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THE JOURNAL. uWWrtee- Gents, Single COVT' Bntlar as The President's counsel and his friends, who started off in the impeachment trial with the avowed intention of beating the House impeach- ment managers out of sight, are now complain- ing that Butler is a bully. The limes is \per- fectly shocked\ at the conduct of General B towards »'Mr. Stanbery whose nature forbids him even under such circumstances to offer any thing beyond the retort courteous.\ This very meek Stanbery was the first to •how anything ungentlemanly upon this trial losing his temper and saying some naughty things, but like a good many others, it appears that he woke up the wrong passenger. General Butler has plied him with his own weapons so continuously as to \make him sick.\ Of course it wag to be expected that those engaged in de- fending Mr. Johnson's many coarse and vulgar harranguca while \swinging 'round the circle,' would turn up. their noses at blunt Benjamin P, Butler, yet few anticipated hearing them, so soon, cry peccavi on the bully business. Mr. Johnson is arraigned on a criminal charge, and it must be expected that the trial will be con- ducted more or less after the fashion of criminal trials. He set out not only to bully Congress, but to overthrow the laws and the Constitution. If - Gen. Butler succeeds in punishing him for his many and oft repeated offences, the people will not complain of the badgering he has been com- pelled in self defence to inflict on Stanbery and his. associates, but will say \bully for General Butler.\ . s» — Th» Impeachment Trial. The impeachment trial proceeded on the 15th, notwithstanding the illness of Mr. Stanbery. The evidence was mostly documentary. A list of appointments of officers ad interim made since the organization of the Government was offered and admitted. All of the appointments, however, proved to have been made prior to the passage of the Tenure of Office act which Mr. Johnson is arraigned for breaking,, and are, therefore, irrelevant. Gol. Moore, the President's Private Secretary was recalled and examined. Witness had in his hand a paper containing the nomination of Thomas Ewing for Secretary of War, which he awore the President handed him on the 22nd day of February, but which was dated on the 21st. Witness testified that he, by the President's di- rection, carried it to the Senate, but found that body had adjourned, and carried it back to the Executive Mansion. On cross examination he swore it was in a sealed envelope. Documents from the Navy Department showing the practice which had prevailed in that Depart- ment in respect to removals, were put in. Also Buchanan's message to the Senate relating to the resignation of Secretary Floyd. At this point Mr. Curtis sail they had com- pleted their documentary evidence as far as they were then aware, and the court adjourned. Another \Joke The New York Times says: \In the investi- gation of certain political frauds in the Pennsyl- vania Legislature, Rev. Thomas Tracy, a priest of Clearfield, testified that ho paid a man named O'Meara |500 to leave the State while the in- quiry was going on, in order that he might Dot appear as a witness; and that he did this at the instance of Senator Wallace, Chairman of the Democratic State Committee. There are sever- al disgraceful features, of this transaction—not the least of which is that a Priest should have been found willing to make himself a party to •o base an act.\ _«. The McOee Assassination. The New York Herald Ottawa correspondent, writing from Ottawa on Saturday morning, says: \Your clever detective, Cullen, in moving about McKenna'a saloon, on Sparks street, nearly oppo- site the scene of the murder, found out that the adjoining house, or part of it, was untenanted, and that it had been so for the past month—all the doors, front or otherwise, being, strange to say, constantly open. On the night of the mur- der Whelan was at McKenna'a, and this morning, when the detective was examining the vacant premises, he .discovered in the snow oh the back stairs, the track of a man having gone up, an- other having, gone down the stairs. There were only those two tracks: The boot marks in both corresponded in size, exactly, and both fitted to a nicety the boots which the prisoner wore on the night of the murder. When the detective sent to Whelan' in the jail this morning to procure his boots, he sighed and said they were not the boots lie wore on the night the murder was committed, but that he wore a heavier pair, which were at 3f ike Starr's tavern, where he lodged. On the supposition that Whelan committed the murder and then stepped across the street, through the vacant house next to McKsnna's, and thence on to Wellington street, his sudden and mysterious disappearance after the murder would 1 be easily accounted for. A minute or two afterwards he was conversing at the Russell House corner. He did not express the least curiosity when told McGee had been murdered, but hurried home- There !B hardly a shadow of doubt now remain- ing on the minds of the authorities that Whelan 3* the murderer.\ far-Voting on the new Constitution of South Carolina began On Tuesday, 14th. i [front the Toledo Blade. 1 NASBY. A, very particular' Law Suit at the Corners — Pollock vs. Bigler — the Wttnettes Subpanaed and the way the Dispute was Settled. POSTOnriOXjOOMFXDBXTXBOAOS, } (wich Is In the Staltur Kentucky,) 1 April 2,1868. - 1 The Comers is continyoolly eggsited. Scarce- ly does one fever git herself allayed afore an- other is set a goinl^ and the result is the .com- munity is kept la bilen perpetooally. There aint nothin like peece here. Fertickelerly does this occur when Bascom runs short. His barrels contain the troo oil wich flows onto the troubled waters uv our passions, and when them is out there's a rainatoor Topbetto wunst • The last eggscifement wuz probably the most pekoolyer that ever happened to - enny people, tho it wuz nothin more \than cood be expected to grow out uv the altered relashens uv the races to each other. It wuz one uv the legacies left us by the tyrant Linkin, and by no means the least uv em. Under the old patriarkle system, it wuz the custom uv the niggers to go by the name uv their truly patriarkle masters, wich was nessary, and not only nessary but proper. Onto every plantashun there wood be Ceuscrs, Hapnibals and Pompeys, andl the only way to distinguish em wuz to call em Ceeser Pogram, Hannibal Gavitt, et settry. This anserd well ez long ez they wuz in a state uv scriptooral servitood indeed, the proudl Caucashen masters rather liked it than otherwise, ez the frekency with wich their names wuz called indikated the ex tent uv their possessions. But since these cusses hev sot up fur themselves, it aint so pleasant. Now that they kin own property and perform all the functions uv men, the same ez any one else, it has become distasteful to the Corners. It is a isinglcr fact that the Corners hez discovered, since the niggers wuz set free, suthin they never 1 knowd afore, to wit: The niggers hez an odlor unlike the white. When they wuz slaves, and used to nuss em and play with em, and waited on em, and sicb, this odor wuz not perceptible. It hez developed since emancipashun. Jes so with ther names. In ther normal condishen it wuz well—since its a degradashun the Corners won't brook, no how. Deekin Pogram land Issaker Gavitpertikelerly chafed under it. The; mourned and lost flesh under the inflickshen. \To think,\ sed the Deekin, \uv a hundred niggers bearin the honored name uy Pogram!\ \To think,\ sed Isaaker Gayitt, \uv a hundred niggers bearin the illustrus name uv Gavitt!\ And so they pertishened the Leg- islacher at Frankfort to relieve em by passin a Jaw perhibitin niggers from bearin the name ur white men wich wuz their former masters. The fact leeked out and this imbrolyo wuz,the result. Pollock, the IUinoy storekeeper, wich is a dis- turber, immejitely sood Joe Bigler for a store debt, and hed him hauled up afore Squire Punt. Joe immejitely subpoenaed all the citizens uv the Corners ez witnesses, and hed em all in the Court room. \Come sed Deekin Pogram, \sware me and let me go. I don't know nothing about this matter anyhow.\ \Not yet,\ sed Bigler, \I hev other testimony wich I shel put it. Mr. Constable call Hannible Pogram.\ The Deekin started ez ef he hed bin shot. \And ez we kin save the valyooable time uv this Court by ewarin uv em in a lump, yoo may also call Pompey Pogram, Joolius Pogram,Ceeser Pogram, George Washington Pogram, (so named becoz, like the first G. W., he coodent tell a lie, wich is proof conclusive that he is a pure black and haint got no Pogram blood in his veins,) Mellissy Pogram, Abslum Pogram, Cleopatra Pogram, Paul Pogram, Marie Antynett Pogram, Bonaparte Pogram,Charles Wesley Pogram, Abel Jackson Po—\ \What does thisimean ?\ shreeked the Deekin, as: they filed into tue Court room. \Wat do yoo mean by bringin iuto this yer Court all these d d niggers ?\ \Wat dolmeanl?\ Wat diffrence is it to you ? They'r my witnesses—by these intelligent free- men I perpose to prove that yer Pollock is a perjered iliUain and a most unconshunable swindler.\ And he grinned at Pollock, who winked wick- edly at him in return. \And I,\ sed Polllock, \to save time, mite ez well hev my witnesses swore. Issaker Gavitt stand up.\ Iaaaker arose. \Now Mr. Constable, call Pompey Gavitt, Me- lindy Gavitt, Auguatus Gavitt, Petronella Gavitt, Lucyroes Gavitt, Abslum Gavitt, Moses Garitt, Judith Gavitt, Jefferson Gavitt, Adam Gavitt, Martha Washington Gavitt, Paskel Gav—\ \Am I to be swore with all these niggers ?\ roared Issaker, redl in the face. \Reely sed Squire Punt, \ I can't permit this.\ \But yoo must,?' sed Bigler. \Ez desprit a wretch ez is this Pollock, ez deeply ez ha hez wronged me, ez much ez I loathe, hate and des- pise him, he shel hev fair play-in a court of justis. Even shood he beet me and crush me neath the iron heel, I insist that he shel hev his rites. But the Squire had better swear mine first.\ And ez they generally don't like trouble with Bigler, the Squire, pale as a goat, fur he didn't know what wuz comin, swore the pile. \Now sed Bigler, \Ceeser Pogram stand up. Ceeser do yoo know the nacher uv an oath ?\ \Yes sah!\ ; \Who wuz yoor father, Ceeser?\ \Don't know, salh.\ ' ., \ \Is your mother-in the room, and hez shej bin sworn f\ \ ; . \Yes sah.\ \You may set down for the present. Will Mclissy Pogram arise ?\ ' • \Now Melissy, state to the Court the paternity UY yoor son.\ \I object,\ shreeked the Deekin. \Whathez that to do with youirowin Pollock store debt?\ \Is this yoor case?\ retorted Bigler. ,,\Are you defendant or plaintiff herein ? Melissy,- an- ser. No, Melissy, ion second thots, to spare* the blushes uv the Deekin—to cast the mantle uv oblivion over (he pecadiloesov his yooth—yoo needent answer. Do yoo want to cross-examine the witness Mr. Pollock?\ \No!\ returned ihe. \Lycurgua Gavitt, stand up. What rite hev yoo to bear the name uv Gavitt?\ \It wuz fadder'smame.\ \To wich pertikeler Gavitt dp yoo allood ?\ \The lately deceased Elder:\ \Then you are half brother to Issaker ?\ \Iis.\ ''You may sit down. I will state : to the court the objeck ur these questions, which without explanashen, may appear irrevclant.. Mr. Bigler and I agreed unanimously ez to how tibia soot should be conducted. Niggers alone knowd the coz uv different;* th»t unfortnitely ariz between us, and knowing that the pure African wuz un- worthy uvbeleef, ire determined to use only sich ez could show indisputable descent from good trustworthy Caucashen, citizens. Hence this preliminary eggsaminashun. We hev here nig- gers uv mixed blood from every plantashun in the naberhood, and we shel reject all who can't show mixed blood. Their evidence must be taken, for to doubt the word uv the sons and daughters uv such men wood be the heighth uv presumpshen, and an insult wich they wood be justified, in jcaentin.\ , , , ... \Pertinly sed Bigler, \and let's git sit It.-r- Bonaparte Pogram stand up.\ < 'Hold,\ sbriekt the Deekin, observin that Mrs. Pogram had just stepped into the room; ''how much is at ishoo in this yer soot ?\ \Ninety-one cents and • the costs that have acrood,\ sedPollock. ; \I'll pay it,\ remarkt the. Deekin, nervously, \ruther than have.this farce :go on. Don't, call no more uv me—don't;' • Here?s the money.\ \It can't be,\ sea Bigler, \Im bound to crush that Pollock.?' • ' > \Don't perceed—donV''yelled r P i unfcMcPelter and every other white man imtheToom, ez they notist their wives droppin.in.one. by, pn'e, \it's reely too small a matter—reely ,it is.\ ' , \Well sed Bigler, \ez there appears to be sich a yoonanimus desire therefor, I hev no ob- jecshen, on them terms, to forgivcPollock, and the cusses embraced in open court, while the Deekin, McPelter, and the rest uv em wuz a payin the niggers their witness fees. Ez they wuz a leaving the Court Roora,Bigler sung out: \Deekin ef you send on that petishen to Frankfort,. I shel send on a protest, provin that evry one uv the niggers who bear yoor name hev a nateral right to it. let it alone, DeekiD,, let it alone. E f the niggers kin stand the name, yoo ought not to object.\ And he and Pollock rolled off together, laffin vociferously. It wuz a plot atween cm to annoy the, Corners. Wood, O! wood that we cood be delivered from env \PETROLEUM V.NASBY.P. M., Cwicli iuPostmaster,\) :^*—!—-—' The Erie Railroad Disaster—Robbery of the Dead and Dying. Harrowing as are the reports of the recent accident near Port Jervis, they are eclipsed by the stories told by the sacreligioue robbery of the dead and wounded which immediately followed the acoident. During the: dark hours of that fearful night, money in large sums and gold watches: were taken from the pockets of the dead and dying, and gold rings from the fingers of the victims. In one instance a diamond ring was filed from the finger of a lady who was at the time conscious enough only to be able after- ward to tell the story. The New York IHmcs special says by whomsoever these robberies were committed, they were sufficiently numerous to ask for more space than you could find at this time to relate them. JSEW ADVERTISEMENTS. PIANO TO RENT. A NEARLY NEW 7-001'AVB PIANO IN FIRST rate condition, la offered to rent. 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