tbl:'E? Wh5 doc• lhO HIY c~.i\o 1\&J~ Is WI \' 1 ( :trth ~1eepJtll imd dal'ttiflit:.lS one? \\ h~ (\O tho fit ns on tbc brow or tl e evening ' 1 \8DtCIIl1 A.'IlRUllllG8ill8llt \'i I trn t1 t u oro br:lghtly und dq.Jtk~hcmghi? \\ i :, d ' :;C'C the no c beu.uty In Heaven \\hen th lOI.Y fndctta !')1~8'.0 w IS the- 1 ght? f I U I it' g: L ~-:lJRQ;AN, il 0 Cl.l ~ Coin1uon 0 ::!! Plates 50c JOu. tl ~u 11i0 t 1 t.luze'I) Wash Bm l's m l Pltchct'S Oo n.n.Ll ~c pet Pill .A l~e w;.eorl;inent'&' I 0 \ il Agents, . \ G. ll. Sparha.wk, T B:A.CHER .of Jlumo Orgs.n Omtlll and Hur monT and S1ght Sm~ 41~ 1! h'Si Avon tc & Quant.\ Gloversv.me 4) 1 J & P. Keck, :a.TTOUNEYS nnd Counselors nt l.rt v omce 0 ~ bi the Kibbe Block Jobnr;:town N ::t: All • btislnes8: entrustedi.to our-care Will: I ccon c p :ompt atte'iltlon ·.--='-·· STORE ? S '~ 0 1\I (c.-4~ ~ t::i IS DECIDEDLY THE 'f' 0 G ;< ·¥ACTSl ANU r l:l Window Shad!tt House of' Glo\\er&Jille. • H. S. BARNEY & CO., -E~O~SROwmG<NT!IEIU lt Wim\ow ~luu\es 1 WAREROOMS I \ ' I 'I Jwy tru b uti \\- ltB:\lE:\tlt£H. t1 tt L 1 ut I ur l nd 1 lJU!:!t So.~lllY. l~\\.J~ m~anly doh.!d ~ :pa-Ufd blooms by tito, bY three- Uut. u. wl ole crowd of pink wbttl3 Win:.t3 Flutt~.;ting for ~ou and me.I Sof:Urtle) atelcaunot~ ? I 1 htf'k tiie rich r;;pmls hct~\ltl1-bcre 1 h\\!' tlw\''\' ~W:\1 \<ail\lm urms \ \ vlp.olt.kem tn '!!our bah FREE OF CHARGE, lll Mh \llt28 uud lJxlm c:s sol \ b) Ul;! Fm the pecuhUI uoulJlt:H to which lt lies nrc subJect BnowN :-) Ino:s Br.rTERt~ 1s m ~ :tluablc Try 1t ~~ '1-.- ~ • Ole -.mre and get Ute Uenume. 3WI I D. F. COWLES & CO., \' 1211 J\'Ian• St , Gloversville. - - ---- Estabhslte<l 187:1. SMITH, ~~ailY.Rt1:£ltilcetlPrices 1 w · H u:n=n=n~. • !PHOTOGRAPHER} Merchant Ta1lor ;..,. . .,_,.., ........ co .. 1 J:a~a Street STUDIO at the OLUJ~1fN1>, l 81 Main St •• Johnstown. 16 N. Pea:rl St., '-kne<•Ilngly;mg on the ~ and Ruth was 1 . beside me Aft.er:wards I remem my stster and Brlan Vaugltan 1 \'\'u\ '''\\', w1th faces full of grave concern seemed only able to realtze that ncar me and involuntanaly I my band and touched hers It and ltvmg -she was not dead ? 1 ose slovwl:,: lo my feet I was as weak as 1 clnld and but for Jus tunely help would lmve fallen l s.avo ~on leave the br.tdge I sa1d so 1 must lL:-tve lost consciOusness. JUSt after that And ~cl I tddcd wtth ' qmck mvolun 1arj shudder I Vi as consCIOUS an tOe time fOI Ill ul t V1S1on~ dream-01: wltat you \Ill-the horrm of whtch was so realJsttc th tt m that lmcf while I sUfimed years of nt ,..m~;;ll It tth tmned mll put her band lll mme m stlcnt s) tnJlrlthy I hen for once all my dent bought rescn c gave aw~y, and Y\'l.tll a.: low ory of gratitude I folded Iter close to my bt.<Ut Thank God' tt was only a dream 1 I sa1d C luld I t11.ought we l.lnd lost yon Bcf< 1c Brmn Vaughan left th1Lt mght I told hun of my Vlsmn l lc hstcncd ln silence> Then l1c sa1d 1 H 1111te 1 do love 1 et-God only knOws l.t w m u h 1 tm gomU' away-but only to r t m n l he feehn~ that~ thought were dead J £ us 1go l1ave gamed renewed hfc uy l1cr t1 ust and now arc shong enough to l'na.blc me to 1 re k the ol<l assocmtefil. tmd lLv~ for nlone f '>t ntt J1t muthcr~.-'tl fore tlnou,..,.h hJK \\}Ute lry lips IJ11U f!JIOU II\ not trot Hh \nh wt 11 nne.} bup1 y \\he.nl 111-\'t saw h r I ncHl thou 0 ht bel hcalt.h.-.w l'l t.lclu. t1 I ncvt r.- Uc-r. hcmL w~s not stone lmtct:rup\cd lie shrunk from me us 1f fwmn l>lu\ No No he cncd 1 luwe no~ killed her Jn.mcs llo.vc her 1 llu U\lget \'~htch bud lulu <lor1mmt tn me

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