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HAYINQ TOOLS. The ©reat Sjrthes of the Day \BLACK SMKE,\--\HAYltIA.KER.\ T HE HUIlHCRIRKJt HAH ARRANGED WITn the Manufacturer* forth* vale of then* world J r**9¥tn*d Hythen for the seu«on of 1H61, and at only United nnmhers can be supplied, order* should to sent In early Tbe Manulaotoror* hav«» mad A every effort the present year to produce a reliable Hyth*, and would iNWflOM Fanner* to net that tht ttamp W. Thaver 4b Co. Is In the hwol of each Byth«\ nil Hythes with tals brand ar« warranted of vt*ry mpurlor quality. CHAHLIW ANHLKV, Agont for W T1IAYRR A To. -^ONOREBIIHYTHKW, Warranted genuine, for \Jaateby CIIAKI.KM AHHLEY. D TAPT * SONS 8VPEK1OR HYTI1K8. • For MIH by CT1ARLE8 AHHLKY. M ILLARD** SYTIIES-A HMALL LOT, In perfect order, for m\v very low by ( MAHLEH ArfHLKY. m.*r-%romt of 1OG1. OYTHK HNATIIS, HAY FOURS, KTONE8, CT Cradles, Sickle*. CIMM Honk*. Hythe Rifles, flay Rake*, I)rn« ltnken. llorae Rake* and Haying Tools geuerallv, i*( the ninnt approved pattern* In marUei. Mrrcbanl* nupplled und nt tbe very low eat rates, hy CHARLES AHHLEY. W ATER COOLERS. BIRD CAOKH, AEKR Pump*. Refrigerators, Ice (rerun Freezers, Kcdisle's Celebrated Water Killer*, for Hale by CHARLKH AHIILRY. W OOD PUMPS. A good article, for sale cheap by CIIAIILKM ASHLEY. SANFOHD* CHALLENGE HKATERI •ORU WAKMINC;U 11 put up Complete by SJ*» WAKMIN HUILDINOH, SOLD AND CHAKLKft AHHLKY. PRESERVE YOUR FRUIT. A NRW PATKNT JAR. Mri'KIUOUTO ANY 1M the maik<t Yur p:ile bv CHARLES AHIILRY. To Wagon makers and Blacksmiths. W K AUK NOW UF.rKIVINM AN KXTKNHIVB Ht<n k In I hi\ Department, aud have many new and valuable Improvements. We are pre pared to Hell cheap. CM ' S. A8HLEY P LOIU1HM1 PLOUOHH!-A GOOD VARIETY to PfII nt very low flgurefl. Farmer* pteape look at thi* stock. (HAH AH II LEY P AINT8, OIL. VARNIHHRR. Ac.', OF TUB most approved brands, for sale br miARLKH AHIILRY. 8 IIAKKRRII«OM8 /V SMALL LOT OFTHESE Huperlo BROOMS, to clone out cheap. II tfl rilAPLKH AHIILRY. RNRELY'H CHURCH DELLH, AT MANU facturern' nrl<-*«. t'HAH. AHHLKY. M H AY CUTTKHH, HTRAW CUTTERS, ROOT Cnttemt The-roost approved pHtternf for •aid I'll AH. AHIILRY. I jiAIRRANKH' WAIAH. ALL THE PATTERNS of them superior Scale* at the Ogdenubnrgh Agency. C1IARLK8 AHULKY. M OIIAWK AXKH, LITTLE FALLH MAKR. [Hit] CHA8. AHHLKY. T RA TIIAY8, IN RET8, AT LOW PRICKH. THARLKH AHHLKY P ROTECTION AOAINMT FIRR AND Bt IK* torn, \VII.I>RH'<< world reiiowni'd KALAMAN- DRR HAFKH, of varlon* stf.et\ for HIII* at rtuinu ftt'p.ieeN. CHARLES AHHLKY H Ol'SK IUILIHNU HARDWARE. I'AI NTH, OH, VnrnlHhr*, \N iiulow ft hi**. AT. Our a«- nortnH'fil In UIIH liin< U \<-rv intnplete. and nfTordu the bent oj>|iurlnil v for lui IIKT\ to v<-Ie.< t HOIIHH Tll ul the latent *tylt!H. nt the lowest fli* HA ASHLKY SOHOOIJ THR HK4ONU TKRM OK Miss Sanford's School FOR YOl'Nf; LADIFJH and m«NKN, Will rommenre I»I, MONDAY, Au^itxt 'Wth, 1H<U. Wlr. CHARLES \. MONDELET B K(»H TO INFORM THOHK INTKRKHTKD thnt he will open on ^MONDAY, the -i«th of Aotfant, a<lHf>n for I'IIOIIH (t,'ir!« and boyn) under IA y#ar* of «ce. fur fiiHtrnctl«»nn In the French LatiKtiitirf. In tin- Frame Huilrilitx. corn> r of Ford and ('umliiiK Hlreetn north -*lde, ucenpied by Mr. HHKIDON'H luilii nnd Creek cla^x, IC-HOIIM dally (ttaturdav'fc exre|>t»d) fnmi i to one half ptu>t 5 o'clock p. : M. Term** $4 per quarter <if 1'J weeks, (about tib leititonM in tho qiuir'er) hnlf In advance and the other hnlf AI t>H> erd of the quarter. Mr. M. ftl*o cmiHtiur- lo five private le«ii*onH (at the resilience ttf pu;ill~ i In tlie French lantruaife, .0 IcMnn* In tii»- «Muvrrer. Term* *)> por quarter. Appl.v at Mr. MUMIKI.RT'H re«ldeiu-o. Franklin Htreet, two utiny brown hottue, oppiMlte No. 1 Hchool Hoi .*!•, Mr. M refer* to iUm. Pn'Mton Klnj^, Hon. Judge Fine. l»r. Hltnlnett and other*. I 1 H. On requeM Mr<». MoNi>ri.vr will Jtlve Pencil (liind«nt|H'i Mrawingn. *!! leitf>ou'« per quar- ter. Termi* $tt per t|nai tc 1 , Au»:»\*t HKh. 1861. NOTIOH. BAKER 8o DEVLIN H AVIN<; PltKCHAHRn THK KNTIRR Htork and flxttireM of the well known utand ofC. R. Mn.i.fi, No. \\<, lliunr.v.'* Hloek. NnbelU Ht., would taTte lhli» opportunity to Inform their friend* and cuDtomern and the piihllr generally that they are prepared to do all work in the line of House, Nlgn ic Ornamental Painting, ('arrlage and ftlelgh Painting, Ilartlln*, draining, P*P*** Hanging, Wall Painting and Paneling. AUK) 8ash, Doors and Blinds, *• Wholevtie and Retail at the Hhop of the «nd«r- *i*i n *^' * n< * * r * P^P* 1 \^ to fiirnlnh the rfbove ar- llcle« at the »hortent notice, and of »uperlor quall- *y. ••\* «t Pricew tocmnpete with any other eftab- Uahmeot in thU aectlon, and warranted to give MtlHfttetlon. Bllndu fitted and Haxh fitted, Please <«J| nnd examine our Htock before pur- f Baiting elnewhere A nhare of public pntroniige •rllc.lted. oi*r r/ftt O(tden«bnr^h. Au;;. 17. IHU. g n tifort, Y >1 .t OS 1:1*11 MAR Kit. JOHN DKVL1N. [dtf ] PBT COOPS. THE ADVANCE, SEPT. 6, 1861. APML 19th, 1861. C. W. GIBBS Tltm now Optnad a LARGE STOCK NEW DRY GOODS ! CARPETS! ir»r.OO» OIL CLOTH, CV1TAIH FIXTURES, Window Shade?, « 9 40b O aJl the BEW 1IVD DESIRABLE 8TYLE8! -AT THJI LOWEST CASH PRICES. NO. 24- OIGD1IKBBURGH, Iff* 0. W. nd Daily Express & Mail Line, B OTH WAYH EACH DAY. IN CONNEC- tton with Train* on the Oxdentdmrgh Rail Road, (lood eonveyanceH for PaniienKern. Pack- airen carried and delivered with rare. WM. RUKTON, Proprietor. Angnst 6.1861. . fd6m) ST. LAWltKlfOB HALL, ^ Brookville, O. Board, $1 Per Day. H. C. PHILLIPS, PROPRIKTOH. or Fancy and Staple Dry Goods, WATER 8TBBBT, PRBBCOTT. Immense Importlon of yn*r flUpirlxLV Orood* JTT8T RBOEIYKB. Pr««ooU, April S, 1861. (dtf.) «t.rls.«t X JBFVBBSOR BAKER to announce, that he ha« opened a MEAT MARKET on FORD HTREBT, OGDENHBUROIf, N. T., In the Hhop recently occupied by J. li. ABM STRONG, and HOIICUH tho fnvorrtof hU old patrons and many new one?, trusting tlmt hin experienc of twelve^yearnin the buwlneKH, in this place. If\ sufficient guaranty of bit* ubllity to pleane them with The Bert Heati the Ccontry Aflbrdj. |ar\MeatH Faithfully dellve-.-d by \ PKTKII.\ +\ PLKASiK 2 ALL. J JFKKR8ON BAKEIt Ogdeusbur^h. May 21, J61. [dAwtl] CHEAP. We have still a large quantity of Goods, SHELF HARDWARE, NAI1.8, IRON. STOVEN.and 8TOVK FIXTURES, TIN WAUK, MILK PANS, SHOVELS. SPADER. FORKS, 11OES. AC., AC , To MU ftt Oo«t, fi>r C ASA, Call noon. We are ready to furrtlnh the jUHtly celebrated KHLBT HABYSBTEBB, ImproTed, aodatalesH price than la«t year. \PATKNT CONVEX PLOWS,»» on hand an usual, and finished in the best style May 7,1861. CI1ANKY A ALIJEN I. WHBBLOCE, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALER IN FKUIT8, PROVISIONS, dco. Water Street, Ojdwubnrgh, V. T. Ogdeuitburgh, May 8, imi. [64-dl 1 00 BbU Salt just receded and for sale by I. WIIEELOCK. 0 Hbln of Very Choice Ijirge Bed Clover . Se«d, for sale cheap hy I. WHKKLOCK. RTABLK, xi db OroodnOf STATE STREET, Are prepared to furnish Mingle and Dutible Car a^en nnu Huddle llorwen, on the Hhnrtet.t notice, •t all hoiirt*, tuid »t iiiDderntechHr^cH. Call and *e.« for your.-ehei*. W. ALIH.N, C I*. HoiMivn. Ogdennburgh. May 27th. IHOI. [dtf] EDWARD U. NKAHY, A-ttorn^y and CoutiH(*Uor at Gouverneur, St Lawronoe County, N. T t^(llveM % hit« entire Attention to the practice of hln pro.'i union in tbt: neveral (.'ourU of t!ii>» ^tntc. tOG-dly) WEHICAH IIOTLI., WATKKTOWN, N .. Coudneted by NOTT Hb SONS, Good Aooommodfttioni for Man and B«Mt VPa»Heujren> conveyed in aiid from the Carn. May 4, iflftl. . J. DlrKEK * BROTHER, If A Mf fH* APTtTtf tfu f\W • Jini/f Av 1 U nJbnO v r PREMIUM MELOOEON9, MORLKT, AY. LawrtfK* County, A. }'. --AI.HO— - in Hheet Mur«lraji4Miu>ic Boofai ^jpf Melodoons and IMano'it ltepuired to order. AU Imtmme&ts W«rrtnted, 5OO SHOT DEAD. D B. mrKKNZIIPS DKAD SHOT WORM CANDV fmin effectuul remedy for Worms. It In Pvrtty IVyetadit ttnd 1H very uless- anttoUkt'. rfKeniblfnj: a rommou t tindy Stick, In taste and appt'Mraure. We, the undernJelled, of the village of O{;d«m» borRh, have n^-d in our Fflmllle*l>B. MCKKN/IKV Dead Shot Worm ('with. And pronounce it a cafe and effectual remedy. \ KLLKN NICHOLSON. WILLIAM KM.1OTT. T1IOH. LAWRENCE. SIDNKY DAVIH. Bold oy L. D. RALPH and J. C. 61'RAUl K. Ogdenshargh, June K, IH61. ld*m] BLOHBIIBO COAL R BCBTVED THIS DAY, AVI» FOR SALE BT THOMAS HALL A CO. April 18, mi. Water Street, Ogden»b«rgb FUEL COAL, Prepared fbv ftuaily «•«»—Large aad SmaU •OBARTON-flMall OHABOOA L. ALSO WLACKSniTH COAL. OODENRBURGH, N. Y. aalOd1y» THM. HALL A 0 0 lNffURANCK* OCDBNSBCBGH CtKNBBAL PIKE AND MAIUNK INHUHANCE AGENCY. WATCH KM, •r. x JKWKLR North WMl«ra Fire 4c marine Inanr* aace Co., O»m«go t N. K. CAPITAL. $150,000-SUKPLUS, $161,000. S»rlmf4«ld Fire and SlaHne In«nrane« Company, SprlBKfleld, 91 py, pK, 91aw. CAPITAL, $*»,000-KUKPLUfl. $883,830. Continental Inaamneo Company of New-York. CAPITAL, 1800,000-SURPLUS, |5M,T51 fteenrlty* Fire In«nranc« Company New York. r ' CAPITAL, $0fl0,«00-8URI>Li;8, $1®.«18. Lot-Ward Fire I nun ranee Company New-York. CAPITAL, $160,00Q-8URPLU8, fTT.lftl. North Amerlean Fire Itt»nranee Co., New-York. CAPITA!*, $8BO.O0»-HURm H, $58,007. North Amerlean Fire Inwuranee Co., Hartford. CAPITAL, tJWO.OOO-HUKPLUS, $41,864. Phoenix Fire Insurance Company, Brooklyn, N. Y. CAPITAL, (aXMWO-SUttPLUH, $83,148. Commonwealth Fire Insurance Co., New-York. CAPITAL, $860,000-SURPLUB, $7tt,'m. Park Fire Insurance Company New-York. CAPITAL, $a00,U0O—8UItrLlI8, $7»,H88. Atlantic Fire 4c marine Insurance Co. Providence, II. I . CAPITAL, $160,000—SURPLUS, $70,098. Hampden Fire Insurance Company. Springfield, Mmrnm. CAPITAL, $150,0U0-8URl ) LUS, $«i.4«l. • Ilia—aaolt Fire Insurance Company. Springfield, mass. CAPITAL, $1CU,OUO~SURPLV8, $W,7»4. Policy holders receive annually a nhare of the profitB In the Continental, Security, Lorillard and North American lueurance C'ompaNit's, New- York, without incurring anv liability. Farmer* and other* dexlrfng incurunce« will flud It fo* thwir interest to call at thin Agency before Lntturlug elsewhere. For Iusuruuce, to auy amount, apply t« D. BT. CHAPIN, Acent, Also Notary Public and Attorney and Counsellor at Law. QJUx; Cornm-qf Ford and UathariM Streets, OODENHBUKUlf, N. Y. [1-tf] BLBCTION NOTICK. SHERIFF'S OFFICE I CANTON, August 2,1861. | I N 1TJKSUANCK OF INSTRUCTIONS FROM the Secretary of State, and hy the authority In me vented, notice is hereby given, that nt a Gen- eral Election, to be held on ton Tuesday micceed- ing tho flr*t Monday of No\ ember next, the offi- cer* named In the subjoined notice from the Sec- retary of btate, are to be. elected. I SHCBAKL I?. <;ri<I.KY. Kheriff«tf St. STATK OF NKW YORK. t THK SKntKTAJlY OK STATK. i Int. To tht Sheriff ot the C-ntnty qf Ht. SI It: -NCITH K is IIKHKBV <iivKN. thntat thctien- eral Election to !>«• held in thin Mule on the Tueo- dtiy ftuTi'edius tlie rtrnt Monduy of November next, the following oftlco.r* are to bv ih-cted, to wit : A Secretary of State, in the pl«<e of David R. KloydJuiie*; A* Comj.t roller In the place of Robert Denuifton ; AIJ Attorney-<irnernl in the place of («1iurle» <J. Myvrn ; A State Knfi'iiteer and Sttncyor in the plNfe of Vnn R. l(h hiiioiid ; A State Treasurer in thu place of Philip Dorplifi- mer: A Ciiuiii I'oniml^ionrr in tb»* pl«<.-« of Hiram Oarduer. for hill A raoMlc oinnii»»Hioner in the plnce of lteiijamln F. Hruce. who wan appointed ti» fill the vacancy oecaulnnod by the de.-ith of Samuel I!. ISurnett; An lii*pe<:t'nr n( Htnte l*ri?out« in the pUce of Jonlah T. K\eri:«tt ; A Judcc of the Court of Apprali- in the place of George K. t'om-tock ; All uhofi 1 term-* of office wlU expire on the lant day of Deeembi r rext. AIHO H Jtmtire oi the Supreme Court, for the Fourth Judicial District, In the phi re of Auin/iah B. JameH, whot»e term of ofllce will explrv ou the la»t drty of December next. AUuA Senator ft»r the Seventeenth Senate Dis- trict, rompriHing the Count it -A of ht. l^wrenco and FrHukltn. County OflWr* tobt K Three Meuiben* of Aiwinhly ; A Sheriff in the place of Shubael It. Uttrley ; A County Clerk in the place, of Atyrk VV. Mpaul- ding; A Huperintendetit of the Poor in the place of Theodore CHM w ell; Two JiiMticeg of Set»niotii« in the plttn* *of Or\in D. EdgertonJiml lliirlo^ tiodnrd ; Two Coroner** In the place of SMIIIUCI C. Wait and Johu 1). Wilnon ; Ail whoj»e terniH of office v, IU expire on the la*t davof December next. You fire without delay to deliver » ropy of the above notice to the Supervisor* or one of the A*- nenKor« of each town or ward In your County ; and a!*o to ratine H copy of mid notice to be published in all the public new*papers primed in yonr Count), once tiieach week until the election.* Your* respectfully. D. It. KJXIYD4ONRK. Sccretiiry of Stata. <*ONCLRRKNT RESOLl'TIONS. To amend the ConntUntion#f>aH to prohibit tti« vale of intoxicating liquor* a* a beverage. RKHOLVMU, (if the Attftenibly concur.) That the Constitution uf thlr State he amended an followit: The sale of intoxicating liquors. «» * beverage U hereby prohibited; and no law shall be enacted or be in force, after the adoption of thin amwnd- mont, to authorize puchaale; and the Leglnlatnre •hall hv taw pr*xribe tho nece*Kary flnen and pvn- •iticN for any violation of thin provision. RBHOI.VKD, (If Uie Assembly roncor,) That the foregoing amendment be referred to the L«g1«la~ ture to be chosen at the next general election of Senator*, and that In conformity to sertlon one of article thjrtwn of the Conntitation, it be pub- lished for three monUu prerioiui to the time of such election, •tote of New York, la Senate, March 18, IMI.— The forecoing reso4ntlons were duly passed. By order of the Senate. JA». TKRWILLIGKK, Cltrk. Btete of New York, in the A»«etnbly. April 5.1061. The foregoing resolution* were duly pasufd. By Order of th* Aateinbly. HANSON A KI8LKY. Clerk. STATI or NBW YORK, ( Office of the Secretary of sta te. » I have compared the preceding with the original tow on file in thin office, and i • certify that the name IH a correct tranm-rlpt tre* 4 rom and of the whole of said orl/flnal. D. R. PLOY I) -IONKH, [aulod&wtuj Secretary of State. Life, Fire aid Marine AGHDNOT Llle Insnranee Company, ol Brooklyn, N. Y. CASH CAPITAL. $lS&.000. . Invented In Stocks of the State of New-York, and Brut CIASM Bonds and Mortgage*. OBO. O. RIPLEY, Sec'y. W. S. ORIFFITII. Pren. 2. B. BRIDGES, Medical Examiner. Rtftrmet in Oqdmtburgh: Hoa. DAVID C. HUDSON. ELIJAH WHITE.Bnq. O. M. FOSTEIt, H*q., Hon. C. O. MYERS. Atlantic Fire Insurance Company, ot Brooklyn, N. Y. Chartered lffil. Capital $180,000-Ai»ets $«S0,000. UORATIO 1>ORK, Sec'y. JOHN D. COCKS, Pres. Lenox Fir* Insurance Company, o f New-York. Chartered 1HM, Capital $180,000—A»wtn $176,000. W. M. FRANKLIN, Sec., GEO. A. JARVIS, Pres. mutual (Marine) Insurance Company, of JBuOalo, W. Y. AssetU $588,000 00 Scrip dividend to dealer* Fob. IS, 1801, thirty- Mve per cent. Cash dividend on onUtandlne Scrip, ittm per cent. Scrip of WW redeemed thin year. JAMES C. EVANS, Prudent. A. A. itoftTAPHiirvE. Secretary. I am prepared to fill application* for Insurance in the above Companies., which are amonj; the best In the country. t^'Offloe 26 Ford Street (Up SUln.)^^ [M-dAwtf.] JOHN II. FAIRCUILD, Agont. ABE YOU OrSUBED 1 LU'e, Fire and marine Stock Insu- rance .Agency* tar*STRONGEST IN THE STATE._JEl m U (Ett€Mi»ked in 1814.) 2 2 . 5 « m Old JEtna Insurance Company, O . Of Hartfurd,-Incorporated 18W. < 2 Capital, A-1.0UO.000... .KunihiH, ft»4,000. H £ CHAKTER PERPETUAL. g S Home Insurance Company, M 2 of New York. J • Capital, $1,000,000.... Surplus, $461,000. $ pk] i ,i ,,, Bfl 5 Old Hartford Insurance Company W OfHartfurd, Conn.. 1810. H B Capital $500.000....Surplus f;4ft5,000. B w CHARTER PERPETUAL. JJ S Western Hassacnnsetts Ins. Co., M E PittHfield, 1H6«. 2 4{ Capital $150,000.... Snrpius $60,000. 3 Ph«eulx Insarance Company, 2 Hartford, Conn., 1«54. m % Capital, $400,000.... Surplus $900,000. JB t- dty Insurance Company, m •T Hartford, Cono. 5 2 Oapital $950,000.... Karplas $75,000. g lfew England Insurance Co., m Hartford, Conn., 1H6H. fc Oapital $*X>,000.... Sarplas $86,000. g >^ Horvrleli Insurance Company, _ •J ' Norwich, Ct., 1808. H g Oapital $900,000.... Sarplus $91,000. 3 it Connecticut mutual Life Ins* Co. O 5 Assets, $8,000,688. M P Farmers of St. Lawrence County, I can In- H P fare your houses and barns fur a tem of m m three yean* or more, at lower rat en thau ma- S B tuals, for cash down. No premium not en ta- W ken and no A*i>eHi*ments made, ('all and see M 2 before innurini:. I own no Ktock in either 2 ££ corapnny, and my cti«toiner» mny continue ™ p to rely on IDV be*t jiid^racut to their »ecuii- H M ticH under tliuir poncti'M. = m Apply to A. P. Morfe or P. McGrady, Ham- « ^ mond; C?. L. Lum, KoMle: K. I'helan, Mor- 2 rintown : G. \i. A- II. Audrewn, Ma*t<c'iia; G. \ J. Hall, KayinondHvUlc. MflTour patrunase i(* rcspectftilly nolic- ftcd. L. HASBROIJCK. Ogdcnsburgb, March J. lwi. FIRE INSURANCE! W. SJ. OTJB8T, (itl^CCSMKOIt TO JAU. O. For the following reliable Now York City Htock Companion nf I^arKt* ('anh <.'a]illali>, viz: HANOVER FIRE IN«. CO., N, Y. capital $afto.ujw HOWARD INNURANCE CO., N . V . Capital $9W,000 Assets 8WJ.1M LAIVAR FIRE IN8ITRANOECO., N. ¥. Capital $300,000 AnaetM 344,358 HIBTROPOLITAN FIRK INSURANCE COMPANY, N. Y. Capital $300,000 Asset* 38«,080 Ptrtont injuring in the METROPOLITAN, will rnxiv* annually thretf<Atrth* of tht Profit*. The aboTe companiet> which are among the very BEST, were soioctcd by my predecessor who was in the bo*inc»«. Home 30 year*, and paid for IOHSCM in Ojrdoiti'bnrijh. Prefcott and viclnitv, near HEV- B3iT\'-FIVETHOl T HAND DOLLAR^. \3TOFFICK AV HOPKINS BLOCK. #* W9I. E. GUEST, Aft., [1-if] Alco Justice of the Peace. BALDWIN HOI RE, COKNXK mY Jisar Ute Jtfteamboat tending and R. R. Depot, OUDKNKBUKG1I, N. Y. This Honxe han lately been enlarged, with the addition of #ome Forty Rooms. conHlcttnif of Par- lon«, Suit* of Room?, Ac, whfch are rurniwhod in the latest modern style. The Proprietor, whose long experience in Hotel keeping, renders thi* House «o popular, would respectfully return his most ninctre thanks for pant patronage, and hopes by strict attention to the want* of Els guests, to receive a continuance of the same. His table wlN always be furnished with the choicest delicacies the market affords. The Bar will be stocked with thu best of Imported Liquors, of his own selection, through the HOUM of Mesnr*. Chap- man & Uo., of Montreal. tarcarriages will be In readiness at the Bail Road Depot and Steamboat Landings, to convey Passengers and Baggage, to and from the Honae FrtipfCharge. Postages leave this House for Waddlngton, Bermon, Hammond, Rossie and Canton. CHARLES T. HURLBUT, Propreltor. March 6th, 1861. ((S-dlyweow.? JT. JTACOR ft^tTRLY, Pruoiiocd Hair Gutter and PVenoh Hair DreH»er, SEYMOUR HOUSE, 0GDEN8BURGH, N. Y. %3T Hak Dying done in a superior stvie. m% VieroMA HAIB QLOM, the beet article for the hair now in use. Price 95 cents a bottle. (140tf.) A LL OPERATIONS IS MTJBOICAL AND Mechanical D^miHtn-. perfo:/ned In a skillful and judicious manner, by\ JOHN AUSTIN, at his Dental Roomn, in .Tudson Bank Building, opposite the Seymour Bouse, State street. m*4rl-tl] <Sl*(M;KrtHOR Tu HEKLY A KUKKMAN t a nnd GOLD AJTD BTXTZS Pine Jewelry: Solid Silver Ware; the beat American Plated Goods; Table and Pocket Cattery; Fancy Goods ; Comba and Brushes, The Lairest Stock to be found In Northers New-York. Watches and Jewelry Neatly repaired and warranted. DAWSON. WAKREM A Tip-to MTAcent for ttINGER'8 HEWING MACHR A pood supply of standard and family machl constantly on hand. Cash Paid Cor Old Gold and Iftrtr. JTOKL HOTTG-irrOl^ Ac »O BO. 45 FORD-GTRBKT, OODKNABVROH, N. T . IMP0BTXB8 AKD DEALEEI C HINA, CROCKERY. GLAS8 AND 8ILV: Plate Ware, and Honse-Furnlshing Go Bird Cape*. Feather Dnster*. Door Mat*, Lam Chandelleri*, Lamp*. Wicks and Globes, Childr Wagons. Cradles and Fancy, Goods. AGENTS FOR nla IUamtttatinf Otl P0BTEB8 P ATEHT HOW-jBIPLOflVE BTJ We have on hand a large aaaortznent of Kero and Fluid Lamps, Chandelier* and Fixtures, erleal for lighting Parlors, Halls and Churc Which we are now sellfhg at greatly reduced ces. We have • CROCKERY AND OLA9S-WAB In small packages, assorted for Country Mercas and Pedlars A.t New-York Also Kerosene, Carbon and niomlnatiag and Fluid by the barrel. Merchants or those wish to buy for their own nae, will find it for t interest to give us a call before purchasing where. Ogdensborgh, March 4th, 1881. 1-1-dAw BY EXPRESS. FINE NEW YORK HAM Ready Made Clothir NEW AND FRESH BLACK CLOTHS. HEW AHD FBE8H BLU1 '* NEW AND FRESH BROWN HXW AHD 7KE8H OLITB \ New Summer Coatings, • New Cassimerea f<ft Suita, Now Ca8»imcre« for Pants, New Styles Bilk Vesting*, New Styles Marseilles, do. New Btyles Cashmere, do New Styles of Collars, KRICNC1I HILK NKCK TII Wnlte and Colored Shirts, mi SPENDERS, HOSE, * And. in fact, everything belonging to a ge man'* outfit. In cv« r\ il«r>lrablt- ntvlf and qua can now be found at UK INNER* Ogdenflburffb. A]>ril «, 1861. [49-d TWHJW HPRINft (JOOD8 JUHT RJ£(TSIVKD AT C. W. GIBBS NEW RAW SILK SHAWLS, >«•*» D**<*lgn>, NKW BALMOKAJ. 8KIKTH, .\KW ItRKiHi GOODH, New Patternf Valenrlaji, Now Toil De Xaple*, New ModeuatK New Mottled Meneinae, « New Monslin DeLal HXW O0TIOHB. AU of which will be »old at THE LOWEST CAHH PRICES. Ogdensborgb April 4th, 1W1. 4 TUB SBYMO17B HOVSX, OQDENSBUHOH, N. T. rilHI 8TTBSCRIBER HAVING LEASED T JL SBYMOUR HOrSS, rtwpect/uiiy aoUciu portion ofpubllc patronage. He will radeavo make it a First Cla»» HOUM. and with ita onto •d ncilltiet«nd hi» own person! aoporriaioa, f. he can give sstisfacUon U> all who may fevor k with a trial. M . HF*The dtiseni) of ot, Lawrence Ooonty particularly Invited to call. *^ FRANK J. TALLMAN, Proprietor OgdOTMbargh, Jue 11. lttl. Idtf NOW OFErTIHei SPRING- AT— MISS E. smnrs BOHHET BOOKS; In Jud»on Block. Ford #tr**t, Ogdtniburgk, If. |3F\Ladltit» ari> re^|>«ctfa11y invited to call ai examine. Ogdensbnrgh. April mh. !««•• [dtf

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