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THE ADVANCE, DECEMBER 20, 1.861. 5 HOME DEPARTMENT. \-HNIVKIlNAIIY M ITU 11 oi<* TIN: liv^UOlS HOOK AND LADDER COMPANY, |>K< KJHHKIl I'-, I <ll I'lir third aiiiiiiul supper o f tin* Iro- in..j ?look »md I.juldcr Committy ( ul'O^- l. n i.ui;:l), look pl.'ce. nt the. Hcymotir I,III-III on Mornliiy evcMtyi, the tilth iust., IP I VVHM in ovorv n«M| *•<•!• i\ complete suc- Thr ('ompmiy pithei'-d «t an civrly i in tlit• e\iiiiiij; in Iho parlors niui •! ; • «»f thr hotel, nud aflci the usual in- i lmntr<» o f sHhtlut'oiiM, uroect'di'd to I Minns: Hull, whtrh wa s ck-^untly • i;itt'l wiiii siutiM'tti • *, t1n«^»», «Ve.-- I •' «-Ion.!'. tuMfb wiiv lotitlud with the ^i ll u m uk< i < 011M prothuq, uml \ i hi HI; prrMented an ajtpeiirnnce that • ; • '[\ic-tor. Mi. Tallin;'?', may well l»e. \''out 125 persons took sratn at tho '•I--. n\u\ nfter the asking of divint 1 <• n\: 1 ,. oy Mvv. H. It. TOUTS, the good HitM H of the splondiil collation were \H'Uultlv tewteil, and received a uimiti- •II-« verdict in their favoi; in fact, noth- •; WJIS wanting to entitle it to the repu- tiMi of lu'ing the tint at entertainment (i :;iven ny the u Hooka.\ In <lnr time the tnMew were cleared and H'Uulur toaxU of tho evening were ri'iiinrrd l>y the Foronuui andrcnpoud- {•• im follows . \ • Annhwmtry —The close and com- ni-i'iiieiit of a double year of fellowship. •• liuppicut time i« now. llurr eheern and a tiger. MUHIC by in . Bnml. i'n Ftn'm<ut'* Profcmon —The school Ii I-,licnt virtue and vigorous manhood, i ni pr< I by woman'H \ rule or ruin.\ ho i , nml music. tlenptuiHe by II. O. ' h'irr DcjHirfnirnt T o ita* ow n 11. MminirH we mean a proper lesson, I >'il; from the World at large a modest <l <>t praiuc, when we uny : Our <lee<U ! ( s and tiger. Music. Spenerr. AH its clem«nt^ \• in living institutions; and the «<iueu, tho huHetiien, the hook-and- lenuen, are the chivalry of the nntion. no ehoer aud wuuic. Response bv S. ('Uuyy -Their j the highest ln'pt\» (ll (ilil. l{.^|-oi»seb\ Kev. I,. M. Mill.r. // '-',!.» 'I'D their jovoil- I •!. Ml, nil IIM'I. In I heir conn .••(• in any •. I'tie of \'.['^ they M-» A bleHsing on you, fellows— i .It \on were here. 1 i« und tiger, and Auld Lang Syne. .,,., by 11. II. Hull. r>h ,tn<{ A(jr--f^o blended here—each M.I with each other --as makes to- i .Miumer time of* richest :; inshine. nh und ituiHK 1 . . < i>n*tituti'»t nntf the Union —Horn »< •(, und vitid only when coexistent. in. I i>\ itliHtilouHdue<iH and names, i i (heir peril now, appealing to l nl.le rhei-rn and tigor. Kcnpnnae. by iiuurtt, J. \V. (JraiU, .1. C Hpen<\er 1 Miuimugliton. / fuiim Volunteer —Heprewntative tut nuc eotnbination—the highest /itton, und the. vigor and energy < MI pn-44'rve it. He must emblazon v upon our MtandardH. •ris mid tiger, and Dixie by the Kt<«|H>nm> by W. \\. W. O'Brian. . >• Innial (hunt* Their glittering <•< i.vnvl to IIH the sparkling genius fiii < i . und tiger. Keaponse by Ueorge •i <• I'.' il <r<*niun of Singh file**ednr*x — inimi it- for men come to cherish tot old acquaintance* Hake. It H itn 1 >imner* in our very fares. coinjuerorH when we're conquered »i . K<«]>onse by Thomas Hall. Fn-rnuin ***»///i>r - Heeding not hut \HitftjttrnrrAi'm wonted faithful I In -loul of pntriotisni, his habitual • i the spirit o f Invincibility. « i- and tiger. / ulf* YouiH an ever. Goil blew* \THE HOOKS.\ >M the eoncluiuon of the rcpulnr •cveral volunteer toasts were of- iind rwjKnif1*'<l to in the heartiPst •' Among others, the natucH of : A. Dou^bis, President Lincoln, VH toiiu mid 4)ap*.0hft»les'Wilkrs i' rnteil uml loudly ihe«'ie»l. » • I*• H. Dtlaney, Hen I'arkcr and • IVtvi-vo« favored the audience «\i«al pntriotic songs which wre in.-.lienUy n-ecived. Olds's Band i.l the K\v(>ct««t a( DiUHtc, and ;v »t!) to the pludHures of the oc- riui ftntivitieH were brought to ft ;. -'inging the•\ Star Hpauglod Ban- w hull Mr. Delaney took the lend, mir midience joining in the chorus- Patriot It Aid .society, I'M.i ii .' >. :U . If ' . !•-' !•••<: . KIMTOU or iiir Anv.wt ; ; Tlif \ Yoiiuiv I-ailio-i' } s atii\lie Aid Soriety \ of thi* village, having met hviii' since tln-ir or^ani/i»tioti, ha\e for- warded to the Snr^i'on-Uener.il, I\. S. Army, Wnnliin^um, 1>. C., the following Hospital Stores, and paid tho freight vn the name, viz: • !.\> ooniftiilabN'K, ? do/en lowelh, l! tlo/,. linen TiandkrnliiefH, •) pairs sliwtfc, I liox lint, I'J paiiv ^TUH, I'i pillows, M shei ts, J) pairn pillow uu«i'S an*I 1 box hruvliinfes. A Mo, book., nia«/a/ini ii », papers, tVr. The :il'O\ r a! lieli> wnv of iln- hot quality, mill filled a lnrp 1 ni/eil dry f^outl- bo.v,* whieh wrts tlosrly jacked, '\ Voting Aun'ric.i\ having a ^;ood start uow, will In 1 unremitting for the jjootl cause, and will send another box in a few days. MiKiC. A. HUMAN\ Pres't. Miss K. (I. Tiioi TY, Soc'y. Pnaeral ol' floury W . Duuu. The body oi Henry W. Dunn pn^wl through our street* this evening, escorted by a large number of his fellow towns- men. Messrs. xSonnaud uml Vilas'a tlug was floating at half mast as the prooes- sion passed through Ford street. * We have just received the following note from our regular correspondent in the 00th Hegiment:— HAI.TIMOHK. Md. Dor. 13, Ittlt. EDITOH o r THE Anv ANC K : Denth hits again entered our Regiment, Yesterday, nt one o'clock, Henry W, Dunn, of Company C., quietly breathed IUH life away. He had been sick two weeks nud a half, at the last with Ty- phoid fever. He wan a faithful man, ready for duty «t any time, and greatly beloved by IUH comrades. As a testimo- nial of their regard for him, the Company unanimously voted to raise money and send the remains home. Long will the members of Company C remember Henry \V. Powers and Henrv \V. Dunn. X. Wo learn that Mr. Frank Morrwon, well kuowu lo most of our citizens as \runner' 1 for Hotels, and a former resi- dent of ihis place, was killed Saturday night, at Brockville, C. W. Of the ex- act manner of his death we are not in- formed. One report is. that, iu jumping from tlu-ti'<:;. '• ? • •* ].'.• '\iHance and • 'i|ipi\l 'M <u i ' < • • . \ • oxer In • ' n \.i . . . • ., s . anoiliei' ihm Pi ..ii.iiiing an npproadiing train, by stepping to the opposite track, a passing train, whi ii li e did not notice, struck him a Ion*, train passing inn his body, Frank was a ;.'voil nature,!, kiii'i- hearted man, and t»n • ' ;»eit at !, U !ui.»i- netw. He will in- IIH-<MI b y a ML'* 1 >•': '• do of friend-*, ma i'\i ;• i n tit'.- but i u Canada. ..i ; i.-. 4 orJvi eiuc. The next Mini-teii..! > :'• '.. K ol* the Ht. Lawrence Haj-i't \?-ori,ii.tn will be with the Cnui'li i. f';mton, Tuesday, Feb. 11th. iNi^.iii : o'clock P.M. The a^^ignmeMts tor tin meetiugaro:— 1st. Opening s»--mon; by Rev. II. H. Day. 2d. One Written Plan of a Sermon, by each niiniHter if ',<• Association. 8d. Essay • •• K ; .)i\* of Women in the Churches;\\ ••;. J.« . ; f. Waldcn. 4th. The K\tent >n uiiiiin-w xviii. 15- 17, as a I-...\ for Church Discipline; by Hev. S. PraM. 5th. Hhould Deacons l>c Ordained!— and What arc their Duties ? by Hev. H. E. W. Palmer. 6th. Exegesis of I. Corinthians, xy. 20; by Rev. II. 8. Day. Kcv. J. Huntington is to serye as Mod- i (or the next meeting. By order of the Conference. S. L. BURNIIAM, Clerk. We would direct attention to the ad- vertisement of Messrs. demons and Red- ington, Music dealers, Ford street. They have a varied and choice assortment of National Music, to which they invite public attention. They have just re- ceived a fresh invoice of Sheet Music, comprising the most popular \gems\ of the day, which, together with their large Atoirk of Pianos, Melodeons, &c., they in- tend to -II! !M low, and even lower, than eun be purehn^ed el^ where. New Brewery. W. N, Oawell has opened a new Brew* \ ery on Oreene. street, between Frank'.u and Elizabeth streets, where he is no*\ prepared to furnish the pul»lie with a pure article of Crystal \le, in fjuantittes to unit purchasers. t>fdern tVoui th(> trade, *»d others, arc solicited. TuWN CLOCK AND BELL AT FORT C0VIN0T0N. Ki'irr ( 'UVINCTON. D<T. I'J, Irtfii. Knnim or TH T * ADVANIK: I saw a puH\ in the ADVANCK of the • Mh tilt., of tho Town Clock at Ottawa, as b<*ii!g a gruud ail'air. Von Hay \ the bell used—one of McncllnyV, of Troy -weighs 1,\M5 pounds, that the hammer weighs \-20 pounds, and that the stroke may.be heard a mile distant.\ Now, then, the Town (lock and Hell on the Methodist jlCpiscopal Church \t l'ort Covington, New York, is ii grander a Hair altogether, jriic Clock was made by the celebrated fi-lockin»ikers, K. Howard A: Co., ol' Bos- ton, MassaehuseltM. It i-* a splendid Clock, a'nd runs to a charm. The tli;d is black ground, with Inrgu gilt figures. The JJell used is one of Messrs. Jones & Co.'s make, of Troy, New York, and weigh* 2,008 pounds. The hammer of the clock weighs 28 pounds, and the stroke is often heard nt the distance of five miles. It is deep-toned, (key K,) with powerful and long-continued vibra- tion and great volume of sound, excelling in inuRical richness of tone any bell in Northern Ne\#Y'ork. The Clock and Hell gi\e unusual satisfaction, and 1 can with confidence recommend those who Wish to purchase Clocks, to purchase from E. Howard & Co., and Hells of Messrs. Jones <fc Co. Yours respectfully, W. L. MAN NINO. Wat<*he» au d Jewelrj, George Simpson, Jeweler tind Watch- maker, at Thompson 1 !* Book Btote, has just received a new stovk of Jewelry, Watches, ifcc, which he advertises to sell at extremely low prices. He is also on luind to repair nnything in the line of Jewelry, A*e. Hf is an excellent workman, and ineritn a fair share of public favor. Fire. | The line brick dwelling occupied by UJeo. liew, Jr., in the Southeast portion of ; ti>c village, \v:is destroyed by fire at an earh hour this inoruiug. We could hot learn the origin of the tire, but under- j stand the Imilding uiis well insured.— Nearl\ all of the furniture was taken out without injury. £-?>'\ At the Annual Couuuunication of O'rdcntlMirirh Lodge No. 128, P. A A. M., onie Hall, Dec. 1', . iv«Jl, iii< i ihov. ,Mg officers were elected : W. I. X. Fairchild, Master. A. s. Partridgo, 8. W. <i. W. Mack, J. W. N. 'Lewis, Treasurer. C. L. Driesslcin, Secretary. A. W. Briggs, 8.1). Samuel Parker, J. D. I. II. Flagg, S. M. C. ' A. A. Paige, J. M. C. F. Coady, Tiler. The Inbiul!u<i*m will he on the evening of the Annivusaty ol St. John the K\:tn- gelist, Dec. 2?tli. iwiii. C. I, DitlKrtMi.KiN, Sec'y. Ho! lui- !.:«• llolldaja. Upon entering iilc^r.-*. Allendorph & Uanaoin's variety store, Ford street this morning, the endless display of toys and good things, for Christmas and .Vu Years presents for little ones, rcmtn<i<-d us that those days were close at hand. The above gentlemen are energetic busi- ness men, always keep a stock of goods suitable for the times, and just now can furnish anything in the toy line, either at wholesale or retail of the newest and best style. Recruit In*. George N. (TOO IU< .. lecntiting Sergeant, Co. K., 18th Hegiment, lias opened an office in Myers's Block, Ford-street. 200 men arc wanted for seventeen months to recruit his regiment. This is a rare oppor- tunity for those who love their country, and desire to aid in its support, to join this regiment. |3F\ The Howard Insurance Company of New York have declared their usual semi-annual dividend often percent, leaving a surplus of over $130,000. The first military execution in the army of the Potomac took place Thursday, on the body of private W. II. Johnson, of the Ljnooln cavalry, in li.e presence of >e\ ili- -tul men of oeiM.-ml i'ranli- lin - iii\ i-auii. The charge- *\<M deser- tion tind communication with tho euemy. Letters are now sent regularly to Northampton and Aecomac counties, on the KuHtern shore of Virginia, MA.IVJ3.Iiai>. ill HIM villa-.-. (><•«•, W '^)1. .1 St. Jolin 1 - <'linn !.. Iw If- v II . H. J'\.i>.it-. MAM, !.. 'Mi-.. )• \.\NY It . !'K\i)|;XTKJ? .. . . . ,, HO-IMN, IV<\ M. \V* ' 1 -'. 1 i: I'»• •'-•';' -••••••• .- ' i'i «..;. •''•>H'«\i •..•.'• Fi...;,-.:,.'!!'.,.'). ; • ,,u<] -.I-M. . I £ 1 ;, | K<1 Nil' I ' 14 Jil I 11- tj'tlrl i '•(' • V HAM. I Mi M.WV I. H:XrK» • H< J . I £ 1 ;, | K<1 Nil' I' 14 Jil I 11- tj'tlrl i '•(' • in HUH vitti.;.,-. p...-. if. i-\M. ny !;.v. II u. '.',:• ;, . ... „ V »;, •>.:, u>\- - t ,. t ...w in,,.; v,'«.-;.-. .i •imM. \V. W. KILTON i«» >n- .1 tl. MO\T- ,;-..M,. .-..,•• -,„ ,• ,,. . ;.,. .,- \ ,-,,,, ., (i.JMKKV. !»..t:i«.1 Waddinu''\'- oM $'• ••' -V. •>'• i<»r -M *. . i,,r. n'u-u<\i-\'rr <•:!<)•(•. : In tin: Illli iu>-!., V.v ti.r 1{, \. !.. I P> t. i : • lu HAltHAI(\ ANN .IACKSON, hi.tli nt tlilt- ' f<<: ' .. IM tuo K..V . ii . c IIK.%1^.. H.M . • ^ l 1 ! -. ••, r \i.- iny ill Il In Hinmioiitl, l)«'r. J!>, IMii.Ht tin* IUMI«<> <»f \*K- TJ-:U T.' . i|»R, hr.. Uv KI.-T . JAMIX (;M:OIM:K. Al KX'ANDtfH SMirfl. i»f M(nri.-to\vn, U, ANN K. WlTHK!<S|»ni>N. oi Jhnumomi. In iin:t . ill', . * oi u i- <|iti. t :< •'.•«• ;•*.• (,,< • >,\\Mi-fh ;-' m ml\>*l »t;li- :|V *'t .'XI 1 ••!• j'*'/ fo r .it $ -, .M<l.. l>i;<-. IJ. l.-.i, llliM{\ \V . Dniiii, ol O-WC.-K | Mr. Duii'i i- 1 u >urt of.T<.H I dii<-. In !hii» \iHa;M , l)i-(. i;;, lNll. ;«o:'ill \. (l.u.-rici of AsiotNit nml SorniA CAOIKI:. ,i^<'il ^t. In Hammond, Ih'ci'in. -I, t^.l. NKUJIK t . M. Woo.VI'KK, only rl »n^l»tor of AHKAH.VM ami !'nn AMtHI LTIHAL SOdKTY Flihtf n^xt Aunnal Mcotin^ of tin- Si. JL Countv AjfrfritHiira) Sorioty ufll he hold nt Iho Court tlouiir. ou TI'KH>AI rnKlliii n.\v nv .JANI;AK\. 1HU21. Lift' MeinlnTrt wilt ho admitted |i|»un j*ie»«'nt:itlon of th^lr bad^'«'»». All ji»rM»n« aro finiUd to attend And bet oin<: Life Moniliorx l>y tilt? iJttVuitjHt of TKN Jioi.i.AitJ-, or Y«arly Mom bern by the jFaymont of Ow. !>OI.I..M:. mid juutii i iKito in Iho prm'fodin^ of the meeting. Thi- on- I in* Korird of oitU-oi N an* to be flocud. I.. K. II. WINSLOW. 8wri«ljir>- l <\ Aill 'i tn, I •or. IN IMit. .'. ui •K IS HLKEliY CI\ KN' Tr> TIIGTAX 11 ABLK !nhHi>it«iit- ol jlio town oC <MV.,-.,I chi*'. thiit 1 liavi' i'tKvi«-i>(i itif ujurant to r th\ •.••*! Jrt'lion oT tin 1 t!i\«-. for tin- present y»Mr. mid Mm' I v. Hi ntt'-ml a t ilu- U.-wi':,'Mtt:itu' liiiitk. in <>^HI»'U^- I tirv'H. \ti 1 Vfilm\d:iy <>'« uvh ««•(.•!: 'or thirty iiatj.* f'om tin- date li< n-ot\. from '.» o'clock A. M , imlil 4 o't lock J'. .\•!.. !<M tin' iiiii'jKJM 1 oi t'-xvit iitjj |iii> inrnt ol\tnxc-. MK'HAKL MAM.ON. (»n, <t oi To Singing Teachers! i'HK SACRED STAR1 By LEONARD MAIWHALL, of Boston. Just Published* The bent collection of VOCAL MUKTO that has boon presonteU (o thy Public for maujr years. Th« great wonder of the work !• IT EXCLUDES MUSIC A!, Hut M'illcontniiiHMuf*ie«fall^lado^ o , $9,00 per Doat., 1 null. Dealfi> In LKNH Jt RKDIN«T0N. l'orti'x, \l> .odlanx and Mnsic, u U a tilt Uuiidiug. d*w6w. , Dec. 8, 1861. PATRIOTIC SONGS I N ANSWBR TO THE GREAT BE* mand for NATIONAL MUHIC, wo publiata the followintf li«t, CABKruu.Y BKLKCTCD. from tho al- most endleflH catalogue of Patriotic Hougs now be- ing publif hed. Upon receipt of the marked prico of either, wo will forward toe same (post paid) to any address. f3P~For every dollar's purchase at one time, we will incJndc one 25 cent price ORATIS, that may be choten from the list. We will furnish one copy of each piece, noatly bound together In muMln, for $8 BO. MB% WE WILL ALSO PRESENT THIS VOL- UME TO EACH PURCHASER OF A PIANO FORTE OF VH. Author. Priee Vive TAmerlca. 8oog. Mtllard ao The Watchword, \Liberty or death,\ Thomas 85 Traitor Hpare that Flag. Song. Rue«el 40 Union Forever. Song. Cromwell % Whack, row do dow. Song. Uobbft 25 Ole Shady. Song. Howe SB Our Country, right or wrong. 8ong. Mutlo 86 Our coantry'e Flag forever. Song. Wcbbe 86 Our Land. Song. Conner 60 God bless our brave young volunteer*, Root 36 The first gun le fired. Hong aud chorus, Root 86 The Patriotic Flaff. ^ \ \ Thomas 96 \ Auguato 86 41 Thomas 85 \ Deglnhard 90 \ 85 \ Deglnhard 80 11 Bmmot 36 \ MeaUer 86 \ M. W. H. 86 Bichberg 35 Kale Columbia. \ \ Th« Union. \ \ No flag bnt the old flag. M ( t btar Bpangled Banner. \ \' Every Star—tkirty-four. •• \ Dixie for the Union. '\ \ 8tar-gemmed flag. On ye brave. Take the Loan. 41 f t The Stars and Btripes, flag of the free. Frisboe 26 smnd up for Uncle 8am my boy's. Root % Now England for the Union. Motley 36 Ah hail to the Star* and Stripes, or tbeDyinx Voluntoer. Emoraon 25 WOOJI for the Urave, a tribute to Kll»- u.rth. L. If. S. 24 'I'h-ii.j <»f tho Froe. Hong aud trio. MHlard SO T .•.Ui.- (Utlbtripa. Songaodtrlo. {>iav|-'. i: Itfhold your faltun chief, a !. i >n v to Kllsworth. Ease solo add «ii»-.r vUr. Webster 50 fiodtmxo) i: !iitliorland. Unionhymo. Hopkins S)5 Oh ffinr'iM.- l^nd. tnnd of tbe Free. >\iL\: .•» •«\inn. Turner Sfl God u i i i . < .\elaud.N.Hymn.Dr. Bcthune 25 htand !»• i. :'.. •_. Quartette. Tucker 36 Unfitn iu • » WH banner. Quartette. Klebcr 95 « X-*;TIO>« & RKDINCSTON, Deal« t in 1'uuo Forte*. Melodians and Music, Judnou it-ink Building, h, D.y. li». V*t. dtf !\i' iu UM an. \)tiii . ; 11: • i '.»> W tv)f ••) l:\:!» : .Hi I >;.itpi,. 11 Ii , i -(,{,, -,c \ t .; ih. a» tn -jUitilv. 11. iJ'.i' 1 :«'. 1 < ' : ••-.!• |ji. , h.'lli \ . .\fr.\V>%OaSIi ItlAHKl I\S. '•\f./l j{ -!{. i i ,iit<- ;ji.:-iKJ '•>'.!- .M:irk>-! •.,'•! t!-ii no rli.«n.'.\ .-- it... .'..i in •} Mi:.-. :n .«-\ (I*,.' ,.'.*\ l-i- M,;I rii.'\ •' i'.< : £.i. i').. .\•. \I.'I i'ltr f-pi i i:iu «•••• rrii; ,,•. >. ','. .'t i.'l > 1'i.i •\•iniiioti :o iic (litiiM >' v .- \ • «•••'?• rji; r \. ((»< •. ' I.J W >-lii|i|)in-.' NraiMii* I'xira K u.rHi II •hiei C'«n:i<!i tit I'lu u qi;,.-! niid no <haii;\-. SJI| ( * :jo l>in«. iit *r,. IV'.vriii :'ur .;i;*\»-t*!i«-: .* f i.'i>>\' 7 .'. ( < «••!• Nl'JUIVIONM FOlt S t'l'HKMKCOI.'KT < H XTI or ST. I.A WRKM r. JIIHH:-* (J, AvtTi'll ut/>t. Cliarltji- Fink, JUHI Auua N., hie wife. To the aitove defendant- : You .ir • hcirby HUiainoiu'd to HIICWIT the «nnipIn : |.T uf Jaiut'N (i. A\oreli, plriintitt'. a ••opy of uhi*-h i ' hereto utiitfxrd.tiind t-i n,ni i »io|ij *>, y<t\ii :»>• Kwer on tho piibfcrlluT ttl M^ otH<c in Tin\' \ Sllax* 1 of Ofrdi:ttr>ltumh. N. V., wirliin twont\ dnyn tirtm- tin- »i'!-vlr« orchis Smnnioiif, OXCHIHIVO nttlx 1 day of Bcrvice, or tho |>lfiintill' will tij>]>!y to tho Co'itt for tin* rHlof demanded in the conipljtint. T!io complaint iu tltc* above iu tion was tlU-d Dorcmhi-r mil. 1M1, in tut- St. LanrctH-c (ouuty ^.U-rk'n uf- tico at Canton, St. LawnMioc Count v, New York. CI1AH. U. VVKHI'IIKOOR! I»Iff. AMv. WltV \T -){in\i>{« A:,jm IMMI. Murkc-t quirl. Sfi!.-(. SIMM*) hiiih. nt j?l.'i*>f{. \,-*A Tor Clilcfl« r o (.pup: #1.:r» ' hoirc i.niucr Iowa; ^l.-tOCrr.l.-ii l\t w:iiti*r ix-d Wfl'Tii: i*l,HH for winU'r r»-«l Hlwte. HYK—Onict t-alcii HiV^SV lor f>tAl«- ' ^ BAKl.KY-ltail ut 7.V/TlHf)r. t I'O|;N -[{«'<v!pi»aViiHi!iucli. Miirki-t ihili HIHI j <!<•. S;«! ... 'JOJiHOI'lMt. :«.Hi7'/rt»>V till llli\ Wl'rt. U.V'I'. L — '^n • utAi.t H for Wcptein, Canudft and I State. J'(»HK ((iniot. sale* onooiibu nt ^l'i.ivsjri.T.') lor ricHf*; < <% »..*(iff^u.on for prime | LAItli—(^iiii-t ituU fU'uciy. Saiuf ol 1*W bljln at j .•*»..•.!• | r . j HI '! rK!<—Soil In if «t 11(^10 for Ohio: UYii,?l lor j ctate. <')IJiKsii—ste«d) at .1>^<^bcf<»riulVriort<»prime. \Sllf^I\Y (iult't. 'iO'^taO^c. 0ODEM8BURGH PRICES CUXREMT. rf- 4 oxpn'ni?ly lor tho Wookly By .'. (i. IVfi i)oNAU>. im\. A»!i«*—limy \\% IVrtl-!- B<>«M%V«X—Onty 15 pi-r n-nt.. <'Hlldle*« i)»:ty 1.% pyr 1 cent... i Coal -i.;.it.' fifu I N rajJton. JUT ton, 1 0t qi Hlo.-iiiir/li pt-r ton '.lOW (<^ l l.chi^.i. pfi ion.., 1<>I*9 <<4 Duly free. . Dry i'ni] 4 0# <iu 4 6U Fruit s -Diuv iV. < Ap!<l'--. ilru-i!. jti- r l/»-ii., \ji|»l<-. •.'»•••! n . prr Wti-^li l.i-Jil(<1, . JUT lw> \ Oran., - p-.-r bu s Flour «ti<I Hoal Superfine !• \loin ja r hhl. Extra Flour per Mil ... Oat Meal per cwt Indian por owi Uutv ,Vfc . (-prill;.' winter Oral II Wh.Ht per 1 Wheat Corn •* . t .. Oats \ Rye \ Barley •» Pea* u Beans ** Pearl Barley per cvrt., Buckwheat, per bnnli., Haf—Duly free—per toa Hides-Duty free Honey—Duty 34 pert t., per Ik, Irou—Duty, U. 8. 84 per cent., Ca. 10 per cent Tig |>er ton Bar American rolled......... Bar English rolled Rune la (nheet) per lb., American sheet per 1 b, t Lard—Duty free Fla»t«r-Per bbl Provision*—Duty free inder rcceproclty Pork per bbl., mese, Pork pur bbl., prime,.... A .. Hams per lb., Shoulders per lb Poultry per lb., Butter per lb., Cheese per lb., Egg* per doz., Potatoes per bush Salt per bbl 1 15 i)0i j 5ft n rn) ift 1 20 60 86 46 45 60 88 400 40 TOO 15 Vi* not & 100 &• 135 ® 66 ® 88 (ft SO Q 50 ® » @ 1 12 <a 4M & 45 ® yot is e H 9000 80 00 50 00 II % 10 1 00 ISM 14 Ot 8 16 4 15 40 1 «J* n 11 © 10 6 IS 40 1 73 Important Intelligence! Advaaca of Uw Union Forost on the Potomac. WANTED. 200 ABLE BODIED MEN, POR SEVENTEEN M0NTH8, To Recruit the 18th Regiment N. Y. S. Volunteers Pay from 13 t o $22 per Month, $100 BOUNTY, Tbe Subscriber having reeceived orders to recruit for the Regiment, has osened an Office lor that purpose T^% A£y ojMsi' 231ools.p FORD STRKBT, OtliENBBURaU, N. Y. M«n will b« received for the anexplred part of the two years, for which said Regiment It Enlist- ed, expiring May 17,1868. and will be entitled to the name Pay, Bounty, and emoltimentsin RH re* poet* an for three yean' service in the Regiments now being raised. They will enter at once on duty with the Regi- ment, now at the Heat of War, in the highest state of discipline and efficiency, harmonius and well supplied, and the uniform** and arms now ready; the arms being the celebrated En fluid HJflftH They will be subsisted and at once mustered into service by the Subscriber, and dispatched to thulr It eminent without delay, OH often as wquadu of twelve euli»t. OK0BGE R. GOODK0, Recruiting Sergeant, Om. K, 18th Regiment, N. Y. 8. V. Ofrdennburgh, Dec. 18,1H61. fdtf.] FOR THE BOYS. T IIE SUBSCRIBER HAS NOW ON IIAND A largo assortment of new, substantially con- slructod, and beautifully finished 8LKIQH8, ITOR BOV8, which he offors at price* to suit the timee, and much lower than Dreviou*ly Hold. A. OALLAOHAN, Waahiugton street. Ogdwuifemrgfc, 2H* 18tl Idtf Mlli < Mi ••il.TNi.l,-: II' f;\i«TFN<J BK- t .»•• iT i th\ Knn uf • ' i : I!!,!. i >»:<; A « <> is di'i;d » iit. i , i <• n.,.|!!. 'ii.t- ' d>t- <„.<<• i, . .].•• i: ;i .,!, . p-ui.d, .f;Ii.->:i..i.- w,' i.'h. Nov ii. I i.L:. !>(,<: ^ . A. WTi.H; I*. A. i•!,;;•; i in-;K> T(.- i.i.ricr-i/iu'd H I v in;; di^po^i\! • »31> • u \-.u\- in It. A. KI.KT* HKR <fc Co.. wo n iii\ ' I iUi:> for t tit* vt-n '.'on«*r«»m» j»Hii'>i.,j.r , ;,;;; ,. r . to i i >rii\wd !I|KMI ih< ; oid lirii.. «ud Miu<*it>- tor hi J - U\(•• >,-m - : ! I'tini i .I;JU,I c of 'I,* 1 CJJI.H - U. KiM.M'.it Or-d-nOinr'/V Nov. v».\i. 1 *-'n. fi,-.:-(i«V\. lia] I l.UPH, PI'.HI'S. f|UIK SI MM Hli'.hl; W'U.'Lo . vj-'niiM T1IK f i'\i/«jf ot M i,;nuv!!<,- ((..ti!y 11r-it Jr>' lit tinw ni'ii.u r 4i > •• mi;.' s-rnf h ; - .-,.•.< ,»',tl y on (i >ud. a i.tr-i' :'-...• ;,tit ..| tin; Wi»l <jn«;i:y o v l*uiu|>« lor Wells Hiiti j y*' ti'-\tni.'tiip il ii '•'••\1-. <)-.!. ••• 1 .t:r»ti. IMT .ii.i, !;:•:» '->V.-.1 :' . ii' .< ( -r •'. r. . ai.il iibe- A. A l\.\li'M' K. . dv'w-ivly TO ,%JL1, THOKIi INTKKKSTFD. O 1 -' 'r '!•»•:• • ' '••:•• mil- ofUif IIV-.Y, AM. Ccodl\ Hold ou uml ufier .MONUAY ;><:xt, D<-< «-inl)er ~ -*•! m'ft l/tt i>Aii> fur on J'Urny. Alt ouutaiiriiujr itrcuuntx inii-t berloMd. J . If (JUKST. O •.•H«'»Kt>nr_'h,Dec. 1H, 1K61. dAwiw Crystal Ale Brewery. GRKKN ST.. bet. FRANKLIN A KL1ZABKTH. OGDF:iN«BLK(tH, N . ¥. T HK ALE FROM TH 18 NEW BREWERT 18 now roady for delivery. Purchti^n. are invl- L.MI to cuil and vxamiuo. it* quality. uMiired thaV thoy w)l find a Genuine and Pure Article, Aiid -urpafHinj: in flavor and |>rop«*rtivfl anything lion-tofore offered Iu thii« \iciBity. Put \up In whole, half aud quarter omits, suitable for tho TRADE, HOTELS, ABD FAMILY USE. A.MBKR ALE, ^« Per t3P Ordorn (invariably HI<x«nipanted by cash) rcfui'clfully i*olicit«d. W. N OHWELL. Ogden«burgh, Dec. 18. 1861. d&wtf BACON 4c BARNES, DKAUCH8 IK GROCERIES, PROVISIONS' and yanxierei* Produoe, tWCoTMr qf Foid and habella Strstts. mm, OODENSBURGH, N. T. CASH PAW FOR COUNTRY PR0DUG1L Familiot! fuppliid with the very beat Quality of Butter, and at the Lowest Market Price. |Sr~Goods delivured to Village Customer*, ' fJddA I/ASTKHN CBANBEHBlltti by the bar- JLJ iol or bunhel. For naio by BACON A BARNE8. ICKOKY N UTS, and Noto of all kinds KoilbZ^A^^ * I*AKNK8. H ^ Z^A^ _ OOHAHUUL8 SALT. Coarae and Fine. JKor^MlcbyMACON A BARNES. J^ B lCK WHKAT FLO1H, Out nnd Corm Meal. Fort-ale by BA< ON 4 BARNKS. B EAS, <OKKE1W, 8PI<;KH f » Byrupf aiid Molai»i>eH. For nalft by BACON & BARNKH. UTTEH, LABD,CHK£8B, RCMU For#nleby BACON A BAKNKH. P ORK, IIA For wile by AND PISBL of all ktndtl BACON A BAltNES. S KEDLESft RAISINS, T'HRHKHVBB FHU1TH, CUKRANT8 aud PICKLE3. For wait- by BA<K)N & BARNES. MP (ANDLF8, OILS, mud L l OK«, Forwiloby BACON A MAHNKM. W OOl>KN WAKE-a largo aud vHiia4 For t»uh- by I*A<:ON A B^RNEH. UAKDINKft, VINE O Wri'ikilU and Silver Uuoh. Fur hale l>y BACON A BAKNKH Ford uml I»»>'\lia Stn- ()c<ioi,nbnrRh. \ THE FOLLOWING UUOO ARE FOUND AT *. OK EITHER AT WHOLhUALE OU Rk Bl<K>ii, Ka»i end of t OGDENbBKl'QH. N. Y. Y. US h. Teas, 8u«ar», Coffee, Rice, Ginger, Pearl Barley, Currant*, Ral«ins, Mm Kpeom Alum, Salaratoa, _8oda, inea, Extracts of all kinds, Cactor Oil, Gun Capa, Powder, Shot, Oils, Vinegar, By rup«, Molasses. Fish, Hams, Dried Apptas, do Peaches, do Plume, Cheese. Faucet*, Wrapping Paper, Brushes, Pails and Tubs, Ground Spices, Cream Tartar, Vcnnicdk Macaroni, Sago, Broma. Wmppiiii; Twin* Canary tioed, C Chocolate, Farina, Common WAIT*, Silver UJOM( tftarefe Indigo, BatitBrK*. Candles, Began, Pipes, Hatches, Hemp Caraway Seed, Floor. Corn Meal, Oat Mesi, Pork, Salt, Nalla, FiiML ARRANGEMENT. Dry Gkwds To be sold cheaper than erer,*by M. So N. FRANK* Who hav« jnet retnrned from the New York an# BoKton markets, and arc now receiving everything NEW AND DRSIBABLE t IM THB LIMB O> Which they purchased exclusively for CASH, «B are bound to sell at prices whica DEFT COMPETITION, la DRESS GOODS they hare Empress doth, Velincia, Persian Cloth,. Reppsj Velvaliur'g, Mohairs, Caali meres, De Lames, French and English Merinoes- Printed and Plain Coburg, plain ana figured, Wool De L&inea, BUck and figured Silks, &c,, &c THEY HATE French, Englioh and Americas Prints, plant and fancy, Flannel, Broad Cloths, Ladies 1 Cloths, Doe Skins, Cansiineres, SattinetU, Tweeda, Bleeched and Brown Table Lineu, Diaper Crash, Ticking, Stripes, Checks, Sheetings and Shirting, Bleached Goods, Ladies 1 Cloaks, Wool and Bro- cha ShawlH, Hoop and Bain,oral SkirU, Ilottierr Gloves, YANKEE NOTIONS, and a thousand other article* too numerous to mention. IT CALL AND EXAMINE THE STOCK, a&4 you will be •ore to bay Octobers, if*, [dtf.] X. * V. IBABK, I

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