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Buffalo daily republic and times. ([Buffalo, N.Y.]) 1857-1859, June 05, 1858, Image 1

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The Dally Republic and. Times 1:1.b~hed e err a ernoon h7 the undo &tgDed at the New Repub c. Build ng 18 Wa,hington st t.ld lffi all ommuruca.tio~ on bumneas o o herwise 1o C C BRISTOL ltlanager TERMS A L ~ De- (!- d o 1mb cn'\ben~ tl ery afternoon by VELAVA:tWEXTWORTB' a: $6 ~ pa.yable\qnarte y nad -vance at 55 cents. per mon!.h., in a.d'W'ance By :MaU- ~6 ~~.KhY.n To mt~.il acd om e anbsc:nbers tom= do a s t'l b ee Jo tn:ra and fl ty centa it1 &flva.nce WEEKLY-One do n par annn n Payab e in.&.LL o.ums t.\i\ ADVilOI: eut Ad erl s.enwnts to be pnid fa n &dvan e G\'GY H SALISBURY --- BUSINESS CARDS :P S STEVENS, M:PO&'l'J.JR .A..\lD J;JH.ALl:ff. :i WI!\IES LIQUORS &ND CUURS, N 19: }In ll 8 BUll'!\ N Y a.p23 ;f -COOK & CLINTON A TTORNEY~ ~~D COUNSELORS AT L w No 2 Exchange St up Sta1ra Jos A Coo< u LO D v T Ct. tos dcz9: B FFA - --THOMAS J lillZER Attorney, Counsellor at Law' &e., f m n. Wl. h h dn sot E:x:ecnto B Adm mstta.to 8 d Uli t w th he ett em nt-of E ta. ea anw a N ~s~ Uuffalo no22il f LANNING & BACKUS Attorneys and Connsellors at Law, v l at~nd o 11 1 bns n eo m ted to the n. n th\ N (' tit: t or Un te ~tate D stnet a.na Ci e ut Courts ~ p omptnc s a.nd fiU Y w Omoo No 6 B o-wns Bn d ng forme- 1y oecup ad by 1-asn&I Bit NY A n Tl.T p :XG Jrl> DKWlTT V U CKUB GEORGE HINSON J [J S 1 I C E 0 F T II E PEA C E, AND ( lMMitiSlONER OF DEEDS DR &It N liledma and Lockport Sand Stone, FL GGL'l C Rll NG Pf...!:rEORll~ Doo and IIC Jow Cap8 a ul S lls Step• &;c &:c OFFICF. \.ND Y RD co ~e of ~I h gau street and he lhrn und f!amb ~h C \D l n Y 11 dtf ALONZO FERGUSON General { OffiiiUSSIOil ~ICrlihant. 174 MAIN STREET DP k nU of cho e L £lUll s n.nd G ga II All~O Pu;kJes, Jellies, Sardmes, &c. dfl 2 r WEBSTER S OIL ~H ORt. Co Vn n ton nn Quay st.s ndjo n ng Canal B idge J R BENTLEY & CO Forwardmg & C9mmissron llier~hants AND AGENTS OF SWIFJSURE LINE OF BOATS UN THE HUDSON RVER.. N ana What!; Buil'alo N Y 1 M S S BE: i'1' E CIL S tl REDF E D REFERENCES :. llR d~S.:. A Durand & Co s BILe G an .A..rrnst ong & Co ..U..drew Wh E q Comme em B nk, k .Alban~ E GLE ORAS~ FOUNDRY F COLLIGON & CO MACHINIST;; & MANUFACTURERS OF I Portable Steam Engmcs, 'IIembcr's GO ERN0RS ND VA..LV.ES llianttf.'tctory W HERSEE & BROTHER, 40 M:llll treat oppoa s th Park .AL IU'iffiS OF CaBINET W A.RE CHA.IRS MA.TRASSES SPRING CHAIRS &c &c K p onstan 'J on band and ma.de. o o tl w LL :» frnRSRE:,. ~ BUFF LO N Y IL\..RRY iiERSEE } mh2dly Roofing Slate. W E WILL PUT ON SLATE ROOFS n h b m nn and ;v\\a ranted, n the. !:=lTATES andG.r!.NillAS 'lhe up n ntv o Li\TE TOOF~ o al o he w s too well kn wn o nlled rt:ific.n. es orproo ITALU~ 'L.'IID AMERICAN \LABS 1ND ~10NUMENTS The 'l.:lubacnbers keep constan 17 on hand n.- r::ho ee assortment of PUN 0 FORTES m El gant Rosewood Cases. wh cll thay W!l.l:-' &n o be equa Ul n:..! u h nd fin h to any mnnn:fi..c- 'bl ad m the eouut:ry .t\ersons de:nrous of obtain uR. a su peno nstrnme.nt a -e e.<:p ctfully mVIted to g e tn m a ..n. t:F\\Dea e s suppli d on. l.ibexai tenns mhhltf A h f KEOGH - GEORGE D WUtHTltUN, ENGRAVER ON WOOD A SILVER MEDALwasawardedG D W fo begt.Spec1meru o!the Art cxh b ed at State.Fs. Buffalo 1857 Office 1 ftV' l{il.m-st U p-Sfu.irs 0 ders from a. distance .accompam d by .D~erreotype.s D.raWI..Ilg:s o wntren m.!rl;ructrona, m\ll recaLVe p ompt a Oil:tiqn: &.-lt .JOHN N SHr_p YARD~ -- MASON & BIDWELL >co SHIP Y!RD AND DRY DOCK BUFFALO! A.RTNE R..:ULWA'£ A D DRY DOCK C\O T HE UNDERSWNhlD would respcctf lly nform e so ow-no hrt.t th!O'y a e p epnre \ out 11.ct fo the bu ding of STEAllEP~ PROPELLE~ AND ~SELS of' e erv descnption fJn as e onab e tcrma as any o h espons ble est..1.bl shm nent nth s or llny ot er ty on the Lakes T are nl p pa d nl k nili REPAIRING at hesho e noti e n.nd n h m stth hn.nog fi ed pone of the be t M:\.RINE IU.lL VAY:::; ND DRY DOCK::;, Qnntry The erms o d k ug N O M!)MA..INJ!'TRE..ET OJ,>POSITBLA:lrA.Y• E'cr:E STREET wonld Ilrol'm h .s f'riandg tnd o!l!tem era: t:hAt hit ku.greatly enlArged his at.'lcl:: o CROOKERY & GJ:d,SS W:AR:E And will keep t~onstx!ttly G:n bud a go d ~o tme.a o OHINA GUBB E,dRTHE'!f q. BRlTTA.triJ. WARA Algo Te:l Tmn; Looib:g Gl.tzs&! <ru vey: .F~ncy Goode ate He 'W\0u1d tD:fil:f! the c fu:oos af Burtalo o call sii'd t:nmlnehla rl:oak and it' th~yehooaeio buy1nll..-uran to gin pcreot 11t.111r.efion u &gArd.!! botli quality and Jlioea lllTao.tly J'OSEPR LEWIS LITHOGRAPHER REMO:V AJ~NOTICE T HE TTNDERRIONED be ng the ae ~e a~d practical pa.rtne of the a e firm of BogaTdus & LeV; o. b gs to m rna e tha he has emf) ed f om ~0 l-Ia.in tre o th see enm :Pt\elll ~ret'< Nr;t 04 Washin on ~1; opp a e New P .st fii e he e. he may Oe fQund fully 'Prepared to CIU'I'Y outthP de u-es of lu.s p!rt ron n the waY' of First Class L ho!rnl.pb n at ope 'tl. tive pn es .TO::)li! R LEWIS W o kin L Th n-anh 204. W.as.hicg:ton st.. .lhrifu o N Y. LARD OIL () 000 GALLONS 0F PRIME WIN ~ e fer Ln. d Oil .Also SPERM. ELEP~'\T -.&Dd W.Ef:&LE at UJim1lfil.Ctu:ren_\JlXXCf!IS J~ F S PE-l.SE 61 Main~t. JAMES MONTGOMERY MERCHA~T TAILOR 1 93 lUA IN S l'ltEET D L t m h B otht'r Hat ' Ll MBER 1<' 1RDS ----- ---- --------- Ll MHERI LUMBER! • tt an l amshes forever a po1llon of the affections I o n the lovlng hea•t The matured m n l ay forg ve the en elty 1t suffered from the 1 arent s band n ch ldhood but the record thereof can ne1 e1 be obliterated from fha memo y-not e en m .sp1r1t life It bemg 1 w ong per se under any c rcumstancea tl e m nd of the lnJUred one can never 1e RATURDA 1 EVENING JUNE 5 1858 NEW SERIES NO 142 to t :v tbout unpleasant sensat1ona- And what s true m thJS respect m '~!acton o parental go emment ts as true n rela SE\\ INO MACHINES LA.THBURll S PATENT $1, 1atpubhranb qrhnts • Human Rights no exce•s el) co etous of the k ntl of <calth \hl h tl e a r co s dehght t hoa d and wo1ph p Jlolnt ou ly owe II agree to take for o r share of the <orld s matenal lrcnst e the fn ly eol n ate l lue of tl e nl papel and labor a 1 pass ng e ents to ref a n f om con te nplat ng the dark pages of human char arler and h st01y to shut he eves aud ears agatn•t all accounts of human baseness and d 1 ra tv to e elude from her soc ety of learned phraseology or by those ph1l0 o 1 hers- 1f any s tch tbere be vho have learmng :v1thout '\an ty and can accommo date theu style of exp1esswn to tl e com mon cornp ebens on) we 1 ave told o r sen t ment• as we do{) all occaswns mthou 1ega d to what may be thought o sa 1 l} tho e who thmk m d \r le and speak ac ord ng to the rules of the schools It s our •glt and 1t s the nght of the ead on to tl e government of guard ans and teacher• Etery human m nJ Las n 1 ght to be 1 OJ erlv -rat oually educated whtlst pas ' ng through tho ages of ch ldhood and a d 1 s npo n t duty nature has ol e<l 1 o 1 are t• And wh1lst com n t e fo the pron otwn of conventtonal e r•t an l r n en ence and to supply the o ge ~ nl ilefic ency of er ~It on 10 Lhe Frl!UILY SEWING !UUHINE l wl1 I 1 ave been expenJcd 01 tlus subJect uc>-e men comment'ed c>xp e !:; ng the leas w th letters From th the 1eade Ill eas 1~ cnot gh t ntlcrstanJ that we be II ' ho oul 1 come w th the \ enom of asps UJ o the1r tongues to po ou the t:ome of a L other man or r;: r-.ter woman to cult1 ate ns 1u h a' po\' ble all the k ndly affec t ns of her natur~ and try to lo e all Gods chJ!dten to partie pate feel} Ill all mno coJut an usements and soc al enjoyments tak ng care to a o d excess 'e mnthfulness and to allow no cncumstance to exmte her anger nnJ as fa as cucumstances w1ll ad m1t to keep at home \here she can enJOY all tLf\ omfo 1.5 wL ch her cond ton n 1 fe lliil allow where the k ndly attentiODo of those who are bo nd to her by the !Jes of conjugal and fihal affect ton will be mer at hanJ whee sympathJ w 11 ne er be lag ga d perform ng 1ts ollices of kmdness ano lo e and whe1e she Will be safe from the threaten ng d-nogers and ala m ng casu alLies as well as the dtstleRBIDg anxieties a J ne e-ha ro ;vmg excitements, h ch aJl to r sts ha\ e to en co nte1 m the Jly10g conVe} ances of the present age ha\e berow acknowledged to read d gest crt c se a d accept o reJect a• unpreJ d ced efiect on may lead h1m or n t cto \bon n tue has appomted 1 avo a lopterl educat anal systems m whtch qual fied m nds are employed to teach the rb ldre of n an} fam I es n the same chool t s ' o less the d ty of parents- ihc natuwl gum l ans and teacbets of cbtl l e e our themo to 1 a> been that of many !hot SlD ls of 1 llCI< tlwt gh many ages \Veil f tl P sul~e t baR bee-n much han ll~d h mall) men anJ M uo not remem ber s x cot seeut ve or ls that any one has r t.teu u t who Las a r ght to J s ]t te our cln u to or g naht v! We answer no na Las anJ. so ve w II proceed to ay h t we pleas an 1 say It as we jlease anJ allo v he teader lo tL k uf t J st what ho or she pleases Hero are two ltu man r gl f -first, the r ght wh~el we clam to \ te o rom sent melts and second the ' ngl t w h ch we 1 ecogntz n the reaJ lo ac ept o eJect our cason ng as h s own JU lgment sbnll dtcta!e But th1s ts not the h ch ' c choose to commence our It s on!; a 1 nc dentally oc cur ng 1Jea We shall lhk the •eaue• to go back v tb us beyond th s, to a po nt an tc tor to the existence of a y human organ zat on If there be an mfi 1te all per ad ng all p odt cmg and all d rectmg mmd as o b gbest concept on of probable t uti teach e us there IS an I If that beiUg s pre de t rm n no- II Jec ded that man shou d ha e a o gan c ex stence beforo b s exec nttv~ Will cnlle 1 hun mto that existence on uen a oms o tnd mmd 11 ow fo11neJ whJCh atom l gan to bf\ b t \'ere co ete nal w tl ( d I n l a gl t to an ex stence on Lh s ou th In the orgnme form of man And bP ear to s l o 1 e ton whether th s r ght was ler at ve or mhe ent 'l'he latter po • Sll on would seem to be more cons stant th tt e ph losophy that every monad of a const t ent pa t cle of the \I !Ch to our mmJ \' the o 1 v self su•tnm ng philosophy that the hun an m n l Las eve found u the hole ange of o tolog cal thought Th s w date the commonc•n e t of hun an r ghts a to or to t1 e ex •lenre of nnv I 1 man or gan zn.t on wh ch we dvubt not,. w 11 be rPga1deu Ly most mmd as a para lox- They have the ght to so regard 1t f the1r h ghest concept ons of ph losoph cal truth Nor s t a less b nd1ng obl gat on of du ty wh ch e,ts ur on the other ua1ent, to do nil m h s powm to protect the ante natal TJgbts of h1s commg offspr ng On pan of self condemnat on and neve ceas ng regret he should nse eve•y efio to promote tl e cond twns \ h ch we ha e enumerated a• ab ol utcl} necessa y to the p10specllve mo the n o der to protect and secure to hJS expectetl son or daughte1 ts ught to bo bo n w th o nd phys cal ntellectual and spmtual constltut ons Bestdes all he ca do fo her phys cal comfort an I mtellect al aud soc a! enJoyment he should take par ex:at. on U sappo ntmentR ]osses and feats of losses wh1ch may occ r to b m u h s bus ess opetat on• He sbo ld use h s best endeavors to pre ent any d sturbance of the fan ly harmon He should not f he can poss1hly avo 1 1 allow be to hea~ of I emous cr me~ of shocking 1mmo ah t es of great. ca]am t es of fatal as alt1ee or to ha1 e he• feeh gs banowed l;>y ac co nts of human sutfenngs wl1ch she has not means o power to aHe.v a e Above all he sl ould endeavo to keep from her a gl t and hearmg evmy abommable rel g ou dogma sbamefull de ogato y of the cLa acter of her Heavenly Father for he should lr ow tl at e e } th ng addresse~ to her senses calculated to ag tate he emo t ona1 department of her natu e mo e o less affects e1thor benefic a ly or preJ J he to dec de The r ghts w bJCh 1 e ta n to the mfant slate of humamty me more fam lar to all classe~ of m nd and th s s because false Jel cacy has not forb dden the subject of human r ghts to be approached at th s 1 omt and because fea of leame 1 cnt c sru has not Jeter ed and women from mal ng 1t tl e theme of theu unga n shed J squ ,,tons In the de pa tmeot of human economv where eause an 1 consequences cannot be h dden from gene al observat on m na wh ch -would not dare to go even wtth mttit on to gmdc It nto the reg ons of m'\i est. gat on whe e cbolast c sc ence 1 olds m b t an sway rna ventu e to look mto th ngs an I to exp e Its opm10ns m 1ts O\\ n G1 eelle•s c nac lnr Hence the more nt mate acq ant ance of t1 e gene1 al mass of con n un t es w1th the TJghts and neces&Jt es of man n all hts post natal stages of I fe The r ght of the human bud >hose cla•p mg cahx no longe p1 c ents t f101 unfolil mg a e still nnortant-stll v al to !8 ex pans on nto God 1ke manhood It h sa right o draw 1 atu al and p 1e n 1! ton f om the Losom of ts mother wh ch t \'n not do unle s sl e cont nuo tbe ouse ance or tl 0 e rules of conduct. ecornmended to he n tbe ante natal f\ a e of Wh 1st Jt has a ght o the v g !ant ca e of the mothe or u se t has a 1 gl t to le left f' ee f om tl • surfe t of tbe1r c osc em bra e as much as s p act cable lren - to l e con ant n the home efforts o umde tl em n the path of moral tectt t do by l~••ons of v lo 1 m the languagE> <>f lo e an I to ex err e rh da ly supe1 VIS on o 1 tl e rnr 1ta nl1bmgs as will al ]l I diStort lefam ng dogmas o be s nugg1ed nto th I terary and SCl nt fie teacl ngs by lmelmg nstructora - Tl s s a o ht of the ch lil and the) outh vh cl to v1thhold • a 1 urh g eater ftaud n tl e 1 art of the pa1enl• than to neglect l e dct3- of feed ng and cloth ng them VI l1lst e1 e y spu1t nra1 nate has a 1 1ght n I ndlv 1 a ental t eatmet t and nstruc on and to I e counsel of tho se n 1ts oto or l I ~ hefo e tt leaches n:1u o womanhood a own mdependent the exerc se of 1ts ('~RO g fac 1t es and I of g ng fee ex pr s n to s Pn m thougl the) •I ou l l e s on any s bject., u 1 ect con fitct I l>CO'<'<il>e f, l e lea us ts tllle eba1 art 1 l r con~t ltmg tho si mptoms s an n1 o taut ght of eve y voutl a d o e cl ld cn1 •lie of th nk ng and gnmg uttel!UCe to L1s thotghts to en JOJ un e a ne 1 f edom of speech w tb n he bound< of e 1 cr f nrnen y and so al dero u n fo then theJ Will ex1 ose to be c u ny of t use \!Jo I udly care for h all e o s of ea 0n ng aH false -con CC! l 01 g II J Jch IDUJ ] a\ e been nnb bed from e te nal s roun lings or gene1ated lD he o vn !abo ~to es of thought Be des he for go ng gumentR n favo of all wmg 1m natu e m nus the r gl t of a scrt nr>; an I en o ng ndrpcnden lent m 1 1JuaJ t:v n tl e exe c se of t1 e r faeul Ie& 1h 1e A a other wh rh s still more wo t v of tl e re<pectf 1 con de1at on of nat e n ! super end ng m nd• Tb s Otl' can make noth ng bette of 1t '11 e huma L d n ts ante natal state of extstenco has r1ghts 11 b1ch aro as sacred c ally tho nfnnt ge m whose be ng Js so IDtimately connected w1th her own Never should she see w tten or hear uttered the false foul and blasphemous charge that the G eat One total whose Jo e grMps and holds In tts parer tal embtace every mem her of h s human fam ly r:; a God of nfi mte mal gn ty anJ vengeance-an alm gh ty fiend who doomed countless hill ons of no1 e espeCially has t a ght to exempt on from cont nually mb1bmg the coa1se mag net sm of those phys ca .organ zations wh ch s bs1st p me pally on the stwnge I k nds o foou l:ltJ!I more cautiOusly sho ld tt !Je p e ented from f equent contact w h s cl !y phys cal systems the out flow ng e~ana twns f om whwb a1e too powerf1l f01 Il~ t ny system to wa d off. an l d sPase w 1 Its attendant pee IShne s pa lor and nc p ent tlecay mus necessar ly he the 1esul No nfHnt should eve be a lowed to sleep n the a n s of a 1ckly pe on e\ en though It be Its moll e No rnothet of a babe has a ght to be s k for no one who 1s w th out llisdoru and prudence bas a nght to Le a molher and hose who a e b est w th 1s the fact that e erv human son] has w th n t a ge m of ntu t on v h ch s the God p nc1ple of ts mtenor natu e Tb s con s tutes he he- t of tl e m c ocosm or m n at re wurlJ w tlm tiJo human orgamza RAILROADS AND lliACHINERY t s tbe o LY abe Lu a o that m iog~ COOL AND l.VILL NO~ GUlli MEDAl !twa ded by the Amenc n In t tu e to h P ru llJEDAL AND TWO DIPI OllUS Awadedbyth l'.,..St:J.e ~oce n..<> any thu.t t w 1 e e have n any other stato of existence It has a nght to a sound 1 h) •1cal const tut on to a healthv an 1 go us g<>- m of nte Iert and to ar. emb w spmt calm pure and pi ogress 'e And n o der to sC>cu e these uch as her na u a appet t.e c aves pa ta ken n mo lerale q an titles at proper and egt lar ulenals Her he erage &hould be w tbo t. nar ot co st ulat ng xtu e He att re hould b\ so su ted to tl r •eason and to be1 1 bys raJ tempera m n as o keep he no more han comfort ally .a n an I o fasl toned aH to secu e fee c eulat on to the v tal flu ds and full f E>edom of act on to rnhs -and rnu ciP •1 oul! a o tl penn ng he self 1\ n \I n en f om wh h f csh a r ra eful l) e cl ded and u wh cl the a ne fet J l ea I would hR e to be mhal d over and o or 1 l ra 1 e arcu tom I e elf to well vent lated rooms and he su c to take as n uch mole to exerr e n lte open a as he nel na on promp;s be to Moderate hand !abo \ II do her no ha n but !her tend to n gorate her system enhancA I Pr muscular power and tmpart \ttality to the '1 bemg vf wl ose r1ght we a e spenk ng - Her hot s of est •houlJ he regular and het sleep und sturbed In tl o manage nent of h r m nJ there 1 e JUal!v great f not greater neceos y fo the exerc •e of 1 rudenee The manner of I v ng w b h we have pre cribed w II ex e Cise a •alutary mfluence t pon her mmd these p10perl!es of mmd w ll B t f n 1 scret on have 1 reva led and a mother be mck bet mfant should be kept f om her t 11 abe lS c ear of her s ckne From natmty tbrvugl the stages of n fancy and early ch ldhood the eyes of the ton And t s tho natu e of th s germ- con! nua I a lerl hv he ' mulat pg 1nfiu h own offi prmg to end]es and neffab]e offsp og shou d neve look upon he coun to lllQll[ 1efow he commenced the w01k tenaneo of fathm mothe brothe o s ster of eat on and that to enhance li. zs own glory Togethm they should study the g eat volume of natnre m h c-h by h a own ommpo eut hand ts reco1ded tbe true char acter ot the great & ul of the Un ve se- The! e thev should search for ~nd find the d sto ted w tb ange nor ha e 1ts ears as sa led with the harsh notes of fam lr d s cord Ha mony m the fam y c rcle \' a nght wb cb t cannot be depr ed of w tb out dange1 of eosenfJal preJUdice to 1li< who e subsequent ex stence It has a ght as soon as It IS capable of pel] end cular lo unm stakable e deuces of h s goodnesss comot on to be out n the open a r when and love and the f 11 a.1d sat sfactory atmo,pher c and othei cond tlons Wlll ad tat on of those g10sa and absurd calumnies I mtt and ts r ght to walk w th ts naked w h ch pr est craft gnorance superstJt on feet and even to wallow n the sun warm an l fanat Cism have utteted aga1l!st h1m for ed soil of the garden } a d o field s a\ so many centu es Togethe they should sacred as that of the p g or the eh cken peruse the pages of sc ence and ph1losopby no1 need robust phvs cal health be calcula anJ apply to the assumed facts and log cal tea on Without such natural mdulgences deduct ons of the most enlightened mmds Every ch ld capable of unde1standwg the of Ea I the test of the own poweos language of those who ha e 1t uncle the1 rat oc nat on Together they should resol care has a r ght to hear the truth and no that then own souls are mdmdu9l mde thmg but the truth Hence let no fathe penUen ~n e ndowed w tb ntu ve mother nu se or other person ever make a faculues and capable of endless Iufoldment prom1se to 4 child whiCh he or 8he Will not and exp:m on and that ha ng pee ved use he utmost exert on to fu1fi no ev.e d a \' of eternal I be ty f om tbe Infin te pumsh oue with blows or lmrsh langt age FatL r Soul !Ley can ne e be en Ia eJ u form sch1ef donee ther by ace dent or w I Ear h o Hea en Thus conduct n~ them fully 'lbe e 1s noth ng wh ch w II more oJ eo uud thus exerc o ng the r mmda ce ta nly nrluce children to tell falsehond• eon ng offsprmg must necessanly JUher t a than the mfi ct on of pumshment e1ther noble ature a sound and capac ous Intel corporal -or erbaJ 'et toe r 1mpropr e ]eel and a sp1r t fitted to enter upon the tJes of conduct together w th the con•e march of upward asp rat on and progres quences vh ch must rceu]t from them be on ne oon as he •wellmg bud blossom& pomted out to them m the language of af nto phys cal nat v t) No s thee a pan feet on and they w 11 nc e t.h ok of on ful est a nt or a labor ous task cealmg a fault w th a falsehood nor w Jl upon e1tl1er of the parent mmds m any there be anv dlllleulty n leadmg them the e prescnbed dut e On the cont ary a-long o the path of mo aJ rec 1tude To the greatest amount of happ ness that the such treatment they hMe a natural r gbt \' ncarnate spmt lS capab e of enJOY ng IS and he rrr she who Wlthholds 1t from them certa n to be found n their performance s gu lty of a w ong he effect of wh b We ba e been more mmute m deta J ng upon both the actor and sufferer may be what w<> once1ve to be the ante natal felt fhrough endless ages No ch ld should of man than would seem to he consiStent ever hear from the Ips of father mother of s pra mun lane msp ratiOn- to g ow expand become mo e ;and mo e pow e1 ful nnd to be the rl 1rf active ~gent m he un old men bu d ng up ani matunng of the God Ike mnn Its su e tendenc) when lrft free f nm all warping dwarfing smo he og an l e u 1 ng ex ..erna] nfl.uen ces 1s to 1 nfold hrwg up and send forth, fro n tbe h man depos to y of de fie attr buteR the ch eafJures and beauteous. fo ms of VI sdom Truth •n I Lo•e to ex pand an 1 ennoble the soul and to car 'Y 1t onward and UJ ward lD tho p 1th of pro g ess on to the subl me be ghts of 1ts ever soar ng aBJ ra ons How mportant then bow vastly u;npo tant Is It that the right of the young soul to f eedom f om cramp 1 g nflu~nceR an 1 paralys ng 1es!r~mts should not on I y he respected hut sedulous y g a <led b, tho•<> to whose gu dance 1t s comm Ucd by natu ao well as by those to ~>hos~ mtrllectual fa•hwrJDg 1t rs aubjec e-1 l y onve-n onal usage ~yl4 ly Br.acket and Scroll Sawing, AL ORP-li:RS W LL BE PROMPTLY ATTE.N\DED 'f() JOSEPH SUOR lllec1tanlc Street, near corner Terrace Bulfalo Clly Steam Tl!rnmg Works JOSEJ?H SUOR with the •pace wh ch we shall he enabled o any other pe1son connected w th ts go Tr> \ \' \-\ ''\'=•e o. AL • :ros o~ to devote to the whole snb;ect nnless we ernment and early educaqo~;~, even the 'AH \ RO El>oo WALNUT AND CHERRY Oysters, Frmts, V rgetables, Ftsh, GAME POULTRY PICKLES &r nd It• ten Ieney w II be to keep t clear go rous and harmon ous But thPre a e many outs de mfiuences to be carefully guarded aga nst In her carP however to pre!il;erve 'both phys ral and ntellectual f om pre;u d cml mfluences and etfee\.'1 sbc shoul! b~ ra her ystf'-ma c han houghtf l letot fear should n• rp the place of w se d\ cret on and mbue the sp r t, wh ch be lS mould mg With •hrn king l1m1dJty Nor 8ho 1ld she allo v her prudence to mpose upon her pa nfhl restramts for such Imprudent pru denN' s e er product •e of more e< I th~n gooJ effects To keep up a harmon ous equd hr um of mental temperament 1t JS her duty to look npon the bngbt SJde ha II nnd t necessary to extend the dlSqUJ ment on of physJCal puniShment lll beat N E W E L P 0 S T S • s!tlOn to our next number wh1ch we hope you or I II wlt•p you 1f you do that agam JllechaniQStreet, nem: cor.uer of Terraee. d 0 l ' ll h h h ld b d d N EWEI POSTS BANNISTERS TEN to avo or apo ogy ror a owmg lS an express1on w IC 8 ou e eeme a ~ PIN BALLS A>lD P Ns, nstan , on hand , J UST REOEIVED a beautiful asso tment of Mwilln an Ca.111bn Em.b a dered COLLARS AND SETTR a.t No 212t Ma.m 1rt m:yS JOHN X: RTZ possib e man f d sta apllOdly every ptcture o surroun mg c1rcum nces department of the .;jubjeet tbus to tax even to savage l fe No sllch ~ :: 3 ° de ndll of hea:rr Turnfng Wind nsaes &e. for reader 8 palience 18 that unpretendmg W1I abommable Idea as poundmg obe I enee n Boat I\ k. AI wo k done m he \'\'\ mam.ean~ ~arran cit. myl4dly ters Ike ourseli; have too'geuerallyshrunk to the physJCal man shon1d ever be allow SAWS r SAWS 1 from encountenng t feanng lest they ed to entar the mmd of a child It s true WM ll .BL!>iTltW Pracuoal Saw MalceT nrl R p N 22Ex han~ are nea Wuh shotld he lrenchmg upon an exclUB ve pn that rna II ng the body mduees fear not m \'\ oppo• Hlack Rock Omn bua Oflice ~ m:1 U and C o n o;:a.ws w.,mnned, l!ani.\\ vllege of leamed ph losophe'\ who m ght only n human beJDgs but m the brute \' d ~ • \flJ d. E .., d\>Crtption oe& .-~ be pro oked to come down upon them With races and fear 1n meJr an ogs m uces d d d mylOdly feast Cakes, annih1latmg cntlcisms HaVIng as we servile obed1ence m wh1ch voluntary Will FROM PURE DRY IJ:t PS Auy family th k t c akin h h t And I lS JUst as true that, a a of E CENT can ha o a. !e.,. 'XI:lillu.,. .... n seen a necess y wr m g t ese as no par cup L e y YEA..<=:T: e:no'Rj;:\h or a b8.tch of ore~ earliest requ rements of humaruty falmiliar'f wherever fear • there also 1s hatred m A~;U '' 8 0 BARNUM S<)Creat ~Fxi,!l~~.t to the general plane of m nd (which can proportion There may remam a remnant QLARKS :SYHUP WILL OURE THE\ I <r -~ d be mot! difficult ~e of J!~nJ,a o .!!'~ d.laea.e It only be done by those whose mm(a, like of natura auect on; =ter repeate atmg~ \'\\'\\'\· F~ ..m ,_ c zt. RING oometof'lliil&d-...( fr bl '\ d b I d l ond Joiln street, li\11!' Xork, !!I!~ our own are ea from a !nperabundanee but every ow mwcte y a ove one delia-en, ,., t lL!TB:Ews ~co, Jlu!t,lq, ..

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