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8 THE ADVANCE, DECEMBEE 13, 1861. THIHTY-8EVENTH CONGRESS SKNATK. VVAHIIIN(;TC»N, Dec. JO. Aftvr A tribute to the nu-mory of his <l<>cfiis( (I rollcii^uo (Mr. Hiu^huin), Mr. Chum Her offered thrni*tomnrv resolution Unit the. Senate go into mourning for :tO y, and udjourn. Mew»rH. KiiiL'. t l»»rk, tind Stunner spoke in feeling terms in fuvor of tin- resolution and udjuuriwri. K OK RKI'UI:SI;NTATIVMS. WA«HINUTJ»\. Dec. I 1 Mr. M< Knight, trom tlu> Couuuilhr on Fort i;tn AtVuiis. re|»orteil a resolution v?hi< l» wus ndopted. that all memorials re•ohitions ntxl doetittient^ whieli may l>c preneiited lor tin reeo^tntion of the Indi perxlcni r of Hti\ti v !>e relVnvi! lo the Committee. Mr. Kin^'lium inlro.lun <l u bill to for- feit the property and slave-* of pei>.t»n«* who »uv in nrmed reltellioii :i«jainyt the I'nited Stall's. On motion of Mr. Holnmn. it s\as re solved that the Committee on I'uM'.e Land** should report what Kailway Com- panies hsive received donations of land**. on eotiditiotih of transporting troops and munition^ of wnr, free of t liaise. Mi'. Lovejoy olUred a resolution in Htmetirif/ tlie Couunittee on foreign affairs to report a h\\\ establishing lh«- relations U-twet n the I'nited States and lliiyti. Mr. SumiM r presented a petifon tor the. emancipation oi' the slaves. Mr. Nelwm ottered a resolution that the Committee on Military aHairs he instnie- ted to inquire ami leport to the Senate, what reduction may l»e made in the ex pejw* of the army. Agreed to. WASHINGTON, DW. H>. -The Seeretan of the Navy lo day received the follow ing letter trom U. II. Wyman, Lieutenant commanding the Potomac Flotilla, datrd \1. S. Htennier Harriet Lane, oH\ Mata- wun Creek, Dee Nth \ 'Sir: I have tlie honor to report to you that thi* mornimr, :it half past nine. Hccin^ the enemyV picket, with tlnve camp WU^OIIM and a mounted oftiei r. coiuiiii; down Ihe road to the southward of Free^ton\ I'oint. and halting a\ <omv building- neir the heaeh. I directed the steann r .1$ <•!• l'ell and Auaco^ta to shell tin I•uildin:^s. I stood in with this steaunr n- fur us the «Ira ft ol water wouUI admit. to protect them, in the event t»t\ the enemy i'rin<j;in<: a field luittery to Five stone I*o:nt. All-r ^hellin^ tlie huihl- itiL f - \id hill, att'IMii\in^ back the piek ets, the Lieut* nant commanding, Mcltie, with a few men, burned the buildings. They contained SulleiV stores -flour. A:e. Kightc< n )H»UP> (lapsed before th< tin- WJH Miluliietl. The enemy tired but a few shots. 1 ' It is believed, from all that «;m be gathered, that the II'M I force in front of our lines number.- at le:i-«« IU0.O0O. A. A. Johnson, brother of ex (ioxernor Johnson, ol lYnn<y!vimia, had hi*, poeket < )ieked thit- inorninjjr ot two (tovernuien! lraft« one for $t.O(M), and the ollu i for fl.NOO; also a cheek on a bank in I'itt.s buruh, for $:t..V»O, and >jwm in ea^h. An additional charge against Colonel Kerrigan was rvu\ to him to -day. at the Court .Martial, to the. effect that he had j^ivcu information to enemies of the Uov- ernment, ivsuliiii; in Fairfax Courthouse. The examination to day was with refer erne to n< (.jtcet of his duty. The K.vpress train from New York t o Wa^hin^tou has fail* d. in man; iustun crs to makt ronneetion< with recruits. Toob\inte tins difluiilty. Mr. Cnfirltl hn^ tnmle arraiiviemetits Cot a through train for New V«»rk every twenty lour hours, tor recruit*, wno will not be permitted to occupy I lie F.xpre-h train. K*\>tM »'»>. Mo. Drr. 10—The Hnn- ta I'e 'in-! Cat- % n <'ily mn'l dni\e d la*t nijri't. with dates to flie \.'Oth. Al! the men !MU! • in the territory arc reo,t,irf'd bv ordu 1 ot Col. Ciinbry fi> turn over then ni\in \ t<> Me>-si-. Donaldscui oi\ Santa Fe u\ a loan to the (ruvenmient. On the H'.ih ult ti baud of Marjoe In dian^ went to Carroll's Hnr, Mbiujueiqut.', and stole a hum quimtity »»• siock, a party of eiti/.<us stinted in pursuit for tlie purpose of recovering the property, b\ six of the men having i;ot in advance of the balance, fell into an ambuscade and were Lilhd, the rest of the party beine; Loo jew to continue the pursuit, were compelled to rcturu| leaving the In- dians to carry off their booty. In the vicinity of Albuquerque, the same In- dians huvc been committing depreda- tions on a larger scale. It if* understood that Col. Cioiiiry is about to change the the system heretofore pursued, for holding the savages in check, luntettd of keep- ing the troop* in one post, he will di- vide them into companies, and station them at convenient points on the frontier, from which the\ can make rapid pursuit when tin* In.iia.us attempt robtary. BAI.TIMOHK. Di'c 10. —Thih evening u shocking murder was committed at the camp of the -ceoud regiment stationed in the suburb.-of the city, while the rejui rm lit w ii- d'.wji up for dress parade, H private n-i'iM-.K it.nio Kooite>, c.ime from h'\* tei.t pieki d up a musket look deli he- rale ;tjm>!t l.ieuf Wil -n n. tired and killed hinf on the sji.t. !t a ( »|i. •> rli.>( -oinc three weeks since Lieut. WHMM' hhi't H private minted (Jard ncr, for p'-;->-i! 'in<; in insubordination alter three time- trying to run the picket- kill hi.: inm. I The Lieutenant waa a gentleman and 1 WIIH tfenenilly esteemed by the regiment. (Ireut indignation U felt by the regiment :tt the tniinltr, u (Imposition W«H muni | feste<l to tnkt 1 ftutmimry vengetmee on > Koott<*. I FKANKKOKT. Ky., Dec. 10.— (turret l)ti- ; vin was elected l T . S. iSt tiator for the re- | mnindcr of ,lohn C. Hreckinridge's term. j The notorious muniuder, ('apt. Hvvec- ney. and hi« Imnd of robbern, who have I for some time past kept this t>ee.tiou of the country in terror, wen* captured yes- terday nt Hogcrs's Mills by a detachment ot cavalry under ('apt. Merrilt. Hwec- ney's pickets were surprised and captured und his whole Imnd, :15 in number, taken without firing JI K»m. Xi.w VOMK, Dec. 10. - Letters from Tenues.-ce state- that the rebel leader- had be^an the impressment of Union men into the tvlx'l army, aud that hundreds of lovi'l riii/,« n-. were flying into Kentucky. The Investigating Commit tec will not be :ible to report. The report will be liUrlv to create Miisatioi). Dec. 10.- Worlds >U>H- j patches: The iptestion of exchange of pi'i-'OMetv seems to have been f.drly set- • tied.- The New York Executive Com • nitb-e have li>id siveral lengthy and in I tere-;tin;.r interview^ with the l*M'sident • itrxl 'unentl Mt ('!<•!!.m. ;md Senators and ! Membi is of the House, all of whom favor j it. The Conwuiftee's* interview with f Uvn. MeClclhiu was espeeiaily gratif\ing. ( He spoke of the subject briefly but I wanr.lv, nnd from his conversation he ! had given the subject mueli study. »* he ! sretned to state his points with much ' cle:imess. ; A joint resolution will pass th(! Uou**e to-morrow refpiiiing the President to make the exchange. In point of faet, the exi'nunge has been going on for some time past. A letter from a citizen from the wes- I tern purt of North Carolina to a friend in Washington, has passed tin 1 rebel Hues, ami was tonight placed in the hands of <«en. MK'lellun. It brings the dearest continuation yet received, that there is a large and determined organiza- tion of Unionists in that State. They are putting themselves in eoinmunicution vith the I'nionisis in Kast Tennessee, nnd await only the dawn of hope, for a general uprising. They expect n n-inforeement of llrown- low by the National lorn s aud will ae cept thi't movement as a signal for their own action. It is currently stated th;it the Military Committee of the House favor ihe treat inent of privateers captured b> our ves- <-. Is »^ prisoners of war. The rebel pickets haw been ndvaneing cm our lines for several iluys, t<» iiseei'tuin our position. Tlie rebels fired from their batter} \c^- (• rday opposite Bird's Point, an 18-puuiui shell which passed over Po/ie/s Hou<e. where several oluVers are (juartercd, nnd buried itself it the field beyond. Kight Hegiments of MeDoweU's tlivis- ion were out onrevi<'W to day, at Bailey's CrosMoads. They wen practised in di- visions. The guriH at San Jtian were being cur- ried inland. If any Mexican symptons (an be trusted, a most determined resist- ance will be made to any Spanish in\a- siou. Marshal Lamou reports to the Senate that the imprisonment of slaves in the Government jail, in this city, was in strict neeordnmc, with the laws of the District of Columbia. \i;w YOUK, Dec. U. -The steamship Columbia from Ifavano. Oth, has arrived. The rebel steamer Yanderbilt. 'WH tons, arrived ut Havana, !Jd. in 5 days from New-Orleans. (has, Anderson and family arrived on the Columbia from Havana. He is a brother of (Jen. Kobt. Anderson. Hi' w:i- heated with great kindness at Mexico, und sailed from Civile to Ha vjinii. He reports that the British sub- jects, whom lie met, were violently indig- nant ;i( the seizure of Mason and Slidell, on the Trent. Anderson's 1'amilv were v-nt original!} by r< front it i\. while he w war. The Clyde bels to the Mexican as held a prisoner of met'•Ihe Spanish fleet and 140 jiourH sail of Cretio. daily expecting the army, within The Mexicans were allied hYet. The feuds were giving way to a united resistance to the common enemy, and the common remark WHS, that if the Spaniards came alone, they would be heartily wel- comed. No resistance was made how- ever at Y*ira Cruz or San .Juan. WANHTNOTON, Dec. 11.—There are 90 fugitive slaves at the Washington Navy Yard. They have all been comfortably provided for by Secretary Welles, and most of them are working for a eompen- I sit ion of $10 per month. I 1 company of cavalry, from the Second ! Kegulars, and ? companies of infantry, are to IMJ stationed on the Northern fron- tier, to be garrisoned at Detroit, Sacket'K Harbor, and House's Point. Our Government has replied to the invitation of England, France, and Spain, to take part in the expedition against Mexico, deeliuing to have anything to do ' with ii. 0 Lm-i*vii.LK, Kj.. Dec. 11. -The report that. ('apt. Nevkt, with forty men had bunted the bridge at Whipponville, live miles from HuHsellvillc, on the Memphis \niueh Uailroad, is confirmed. They attacked the rebel guard num- bering U. killed und taken prisoners. BAI/HMOIUC, Dec. 1L—The boat from Old Poiut has arrived but brings no BOSTON, Dec. 11—Ex-Minintcr Faulk- ner, from Fort Warren, on parole, haH gone to Richmond to endeavor to ex- change himself for Mr. Ely. WAKHINHTON, Dec. 11.—The statement of General McClelland interference with Secretary Cameron's Report, we have au- thority from the most reliable source for stating ia untrue. There waa an alarm along the lines last night, and the enemy were supposed to be approaching in strong force. Last night seven divisions were under arms. The alarm proved to be false, and at noon to-day all was quiet. The President has declined to commu- nicate to Congress any communicationa addressed to him by the Governments of lOnglund, France, and Spain, in reference to armed intervention in the alVairs of Mexico. He deems that it is inexpedient, at this exigency, to*do so. The President occupied a seat beside Vice-President Ilamlin to-day, during the eulogies consequent on the death of Senator Baker. Visits of the President to either houses of ('ongress, are of rare occurrence. This is the first instance of the kind within the last quarter of u century. Letters from Europe say that Mr. Rus- sell states that the Administration is be- coming disposed to accept soino foreign mediation, with a view to compromise, on the basis of separation. It is diilicult to eonceiw; how Mr. Russell should have been deceived into the adoptiou of such an idea. Neither the Administration nor any one connected with it, would ever ac- cept mediation from any quarter or place, on any basis but complete submission to \he United Slates. NKW-YOAK, Dec. 11.—A private letter from Martinique, dated Mov. 2IJd, states the the Iroquois is off this point waiting lot- the Sumter. Another, duted Nov. 25th, stiys the Iroquois arrived last night, but the Sumter has escaped. A private letter from on board the steamer Richmond, which took part in the right at Fort Piekens, states that ves- sel commenced bombarding Fort Meltae at 10 o'clock on the 22d. The writer says he hud been complimenting the Captain of one of tlie guns on the accuracy of his aim, when a shell bounced through tftii bulwarks and took his head off, and wounded six more nun. This shell on exploding, raised the ship out ol water and made, her stagger like a drunken man. Another shell burst six feet below the water lim-, cau>iug a bad leak, but the j-team-pump.-; kept her free. The tiring continued all day, and was resumed by the encim next morning, when we moved out of his range. The frigate Niagara, still near, but outside, of the bar, she cannot be much injured. Fott Piekens had, up to this date, lost one man killed and seven wounded. Fort McRae is damaged, but we can- not destroy i'f with our smooth-bore guns. The bombardment was to be renewed the next day, (the 2IJd,) with the determina- tion to whip or be whipped. Since leaving the Pass of the Mississip- pi, several rebel vessels had managed to escape. A Spanish vessel had come down with A number of fugitives, lo es- cape impressment, who report that the rebels had three iron clad steam battering- rams ready to repel an attack, each carry- ing from eighteen to twenty of the heavi- est guns; and additional steam rams and fire rafts were being constructed. BKDAI.IA, Mo.. Dec. 11.—It is reported that a tight took place yesterday, near Waveiiy, Lafayette (H)., between a body of rel>els under the notorious Joe Shelby, and a detachment of Federal cavalry. They wen* lighting again this A. M., but no particulars given. \ViiKKi.tN<}, Dec. 11.—In the Legisla- ture to day Mr. Clarkson of Hampshire introduced a resolution to prohibit any •person engaged in the rebellion from holding olliv.e in this Stite. Mr. Linden introduced' a resolution modifying those parts of the Code which prohibits writing or speaking againa sla- very as to -make them conform to the spirit and genius of our institutions. A1.11ANY, Dec. 11.—Lieut. Gen. Camp- bell arrived in town to-day, and has taken rooms at Congress Hull for himself and family for the winter. NKW YOHK, Dec. 12.—It is understood that Col. Corcoran with other officers are kept as hostages for the safety of pirates. J^f It has Ijeen determined to detail all the Union officers and soldiers who arc on parole, to garrison the forts along the Northern lakes and Northwestern frontier. |y The Winter term of the Bt, Law- rence University, commences on Wednes- day Dec. 21. 1WU. It will continue under the excellent management of Messrs J. S. Lee, A. ii., ami J. W. Clapp. All enquiries (mould be addressed to L. 13. Storre, Secretary. IrJgT A letter has been addressed to Col. Hay wood, of the 00th regiment N. Y. 8. V., requesting him to resign his com- mand. The letter is signed by nearly or quite all of the officers of the regiment. He is, for some reason, very unpopular, and the men have lost all confidence in him. iHlfg M. K. Roberts, of the 16th regiment has resigned and returned home to Chateau gay. INKIJRANCB. _ FIRE INSURANCE! TAT\. JD. Ca-TJ3a»T, Aflrt-v (BUOCBBBOH TO JAN. U. not'KINH,) For the following reliable New York €Ity Htock Com pan 1 c« of Large Cant) <'Hj>ltalB, viz: HANOVKR FIKK INS. CO., N. Y. Capital f*o,ooo Ae»et« *»a,088 HOWARD INSUIIANCK CO. , N . V. Capital $sj«>,(iUO AtseU 3Jm,168 LA2TIA11 FIBE INSliltAN* K CO M N. Y. Capital $300,000 AMOts 844,858 MBTROPOLITAN FIHK INSURANCE < OlflPANV, N. Y. Capital $300,000 A»i*ct» SHtt.OttO Vtrwn*\nmr\ng in the METROPOLITAN, will rtcelv* annually thru-fourths nfthe J¥qflts. , The nbovo companies which are among the very BEHT, were wlcst-led by my prudm'r'i'or who wae In the tmainviMS some 80 yettrH, and paid for lo*ht'i» In Ugdnuplmrvh, l*ronrott. »nd vicinity, near HiiV- ENT V-F1VJS THOl'HAND DOLLA1W. IN H0PK1X8 ItLOCK.j& XV, K. UUK8T, Afft., [1-tT] Aluo JiiulitT of tho iVare. OUDKNSIlUttCili tiKNKUAL FIRE AND MARINE INSURANCE AGENCY. Norfli Wentorn Fire A Marine Intur »nce tlo., Owwctco. N. V. CAPITAL, $ly«i,<KW-HLfltrL(JH, $15I,flU0. gprlnjrfleld Fire and HIaiin« Inwnranc €omt»atif| Sprhitfllold, ITIUHM. CAPITAL, $*)O,yw>-ttUKriA H, $sMt,$« Continental Insurance Company of New-Vorh. CAPITAL. $5WMXK>-SUIU'LI;K, $5!M,759 Nccurltv Fire Insurance New-York. CAPITAL, $MJU,UXI—SUKI'LVK, Lorlllard Fire limiiranre Now-York. CAPITAL, f l«>,iWU—HUKPLIJti, f!TT,151 Nortlt American Fire 111*uranee Co.. New-York . CAPITAL, $SttU,UW>--KUllPLrs, $M,«n Nortb American Fire IiiMurauce Co,. Martlord. CAPITAL, $ttJU,0m>-hl'I{l'Li:iS $41.:iM. Plioenlx Fire Insurance Company, Brooklyn, N.' Y. CAPITAL, f*X),U(»-»UJtrLi;M, C«.'M43 Comnuonwealth Fire Insuranc e Co,, New-York . CAPITAL, $«0,0UO--«Ul<I'LUH, $78,271 Atlantic Fire & Marine lumurance ('»., Providence. R. I . CAPITAL, flOU.UOO-rHUIil'LLS, $TO,0W< Ilampden Fire Insurance Company Slttld FI Sprlntctteld* FIUMS, CAPITAL, $IC<J,0UU-ttUUPLi:s. #«J.1' fflassanolt Fire Insurance Company, Mprlit|||lcld. MUMS. CAPITAL, $lu0Tn«^- SUKl'W ». $W.7H4 Pelicy holder* receive annually a »*tiHr« ol th> lirolHK lu tho Conlincntul, i^t. ctirily, Loriilar and North American IiiMirniHv roi.ipanict*, Nt'v York, yithout incurring/ any liiilulU.v. Karuiern and otht>r» drsirin^ invuratu-o* will Un. It for thulr interest to rail al this* A•.'.*• ncy S«;fo:- int<uriii^«l»owhore. forJn^umiin*, (OHHViiiimtni apply to D. III. CHAPIN, Alt»o Notary Pnf>lj< aiul .\llonify mult. at Law. La. Office: Vvrtt'r 01 For<i and h\iitioriiu WrwV (xjincNsmmui. N. y n- f - <;itO< ICKlHtt, &C . BACON Ac BARNB8, DKALKllfl IN GROCERIES, PROVISIONS &f~Corner of Ford mid hatitllu OODKNSUL'UCU, N. Y. CASH PAID FOR COUNTRY PRO DUCK. Families Miipplicd with the v< ry bent Quality 01' Hutter, and nt tb» i Lowest Markc-t Price. fjf (ioods deliTpred to Village <;unt<jiiu rs.^jjsj (Jetid&wtTf I ^ASTKRN'IJHANBUKKIKN by Ui« bar- A rcl or bunhel. For tsilr by HAt.'ON & KAKNfiS. H ICKORY NUTS, and N»th of all kinda Fwrwili'by BACON A: HAKXIJH. 1 OO BAltRIiL« HALT, Com><• and I\inc. For nalc by I»A«'ON_& HAJ<VK^j__ VV.K. WI1KAT FLOl/ft,~T)at aTnl Cum Meal. VormhiUj HACON A. HAlfNKs. OVFKJiliK, M'ICKS, HI UAktH, w and iMoJuKci-:-. l't,r i>aU'hy N & B lITKII, LARD, < I1KKSK, Kiitifi. For mile by BACON & KAIiNKS. 3ORK. IIA HI S, AN D FISH, m'.i)] ForHiilvuy BACOM Jt 1MKNE.S. H F.I^DI.KSS UAISINS, PliKSKKVK!) KHl'ITS, <M'UUANT.S iml PICKI.KS. Forcalo by HAC<iN A IJAH OHS, For onl\ by OOWliN U'AHH OILS, BACON mid I.1Q- BAKNKS. i Urr.r ami varied W aBcortiiKnt. Fr^nby BACON «fc BAKNKM. S ~\ AIlliiNGS, VIN liU AK, Jl ACAHONI, Vfrmicilla and Kilvrr (ilo^f March. Fordalfhy BACON A BAKNKS. Corner Ford uud iw.UrNx Str<< \n. <iKiii-ni«biirK»», N. Y . TIIK FOLLOtVINii ARK FOU^D AT J*. Or. 3VIoID03Sr J A»X J I3'», EITHER AT WHOLESALE Oil RETAIL. Hopkins' Block, F.ant end o f Bridge, OODKNSUItUGH, N. Y. Teas, Mnstard. Sngara, Kp^om b»lu. Coflee, Alum, Rl 8alrtratun, Soda, VermtcUla, Macaroni, Sago, Broma, Wrapping Twtn«« (;anary H#*L, Cocoa. Chocolate, Farina, Common Starch, Silver GloftuSUrcb Indigo, Bath Brick, Candles, B Rl, Glngor, Pearl Barley, 1 ; Currantn, Raisins, Pigs. Sardines, Kxtracta of «0 kiad*. Ca»tor Oil, Gun Caps, Powder, Shot. Oils, Vinegar, Syrups, ol Fish, Hams, Dried Applet, do Peaches, do Plums, Cheese. Faucets, Wrapping Paper Bruebus, Patlu ana Tnbs, Ground (Spices, Cream Tartar, Cndles Began*, Pipe«, Matchen, Tobacco's, Hemp eeod, Caraway 8o«d, Flour. Corn Meal, Oat Meal. Pork, Salt, Nails, OftdensburRh, July 19,1861. FOR THB BOYS. T IE SUBSCRIBER HAS NOW ON HAND A largo axKortment of now, Hubntunliuily con- Hlructud,and b<sHiitifully finished 8L.KIGHie , F\Oli BOSS, which ho offers at prices to nuit the time*, and much lower than previoualy mU\. A. CALLAUHAN, Washingtoa stroct. , If«T. », 1811. tdtf] MILITARY. VOL17NTKKB9 FOR THE WAttlt 1 1IfJIITY-FOl T R abli'-hodli'd men wanted to fill J up tue. raiikn of (lie general ruiuji*ni«'»i of the IS'UHI.K HixTltTU. now in Jhe. Held. A glorious oi>- portuuitr for thof** wh<» have hroth<r« and fri«ndn in the r«>^imen0 to j<»in them, free of all expense. Every enlinted muu will receive bit* uniform in MHIOIIO. when*he will be nubulflfd until thcequi- flte number In ruined, and will receive a jjood Kn- fleld Hillu with a vabre bayom t, upon joining the regiment. Reeruitw will be nllow<>d IIfly cent* for evory ttu iniK* of travel from nny part of St. Law- rence, Clinton or Franklin counties to the rendez- vous, nt Mnlone. The underpinned will vixit Madrid, with enlist- ment rolln, on Wedimsdaj r<; Lawrence, ThurH- duyH; Chamttlain, Fiida>>, Seivennt WiD^on will Vifii Cunt on and vicinity Saturday*. Mondays, and Tuehdoy*. Any niformatioii will be jjiveu to all who have frienda in thl«« rejrimcul with j^reat pleasure, and packngex enrrird to them free of ex}»encc. %?tf Office over (iillt-tt & DurkeeV Store. IJctit. 1*. K SINCLAIR. Co. K., Recruiting <il)lc«:r. I,. M. WILWIN, Co, A., ReeruilluK HerjreanJ. Minor* ifiiift hav<; tiie written consent of their pii;-en(s or gimrdinnf. decMtf Volunteers, Volunteers. 600 ABLK JJODIEJ) MEN WANTED. Between the A^rc of 1 8 uml -15 Year*. (iKN.HANFOItD.liavinu'bei-ndulynnpowerect. linn raided a RECilMElVT OK INFWTHV ! Which ii« now formed and r<-ii<k/vuu>«U »vt Vutnp Union, PotMdam, IV. Y . IT ALUKADY NCMJHiP.8 GOO MKN ! N11 other mil Ion corujxT'i-titv itv hi/ldi<jrK a* tii- ouie. The following ii> thu rule of pay thllhd SH (Jrudo. PtrM. Major, <^>uirt(?rn)a»u-r ..$S-\ KorK<-a,Tit and Chief Jtii^ler -£i Fin-l btTtfcatit ui Oilier H« rfciaiit*. i-a«'h Ill ('orporulH 15 \ • • 14 Vi IVr V. 1U) 1«8 VAi IN ADDITION, JiKMVAL TMKATMK.NT, AND GOOD CLOTHIXi! Th« followinjr U an extract from <ji nrral Order, Mr». J6, from I In; War Deptrtment ; \The ofneerp, !ionc'»iiiiiii«hioii« d ofllcer* und prlvutef or^aui/i d an nl»ov<' f«el forth, will, in all refpeeif. he phicetjion the fooling, a* to pay and allowunce^. of similar c.orp» of the n'ciilar army: l*i-ovided tlmt their allowtin«e!* for clothing fiiail b«? fa.fili per month for Infantry. \Every ''otunte.er nou-conindsHioned officer, prlviiie, iiut»iciaii and iir* Ulcer, who c!;tert» the >*er- vlc(! of the I'nited Stilt* « nmli-r tlii« plan, t»ha)l be paid at th<' rate of .Mi reuir ; and. if a Cavalry vol- un'crr 'i.\> centf. additional, in lieu ol forage, for every !» mili'H of (ravel from hi* home lo the place of tiiu u tei. the di-tane-f. toW uu'uMtr'*<i by ihe fliortept n-ually traveled route; ami when h'ottoi- u'lly dl J <h:ir^r:d nn nllov.iince. at the MIUH- rate. froiii the j.ls'ce o r Ills dkchar^e to hiii Uc-nic, ami in addition then to. '.. $100. lit t Men can rnlit^t with thr j-ocrulting ofllccrh or at w^ (;ou. JON P . I'O^WKI m. ><•>. 'Ji., S\Ni'ORn, lj. <'oii)iu:tndant. U. S. INFANTRY. V OIiUNTICKKK BKTWKKN TlIiJ ACliS <»f 18 Hiul 3.» wanted for the 11th He -inum or UNITED STA'J KS INFANa'KV PAV«iiaio $21 per MONTH ! $100 B0UT5TY at EXPEUAT10N ol 5£KVICE! Term of Si.i'.vu K U TH;;KI: VJ:.U:S 'irilei-« sooner 4ISfelni17.Mil. Advantage* : '{'!!(• Aiitowln^ are rtmoti-r the ii - duceineiits to enlifl in t'Mt* Hc/iimiit of the Armv : TLe I'AY It* Htiiil'LAR. The HATldNS are of the best kind. The Soldier ii*alwaVK well CLCTIIKI). He b.iH the BKST of VAUK und 1NSTKI (1 U>5. Ill-' Oilice.rs lU'C KIK'CATKI) VU.ITM'.Y MKN. From every 10 enlictcd nr.-n, 1 Corporal in appointed. From ©very 15 fitltetcd nun, 1 Her><e»nt U appointed. From the Scnr^cum* 2d Lieutenant* are com- The Soldier nceivo* better pay, ration* and clothing, and in better protected every wav In this than In any other nervice In the world. The op- portuuiticn of proiqption to al] good men are ccr- tafu. &T TWO DOLLAU8 BOUNTY paid each Ke- cruit on enlistment. _jfe\ fc \VM. F. <J«EBLEY. li»t Lieut IHh Infantry Recruiting Offl cr. Recruiting Oftlce, Hopkins'* Block. Water St., OgdeuHburgti, N. Y. [niHdtf j Wanted! Wanted! F OR THE 12th UKiilMKNT I.'. H. INFANTRY, Able Bodied unmarried Men. between the ages of i s and 85 yeuit«. The enlihtnienU* in thirf ilejriment are for a period of three yean* ; all the id LieutenuiHH and nouconnniccfoned OlBcert are taken from the r,nk and file. For further Infonuation apply at the Rendez- TOUH. corner of Kimx and State \}<tre«'tt». Otfdenu- burgb. N. Y. Lieut. Ifc U. PERKINS, [ii4d&wtf.1 I2lh jLB. In. KecrHitiiif Officer. TO ^FLIVIimU rrmc i ^ni;nsici>Ei> HAS BKEN J. <:oiiimifhi<;iied t-> recruit C«pt. RILKV JOHN- HON'II CAVAI.UY COM CAN V. now eucaiuj>ed with tin* Int Harrif* Briyndc. on Stateu I^luntl. N . Y.. and will furnifii iiciommodatioiiH tolid him until their arrival ut camp. tW |»»v, <|14 per month, and $100 Bouut) ut ihe end ol atervlce. Recruit ins of)l<:ei* at •lohnxon't» Hotel. Ogdcnu- bur;:h, and McAliiffer'f Hotel, Mor'ey. %*&\ A few position\ nre ctill vataut. KJJ W. 1»KWKY. Onartermaster-SertfCiiut. OgdeBMburjjb, NUT. W, Mil. [M\ \ Any voluiiti'<r v. l.(. jn.'ij be rcc. iv« i\ into the M 1 viru of tin lniiicl Mutt.- 1 und< r tl»,r-plan, and who Truiy he wounded or otln rwlffdiMthled in the cil\icr. cjiuli IK 1 entitled (o tin •. 1 •» • 11 o tl I r* w hk'll have been or may he confi ried on person-* di^a- blfd IN thv regular -er\ue. uixl the letrul In ir> of muh nx die 1 or m.i> he kille<j JntwTvice. In addition to all urrcan- of pay and nllow.nn ei» fhall receive the miu of oue hundred doJlHrn. \ The Uiiitd-oi tne re^inn lit;- of Inl.tntry wil! he J»MM R,* fitllowf: one-fourth of cii'li will receive the p:»v nnd ailow.n•(« of heryeantu of Knyjueer HoldVi> ; one-fdiith tho-e of <Jomoral.- of K woldJert*. and tlir r ( niainin,^ hnlf tboM- \*f ji of Kntriin-t-r noUVu T* <»f the Ji-.-t i-la--. Tli\ wu^onern jt.nl v:iddi«-i'K will n <<• 1 v•-• \.ht pay and iilU;«ii!iei'K ol < (irpon.l-of ( avrilry. \ The K< k'inu nut! CoiiiTiii-viry-SiT(.'( ant will re- ceive the |.'iiy and ;ill<>vvaneei- «>f H Hi-^imenial Ser- jjeant-Major. Th** Coni|>«!i. v ynart« ni»ahter-Scr- Kcaiit, tin; pay und allowance*, of a Sergeant of OaTalry.\ By order of the (Vmirnander-inChief. 1)1 MA N t'AMIMtKLI.. Acctctant Atljtilani-'.enrral. Men of St. Lawrence and >'rnnkiin. von arc con- jured by Hie hri.'lit exainiilc ol tl;«- irloriuiif. iKth. •-•by the dark thivn of the Involution,—fty the Kwert hopet' of the future. ID t t:ii;d by vour couu- try, uphold the (j'overiMiieiit. alW for «Jb.o TJXLIOT*. i f^f\ Ten <'oinp«nj« H are now organized, num- bering each from ;i> tn K' IIHU. and u ileici-mint-d, vi^onui^ «-flbrt i- beinj; made to fill m» the He^'i- nn lit. I; i* believed it will norni be t'lled un, but in onl'-r t')do ii, it requireH tin-elfort\ of individu- al c.itiyrn* as well u- recruitinjj ofliccrf. Kvtry man chould consider\ it hie duty to enlist in the Hrmy. or induce hi^ neiyhbor to j/o if he cunuot Ic.'iVi 1 , T>r iliccri in ',* momentous Hiid the cm;.-.' in ju«t. M 9 T UB F17B8CRIBER WOULD INFORM ' citirone of St. Lawrence County that I now manufacturing, and hap constantly on h a large an»ortment of the bc»t quality of Pumps for Wells atafl Cisterns Hhou on MoNTooMKnT STHKKT, near STATE *£r Repairing done on thoi t notice, and ! terms. A , A . BABCOC ^dhb Dec. 7, 1861. d*w-. ra NOTICE. T HE COPAllTNERSHIP EXIHTING tween the Firm of II. KELLOGU A d thiB day diwolved by mutual consent. The necH of the name will be continued at the o!d a by D. A. FLKTCUBK & <;<>., who are author! receive and iwttte *U denmndu against th W™. H. KELLOGG, W. A. BUTLKR, rt ^ »- » «• n A FLETOH_ Ogdensburjli, Ko?. 15, lt*l. The nndcrpigngd luiTing dinposcd of hia in in trade to \>. A. FI.KT«;IIEK & Co., would 1 hi* thanks fur the v< r\ <:enerouf patronage b to bestowed uj.on tin old ilnn, »nd nJlicI hie t«ucci'et*uri« a eontiuuuuce of the i«arae II. KELLO . NOT. 85, lbf.1. 'K IB IIKKEKY tJIVKN TO TnE 11 AJJMv iHlMh.'t.-uitc «»f ili«- It,nu of OH 1 . chi* 1 . thui Mi:i\c r»civ<(i tho v.arntnt for tl Jortion of the t«x< c lor tin- prcM-ni yt-nr, an I will atiendat thfOhWc^tcltio Bank, in O burirh.ou Wi-(ine\.:.u\ <i<«;tch wn-k U>r (Mrf from th< i diiit- h' rtuf. from !< u'< lof-k A. M.. | oYlork r. ». , for \Ur purpose ol' rvcoivin f riifiit ol taxi'r. MICHAEL MAT-LOX, Colic EXTRA! • \Toi*y XiAtest OF GREAT IMPOIiTAXVE (t, Uu. PU Messrs. €ADIER k FILL H AVK JCST ItKtHIVED. FROM Nc^ and If OP ton, w!n*rr they havt purclia C'ji>h t'Jf':luhiTfly. and at v«ry low fi/uref, meij^t! Stock of'Frewh, Kn^li<*)i, and Cont DSE8S GOODS, CLOAKS, SHAWLS, All of ftveh maimtai V.T>\ nn<\ nunjiri-ini; ' rloijH New Fubrii•» ami .Nuvt Hic«- of theVe Thoy Uavo ali»o received out of ibe I Stock-H of » IjadU?H* C'lottti«. Fin);i»!(lot!>-. , Woolen HOIKI\. Crimforte Hose, Ladl.* 1 Wr Woolen I'uder Sta'rtf Pruwcrf. &c. With a large variety of Bay fetutc and othe ucl» «f ull gradi n and colort. HOOP jiiid BALMORAL SKIUT8 of the most approved tntyk«, at greatly i They aluo have in Btore Brown and B Cotton. Cotton Flannels, Deuime, Stripe* hijr, TickinuH. Drlllint/i*. Jeans. Cut to Print*, Gingnarn«. &c, which they offer t buyer* «t lei«(> ttmn Market Price*. They al*o ofrVr a laryf *aM«ortment o Carpet *. on nothc, Paper ILtiisnnfrK, Window uffalo Rot Wni'h they will t*rl! nt price.* to defy com» Bxtniu-tf mitt ])v)»rn!t maiei'ali'. lionuet made jtml made to order in the h..let*t S N. B.-TIH; W0:1!Jcal! the partitular a of the public to tl:*. 1 v«ry ««xtv':>*ivc f»t«ckc Fnrn which they have onliaii'.!. cous \*\\n$ torints. Capos* >tuft>. Cuff«* und Mitt which they will ••ell at 1«M»* than Cort a« tl o f tfiftt hrtuich of the nui-itiet-s. i.ot forget the tilacc. «.AI>IER it VALLET (formerly A. G. Ca l«!7d$n») K»»le Block. Ford-st.. Ogde Gems of Patriotic So I N ANSWKR TO THE GRKA mand (or NATIONAL Jlli-Ii', we pu fo.Mowinjr !i>t. < AMI KI \.\.\ n I.I.CTKH, froi iiKis't eiidl«'> i i i < ,il;ilojruc ot J'aJriotic Song* iti£ published. I'pon rcceint of the mar\ uf either, we \\S\\ forward tue wair.e (pot' any addrvt>.». \45\For t-very dollar'c pn one time, we will include one25 cent prle that may be eho*cn from the lift. We wi one c»»pv ol each piece. MiUh bound tor li'l ^ W& Croi AuL Vive I*America, ptn)\/. M The Watchword, !.]!)« rty or death. 1 ' Th Traitor pparcthai fla^. *Jny. I'll ion forever, eonjr, ' *\ Whack, row tl<; dow. ^on^. Oh; Shady. M»I»£. Oar country. ri»jh! or wrong, eonj:, Our countrjt> flag fore \ er. t*on^r, Our Land, i-on?-. (iod blec!»our bravr \oung The flr^t irun it> l'm-d, f^onj; aud The Patriotic Flair, win-;, The t>tafH and Stripen. Jiajrof thi j free. Fi Rule Columbia, coi/;:. The 1'uion, tou^. No fln;4 but the n|<! fl»»;r. HOII JStar S'pangh-d Brjuuer. ••<nij; 1 Every Star—thirty-four, ^on Dixie for th<» InioU. HOJ»<:. Stand up for I'ncie S»itm my New Knirtand f<»r the I'nion. All hnil to the Star^ aud Mri theDyin^ Vo'iint.'tr. HH Weep fbr the brave, a trjl-u worth, soiifr, Star-Hemmed flajr. K»iijr, On ye brave Tak<i the Loan. f The flajr of the freo. const aud tri Th S d si d s Tt Au Th KB \ *T Kk, A The .Star* and stiip^, ponii and trio, Brave men behold your fiiien cliief. ix tribute to Kilt-worth, ba- and quartette, flod fiiveourlHtherbsnd. I'n!oi« y Oh irluri«mt* Laud, land of the Free. National liwnn. ' («od for our native land, N. ilynm, Dr. B Stand by the ilutr. quintette. * 1 Tnfurl the ^loriou 1 * banner, quarLette. (LEMONN Sc KEDIN DealerK in Piano Forte-. Mclo.lian* u Bank Dec. 10, l NEW DRUG STORK, R0.70 F0BD STREET, 0GDEN8BUB L ». RALPH WOrLI) KESPE • announce to th<- citi/A-I^ of Undent viciuity that he ha» fitted up an APOTHECARY 8TC ni GILBKRT'8 Block, two doon» abo» Hardware Store, where he will keep • fWOOQM* ASSORTMENT of cvcnihlng In the line. The Bacineisa wilf be Buperintended. RALPH, Jr., who ha? had long cxw thorough practJcaWe know ledge of th< and hopeifbv cunstunt application and < eonal attention, to #ecure for the prour« eral share of patrouatfe. X. D..1 M arch 4th. 1W1. T I HAVE ON HAND AND OFFER : at the loweet prices BROOKLYN Pl'BE WHIT. ENGLISH WHITE LK / HAiniLTON WHITE L PHILADKLfHIA WHITE' BOILED LINSEED o! RAW LINSEED Ol) SPIRITS TUHPENTII JAPAN, FRENC H VELLOW VENETIAN 1 PAINT BKUMiKtt. WHITE-WA8U v And all mutt-riulo used In l'ulu JOHN R] ' . Anymi\ S(». 1KR1. Eqnal to any ever aned. Ju«t rec JOHN

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