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T .H W o A 11 m:. •;. -1 gWe Cent*, single Copy.^a ^ TOR PRESIDENIV i SflBU YLE& GQLFAX Republican State Convention. , the Union Republican and »U other electors «f the State of New York, who favor the election of Grant and Colfax arid support the Platform of the Union Repub- lican party, adopted at Chicago, Hay, 1S6S, are request- id tomeet In their respective Assembly Districts upon the call of the duly authorized' local, committees, to choose three delegates to repreent them In State Con- vention to be held at Syracuse, on Wednesday; thesth d«Vof Julynext,atl2o'cloc]c'M., of that day, forthe ptrpoie of nomlnatingicandldateifor ihe office of gov- ernor, Lieutenant-Governor,\ Canal Commissioner, Clerk Of the Court of Appeals, Inspector of State Prisons, and also to nominate. anElectoral Ticket for President and Vleej<Presldent,;to be supported at the ensuing election. BatedAloany, June 4,1863^ ^^^ ' Chairman Republican State Committee. Pint Assembly District Republican • •- Convention* A Republican Conventbn of three delegates from ttch town and each wsrd In the ciiy of Ogdensburg, composing the Hrrt Assembly District of St. Lawrence County, »ULbe held atSpencer's ;Hotel,.Gpuverneur, on Wednesday, July 1* 1868, at '^.o'clock, noon, for the purpose of appointing three delegates to the Republican State ConTeptlon,^o beheld on'the^th day of July next In the efcj of Sjracuse, and to transact tuoh other busi- ness as may be necessary. 8MM>MAM SOOl'E, \G£O. PARKER, ' ' B.P. TtoWNBLBT, HENRY HOOKER, •' ' •• GSWAN;' ' ' '\' June 20,1868. WAN; . Dlstt.Ppmmltt.ee. Second AssepnUr »I»ti-lct Convention. A Republican Convention of three aelegatetfrouvthe several towns composing 'the Second Assembly District of St lawrence County, will be held'at the Cour^Hpuse in Canton, on Friday, July 3d» next, at 12 o'clock,- to ap- point three delegates to repreient.said dlstrlot.ln the Ke- publlcan State Convention, called to meet In Syracuse on the 8th day \of July next, and to transact such pth*r bus- ties, a, may be found necessary ^^ ' O. O. HOWARD. R. If. WITHERBEE, , 8. DJLLINGHAM, June 18,1365. Dirt. Cor. Com. Third Aaaembly District Republican . Convention. -JL Republican Convention of three delegates from the several towns composing the Third Assembly district of St. Lawrence County, will be held at the Hotel of L> H. Sunton, Stockholm Depot, July 8d, at 1 P. M., to ap- point three delegates to represent said district in the Republican State Convention, to meet to Syracuie, July 8th, and transact such other business as may come, be- fore the meeting.,', A. N. DEM1NG, : • 3. P. DNDBRTTOOD, JASOU BRUSH, District Committee. Gov. Seymour on the Situation. There can no longer be a doubt that a power. ful party in the Democratic ranks have deter- mined to make Horatio Seymour their candidate for the Presidency., and that the announcements which have been made from time to time, about his determination not to be a candidate, have; been flung out as blinds for the purpose of cir-i cumventing the friends of other candidates. On, Thursday evening the Governor; delivered. before the Jackson Central Association, New; York, a speech undoubtedly prepared with <m eye to the Presidency. It indulges largely in, that sort of party invective which is the chief staple in Democratic oratory and is so popular with the Democratic masses. He complains that the debt is large and the expenses of the' Government heavy ; that our credit .is; tainted and our finances are in a bad way; growls about the Congressional plan of Reconstruction, which has brought back all the States but three, and will soon bring them; whines about negro' suffrage^ &c, &c. In fact the whole production is a negr ative declaration, opposition to everything that has been done or that is proposed to be done, . without making out what should be done or sug- gesting a line of policy to be pursued by the Government to cure the evils of which he com- plains, ft is a characteristic Democratic view, and dovetails perfectly upon the.position occu- pied by the Governor and his friends throughout the war, At first they were opposed, to the principle of coercion; they could find no author- ty to raise men or money ; you could not invade a State,; Slavery was sacred and inuat not be disturbed ; the soldiers dressed in 1 blue were Lincoln's hirelings; the debt was uncoiiBtitji- tional and would be repudiated-; four years • of war were a failure. From I860: down to the present moment everything done and , every. ji9- vance step taken has met the opposition of the Democratic party. From this speech of Ex-Gov- ernor Seymour, designodfor thekey noieV.and rallying cry, it appears that the ^presen't Presi- dential campaign ia to be waged' on a negative platform. ; • '. > ' '\*\ :< ; Mr. Raymond, who has'several tjujn'ea. been made dizzy in his efforts to tide with the Repub. lican partj, is disappointed ;that Governor Sey- mour has not giTe^.any Bijga of ;pqwpr to matt out a policy for the Democratic party or that he comprehends the necessity for a policy. In the course of another week weyshall see how this bid takes with the 'Democracy. We confess that unless they intend to abandon the tactics under which they have operated for ttie'last ten years, Mr. Seymour would best reflect the senti- ments of the party, . • . , Polar ''expeditions are\' exciting great interest among the smaller commercial States of Europe.. The sailing, of the vessel sent; out by the North German Confederation lias been , announced, and now we learn that Sweden has commenced preparations for a similar expedi- tion. The town of Gottenburg has subscribed so liberally to the undertaking, that the Swed- ish Visael will, it is stated, be able to sail this summer. f Galveston 'Republican defends the \carpet baggers.\ They freed us; they carried their carpet bags on their backs and guns on their shoulders.\ ' , ' jg^ The.re is reason ip'^pect thit the President will issue s a 'proclamation of general amnesty, to. take effect July 4th. S The Finance. Committee - have-agreed .to_re-- port against making Chicago, Cincinnati and St. Louis ports of entry. c '<_ f*' The Senate Committee is equally divided on Mr. Evarts' ljornination, and will report it fapr,- able or without recommendation. ' •- ! .. The impression is that the House Committee will substitute If r. Hooper's measure for a grad- ual reduction of! currency for Sherman's million bill. ' '-' ,\'.. . '• . Secretary lidpulioch.is not in a comfortable.; position. The President has joined the ranktfof the Secretarv'siaasaijantSj and'ins'ists he cannot; g^fid^of him except''by removal, jrhicli he is; afraid to do. ; -.:./, • , •' Gen. Banks will try to push the Alaska appro-t prjition blU.'thiioii'gh after the tax. bill, is dis-' poaedof. . 'The (minority of-' the Committee will! oppose i^-r-getjtiiig'it ^postponed till the next| session.: • : . : - '--»•>: :.Tr-: : ' • • '\• , • The Feniani Excitement. •, 1 ' The'St. Albahs Messenger says : • : \Notwithstandiag the recent telegraphic as-j suran.ee of,'all quietjambng^theFenians,''there] iai /Unwonted a«if v% in military, fitters ambngi ouKneighbors dverjthe border.. Tfie volunteers' have'been ordered' 'to cpncentriite at various^ points along the frontier, .and 100 are already* gathered at St, Afmands, and transportation: is' provided for 200 md^e;to ihe same; plafee frtSto] .alongtheWateriootfoa!land,they ^fere 'femgtit .there last Friday morning.' St.'Johns has also been visited 'bya regular'army and other ofBeersi who arepr'o.vidilng quarters for some 700 or 800! troops, billeting many-among the hotels and pri- vate houses. The meaning of this bustle of preparation we can only^conjecture, as there!s: not even the gliost of a Fenian,' hereabouts for the vigilant Canadians to repel. The volunteers' have a-Bixteenl days' drill 1 during the year;; doesn't itoCcuit about this time ?\ The Detroit-Advertiser says that the statement! in the Toronto iCToiej which has been telegraphed I all over the countrj|.\.to; the'effect that the inva-j aion by the Fenians had actually commenced,; has caused the-dotnestic pulse to beat faster and; tr^e people,are.iin;a,h'eav7.ftvecin' ,'consequence.i ThejnhabitenWof'^indso'r'Friday night slept' uneasily, expecting momentarily to be ^called' up .tb\rej.el an/a'ssSmlt uponthat town',, ;The' milita-j ry companies were out all nighj;, anil! eyery ay-' -ehue leading to the town was. guarded closely.! Saturday'morning there was a general skedad- dling of sneaks for more secure .quarters. ' j [from the Oswego Advertiier.] • ; ,Thr Niagara Ship; Cjuja Biil. We are under obligations toVour friena J. E.' Blpomfield, Esq., 'for a copy of the bill recently introduced in 'the House' of Representatives \by .Hon. Mr. Cook, of Illinois, to provide for the; construction of a Ship Canal around the Falls-of Niagara. T|iej bifl\watsread the second {ime^d committed tb jlhe* Committee ,bf. the Whole.-^-! This simply brings the matter before the House.- The substance: of the b'illwe have stated.Jiereto-J fore. Tt appropriates twelve millions of dollars for the work, which is to be' done, as a military] measure under the direction of the Secretary pf War, is \to be commenced -within twelve mpnth3 after the passage of the' act, to be completed with all pi*ctic.a'bl'e dispatch. The Secretary of War may detail for this purpose an efficient niim r ber of-the most skiliml officers from, the corps of engineers, quartermasters' department and other branches'of the army to superintend and direct the worik as he may deem necessary, and he may also' employ ' any portion Of -tfi'e'anny! not otherwise\ assigned, to do this work. It also .provides,ithat the work or any portion of, it may be let to the -lowest- builder, and-doiie. by contract. ' The bill provides that until otherwise pro- vided by law, the canal shall at all times in the season of navigation', be open to the use and navigation of all rafts, vessels and lake craft of theUnitea States passing through, said lakes, free oftoll oricharges, butthe.Secre.tary of Wari, iwithin one yea,r,from tjie conipletion of the ca- : na], is to submit for the : consideration of Con- gress, a tariff'o'f tolls; which he. shall estimate 1 to be sufficient, to defray thei curreiit' expenses' ,o;f operating thei Canal, and six, per cent, interest .upon the cost of its construction. \ '• ' ' I , Foreign vessels are to; \ie. charged' not to ex- oeed the rate of • toll imposed, upon • ,the same class of ' vessels - passing through the Wetland Canal. • ,, .'','' '' : \' ' '*....< • The-dimensious of the.locks.areto be notices than two hundred and , seventy-five feet' lon'g^ and forty-six feet'-' wide', with fourteen feet of water. •••'.- '•'..' . i We believe the billnow pending isi the besi,^ and the jplan iprdposed'df b'uilding'the'work tile.- most practicable which has ever been, .matured. The time seems the most favorable possible for pressing the measure. It is demanded by tlie. nation^ If the friends of the measure Jake hold of it with zeal commensurate with its impor- tance; it docs seem to • us that. it will now be secured. , ••. \<-^ • ..;. Th* Great iFire in ftlarquette, Mich. ' \\ ' f , ! The Marqufitte PldihdealtftetijB : Smoldering heaps of ashes are all that remain of the business htpuaesoif oue once 'thriving young^ city; - itfot ones ptape of business TTOS- lefjf on Front street^all were destroyieil—many with their';,|hoiis'and?' of dollars worthiof goods. • Between thirty aindforty. families have; been rendered homeless. The'raU- road 1 company's carpenterj/p'att6rn\ jind blacksmith sjhops, foundery, gas house; engine house, tank h:ou8e and-Assistant Superintendent's office irere .dsstr,pyedj ^togetherwitii the. macHin- ery. Our estimate Of this company's Joss is be-\ tween $300,000 and $460,000; -but f |2o6;6oO is the'loss reported to us by one who'should know. \•TJse.SuperioEjiockvwarehonse^storehQuaes every thing around:*nd about it,* met the\ fate of the 'rairoad.dock. ' Wedb not thiniflOO.iQOO will' replace the l ) oss;-;,Oh-take street,'from Superior to Peck's saw mil!, nothing waa spared by. the flames • the laitroft'd dbcK,, elevator, warehouses, and ibfnees were dest'royed^b,ur>iedjtp;t|iBlir;a^r's edge.' 1 \One-hundred:'and twenty-five: 'thousand dollars will not replace the loss. '\Some ;0f the- losseai; as. giiven, are, irithout, doubt, top higb',' while others again are too low by thousands of d*0liart.- «We!,are positive that the real loss wills notiaU'-anof^iof' $l,5b'O,6op. , \;' |JPjOrrin Potter, theboy indicted for shoot- ing, and killing another boy',, named, Conroy, at 1 Watertown,s6me ! time ago, has been convicted of manslaughter in the second deftce*\ and 'will' be sen'teii^edfto the Hbuse of Correction. r ' • ' u i \ i i' i^~r ' fflie effort ,to secure v a/little;Q,overnment aid to; a few Ea*3tern Railroid.rjrpjectepii likely to cause: a ventilation ot the.jrholo system of railroad' grants.- - There ia.no - question _but. av.enues_pf. travel leading to the Pacific coast should be open, but tho'jej. 3 n oj9 s MP. e (^ Siting ;toAhetn|9<J(v? ernm.ent.ai4 to the exclusion of.all other.seetions of the\ country, The\ whole West is gridironed and netted with railroad*, which have received Government assistance, while the roads in the Eaatjliavehad to'dependJuitOh^rivate'enterpriBe 1 \alone?\ lYvtrue •that*\tb'iI\a1d'haS tieen in\tlie shape of land grants, and loaue^ credits, y,ct the laniwas -just as much theproperty.of the-East as'of the West.','j A, b'iiU iwaa introduced, inio aid to 1 a project (or a^aiiro ; id,tKrou|h-the'-wiider- ness in Northern .'ijew.' Yoikyand idre'aay- we notice thiLt- cdn'»dj6rflibrp \ojpppsiUpiltis offered^ jtfst'aa though•the^roposltio^Ifas'a'downright robbery. Another' bill is \up^in Congress, -for Government, aid in tkp construction, of a Ship Canal:around -Niagara'''Falls, '-a'- work'of more consequen.ee. :tp,,the\E.ast>,than anyj.other ,yet hostility, '.of those-who' are; asking 'grants' fo Western rajIpmSs'.. Sn, gran^ngSidto^rea Western rajIpmSs.. Sn, gran^ng.iSid.to.^reai ,pr.oje^M,;|KciE«St.is.||ifitle4;^ tionii andd lihjess ! thi«ff iss givenj*the'.wfioie-systemm tion an lihjess ! thi« i givenj*the'.wfioie-syste of 1S6vernmen.ti'jiid;kiiKeiy;tftbe ^'Klown^ : i ^^JI^^ tf in-^Washingtori; being a yervmodest man, sought tohaWthe fact aDnouriee.d in the papers free of i;itles, : 'fal$ Wrote his\ti^e;'«i|mply\ George,Pea- body Este/ The'ipfinterls, iowever, n5t beUeving tiip accordingly, smuch to the annoy ance of the General. • NEW.' AKVKRTraEMENTS., i B Y VIRTDB OF A WARRANT OF SALE'-TO- ME ' directed ana delivered; 1 Iwlllsell at public auction, on the 30th day of-June,-.186S, at.ten.o'clock in tbe. fore- noon, at th» store of E. B. Alien i * Son.-.in the city ;of Ogdeniburg, two casks of whiskey, one cask of brandy, one cask of.ium, one cask of glul and three cuki di9- Ulledspirlti.—Dated, Ogdensbnrg, June ll,a86S.. , . • • ,• . JlDWiBD D0DI>,TJ;;8. Marshal,.-.- i >i* -.' • .,•(.. Northern Dlit.,o£ Hi .Y;,! , ' . . r , By.JS.-W. BtMDicr, Dep. JIar»hal. •,-••• *OHN;'FA ; KfO,J •••>(• FASHIONABLE BARBER AND '/'HAIR • DRESSER. ; . No. ST IVORD BTR-EETI OE :8TAIES. ATTENTION T0l THE F tfmea id jervecuBtdintr^'ln a nanne'r'tbait cannot fail to give the'utmoit latlifa-.tlbri. 'Everything lii this estab- lishment is got.up in.thebest style.' ' The patent Hatrfir'ueher and Dandruff Extractor, driven bjr machinery;' i«' the greatest Instrument ever Introduced here;'and workrto\ a charm; -Attentive-em- ployeei alwayi ready to serve cmtomeri. Four chalre andiflnt clais workmen will enable - the.. prpprjetcr ;.to meet the demand!.of the.public. .Call and takea shave or a brush. •: .,... -...':- -. . JOHN *A*NO, Ogdep»bnrg, Jnne iiT, 166S. . . • - (je2gdlw) OGDENSBIIRG * 1. AKE'CHAlTIPi. AIN BAltBOATI \\I\- ••-••••- A N EXCURSION TRAIN WIELJBE B.UN ON THIS Romd, Saturday, July 4th : -,TjHiA;yJi,; v ' •, • . AvMjy. liEKVE £>, • t '.-},; P;,M. Malone C:Ob Ogdensburg '8:00 Bangor .....: i6;25- Lisbon 8:35 Brush's Mills ...\. 6:50 JftdrTd 9:05 Moira.,......, .... 7:10 Potsdam Junction, ,,. r 9:35 Brasher ......''.'.'.'.'.'.' 7:60 Brasher'.'.'.'. '. ?! *?.. lOViO Knapps , S:1S Lawrence 10:40 Potsdam Junction.. 1 .. 8:*$ Jlolra .:.. i 11:00 Excursion rickets will be sold. at all stations on the Road, to Pgdensb'urg and return, for Half Fare, and will 1 be goodion all trains Jnly <4th-and to return oii the 4ih oi-Oth. . S <J>< AV. C. BKOWNiu 1 j I (je26d&flw) , , , Gen'l Superintendent.. STRAYED. . 'TUNE 2\8d A MIEOHOOW, (LIGHT «ED^ JJNDER ' J fj : the belly,' comes^iap^little on the 1 hip's, a irhite.*appt In the fore head, short legs and heavy, bodied:;, horns turn inward.' . (<1U)5- >• V: CORLIS, MecTianio.Bt.' . f^VTJR STOCK OF- SUMMRft CEOTUING.. IS/THE \S clieapcst-and-the 1>es't. ; ' * • Broadwar, coi-iner or Ciiriina'\' : Sti;cet, Broniway,' corner of Warren Strtet, HEW TORK MiOYs AND ypuifi'a; striiarbit DI(ESS »r School PurpoHes are are themost tasteful lnt/the •mar.ke.t,.- , -..,-;. •• ../DEVLIN,*: CO: 1 ' ., . Broadway, corner of, Clraha-Street. , . ,..;'.,. \ ,. | ., , i.Btondway, corner of Wnrreii Street NEW ^jOR ' V | O TJKi CtJSlTpM I)EPATlTiiEP?T IS TIIit.El> : W1TH the finest anil lest \European ana Ami;flp»nf»brlc9. .:'.,. '/ ' \ i '.\. \. ' Wrnst'p co. : t. , , 3rpa(lway,\corner of Grand Street. , ',! • • . Broadway; cprner.a barren Street. JIEW^bKK. o :• ' Broadway, corner of 'barren' Btfee't. ( \jiEV^YppiL. • •_ ; ( ' • i- ' . •<.-,. : • ' - >,J .-\.. ..i . i fXVRt AMERICAN' roKEf-SHIRTVEXOEM'.iiii, / others In ease, elegance and durability. . s. ' ;• • •> ••.,'.''! »»yLraipo.' Broadway, corner of Grand Streetr • • , ' Broadway, corner of. Warren Street.:. ability and.unsurpassedln the Rtofesstnn. . . { fl ifVllR.PWpES ';*RB'*]*KNi!f ; >-raif<JENT. : BEfcOW \J other houses prolluclng the same line o f Goods. l ; ... ,.\\,».' \..\ *\••''' .*\•.\'. ' \\'^BE-V-tlN'at'Cpi , ;Broadway,'i!o'rner,of v Grahd-Stree.t-, •!*'!•• ' , si • Brpa'dway.'-cbrrief of Warren\ g^efc' NEW TOKK; Tata <so:. X'ah, adj. ton. on the EXCISK: WOTICBJ . , iONiERS,dp -BXCISE fyrwii' HOLD i 'at the Court Ilbuie'in Can- 1 ton, on the lecond d»y. of the. County Fiilr; 1 Uie'28d day, of r.Sepleinber, [ieji^ M, 2'\ WoBkl' P. 'M., for the \purpose of •granting, :TaVern\\-'atta Store Licenses. . . ., .. -- ^DLa.\liAVlS. ; ., Datci Junes 25,1868.; <a»Vtd) ' K. K.. JACKSON, •: ' ' ' 1 Cmmliilpneri CITT.'i ASSESSORS' NOTICE, i : OHAR- rlBgbuilneiihouViaf the'.office pt'Aleiander--Mathe- son-on SUtegt'reei.'for't'wowiseks 1 commencing: June 19, 1868j and that iaW-bbard of city asseJsbfs will meet at . • ,. , , , JOHN AUSTIN, Ogiensburg, June 19,1SCS. (d«wtd) (Olty Assessors. eCbuf I ^office.' e)tfyiih)BkiluU,U\ \' I. ' V the, name* of. thlny / aw>eri°ni.-,'ta S erjre at Jle'tlt^urors, at the next Coun'tyjourt and^Cofirt ofJSes- ^l<uu, to be held at the GoucHouse in Canton, in and-for the county of St.Lawreje, on the Third Tuesday (the -21st-day)-of-July—nexjwill be drawn at.thii. \oHlce on'Tuesday, tBe'SOtfi—ai of \June 1888, at 10 o!clock lnthetorenooni,., L- j.» - . ... ?jj'f;rd*wtdl / JNO.MIlilK,Vqie.i:lcSt.'J^aw.;Oo. ; ' TBatedat'Canton, thlS«2d a/of*Jnrie, 186S:~ ' ' '' - V. SHERIFF'S PRCIiAMATION. ' STAH or N«w Tost,'. I. County of St. -Lawrence.. | . The.i)ndersigneii, Sheriff j to a' pree«pf to him in this b by this, his proclamation.ri appear »t a County Coi to be held at the Court O6untyV6n : tHe21it5dajr. of the forenoon, by cognizanc th«eat,\and the' underelgne 3 of tliepeace, coroherV, ahd anyrecognhsancefor thea] .*ald.cour^:or whojhaye/\ 1 * thaUon.orejtaminatfon , tnrri-\snchrecogniian«>e the said Court at the openii its slttins.-r-Signed atthe' FOR ; SA1 4^^ A' areatmy Blackimljli dcpiinty, in conformity ratre'eted andrdelivered, all persons bound to Court. of- 'Bessionsi _ In Canton, In said ly. next, at 10 o'clock in ••otnefirtse, -.to*-appear eby.r.eiqu1rtes'all justice! officers who have taken •ance of any person at the any'ln*nisition and exun- person\or witness, to \re- iUon.and examination, to .hereof on tlie first day of riff's.ofliceonthe 21th day if:';E, TANNER; Sheriff.' : CIIKA1?. i Jf^ ,WA,6ON8. THEY ,Isabella;Street, 'WMCiQR ,Isaela; 'WM • '<••'••• 'A'^eforthe- EP-(Gl*!»t; -New. -V< Xca CompaurJ Has juitTetnrneffitlL alargestock of i M... ffAA ' . • >' .-' • •,«TEaS,of.aH.JiIndi h j • . i . .' . (f SUGARS, of all giss. i WOODEN WARK,.all descriptions. - OTHER GROCERl'too numerous to mention. . Which he li lelling at itly RedueedPrlces. ; \~TIe is now buying TTER, and paying the Higli- ket-Prices..'.larMglve-hlm'a call. •/*• .... ' (je2a&wlm) PHAIiON'S '.' P PHIAN LOTION,' J?or Beautifying .tl3kln and- Complexion,r, f p^ rictiUti &a., anA the Skin ! V\'; Ki r t For Ladles in theNurKit Is invaluoble. • .a-/\i'< • •'\' '7 For Gentlemen after grtug It has noequal, '' \PapKlin Lotion\ is __ eases and blemishes of-i'B ifiles, Moth Blotches, Tan, 't\ Fair and Blooming, only reliable 1 remedy for dis- l-Bkin . --' ••'-.- \ '• ' \•• ' _— T .^.»,-,«, ..„.-»<>... SOAP.\ for the ',\ •[;'5on^, : Nurserj;»\;Bath;, ';Wm-nof chap the le- Bt*Td'*. , ( f -! ..... Btayo. .';,.. ,'.. .. i ANewPer/umejortlilandkerchlef. Exquiste,Del- icate;, lasting ;?rafra:. ^HAION k SON, New York, x Sold, by all Drnpta. ' , jf.mh21deodly) PJCAN. KOR ^ATJBR \WORKS..' ' T HE COMMON OQTPilf OF TBE CIXY, OF OG- den*urg hereby sufit for the consideration of tlie .tax payars of- the city t following plan for supplying ; said>:cltyi»ithwateri : w|.a re'soiution to..einp.ower them to coust-uct'the. works ^KCordance with the plan:, . The water-power pro|ty belonging to George Parish, E«q.,satthe east:endiof |e d»m,.consisting of five runs of waUfc*lth,the land which. »aid w<.ter-poweris.at- tachedjshall :be purchfd in.accordance witli the con- diUonal contract madefttw««o.tbe said city and said Parish; .The water wonwUl be there located in B stone building, to be erected that^purpose; and will con- sist of. three-force pumnnd, water wheels sufficient to. propel all!of them,. an< ither.of which pumps.will, fur- nliii.tht fiftl quantltj wat«er required tor ordinary use. .Tkere,. will be iniinectlon with the, pumps:all necesSaqr.-gioTer^iors^ rqlatdi^, strainersjand ^i^ttber necejUHjr-appurtenancq And the upper of the, biiild-, ing will be: finished off » dwelling,, to, be; occupied by the Bupaintende'nt. 1 1 , ,' , .•..•\. . The witer for the supf of the first and third wards, will be carried from thtorks up.the bank-in;aa iron ipip'e of iten.'inches clearfimet«r, to Montgomery street and thence dlitributedby the beat routes to give nre prottpdon io every hse west of Seymeur street. : . For, the supply of the sond ward, an eight inch pipe, of galTaulied iroo, shalk luid across the Oswegttoliie, in the bid of tlie riyeriboye the dam, and thence through tte, proper pipe to. afford protection against fire to all the houses in tkward..: . ' , i ! For.theBepurpoies, sillies of pipe will be so laid as may be found, best. adUd to .give water prottction against fire to every buiiog in the city within the fire . limits.. Ihe fire limits wj be established in apeprdance with the law, bounded I llnesj nowhere distant; more than fifteen hundred feeiiyoud .th&.outermqst line of hydrants. Annual taxatl for the expense :qf Xurnisji- . ing 'water is'to-be confin4<».the. property within these limits. ' - There.shall be put .doi one. oi mere ,artesian v wells near the. east\ end of the tin, where the necessary ma- chinery ior drilling may biropelledby water power, in :-the- expectation, that artetn-water may-be.>.obtained 'of superiorquality.'aod in qiitity^tufllclerit-for'dQQiesilc. supply,and meantime watiif the Oswegatchiej str.ained; and-fllteredthrough graviwlU-be furnished; Should not water satisfactory ln.lality and quautity for do 'mestic purposes be obtainait the dam or fram-artesian wells, the! Common Cou'nij will- extend a pipe to the pump well from either that. Lawrence.or from the Oswegatchle at.tbe Railroa]>ridge, as may then appear mott advisable. Tin case ,o ontlagration, however, the reliance will be on the w»t of the Oswegatehieat the dam. ' j To provide, for^the.conlij :ncy pf a failure of water .power sufficient to. Slrive tj pumps, \by'accident.to.the dam or'great * drought,' thebrks Will-be so constructtd .and arraoged that a -Bteariengine, and boiler can be placed la the building anionnected with/.the,works whenever its necessity sbl, be Indicated, and of aiif- iicient-gower to frirziian the_i{>ply re*qnlxed,,i£iclualng t good supply for extingulihait of nres. ,\\.* •-• 1 ; Ihe Common 'Council hoi and believe it will not be necessary to incur the expeib of. supjily pipes from the St. Lawrence or from theOsig»tchle farabovethe dam, . OTSO£IL .steam engine ;.bttt ak.large expensemust b.e Sn- . currediujlayjlng tbe.mai&s .eantlalfor wateE works from anyipurce.of.suppljr, It wlllfe wise to provide for Ihoie and other'appurtenances, tot promptly' ajiplled If ex^ perlencesliillilemonstrate'tjlrnectsilty. 1 j., \' _^e_estima1te_ihe_ex£ens'ePfhe wofks^s follows: . . for thewater power and.grokds,.... ..Z> .'.T.. $5,400 Buildings and foundatiiins/.-.l..../.:.'.:.. 5,(^0. Machinery complete, as per etlneer's estimates, .16,000 Six mUea of main pipe, direr* tixei, : >...:...;. .82,000, Wht i i ' :»>..**& Wrought iron pipe, to cross ri Digging aiKTfillirig for laying Supply pipe above cemetery,.» a ,... _, ,-_ Hydrants, stop cocks, v»lve«,*c. 4,000 Freight onpipe,,.,.,...,...| .8,800' MEWIORKf >3Sn;j>w.cent.,forcontog»ncie ._^j. v -~r And we ' estimate 'the' e: wqrkrln repair at the. sum off annum ' J ' '- ' ' the seven ;day ; day of nt toa' stlce to o JII90LV«D, That the plan p council for, iupplyhjg ; the city RUM hereby it approved. ;A aothorlxed to carry the lame . jpBtp<we:to Issue. ,the-bonds, .of i». u mayor, countersigned aodregi red 'trtutrer, payable in.not leii;tl n twenty -inUrestat seven per cent pei annually in toe city of New \ burg, aa tliey^may determine wl and not exceeding In aU ihe I sanddoUari:;: And thEt.tn- - ,year,-)iiunclep.t,'.after'^iiia use of the water; to' pay tKe les of operating the works ani o renew-the bonds, or Issue c ai. to.eitend thetlmeof paymen aptit a,KS»Honojr l the water rei of ten years in a sinking fund, S sui B -'ann iif gg thee no y g nd, finally to levy taxes whenever, ;pame, or any, part, thertbfj.'',''^ yjfhijb fase' ''of keeping 'the e thousand dollars per ' \ ..\ '. I • the Common Council, 1 e ,Bpafa or\^Tater Ooih- resolution, to be voted eleQUon,tobe>eld ; of July/next at tin ce to be .published, «s '-/•';''I'\ \*' I ./•;I, ,,.•'•• I posei by. the . common ity itb wjiter, be, 'and the Ani the common couiicil'are e 1«' effect, and for.tliaf ity, signed- bjr; the y.Uie clerk, and wnty jeafi;,bearing anpura,_payahle seml- rkjiBoston or Ogderis- n they Issue the bonds, Br one hundred thdu- nann iif'iix be -levied each n th noriey. received for the he inte tst; defray the expen- them In repair j ones in their place,'s5 when advisable; to lt s.after the exglratibn redeem-the bonds.and t iceuary to redeem ihe ;';' ! ' j^ojftheiijommbniinncl)!...^. ,L\ : ! 8w)» , ,,i>tj ' ••Sft.sHT. 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