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THE: DAIL J\ O TJ SPECIAL NOTICES, Pl»ilo»oi>liy of Marriage.—A new course of Lectures, as delivered at the New York Museum of Anatomy, embracing the subjects: How to live asd what to live for; Touth, Maturity ana Old Age: Man- hood generallyrevlewed ; The cause of indigestion, flat- ulence and Nervous diseases accounted for; Marriage philosophically considered, 4c. Vocket volumes containing, these lectures will be for- warded to parties unable to attend, on receipt of four stamps, by addressing: Secretary, New York Museum of Anatomy and Science, 618 Broadway, New York. (fe2Bdly.) HUNNEWELL'S TQLp I -The Importance of this truly reliable and ANODYNE. | valuablepreparation is now so iully ac- knowledged.reeeiving the most free approbation of Physi- cians, and in which the true name of Anodyne Is perfect- ly apparent, that in advertising, It true character is only to be given, which I ask all who have witnessed its great curative power, to accept with confidence. It Is the true remedy for Neuralgia, TicDoloreux, Rheu- matism, Sciatica, Tooth and Ear-ache, Headache, Pain- ful Menstruation, Amenorrhea, Delirum Tremens,Spinal Oomplaints,Loss of Sleep, and as a mild and gentle opi- ate to all nervous affections. In Asthma it has been eminently successful In Heart Oomplalnts, a very potent remedy. JOHN L. HONNEWELL, Proprietor, Practical Ohera|a1r and Pharmaceutist, 9 Commercial Wharf, Boston, Mass. |3^*3aluby all regular dealers in medicine. From Physicians is invited the greatestfreedem of cor- respondence, to whom arery evidence of character will be freely sent on demand. (deSd&wlm) Dnili) Journal QGDENSBUKGHj, N. Y, LOCAL AND MISCELLANEOUS. . 1 SENTINELS I'OK SAFETY. There-ls;m the blood an independent faojiHy of Bensa- tion, which gives expression by pain and inflammation when foreign matters are present. Hence pain and in- flammation mean self-protection and are sentinels for the body's safety. Aid the blood by Branclceth's Pills, to take out foreign matters (impurties) and you pain,inflanimalion and sick- ness will often be only an affair of a few hours. Miss Consardin, oC Reading, Schuyler Co., S. Y., was cured of contraction of the arm of over a year's stand- ing by less than a dollar's worth of JJrandreth's Pills.— The arm was.entirely useless forover a year. . Br^dpalJLgency, Brandreth. House.New Tort. ^ . Sord : by;a)l {Druggists. . (mhlOdAwlm) • .A CAUJB XO THE LADIES. DR. DtrPONCO'S Golden Periodical !PillSj Toi liMAii's.' Infallible in correcting Irregularities, Be/moving Obstructions of the Monthly TuT-ns,fromw!iat- ever cause, and always successful as .a Preventive. ^g~ ONE- PILL IS A P OSRJ& f emales-peculiarly situated, or supposing themselves so, are cautioned against using these Pills while in that condition, lest they invite miscarriage, as the proprietor assumes no responsibility after this admonition, altho' their mildness would prevent any injury to the health; Otherwise the Pills are recommended for the alleviation of those suffering from any Irregularities whatever, as well as to privent an increase of Family where health will not permit it. In every case they act like a charm, quieting the nerves and bringing, back the rosy color of •health-tothe cheek of the most delicate. Full and explicit directions accompany each box. Price $1 per box ; 8 boxes for $5. Sold by one drug- gist in every town, vilJage, city and hamlet throughout the world. Sold In Ogdensburg by B. O. \Lamphear Druggist, sole agent for this city. _. ladles by sending;him,$l to the. Ogdensburg Post Of- - flee, can have the pills sent '(confidentially) by mall to any part of the country, free of postage. Sold by T. H. Camp 4 Co., Watertown, N, Y.,and De- mas Barnes & Co., New Ydrfc Sold by George Birks, Prescott, Ont. (st26d4wly) S. B. HOWB, Proprietor, New York. WARRANTED CHEAPEST AND BEST. To-Farmers,Express Companies, Stage Proprietors,Liv- ery Establishments and all who use horses. DR. TOBIAS YENETTAN HORSE LINIMENT, In pint pottles at One Dollar, for the cure of Lameness, Scratches, Wind-galls, Sprains, Bruises, Splints, Galls Cuta, Oolic, Slipping Stiile, Over Heating, Sore Throat Nail in the Foot, &c. All who own or employ horses, are assured that this Liniment will do all, and more than is stated, in curing the above named complaints. During twenty years i t has never failed to give satisfaction in a single Instance. Sold by Druggists. Depot 56 Cortlandt St., New York. (Ja2Sd*wlm) IT IS AMAZING. That the feeble should totter with uncertain steps,- over the face of the earth, in danger every d-ay of falling victims to the morbid-influence by which we are all sur- rounded, when a tested arid proven vegetable tonic, ca- pable of endowing them with the tonic they need, is 1 procurable in every city, town ana settlement. It might reasonably be thought that after the twf jive years expe-i rience which the world baa had of HOS TETXJSR'S BIT- IEBK3, all would know- that its effect is to prevent diB-i ease. At this season the atmosphere is surcharged with tlio, seeds of intermittent, remittents, rhe umatism, pulmona- ry disorders, bilious complaints and the like. Persons whose nervous systems are relaxed are tke first to suc- cumb to these distempers. Brace up the physical ener- gies then with this potent vegetable tonic. It is the most powerful recuperant which, the botanic kingdom has eyer yielded to patient research and experiment.— Try it. The blindest aisciple of the old medical dogmas will at least admit that a tonic ana alterative, compond-t ed of approved herbs, roots, and barks can do no harm,' while the testimony of thousands invites a trial of lts^ virtues. j Vigor is the thing most needed in these cases as well! as in dyspepsia and nervous affections, and Hostetter's? Bitters is the safest, surest and most wholesome strength-' ening preparation that human skill has yet concocted. ' Hundreds of physicians have abandoned all the inef- ficinal receipts and prescribed this harmless tonic as a' preventive and cure for all cases ol Chills and Fever ' i. (mh41d*w2w) Mother Bailer's Quieting Syrup for children teething, makes sick, and weak children strong and healthy: give (mothers rest day and night. la a quieting medicine for chiiaren. Only 25 cents Sold by ?««§fct s - T „ (del2dAwly) Sold by J. C. Sprague. FIFTY THOUSAND HEADS Now clothed withmasses.of rich, black and brown hair would, if they were unfortunately 4. i • .. CUT OFF '; • sifrfraasupply of Christadoro'a Dye, begin to, ., ; -' TORN- WHITE, • \ ' ; Red, sandy, and gray. Manhood and beauty, with the onedefect.-in their personal appearance remedied by - crusTAfioRO's HAIR DYE , Rejoice in.,their good fortune and recommend It to all Whtorequlre a perfect aye. Manufactured by J. Ohristadoro, No. 6 Astor Honse,New York. Sold by Druggists, Applied by nil HairDrensers. [hlOdto] T ADIE8, TAKE PABTIOtrLAK NOTICE. Lt . , tHlTUEAL VELPATJ FEMALE PILL. (Warranted French.) These.PuJi,.sp celebrated many years ago in Paria, for fcbe relief of female irregularities and afterwards ao.no- tortouj for their criminal employment In the jjracti.ee of abortion, \are-now offered for sale \for the first time in America. They have been kept in comparative obscurity, from the fact:that:the originator, Dr. yejpau, is a phy- siclanln Paris, of great \wealth and\ strict conscientious principles, and has withheld them from general nse, leBt they ahould-beemployea for unlawful purposes. In over- coming Female Obstructions, Falling of the Womb, Whitei, Greensickness, Suppression, Retention, or In'- moderate Mow of the Monthly Discharges, Nervous\ arid Spinal affections, Pains In the Back and Mmbs, Fatigue Ott slight exertion, PalpitaUon.pf the. Heart, Hysterics'\ *c, and will effect.a cure when all-other means have failed,;. and although a .powerful remedy, do not contain calomel or anything hurtful to the constitution. To marriedJadies a»d young girls who. have never been.regulated,they are peculiarly suited:- '• They will, In aihort time, bring on the.monthly period with regular! '\. CAUTION. Married ladles should never take them when there li »ny reason to believe themselves pregnant, .for they will be sure to produce a miscarriage. • Ladles can obtain a box sealed from the eyes of the curious, by enclosing One Dollar and six postage stamps to M. W. MAOOMBBR, General Agent for United States ana Oanadas, at Albany, rt. Y., or to any authorized A*\* 1 Clothes Line Robbery. Andrew Kearney, Charles Clerk and Reuben Fox wore arrested, Saturday morning, for rob- bing the clothes line of Thomas Roach, on Friday nigbt. Mr. K. lives On the West Side, and the slight fall of snow aided the officers— Glynn and Patno— in tracking the offenders to the house of Andrew Kearney, where a search resulted in discovering thei clothes taken from the line 1 of Mr. Roach and four, hens belonging to Police Officer Leonard, which had been stolen and killed Friday night. All of the parties arrested protested innocence, notwithstanding the stolen property was found in Mr. Kearney's house, and some of them in the bed where Clerk slept. When the officers went to Kearney's, Clerk was in bed, and was routed out by Officer Glynn. All were sworn, but no two agreed in their statements aa to facts con- nected with their whereabouts and operations of the night previous, Andrew Kearney and Cliarles Clerk were convicted and sentenced to the Onondaga County Penitentiary for a term of sis months. Fox was discharged. There were also three hickory shirts among the stolen goods, unclaimed. In delivering the sentence,, Justice White n» tified the offenders that a second larceny would send either of them to State Prison, even if the value.of the goods taken should amount to no more than one dime, and warned them when they had served out their sentence, to endeavor to become honest men. .«. The Rouse's Point Bridge. The new Railroad Draw Bridge, at Eouse's Point, is completed, and traiins have commenced passing over it, operating with perfect satisfac- tion. The old scow boat, wihich has done good service, has been run ashore. The new draw is an immense turn-table, turning on a, centre pivot and bolt, with a circu- lar railway. A grand tower, forty-five feet in height, rises over the centre pier with heavy con- necting iron rods running towards each end, sustaining and girding the structure with ad- mirable strength. The draw, when open, rests on piers at each end of great solidity, giving a •water space of over ninety feet for vessels, rafts, &c, to pass, while the line space on the ea3t is planked like a ferry slip to prevent any obstruc- tion and allow a chanceibr rafts to slide easily along the sides when .a high wind shall crowd the navigators against thei bridge. So nicely poised is this draw that despite its great length, which is 208 feet, one man, iwe are told, could in Still weatiier, easily turn it around. The 'entire expense of the new draw is about $30,000. Men ol our Times. This is one of the most popular books of the day, written by Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of that most popular >of all books, \Un- cle Tom's Cabin. The present work comprises about 600 neatly printed pages, being narratives of the lives and deeds of Statesmen, Generals, and Orators, inclading biographical sketches and anecdotes of Lincoln, Grant, Garrison, Sumnerj Chase, Wilson, Greeley, Farragut, Andrew; Colfax, Stanton, Douglas, Buckingham, Sheri- dan, Sherman, ilowardj Phillips and Beecher. It i3 embellished with eighteen beautiful steel engravings. The sketches are done in Mrs. Stowe's best, style, and besides being intensely loyal, forms together one of the msst desirable works of the. day, and we are happy to say it sells the best of any book offered in years. -It is sold only by subscription., Johnson Briggs is agent for this tow.n, and lkas, within the past fortnight, received fifty subscriptions. He will continue to canvass for the work, and we cheer- fully recommend it as worthy of a place in every library. , , Murphy &, Roscoe's Line. Murphy & Roscoe, proprietors of the Great IVans-St. Lawrence Route for 1868, have made their arrangements and had tlheirWUs publishedj T.'fie steamers Polar Bear andi Water Spirit have already commenced.their trips. The Crocodile and Sea Serpent are held iiu- readiness for the pleasure travel. Capt. Murplhy as formerly com-; mandsthe\Polar Bear, and Capt. Roscoe the Water Spirit. This line hasi by its honorable^ transactions become one of themost popular on. Northern wators. there has not been a life lost. Th« Bria Railroad BUI. The Senate passed the bill legalizing the tec million stock issue by the Erie Railroad, and au- thorized the Company to make contracts with the Boston & Hartford, Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana Railroads, and prohibitipi any Director of the Hudson River, New York Central and Harlem Railroads from being Di rectors of the Brie, and vice versa, by a vote ol IT to 11. The Tax Repeal a Law. The President signed tbe Tair. Repeal bill and it ig now a Jaw. The Internal Revenue Depart- ment is having the Bill printed with the scheduli of the articles exempted. Spring Millinery. Mrs. Atcheson's Spring Millinery opening will take place on Thursday, 9th. She has jus returned from the. city with a large and well se- lected stock, and from her well known taste, and long experience in catering for the ladies of this vicinity, we are persuaded that she has some- thing nice for this occasion. The ladies will go to see. Accident. Jonathan Davidson fell and broke his hip while walking on Green street, about eight o'clock, Saturday evening. Mr. D. is upwards of seventy years of age. Lane, Pitkin St. Brock. We would call attention to the advertiaemen 1 of the celebrated Portable Saw Mills manufac tured by this firm. The mills give universal satisfaction, and we learn that the business of the firm is constantly increasing. Those who want first-class machinery should address them at Montpelier, Vt. ere are 3,629,382 serfs in Russia not yet emancipated. The number of those liber«- ted is 6,146,633. Of these only 548,529 have obtained their freedom through the voluntary agreement of their masters. The remainder have become proprietors through the interven- tion of the Government, which has assigned 414,2'7G,707 roubles as compensation to the old landholders, * i - . i i . v old Ivy J. C. Sprague, E..0. Lamphearand Dlflenbacir er * DMldson, Ogdensburgh, N.Y. '-' (mhi5d*wiy \ or a passenger disabled since the line was first?: opened. Theirs ig the only American line overi this route. .Their badness will bo attended to' by a competent'corps of agemtg, located all over' the Union. We acknowledge the receipt of the compliments pf the'proprietors. . jST'Lath and plaster, has been superseded.—j A firm of Philadelphia ^binllers are now erectingj a hotel near Erie, Pet in.\ in which thick, strong! paper,iff nsfiit'o'fonn'iije ^-wails and ceilings, in: jliefr of lath and'plasteK, ; The paper ia put upon' iabacking of corninoii iie'mlock boarding., By' jthismew method, all this walls arid ceilings of aj igpodrsize'd'iftoUSg cau'&eJputTip; in a Te'sy, short; and aa' weliih. the winlter time as in sum- •mer, no, drying being required. The paper jwaiis and ceilings a.fe''said'tof be teuch cheaper; jthan the lath,and piaster., .' Tonkers, Westchester county, they have had a political \Aurora Borealis.\ Last fall, the Democrats had 297 majority, and now the Republicans elect their Supervisor by 218, on a vote of 1,845, the largest ever cast. »• The Bribery Investigation. The Oswego Times, whose editor is a member of the Assembly, in remarking upon the investi- gation ordered on the charges made by Mr. Glenn, says: \We have little faith in such an investigation amounting to anything. Every transaction of the kind charged by Mr. Glenn will be so covered as to defy investigation. The law imposes a heavy penalty upon any man who shall offer a legislator a bribe, and alike penalty upon any legislator who shall take it. No man is obliged to criminate himself. If it should happen that about three-fourths of the members of the Committee have the bribes in their pockets, it is not likely that the investigation would be pursued with any design to disclose the facts. If, as Mr. Glenn charges, a majority of the House ias been bribed, the whole matter is in the hands of that majority, who will not per- mit the.true state of things to be brought.to light. We have little iaith, therefore^ in anything reliable growing out of the investigation.\ Thaddeus Stevens for Grant and Wade. The following letter from Hon. Thaddeus Stevens to a personal friend in Lancaster, Pa,, hia home, explains itself: WiSHiMQTOS, March 20,1868. Mr DEAK SIR—I received your letter of the 24th this morning, and am very glad you intend to be at Chicago personally. If your constitu- ents and mine have indicated a preference for Vice President,, as I rather think they have from their vote, I should deem it your duty as a matter of personal fidelity, to begin by voting for that person, whether he be a friend of mine or not, as no man seems to me justified in vio- lating the \wishes of his constituents to please any other person. But if the person thus indi- cated as their first choice should fail of a prob- ability of election, or gradually decline, then, if I were, there, or my wishes were to be consulted j I should use all my efforts in favor of B. P; Wade. He is a true man, in whom you and I, ana every radical man, can confide; and you will find that the, country, as well as our. partic- ular friend, will profit by his success. I wish) you would show this letter to your colleagues, as X shall be kept from the Convention, and desire to see an honestman placed tin the position of a great contingent responsibility, As to the BY TELEGRAPH. •, N«wToRK, 4 ; —AmericanGol&J.38f. \LONDON 4.—V. S. Bond's 12%. candidate for the Presidency; I presume you all agree that none other than Gen. Grant is to be thought of. Honest, firm,, and well indoctri- nated in principle, without ostentation, and: without pride, 1 1 do hot see how a better selec- tion can be made. Hia judgment of men is so sound that I have full faith that he will coll around him the ablest and purest men of the nation. With Grant and Wade to guide and .defend us, this nation in. four years will have acquired a prosperity which will be the wonder of the world. Universal Freedom maintained by Universal Suffrage On this continent can, not 1 fail to have that effect. Very respectfully, THADDED3 STEVENS. To B. J. HOUSTON, Esq., L»nc»iter, Perm. MARRIED- QK NOTICES JIFTT CCNTS EACH.. ; WARRANTKD.—Every druggist, will refund your money if'perrfect satisfaction is not given jj in the use of Restorative,' 1 In thil city, on the S8th ult., by Rev. 1. M. Miller, Mr. SAMUEL A. SALL8, of FoUdam, to Hill FRANK A. HAMLIN, of Madrid. Also, by the same; on the 28th ult.,. Mr. JAMES B. BOSTON, of Potid»m, Mix KATIE PARKEK, of Ihli city.. ,'.>•• MILWAUKEE, 4.—A general snow storm pre- ' \Bairrett's justly celebrated Hair ! | vails over Wisconsin and Minnesota, with a i\afiejr using two bottles. * ' sj string northeast wind. .\'\•- ST; LOUIS, 4,-TA dispatch from Little: Rock, Ark., says the entire Republican State-ticket is elected by more than 3,000 majority. The Legislature' was organized yesterday. The Constitutional' amendment will be adopted to- day. ' ••'•• * SANDDSKY, 4.—The steamer Island Queen ar- rived, yesterday, from Detroit, and report* that there is very little ice in Lake Erie. A heavy snow storm is prevailing here. : NEW YORK, 4.—It may be of pecuniary in- terest to many persons throughout the country to state that a gift jewelry concern, under the title of Harper, Wilson & Co., cannot be found at No. 173 Broadway, in this city. WASHINGTON, 4.—The Senate met at 11 o'clock. Ifr. Howard moved to go into execu- tive session, on the ground that the Managers of Impeachment desired to obtain certain exec- utive documents to be used as evidence in the trial, and the question must be there consider- ed. The motion was agreed to... NEW YORK, 6.—Tribune Atlanta, Ga., spe- cial says: Gen. Meade has returned from an official tour in Southern Georgia,, and promulga- ted an important order referring to tbe late Ash- burn assassination at Columbua. Other acts of atrocity, simultaneous with the publication of incendiary articles, and the sending of threatening letters, indicate concert of action to affect the result of the election by intimidation and violence, and emanating from a secret organization. ' , All are warned against participation in the acts of this organization and the law-abiding are assured of protection. The General forbids the publication of any thing counseling intimidation or tending to bloodshed. Newspapers containing such articles are warned that the General will stop their publication and try the offenders by military commission. Public writers and speakers are admonished to refrain from inflammatory appeals. Military commanders are authorized, when, in their judgment, it may seem necessary, to or- ganize forces from among the law abiding citi- zens to preserve order. The expenses attending pay and maintenance of such forces to be borne by the counties or municipalities where required. The commanding General enjoins all good citizens to aid in the arreat and punishment of violators of thi3 order and of law, and admon? ishes them that unless acts of intimidation and violence are checked and punished, bloody re- taliation may be provoked, society endangered and innocent blood shed. Tribune Savannah special says : The Republi- can meeting at Taldosta, Ga., Saturday was broken up by a band of regulators or Ku Klux Klan. Powder was placad under the building in which Dr. J. W. Cliff, the Republican candidate for Congress was to speak. NEWYOKK, 6.—Times syecial says: The fact that the counsel for the defence, yesterday, only asked for three days time in which to pre- pare their proof, took the Senate and public by surprise. The statement by Judge Curtis that the defence did not intend to introduce much oral testimony, strengthens the belief that the 20th or 25th of April will witness the close of the trial. The testimony for that side-is not expected to occupy more than three or four days, as all the witnesses but Gen. Rousseau will be here by Tuesday, and the Senate will not wait for Rousseau. The arguments will therefore begin early next week and probably be concluded the same week. Two counsel on each side will argue the case.— Judge Curtis will open the case for the defence on Thursday. Mr. Evarts will conduct the ex- amination in chief, of the witnesses. Mr. Bing- ham will cross-examine for the managers, llr. Evarts and Mr. Stanberry will close for the defense. Mr. Wilson and Mr. Bingham will close for the prosecution, Mr. Bingham making the clos- ing argument in the case. It is altogether prob- able that the Senate will spend two or three days in debate on making up their verdict. The roll limits them to fifteen minute speeches on he final issue, except by the unanimous consent, which, if availed of by each Senator, would con- sume fourteen hours or equal to about three days' ordinary sessions. Senator Reverdy Johnson is understood to de-. ny the statement contained in Gen. Emory's evi- dence that he had been consulted regarding the duty of military officers under the law requiring all orders to the army to be sent through Gen. Grant's head-quarters. Gen. Emory, however, insists that the Senator's memory is bad. Gen. Sherman's testimony in the impeachment trial will be confined principally to the details of a conversation held with the President,. which the latter denied that he intended' to violate the civil tenure act, and in which the. Gen. advises the resignation of Secretary Stanton as the best way to put an end to the difficulty. . NEW ADVERTISEMENTS FO» SAVANNAH, GEORGIA^ ! Every Tuesday, at 8 P.M., from Pier 16 East Bi&r, (Foot of WaU Street,) >. MARRAT'S LINE STEAMERS, , OLSOPATRA, Capt. Phillips, Mar. 24, Apr. 7,21, May K , LEO, Capt. Dearborn, March 81, Apr. 14,28, May 12.; Giving through pasiage tickets In connection with the Oestral K. B. of Georgia-Atlantic and Gulf R. R., and Florida steamers, to all points south and'gp.uthwest. MURRAY, tfERIUS ft CO., Cl k 62 South St.N. Y. NORTH AMERICAN STEAMSHIP CO Through Lint to California, via JPanvma aniMe- aragua. Hailing from New York March 6 and,25 ; April 15 ; Mir , ' 5 and 25. With new Steamships of the First Class. Passage Lower than by any other Line. For further information address D. N. CAKKINQTON, Agt, 1TT WentSt., cor. Warren, New York. W. H. WEBB, Prcsiaent,' OHAS. DANA, V. Pres. Office—51 Exchange I'lice, New York. AGENTS WANTED FOR THE The History ol the War between the States, Ita Causes, Character, Conduct and Results, By Hon. ALEX, H. STEVENS. Its official character and ready sale, combined with an increased commission, make It the JM at subscription book ever p'nblii&ed. \ ' Send for circulars with terms, and a full description of the Wort Addresi NATIONAL PUBLISHING 00. Philad«lphla,Pa. BOOK AGENTS to solicit orders for the ''Origin and History of the Books of tbe Bible,\ By Prof. C. E. STOWE, D.B., \Afresh book by one of the best and most thorough authors. There is no work published that can compare with it. It is having a large sale, out-selling any other religious book. Over 84,000 Bold within the last 8 months. Sales rapidly increasing. t3f\Send for circulars. Address or apply to HAXTFOBO PUBLISH- ING CO., Hartford Conn. WfiTltP^' ^or »book entitled A-Prc- VVcMIltJU. tur o o f tll e Desolated States, and the Work of Restoration, Every voter needs it before Nov. 186S. freight, largest commissions and a ' premium of $500 paid. ¥or particulars address L.. 8TEBBINS, Hartford, Conn. HOVEY'S ILLUSTRATED Catalogue of Seeds, and Guide to the Flower and Vegetable garden for 180S, Is new ready, containing 150 pages with full de- scriptions of nearly 2,600 varieties and plain directions for sowing, culture, Ac, illustrated with 80 Engravings of Flowers and Vegetables, and a beautiful COLORED PLATE. And contains all the information necessary for the suc- ceutul growth of the moat beautiful Flowers and ehole- e»t v«getables. Sent post-paid to allwlo apply for 25> cents. Address HOVEY ft CO., S3 North Market St., Boston, MaBS. WANTED, AGENTS TO SBiL DR. WM. SMITH'S BIBLE DICTIONARY The cheapest and the best. See that the work you get • contains over 1,000 pages. Agents are doing.a splendid business with, this work. KB^To those who want the small London Edition, from which the Juvenile American Edition, (anlnferior #ork) has been copied, will be furnished In March at $2 75 per copy, 15 cents less than the American Edi- tion. For particulars send for circulars. S. 8. 8CRANTON * CO., 126 Asylum St., Hartford, Ct. Doctor Irish's Ottawa Beer ! A Delicious, Healthful and Temperance Beverage. Exr tract supplied for fountains. }Tor terms and circular send to Dr. IRISH'S Ottawa Beer and Family Medicine Manufacturing Co., No. 5, Third Avenue, New York City. SHAW'S Chemical, Electro-Silver-Plating Tluid, Makes worn out plated ware as good as new. Samples sent by mail on receipt of 25 cents to pay for packing and postage. Address J. J; SHAW, Chemist, 80 Elm Street, Bridgeport Conn. Agents wanted every where. BOOK AGENTS WANTED For Dr. TfB. SMITH'S Dictionary of the Bible. Wilt- ten by 70 of the most distinguished Divines In Europe and America. Illustrated with over 125 Steel and Wood Engravings. In one large Octavo volume. Price $3.50. The only edition published in America, condensed by Dr. Smltti,s own hand. We employ no General Agents and offer extra inducements to agents dealing with us.~ Send for descriptive circulars, and see our terms. J. B. BURR k CO., Publishers, Hartford, Ct List* of Newspaper*. We have published the following Hsu,: 1OO New England Newspapers. IOO New York and New Jersey do. 100 Ohio Ind, and 111., Newspapers. 1OO Pa,Del., Md, Va., and S. C. do. 100 Mich., Wis., Iowa, Minn., Mo., do. 1OO Principal Daily and Weekly News- papers, iucluding.Tweaty-Three States. SO Religious and Ag'l Newspapers. Any or all the Lists sent to any address free, on re- cept of a 3 cent stamp. Address I'. 0. Box 672, New York City. HAKKETI!, NBW tone, 4. Ashes-^-Market nominal at 8.50@8.62J. Cotton—Market steady at 29@3O for M. U. flour—Receipts 6,080 bbls. Market excited. Sales 6,300 bbls. at 9.16@9.50 sup. fine state and western 10.00@10.60 for choice ex. state ; 9.9O@U.1O for common to choice extra west- ern; 10,00@13.90 common to good shipping; brands extra Round Hoop Ohio. fiye flour quiet at 1.150M. Wheat—Receipts 4,000 bushels,. ..Market; unchanged. ; Sales 16,000 bush, of ctaice No. 1 Spring at; 8.15; common white Cal. at ,3.26.- . > Corn—Receipts 26,000 bushels, Market dull and drooping.. \ ,••\.\ Sales 32,000 bushels at 1.22@1.24 (or new mixed western. Oats dull at S4i@85 for Western. .. - fork—Market closed firm.' Sales 3,250 barrels at 26.50@25.75 uewmeae. Beef steady. Extinguisher. PORTABLE, SELF-ACTING FIRE ENGINE A safe-guard against fire. Always ready for use. Prices $45, $50.;$£5.— Needed'in every house. Agents want ed. Send for descriptive circular. Ad- dress, N.Y. FIRE EXTINGUISHER OO. 8 Dey Street, New York. Carpenters Building. N.Y. A. 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Direct, American- Newt Co., 121 NaisaiiSti, New York. . ' .' •: HOW THE QUACKS EXTORT From their unfortunate patient*. > Quack e r y • J2' ac : p <r> &<es ; d.. See \The Patient's Guiae.\ It tells you. how to cure' the diseases or tBeLgenerative orgnni, in botti sexes, with simple, safe ann reliable remedies, to beprocured at any drug store. 'J'hote about to marry should procure a eppyatonce. Address G. W. MORTON, M. DV>124 Orofbystreet, N. Y. JJalleion receipt of four postage stamps. .-'\\:•!! • PROPRIETORS OF Osrdensb ttv CITY Mft&$, Dealer! In FLOUR AND FEED. CORN MEAL AT WHOLESALE! FOR SAIK OR RENT. rpHENEWf TOBK BAKEBT Wlift\•_\_ „., _. JL ready for business, will be sold at a great bargain or rented oh reasonable terms.. Apply ;tb : FOR SALE CHEAP. -. - .- O NE MULBV SAW MILLCOMPiETE, INCLUDING head blocks, (first class machinery.) (ja28d«) ' \ \\ 0HA8. LYON. SELLING I WILL SELL MY BTOOK: OF BOOK St, <£&' FRAMES, Ac, &c. BELOW COST—FOR ONE MONTH |y All wlthing to purchase will do well to give me a Ogiensbnrg, March 2T, 1888. \\ = \ . J- TH0.H.P4PN, FOR SALE. : ' 'TIHE UPPER TORTION OF THE FARM SMTJATEI) X on Ogden'a Wand; consisting of 222'-^ iOO Veres, of which about 60 acres are heavily wooded with hard timber. There is on the premise* a Email frame house with a barn, shed ke. Possession given immediately; Terms ea»y. Apply to C. C. MONTGOMERY • (mhl«4wtf ) Wadaington, TS. if, Get a. <Grood BUY WHERE YOU GET THE BEST - AND CHEAPEST. ; . ' MRS. WILL OPEN Spring; Wiilinery A.piril TO THE TVOKEING JDpASS.-^-Farmeft, Mechanics, Ladies and ey.eryDbdy., I am.no^ prepared, to. furnish you with conitant employment at your home^-the wliole of your time or your spare \moments Business fiew, light,and,proQuble. 5o cents to 45 per evening easily earriea by persons of elttsf iek, aha the Jmy's anfl girls nearly as much as men. Great inducements offered t£p»e:.who will devote.tbe!r wbole tjme tp.the .bu»inesi, and that every person who sees this notice may iend their addres's and .test the business for themselves, X make the following unparalled offer; To all who are not satisfied with'the business, E will send $ I to pay for the trouble of writing. Full particulars, directions, *c, sent free. Sample sentby mall, for ten cents. Address, E.C. ALLEN, Augusta, Maine. CBLKBBATED \ESTEX\ -X>i WITH \ ' : 'Vox: XlninEina Stop, * Pronounced by all who have heard It, the mist natural South End Seymour House Block, State Street, Og- densourg, I§ now ready with a fashionable stock of \ ,.- BOOTS, SHOES, GytlJpS, To Serve Ciutomen. All the latest styles, in Ladies'. Genta' and Children's wear, constantly on hand at the 'LOWEST PRICES. jp<: '\•1 . With superior workmen aad the belt materials, «U«- faction is warranted to all who leave .orders.for either fashionable or subBtantlal wear. Orders for all kinds of work solicited; - ' • Person! In want of a neat foot dress can be suited ev- ery time. ' ' .-•• •' ; * . The public are respectfully Invited to call and see stock and learn prices. M. * . FLYJJ** : \ 'SejrmeurHonseBlock,SSate-St.jC'\ 1 \ 1 (mhT6dtf) -,..-.».;-. ... STOHlverSt. Troy,N. Y. N-Tl; 18 North-7tk..8t., at., Chicago.- - ••••'% 10E. FayetteBt, miialillrf Byracnse, Rimdolph . TUB HEALING POC forTpung Men, on the EEapRS, > Abuiti and Diseuet which destroy the manly eowsrii and, create Impedi- ments to Marriage, with ',iurje means of reUet Bentln sealed letter envelopes freeof charge.,, Addres«, : Dr.,~ 8KILL1N HOUGHTON, Howard Assoclatloh, NOTICE. • T m CO PARTNERSHIP HERBTOFORE EXISTING undertbeflrmnwnepf Ashley *Pblllips is tils day dissolved by mutual content.. Either partner i»;. author- ized to sigh the name of the firm in liquidation 'of its affairs. CHABL8S'A'SHjLf).Kw AlLANl B. '•&£&.&&, ..Ogden«»urgli,March 5,1868. \. \. > . The Hardware andiron business will be continued by (mh9d4wlm) OHAKLES ASHLEY. - ' \-STORE TO: SENT..-.\ ' . OIlCAIBp ON #ATEB 8TEEET, OPPOSITE -IBS O hardware store of:Walter B. Allen 4 Co; -forterms apply toy .\ \ Is WHBEL00K' 3

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