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TBfJB J0AJCI.Y la published every Morning, (Sundays excepted,) at I - Ogdensburgh, St. Lawrence County, N. Y., at the ow I price of $5 per annum. ^Office on Isabella Street. RATED OF ADVEUTISIHO. On.ei3eru&re,on.o Insertion,...,,,,,.., , $ 18 do do two do 1 00 do do threo do 1 25 do do one week,... ,. 2 00 do do twoweeks, S 00 \'Yl ''. do ( .dp i pnemonth, ,. BOO • uo.isdji two months,....,.........i. 7 00,. do do three months, ,.. 8 00 flo do sixmonths, 10 00 do do oneyear, 16 00 One quarter column one year,...'. 48 00 One half column one year, ,, . 85 00 One column one year;...........,., 160 00 Business Cards, per year, 9 00 J3|p\*The right to omit advertisements to amount of en per cent., reserved on all contracts. Ten lines or less make a square. For traveling ex hibltions double the above rates will be charged. Adver isements from a distance, where the parties are unknown o us, must be accompanied with the cash. HENRY R. JAMESj; ' Publisher and' Proprietor. BUSINESS CARDS. JOHNSON HOUSE, SUuatec! at the corner of Pord andPattersonStreets, OGDEKSBUHGH, H..Y. Nearest to the Rail Road Depot and Steamboat Landing. 8t«.tcrs leave this House for Canton, Waddington, Hermon and Rossie. RILEY JOHNSON, Proprietor. ST. LAWRENCE HALL S0NTHBAL,*0. K. it. HO&AN, Proprietor. This House is situated on Great St. Jame3 Street, and is the largest in the city. American Money taken at par. [sulT-ly] JAMESTOWN HOUSE, A. ai. Sliorman ...... Proprietor. JAMESTOWN, CnAOTAUQUA CO., N. Y. (mlilCelK) ' , DANIEL'S HOTEL, FBKSCOTr, ONT. i. JHC. SJSIMICIK, - Proprietor . no Honse in Oanaaa • (mh21dly) ST. LAWRENCE HOTEL, Cornel- King and Centre Sired, Prescoit, Out. (formerly kept by Orry Harris.) A. Wells, - - - Proprietor. S. E. MIP.I0K .... MANAGKK. A First Class Exchange Office and Billiard Room At - hd tSB^ Oib t Bt dd C tached. g Omnibus to Boats an Cars. (mh2TiUy) NATIONAL HOTEL, Corner of Ford and Catharine Streets, OGDEHSBBBQH, K. T . LYTLE & BALDWIN, Proprietors. Accommodations for County customers. Qoodstabllng or forty horses. Charges reasonable. JOHN LYTLE. (oc29dtf) J.BALDWIN. JOHN ALLENDORPH, Auction and Commission Merchant, AUC FiHOT GOODS DEAI.EHS. Goods sold to Merchants and Peddlers at New York City Prices. No. S Ford St., Ogdensbnrgh, N. Y. [aplOdly] CHA3-. I . BALDWIN, BROKER, . \ Dealer I n Gold Silver & Canada Money. Drafts for sale on Ireland, Scotland and England. Rail- way anJ Steamship Agent to all points of the United States and the Old Country. g-Ctel Offie, State Street, Ogdensbnrgh, N. Y. CHATTTEKTON'S 1ITEBT, Catharine St., opposite Baldwin House, is the place TO GST TBOB \BESTTZTRlt-OTTT\ IN TOT7XTI ^•Either Single or Double..^ Oni-etul drivers can be had when desired. jaSdlyT n. n. JAMES, ' Proprietor o f VFaadinKton Flax and Paper Mills, DEALEK IS J$LAX, TOW, FLAX-SEED & STHAW PAPER, * BOARD . . OODEN simr.G, X; Y. (fe£4dtf) \' : ROEEE, L7NDE & NICHOLS, \ Mix 11 ergs, and deaiei's in XPloxir, |3?\ MILL FEED AND GRAIN, .^3 t OOD>SSBOBG, S . Y- ;\ G-EO. IARKER & CO., M i 11 © 3* ST and dealers in, <3- r sx i x». &S\ FLOUR, MILL FEED, _^ Will keep on hand a good stock of Flour of different grades, of their own grinding, and which they will war- rant Asupaly of Bran, Sorts',- Middlings, Screenings, &c. on hand.' (fe25dtf) C. & D. WHITNEY, Je., & CO., Wholesale dealers in all kinds of WESTERN 3L.TTM.BEHR, I B^Particular attention given to supplying the New England Market. W. L. PROCTOR, Agent, (fe24d&wtf) Ogdensbnrg, N. Y. SEYMOUR HOUSE, FOBMEELY ST. LATTCtESOS BOTH,, F. J TALM1AN, Proprietor. Ogdensburgh, N. Y. [je-d*wtf] BALDWIN HOUSE, \Water Sb'eet, near the Ferry. OODENSBDKG, N. T . E. M. Baldwin •'---- manager. The house has been refitted and refurnished. A choice supply of Canada Liquors, Wines, and the best brands - of Cigars always oh .hand- . \ Good accommodation for \Horses. Iiarpce Barns, Sheds and Yard3 connected with the House. Charges reason- able. (ja21d*wly) 0HAS. N. BIXBY, Attorney an a Counselor at taw, Also, Notary Puolia. , FOTSDAM JUKOTION, ST. LAWKENOB COONTY, H. Y. %W Particular attention given to Practice in Bankrv/ptoy. (jylSd&wly) SOSCItJS W. JTTDSON, Attorney and Counselor a t Ii=.w, ^~ LICENSED CLAIM AGENT,_Jc9 tiSoldlers 1 Bounty, Back Pay, and; Pension. Advloi : on the subject, free'. MONET TO LOAJT-ON GOO» IMPROVED FARMS; £JT-Office, comer of jVord and Isabella streets, Og- aansbnrirfi, N. Y. [ap4d*w1 J. ; H. MORGAN, '••-. - .[KST-iSttfSHBD IN 1853.] .- - Wholesale Dealer in ' Wines, Manors &• Rectifier or WulsUIc* OGngssBPiiGH, H. Y. [jelOdftwtf.] 7~™ OGDENSBBRGH .HOTEfc_ • Catherine St.,neclr Ferry-, Ogct.chibv.rg7L, 1T.-Y. Georg e Cnatrand - - - - .Proprietor. The House ha3 been refitted and refurnished. A choice supply of Wines, Liquors, Cigars, Strong and Mild Ales, always on hand. .Accommodation for Travel- ers and-,gopd Stabling tor Horses. (je-28dAwly) WILLIAM WELLS, [ Formerly at the Baldwin Souse, \ DEALER IN ^~CioId, Silver and Canada BUl«;_iEi Money exchanged on reasonable terms. Commercial Bllla bought and. sold,; also Government and Oounty £on£s. Bgr\Oflice with Charles Johnson, Ticket Agent, on /Catharine Street,'next door above Baldwin House, Og. aensWrgh, N.' Y. (oc29dAwtf Ground 1.ANB PLASTER Constantly on hand\ at the OGDEN3BUR&H PLASTER MILLL, ' Aiio Fresh Ground WETTER. Tor sale in quantities to suit purchasers. H. J>. NOMHRDP., \ Ogasnsburg, Jan. 31.180S. ' [«eld*w4m] OGDENSBURGH, N. Y., SATURDAY, APRIL BOOK C1NVASSEBS AVANTED. F OR NEW WORKS —HOME BOOK OF WONDERS and Family Photograph Bible. For terms, address A. BRAINARD, Hartford Conn. (aplT-lm) Standard Life Insurance Company PURELY MUTUAL All Profits belong to Policy Holders. Policies not forfeited by nonpayment of l'rcmliiiu*. Active, Eiicrsjetle AcenU \Wanted on liberal term* or Commission. Apply to O. O. HROST, State Agentl, Albany, N. Y ROVAL HAVANA Of Cuba, conducted by the Spanish Government; $8S4,- 000 in gold drawn every seventeen dayo. Prizes cashed and information furnished. The highest rates paid for Doubloons anil all kinds of Gold and Silver. TAYLOR * 00., Bankers, No. 11,, Wall Street, New York. DEVEHEAIJX, THOMPSON & CO., 82 Oedar Street, New Turk. A. P . D,EVElt£A,tJX & CO., S Central Street, Boston. Sole Manufacturers of the KUDDICK STEAM ENGINE, The most Compact, the'Simplest and tlue Cheapest in this country or aDroad. Ihe rated power and the best workmansklp guaran- teed, Circulars and prlca list on application. (de24-6m) PIUIJF PHILLIPS & CO., NO. ST UNION SQUARE, BROADWAY, NEW TORK. Wholesale and retail dealiers in SMUTH'S VNHIYAZijEV AMERICAN ORGANS'. Also manufacturers of Superior Pianos and Publishers of Sunday School Music. Send for Circular. (fe25-8m) G. & H. MABEMOBE, PIANO FORTE MANUFACTURERS WARE-ROOMS, 34S BLliKOKER ST., N. Y., 33 Year*' Established, and 27 Prize Medals Awarded. Our Piano Fortes are now unlverBallly acknowltdged by the most distinguished artists to be :the BEST manu- factured, and wherever they have been introduced and used, we are now required to say one 1 word in their fa- vor, their excellence stands pre-eminently to those of oth- er makers ; and from the great success 1 achieved and lni-' provements made by us in the last thirty years, we can afford to sell a first class Piano Forte alt $100 to $150 less than a similar one can be bought elsewfhere. |3g~ Every Piano warranted for 5 years, and to give satisfaction. Our Pianos are made to last, the materials used for ev- ry part are thoroughly seasoned, andl of ths very best quality that can be procured. No parti is slighted ; what the public eye might pass over never escapes our vigi- lance. Every part, inside- and out, ia Honestly, faithfully and thoroughly made, so that it will bear the most minute inspection. They differ from the loud, course tone of most Pianos (which is bad in the beginning 1 and grow3 worse every day,) inasmuch as it is relfined and delicate, pure in its vibrations, delightful In its singing capacity, and has all the power necessary to poducu every desired effect. They are without doubt, the best, the most last- ing and consequently the cheapest. We are content with a fair profit. Our prices, range 1 from $300 to $S00. ESTABLISHMENT IN THE 3. -~St. VAKIAN dc SON, (Successors to F. B. JBaldvnn.) Clothing and Furnishing House TO and T2 Bowery, near Canal S|t., New York. We are now ready to offer our Spring Stock of Ready made-Clothing, ^lie largest assortment, of best quality, and recent manufacture, atlow prices!. Custom Department well stocked with latest styles of Cassimeres, Yes.tlngs, &c. Large and Elegant Assort- ment of Youth's and Children's Cloihllng. Furnishing.Goods in great variety, Underwear, Ho- siery, Gloves, &c. Particular attention paid to the manufacture of Milita- ry Clothing. Constantly on hand a full assortment of Epauletis, Swords, Belts, Shoulder Strjaps.ic. (mh24-lm) Thomson's Crown Crinolines . Are charming for Lightness. Thomson's Crown Crinolines Are superior for Elasticity. Thomson's Crown Crinolines Are unequalled for Durability. Thomson's Crown Crinolines In a word are the best in the world, and more widely known toan any other. At wholesale by THOMSON, LANGDON & CO. [mh81-8m] 891 Broadway, New York, HOWE'S STANDARD SCALES Every description of Scale, warranted to give satisfac- tion. Send for Catalogue and. Circular. Second Hand Scales of other makers, taken in parti pay for oars, for sale cheap. HOWE SOAIJE OO.j 3 Park Place, New York. (mhSl-Sm) 131 Federal Street, Boston. Knowledge is Power Thatfact induces the offering of a FIIEK TRIAL to all. We know the CELEBRATED AURORA OIL! With a fair test, will prove to thousands, as it has to hundreds who arc now using It, a faif preferable Oil to anything heretofore used. Therefore, we cordially invite every one to cast off all prejudices and without regard to misrepresentations of Interested parties, to BRINK •» » - STOSM* IHMB LAMPS A*r» XRyMFBEE if aU'wlli ao so there will soon be!» greater\ruslf than ever for the same. Only S»€> cents, a GJ-allon, 'AT '• '• •\ HIGBEB * McOOY. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Now, Norel, Elegant. DR. I. W. LYON'8 TOOTH TABLETS, For Cleansing and Preserving tlit Teeth. Recommend- ed by the first DentUts. Sold by all Druggists. Price CO cents. Or lent by mail, 60 cents. OlBce.llDey rt.,-N. Y. (mh24-Sm) NEW ETMEDICAt BOOK, JEI On Diseases of Imprudence, Error* or Youth, and Mal- adies of Women—sent free, under seal, by enclosing a Biamp to Or. LAWRENCE, Station P., N. Y. QmhlMy) CATARRH. A TREATISE on Catarrh, its Causei and Effects on Health, Head, Memory, Lungs, Throat, Breath—senses ol Smell, Taste, Hearing, and alght-by DR. ROWB, Ed- itor New York Lancet. Sent free on receipt of Ten Cents Address Dr. ROWE, 27 East Twentieth.street, New York. lmhlT-Sm) T HE CHURCH UNION, The Freest Organ or thought In the World, The Xargest JSeZigions Paper in Via World, tratrag- ing 9 Columns of Heading Matter iacli iced mor'ethan any other competitor. • It alms to lead public opinion upon all subjects, and to represent or echo the sentiments of no party or sect. Terms per year 1 2 50 Terms to Agents, I for each subscriber)... 1 00 PREMIUMS: A Sewing Machine, worth $55, for 25 subscribers and $61.50. Agents may choose their machines. A Gold Watch, Ameilcan Watch Co., worth $125, forSS names. Silver Watch for 20 names. Silver Wutco for 15 names. 10 quart Bottles Woodwork's Violet Ink, for 10 Subscrib- ers and #25. The Church Union is the only paper that publishes Henry Wari Beecher's Sermons, which it does each week, publishing the morning or evening Sermon of the Sunday preceding. Send for a specimen copv, enclos- Ingten cents. Address, HENRY E. CHILD, • Publisher, 9 Beekman St., New York City. ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY, OF CC1RA, Conducted by the Spanish Government. »890,000 IN GOLD DRAWN EYBRY IT DAYS. Prizes Cashed and information furnished. The high- est rates paid for Doubloons und all kinds of Gold and Sliver. TAYLOR & CO., Bankers, (apT-Sm) No. 16 Wall St., New Yorfc STIMPSON'S SCIENTIFIC PEN, 1 doz. Pens (assorted points) and Ink Retaining Hold- er mailed prepared, on receipt of £0 cents. A. B. BARNES & CO., New York. The Life of.—A'new and Btadard work by Hon. J. T. Headley, the popular historian, in one handsome volume. Agents wanted everywhere to sell this. Also the History of our Navy in the Rebel- lion ; Grant and Sherman and their Generals, (English and German), and three other standard works by 5 the same author ; the best chance ever offered men and wo- men to make money. E. B. TREAT & Co., Publishers, 654 Broadway, New York. L ADIES AND GENTLEMEN EMPLOYED—Picture business ; very profitable; no risk. Seventeen specimen pictures and catalogues sent for 20 cents ; twice as many, 80 cents. HANSON LENG, 94 \Columbia St., New York, j « AGENTS WANTED, both male and female.—To sell on Commission our stock of Dry and Fancy Goods, Silver Plated Ware, Cutlery, Ac, Unsurpassed Inducements of- fered. Circulars sent free. Address JAMES, RICH- ARDS & CO.,No. 1 Merchants Row, Boston, Mass. PER DAY, Sure.—No money in advance. Agts. 3p wanted everywhere to sell our Patent Everiast- ing Metallic Clothes Lines. Address the American .Wlro Co., 162 Broadway, N. Y., or 16 Dearborn St., Chicago, Illinois. WE ARE COMINGS And will present to any person sending us a club in Our great $1 sale of Dry and Fancy Gr O O I> S , A piece of Sheeting, Watch, Silk DreBs Pattern,'Ac, FREE OF COST. Our inducements during tlie past few years have been large. . WE NOW POITBIiE OUR PREMIUMS CSOur lriends will readily notice our presents 1 for 80 and CO Clubs are now more than equal in value to Clubs of 60 and 100 respectively, of other firms. HfPlease examine. Any person ordering either of the clubs named below, can have their selections of premiums enumerated, cor- responding to the size of the Club, FREE OF »1 Tor a Club of 80, ($8)—One of the following artlolei: Delaine dress pattern, fancy colored bed-spread, 100 view Turkey Morocco album, 20 yards sheetings, striped cashmere delaine dress pattern, honeycomb quilt, all wool square shawl, set solid gold bosom studs, all wool fancy cashmere pants and vest pattern, gent's hair and guard chain, gold trimmings, silver plated chased batter dish, silver plated 5 bottle revolving castor on feet, set superior ateel bladed knives and forks, worsted prom- enade shawl, ladies long gold plated chain, ladles' dou- ble gold ring, gents'heavy chased solid gold, ring, solid black walnut work box or*writing desk, extra quality bal- moral skirt, set jewelry and sleeve buttons to match., vi- olin and bow, gent's cardigan jacket, splendid ebony D flute, ivory trimmings, superior Turkey Morocco travel- ing bags, ladies high cut balmoral boots. • ! For a Club of 60, (6,)—One of the following articles:— Black or colored alpaca dress pattern, poplin dress ipnt- tern, one piece bleached or brown sheeting, engraved sil- ver plated 6 bottle revolving castor, 8% yards superior cashmere for pants and vest patterns, extra honeycomb quilt, two fancy colored bed spreads, pair gent's calf boots, 4 yds. farmer's good wool frocking, fancy cash- mere plaid dress pattern, best quality balmoral skirt, rosewood brass alarm clock, ladies all wool cloak pat- tern, silver plated calto or* card basket, fur muff or cape, Jadie3 fashionable wool double shawl, splendid olaiped family bible 0x12,record pane, and engravings ; 8|yd« double width water proof cloaking, set ivory handfe knives, with sliver plated forks, one set lace curtain.' For a club of 100 ($10)—One of the following articles: i yds double width cloaking or coating, 2 large fine blea. table covers, with one d'.z large sized dinner napkins to match, 25 yds. splendid hemp carpeting, good colors, ex- tra quality black or alpacca dress patterns, one large piece superior quality extra width sheeting, pair gint's calf boots best quality, silver hunting cased patent lever watch, one doz. ivory handled steel bUded Icnires and forks, silver plated engraved C bottle revolving caitor, with cutgiasi bottles,-sple'ndid. .Violin box annd bow, complete, single barrel shot-gun, Bacon's tlx-barrel re- volver, pair superior white wool blankc^i, nice fur muff and cape, silver plated engraved Ice pitcher; with salver, 1% yds. ail wool fancy cashmere for suit, 1 doz. Kogers' best silver plated forks, common sense sewing and {em- broidering machine, two heavy honeycomb quilts, splen- did family Bible, record and photograph page. I For larger Clubs the value increases In the tame'ra- tio. • i Catalogue of Goods and Sample sent to any address free; Address ' ALLEN, HAWES * Co., I ' Wholeial* dealers in French, German and Engllih Dry , »nd rancy Goods, Cutlery, Plated Ware,. Alburai, .. Leather Goods, Ac. No.15 federal St. Boston. I P. O. Box C. [apT-2m) A N1W BOOK onParalyili, Htii.abd.Menr.oua Dis- eases, with their mccceiilul treatment, lent, free by enclosing Stamp to . Dr. LOOIS, 802 East 28th St.; New York. G*t the Rest! .10,000-.Wprdi and Meaning not In oth- er Dictionaries. JL necea»lty to ey- erylntelllgentfami- ly, student * teach- er. What library M complete withont the belt English Dlctipnery? ; Published by G. * C. MERKIAM, Springfield, M-.su. Sold every where. ^j^ BIT \Superior In most reipecti, to any other English Dictionary known to me.\—Bon. Qe». P. Marsh. . 1868. THE 18OS. Northern TransportationCo Of Olxio. . '. This well known Company will, during the present sea- son of : navigation, run FIFTEEN FIRST CLASS STEAMERS REGULARLY, BETWEEN t Osdenaburg, Oswego, Cleveland, Toled* DETKOIT, GLEN ABBOR, MILWAUKEE, CHICAGO AND INTERMEDIATE PORTS. leaving Ogdensburg Dally, for Lake Erie Ports, oh'ar- rival of the Mail Train from the East; and Tri-Week- ly,—Monday, Wednesday, and Friday,—for Lake Michigan Ports. [ |y These Steamers make regular connections at Og- densburg with the Ogdensburg * Lake Champlaln II. It. j and Vermont Central Line for Boston and all points East. At Western Lake ports with Railroad and Canal Linei,for all points South, West and Northwest, making It the favorite route for Passengers and Freight, as there is but ONE TRANSHIPMENT between Boston and Chicago. @r~The Steamers are provided with large Cabins and Stateroom!, elegantly furnished, for the accommodation of first Class Passengers and comfortable Second Class Cabins provided with Berths and Cook Stoves for 'Pas- sengers and Families desiring to furnish, their own pro- vislofls.Ac. t3T*There Is no change of Steamer between Ogdens- burg and Chicago, thereby making it the cheapest and best route for Passengers moving with their Goods, Stock, See., as they avoid ferriage, cartage, hotel bills, and numerous other expenses, as well as damage to their pronerty'by rough handling, . S5y*First Class Tickets Include Meals and Staterooms. SSB^Rates ofif assage and Weight lower than by any ttther route. ESy^Baggage Checked through to destination. AGENTS: JNO. HOOKING, No. 1 State Street, Boston. W. B. BUCKLEY, Cape Vincent, N. Y. . CHAS. ALLISON, Oswego, N. T. FRENCH, OHILD3 4 CO., Cleveland.O. : W. T. WALKER & CO., Toledo, O. ; N. J. RODIER. Detroit, M Ich. O. J. HALE & CO., Milwaukee, Wis. N. J. HOWE * CO., Chicago, 111; GUO. A. EDDY, Agent,. Ogdensburg, N. Y. GEO. W. SMITH, Gen'l Ticket Agent, H. J. GOO UNO, Passenger Agent, Office, cor. Ford and PattersonSts., Ogdensburg. (apld'£w7m) REDUCED! Grand Trunk Railway LINE OF STEAMEES Summer Arrangement. 1868 Great Express Line to the West, 186 8 VIA THE H3TGRAND TRUNK RAILWAY.®! Sax-nia. of Steamers, BKTWEEN j SABNIA AND NOBTI1PORT,! MACKINAW, SHEBOYGAN, j • Milwa.Ti.lcee, Chicago. AND AIL LAKE MICHIGAN PORTS. I From Three to Jour Days Time Saved over- any Pther Water Route i_'; Faie $14 First CUM j $.T Second! CIMS OCSBNSBYTRGH, OHI0AGO, MILWAUKEE, SHEBOYGAN, and ill Laki Michigan Ports. - * ISf\ CTemln tc Berths Included on Steam- ergon all first Cl;iss Tickets. | The following Splendid, Low Pressure Passenger Steam- ers wlllform'the line during the season of 18CS: • . B. F . Wade C»pt. Gillies! Cltr ofFremont Capt. M. Barret; iJTIOOtgomery...... i. .Capt. 1 B. Nicholson; Sun\. ,,...C»pt. R.A,Jone«i To connect with one of the above Steamers, Pal gers will leave Ogdensburg on Mondays, Wednesdays »nd Frid»y», via Grand Trunk Ballirmy. .• ,- j •The ratei bjrthlB line ire cheaper than by an j other water route and from three to four days ihorter between Ogdensburg and Chicago or Milwaukee, with only] one change, which ii made direct from the cars to the boat. No Omnibus, Cartage or Dockage on the route. t Particular attention paid to Families moving West—a train running for tbeir special benefit, which carries Pasaengera, Hortea, Wagon', Furniture, and all descrip- tion of Household Goods, Extra Baggage, ;*c, connect-' ing atSarnlaas above aUted, with their line of Steamers. C. I. BALDWIN, Agent, Ogdensburg, ) . - General Union Ticket Office, State St. 0. J. BRYDGK8, Managing Director, Mo.treal. » '•: H. SHAOKBM,, O. P. A., G. T . K»Un»Jr.; . , ti- (ap»a*wtf) \ — LJZT i—^ ? ^»^ I »JA»*&J U J.^-\ PLAIN RAILROAD. '••'• 186*. Change or Time. '1888/ ' WINTER ARRAN&SssiENT.'\'\ ' TWO TRAINS DAILT(Suiidaps. EeisepUd.) On and' after Monday 1 , March 23, trains will run as follows-: •'•'•- -V- I .. \ • • 1st—IHRQTJftll #an,. •>\! i Leave Ogdensburgh at, 11.30 A.M,, (dine at Maloh»' arrive afRouse's Point a.t 5.80\ P. it, connecting wltn Vt. Central Night Expresa,for East and South, arriving in JBpston at 8:80 A..»!., Springfield '6:40 A. ML, ? and via R. A B. Road for Troy, Albany, and arrive In Hew York at 10:15 A.' 'M. ; 2d—BOSTON AND NEW YORK EXPRESS. •• Leaves Ogdensburgh at 4:10 P.M., lodge at Malone,\ arrive at Rouses Point a* 10:85 A. &!., connecting with Vermont Central R.R. Day Express, Tor Burlington, Cen- cOrd, Nashua, Lowell, arrive in Boston 10:80 P. M. .; or> via R. & B. R. R., for Rutland, Troy, Albany' and New JTork, via H. U. K. R. RETURNING; Leave New York 8:50 P. ML, Troy 10:00 P. M., Rutland 1:20 A. M. Iiurlington. 4:85 A.H; • Bos- ton 5:00 P. SI., Rouse's, Point ,7:15 A. Bl,, arriye at Ogdensburgh at 12:00 f. II. Connecting at Wooer's Junction with trains Trom Pla'tsburgh; at Potsdam Junc- tion with tt., W. 4 O. R. R. for Watertown, Roma and West; also with Stages for Massena Springs ;. arid at-Og- densburg with trains of S», W. & O. R. R. for South and West; with Grand Trunk and Ottawa Railways for West and \North. ...\ Also, leave Rutland 6:00 A. M., Nerthfleld S:00 X.M., Bnrlington.9:50 A. JIL, Houses. J?oin'vl:80 E. M., airive : at Ogdensburgh at 7:15 P. aL \ ' \ ' . D.W.-O. BROlVNj ' Superintendent, Snpt'B Office, OgdeHSburg, March 28, Ig68, GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY i - • • . ' i * ' , , Nlasara Fall* and Snspeniilon Brjdhx* ' THREE EXPRESS TRAIN8 • Leave Suspension Bridge/'Hamilton andTorpntfl, daily, (Sundays excepted,) on arrival .of Trains from the East for DETROIT, CHICAGO, ffllLWAUKEE, all points West. Trains leave Ogdensburgh, .via Rome,, Watertown and, Express Train leaves OgdenBburgh 4:00 P. M:, Rome 9:10, Niagara Falls and Suspension Br. 6:50 A.; M., De- troit, 6 P. SI., arriving at Chicago 6:00 A. M., mak- ing close connections with all trains South, West and Northwest. ' '• .. This is the Shortest, Cheapest and most reliable rout; to the Great West. Ask for Tickets via Great WestSrn Railway, which can Be obtained at all the principal Ticket Offices in the Dnited States-and Canada. JABIEB SIMONDS, Agent, 'Ogdensburgli, N. Y. T. N. DERBY, Traveling Agent, Ogd'h, N. Y. , TH0S. 8WINYAHD, Gen. .Manager, Hamilton, Ont;- JAMES ClIiKLTON, General Agent, Hamilton. Oht. uyedensburgh. May 10,1867. (jiaftwtr) CHANGE '01' TIME ON THE 1CAG GK.AND TK.1TNK lOOO KAItWAY. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. Tiirough to Ohiungo in 88 hours, being 12iiottrs .quicker than by any other route. , ' lVains leave .ITescott Junction, opposite Ogflans- ourgh, as follows, vis: . FOE TEE WBS2. • i Chicago Day Express .3.OOP.'ili • Accommodation \..-....'5.15 P. Mi . Chicago Nightt Express 3.00 A. M. IOR THE EAST. -• ' Morning Express 6.43 A, Mi local , 11.15 A. H w Evening ExpreBH - '... 5.1S.P. oJ. GST\ Through Tickets for saleat the General ^Unien Office, Old Ogdenaburgh Bank Building, State Street. • OH'AS,.' I. BALDWIN,' Agent, O. J. BBYDGE3, • \ Ogdensburghy N. T. JlsnaglngDirector. , . .' S. ,P. BEACH,,-. (del4d&wtf) General Agent. New YorkjOlt?. BSIPKESiS CO. , And, OBSNZr, FISKS & CO'S Connects daily witli all tlie Cltle» tUe XTitlted States auil Canada. Time from New York, 24 Hours. ' • Time from Boston 17 hours. \ . . All expresses in charge of safe and trust;- Messenger!. Orders for the purchase of goods in the, cities especially solicited and promptly attended to. Office In Seymour Home Building, OgdenBburgh. fl. T. SHBiS. R. H, HOUSTON, Nos. 2, and 8 Tord Stirsot, Opposite tUcBrldce Oedousbnreli, IV. S0OOE88OR TO SlttWEM * HOUSTON, Wliolesale —•Minn nr— Grrocenes, Wines <fe Li Croelcei'y,. Coirdag-e autl \ I will keep on hand at all timeB B la:-^e J and sei B tockof JPamily Groceries which, .will.be'.fio ... the' •It L • \ - -. ' tOWEST MARKET PRICE. Having had the experience of byei 1 flfteeri year thoijs 1 iiusiness, 1 feel confident in givingi'atis*action 'to' who inay favor me with their patronage... '• BITI liave also .the Agency o( Smith's oetobratou jjOhlb Whiskey and JHighwineS. ' ' • ,1 . ! Oasli Paid tor Ooiuit)^ frodiics, Good* Dellyered in Wnv par't of tbe VII- K. H.*HOUBIpjS' NOV. 1,1886. . , ,; v - BOAKD OF EDUCATION. \ P TJR3TJANT TO THE 22* SKCMON OF'CHAPTER 3SS,.of the laws of the StatepIJfewYprTc, passed' April 13,1857, entitled, \An act i n relation > to Schools and Academies, in the Village of QKdeiisbjirch.'l the •Board of Education hereby certifies'tis the. Board of Trnsteei.of'the-Village of Ogdensburgh, \that in OUR opinion .-.new school house to be located on jPordstreet, east of tliefiifm of Sjrs. Hull, is necessary forthe.apmi- mbn'schools under our charge; that the sum of $4,500 Ii requisite to to erect the bulldlhgand $500 to furnish the necessary apnurtneiiancts,thereto-, that we have .determinedtoat the building,fhalf.' be prectea of bricfc, «i>d t#6 itorieshigh, wlth : at least two. school rooins^', I DaWdlApril 7,,18«8. i. . ') <Mt N.',MBRRIAM} '• . Q i 8,Mi«HS,VilUge!Olerk s .», -, ' ^President * (ap9d&wlm) a g: ^pHn •at.7;45 A. SI.i, for Hurlingtoniand 8t«?Albans.T->.,#. , ACCOMMODATiOJSI TRAlS leaves jiorthfiela'at 8:00 A. M;,ror Burlington, Rutland^ St. AiBaan,. Boost's Pt., Ogd.erisburgh, &c. '. , , '••'., • NIG-ttT KXP^ESSleaves'B'ellbwBTPaUs/atH'.WP.M., receiving'pasgengers Xi-om .•Ve.i'mont.V.aUes41..1fc,Tle»vlng New York !itl2:lS\P: li:,'and from Ch'e\snlfePK:\R. leav- ing BoDton at-5:30. P;iJl..';« oodnectinB .,»tJVJpite f Kiver Junction with train leaving Boston .at 6:00 t. ,51., for Burlington, Rosise's Point;:and Ogaeusbni'gh',' Jcbnnect- ig with Grand.ffirunk Trains,for\the West.. ., Bleeping Carfare'attacfied'-'to-boih the-Nighi-'Express Trains running between St. Albans f anji, Boston; Had St. Albansand SpringQeid. \ ••,.'•• 'Through Ticketsifor Cbloago *nfl ithe'-'WeiWor.Sale at .the principal stations. ; , < t -n •••''•' $. siERBliiv Gen'f *Supt. B6. Albans, Vt,;;pe,c. i jj..l8a7 ; Xft] VERMONT CENTRA!, ; RAILROADS. WINTER AEEAHGEMHNT. CAY EXPMagB^-feavCTMOgden^DrirgS-ia' 6:80 iP. M. (lodge atMaloneJleave-T-SOA.MTjRbuse'« Potat\ 10:46 % A.. M., for Botton, Aeijarrivingln BoitonjTiaLoweU, :GHT ,EJORESS, leave»--.OgdenBburgh at\ 11:80 - A. a. 9 Rouse's^ c **oliit' \'at' 5;40 P. M.. »r- rlvlng.at Boston tSZSiiO' A. M., connecting at Bellows Fa'Us with Cheshlre'^allroidl.for.BoifcnandWorces- ^andwithjyermp), Valley ( Railroad. for Springfield', '4c'.', and arriving in New-Yorlrai?12:8'0i\PyM-»\^\ ] DAY EXPRESS'leaves Buston, Via towell! at' 8:00 Mi, for Burlitfgtonl St: Albaiia; *cS3;: < yjss. tea: ~j g^AlN^eaves Boston via Eowell at .7:00. A. M. •rence'and FitchljurgBat7;80\-A-; 'MiVSprlngflelc .MAIL viaLaw B. LOGBNSBGRGH i AtE:S0 A.SL, ExpreBfs, arriving.at .Bnrlipgton'it 1:80 P. II., Rutland ,4:15 I'. SJ., Troy. 9 P. M M leaving\ Troy at 10 P: M., witli steeping car, and atriveat' N'e'w York at 8:3.0, A..JM... .. .,. .,•/!> At 11.S0 A. M., Eipreos, for Trey and'KeiJ Torlt, with sleeping.car from-Sfc. ^Ibans-.to 3koyi arrivlEK^ln Troy at 4.40 A. 61., and New York at, lOiOO A. M., via the Hed- «on River Railroad. ' ..--•.-.•'Ot At 11.J30 A. 11., KxpviiBB tor. Boston,,arriving at Bar- igtoB^ by rail; at 8 SO P3i.',(with-Sleepin^ car from Bur- ngton) .an'd.arrlv£ in. .Boftton ^next; mdrciBgiat 6:£O o'clock; • , , . Or, Passengers bythel^SO'A, St. train cah^tflte one of tl)e LakeiChamplalnJteamers, MQ arriylug.at^Eonse'B PoiAt, get supper on board, pass through ''the mostpieaQ- a-nt.-partot.th'elittke, touch.atPJattsfiurgh,-and arrivo at Burlhigton in time'to connect, WITHptTi 1 FAIL, with tBe'10:00 P.- M.BxpresB Train for Boston, (with ileeping For tickets or lnforma^aoD apply to Ticket Office, Og- Bensbrirgh'R; R. Depot, or.of OHai. E'Baia*ia,eo. T. R. Ticket Office, State street, or T. N. Derby, G.. W-...IL Tlok- et Office, State street, opposite Seymour Uotfse. : f&? Baggage checked through from Ogdensbuxgh. • •.-• • n.ra em. A' MERRTXl,, Supt. J. T. CHURCH, Sen. Agt., Ogdensburgh. May22il86T. ,:•. • , , • * NORTHERN (NEW ... .. RAILROAD. , j< Tra^ps.leave White River Junction .for Concord,»Nash- ua; Groton Junction, Worcieirter, pToyldehc»i'\towell ) Boston, &c., at 1:15 A, M., 1?:15 and B:lS,Pi .M.,or.;|On : ar- rival of trains from Ogdensbufgh and'Montfeal;.\'\ Leave GoncorJ for Ogdensburgh and Montreal:at 10:80 A. 11., and 8:15 P. SI., or on arrival of trains from Bos- ton, Worc!ester,'&c; ' •\ s ' \'\\ Trains over .this Road are run .daily in connectioc with trains over the Ogdensburgli Boad, carrying~JPassen- gers and Freight 'tovanu :from.;the West,; Ogdensbnrgh, Montreal, aad Manchester, Nashua, Worcester,;.Provi- dence, Lowell, Lawrence; Boston,- •Portsmouth, Portland and the East,and all Intermediate points. OKStOW STEAKNSY Agent. •Jf AC1F1O IflA.II., STEAMSHIP, CO'S, 'Through Line • To California, China and Japan. TOUCHING AT MEXICAN PORTS; AND CARKylNG THE O. 8: WAILS: '••• * ' - . Through to Califorina to Kwenty?Two l)ayi. r gteamsiiips on theAtlariiic: Connecting on Pacliewitlj ARIZONA, ._ : HENRY CHAUNOBY, NEW r Y6RE,\ OCEAN QUBBKf, ••. NORTHEHN'LIGHT, QOIiftRAUOi, - •• CONSTITUTION, GOliDEr* iDITY;' 1 SAORAMBN.TO,r!| GOE'DEN AGE, COSTARICA,.. ! , M0i\]I!ANA» :, One of the above large and splendid steamships will leave-pier N6.-.42 Norta Riverj-foot'of Canil\8treet at .12 noon, qn the, 1st,- 9,thj 16th»^nd 24th:of every^onth, Xexcepfwlien'those \dates fall'ori Sundayj'ahd then on the.preceding.Saturjiay^ifgr Aspinwall, connecting, via Panama Railway with, one of the Company's Steamships from Panama for San. Francisco, touching <at Acapulco. Dep»rt,ures,of the, 1st and 21st connect at Panama «/th tes^ersfor:'South Pacific Ports.' Thoseoflst touch HanjBanillo.; i . . . t : .r. . i. . -i; . : _ Departure of Jltheacli month connects, w,ith the new steam lineffom' Panama to 1 Australia anai< Newiealand. >Steamer of May 9, connects closely at,San^rj»iici$co with steamer Great Republic; leivliig .fine 8,1668, for Japan and China. One Hundred\ Pounds Baggage, allowed to each adult. Baggage-masters accompany baggage throu h, and at tend to ladies and childrenwithout male, prottctws. Bag gagereceived on the docttheday'before' Bailing, from steamboats, railroads, an4S>.assengers who pjrefervto send down early. j • \ ! An experiencedsurgedn-on board. • Meaic&e and at- tendance free. . . . • For passage tickets orfurther information', apply at the Oomp.any's,acketoffice, on,J.hewharf,foot/of Banlel St., North River, New York. ' (jyldly). I -•'•> ••• • •P. R.BABT,*Agent. 186T-8. Oswego and Syracuse Railroad in connection with'the New York Central K.' E. Nov.. 25, 186?. Direct route-.to . , ' - \:. •' ' '.-J: :••••- -o.H.V TOI<£»O tST 1 ' alt Jp'olnts -Wesr and South Trajns lea-ve.OguensD.urgh.atS.jPi M.,^vrlve »t O.Bwego at9 P. Si.\ Leave Oswego at 5:50 P. Si.-, arrive at'Ogdens burgh, at:l:05A.M. ,i-. • • ' • -, r > • :• , Leave Oswego 9 A. M.,.Fnltqn 9:35 A. If., Lamsons 9:69 ' 'A. M,, Baldwinsville 10:17 A.a.'.'arriveatSyraouse leave Osvreg'o <i V. M. ', Fulton 2:84 P'. 'il., I;ams6ns 2:59 .: E. M.,tl5aldjrinsville;8:17J?.: M.. arrive;at Syracuse 355 P M d with SracuseBin 3:55 P. M., connecting with { ! aiid New Yort R T B. «i-'Mn'\ Tracuse, Blnghampton -•- L '~ •• \\-\iaiip 1 - 1 - . *p, Baltimore and>all points South., . • iV'i'i leave Oswego 6'P.W.,' Fulton 6:80 P. tf .TiamBbna 6:S2 2. St , BaidwinsviUei 7:0I:P: lfc t arrive atiSjraeuse 8PM • • wtoutosse \Z Leav.e,Syracuse,6:45 A- M- ;• S-,S5.E,Mv; .7:20^.^, Arrive ai Oswego 8:35 A. M ; 4:35'P. M. ; &:10 P. M. • ^\Through; Tiotetsfor sale atithe'GinfWOi for all points West and South West. , - - ' *-••»' * w • WiB? Ticke,t..Agent;.; ; , r , ROME, W iVlN AKDOGBENS- : RR;\ • rv BPKGI*,: R.R; rv 186*; \ WIRTER- AB&AN&ilMIiNi?- f ^5l'6 . pn>and>afLer Monasiy, Nov. 25.-1S67, and; until further notice, P'aSsenger'Traihs will run'oh'this Itoad*as fol- ^ows.CSundays excei>ted',) 'J •. 5 Ii , EXPRESS MAIL. - fieave Oga'eb6tegh''7:40'£* . ' 7:00, arrive at.WaMrtoitn 11:05^. U., . connecting \at Rome witli 'New York\ Trains foriall'polhM Ecu, and West,/arg 8:50.P»M\ Albany 8:80 P.llW&oy .8:.40P.A»._,. I\ vi \ >•'•• NBAV YOHE'BXPRKSS.\ •*•>>• ,1 Leave ..Ogdeneburgh. . at 2:00 P.. ..M.,:,-an.(i : Pot«- ilaia Junction 1:25 P i tt., arrive ' ii WafertcwB 5a8a?.M.,i(20mlnute\s;fbr Supper,) iOswego..9:00jJP. it, Some 9:10 P . M., mica 10:05 P. 51., Albiuiy J.^40 A. M., New, Yofk; J 7:00 A. &t ^Syracuse 12:30*'M.,'-ll»'eliester^ 8:45iA.ll., Buffalo 6:'10, 1 A.M,.8uspensJpp i Sr i f;j)p,A. M. New and elegant Sleeping Car attached tb^this'train at - Watertown ,»nd run! through to New Sork:i'jRithout change. .-. v. * 'Close connectSons-maaeat' 'Buffalo an3 Suspension Br. for.Ghicago.andall.flpintsjWeat.,. ., , r-,: , ..,•••> •-•' -'• ' \\ ''RBTnRNDKJ: ' *'!'\ -RBTnRNDKJ: ! j ieavedHew.yofk.atS0thiStreet:Iiep6t s .8:00AVi|I., ar- rive at Ogdensbttrgh 1:05, A. M., Potsdam. Junction l:40-5L-'«e---••'•• •\ ; '•'•• ''\'- ''•• • •-'•'- Z*l» NYk t 30tl Stt Dt «30 EM l:405L«e {••Leave New.^York at 30tli Street Depot, «:30- E.,M., ar- rive at bgdensbui'gh 12:20 P. 81., Potsdam Junction 12:35 P. M. Sleeeping Oar attached; tojihii^aJn and runa through to Wat«rtoj?n without change. y Bare as lowand.tlme quicker than by any,ether route. ^ Bagpawjoheeied'thrbngh.'' .•;;•• wy , A' • )• . ADDISON BAT, .Gen'lSupt H. T. KtAEY 1 , Gefi.Tlciiet Agefit. - \ \\'Iflfir]

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