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8 THE ADVANCE, JULY 5, 1861. MIDNIGHT DISPATCHES TO T HE ADVANCE . NEWS. Important Intelligence, WASHINGTON, July 8.—It is said that If a battle fthoujd take place in thin vi- cinity, Gen. Scott ban announced that ho JM person would direct the operations. The following dispatch was received at 2:15 this morning: BLACK RIVER, near Martlnsbnrgh, July 8. TftOoI. Edward Townecud, Asst. Adjt. Goo.: I left Williainsport at nix o'clock this •aorning for thin place, and routed the rebels, who were nhout 10,000 strong, and who hud tour gun*. I now occupy their camp, with n loss of three killed and four wounded. (Binned,) H. PATTKHSON, Major-Gonoral Cominaudlnn, The ( 1 ubinrt met to-day, m more than usual pood spirits, in consequence of the good neWs. A thirty-pounder rifled cannon just mounted hero is at the lluilrtml Htation dirwte«l to Major Gen. McDowell, New- port. It is toon to be forwarded. , July 3.—Col.Wurd- rope's pickets extend a mili: ( nnd n half foyond Knnipton. Ool. Wi-Mw'n regiment \n erecting a •tTon ; Imlterv on tuift «idcM)i* tUi« of the bridge. \YeHicMriy n nnmbcrof soUViers tHade a rtn-oniKxtrrtTiitu New|>orfcNewaup James Ittver Howl to within a mile of Great Bethel At that point they came upon fire rebel pickets who fled leaving their haU and coatu allowing thoy were office™. Gen. Butler and family are at Newport Mews. WASHINGTON, July 8. An expedition consisting of two companies from the first Michigan regiment and fourth and fifth MawuiehuBMts regiments leave in the morning for the Hivor road towards Mount vernon. Impression exists that m battery i« being erected near Mount Ver- with intention on the place. The second Maine regiment is ftdvan imes dispatches: It is decided that there will be no paltry caucus had with inference to the organization of the house. Members will vote according to their di- rections. James B. Wadsworth of Gcneseo, has accepted the position of aid to Gen. Mc- Dowell. Col. Hunter of the third U. 8. Cavalry will be relieved of his command by Col. Sherman, Brother to Senator Sherman, late principal director of the U. 8. Mili- tary in Louisiana. Col. Hunter will be made a Brigadier. Times' despatches state: A murder was committed at Georgetown early this morning. A private named John Holmes in Co. A., of the 8th N. Y. regiment wna fiwind dead near the corner of High-st., •tabbed in two places. The evidence lw- ferc the Coroner was to the effect that two men in the uniform of this regiment and the deceased had au altercation.— Several were promply arrested, nnd one of them who returned into camp without hi* cap U AUKpcctcd of the murder. Late despatches received say that a lafge force are at Mauasas Junction this evening. The rebel advance guard is beyond Falls River and <be/ have fortifications only on one point lids side of Manasan Junction. South Cuiolina regiments are reported to be within a few miles march of Alex- andria. The 9th regiment to-day moved for- ward to the Point of Hocks. The N. Y. 1st regiment were ordered to-day to advance early to-morrow morn- ing. Col. Gard and family of this city is now at the Junction. The Iftth Pennsylvania regiment moved forward to-day to Point of Hocks. The N. II. 1st received orders to-day to advance. HAUK.HHTOWN, July 8.—The following in a list of wounded now in the hospital at the last flght with the rebels at New- port: 10th regiment Pennsylvania vol- unteers, .1 MIUCH Morgan, Co. 11, severely, and Frederick Hutehinson, Commissary Bi'rgcar.t of camp Bryant, severely. Fred. Battier of Co. O, not severely. Gee*. Drake of Co. A. and one whose name in itot known I• y ('apt. Mttchcl. The names of others ot Mie killed and wounded will |*> givi n in after a while and will lie sent by teV^raph as fnst tm it is possible 'to t u WASHINGTON 11.—Th© 20th regiment of N. Y. 8. vnluntww arrived here. The liridgc lumt-d at Newport by the 1M is will )H> rebuilt within a week. limit preparations are l>eing made to tbt our national independence. fYoiK, July 3.—Steamer Northern Ijiglii unived from Artp'mwaU with mails •nd 811,000 treasure from Ban Francisco, Jure tlili. 1 ewx t'rojii the IsthnjiiB and South An *rica unimportant. 1 he French exploring expedition up the J*tl liiUH of Daricn, returned unable to «Mct tluir object, and will try again ^LvXt spring. NEW CAimifDOE.— r fhe new metallic wattu-proof curtritlge, which the Ord- nance Department, lias ordered tp lie tested at West Point, i<* the invention of Willis E. 3Ioorc, of Orawfordsville, In- diana. The cartridge case h made of tin, in the shape of a cone, and ban two weak points in it* circumference. When it is m the cannon ita apex touches the breech- piece, nnd thus ft chamber is formed be- tween the cartridge and the cannon, said chamber being in the rear of the cart- ridge. The cartridge is pricked by forc- ing a sharp instrument down through the vent. When the charge explodes, a por- tion of the gaa escapes through the weak points of the cartridge into the air-cham- t>er, and by its pressure instantly forces the metal case out of the gun. The value of this cartridge lies in the fact of its loading at tho muzzle, and yet clearing the cannon at every shot in HO perfect a manner that swabbing repeatedly is un- necessury. [From Vanity Fnlr. Bon-ton.—Billly Wilson's Zouaves— \dressed to kill.\ For Jeff. Davis's Private Ears.—Noose from the Ninth. On the Parade.—\Dress up, there, dress up!\ shouted the drill HI recant to a squad of likoly looking recruits. \Couldn't dew it, t*ir! M returned one of the boys— ''Kuniforms ain't furnifilicd yet!\ An Old One Reformed.—Although tho clothes used for tho Sixth Hcgimcnt Mas- sachusetts troops nmy not run uniform in color, yet We think tho uniforms and col- ors will not bo apt to run, after passing through the Blood-tubs of Baltimore. A Good Plug to Stick into the Mouth of a Cannon.—The Plug-ugly. The Best Cuulpnifft raper—Cartridge- paper. FltoM THE SOUTH.—A prowling rebel galloped into Fairfax last Wednesday, and proclaimed that he had shot one of those d- —d Zouaves, and loft him writh- ing in the agonies of death. A company of the rebel citizens, rejoicing, went forth to view the victim, and it turned out to be a well known secessionist, named Mor- timer, arrayed in a rod Bhirt. The wheel of retribution turns. Wives of unnaturalizcd Irishmen forced into the reljel army have applied to Lord Lyons for relief. The British Consul at Richmond is ordered to demand their re- lease of Gen. Lee, upon testimony to be forwarded him by the British Consul at Alexandria. ON DIT.—That on the 1st of July the Courier and Enquirer will pass- into the possession of the proprietors of the World, and be merged in that publica- tion. One of the female slaves received at Fort Monroe declared that she had \ a kind—awerry kind massa V iX Why, bless the Lor!\ Bhc added, in proof of the, fact, \ he nebcr put wires in his cowhides in all his life !\ There is a small dog that rides into town from the south end each morning. He always makes for one of the Red Line coaches and gets in. If a scat is to be had, he takes it, but his politeness is such that if a lady gets in, and no scat is vacant he is invariably the first to surrender his with a polite bow-wow. General Scott, in conversation Saturday evening, stated that he had never, in Eu- rope or America, seen such fine .material in an army as that which composes the present one. i, ieei. PATENT MEDICINES, Of all Popular Kinds, Hold low, by JOHN RINDGE. BOILED LINSEED OIL and PAINTS, OF THE BEST QUALITIES, For rale by JOHN HINDUS. PR EM I lift BtlRNINCt FLUID, at ?S «U. per Gallon, Now sold by JOHN RINDGE. PORTABLE SODA FOUNTAIN, Of tho latent Improved Pattern, For sale low. Time givon If required, by r JOHN RINDGB, 14 Ford Street, Otfdcneburgh. \STOLEN OR STRAYED 1 .1HOM TIIK PREMISES OF THE 8UBSCRI- 1 her. on the night, of tho 18th hint., one Black four yoar old UOI/T, newly broken, breast marked by the collar on both fides, hind quartern marked by the traces; It wu« never lOiod, it* Hat hoofed, and haw a *nia1l hunch at Ktiffcon tlieolF ntdt>. Any pernon tfivln^ information, or (hiding said Colt, will be suitable rewarded. PHILIP WALSH. Ilognneburgh, June 24, 1801.—(dtf.) T# farners. I 7IVBRY Farmer should have one Barrel of U MORGAN, ARNOLD ACo 1 * ALE in bin house for Family u«<\ Malt and Hop* only, arc UHud In It* manufacture, and it given perfect *ati»factlon. TRY IT. Ogden»burgh, May «, lf*H • [d&wtf LAGER BEER. OGDENSBURGH, MAY 27th, 1861, Morgan, Arnold & Co., W E are now prepared to furnish Lager BMT In any quantity to puit the purchaser. We uxc nothing in browing but Malt and Hop* : and a* our Brewer Imp had a larco experience in nrow- lnj» LAOEU IJBEn.wearo qmte confident we can give perfect Batitffaction. MORGAN, ARNOLD & CO. Ogdcneburgb, May iTTtii, 1801. [dtf ] HABDWAHK. 18O1. E.A.WATROUS, 0GDEN8BUHGH, N. Y. Importer and Duller In Hardware, Cutlery »ud Heavy Goods, Merchants are respectfully Invited to examine ray new, large and varied stock of AXM, BhoVeU, Spade*, Fork*, Glaas, Bolt*/ Nails, Screws, Cutlery, Edge Toolt, House Trimmings Ac, Ac., Ac. OARRUGE MAKEBB. In thb Department my stock is unequalled In variety, extent and quality; aud In the largest in this M-ctiou of the Bute. 1,000 Beta bright Steel Springs, 500 sete Black Steel Springs, 100 sets Oil Tempered Steel Springs, VX) sets Cane Hardened Axles, 900 sets Steel-Converted Axles, 1,000 sets Long-Arm Axles, 600 sots Short-Arm Axles, 10,000 assorted Carriage BolU, 8,000 assorted Tire Bolts, 10,000 grooved Gimlet Screws. Felloes, hubs, shafts, spokes, carved gearing, spindles, seat arms. In Carriage Trimmings I hnve a new and full stock, comprising many new styles aud patterns. . HABNBM MAKJEH4, , I am dally malting additions to my stock of SADDLERY AND HARNESS TRIMMINGS, An* in Japanned, Stiver and Brass Plated Goods, I am rally supplied with every article knowa to the Trade, Haraess Buckles, Rings, < Ornament*, • Rosettes, Hooks, Terretta, Pad Screws, Swivels, Snaffles, ' Fronts, Fad Trees, Stirrups, Saddles, Halters,B Bridles, Blankets, Tools, Ac., A c Can b« supplied with everything pertaining to their business. TIRE IRON, BAND IRON, 8HOE IRON, ROUND A SQUARE SHAPES, STEEL, HAMMERS, RASPS, FILE*, BOLTS, BORAX, COAL, Ac., A HOUSE BUILDERS, . To those about building, I can offer superior In- ducements, keeping always In stock Nails, OF ALL DSSGKIPTIOJre, Putty, Painte, ' Oil*, Colon, Zinc, White Lead, Paint Brushes, Varnish Brushes, Sheet Lead, Eave Troughs, &c., Ac, My goods are all from factories direct from Eng land, Oermany and the United 8tate*. The polft ical dlfticultiefl. which have prostrated the com- mercial interests of a large section of our country are enabling me to purchase Full Ten 3?er Cent. Lower than ever before, and to defy all competition. The list comprises a portion only of the stock always on hand at my store;—«nd I will pav forauy man's expenses and IOHM of time, who will not admit af- ter looking'ovor my ftock, that I BILL AS L0W AS *BW YORK OB B0W0H. To those who are about building, I offer the fol- lowing advantage over others, viz: I can supply from my own stock everything required, not only the material for building, but the PAINTS AND OILS. I also keep a number of thorough tin-men, teams, to travel the country and put up Trough*, Conductor Pipe, PS. A . WATBOC8. BY EXPRESS. Flirt! NUW YORK ]TfAI>E Ready Made Clothing NEW AND FKKHII BLACK CLOTHS, H1W AJJD FKEfH BLUB \ NEW AND FRESH BROWN \ New Summer Coatings, Kew Cassimeres for Suits, New Caseimeres tor Pants, New 8tyles Bilk Vestings, New Styles Marseillos, do. New Styles Cashmere, do. New Styles of Collars, &c FRENCH SILK NECK TIES, White and Colored Shirt*, SUSPENDERS, HOSE, *e. And, in fact, everything oolonffing to a gentle- manV outfit, in every desirable »(ylu and quality, can now be found at SKINNER'S* Ogd«nsburgh, April 20,1881. [49-dtf] Seeloy db , WflOLXSitLE DBALKR8 IN BOOKS AJ&TI3 STATIONERY, POTSDAM and CANTON. W4 Retail, tell. Complete wksof Add-on, 0 v IS mo. clo. $7M b.VO Goldemith 4 vol. ' Fielding 4 ' Smollett « 4 Sterne 3 ' Dean Swift 0 * 8. Johnson *i ' Defoe 2 ' C. Umb 6 ' L. Hunt 4 l H. More 4 \ Jane Porter 2' C. Bron.te 9 ' T. Jefferson »• B. Franklin** *• 4 8r» 5.00 8.84 5.00 8.84 T» 5.00 * 2.50 l.ttT 5.00 7.«W 2.50 1.67 %M LOT 4.17 6.95 5.00 8.84 * 8.00 1.84 2.00 1.84 *. 8.W t.«7 HoW.fiO 14.00 c.ou «;»» Tb» Above Is » specimen of the rates we »h>iU sen Derby A J*ck*ou'R Publications for tho next 10 days. Wlwre $3 lvortb of books are taken at one time, we will make H discount of 10 per cent, from Derby A Jtckfou'n wholesale prices. We hate lffi»1*mo Bmkm (reUU price $1.00 and $1.15,) which we will sell at 50 and vtH cents in quantities of $5.00 worth. We are agents for Irison A Plan- ner, and will sell their publications at the lowest Wholesale price. We are prepared to sell at Wholesale lower than any other Hou«e in North- ern New-York. We bay our goods in large quan- tities for the especial purpose of selling to Her- cteata and Peddlers. Will send samples of En- velopes Note, Cap and Letter Paper, with prices, to any dealer wishing. We have Books especially adapted to canvassing aceuU, to whom we give special terms. Sixty dollar* a ton Cash paid for Rags delivered on the Watertown and Rome Rail- road or the Northern Railroad. Wrapping Paper tarnished at Factory prices. Send in your orders and save money. 8KKLEY A BROWN. J.H. SnLBr, Potsdam. W. P. BBOWH, Canton. Potsdam, March 23,1861. TWENTY-ONE YEARS AGO. MR. 0. C. BRISTOL, a distinguished Chemist and Druggist of the city of Buffalo, N. Y M invented and manufactured a compound known as BRIS- TOL'S BALSAM or HOTTRHOUND, which is a perfect SPSCino for Coughs, Colds, or any Bronchial or Long Difficulties arriving from damp, cold, or sudden change of the weather. Every person who has taken Bristol's Balsam of Honrhound, pronounc<:« it the b«»tarUclo ever in- vented ; and «o Justly celebrated has It become, that the market is all ready full of Imitation*, counterfeits and mont dsng«roun compound*, un- der the name of Balaam of Hourbound. There- fore always be caruful to rail for BRJRTOL'B BAL- SAM, and see that his written signature Is en tho outside label pf the bottle. MARK I This invaluable medicine has now been before tho public come twenty-one years, and without any effort on the pert of the proprietor, Its sale has become very extensive, and in daily increasing. The low price at which the medicine U sold (» cents) enables all to partake of its heal- ing qualities. C. CROHBY, Btiflalo. N. Y., and Fort Erie, C. W., sole manofacturer to whom all order* should be addressed. For sale by all respectable drag- gists. OT Mathews' Venetian Liquid Hair Dye.— Acknowledged by all to be the K> PLUS DLTBA.— Cheapest in the world. Easily applied; works to a charm: Prodnoes any shade that may desired. Restores gtey hair to Us original color; does not dry or scorch the hair; produces a permanent color—one that will neither fade, crock, or wach out. Been in ntte for fifteen years. Always given complete satisfaction. §ar* Remember t the best as well a« tho cheapest. For sale by all Drng- ite A. I. MATBEWS. and Fort Erie, C. W. iste. Prepared only by Druggist, Buffalo, N. Y., UOtTdttKTOT* 6c SOI*, HO. 45 rORD-«TREET, OODBNSST7ROH, N.. Y. IXPOETXBI AMD DEALEBS I H INA^ CROCKERY. GLASS AND 8ILVKR- \J Plate Ware, and Hounc-FuroUtalng Ooodn, Bird Cage*, Feather Dnstcrn, Door Mat*. Lampn, Chandellern, I^mpn, Wickn and Globes, Children's Wagons, Cradles and Fancy Goods. AOKNTH FOR PemuylTmala IlluralnsiUiiff oil Co . POETEES PATENT NON-EXPLOfllVE BUBN- DfO VIALD. We have on hand a large Ranortmeiitof Kerosene and Fluid Lnmpn, Chandcllors nnd Fixtures, 8at- erleal for UghtlnK Par1orn, Ualln and Churches. Which we are now selling at greatly reduced pri- ces. We have CROCKERY AND CLA88-WABE. In small packages, assorted for Country Merchants r and Pedlars JLt New-^ork IPrioea. Also Keroaene. Carbon and Illuminating Oil, and Fluid by the barrel. Merchants or tho*e who wish to buy for their own u»e, will And it for their interest to give uj a c«ll befyre purchasing else- where. Ofdensburgfc, March 4th, 1861. l-l-d&w.] MASSACHUSETTS HO17SB, BY JAMES 8nAW, ROUSK'8 POINT, N. Y. • few rods west of the O. R. R. Depot. The Best or Stabling at all Times. Quests conveyed to and from the Cars, free of charge. THE FOLLOWING GROCERIES ARE FOUND AT F RENCIT6 CONICAL WASHING MACHINE The best in tbe market. No family should be without one. CMA8. ASHLEY. *T. , EITHER AT WUQLESALE OR RETAIL. Hopkins' Block, East end of Bridge, OGDKNSBRUGn. N. Y. TRA*. Young IIytton Gun Powder Imperial Twankay Black Teas SUGARS. Brown Coffee Crashed Granulated Powdared COFFEE. Jav» Rio Marlcaibo Mocha All kinds Borned and Grovnd Rice Gingw Pearl Barley Currants RalKins Flfjs Sardines flXTRACTB. Lemon Vanilla Pine Apple ll lla«pbcrrry * Almonds Oellery Necurino Em^cuce Peppermint Castor Oil Gun Caps Water-proof Gun Caps Powder Shot OILS. Whale Sperm Lard Kerosene Vinegar Molasses Dried Apples Green Apples Cheese Faucet* Wrapping Paper 4t Twine 8hoe Blacking SPICES. Ground and unground. Popper Allspice Cinnamon Cloves Nutmegs Cream Tartar Mustard Bpeom Baits Salt Petre Alum Salaratus Soda Vermacilla Macaroni Sago Caraway Seed Prepared Brotua \ Cocoa \ Chocolate Farina Corn Starch Silver Gloss Starch Starch Indigo Fig Bluu Bath Bricks CANDLES. Parapet Sperm French Sperm Tallow jj Pipes Matchen TOBACCO. Fine Cut Plug Htnoklng Ucinp Heed Canary Seed ayruu Soups FJour Buck Wheat Flour Indian Meal Oat Meal Pork F1BB. Salmon Mackerel Herring IIor*e Brushes rtiu Tubs While FIKII Hpnrkk* Trout Mackiuaw Trout p Mop Handles TA»*it Garden Seeds Scnb Brushet Clothes Pins JEWELRY' WATC1sTJB% (SUCCESSOR TO' 8EELY A FREEMAN,) Keep* constantly on bjad, a large stock of Ametioan, Kn^lisli and Swiss GOLD AJTO flLyiB WATCHES! Fine Jewebj: Solid Silver Ware; the best of American Plated Good*; Table and Pocket Cutlery; Fancy Goods ; Combs and Brushes, The Largest Stock to be found in Northern New-York. Watches and Jewelry Neatly repaired and warranted. DAWSON, WARREN A HYDE'S G-old. fW Agent for SINGER'S HEWING MACHINES A good ftupply of standard and family machines constantly on hand. Cash Paid for Old Gold and Silver. DAILY EXPRESS ! BXTWKVN Potsdam June. & Masscna Springs, tjy-Conveyancep both way* each dar.^gtl PACKAGES TRANSPORTED WITH CARS. ALBERT A. ALLEN, Proprietor. May SO, 1861. [d6m. OOLLfiOTOK'S NOTICE. milE UNDERSIGNED, COLLECTOR OF THE X ViUac^of QgdenslnireU, will be at taeJm>- SON BARK from 9 A. V. till 4 p. M., for thirty day«, to receive ali Taxes due on the Property of »aid Village. The Tax-Roll will alno b« there, for tie inspection of citizen*. ALFRED B. CHAPIN, Collector^ Dated 8attrd*y, June 1st, 1A61. [dtf] NEW LIVERY STABLE, db T«.1XM3.«M3L St., opposite the BtUdwtn JIOUH. TT»ey respeetfuliv announce to the public that they will keep on hand Double and Hingle Turn Outs, of tbe best Class and at reasonable prices. HTA share of Public Patronage is solicited. Ogdensburgh, May 80,1801. [d6m] SILAS P. HVBBELL, A-ttorney and Counsellor at X*aw, CHAMPLAIN, CLINTON COUNTY, N. Y. fST*8pselal attention given to Collection* in Northern New-York and Canada. [my28dtf BREAD FOE THE PEOPLE 1 HOUKRT 6c WRIGHT, MauufacturercrR of Bread, Buns, Ruakc, Cookies, Crackers, and 8oda Biscuit. Ali«o, Hpon-ro Cake, Pound Cuk*\ Tea Cake. Jumble*, tind a lUuuwind other thing* to numerous to mention. MRS. GREEN, W OULD RESPECTFULLY INFOUM THR Ladles an4 Gentlemen of ()>rdeiiHi»iH^h. UIHI she will be at her old ntaud on Stutt--Hm<t. mil' the 10th of May, after wbkb *hv will \>,i (\HHU>H. H sale. AY CUTTERS, 8TKAW i;LTTKlCH. - Cutters I Tae moot approved puM«*n»b for C'llAtt. ASHLFY. F dltBANKS' 8CALRS. ALLTllK PATTKRN** of these BUpcrior Scale* at the o«f<l'u tmnrn Agency. CHAKLEK AHHI ,h\. P ROTECTION AGAINST KlRIi ANU Ivitu lar», WILDKB'S world n?n«»wiu.l ^ALA.»1.\^- DER BAFE8, of varlouu ; '*<-**. ««»r *n!< :u niJijn. facturew'prices. CllAJiLi-b A.jliLiii 1861. MARCH Is*. HIGBEE & Me TIN f COPPER, and SHEET IRC DEALERS I STOVTffiS, PLOWS, and FABMINO DOG POWERS, GLAB8-WARE, EAVE TROUGHS, NAILS, PUMPS, CUTLER PE —AND— PURE KBEOSKNE ' JOBBING! JOOBI O F EVERY VARIETY DON promptly, and In a style UA where. JAM Deacon Skins, Br AND BABTXR GENE In mchimgtfor Good* or PKDLBR8 4c goppUed at City prioa BIIGBBB Jc mHE UNDERSIGNED HAVIN X ed to confine their busLneee m uiacture and sale of Agricultural Implements aa Now offer their entire stock including Shelf and Heavy Groo Nail*, Stovesi Sc St Iron, a: tar AT COST FOR c This offers a rare chance to Me Farmer*, BLacksmlthis, Ac, to si at low prices. We are prepared to execute a gines and Boilens, MH1 Machlner Steamboat Work, in Iron and Br ness, at the 0ODEV8BTTBOH 8TEAJI Also, Copper-Smithing in all it« Iron and Tin Work, •» usual, a Water street. We are manufacturing larre Justly celebrated \ PATENT CO several sixos. finished in svp Field and Corn Cultivators,, H ^^ ^ . CHAN\ Ogdensbnrgh, March 19,1861. 91 NBW X » . RALPH WOULD : Mi. announce to tbe citixens of vicinity that be ha» fitted op an APOTHECARY ni GtLBEBT's Block, two doorn Bardwaw Stom, where be will. t3r~eooi» ASSORT; of evprytbinjj in th The Business will be »uj»erir RALPH, Jr., who ha* had lor thorough nracticahlc knuwlcl^t and hope*\by t unetMtit app\ic«ti sonal aiteution. to H»H;urc for th oral fthnre of patroua^e. llarcb 4Jh. 18JJ1. BACON * J1KALEKR IN GROCERIES, PRC and *Hr\»t?VH f \> of AW <ftut IM. OdVK CASH PAW F*>H COUNT FatiUUe* »u|HiUjid «ith Uie Batt«r, »ud at rtu- lxiw dcUvisri.:«i t o 1OIXM. i, Flour. Corn Meal, Pork, iMiDKSIUBLltOH, eP^Cwih |»ld for Oonntry P 4#>Mvcrod in the Villajr« fnn* of ^-MTM. ~3O PnOTOGKAPUIC +KD * DAGUERHKAN M« laneotypes, Photographn, H, Hopkin*' Block, Ogdmi

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