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8 THE ADVANCE, SEPT. 6, 18.61. THE LATEST NEWS. Y TELEGRAPH.^ TO THE ADVANCE THE WAR FOR THE UHIBH. Important Intelligence. KK, Sept. 4.—The Democratic dtat<i Convention met to-day. Mr. Koruan wtw olertod Pnsitletit, and J. A. (Jnvti, and J. A. Sullivan, wcro ap- pointed temporary (.'omtnitU'o to conduct the Prrsideut to the ehair. Mr. Keman was loudly upplaudeil n* he appeared on the stand Mr. Kernan on taking the chair «aid: (Jontieineti ot the Convention : I tender yon my thanks tor the (omplitneut yn\ have conferred upon me. in selecting me to preside over your actions and <lelihe rations. I could have wished indeed that 1 could have congratulated you on this occasion, on the present condition or even on the future prospects of our heloved country, but it is a saddening truth that our country its (loveinment -its people and the Institutions under which we.have so long prosperously lived, are threatened with dangeis such as never Iteioru stir rounded us, not even in the days when our fathers roue up against oppression and vindicated their right to Jndepend ence Oh! we could if :t united people r'lM' up mid meet the whloe world in arms in »» righteous cause, hut hitter dissensions have ttiistn and deadly enmity lias been excited r>y one section uguinst unolher, until it hits culiniiiiit( d in civil war. We have Wore our eyes # the saddening wpe( tacle of the sons of men who were nut a few years since handed together in defeiicr of their lihrrtics. ami lively en j^f»g(-d in fraternal strife, and shedding each otficis hloo<l. Such a spc< tacle may well til! the hrcust of every good man with sorrow an*l alarm, huigentlenien.it is our iluty if we an; worthy of our hither* and the Institutions bequeathed by them to meet these great dangers, firmly and wisely if we can, ami to seek 'ill uic'ins it> our power to stay tin* ruin thtit seem:! impending over our Ulo\<<t eountry. It i* our duty to this end to oppose aboJitioni>m at the North, and secession at the South, whieh nre t<jiuilLv making war .on our tiovernmeiit, and threatening to overthrow our Institutions, and I rvhoit you -peaking from my heart, to let us us men and patiiots M> far a.-in us lies endeavor to to consign them both to a common grave. Never will our coun- try sec peace until we do,so. The aboli- tionists of th<; North through the ballot IMI.V, are se»kin«j t-> retain power which is as destructive as de.ith to the Institutions under which we live. Let us by the una- nimity and tin patriotism of our action HIIOW to the world that we are ready -it this time, to take >i position which shall enable u- to ed'eetually put silintitinfii>m down at the ballot bo\. Secessioni>m at the South, instigated by comparatively few men, his ,-muled itself of thee.xcife ment .against Northern abolitionism to array a host with aria- in their hau'K belea^uinn H:e r.-'oi'tal of tin. nation,and ^eekiiH 1 , to oveith'.'ow the <ioveruine;it We eaie not what men are in Hunge • >f the tMivere.imnt. ii i-; our duty as patriot* and Demoerat? to protect that Government .tinI to resi.-t with arms, and if neeii he out lives, the men who seek to overthrow it We will say to everybody at home and abroad, that this must be no waifair tor the emancipation of slaves, but a war for the preservation .of the UovcrnmenJl and of the rights of all .-er tions of the I iiion. The Democrats will stand up against a!! eoniers in suppott and defense of the <J tvei nnient and Con- stitution. Its history in the past estab- lishes this fact but I believe the time has come when the position of a great partv must be dceidtMly taken, for no negative policy can preserve the country from des tnictiou at thi.-* crisis. It is true that un- happily for tho country we have not the power at this time toadminister the Uov- ornnienf, hut we can clearly, boldly, and tirmly mark out tfie course of action we propose in order to 10 rescue the country from the danger that surrounds it. In making these brief remarks I have decided, so far as in me exists the power, to invoke a spirit worthy of the crisis in which we meet together. The time and circumstances which sur- round us may well lend tocoflictiim views in relation to the wisest policy to lie pur •uu-d. Let us in temperate and moderate diwiifwion compare these vicwa so that we may arrive at the wisest and most patriotic conclusion-decide what is U'Ht to bo done, not tor the party, but for the whole country. Lot it not be said of us that when the Government is threatened with destruction and our institutions aro crumbling around us,we deserve the scorn and contempt that have ever been felt for the Jews of old, who, when an army sur- rounded their capital with the design of destroying their government and blotting them out from the face of the earth, wast- ed their energies not againt the common foe, but in warring against each other until their institutions went down in ruins; If the destruction of our beloved country must come, let it at lust he said that we gathered together like a band of brothers and took counsels like patriots, and laid down a line of policy so wise am I so for- bearing and patriotic,that all men should, if they do not, join us in carrying it out Vor the jfreservntion of our country. We can at least «;ivo u tone to this w»ir, so thnt it may l>c said that it was a war to uphold the Constitution, to pre- serve: the Government, to j;ive to every section of the. country its just rights un- der the Constitution, and so that it may he known that we have fought to put down this reln-llion from love, to our whole, country, and not from hate to our brethren of the South, and that we are ready t»> proclaim that as soon us this tinned rebellion is over we are prepared to meet the South again in a liberal spirit and to guarantee full constitutional rights to all. We only prosecute this war in order that we may have pence under the. Con- stitution and preserve- the country tmth from Northern Abolitionism and from Southern Secession. Let us then adopt hen; such a policy ami display such concert of action and such harmony that the country will gather hope and confidence and will look to ns to lead the States through the danger that surrounds them, and restore peace to the Union. L. IV Holstein of Albany, E. J. Clark of JclV. Co. were appointed temporary Secretaries. The roll of delegates was then culled tor credentials. A. .Tewett of of Alk^hany, moved 1 thnt a convention of two from each Judicial district except New-York be appointed on contested seats. N. .J. Talcott moved a convention of two from each Judicial district except the first to report on permanent organization, agreed to. Hon.. Sanfonl K. Church moved the appointment of a committee of two from each Judicial district to report resolutions and suggested as desirable that all dis- tricts should be represented. Tabled, until after the report of the Committee on con- tested seats. The Chair announced the following Committee on Permanent Organization : Fifth District E. B. Talcott of Orange emmty, L. 11. Hrown of Jefferson county. Second Dist. B. F. Etlsell of Orange county, Albeit Ellens of Duchess county. Third Dist. Charles Holmes of Scho- hiuie county, Augustus Lansing of Alba- ny county. Fourth District David S. Lamb ami Hufiis ileaton-of Clinton county. Sixth District Matthew II. Kerr «f Delaware county, John Haggerty of Che muni; county. Seventh District--A. Wood worth of Seneca county, A. White of C.iyuira. Ki^lith District L. S. Jetiks of Cattar- aii;»'us, John 11. Skinner of Wyoming. The following Committee on Contested Seats was then announced : A. J. McNett, Alli'gnny; Win. A. Sut- fon, Erie; J. K. Heid, Suffolk; Lawrence Ilauly, Kiuirs; K. E. Andrews, Columbia; Robt Y. Grant, Sullivan; W. H. IJing- haiu, M<ufftgomery; D. IS. Cole, W^ishing- t»»n ; Dennis McCarthy, Onondaga ; J. S. Onetdti; H. Hownes, Cortlandt; Wm. (JhuU. Madison; J.Scott Lord, Liv- ingston ; \V. C. Kowly, Monroe. * The Committee took a recess till 4 o'clock. JJOSTON, Sept. 4.—The Canada Bailed at 10 o'clock with :>7 passengers for Liv- erpool am! 1 1 tor Halifax. Pim.\i>Ki,rin.\, Sept. 4.—The bark Hcnjaiiitu Hall ami schooner llynson were >ii/cd by 1 he Marshal, under the Confis- cation At t. MOSTON. Sept. 4.—Jas. Linqtticr, from llalita'v, N. S. who was arrested in this city to d'U\ on chnruvs nf conspiracy a^jains: tlie Govermnent. lie has been eomtuitted for trial at the next term of the U. S. district Court. Bail refused. Linijuir wits bound for Memphis, and a uniform was found in his trunk. An- other suspicions circumstance led to his arrest. The 20th Mass. Uegt. Icuvcs a 3 o'clock r. M. CINCIKNATI, tscpt 4.--Gov. MngolHn has ha<l a falling out with Brcckcnrulge because he refuses to demand the break- ing up of the Federal troops in Kentucky and that he declares he will submit to the majority of the people of Kentucky as their will may be expressed through the Legislature. The U. S. Marshal yesterday seized the interest due to citizens of rebel States in this city amounting to $50,000. NKW-YOUK, Sept. 4.—The gunboat Wyandotte from Fort Pickens, August 211, arrived here this moaning. 8he rc- norts that the rebel troops are deserting in a regular stampede and going home. Theheulth of our troops was good. The schooner H. Middleton, with a car- go of naval stores from Charleston to Liv- erpool, was seized by the Hoanoke while trying to run the blockade. A prize crew was put aboard and arrived hero this morning. She was originally in- tended for a rebel privateer. WASHINGTON, Sept. 4.—The following order has just been issued by Lieut. Geii. Scott. Head Quarters of Ajmy, Washington Sept. 3, 1801. The General in Chief is happy to an- nounce that the Treasury Department, to meet future payment; of the troops, is about to, supply Vreasury notes m 5 Ruining, 10 .Hinllings and 20 shillings. They are good at the Bank and Govern- ment offices throughout the United States They are good ami convenient for trans- mission ttitough mail by officers and men to their families. Good husbands, fathers and sons serv- ing under the Stars and Stripes will soon have t,hi) ready and sale means of reilev- ing ano suffering which could not be reached by coin. By command of LIEUT.-GEN. SCOTT. The Richmond papers are in ecstacicw about the rebels being in possession of Munsoa's Hill. • It is reported that Mr. Ely from Roch- ester will soon be released from his cap- tivity at Richmond. The Governor of Missouri arrived here to-day. NEW-YORK, Sept. 4.—Eight or nine vessels were seized to-day by Government officers. A detachment of 100 recruits for the 3d New-Hampshire regiment arrived and left for Washington this morning. The 3d New-Hampshire regiment ar- rived in the steamer Connecticut this A. M. and were transferred to the Hemstead. 'POIITUKHS MONIIOK, 'Id Sept., via Balti- more 4th.—The gunboat R. B. Forbes got off the Cape the night before last with three feet of water in her hold, HIKI pro- ceeded to Washington this morning for repairs. The weather has been unusually cold. The slaves at Old Point now number 1,800. WASHINGTON, Sept. 4.—It was rumored that Washington, N. C, had been de- stroyed by the Yankees. No mention is made in the dispatch of the illness of Jeff. Davis, but it contains a proclama- tion of the President calling the Congress together on the 3d, to deliver to the Presi- dent the bill containing the military ap- pointments. Congressman Ely is still at Richmond, and has to take his turn in cooking and carrying water for the prisoners. Col. Corcoran was lately put in irons several hours, for refusing to answer his name at roll-call. Butter at Richmond is 50c. per pound, ham 30e, The Post's special says a person just from Richmond states that the arch- traitor, .Jeff. Davis, died at Richmond hust week. A dispatch from Rosencrunz speaks very encouragingly of affairs in Western Virginia. It is reported that the rebels are con- centrating in the vicinity of the Chain Bridge. BAI-TIMOHK, Sept. 4.—A copy of the Richmond Dispatch of Tuesday received by a Hag of truce at Old Point, con- tains the following items of interest:— A dispatch from Charleston, dated Sunday night says a brig laden with cof- fee run the blockade on Sunday morning, also u vessel laden with fruit. The ship Gondar, from Liverpool, ar- rived at Beaufort last week. The ship Alliance, which arrived at Beaufort, is spoken of as laden with arms, ammunition, quicksilver, Ax. The dispatch says we^inay soon ex- pect Beau regard's and Johnson's report of the battle of Manansas. The Petersburg!! Express gives an ac- count of the taking of the forts at llat- tenis, and says a portion of the wounded escaped on a steamer. The number of killed and wounded was SO. It says those who cftcnped con\end that the maga- zine exploded, but it doubts the story. SYHACTSK, Sept. 4.—The Convention reassembled at 4 i\ yt, and called to order by the temporary Chairman and moved the adoption of the rules of the Assembly. Agreed to. Hcman J. Redfield was reported Presi- dent on the committee on pennant tit or- ganization. The Chair appointed Messrs. Thayerof Wyoming and Calliott of Kings, as com- mittee to conduct the permanent Pre- sident to the chair, Mr. Redlield was received with loud applause. The committee reported the following resolution: Resolved that the delegates represent- ing the Tammany organization in the City of New-York, be and they are hereby admitted to seats in this conventiou. Applause. Mr. Parker of Ontario, from a majority of the committee, reported the following : Resolved that this convention recognize in both organizations of the City and County of New-York claiming represen- tation in this body, constituent Dem- ocrats worthy of fellowship. Therefore be it further resolved, that, following the precedent of former State Conventions of the Democracy of New- York, it be how agreed upon by the de- legates respectively of the Tammany and Mozart Hall ojganizations to present the names of 15 persons of each of said organ- izations who shall In; entitled to seats and a voice in the deliberations of this convention. Parker said the resolntion embodied all he had to say on the subject. They were offered as an olive branch to the Democracy of New-York, and he moved their adoption as a substitute for , the original. . .„ , „ 1 .__ WASHINGTON, ' Bept. 5.—Considerable skirmishing transpired yesterday morn- ing near Bailey's Cross Roads. An hour before daylight the rebels, in considerable force from Munson's Hill, drove in our pickets from the Cross Roads, and took possession of the point. Four companies of the New-York 37th, commanded by Capt. Leonard, drove the rebels back again and now hold the position. Our forces sustained a loss of 2 killed and wouuded nearly 20 of the rebels and took 5 prisoners. They state that no in- telligence haa been received of the death of Jeff. Davis. , At 5 o'clock yesterday our forces were in possession of the Cross Roads. information lias been received here that a detatehment of a Mtwsachuwjett He- giment captured 22 of the Charleston Home Home Guards from Harper's Kerry the day l>eforc yssterdpy and took them to Gen. Bank's camp. Last evenning Proffessor Lowe made another ascension from near Ft. Corcoran. He was accomdanied by Gen. McDow- ell, Gen. Fitzjohn Porter, and Dr. Ma- gruder- They ascended to a height of §00 feet, and had a fine view of tfie rebel camps in that vicinity. LATKHT—6 P. M.—The deatJi of Jeff. Davis has not t>ccn confirmed. The rumor arose from a relxjl flag been flying at half mast on one of their encamp- ments. The gold discoveries at Halifax continue to l>c prosperous and opens a new field of industry for the citizens there. Skirmishing took place this morning in the vicinity of Chain bridge over the Potomac but it was not oi a serious character. The subscription to the national loan at Philadelphia yesterday was $135,000. The prisoners taken at Fort Hattenis are to be placed on board the. hulk Brandy wine. Virginia has 55,000 troops in the rebel army. CINCINNATI, Hept. ii.—Hon. Andrew Johnson spoke to an immense Union meeting at Newport, Ky., yesterday. v Strong resolutions were adopted. WASHINGTON, Sept. 13.—The Mayor of Washington has appointed Joseph H. Bradley, Corporation Attorney. Col. C. Howard, of the third Maine regiment, mu\ Col. Jameson of the second Maine, regiment, have been appointed Brigadier Generals. Heavy firing was heard on the Virginia side this morning, but the reports are contradictory concerning it. POTSDAM, Sept. 3.—-Three barns, l>e- longing to Albert Town, of East Pier- pont, tilled with hay and grain, were struck by lightning, at 11 o'clock last night, anil entirely destroyed, with their contents. Loss heavy—partially insured. LATUli FUOIVI KDHOPE. Arrival oi' tho 0BEAT BRITIAK. Richard Austler the philanthropist \* dead. Queen Victoria was most enthusiasti- cally received in Dublin. Cotton seed is being regularly shipped to India from Suez. They arc to be allowed to open schools in France. A company of Italian soldiers armed, arrived at Poutlandt, while being refresh- ed were set upon by the people and a number massacred. The troops retaliated the next day by destroying the whole town, 150 persons were killed. Framisco receives a large portion of its supply of tiish from Washington Territory, along whose coast codfish of excellent quality are caught in great a- buiulance. The value of vessels taken by privateers in thr» war of 1813 was 1107.708,000. It has been said that Beau regard was a Catholic. So is (Jen. Rosecrantz, and he has also a brother in Cincinnati who is a Catholic priest. Sept. 3.—The Rich- mond Enquirer of the 28th of August, publishes a letter from Florida, saying that the crew of the Jetl\. Davis had ar- rived there, having beeu wrecked on the bar, while trying to get into St. Augus- tin, Florida. From Washington, we have nothing of great importance. The rebels are, impu- vicntly enough, pushing the work on their fortifications at Munson's Hill, in sight of the Capitol, but this will proba- bly not be allowed ,}ong to continue. The spade and pick-axe appear to be very vigorously used jon our side, and each hour's work places Washington in a state of more efficient defence. The glorious news from the North Car- olina coast, and the stirring proclamation of Gen. Fremont, give elasticty to the feelings at the Capital, and all arc in good spirits. The color of the new three-cent post- age stamps has faded since they were printed, owing to defect in the ink. The Post-Office Department will insist on an improvement in this respect, and the printers will second the efforts of the Department. In a very short time the stamps will be issued in a brighter tint. The Government has received dispatch- es from Minister Adams, which set at rest, for the present at least, the question of interference by the British Government in the affairs of the United States. Jle docs not think any change of policy is intended so long as the blockade is con- tinued. THE DAILY ADVANCE. TEKMH: Twenty-F'ive Cent* per Month, Or Tbrec Dolluib per Year. AttVEKTIHINO. One Square, 12 lfiutrt, ooe iiiHfHion,. ..-.$ 50 If do do do one wc<k 1 85 do do do one month, 3 00 . do do do thn.c moiilhe,— 5 00 do do do nix month*, 7 00 ,'4 do d«* do ontj year, IS 00 One quarter column onv year, 85 00 ^Onc column one year 100 00 Cards, per month, 50 All orders vhouid be addrevftcd to JA8. U. HOPKINS, Ojjdenul/urgh, N. Y. BUSINESS J. W, ii LAS FORD Sc CO., Muiiufkoturer» of; and Dealer* in BOOTS, 8K0E8 A RUBBERS, Leather mud Finding:*. No. »; Ford-Street, OUDBNHBURUH, N. Y. OLDS' Premium £?V~hiirii of the Mammoth No. 8 Eagl* block, Ford Street, Q-allery, , Y. N. ALDEN VILAS, No. 1O KW<l-Htreet, MABTTTFACTURER OF AND DEALER Of Boots, 8hoe«« and Rubber*, Leather, Finding*, A.«. UNITED STATES HOTEL, MA88ENA SI-atlNOS, JS\ Y. H. B. WHITE. I'ltOl'KIETOK. [ft-dtrj rurriaKf* Always at hand, andp#r couveyod to *ny poiut, when doi«irt'd. J. R. , PHYSICIAN &c SURGEON OJjtkf on State Utrt-rt. m-ar Judnon Bank, burjch, tf. \. , April 3d, is»il. [d&m] Jt'DSON & POWELL, Attornoyn Ac COUIIHWIIOI'H at Law, F/ifjli- JlUsk, Ford-Strtrt, O K d e 11» b u r if Ii, N. V. M'HIVLEIt F Jf'DD, LEGALLY AUTHORIZED AUCTIONEER For tlie State of N^w-York, and CC )MMI HWION MERCHANT. Always ready to attend talln in hie Profepfion. &&\ Auction andConuniHfion Ilouht* in AverellV new lirick Block, two door* from the Onweiiatcbiu Bank, Ford Street. Ojfdeneburgh, N. Y. (,1-1-tfJ j. a. MCDONALD, MANTi-WrmtKIt AND DKALKH IN C C> -F' K K hi ANIJ S V IC PI 8 t.S lilotk. fowl \i>d Of Uu (MiDKNSltUIUiH, N. Y. rfiHK MT,K< KJHKK STILL AT THE OLD M. d JHll HK M. t*h«»p, coiner of Wanhin-rton and Street*, (and alone.) would gratefully acknowledge the kiiMlru'frt and patronape lie ha» received during nine year* he hae Wen in the above haoliicPK in thi* Villa;r<'. would »till solicit a nhare of patron- *ev. in hi* liin; of huHinet**. I would t*ay*U> all who waul CARRIAGES PAINTRD, OH HOUSK TAINTING AND TAPERING DONK To give me a cull, and you cball have your work done at w<;!l a> the betM. DAVID CHILD. UKd«-iibbnrj;h, Feb. 27th, l.sfil. [M-d&wtf.] ST. L A W R E N V K K X C: II A N ii E. The Proprietor of the above, would respectfully inform the Tr.ivlin^ Tiibiic. that h\h:i* thorough- y renovated and fttrnicbed um-w tUit* Hotel, (for- uierly known «f the, Wavhin^ton Hotel.) in :» man- ner uiifiirjiHtJ^i'd hy any Hotel in Ogderifroiirirh. The Tabi<- will at all'tlme*, he supplied with all the (U Henri\-* of the Sm^on. -iml the ]iar flocked with tin- choicest brand* of WINK* and I'IOAUS. OMNIIU'SKS. with competent Aeents and care- ful Drivers, will hr in rctidtiH-c- at the K. H. Depot, on arrival oi' all TraiiiH from the Kin*t, to convey Passengcjrs to the Ferry Dock, in lime to connect with Trainc on the Grand Trunk end OtUwa Hall- ways. The Proprietor hopes, by strict attention tothc wants of hit* ifuests, and the inducements offered , to receive a liberal share of public patrou- BOARD ONE DOLLAR FEE DAY. A. MORTON. Proprietor. .ST. LAWKKNCK HOTEL, „ POT.SDAM, NY. V. I^UXKI**, I'roprietor. Free convcyan*.' 1 from the Cars to the Honse.— Board $1 <JO per day. A ^ood Livery attAchvd to the House. y LMly] WEBSTER HOLSK, (Pormeriy the, Clinton House,) A few IlodH AVrwt of the O. R. R. Depot. U. V. WEBHTER, PROPKIKTOK,) KOUSKH'S I*OINT. N- Y. Gueet* conveyed to and from the Depot free Of charge. .DENTISTRY. W OULD INFORM THE CITIZENS OF QOU- vntNEiMi and vicinity, that he has returned to hit* office in ttm place, where he will be happj to perform all dental operations that may be en; trusted to his care. Anesthetic agents administer- ed to extract U«th wUhuut pain. He will remain here an a resident Dentist. f3T Office over Bovne's Store, Main Street, Gouverneur, N. T. Uouverncnr, July 2«, 1W»1. [jy«»-dlm] BKIDCJE'S HOTEL, CANTON, N. Y. B. & 8. X). J3KID&E8, I>r©pri*«. Paeeenjturfi tonveyed to and from the House Free of Charge. A Good Livery Stable attached to the House. Q. N. GREEN, HAIE DEESSKB, 94 Ford Street, (ur 8TAIR8) , N. T %WttO 1«HAVINO O» SUWDAT.^^fl &T A nice assortment of Ladies Hair Work for sale. Afco a spkudld article of Hair Dye, warranted. I1TSIN CAB ROYAL V1L Manufacturer aud Dealer in all BOOTS, 8HOKS, T Leather a^d Flu PORD BT., OPTO»ITE J. B. V WARR WKLLKR Sc C Dunlere in the Be AMERICA* AJTD ITALIA. For MononaenU, Obelisk*, Head anythlnj; wanted in their line can be boiurht in Northern I Cftle* not except t^F*8hop adjoining Seymou STATE HTRMET, 00DBN8 Ail kinds of Imported Marble fa Please call before purchasing HTM. STEVEN STB3A.M AJXT> &AJ=. French and English Chi PfHteain Work of all Kind PLUMBERS' TOOLS & A Beer Pumps, Copper Liqnor Pu Ac. Agent for Butlers Pater (rae Apparatus. OOPESSBVRGJI, E. IV. RENE. Manufnc turer &> Deu HA r J'B, CAPS, FURfc Ladies It Gent*' Furt, Collar C11IU)UKN£' FANCY Comprii»injf a jrenera nin'ortTnnTi C:ty Mauufuctur f?ff f'anh pnid for «!! kindi* of Sheep Pelts, at the Old Stand. No. 18, Ford Strut, Ogdttt* Whol«*ale and Retail F D MK. Window Glaaa. Paint*. Oils. V Oue Door n>)ovc Ai<i<;n \ila FORD 8TRKKT, OGDKN8I REDI DEALKKH IN MELODEONS. SHEET MUSIC, And ull kiudi? of Mueica] M War*rootn* in Judmn Hank Ji>i «H. N. ftTILLMAN FO€ Attorney and Coi OGUKNSIiL'KGH. N. Particular attention eiven to C 'Lvnif .usfl 4'onvf. t in hie prof«s»< tended to. in. J. r V a i 1 o i' i 11 u Kstabl AHD READY-MADE CLOTH IN Judnou Bunk Building. Ford Sfr<- pyOrderi« ret»p«:ctfully Sol ALLENDORPH A: R AUCTION AND COMMISSION AND FAJfCY GOODS Qood» tHild to Merchantf and York City Prices No. 2« Ford S(r**t, J. ALLENDOUPH, HENRY ti. PO ATTOKNKY Sc COL Oicdeiihbu r^li. N tSP^Offioe in Ofwej.-atcl.ie B^idi; Blr. FOOTS will devote hit* exc to the practice of law. FRONTIER HO CHATKAUGAY, M. A. KNAPPKN, Pro will be in rcadine** at\ vey Pahfen^eiH to and trom t! of char»:<'. Horns and in readinei>t< t<i convey scB£er!» to the Lake Fishiujr <ironnds RORERTS' HO' Kawt Si*le of Depc CHATEAUGAT, N Alanson Robert*, 3d, W Carriages in reading* at all time ties to thy Luk<\ Carria<. from the Depot frc charge. RIYER8 Attorneys, Counsel OODKNSBURGH, > All profet>t*ional business entrut« receive prompt attei &rOjKce Mytr? Block, For CHAS. G. MYERS. D WILLIAIT1 H. V Wholesale and retail d«. READY-MADJ] CL Clothn, Casnimeres, Vesting* a 8hirt», Drawers, Wrapper Stocks, Ooliarn, Rubber aiu Ing, Carpet Ba^*. Trunk No. 5 EAULJC BUKK. FORT OGDKN^I PAID FOR W E WILL PAY Three C«n for Paper Rags, uud ONK a CENTS for Woolen rage, in \tnali ties, from one ]>onnd to 10U toui«. f Oswegatchie Paiwr Mill, west eid OdbhN'Y March 4th. 1SG1. CUMBERLAND H Plattiburgh, V. Orrol Town, I*roi: The old establidhct LIVERY 8TAI Known a« Town's, i« connected w where the bent of Horses riages can always be fc CarrlacM to and from the Cars anc charge. IK. HOLBl Sc Cou.xi«ellc Office with BROWN A SrxifoKR, co Water Street*, Ogdensbuxg March 8th, lbbl. MASSACHUSETTS I BY JAMES SHAW ROUSE'S POIN 1 : A few rods west of the O. R. The Beat of Stabling at Guests conveyed to aud from th chance.

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