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HAYING TOOLS. ttmr Hl'IMM'HIUKM TIAR ARRAN(IKI) WITH J MrtimltM tu«vr»ft>r)tu< MUU< of tfu-no i/xnid . •y/KW'H^Xyiln'i' f«»r I IK 1 ncanou <>f IHttl, mid Ait only ' tmit<Ml iniiiil>»>r« can bo supplied, order* should loo •<•\' I\ '• *• rIv J TUo Miuiuu<-turt*r« have made every effort the i*M<mt iv+r t<> pnxluco a rtHatd* Sytht, and would l«tt/i<M FHrmrr* k> «w tfoj/ /A* «JONU> IF. Tlutytr ,* (o. U hi the IMIH of each Hythu, ill 8yth<* with •hl« hrmiil «n» warranted of very wuporlor quality. OMAttLVIS ASB-LEY, for W. T1IAYKK &Co. lON^KRMHHYTIIKS, Wnrnvutwl jreuuiiie, for ' •>»!«> »>y CHAm.lt* AHHLKY •I TAFTft SONS HUI'KKIOR 1 9, K.»r KIII<< by CH AULKH AHHLKY, M ILLAHD'ft »¥THK»-AHM(\I,I,L()T, in pern* t order, for Halo >orv U»w hv (iUHLEs ASHLEY. *rxre»t o f 1OO1. •JYTIIK HNATHM. HAY I**ORKH, NTONKS, ;™ Crndl^. H|fkU>K, (lr»|H H«M»U>», Hythe Ktflt-w, lay Unk.-H. l»r»u HrtkiM, Hor>,« Rakes tlli<l llayhitf 'OOIH JMHI rnllv. of the mn«t approved putttiriin in I mrL.M Mm limit* »iim>li<d And nt tho very low jut r.»t. •», i. y UIAHLKH ASULKY. kl/ATKIt roOLKHN, I»U1> CAUKH. HKKIt • fT I'limp- U«>friK«<r»tor», Irn Cream Kreey.ors, .»'d/,ir >« ( I'li'ltrult'd Water Filler*, for wile l>v CUAKLKH AKIILKY. I il/<><»!> IM'Ml'8. A good Article, for unit' cheap fT l.y C'HAHLKM AHULKY. i 1ANNo\ I'OWDKH, A t»OOt> AUTK'LK, for t .J saU by (ilAKLKK AMULKY. \iro Works ! Fire Works I AT TIIK EMPORIUM ! l'e ar«* now receiving large supplies direct from the manufacturers, and are prepared to noil at ' ttoMton «nd New-York Prices for Cash. BXIIIBITIOIV PIECES, 'Ofarory description on hand, and supplied at ort notice. Exhibition* from $60 to 1100, BUD* led to ( T»wo* aad FturU (rfJuly Oammitta«a, id warrant**] U gl•© satlsftvitlofi, n«w on hand, i and suitable for Exhibition*. The Flag of oar Union, Union I*i«K>#>, J»al»M TrtMt wttk Liberty Cap, The American Kagl«t, w t h««is) Komtm nines, 4MS., &C. ?te« Country Trad* supplied at the Lowest City Ices, for ('ash. re <Tra«ker« f Tor>e*lo—, •orotl Wheel*. Pin Wheel*, Ac. TILI.KY A IiKOTllEK. t Juno Wth, lHtil. [tltf •x-oA.t JLuotlou Bale OF - (L\niKD EXPRESS PACKAGES. sri.r, MY AI'rTH»N at my Rfioma on Kurd Str«rt. Snturdnv, .fut w *i1»ttl lni«t., IWil, •J<> i l>>< kw.ii lnr^»> iiuinbtr u f I'tickAireH of •In i tn fil i-!\ i.ri\H OIKKIH, <Hiin|[«tii'jr of uliKind H »a» WH :< . ii n.illv convoyed by Kxprutm (.'oiu- ^T\ l'h>n will undoubtedly bo very many VBI- lo iviii '-•-!«'\po>*»>d fo r fj»5<». »nd rnch pnckftjjo he «'.irt M.jM-rn»(<lv without being opened, or roiiii'iitx know n. H. F. JUDD. Auctioneer. xrdon-hitii'h, June flth, ISnl. [dftwtd] iflKHKAI HOTEL, WATKHTOWN, N. Y. C'onduetod by .. NOT T db ood Accommodation* for Kan and *P**Men|ror» convoyed to and from th« ay 4. is4ii. [M-tlly] .POHDH OHALLBNfiR HRATKR1 >n WAHMlNfJ Hl'II,l)IN(JS, BOLD AND >Ut up < ompl«t»« by OUAULKH AH1ILRY. J. WfURR * BROTHKR, MtmirAcmmKRi or ^EMIUM MELOOEON8, MOULM', m. lAtwrme* County Jf. Y. in Hhoet Mush-and Music Book a m% If elod«>oMH and 1'lano'n Repaired to order. .. F. JAMES HAH this dny removed hi* Mock of DRY GOODS j« Ht.ir\ formerly owttpted by C1IIAS. HILL, next door to JOHN HINIMIB> Orntf Rtoro, NO. 16, FORD 8TRBBT. • AVK timiO A YRAR IN KXPKNHK8 BT kltit; thl« •torn, ihort'fore I on» afford to n«l • <'b<n|M<i i\f:\u any other hotino In tow». I auk uf my old ciMtotner* and othern \n to m« MittU, and I will jj«ftr«ntoe you will bo ni IV HOOP t C«MH cbcApcr than any other store lit town, t AND 9EK, AT NO. 10, FORD BTEEET, O K den»bnrKh t N . ¥. rll *lth. i«p,r M. F. JAKES. BM»M«BfJltU COAL (KlVF.n TIIIH DAY. AND FOR BALE BY THO>|AH HA1<L A CO. rll tn. l^H. Water Htr^e.t, OKdmmbnrgh 1-^fW FOR SALE. TIIK MKTIIODIST KIMHCOI'AL CHURCH, o .mi , (,, in;/ (-•tttriilly nil uated And well fa r •d. 'IMIIH 1 nlvt'll. «\lr-\f JOHN WTNDOR, lOdtf | M Kurd Btreet. THE ADVANCE, JULY 5, 1861. J. H. GUEST, «OODI,JCI IN OHEAT VAJUKTY, CONHIHTIN« OF BXRAIQ* AVOfaAOS BOH58, FWOJUU) SOBE8, CHsarx POPLHW Droquet Grenedines, Chene GivticdincSf Plaid Orooedioeg, Beraige Anglaue^ Bnnded OrgattdiiM Printed Jaconetts, PRINTBO LAWNS, FOR TRAVEIJilHO DKRSSB8 IN ALL THB [dAwtf] OgdenHburgh, May 1, lt«tt. J. H. roMS) Bilks BLACK, FANCY AND PLAIN COLORS. Black. aa€ Plain Cat Rrtwlia SUksj FIGURED, STRIPKD AND PLAIN OUM 8Hk», Good Colon aad Itjto OP ALL COLORS. — iMO TH1 lERI AMD BLUI JOB CLAM May 1,1861. J. H. QUEST. A LARQE ASSORTMfiNT OF CAKFBTfi, IN VcHret, In Beaatlfti] Patterns, Designi and Colorings. 00TT0H AKD HEMP CAKPETDTOt, STAIR CARPNINGS, In Brttseein aad V«nltlan. INDIA IWATTirUi, 4, 5, AND 6-4, Check and Plain, In Superior Qualities. PLOOR OIL CLOTUS, All wldthd, and at very LO W PRICBB. Cocoa matting;, Cocoa Hiattiit \Wool JVIatts. R *S ne Cr rumb dotbs, Arc d c J. H. QUEST 8V1HIHER GOODS, W COTTON A DK8, CIIIXKS, DRILLS, frfllfPRS, 8ATJAS, JLJUIXUOXT JXAM8, CA8HXEBETT8, CAfiSIMRRKS, SATtNETTS, CLOAKS, Ac, , oT all Rinds. J. H. QUEST, Mourning G*ooda f A very Great Variety of Beautiful MOURNING DRBSS GOOD*, ——IK BOMBAZINES, MOTrautf n*T,AmB8. CHALLE, TAJUTAN, DARAIGE, CRAPE MURBTTE, l and BtACK •ARAIOB, aad HRRINO, OBGAHDEBB, JAC01TO, LAWW8, *o. t English and Italian p^ English Crapo Veils, all sizes, Grenadine Veila, all sizes, Crape and Muilin Collars and Shawls, Mourning Ildkfs, plain and fancy. CLOAKS AND MANTILLAS, FOE 8UKMKB, In all tho NOWUBI and most Dooirablo Stylos, in 8ILK AND CLOTH, OrUe«t, OfBura a large a«norttn«nt of Honlory, of the bett make* in LADIES' and CHILDRBN8, Boy's and Men'* Hnlf Iloee. all kf ndn and stzee, Alexander's Kid (Jlovon, nil colors d i Bilk, U'Ulo and Cotton H And a fnM aneortmpnt, and thebfPt of ovcry arti- cle nmtaUy kept In a thread and noodle Store. a*, aac. WHITE GOODS, Ifnsltn and Cambrlf«, (n «vory variety, tonsr Cloth« and Rhirtiner, Shirting Ltnto, Twined anAHtrlufd India Cloth, Superior Llnrn Hhvcting, H,!», and l(»-4, Plflow Can« Linen*, J*, 10, 43 and 4fi in.. Table Daniank, all wldthn, Damaiik (IOHIP. from H-4 to 16-4, NApklnt>, Doylirp, Towols, 1'laln, Muck, and Damnnk, * Diapora, Hurk, Scotch and IMrdit «ye, American nnd UUHXIA Crawh Cotton BhMting and Pillow Cotton, all width*. Ogdombtirgh, May 4,1H61. [diwlm] INMURANCK. , ...» ...... ^ - ,. 4 . j^— -..-.-. OOIlBNSBIIRilH CliNBRAL FIRE AND MAMNE IN8URANCE AGB1KCY. N«rtti WmtUrn rtre Ac IVartne Iuurar- atkoe Co., O«w«ao, N, V . CAPITAL, $160,000-8URPLU8, $151,000. eM Flroand Itlartne'ln«arane« mpa*?, Sprlaa^l«ld % Bia«a» CAPITAL, taO^OUa-BUKPLUS, $2»li,83e. OoMtin«ntai laaunuaea Compaajr of New-York. CAPITAL, $0OO,OOO-SURPLU8, $«M,701 Seenrlt|r Fir* Inaaranoa Companr, New-York. CAPITAL, iSOO.OOO-SUKPLUa, $180,818. LorlllaHl Fire lasurance Company New-York. CAPITAL, tlDO,00()-HUHPLUS, $77,!»1. North Aiaerlean Fire I nan ranee Co.,' New-York. CAPITAL, $960.000-8UKPJ.UH, $M,007. North American Fire Insurance €0., Hartford. CAPITAL, |MX),00fV-HURPLU8, $41,864. Phoenix Fire ffntnrance Company Brooklyn, N. Y. CAPITAL, $«00,000~«URPLU8, $88,148. CoammonwealCli Fire Insurance Co.. New-York. CAPITAL, $S60,000-8URPLUf, $TO,ST1. Park Fire Insurance Company, New-York. ' CAPITAL, $«0,000-8URPLU8, $79,889. AUantle Fire Sc marine Insurance Co* Providence, R. I . CAPITAL, $16O,00O-8URPLU8, $10,088. pden Fire Insurance Companv SprinsAeld, Mr- r CAPITAL, $10O,OUO~8URPLU8, $83,461. Hassasolt Fire Insurance Company. Springfield, Mass. ' CAPITAL, $UK),0QO-8URPLU8, $59,784. Policy holders receive annually a share of the proita la U»« Contln«atal, Becnrtty, Lorillard and North American lBMiranc« Companies, New- York, without Incurring anv liability. Faxmen and others dectrfng Insurance* will find ft for their interest to call at this Agency before insuring elsewhere. For Insurance, to any amount, apply to P. X. CHAJPJIf, A«eat, Also Notary Public and Attorney and Counsellor at Law. Q$lo$: Comer Qf Ford and OtUharUs Strnti, OQDENBBUBOn, N. Y. [14fJ CAEE & JtfATTHEWS, O6DEN1BI7RGH SitEWXBY. T HB UNfrKRHIGNKD HAVING FORMED A Co-Partntirebip, and leased. Cur a term ol year«, tho extunulve Brewery of Mr* D. J. CBICH- TON, will be prepsred to furnish superior quali- ties of Aien, East India Pale ei'- 8 tout, and Lager Beer Zn Barrels, Half Barrels, and Bottle*, to suitpur- cha««m. The largo exporktnee of Mr. MATTHEWS in the Breweries of Ktiglamt, and in thl« country, (late with liourd, boymour & Co.) watmuttlHi M- ttcrtloii thai (lu* wa\\ uistabliHluui reputation of tbr> Alefiof l»irt niHnuftuturo, will In- fully HiiHtaiuurl U, the pM&t'iit UHtitblihhtiiuni; tlw utmost earn be- ing taken in tho inamirucMirt!.—pure sprinj' water Malt and Hops only, bcin^r UK(><1—thulr purtty uud wholcwwieiuprt <;au hu ^t.uruutL-tid. I'hu atttuiliun of l-'mniliep, Ilnl«l kt>«p«rfl, and tliH tmdo goiuTiilly, \# invitttdtolhusnpurforkeep Iu« qualitk-H of HIUHU AW* on druuglit, und for bot- tling ; thflr miullty will bo found «quul to the bent Imported srtiele, nnd posoeHoing highly nuiiritih- ini' ami tonic outilltir*, ljr\Ord«3rs by mail, or otherwise rcspsctlhlly solicited. D. D. T. CAIUL P. 8. MATTHEWS. Varth 16, 18G1. [d&wtfj FI4OWBRS AND PLANTS. I havo and »>hall keep for t>ata during the plant- ing; SCUHOII, all kinds of Bedding Out, and Other Plants, Consit«tlnff in part of Verbenas, $1,OU to $1,60 per dozen, M imiilun, MatricariA, Lantauas. Salvint?, Musk, Tom Thumb Geranium*, HeliatropQH, PtnkM. Carnations, Petnnia, (double purple) do. (double white larue and tragrtinl.) OalcQoiarla, Ageratnm, 81lone Pleno, Lobt-lia, Dahlia, KOBCB (monthly) FuHchian, Lemon scented Verbi'na, Phloxn. Dyeletra, Delphynium, also seedling f riant* of Aston, (Trumuit's new) do (Ranuncu- ue,> Double Dalfamt*. I'hlox Drummnndi, Mari- golds, Zinnia*, Stock*, Double Indian Pinks, Datura Wrlghti Thuubt-rgia, Ac ' CTGHXK GABDEK PLAHT8. CABBAGE—Urge York, Winnlgstadt, Savoy Red Duttih, Marble Head, Q,alntalT Ht. Dennis, Flat Dutch, Drumhead. • f- CAULlFLOWiiH^Kviy Paris, Asiatic, Wai- chrren. TOMATO—Tbo Perfec-tud, Fejee Isliind, Early Pnrple, and several other kind*. Celery, Egif Plant, Pfi>porn ; Melon, Cucumber and Squash of vurlous kinds, in pots, sufficient to plant a hill. Those lu want of any of the above plants, I would respectfully request to call and ex- amino mlno befort? nciidiu^ clmwhcre. I have made suvvral addition* to niv Mto<k of Verbenas, several of which uru now in bloom, TR0KAB LAWBEHCE, Gardener. Canton Htroct, head of Patterson. Ogdcnsbnrgh. May 11, IHil. (d2\vAw4w] ~ O\H E'A'P\. We have still a large quantity of Goods, SHELF HARDWARE, NAILB. IltON, 8TOVEB. and STOVB FIXTURES, TIN WAltR, MILK PANS, SHOVELS. SPADES, FORKS, HOES. AC., *C. t < to sell at Coat, for CASH* Call soon. We are ready to famish the justly celebrated KKBY HAAVEBUBB, Improved, and at a lees price than last year. \PATENT CONVEX PLOWS,\ on hand as nsu&L and finished in the best style 'M\ay 7, lifNU, CIIAWEY A ALLEN. To Wagon makers and RJaeksmlths. \%TR ARR NOW RECEIVING AN EXTENSIVE iff Stock in this Department, and hare many new and valuable improvements. We are pro pared to tsell cheap. CH / S. ASHLEY Fire and Marine Insurance Horn* Life ln«uraii<-« rompanT. of Brooklyn, N. V. CA8H CAPITAL, $145,000. Invested In Stocks of tho State of Now-York, and first dast Bonds and Mortgages. GEO. C. RIPLBY, H«c'y. W. 8. GRIFFITH, Pres. , 2. B. BRIDGES, Medical Examiner. Hoard o/ Bsfsvncs: Hon. DAVID C. JUDHON, (1. M. FOSTER. Esq., Hon. JAMEH AVERKLL, ELIJAH WIUTE,£sq. Hon. CHARLES G. MYERS. Atlantic Fire Innursmce Company, of Brooklyn, N. Y. Chartered 1851. CapiUi $100,000—Assets $200,000. HORATIO DORR, Boc'y. JOHN D. COCKS, Pros. Lenox Fire IOHUranee Company, o f New-York. Chartered 1868. Capita! $100,000— Assets $176,000. W. M. FRANKLIN, Sec, UEO. A. JARVIS, Pres. Mutual (Marine) InnuranceCqnipanT. ol fluAUlo, N. Y. Assetts \ $688,000 00 Bcrip dividend to dealers Feb. 12, 1801, thirty- Hve per cettf. Cash dividend on outstanding Bcrip, tevtn per ctnt. Scrip of 1H5« redeemed this year. JAMKS C. KVANH, President. A. A.EUSTAPIIIBVB, decretory. I am prepared to fill Applications for Insurance in the above Companies, which are among the best in the country. &T Offloe 26 Ford Street (Up Stairs.).^ [M-d&wtf.] JOHN 11. FAIRCHILD, Agent. AJLE YOU TJT8UBICD1 , Fire and Marine Stock Insu ranee Agency. TN THE Old JEtna Insuranee Company, Of Hartford.—Incorporated 181H. CapiUl, $1,000,000... .Qurnlns, fWM.OOO. |., CHARTER PERPETUAL. Home Insnrauce Company, of New York. CaplUl, $1,000,000.... Surplus, $481,000. O14 HartfbHl Insmrastee Company Of Hartford, Conn., 1810. Capital $000,000... .SurpjoB $468,000. CHARTER PERPETUAL. Western HIa»»aekiisjeU« In*. Co*, Pittsfield, 186a. CapiUl $150,000.... Surplus $00,000. Phoenix Inaarance Company, Hartford, Conn., 1854. CaplUl, $400,000.... Surplus $800,000. City Insurance Company, m Hartford, Conn. X CapiUl $960,000... .Surplus $19,000. New England Insurance Co., QB Hartford, Conn., 186U. CapiUl $900,000....Surplus$90,000. 4 Nonrlen Inanranee Company. Norwich, Ct., 1808. W CapiUl $300,000.... Surplus $22,000. * Connecticut mutual Life Ins. Co. 0 Assets, $8,000,688. H Farmers of fit. Lawrence County, I can In- ti sure your houses and bams for a term of m three yearn or more, at lower rates thau mu- B tnals, for cash down. No premium notes ta- ken and np Aftgestfinentg made. Call and sec M before Innurimr. I own no stock In either company, and my customers may continue to rely nu m^ bent judgment to their securi- ties under their Apnly to A. P. Morse or P. McOrady, Ham- ^ mono; C. L. Linn, Hostile; F. Phclan, Mor- r; rlstown; (I. B. &\l. Andrews, Masnena; G. ;\ J. Ilnll. HaymondHville. |3r\Youir patronage Is reptjectfnlly solic- ited. L. IIASBROIJCK. Ojrdc!i*lmri;h, March 1, lWl. FIRE INSURANCE] XWm XI. GtTBST, (StTCCESHOK TO 4A*. (J. HOl'KINS,) For the following reliable New York City Stock Companies of Large Cash Capitulu, viss: HANOVER FIRE INK. CO., N. Y. Capital $900,000 Assets 343,000 HOWARD INSURANCE CO., N . Y. CaplUl $«BO,000 Assets 890,168 LA1VAR FIRE INSURANCE CO., N. Y. CapiUl.. $300,000 Assets 844,868 METROPOLITAN FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, N. Y. Capital $800,000 . Assets 8HO,000 Persons insuring in the METROPOLITAN, wW rsesins Immutiiv itomfowihs tftks PntfUs. The alrate companies which are among the very BE8TtW<5ro selected by my predecessor who was ik th« Wines*, *om« 80 yetrs, and Mid for losses in Oirdensbitrffh, Prescott and vicinity, near SEV- ENTY-FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. &T OFFICE IN nOPKINS BL00K.J& WRI. E. GUEST, A«t«, [1-tf ] Also Justice of the Peace. —•• - _-. . .-- ' :- . * \tar n SOMETHING NEW t White's Patent Kewipaper, Muiio and Letter For Preserving Papers, Music, <fcc., Patented April 2d, 1861. For testimonials of some of the first Literary men of the country tee Circulars. CLEMON8 & REDINGTON, Musks Coolers, Jud«on Bank Building, Agents. Ogdcneburgh, Mfty 20,1S01. [dlmw2m] \ Flags ! Flags ! ! F fcAGS made t o Order of any Stoe of the best ENGLI8U BUNTING, and the best make. * tSfTowns, Villages, and Associations wanting National Flags, by seudim,' Sn their order at onco, will have them promptly furnished fit reasonable rates. J. U. GUE8T. Ogdensburgh, May 81,18Q1. [d*wlm. BAKER'S JEFFERSON BAKER Bears to annonnce, that he has opened a MEAT iKkKT iK FORD STREET, OGDENSBURGH, N. Y., In the Shop recently occupied by J. B. AnM- STBOH^, and solicits the favors of hjs old patrons, and many new ones, trusting thitt his experience of twelve years In tb« bnsiiM'S!*, 1« this place, Is a sufficient guaranty of his ability to please them with The Best Meats the Country Affords. |#-MeaU Faithfully delivered by •• P*TKn.\ - tf| PLEASE CALL. JEFEER8ON BAKER. Qgdensnargh, May 21,1801. [d&wtf] DUT GOODS. APEIL 19th, 1861. W IBBS Has now Opened m LARGE STOCK NEW DRY GOODS I CARPETS I FLOOR OIL CLOTH, CURTAIN FIXTFttES, STZOIIM, Window Shades, o • .!<» o Oomprlsiof all the RBV AMD DB80UBLE 8TYLE81 ——AT LOWEST CASH PRICES. NO. 24- OGDUNSBTTBGrH, 2*. DENTISTRY. u9L. «T. W Ol'LU INKOJIM THE CITIZENS OF OG- den«l»tir^!i und vU inity, that he ha* returned to hie oflU-e in thin place, where he will be happy tranlud tu UU> euro. AucMlialca^enU administer- ed to sx&ract tenth wiUuwt tutin. He will remain here until .Inne next, then TlsH OOUVEHNEUR when lie will remain one month. tVOffloe Jndson BaAkJniidiiig 0tat» ttrtat eatranee, Ogdensburgh, Ogdensburgh, April 1,1880. O. W. «IBB8 BALDWIN HOUSE, OOBXKB OV CatHHrine smd J>ivision Street*, Nmr th* 8t*mtoat Landing <uut B. X. D^oi, OODBNBBUROH, N. Y. This House has lately bsen «nl*rged, with the addition of some Forty Rooms, consisting of Par- lors, Sntts of Rooms, Ac., which ars furnished In the latest modern style. The Proprietor, whose long experience in Hotel keeping, renders this House so popular, would respectfully return his most sincere thanks fur pant patronage, and hopes by strict attention to toe wants of his S ests, to receive a continnnnrc of the wune. Hfs >le will Always be famished with the choicest delicacies the market allurdt*. The Bar will be stocked with the best of Imported Liquors, of his own selection, through th«j HOUIMJ of Messrs. Chap- man A Co., 01 Montreal. IVCarrlagcs will be in readiness at the Bail Road Depot and Ht**mboat Landings, to convey Paasengurs ami lia^nge, to and Iroaa the House Frt* qfCliargt. |9^Staffes leare this House for Waddinjtos, Hermon, Hammond, Rossie and Canton. JEIU2M1AH'BALDWIN, Proprietor. March'5tb, ]8H1 [idlywsaw.] ST. LAWRENCE HALL, Railway-St., Brookvilla, C. Board, $1 Per Bmjr. H. C. PHILLIPS, PROPRIETOR. CHARLES SHAVER, IXFOBTXB Or Fancy and Staple Dry (Joodfi, WATEB STREET, PRE8Q0TT. . Immense lmportion of JUST RECEIVED. Prescott, April 1,1861. [d-tt] THB SL Ac WILSON laa. TURST at TWO Natloal Fairs, at THBO VL JO State Fairs, aad at most of th* State Fairs or other States, and recogniecd by the unanimous approral of over SIXTY THOUSAND FAMILIES now using It, as THE BEST MAOHDfS FOE FAMILY USE. A Full Stock of all the Tartans styles eosMtaHtly on hand and for sale at New-York Prices. Ma- chines shipped free of Charge to purchasers, on tb* IIJM of any railroad in anr jwt of the 8«ate, or to tbe nearest R. R. Station, if purchasers live oft the line of the Road. EVERT MACHINE WARRANTED, aad in- structions !• the use of them giren to purchasers gratis. Prices greatly reduatd, tar*Bend for a Circular. T. B. fUTTff Actst CXanyplain, N. Y. ALSO—Constantly on hand, the people's, Booth AParmenter, and Atwater Sewing Machines, all domble thread machioes— which will -be sold a# greatly reduced prices. AprU 18,1861. [dam] T & ft. -• • • • • < . - —————,<i \• -» • I. WMBJEtiOCTKt WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALER 0-3E1.0OJU PROVISIONS, Water Street, Ogda&ttaufjL, IT. T. Ogdensburgh, May 8,1861. [M-dtf -| 00 Bbls3 Salt just receired and for sale by 1 0 BbU of Very Choice Large Red Clorer Seed, for sale cheap by I. W11BBLOCK. LIVERV STABLE, ^LIGIOZL «ft» O-oodno, 8TATE STREET, Are prepared to furnish Single and Double Car- riages ana Saddle Horses, on the shortest notice, at all hours, and at moderate charges. Call and see for yourselves. W. ALDKN, C. P. GOODMO. Ogdcnsborgh, May 37th, 1861. [dtf] 8PECIA L NOTICE ! Tahs Can 0/ yomr Fruit and Vkm. Attenuated Coal Tar, (in powder,) Will save yonr Vines, Plants, Vegetables, of all kinds, Fruit, Flowers, Qrain, and every product of the FIELD or QABDVN, from the ravages of Insects and Vermin. Omnrs will save your Garden and th t F Sl b y protect yon from these pests. For Sale by JOHN RINDQB and 3. C. 8PRAGUK. May artta, 1861. HOWARD H. NBARY, Couxxaellor at , 0t LawrnMt (kmatj, W. T @F his entire attention to the practice •/ his proTeaskm in the several Courts of (Ms SUte. Wdl] THB SEYnOtR HOUSE, OGDEN8BUROH, N. Y. T HB SUBSCRIBER HAVING LBA8ED THB SEYMOUR HOUSE, respectfully solicit* t portion of public patronage. He will endeavor to make it a First Class HoUfe, and with its «n*oual ed facilities and his own personl supervision, feel* he can give satisfaction tu all who may favor him with a trial. iar*The citizens of St, Lawrence County ars particularly invited to call. FRANK J. TALLMAN, Proprietor. Ogdensburgh, June 11,1861. [dtf] LITAMBR ! LUMBER 1 t B UILDERS AND THOSE IN WANT OF DRY LUMBER, for immediate nse, will find It greatly for their interest to call and exam- ine the extensive assortment kept at the R. R. wharf, and for sale, consisting of Plme, ' Black Walnut, Cherry, Wfclte Wood, andAah* Carpenters please give as a call, and we will sell you as cheap as the same quaiUf can be bought in Northern New-York, CAD. WHITNEY Jr., A CO. W. L. PROCTOR, Agent. Ogdensburgh, June W, 1881. [dimo ZI7K M0BGAN, AEN0LD & Co's XX ALE ! Ogaensbnrgh, April, 1861. [81d-w64*wt£]BJ

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