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THE DAILY J O XJ 3L. ', •• TH E MEDIOAL DISCOVERY or THI AOI. Mr KENNEDY, of Roxbury, hai dlieoYeredt, common DBitur. weed that oured every Und of humor, from the •or.t icroroU down to,».conunon pimple. NJJKSING 8ORK MODTHU oauMdbythe blandand Sl exham'ited by the tabqand; the hd it 1 nourtmSjulotibelng exhamited by t q; acrid juices getting the upper hand; it 1§ cured by two bottlei of Kennedy's Medical Discovery. CANKER IN THB MOUTH AND STOMACH ll caused dfiitt vital d t f d CANKER IN THB MOUTH AND STO by a deficien vita heat, and a want of digestion, arising from a cold and slimy state of the Stomach, whereby are rfunu ««ndition arlaeL „ — . .... , This rendition ts perfectly renovated by a few bottles of Kennedy's Medical Discovery. SALT RHEUM is caused by the acrid and corrosive fluids being carried In the circulation until the channels are choked and it is compelled' to break out on the sur- face. A bright red Salt Kheum is easily cured; a dark brown Is more difficult. A few. bottles of Kennedy's Med- ical Discovery curas in every case. DYSPEPSIA and Irregularity of the Bowels Is caused y withering or shivering of the nerves of the Stomach DV canker humor, which prevents the free flow, of the gas- tric juice. The stomach is strengthened and its nerves and coating brought to a healthy, active state by a few bottles of Kennedy's Medical Discovery. <BKYSIPKLA3I» caused by a fermentation arising from a sudden check of. perspiration. The ferment is a Jtrng- gle in the flesh between life and death. The venom and froth Is at last expelled to the surface In crust and scabs. It li thoroughly cleaned out of the system by three to five bottles of Kennedy's Medical Discovery. tTLCEBS, when of long standing, are caused by any humor which may be in the blood, which in place of com- ing to the surface, has eaten or worn Itself a channel and discharges all the humors of the body one outlet. Ful description, and direction will be found in my pamphle around each bottle. JCROFCLA, or King's Evil. I shall not hazard my bard-earned reputation by saying what the cause of it is. The nature of genuine and unmixed Scrofula is yet hid- *m In mystery; of all the theories written on it, I do not know of any so rational as the Animacula. These para- Ites eat and consume the life of the blood, causing years f miBery and.-general debility. The disease is Inward and of course not suspected. These parasites for want of vital heat and stimuli, get sluggish and clammy,and final- ly die, clogging the passages, causing Inflammation, ul- n-iaUon and'decay, more particular of the spleen and '\ ->r. The Scrofula deposit is different from any other «uk>s ance found in th« human system ; it is probably the accc. ulation of dead anamalculte. If the disease is mys- terious, it is equally mysterious that no sure cure was ev] ar known for it until the appearance of Kennedy's Medi- cal Discovery. Vive to eight bottles will cure every case. \ CHILDREN'S TEETHING HUMOR. Take my adric* and let It alone. J 80ALD HEAD is laid to be an animal fungus, follow the direction in my pamphlet around the bottle. glOK HEADACHE Is caused by a fume of hot vapor arising from the Stomach to the brain, causing a pressure of the nerves and preventing circulation. This vapor is oondensed and theistpmach-strengthened, to prevent its recurrence by two'bo'ttles of Kennedy's Med. Discovery. DROPSY dees not in any case' arise from humor. I wish I could pay for a dropsy advertisement to give yon my view of it, but I cannot afford It. Yet I am happy to nform you that every culvert, dam and channel in your ystem is opened and.let now by a few bottles of Kennc- y's Medical Discovery. to prepare the system for the. change of season, and to oosen and carry off the sediment of all infectious dil- utes such as measles, scarlet fever,whooping cough,small pox, or fevers of any kind, where there is what is called' \a .ioor getting ap:\ there is nothing known In medical wience equal to this Blmple herb. Manufactured by DONALD KENNEDY, Hoxbury, Ms. Price $1.60. Vor sale by every druggist in United States nd British Provinces. [stSOdMf OM> ESTABLISHED HOSPITAL, Ho. 6 Burner Street, Albany, If. Y. D R. SELLER CONTINUES TO BE CONMDENTIAL- ly and successfully consulted on all forms of private diseases at his old established Hospital, No. 6 Beaver St., Albany, N. Y. Twenty years devoted to this one partic- ular branch of practice, enables him to perform cure* •nch as no other physician can.; and bis* facilities are such, (being In- correspondence with the most celebrated physicians of the Old World) of obtaining the safest at well as the latest remedies for these diseases, offer In- lucements to. the unfortunate of a quick and rapid cur'j to.be obtained at no other office in America. ' In syphillis, gonorrhcea, gleet, strictures,, enlargement of testicles and spermacetic corda, bubo, ulcerated throat, tore throat, tender shin bones, cutaneous eruption* biles alcers, abscesses, and all other impurities of the system' perfectly under control of the Doctor's m'eaicines' have been tested ia more than 50,000 case?, annually with immense success. YODNQ MEN addicted to secret habits, nai, have im- paired their health and destroyed the vigor Of their minds thus depriving themselves, of the pleasure* o f married life, are notified that in consulting D. J. Teller they will find it friend to console and a physician who has cured thousands, In almost every part of the United States who applied to Dr. T, broken down in hea'ith, now rejoice In ail that makes life desirable and man happy. The'reader ts of course aware that the delicacy of the subject will prevent a more minute description of this terrible diieaat \ DR. TELLER'S GREAT W0BF A ._A book for everw body Startling dlsclosurei. Dr. Teller's great work for the married and those contemplating marrlag—MOpaRes— full of plates—price of 25 cent,,, sent to all parts, under seal, by mall, post paid. Th, e single, married and the married happy. A lecture O n love, or how to choose a partner—a complete wor\* OI1 midwifery. It contain! •randred of secrets never before published. Warranted o be worth.three times ^he amount asked for It. Twenty- live centsinspecieor postage stamps,enclosed will te- nure a copy by return mall. Dr. Teller has devoted a life- time to the cure of vhene diseases of which thl* book treats. TO THE tADIT4j._D r . j. Teller still retains the only Agency In America for the sale of Dr. Viohd'i Italian female Monthly,- Pin,. The sale of more than 20,000 boxes establishes their reputation as a female Remedy, unapproached and far in advance of every other medi- cine for stoppage/, irregularities, and other obstructions nfamalM nfamalM. OABTION.— Married ladles, in certain delicate situa- tions should a- jold their use. for reasons, see directions whiob. accom'pany each package, for the guidance of, pa- Slants. On the receipt of $1, (the price per box) these puls will b. e jgnt, by mall or express, to any part of the world, s'.-eure from curiosity or damage. 0J~Offlce hoars fr.om 8 A. K., to 8 r. u. ; and. on Sunday from S to C N. B.—Persons at a distance can be cured at home, by addressing a letter to J. TeUer, enclosing a remittance.— Medicines securely packed from observation, sent to any \part of tie world. All' cases warranted. No charge for •Mee N student o bo ld Nti thi e. N charge for a No student or boyo employed. Notice this— *Mr.t* «U letter* to J. l'KLLER, H. D., Vo. 6 BanTer s«je»t. Albany H J , NATHAN FRANK Has just returned from market with one of the largest and best selected stocks of Dty Gooofu ever brought to Ogdensburgh. His stock embraces a. full and complete assortment of Dress Goods, Sack as Black and Colored' Silks, XitiitWi & Freuo Merino*, Winciet, Kann Cloth and Repps, AU pacca, PopUns,Plaids, IBank and Colored, Alpaccas, DeLames, rffc; FLAIFEL S, i A nioe assortment of Shirting\FlaimeU^, -plain and ticiUed, all colors, Opera and. Children'* Flannels, SHAWLS, CLOAKS, BRKAKFAST SHAWLS, S gotijaaa,Hoods, tfiilnas,Ohildren'sKnitSacM, White Blankets, Morse Blankets, £o.,&c. \ DOM ESTIC >S i Bro. and Blea. Cottons, all widliis, Denims, .Stripes, Tickings, Single and Double Fold Cambrics, Prints, Ginghams, 4c. i A full and csmplete assortment of j 0*Tankee Notions,.^! Comprising everything kept In the line. ' . j A full line of Hoop and Balmoral Skirts. WHITE GOODS, Nainsook and Swlsfi Muslins, Victo- ria and Bishop Lawn, Jaconets, Ac. 1 LINENS, Bro., Blea. and Unblea- Table Linens, Irish Linen, Huckaback, Crash and Toweling of all descrlp - tlbns. • , . Gloves of all'kinds and sizes. Hosiery. I Shirts and Drawers for,Ladles and Gents. Cravats, Ac, 4c, and a thousand other articles too numerous to mention. All of which 'will be sold as cheap as the cheapest. An inspection of my stock is respectfully requested. ' NATHAN »BA»K, ' Next Door to Sprague's Drag Store. Sarsaj)anlla, TBD BKOOD. The reputation this ex- cellent medicine enjoya. 1 =is derived from its cures, many of which are truly marvellous. Inveterate cases of Scrofulous dis- ease, -where the system seemed saturated -with corruption, have teen purified and cured by it. Scrofulous affections and disorders, which were ag- gravated by the scrofu- lous contamination until they were painflilly afflicting, havo been radically cured in such great numbers in almost every sec- tion Of the country, thatthe public scarcely need to •be informed of its virtues or uses. Scrofulous poison is one of the most destructive enemies of our race. Often, this unseen and iinfclt tenant of theorganismi undermines the constitution, and invites flip attack o!f enfeebling or fatal diseases, without excitinga suspicion of its presence. Again, it seems to breed infection throughout the body, and then, on some favoralile occasion, rapidly develop into one or other of its hideous forms, either on the surface or among thelvitals. In the latter, tuber- cles may be suddenly deposited in the lungs or heart, or tumors formed in the liver, or it snows its presence by eruptions on the skin, or foul ulcer- ntions on some part of the body. Hence the occa- sional usb Of a COttle iflf this Sarsaparilla is ad- visable, even when noi active symptoms of disease appear. Persons afllilctcd with the following com- plaints generally ilndl immediate relief, and, at length, cure, by the use of this SAJiSATAJtlX,- XA: St. Anthony's iFire, Jtose or Hryripclas, letter, Salt Jtheum, Scald Scad, Jtingworm, Sore SSyes, Sore Ears, and other eruptions or visible forms of Scrofulous disease. Also in the more concealed forma, as Dyspepsia, Dropsy, Heart Disease, IH'ts, Epilepsy, Neuralgia, and the various Ulcerous affections of the muscu- lar and nervous systems. Syphilis ox T~en&rc'fzl and JtrercuriaTDiscasei. nrd cured T>y it, thOHgn a longtime is required foi sabduing these obstinate maladies by any medicine. But long continued uso of this medicine will euro the complaint. lencorrhma- or Whites, Uterine Ulcerations, and JFfcmale Diseases, are com- monly soon relieved land ultimately cured by its pnrifying and invigorating effect. Minute Direc- tions for each case are! found in our Almanac, sup- plied; gratis. JHieuniatism and Gout, when caused by accumulations of extraneous matters in th,e blood, yield qpickly to it, as also Xdver Comiplaints, Torpidity, CmigeslionoYXnflam- mationot the Xdver, and J'aim tlice, when arising, as they often do, fromi the ranlding poisons in the blood. This SAJISAPAJtILXA. is a great re- storer for the strength and vigor of the system. Those who are Ianf/uiu\tmd. Zdstless, Despon- dent, Sleepless, and troubled with Nervous Ap- pre1iensioti8 or Fears, or any of the affections symptomatic of TTeaVeness, will find immediate relief and convincing! evidence of its restorative power upon trial. P MEPARED S Y Or. J\. C. AYXIi A CO.,X>owell, Ufau,, Practical and Analytical Chemists. SOLD BY All, DKBTGGISTS EVERYWHERE. •*-|Sr\8oldby J. 0. Sprague and B.'0. lamphear, Og- densburgh, and all Druggists and Dealers everywhere. Tns FIRST PREMIUM Or a Sliver Medal •WASI-AWARDED TO y*. BARRETT'S HAIR RESTORATIVE By tli* N. H. State Agricultural Society. its ITair, holdeni in Nashua, Sept. 20, lStHJ. Vegetable Hair Restorative RestoroB Gray TTatr to Its Natural Color; pro- motes the fjrowtlil of the Hair; changes the * roots to their original organic action ; eradi- cate ft Dandruff' and tlumors; prevents Hndr falling outt; ifl ft superior Dressing Ji; contains no injurious ingredients, and ia the most popular and reli- able artirtle throughout the. ^. East, West, lSTorth, and _^ South. WO J. R. BARRETT & CO., Proprietors, MANCHESTER, K. H. . WT *or sale by all Druggists. (oc31deod&wly} 3. «. McGRAW, Grocer & Commission Merchant ¥or the purchase and sale of Flowr,Por7c, Butter, Clieese, Eggs, and. all kinds of Farmers' Produce. A choice line of Famlijy Groceries always on hand. Goods delivered in and part of the village, free of charge. &TKo. S Water Street, next to J. 1 . Ives, Ogdena- burgh, N.T. (deSdeodiwly) VALENTINES, VALENTINES, VALENTINES. AT \Wholesale and Retail, TILLEY'S —32 Ford Street. OGDENSBCRGH, N. Y. STATE OF I*few YORK. BANK DEPARTMKST, ) Albany, Feb. 19, 18GS. j TVTOTICE 13 HEREBY GIVEN,. PUBStTANT TO 1>( chapter 286, laws of 1869, and 4T6 laws ori8C5, that the circulating notes Issued to the Eank of Canton, a Banking Association, located af Canton, St. Lawrence County,- will be redeemed'at par, by the Superintend- ent of the Banking Department, on presentation at the. New York State National Bant in the City of Albany, and by the, Bank itself,, at the First National Bank, In the city' of New York,, for six years, from,the 80th day of December, 186T, and not thereafter. The outstanding circulating notes of the said bank, must be presented, as aforesaid, within six years from the date hereof; and all Dotes which shall not be preiented for redemption and payment within the time thus specified will cease to be a charge upon the fund in the hands of the Superintendent for tbatparpose. : (j&Sdlaw-F-Cm) G. W. SCHUYLEK, Supt. STATE OF NEW 1FORK. Bank Department, \ Albany^. Feb. 10, 18CS. f N OTICE IS HEREBY Glt'ENJ PURSUANT iTO Chapter 191 L^wscf 186T, that the circulating notes issued <to the Frontier Hank, a Banking Anaoclation, lo- catedatPptsdam,8*.XawrenceCounty,will beredeem- edat'par^oh .presentation at the National Bank of North America in the City* of New York; for six years from'tKe date hereof, and not thereafter. , The, outstanding circulating notes, of the said bank, must be presented, as atoresaidi wiihin six years from tho date hereof ; and aliinotes which shall not be pre- sented for redemption and payment within the time tliui specified will ceue to be a charge upon the secu- rities'ln J t]ie-luMJcls 4>tf th© floperiptendent for that par- pdie. ~ G.W.iSOnCYIiER, Superintendent. (fel4d6m) AENOLD Co., BEE¥ERS & MALSTERS Axe still carrying on business at the Old. Stand. We are constantly Brewing and keeping on hand a choice assortment of Ales and Porter, embracing East India Pale Ale XXX 4LE, l.KU PORTER, I'ogetherwlthallvailetteato be found in a J?lrat01as> BHEWEEY. The only watarused )n our Brewery li from an ARTE- SIAN WELL, bored at great oxpeniie, Over Oue Hundred' Foot Deep, I Into solid rock, with a three-inch drill; expressly for this Brewery. AVehavehadthawater analyzed and It ha3 beon found to be of unsurpassed purity, being fr<;p from all vegetable, matter and uurfaco water, and is acknowl- edged to be equalto the best brewing water on the 'conti- nent. This is the ouly Brewery in the State which has an Artesian Well. To Oiii- Cu.i3toiner»» Having the opportunity of securing a ntw Brewer, ot great experience, (the keeping qualities of whoae Ales have secured awide reputation, and whichare made with especial reference to summer use,) we have discharged our former Brewer, Thomas narrower, and are now able to offer a better article of ALE AND POUTER, than was ever before made in our Brewery. We shall be happy to receive further orders, feeling confident that our customers will be satisfied with our Summer Ale, which will Bpeak for Itself. \ SOLD IN HOGSHEADS, BARRELS, HALF-BABRELB AND QUANTITIES TO BUIT PUROHASEJtB. PIEKCY k IVES, Dealers in YANKEE NOTIONS, FANCY GOODS Cottons, IPx-iirtss, «&>e. f3e~Merc7iants and Peddlers suppied at Neio T*rA City Prices. No. 14 Ford St., next door to Bell's Jew- elry xlore, O^ileiisburgh, IV. IT.' (st25dly) MUGGYS! BUGCYS! T UB STJnSORIBER INVITES ATTENTION TO HIS stock of Buggys now on hana, which are oiTered on better terms than can be obtained in any other market.— They have beon constructed of the very best material andarewarrantcdin every particular. Parties desiring to purchase will find it to their advantage to give me an earlv call. ' A. CAILAGHAN. OedenaburRh,JuIy81,lSC6 (jySldtf) C H. (Successor to CLEM0NS * BSDISGTON) Wholesale and Retail dealer in PIANO FORTE Est ey's Cottage Oigans With their wonderful FOX HUMANA TREMOLO! Also their Patent ,' i SUB-BASJ5 A; HABIWONIO ATTACHIWENT. PIANOS PKOM , ' i s ic Sons, ' Stelnivsiy & Son*. Hallct, JDavlK Sc Co., ! J. W. Vole ic Co., '' The Brsidbnrv Piano, I (ieo. 01. Guild & Co. ' Dnnham ft Sohsj , ., •' ' Kave n &• Bacon. Hitlne* Bros. . J gr'All kinds of. Musical Jlerchandice for'sale at*he lowest Boston and New, Y\>'k l'rices. Ogdensburgh,Aprlli, 1S68. , , (a&) C.H. CLEM0NS. ' . TO ItENT. : rr\MT DESIRABLE AND PLEASANTLY BITUATED J. cottage-near the corner of State and Montgomery Streets, formerly occupied by-F: B. Baldwin. ^Possession. 'given-May'l»t. FaT'Jutther.partlcnlarsapply r to 5 \. •• ' U CHAS. I. BALDWIN, &. T. B. Office. Ogdensburg, March 18,1868. (mhlSdtf) 1868. Spring 1868; NEW & 0H0I0E OF Spring Qoods, JUST EECEIVED BY SASTlf GS & SUCCESSORS TO The Largest and Choicest Selection of Spring Goods ever opened in tliis City, which we offer at the LOWEST CAS H PRICE. gB^It is to the Interest of Buyers to examine our Stock before purchasing elsewhere. DRESS GOODS, Silks.Empress Olotba, French PopliDSjIriBh toplins, French Merinos,. Alpacas, Win- seys. Wool Delaines, JPlaid Eopllns, M. Delaines. COTTON SHEETINGS, AH widths. BROWN SHEETINGS, COT- TON 1 YARN AND CARPET WARPS. WINDOW SHADES, a large variety.— T7i>lioI*tererK> Good*, HOUSE-KEEPING GOODS, A very large assortment of Brown and Bleached Table Damask, by the yard.— Linen Table Cloths ; Buck, Damask and Fringed Towels. Linen Napkins. I.inen Sheetings. Tlllow Case Linens. CLOTHS AND CASSIMERES Paper OARPETINGS, Consisting of English, Brussels, Tapestry, Three-lMy, Extra Super, Supertlnc, \Wool ])utoh,anii Hemp. Also Priptctl Drug- gets, all'widths. COCOA MATTINGS. * THESE &O0DS MUST MS SOZD. EVERY CASHItlllEB Sboald CALL DQW'S fiALLEilES. rpHE SUBSCRIBER WOULD RESPEOTFDLLY IN- I form the public that he has refitted these rooms with all the appliances for making first class work, and that he is now giving his undivided personal attention to this business. To those, wiihihg Life Size JPictixx-es, Or any of the smaller sizes from life, or copied from any oia Pictures, Ambrotypes, Daguerotypes, &c. He would say that he is making rt SPECIALTY of that class of work and will guarantee it as good as can be obtained else- where, lie is also making the CABINET or IMPERIAL PHOTOGRAPH and the new PORCELAIN PICTURES. AU work done on, the mpst reasonable terms. Indi a Ink, Oil,\Vuter A; Pantile Coloring don e I n tlie very beat stylo. Just received an assortment of KOSEWOOD, GILT and WALKUT FRAMES of all sizes, which will be sold at ex- ceedingly LOW PRICES, also PASPATOOTS, CARD RACES, STEREOSCOPES, AC. N. B.—A visit to this Gallery.ls particularly requested. (st24diwtf) LYON & PHILLIPS, • PROPRIETORS OF Ogdensburg CITY MILLS, Dealers in . FI.OUK AND FEED , CORN MEAL AT WHOLESALE! FOR. SALE OK RENT. I T HE NEW YORK BAKERY WITH TEXTURES, ready for business, will be sola at a great bargain or rented on reasonable terms. Apply to ! J. McNAUGHTON. FOR SAIiE CHEAP. O NE MULEY SAW MILL COMPLETE, INCLUDING head blocks, (first class machinery.) ' (ja2Sdtf) , CHAS. LYON. Steam, Gas and Water Fitting. VTUIE SUBSCRIBER HAS JUST RECEIVED A STOCK JL • of Steam, Gas and' Water Fixtures, arid opened a shop in J. JH.. Normand's new brick Block, Lake Street, West Side, where he Is prepared to receive and execute all orders for work or fixtures, on the shortest noticej at fair prices, and to warrant satisfaction. ' . f Osdensburg, April ,T, 1SGS. DAVID HAVENS. (ap7dtf) ' ' ' J , New Grocery and Ship Chandkry •' g* p It 3E, ,_ _'\ j ; T. j 'No. 4 Allen's\ Block, Water St., Ogdensburg. i ., i | ' , lam now^^receiving aclioiceselection of r| GROCERIES, FROVISIOirS, SHIP CHANDLERY Which I offer to the public at the lowest Market Prices. \\\\All kinds of Vessel .supplies .constantly onliand. , (mh25dtf) . , TO BENT. - .• , J A GOOD\ HOUSE AND GARDEN ON HEW •SOEK XX. Avenue; Possession gtven first day of May. ' I (sp9d2w) E. B. ALLEN t SON. NE W SXYIJES ! FOR SPRIK& OF 1868! NEW STYLES HATS: TlM.Pickinickllat^oz.namiiUdns.Cam&ridge, Yan- deroUt, Exposition, Vrimimg, Irving, Kentucky, Bristoe, and others too numefbtis to •mention. NEW STYLES CLOTH CAPS: Whifo Fawn; Hunkee Doree; Expert, (tie. NEW STYLES CLOTH HATS : POCKET HAT' JSBW STYLES BOYS' HAT3: Oxford; Tiny Tim;- Little AURigid, <&a. IEABV & CO.'S SII.K HATS, Trade Style Silk Hats, YOUNG MEN'S BROADWAY STYLE, Ties, Collars, Socks, IXandTcerchiefs, CvJTa, Gloves, Walking Canes, &a. 0T*Ooine in and see the hew styles. T.. 0. & K. J. ATOHESON, (d&w) 34 Ford Street, Ogdensburg. FOB SALE. A GOOD HOUSE AND LOT. TERMS EASY. TOR further particulars enquire of (jaSldtf) W. h. PKOCTOK, Ogdensburg, N. Y W. S. VILAS & CO., (Successors to Oi A. VILA8 * CO.) Will cairy on the oot and Shoe BUSINESS As under former management. Our aim will be to in- crease the former growing popularity of the establish- ment. DAILY ARBIYING ISo. £5 Eagle Block, A splendid assortment of Special attention given to c u s T o M vr o it H:. rocl4dtwtf] , ' W, S. VILAS A 0.0., N5EiBI! CK1CHTON Brew ery. OGDEN8BUE&H, N. Y. DAVID J, CRICHTON, Proprietor ^g now feel confident that T can supply my eita- mers with as good an article of ; and East India Pale Ale, AND PORTER. MADE TROM. ' NEW MALT ANB FB1WH HOfii. 1 ,. \ - ' At. can be made lit the United Btates: ' tOR SiZK IH'BAnRXLS SAZF'sA'-BBXeS ASS QVABTiB BARBELS. • [ f BHAWi AI80 JPEP Oil' HAND.BOIITI'BB; il-f Ogd«Mburih,M»]r 81i pEVELlNACo Broadway, coiner of Grand Street, AND Broadway, come * of Warren Street, '' ; WJEW Comprising a!l ; branches of the business;as-represented in the Custom and Ready made Department! of Men's, Boys' and Ohiiaren's i CLOTHTISI Of the Celebrated American Yoke Pattern, with Gentlenieus' Furnishing Goods, Of every description. Our SPECIALTIES fer Spring, in new goods, are Oasslmere Suits,, entire ' $18 0 0 Spring; OvercoatSi $12 0 0 Fine I»re»s Froclc Coats, $18 0 0 (mhi6d4w3m) • - DEVELIN & 00. 1 tAZAXtTJS * MORRIS, Opticians and Oculists! Have; with aview to meet the increased demand, for their celebrated PEttFE€TEB SPECTACLES, J. S. WAENER, AVatcli IHalcer and Jeweler, JPor(Z Street,. Ogctensburg, 2?. Tl, ' As their sole Agent for this place. They hare_ taken care to give all needful instructions, and have confidence in the ability of their agent to meet the requirements of all customers. An opportunity will thus be.afforded to procure at all times, SI»JEr: r r*cr/ES unequalled \yy any tor tlielr Strengtbenfns; and Pre- serving C^ualltle*. Too much, cannot be. said as to their superiority over the ordinary glasses worn. There is. no:glimmering, wa- vering of the sUjlit, dizziness or other -unpieasant,sensa- tion, butfromthePERPKOT CONSTRUei'ION^OF THE LENSES, they gre soothing, and pleasant, causing:a feel- ing of relief to the wearer and producing a clear and distinct vision, as in the natural, healthy sight. They are the only Spectacle that 'PRESERVE AS WELL AS ASSIST THE SIGHT. They are tbeeJieapest because the best, si ^ways lasting many years without change being necessary.. In order to assist those persons havinfpeculiar or dif- ficult sights, one of the firm will visit Ogdensburg every ihreemonihs, when:-any spectacle, soid by our Agent not fitting properly, will be exeliwngefti V0~WJ£ EMPLOY ifO-P3DDLER& • ' (fetfdiwly) AGENT S WANTED. T O INTRODUCE OUR NEW DOUBLE THREAD $20 Sewing Machine. local and Traveling Agents Wanted, Male or Female. For Commission or Salary to Agents, with full particulars and sample of work, ad- dress Granite Sewing Machine Co., Detroit, Mich. (apidCttwlt) JOUVEN'S InodoroTis Glove Gteaner! Instantly clean Kid Gloven, without injuring tiie niost dellcaio color and 18 entirely free from any Odor. The Gloves can'be cleaned on-^he hand,-and.; wprh im- mediately. One bottle will save you the price of a doz- en pairs of Gloves , • . . For sale by all Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers. P. C. WELLS & CO., 192 Fulton St., N.T., (mhl0d6m) Wholesale Agents. Boston Cracker Bakery 1 Continues to carry on the Ogdensburgh Steam Bakery At the old stand.. Will sell to.the trade Boston and Oyster Craelcer*, Milk and Soda.' Biscuit, Tliln and Xlilcb Bard Bread, Cakes, <fee, AT THE \VERY LOWEST LITIN& ERIOES; \ Manufactures and sells at \Wholesale afld Retail, all kinds of Candies, at the Lowest Prices. (6t25dly)

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