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Southern HtAtt-s after the rebellion shnll huve IHWII snpproiwr<l, the executive deems it propor to w*y it will \m hi* purpose then, IIH ever, to he guided by the Consti- tution and the lawn, and that ho probubly will have podUfrreut understanding of the powers and dutieH of the federal gov- ernment relatively to the rights of the Htatea and the people under tho Constitu- tion than that expressed in the inaugural nddrtws. H< 1 desires to preserve the gov- ernment that it uiuy l>e administered for all, it* it wus administered by the men who made U. Loyal citizen* everywhere have a right to dtiitu this of their gov- ernment, and the government has no right to withold or neglect it. It is not perceived that in giving it there is any coercion, any conquest, or any subjugation in »ny just wnus of these terms. The Oon- Htitutiou provided, and all the States have accepted the provision, \ that the United States shall gurantee to every Htato in the Union a republican form of government, but if a Btate may lawfully go out ot the Union, having done BO, it may also discard the republican fornt of government, so that to prevent its going out IH an indispensable means to the end of maintaining the guarantee mentioned, and whin an end is lawful and obligatory, the indisiM'nsuhU' means to it are also law- ful and obligatory. It won with the deepest regret that the executive fouud the duty ot employing the war power in defence of the govern- ment forced upon him; ho could but perform thin duty, or surrender the exist- ence of the government No compro- mise by public scryjints could in this case lw a cure; not that compromises are not often proper, bat that no popular govern- ment can long snrvive a marked prece- dent, that those who carry an election can only nave the government from im- mediate destruction by giving up the main point u|M>n which the people gave tho election. The poople themselves, and not their servants, can aafcly reverse their own dclilwatc decision. As a private citizen the executive coukl not have consented that these institu- tion* shall periith, much leas could he, in betrayal of so vast, and so sacred a trust a* these free people had confided to him; he felt that he had no moral right to nhriuk, nor even to count the chances of his own life in what might follow. In full view of his great responsibility, he has so far done what he has deemed his duty. You will now, according to your own judgment perform, yours. He sincerely hopes that your views and your actions may so accord with his as to as- sure all faithful citizens who have been diaturlwd in their rights, of a certain and speedy restoration to them, under the Constitution and the laws, and having thus chosen our cause without guile, and with pumpurposti, let us renew our trust in Ood ami go forward without fear and with manly hearts. ABRAHAM LINCOLN. July 4, 1861. WRTGAGB FORECLOSURE. dUPBIMIB COURT.-HAKRIKT A. HIN8 O DALK Administratrix of GKOROR HIWKPALK, <W«»«nfHl % against JOHN T. BOOTHK,and Nancy, hie wife, ftnWAKD N I,INN and JAMEH A. DKCKKlt. By virtueuf an order or decree of the Hjinrein* Court, In th* above rauntj. to the Sheriff of lh« County of Ht, Lawrence, directed and de- livered for the forerlwiure mid wile, under a wr- taln mortgage riemti'tl by JOHN T. BOOTHS and NAMCV, hid wife, covering the uremlae* herein- after (HIMTUHUI, ( »liatt *«'ll at public auction to the hlgheM bidder, at I ho Hn Id win Itoune, ID the vil- lage <>f <>mlonnburgh, in tho County of St. Law- rence, Htat«< of New-York, on th* Snth day of June neit, IflHI, at two oVUx-k In the afternoon of that day, the premises dl*erlbo«l In said decree, at fol- low*, rlx: ALL that certain piece, parcel or tract of land. Mtuato, lyhijr and being In the town of Canton, In attld County, Itt mile square No. 10 of the eighth and ninth rutigew, being lot No. lft, and bounded a« follow* : BRHINNINU at the Hvuth-cant corner of I<ot No. 15. In the centre of Harrison creek, running from thence along tb« westerly line of Mid lot No 15 north n dee. 80 mln, west 4tt chain* 7ft link* to an Iron wood pout, thence north TTdng mi mln . went 4 chains *J Hnk* to the cen- tre oftho Hermou roatl. thence ateng the centro of •aid road north 10 d**K HO mln., «e*t 11 chain* 57 link* to a point fl<) link*, xouth 7ft dog., wont from an aoh pout, tnonce along the noittherly bound* of lot No. ID. north 75 dejj , mat 8 chains to an Iron wood pout, being the north west corner of tot No. 17, these* along the- wt<*terly hound* of Lot No. 17, south ¥1 drg. ft) nun , «a*t forty-nine chain* t* link* to the centre of mild creek, thence up the center of nald crrek to the place of beginning, con- taining 64 |R 100 acre* of laud'. Dated May Mb, INfll RIIURKL R OirRLJSY, Sheriff, By JOEL HOUUilTOfi, t>«p. Sheriff. COURT—Co««|j ot St. Uwr«a««. JOHN II. SOHilTURJB, Plain- tiff, ttgnintl MORK1H LKV A^UK, Defendant. By virtue, of a Judgment and <l<<< ree of foreclosure and pale of thU Court, made and entered In the above entitled action, the Itoll or which wait duly filed with) the clerk of Ht. l.awrenceCoODty, at Canton, on the **1 day of February, 1861, 1, the under •iciMKk the lleferen, amtolnted for that purpose, will aell «t public auction, at the office of Judstm Jk Powall. AttorneyH at Law, In the Tillage of Og- denfthnrgh. County or Ht Lawrence, on the Wh day of /line next at 10 o'clock In the forenoon of thfttdajr, the property clr»< rlbed In said decree, an fottow* • Au. that certain piece or parcel of land, . Irlng and being In the town of fine, in County of HI lAwrenre, being on* hundred of Lot No 80, <onvry<>d by John Pine to M Vlls* by <lr*l. dat«Ml the fob day of Janu- ary* Uftft. and recorded In St. Lawrence County Ck>cV» Office, <»n the inth day of January, 1H66, in R«ok No. 4V. C of dee<U, on page* 1H4 Ac. to he located a» followa: Met ting off two hundred acreM adjoining the wenterly Hue of land conveyed by the »»id John Fine to William Pitcher hy a line parallel with said Pitcher's westerly line, then running from the point wh«re tho westerly lino of aald tw<i hundred acre* will fall, westerly, no fcr, ht« Ifte parallel to wild weeferlr linn of »atd kdml a«rat •cro»a aald Lot No. mi will en- hhndred arrea, whteJh last mentioned acre* am the premise* Intended to fl by thtaconveTance. at <»jdeni»t>urcl). May tfl, lHltt. H 1L (WRLRV, »h«rlffand Referee, By JOKI. NOiratlToN, Deputy. Jtn>eoi A POWELL, Plalutlffn Attorneya. [t •PRINQ MILLINERY. N 1W GOODS AND THK I.ATKST STYLES of BONNKTS ) n «t received at THOMPSON'*, BONNET ROOMS* — MISO, — UOOP 8KIHTS AND C0R8RT8, A GOOD ARTICLE, CHEAP. \, April i, 1H*)1. THE ADVANCE, JULY 12, 1861. J. H. GU E9T, IN OltKAT VAUIETY, CONSISTING OF BERAI0S AK0LAI8E R0BE8, ^mtATine EOBES, JMXTLAHD EOBES, OHEHI popinrs Droquet Orenedincs, Chcne Qeenedinos, Plaid Grenodinee, Beraige Anglaise T Banded Organdies Printed Jaconetts, FRINTKD LAWNN, PRINTED CHALLAS, flltxxxxzici.oi> Ooociii, FOR TRAVBLLTNQ DRKa«E8 m ALL THE 0TNEW STYLES..*) Ogdennburgh, May 1,1861. [d&wtf] J. H. GUEST. BLACK, FANCY AND PLAIN COLORS, lack an* Plain Cut Broeha SUka FIGURED, STRIPED AND PLAIN Bail Chin* liUn, Good Colon and Style OF ALL COLORS. « AIJlO TUB BSD, WHITS AMD BLUE FOB FLAGS. Ogdeiuburgh, May 1,1861. [dJbwtf] J. H. QUEST. A LARGB ASSORTMENT OP CARPETS, IN Velvet, Ingrain In Beautiful Patterns, Designs and Colorings. 0OTTOV ABD HBHP CABPlTUGi, STAIR CARPETINOS, In Brasaela and Venitlan. IlfOlA MATTING, 4, S, AND «-4, Check and Plain, In Superior Qualities. FLOOB OIL CLOTHS, AU wilths, and at rery LOW PR1VB8. Coe«a IWatUna;, Coeoa Malta. l^l Matta, uJ Cram s Clotlia, J. H. QUEST SUMMER COODS, IK COTTONADES, CHECKS, DRILLS, 9TBIP&8, 84TIN8, aJUTUGKY JBJUH, OABH • hmi AT, CAS8IMBRBS, 8ATINBTT8, CLOAKS, Ac., Shirtln*, of all Kinds. J. H. QUEST, -U.X-Zs.lXa.fr Q>OOdsl y A Tory Great Variety of Beautiful MOURNING DRESS GOODS, nc BOMBAZINES, MOU8UN DeLAINBS, CH ALLS, TAMITAN, BARAIOE, CRAPE MURETTB, WHITE and BLACK SHAWLS, BARAIOB, and MKBJNO, OBGAITDDB, JA00HTTS, LAWF8, a*,, English and Italian Crapes, English Crape Veils, all sizes, Grenadine Veils { all sizes, Crape and Munlm Collars and Shawls, Mourning Hdkf s, plain and fancy. CLOAKS AND MAIfTIIiLAS, FOB In alltheM«w«*t and most Desirable Styles, In SILK AND CLOTH, «T. ac« GH&eait, Offort a Urg« assortment of Hosiery, of the best makes In LADfRS* ••« CHILDRBNS, SIZES. Boy's and lien's Half Hose, all kinds and vises, Alexander's Kid Gloves, all colors and sizes, Silk, LeisU and Cotton Oloves. And a fftl assortment, and the best of every arti- cle usually kept In a thread and needle Store. 4T- WHITE GOODS, Mttsllo and Cambrics, In every variety, Lone Cloths and Shirting. Shirting Linen, 1 Twilled and Striped India Cloth, Superior Linen Hhvettng, 8, 9, and 10-4, Pillow Caae Linens, m, 40, 43 and 46 in. Table Damask, all wUlthw, Damask Cloth*, from 8-4 to 16-4, Napkin* Poyllp*, Towels, Plain, linrk. and DAinaek, Diapers, Huck, Hcotuh and Birds eye, American and Kiipxla Crash, Cotton Boasting and Pillow Cotton, all width*. Offdenaburgb, May 4,1861. [d&wlm] DRY GOODS. APBIL 19th, 1861. W. IBBS Hai now Opened a LARGE STOCK OF. NEW DEI GOODS ! CARPETS! FLOOR OIL OLOTH, HANGINGS,. CU1TAI1I FUTURES, Window Shades. O- f UonprUiag tilth* HIW AND DESIRABLE STYLES I LOWEST CASH PRICES. NO. 24- OGDENBBtJRGH, N. ?. C« W. G1BRS HAYINQ TOOLS. The Great AytHe* or the Day \BLACK S!VAKE,\--«HA1 MAKER,\ mHS SUB8CRIBBA HAS ARRANUED WITH X. the Manufacture™ for tho t»ale of these world reiunfnetf Sytheu for the seawm of 1HH1, and aw only limited numbers can be supplied, orders should bo sent in early. The Manuiacturer* have made every effort the present year to produce a reliable Sytht, and would caution Fanturt to «ee that th* stamp W. Thaytr & Co. is in the heel of each By the, all By then with this brand are warranted of yery superior quality. CHARLKI ASHLBY, Agent for W. THAYER & Co. /CONGRESS SYTHES, Warranted genuine. foT V^ sale by CHARLES AWHLKY. D TAFT & SONS SUPERIOR KYTHB9. For sale by CHARLES AH1ILKY. M ILLARD'S SYTHKS—A HMALL LOT, iu perfect ord«r, for eale very low by CIIABLK8 ASHLEY. mt of 1861. S YTUE SNATHS, HAY FORKS, 8TONE8, Cradles, Sickle*, Grace Ilooke, Sythe Rifles, Hay Rakes, Drag Rakee, Horxe Rakrn and Haying Tools generally, of the most approved patternH in market. Merchants supplied and at the very low est rates, by CHARLES ASHLEY. W ATER COOLERS, BIRD CAGES, BEER Pumps, Refrigerators, Ice Cream Freezer*, Kedxie's Celebrated Water Filter**, for sale by CHARLES ASHLEY. ir- OOD PUMPS. A good article, for sale cheap by CHARLEB ASHLEY. 8ANPORDS CHALLBNGE HEATKRfc IOROR WARMINGG Bl put up Complete by F WARMIN BUILDINGS, SOLD AND CHARLES ASHLEY. PRESBRVB YOUR FRUIT. NEW PATENT JAR. SUPERIOR TO ANY lu tho market. For sitle bv CHARLES ASHLEY. To Wagon maker* and Blacksmith*. \¥TE ARE NOW RECEIVING AN EXTEN8IVE *f Stock in this Department, and have many new and valuable Improvements. We are pre pared to sel) cheap. CH' 9. ASHLEY P LOUGHB! PLOUGHS!—A GOOD VARIETY to sell ftt very low figures. Farmers please look at thl» stock. CHAB. ASHLEY. P AINTS, OIL, VARNISHES, Ac, OF THE most approved brands, for sale by CHARLES ASHLEY. S HAKER RBOOMS-A SMALL LOT OF THESE Snperio BROOMS, to close out ch«mn. ll-tf] pHAPLES ASHLEY. ROB'S W Olxeeaie lf RESERVE M ANUFACTURED AT WATEBTOWN, N. Y., and sold by the undersigned, as Agent for the Manufacturers. , [8-wfcft] CHARLES A8HLKY. T HE WHEELER A WILSON SEWING MA CHINE, pronounced by universal consent the best Sewing Machine In the World, Is BOW for sale with important Improvements at reduced prices.' CHAKLKS ASHLEY. M. F. JAMES Has this day removed his stock of DEI GOODS To th« Store formerly occupied by CHA8. HILL, next door to Joan RHUMB'S Drug Store, NO, 16, FORD STREET. 1 8AVB tlOOO A YBAR IN EXPENSES BY taking this store, therefore I can afford to sel goods Cheaper than any other house in town. All I ask of my old customers and others is to give me a call, and I will guarantee you will be well used. SKIRTS,.*! SO per cent, cheaper than any other store in town. CALL ABD fH, AT M0.16, F0BD 8TB2XT, Offdensbargh, N. Y . April Mth, 1861. M. F. JAMES. f 1861. PATENT MKDICINKS, Of all Fopmlar Kinds, Sold low, hj JOHN RINDGE. BOILBD LIWSBKD OIL an4 PAINTS, OF THE BEST QUALITIES, For sale by JOHN RINDGE. PRB9UVJH SNJRNING FLUID, •C 1 * ««•» par Gallon, Now told by JOHN RINDGE. PORTAVLB St>B>A FOUNTAIN, Of the Utest Improved Pattern,' For sals low. Time given if required, by JOHN RINDGE, 14 For* Street, Ogdensburgh, ALCOHOL, HIOHWINES, AND ALL KINDS OF LIQUOR8, Of the beat Qualities, sold bj JOHN RINDGB. mnngTn ft TJI t DBTORI ABB FBBJnnCBBT, Sold by JOHN RINDGE. KNGLISH WHItB LBAD, BOIOOKLYN PURB WHITB LBAD, Just received by JOHN RINDGE. 3D H. ?C 3B0* XC MOEGAN, ARNOLD &Co's s XX ALE ! Ogdensburgh, April, 1861. [81d-w4-d**tf.3 INSURANCB. Life, Fire and Marine Insurance Homo Life Insurance Company, or Brooklyn, N. Y. CA8H CAPITAL, $115,000. Invested in Stocks of the State of New-York, and first class Bonds and Mortgages. GEO. C. RIPLEY, Sec'y, W. 8. GRIFFITH, Pres. Z. B. BRIDGES, Medical Examiner. Board of Reference; Hon. DAVID C. JUD8ON, G. M. FOSTER. Esq., Hon. JAMES AVBRKLL, ELIJAH WHITE,£sq. Hon. CHARLfb G. MYERS. Atlantic Fire Insurance Company, ot Brooklyn, N. Y. Chartered 1851. Capital $1GO,000—Assets $250,000. HORATIO DORtt, Sec'y. JOHN D. COCK8, Pres. Lenox Fire Insurance Company, of New-York. Chartered 1659. Capital $150,000—Assets $176,000. W. M. FRANKLIN, Sec, GEO. A. JARVIS, Pres. Mutual (Marine) Insurance Company, of Bo0*1 o, Pi. y, ' Aseettfl $583,000 00 Scrip dividend to dealers Feb. 13, 1861, thirty- *ve per cent. Cash dividend on outstanding Scrip, MUM per cent. Scrip of 1858 redeemed this year. JAMES C. EVANS, President. A. A. jtcsTAraiSTB, Secretary. I am prepared to fill applications for Insurance In the above Companies, which are amoug the beat in the eountry. sVQflLet 96 Ford Street (Up Stai«,).JEJ [M-d*wtf.] JOHN II. FAIRCHILD, Agent. AM YOU DrSUBEDl ~~ Life, Fire and Marine Stock Insu- rance Agency* •VSTRONQSST IN THE STATE. gj (BttablkhtdinlM.) J Old iEtna Insurance Company, O Of Hartford,—Incorporated 1&9. < Capital, ll.OOOjOUO. ..SunjluB, $«B4,(JO0. H P CHARTER PERPETUAL. g C H S Home Insurance Company, ^ M * of New York. 5 . CapltA), $1,000,000... .Surplns, $461,000. 0 m pB r Old Hartford Insurance Company W Of Hartford, Conn.. 1*10. H B CapiUl M00.000.. . Hurpi us $4W,0U0. M CHARTER PERPETUAL. JJ g Western Massachusetts Ins, Co., M Sr Pittsfleld, 1862. 2 ^ Capital $100,000... ^Surplus $60,000. M —— £ Pkosnlx Insurance Company, 2 Z Hartford, Conn., 18M. 98 S CapiUl, $400,000... Surplus $808,000. jj k. City Insurance Company, m ^ Hartford, Conn. 5 2 Capital $*W,000....Surplus $15,000. S N«w Bjurland Insurance Co., • Hartford, Conn., 1H68. K CapiUl $800,000.... Surplus $86^00. H •* Norwich Insurance Company, 5 >J Norwich, Ct., 1808. ft* CapiUl $900,000....Surplus $33,000. « , Iri Connectleut mutual Life Ins. Co* O S Aaseto, $*,<XU,HS. H P Farmers of St. Lawrence County, I cm In- 4 ~ sun your houses and barns for a tetm of m three years or more, at lower rates than mn- H toals, for cash down. No premium notes ta* ken and no Assessments made. Call and see M before Insuring. I own no stock In either 2 company, and my customers may continue £ to rely on my best judgment to their eecurl- R a* ties under their policies. S m Apply to A. P. Morse or P. McGrady, Ham- 2 4 mond; C. L. Lum, Rosslc; F. Phelan, Mbr- 3 rlstown • G. B. A H. Andrews, Massena; G. ™ J. Hall, Raymondtville. (VYour patronage is respectfully solic- ited. JL. HASBROVCK. Ogdensburgh, March 1.18U1. FIRE INSURANCE! TOT. 3D. OrTJJDST, (STTOCESSOB TO JAB. O. For the following reliable New York City Stock Companies of Large Cash Capitals, viz: HANOVER FIRB INS. CO., N. Y. Capital $800,000 Assets 848,000 HOWARD INSURANCE CO., N. Y. Capital $860,000 Assets Sft,163 LAHAR FIRB INSURANCE CO., N. Yl Capital '. $800,000 Assets 844,858 METROPOLITAN FIRB INSURANCE COMPANY, N. Y . Capital $800,000 Assets 888,080 P*rwn*l**trimg in tk* METROPOLITAN, *W r*oHv4 anmiaUf thru-fourth* qf th* ProJU*. The above companies which are among the very BEST, were selected by my predecessor who was in the business, some 80 years, 2nd paid for losses in Ogdensburgh, Prescott and vicinity, near SEV- ENTY-FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. %STOFFICE IN HOPKINS BLOCK. j& Will* B. GUEST, A*t., [1-tf] Also Justice of the Peace. SOMETHING NEW t Whlto'f Patent Vewipaper, Mule and Letter For Preserving Papers, Music, Ac., Patented April sel, ltd. For testimonials of some of the flint Literary men of the country *M Circular*. CLBXONS A RKDINOTON, Music Dealers, Judson Bank Building, Agent*. Ogdensburgh, May 80,1881. [dlmwfcn] Flags ! Flags ! ! F LAGS Made to Order or any SUoe •f the beet ENGLISH BUNTING, and the best make. gaPTowns, Villages, and Associations wanting National Flags, by sending in their order at once, will have them promptly furnished at reasonable rates. J- H. GUBBT. Ogdensburgh, May 81,1881. [d&wlm, BAKKR'S \~~ Meat Market I JEFFERSON RAKER Begs to announce, that he has opened a MEAT MARKET on FORD STREET, OGDENSBURGH, N. Y., In tho Shop recently occnpled by J. B. AMU- STBOKO, and solicits the farorwof his old patrons, and many new ones, tainting that his experience of twelve years lu the buHlneps, in this place, is a sufficient guaranty of his ability to please them with The Beat Meats the Country Aflbrda. IVMeaU Faithfully delivered by \ P«TU«- M *V% PLEASE CALL. JEFSEBSON BAKER. Ogdensburgh, Mar 81,1861. [d&wtf] INSURANCE. OGDBN8B17RGH GKNERAL FIRE km MARINE 1NSU1UNCB AGENCY. North Western Fire 4c Marine Insaur* anee Co., Osvreso, N. Y. CAPITAL, $1KM»O-SURPLU8, $151,000. Sprlnsfleld Fire and Marine Insrnrsnoej Contpany, Sprlnsneld, Mass. CAPITAL, $800,000-*URPLU8, $888,881. Continental Insnranee Company of New-York. CAPITAL, $fi0tyK»-8URPLU8, $584,158. Security Fire Insurance Company, New-York. CAPITAL, $500,000--&URPLU&, $18B,818. Lori!lard Fire Insurance Company New-York. CAPITAL, $lfiO,000-SURPLU8, $77,181. North American Fire Insurance Co.. New-York. CAPITAL, $850 t 000-«CBPLUS, $M0O7. 7 North American Fire Insurance Co- Hartford. CAPITAL, $800,000-8URPLU8, $418M. t Phosnlz Fire , Insurance C01 Brooklyn, N. Y. CAPITAL, $aqO,000—SURPLUS, $88,14*. Co onwealth Fire Inisuranoe Ce>- Nevr-York. CAPITAL, $aW,000-8URPLU8, $74,171. Park Fire Insurance Coat New-York. CAPITAL, $800,000-8UltPLU8, $79^88. Atlantic Fire 4c Marine Insurance Co* Provlelence, R . I . CAPITAL, $160,000—8URPLU8, $10,008. HampAen Fire Insurance Coam Sprlncneld, Mass. CAPITAL, $150,000—8URPLU8, $88,481. Massasolt Fire Insurance Company. Sprtncfield, Mass. , ' CAPITAL, $160,000—SURPLUS, $00,784. Policy holders receive annually a share of the profits In the Continental, Security, LoriTlard and North American Insurance Companies, New- York, without incurriug anv liability. Farmers and others desiring lnsor*nce»« will find it for their interest to call at this Agency before insuring elsewhere. For Insurance, to any amount, apply to D. M. CHAPIN, A«ent, Also Notary Public and Attorney and Counsellor at Law. ; Qonurqf Fvr4 md Catkmrkt* Struts, OGDEN8BUBGH, N. T. 0ARB & MATTHEWS, OGDBNSBCRGH BREWERY UNDERSIGNED HA VINO FORMBD A X Co-Partnership, and leased, for a term oi years, the extensive Brewery of Mr. D. J. CRICH- TON, will be preparud to furnish superior quail* ties of East India Pal* Porter, Stout, aoad Latter Baer In Barrel*, Half Barrels, and Bottles, to salt pur- chasers. The large experience of Mr. MATTHEWS is the Breweries of England, and in this country, (late with Hoard, Seymonr A Co.) warrant the as- sertion that the well established reputation of the Ales of his manufacture, will be fully sustained i& the present establishment; the utmost care bo- ing taken in the manufacture,—pure spring water. Malt and Hops only, being used—their purity and wholesomeness can be guaranteed. The attention of Families, Hotel keepers, and the trade generally, is Invited to the superior keep- ing qualities of these Ales on draught, and for bot- tling ; their quality will be found equal to the best imported article, and possessing highly nourish- ing and tonic qualities. EyOrders by mail, or otherwise respectfully solicited. ' D. D.T.CARR, P. S. MATTHEWS. Ogdensburgh, March 1«, 1961. [d*wtf] CH E AP. We have still a large quantity of Goods, SHELF HARDWARE, NAILS. IRON, »TOVE8,and STOVE FIXTURES, Tffl WARS, MILK PANS, ' SHOVELS, SPADES, FORKS, HOES, *C. t AC., To sell at Cos*, for CASH. Call soon. We are ready to furnish the Justly celebrated SUIT HAJLTBHSBl, Improved, and at a leas price than last year. \PATENT COIfTEX PLOWS,\ on hand as usual, and finished in the best style May 7,1861. CHANKY A ALLsW. To Farmers. TTTVBRY Farmer should have one Barrel of JCi MORGAN, ARNOLD ACo's Au in his house for Famllv use. Malt and Hops only, are used is Its manufacture, and it gives perfect satisfaction. J» JrC JL If. Ogdensburgh, May ft, 1»1. [dAwtf \~ NOTICE. TO I AXIOM AID 0TKKBS, W ANTING GRAINS OR BREWERY FEED can be supplied from tine to tiais as the may require, at _ MORGAlf, ARNOLD * CO., » to Hoard, Seymour <t Go. __ __ March», 1861. [dtf] BARLBYt BARLEY M BARLEY III T HB BUB8CRIBIRS WILL PAY CASH AND the highest market price, at their Brewery, in Ogdensburgh, for good Barley. MORQAN, ARNOLD A Co.. JJ-dAwtf] 8uec**9or* to Hoard. Seymour <t Oo.^ AKBIfBMENT TO THB VILLAGE BY-LAWS. A T A MEETING OF THE BOARD OF TRU8- tees, held Jnne ltfth, 1W1, the following mendment to the Village BT Lawr> d added to Chapter 1, Section 17: \Aarjperson to whom permU h B d f Tt t amen and a /* tees, neia rfunc iotn, ITOI, um amendment to the Village BT Lawr> wu d dd Ch 1 Stion 17: Aarjperson to whom permUsion shall be granted by the Board of Trustee* to construct or cause to be made, any drain or sewer hi the streets of this Village, chall cauae the earth to be so replaced that for every six inche* hi depth ot earth thrown therein the name HIUIII be pounded down with a poundnr nut less than twenty pounds in weight, and ehjill cause auy surplus earb or atones remaining to be removed, ann th»- utrect to be placed Ui SH g<nxl condition a* Itcfore. Vor every offense for *uch neglect the sum of twenty- lve dollars shall be forfeited.' 1 H. G. THOMAS, Village Clerk. - Ogdensbvrga, June 19,1861. [dtw}

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