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S*ECIAIi NOTICES. ruilosopUy. of Marriage.—Anew course Lectures, a\ delivered at the New York Museum of Anatomy, embrach* the subjects: How to, live and what to live for; youth. Maturity ana OldAge : Man- hoodI generally.rVtarea ; The* cause of indigestion flat; ulence and Nervous diseases accounted for; Marriage philosophically considered, &c. Pocket volumes containing these lectures will be for warded »oparties unable?to attend, on receipt of tout) '•tampJ by addressing: Secretary, 'New 'York; Museum; of Anatomr and Selence,'61S Broadway, New York. (fe2&dly) HAPPY MARRIAGES. Essays for Young Men, on the Errors, Abuses and Diseases, which create impediments to Marriage, with the humane view of treatment and. cure, sent In sealed letter envelopes free of charge. Address, HO WARD ASSOCIATION, Box P., Philadelphia, Pa. (myl9d*w8m) . BATCUELOR'S HAIR DYE. This splendid Hair Pyeis-the best in the world; th only true and perfect bye; harmless, reliable ana In stantaaeous ; no disappointment; no ridiculous tints remedies the ill effect of bad dyes ; invigorates an leaves ihe hair soft and beautiful black or brown. Sol by all Druggists and Pertumers, and properly applied o Iiatchelov's\Vlgl!'iictory ) lC]3on(lst. ) KewYork. [apSdiwfim] •~7T *T>JE8,TA_ICR rARTIOTTLAK NOHOK . THE REAL VEIiPAU FEMALE PILL. (Warranted French.) These Pill3, so celebrated many yeara ago in Paris, fo the relief of female irregularities and afterwards Bono tortous for their criminal employment In the practice 0 abortion, are now offered for sale for the first time in America. They have beemkept in comparative obscurity, ;trom the fact that the originator, Dr. Velpan, is * phy? slcian In Paris, of great wealth, and strict consclentiou principles, and has withheld them, from general,use, lea they should be employeifor. unlawful purposes. In over- \ coming' Temale Obstructions, Falling of the Womb\ Whites; Green Sickness, Suppression, Retention, or Im moderate How of the Monthly Discharges, Nervous an . Splna affections, Pains in the Back and limbs, Fatlgu on slight exertion, Palpitation of. the Heart, Hysterici *c.,and willeffect:* cure-when all other 1 means hav failed: and although a powerful remedy, do riot contain calomel or anything imrtful to the constitution. To married ladies and young girls who have nevei been regulatert, they are peculiarly suited. They will, ii a short time, bring on the monthly period with regular! ty ' 0AUT.ION. • Married ladle? should never take them when there il any reason to believe themselves pregnant, for they will be sure to produce a miscarriage. Ladles can obtain a box sealed from the eyes of th curious, by enclosing One Dollar and eix postage stamp to M. W. MACOMBER, General Agent for United States, and Oanadas, at Albany, N.-¥., or to any authorise Agent. 8old by J. 0. Sprague, 1!. 0. Lamphearand Dlffenbach er & Davidson, Ogdensburgh, N.T. (mh2M4wly A FEW WORDS TO THE LADIES. • Many ladies, particularly mothers nursing, complain of a tired, listless feeling or complete exhaustion on arising in the morning. On the wife and mother devolve! - the' responsibility of regulating the duties of the house- hold. He cares are numerous:, and-thementnl as well as physical powers are frequently called into requisition. She oiten finds her slightest occupation a weary task, and existence a burden, while at the same time she has JIO regular disease. Hostetter's Stomaci, Bitters, if re- sorted to at thisperioa,.will prove an unfailing remedy for this annoying-lassitude. The effects of ttus potent agent are soon seen In the rosy cheek and elastic step of the head of the family, as with Restored health and renewed spirits she takes her accustomed place In the family circle. If this friend in need be regularly used, those depressing symptoms will never be complained of, and not ©• ly would lassitude not be experienced, but many diseases following its advent be avoided; As * Medical.agent it has no equal, while its pleasing flavor and healthful effects have made it a general favorite.— It is free from all properties calculated to impair the system, and its operation's are at once mild sootliing and efficient. All who have U3ed the Bitters attest its vir- tues and commend it to use. [,je2d&w2w] Highly Interestin g News.—JXEothera take notice, ^Mother iiaiWF'^On!»ti»s »F»P. ^^».«Mia: ren. Large bottles only 25 cents. Sold by Uruggiltl. Sold by J. 0. Sprague, Ogdensburgh. ERRORS OF YOUTH. - ' I can send you Sanitary Rules and Instructions that will enable you to recover your Manhood without the fuse of Medicine, by simply following the laws of nature 'and of health. Enclose stamp and address HENRY AMSDEN, (ap23<18taw&wly) Station D, New Toft, j Try the Congress Bitters. \THE AMERICAN PEOPLE Are emphatically fast livers. The constant wear and tear of brain aad muscle brings on many ailments', id- eluding* Dyspepsia and all its attendant horrors, such as bilious headache. Joss of appetite, stupor, hypochondria, and t general debility of the whole system. All persons thus aBecteu need Some gentle stimulant, which compris- es .medicinal properties and the virtues of the besttpn- ics. Such an article can be found in AIXEN'3 CONCHES* BITTEBSJ They are not a cheap whiskey, fout-a scientific preparation of some sixteen kinds of Roots and Barks all of which are acknowledged by the Medical Faculty to contain curative and tonic properties. One import- ant ingredient i3 the Prickly Ash Bark, celebrated throughout Europe as a preventive of Asiatic Cholera, and of all Summer Complaints and Diseases. All • pet- sons shout! have'some reliable family medicine on hand •not only as a cure but as a preventive, and. allVio be- lieve that a pure curative stimulant is preferableito the many jpdlBpnous compounds usually called \Bourbon Whiskey,\ should purchase and use Allen's Congress Bitters. Address \W. ALLEN, Proprietor, j FortEdward, N. Y.• F. B. WINNIE, Agent, <Hopkinton, N. Y. , K^Eor sale by J. K. \Barlow Agent for 'Ogdensburg, and,Vlcinity. ! A- in eriean II ouse, ! BOSTON, MASS. TIIE LATIGEST FIRST CLASS HOUSE IN NEW ENGLAND. ? tif'v'erticai Railway, Suites and 8ingle Apartments, with Bathing aud Water convenleneies connecting?; Billiard Kails, Telegraph Office and Cafe. (jelldtn-th-3-3m) LEWIS BICE & SON.,' LIFE-HE AI/MI-STKENOTM. LIFE—HEALTH-STRENGTH. THE GREAT FRENCH REMEDY. Delnniarrc's Specific Fills. ;, prepared by O-ARANCIERB & DUPONT, NO. 14 Rue Lombard, Paris, aud highly recommended by the entire Medical faculty of. Jrance. • .ire a most energetic andeffecleni Remedy in cases of Spermatorrhoea or Seminal Weakness; Nightly, Daily or Prkmature Emissions; Sexual Weakness or Impotencjr; Weikness arising from Secret Habits or Sexual Excesses; Relaxation of the Genital Organs; Weak Spine; \Lime\ -or\Brick-dust\ deposits in the Urine; \Milky. Dis- charges,\ Ac, and all the ghasUy train of symptos arising from Overuse or Excesses. A Pamphlet, containing full particulars, with Dlrep- tions and Advice, printed in French, German, Spanish an4 English, accompanies each box, and will be sent by mall, free of cost, to any one who will write for It. '• \ Price, $1 per Box, or.Six Boxes for $5. ASK FOR DELAMARRE'S SPECIFIC PILLS, AND TAKE NO OTHERS. [ .Sold by all the principal Druggists, or will be senttiy , m»ii, setweJy sealed from all observation, on receipt I of the specified price by any advertized Agents, or by the >olt Proprietors, OSCAR G. MOSES & CO., 2T Cortlan'dt Stre>t,,New York. J. 0. Sprague and B.'O. Lamphear, Ageriig for Ogaensburgh, N. Y.\ (stSOd*weowly); iv W*8AVE the Children.—Multitudes of them suffer, linger, and die, because of pin Worms. The only effect- ual remedy for these moat troublesome and dangerous of all worms in children or adults, is found in Dr. Gould's '« ' Worm Sy'up- Purely vegetable,-»afe and certain.-r- A valuable cathartic, and beneficial to health. QBO. 0. GOODWIN * CO., Boston, and all Druggists. ; (hl7 CANNON POWDER. : ATTESTIONOF FOURTH OF Jpi* OOM- Mttees Is requested'to our superior stock of Can- r- «* der - Orders promptly answered. ! NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Clic Bnili) JountQl OGDENSBURG, N. Y. LOCAL AND MISCELLANEOUS . Republican Town Caucus. The Republicans of the town of Oswegatchie are requested to meet in caucus at Lyceum Hall,, on Monday evening, 29th inst., for the purpose of appointing three delegates to the First Assem- bly District Convention at, Gouvernenr, on Wednesday, July 1, 1868. By order of Town Committee. ; N. B. 1.JTI.R, Chairman. First Ward Republican Caucus. The^ Republicans of the first Ward of the City oi* Ogdensburg »re requested to meet at Lyceum Ball, at 7 o'clock, thiai(Monday) evening, for the purpose of appointing] three delegates to the Republican Assembly District Convention. , . P.jROBERTSON, Chn. Com. OobsNsunRO, June 29,lS68i , ' —«. Second Ward Caucus. The Rapublican electors of the Second Ward of the city of Ogdenaburg, are requested to meet at Engine House No. .2, on Monday evening, June 29th, at 8.30 P.\ St., for the purpose of choosing three delegates to the First Assembly District Convention, which assembles on July 1st, and to transact such other business as may benecfeBsary, By-order of the Republican Ward Committee.* , \ . •.' JUNK 27,1888. Third Ward Caucus. A meeting of the' Republican electors of the Third Ward of the city of Ogdensburg, will be held at the Town House, on Tuesday evening, June 8.0, at half-past seven o'clock, for the pur- pose of selecting-three delegates to the Assem- bly District Convention, to be held at Gouver- neur, on thil 1st day of July7, By order of the Ward Committee. June !JT, 1863. • Fourth oi July. At the Committee meeting, on Friday eve- ning, it'w»s voted to employ the OBwegatchie Band, upon the terms proposed by the Band, and Special Committee of Three was appointed to assist the Finance Committee in raising funds to employ Olds' Band. The sum needed for all purposes, above the present subscriptions, is $154. The Special Committee is composed of Chas. Johnson, J. Y. Chapin and V. H. Lytle. Steamer No. 1. •i f The following is the' organization for Fire Steamer No, 1 for the present year: FOREMAN—Thomas Callihian. FIRST ASSISTANT—A. W. Briggs. SECOND ASSISTANT—W. H. Kelly.- PIPEMIN AND HOSEMKN—A. Lavier, Felix Baa- sard, Frank Amo, C. Guyottle, M. Brussier. : The Fourth at Madrid. Ths Ladies' Aid Society of the II. E. Church, at Madrid, ff. T., will give an Ice Cream and Strawberry Festival^ at Brooklyn Hall, on the afternoon and evening of the Fourth of July.4- Tb« avails will go towards) furnishing the new church. The corner stone of the church will Be laid at 11A. M. of the same' day, .with appropri- ate services. A cordial invitation is extended to Strawberry Festival. ' ' , A Strawberry Festival for the benefit of the ' -Aid Society of ibje Episcopal Church, Lisbon, will be held at the residence of George F. Clark, on the afternoon and evening of Jujy 1st. The public are respectfully invited. Olds' Band'will be in attendance. -* Dominion Day. —>*. * The 1st of July, Dominion Day,, will be duly celebrated by the Canadians. At Ottawa they are to have a variety of exercises. The Ogderis- •burg Base.Ball Cljjb will go there to play; a friendly match'with tiie Ottawa Base Ball Club- The Case of Kennedy. ; The Court of Appeals' has affirmed the judg- ment of the Oyer and Terminer in the. case lof Kennedy, convicted of the murder of Thomas Hand, at Canton,, in, June last Tbe prisoner will be taken to Caldwell on the second Tuesday of July, at a General Term of the Supreme Court to be there held, to be wsfciJtehced.•••T-hia deci'-\' sioii, wasuppose, is final.: :\ , ,\ . I 'Broke J»ll. ' ' ' We understand one\ of the horae thieves con- fined • at Canton, broke jail J a few days since, and at date of writing : had not been recaptured. • Temperance' Meeting at Black -Lake: ' A spirited Temperance meeting, wits held |at he H. E. Churcbj,Black Lake, on Friday evening last. Addresses-were made by Charles Diibois, Niel Cook, H. Mallon, L. A. Stockwell and Rev. Mr. Mifild ^ '' ' ' ' GoT«rnmratpfOntario(New Dominion) has deterroiiKid to attempt! the remedy of an evil from which t'hat country,jus well as. our Western States, haasuffered greatly—the evil of specula- tors buying; up lands in different parts, and holding thorn in an uncultivated state until the industry of settler3inthe neighborhood improves their, valae,.and .enables these speculators to sell at greatly increased prices. AH lands which were sold upon condition of certain settlement duties being! performed,- and in regard to which that condition was not fulfilled prior to the first of January last, will be forfeited to the Crown, no matter whether the purchaier has paid up'all theinstallments of tKe purchase-money or not; This forfeiture will, it is expected, release a larg* quantity of productive land. ' '.' , - Propeller Milwaukee. . This fine new steamer, belonging to the Nor- thern Transportation • Company, and | built at their Marine ! Railway |-in this city, made her trial trip on Saturday. The Milwaukee is of the Bame dimensions of all tbe first class steam- ers of this old and popular Company, and ia commanded by S. B. Kipsom, one of the most thorough sailors and most popular men of the line. She has-been fitted up with all the appli- ances wliicl time and tests have proye'B valua-\ ble. Her cabins are arranged so that by simply drawing foiling doors they may be thrown into one grand siloon, extending almost the whole length of the vessel. They are fitted up in mag- nificent style, and are handsomely furnished.— The saloon is theUrgest of any boat on the line. She has-sixteen well fitted and furni9hed state- rooms. The ship ind her- appointments/rom led to inaBthe&d, jiave all been built in\ this city, and she is thqfirst complete steamer ever, built here. , Her hold is sup] lied with bulkheads so ar- ranged as to be ea ily removed, thus permitting her to take in a ca go of more than one kind of grain without mixiig. She is supplied with one of Andrews patent hoisting apparatus, worked by steam. From le bottom of the hold to the hatch are guides »lich may be shifted' to .either side or removed al pleasure ' which ' overcomes, all trouble in hoist ig out casks of molasses and sugar and other he.vy articles. The vessel is supplied with fom pumps and hose, worked by both hand and stei m, so that fire can be fought with one or the otl EX. and located so as to place, the use. of one or t ieiother.beyond contingencies- As we said befo e, the Milwaukee is home pro\ duction, the vesse engines and boilers all having been built here. G.W. Pearson, master-builder and superintendent of the Company's Yard here, has done himself gnat credit in sending out this steamer. ' : .;• . On occasion bfjtae trial trip, Capt. Ripsoin was favored with ib> presence of a large party of ladies and gentlcnen. The steamer proceeded up the St. Law'renci as far as the M|ue Church, and from thence t» ihe dock of the Ogdensburg & Lake<Champlais Railroad., Her performances were entirely satisfactory. The Captain was in his element, and iiipensed his best smiles upon the ladies,' while mf gentleBcn stepped into the: office to smile or moke ag waa most congenial to their natures. ! y ' Having been a ^ember of the discharged com- mittee on water wcrka, we undertook to perform a neglected duty, b? submitting to a'test of the qualities of the Sti Lawrence river water. The test was entirely satisfactory. We pronounce it good to drink, firstpte for navigation, and bully for steam.: | ., , j ... . The Milwaukee Bakes the fifteenth' steamer now in the line. long may sht wave,.and Capt. Ripaoni surVive to\ommund lier. Tie Tannery The Drum Cojfpi, ranit,and (He of the Tanners will meet at the Bnk at half-past seven this, Monday,evening a ^half-pait seven o'clock for the purpose of completing atrangemorita for the parade on the nigit of the 36t Those who wish to join the organisation are invited to attend. There will be I special meeting of the Ogdens- burg B. B. C. at. their room* this (Monday) ev^ GBT THE BEST.—If you' hltend purdi&aing a Sewing Machinl, make it a point to get the best. You caido so by purchasing^ Wheeler Wilson from Dodds and Button, 67 Ford St., .jidson Bank Building. on. Jjhn A. Griswold, of Troy, is prom- inently namedas the Republican candidate for Governor. Ibny of the Republican papers speak favoraly of him, Mr. Griswold'a name was mentiona at the same time that Governor Fenton was aggested for the Vice-Presidency. Resident has pardoned the following named perse is: George H. Walling, convicted in the Unite States District Court of Kentucky, of a violatku of the Internal Revenue laws, and sentenced tc sixty days iojfprisonment and fined ten dollars. He was pardoned on the recom- mendation (: th6 United States Attorney of the district, Hoi. Garret. Davis, the Secretary of the Treasury, Ibn. 'flumphi-ey Marshall' and the As- sessor of 1 ie district. John H. McBrayor, con- victed of a similar offence in the same court, was pardd ed upon the recommendation of the District-A orney and both Senators from his State. .. . : ._. . '-' ;. . ty Tb Democrats at the South have been bidding f( the votes of the negroes. But if the National (onyentipn declares a'gainst colored suffrage, ^. TT| j can hardly be expec^d' that any but the moat ebased negro will vote the Democrat- ic ticket. And then if they don't so declare, they will ose thevotes of the more ignorant of their own party.- >...,-.;..• gy W ;st of Laramie, on.the route of the Pa- cific Railjoad, all the water is impregnated with alkali, anl when draiilt, has the effect, of a dose of salts; when used' for washing it peels' ihe Bkin-'otT >ncein seven dayg,:and when.jused in :thfi^.engiiesitr.makesi.no .steam of any ajqcbiint. Its excel ;nce consists in the facility with which soap car l>e made with it, a lump of grease and a stick t> stir it up being all that is necessary for then anuft^ture., , *'; ;,! '. A. Smyine; pf NeWydrk, has ta^npjini%ite4 h W'1f»nigiSfer^» t- AnB'ftia;' He 'ill protably not :be confirmed. BY TJSLEGrRAPH. ' Niw YORK, ii.--^ /'' ; f 1.40J. -L'ONDOK, 2,1.— U.S. Bond PORT COLBORNE, 26.—The following vessels passed here to-day: Prop. Brooklyn, Chicago to Ogdensburg. Prop. Empire, Toledo to Ogdensburg. ST. JOHNS, 27.—The baric Enterprise, of this city, went ashore on Cape Sable Island, and will probably be a : .tptaljjoss. ' ' *'*\•' l ' ' BITULINOTON, 2T.—Isaac P. Drew, an em- ployee on the Vt. Central Railroad, waa drown- ed yesterday, at Albany Springs. NEW YOBK, 27.—The two sons of Dr. R. Og- deuDoiemua, tbe well-known chemiBt, while playing in a wooden play-house, at theback of their; residence, yesterday forenoon, accidentally set it on fire. They were unable to escape ira- raediately, and the younger of the boysiperiBli ed'in the names. -•> ' BURLINGTON, 27.—^Two car loads of Fenian arms and equipments, in a storehouse at St. Albans, were quietly removed by the Fenians, with teams, into the back country on Wednesday and Thursday night last. NEW YORK, 29.—The Times special says: The frauds discovered in the pay department consist in the issue of certificates for bounty to soldiers who were enlisted as- slaves,* as though they were frecdmen, the soldiers receiving $100 and the ring pocketing $200 for each* man. When the committee discovered this gigantic fraud, Mr. Lincoln immediately informed Secretaries S&ofield and McCulloch of its existence.-r- They at once issued orders suspending all busi- ness in the Bureaus and Divisions interested and placed the different rooms containing the mus- ter, rolls of the colored regiments under the com- plete control of the Committee. Gen. Scofield, very promptly, detailed 'Col. Scott, an able anil trustworthy officer, with a sufficient corps of clerks to assist Mr. Lincoln in a thorough search through the records of the Bureau gf colored troops, and that search is now progress- ing. .... . , , j In the meantime the Committee has examined several clerks connected with the bureau and has elicited from them some very important ev- idence which is .understood to implicate some of their superior officers. Several parties have been arrested and others will be to-morrow. It is proper to add that Gen. Schofield's prompt as- sistance, followed as it was by the order of 'Sec- retary McCulloch, suspending the • settlement of colored soldiers accounts in the second auditor's Bureau, has materially aided Mr. Lincoln and colleagues in their arduous duties. . . • ' NEW YORK, 29.—Delegates from the West lo the New York Convention have, arrived here. The majority of them express a decided prefer- ence for Pendleton as the candidate. The Southern delegates are inclined to accept any terms that may be imposed-;' any candidate that may be nominated, but will not take' any active part beyond nominating President Johnson, i They say they can't do otherwise than nomi'nr- ate him without incurring a just charge of in- gratitude toward the man of all others in the party who bas been their friend during the re- cent troubles. The indications from a Washing- ton stand point seenr'to be that Mi-. Johnson will receive a large complimentary vote and that finally the contest will resolve itself into a strug- gle between the friends of Pendleton and Sey- mour on the bond question. [ Hancock's chances have diminished since the Western men have so earnestly developed them- selves for Pendleton, and the Chase movement has died off. \ The betting has taken a new turn since Sey- mour spoke. Seymoer stock is the highest, with Bendricks next; The Western and Southern arrivals have demoralized the'Hancock men, and the General's chances are now unknowjn. MARKET!!. . Naw Yo*I,*f. Ashes—Market nominal at 8.2f>@8.37. ; Cotton—Market firm at31@81+forM. U. | Flom—Receipts 6,600 bbls. Market dull. . • * Snies 5,000' bbls. at e.SS^.SO'sup. fine state and western 7.80@8.60 for choice ex. statte; 7.7o@9.76 for common to choice extra west- ern; 8.65@12.90 common to good'shipping briihvls extra'Round Hoop Ohio;\ ? Rye flour quiet at 8.25@1O.3O. \ \ Wheat—Receipts 8,000 bushels. Market dull. , ., i Sales 18,500 busli. of choice No. 1 Spring; at 2.14; white Cal. 2.70. ' ' ! • ' Cofn—fieceiptft 102,000 bushels. Market heavy. . , . . . .„ • Sales 49,'ObO bush, of choice' mixed western at 1.00@1.04. ' I Oats quiet at 81£@82£ for Western. « Pork—Market closed heavy. Sales 1,000 barrels at 28.00@28 20 new mess,. Beef quiet. ' i -_• MARRIED. \ | r CKNIS EACH, jpl In Trinity Churcb, San Jose, California, on Eafter Sund»y, by the Rev; K 8. Peake, rector, STUART ORICUTON, M. D., O. M., o( Jamentown, to NELLIB M. PREVO8T, of Sonora. 1 DIED. In this city, Thursday, 25th Inst., GUJT4VUS c.'ion of G. 0. arid Hattle B. Peanon, aged IT months. ) Funeral from the residence of Hon. Wm. C. Brown tills, (Monday) afternoon at S o'clock. j In Madrid, June28J, ETA £., only langhter of Wm. Ii. and CyntWa' R.5 Read, aged 82 yem. j... s | Eva f'r.om Sier feebleneii and frailty'cf ; b6dy,- waiifor- bldden toeriter as lietrtily Into thepaihi of btaevoleDt enterprises and labor, also the youthful pleasures and enjoyment, »s many, yet she bore her Affliction uctieer fully, doubtless,as any of us would; In her clrokm- •tances. But she .haa gone where the freshnest\Sraid 1 - Moom or youth will be here forever; tot weeki^ejelahp departed tht was happy, having male every- needful preparation, net death with a smile ind has passed to the Paradise of God. ,' f. In Dekalb, June 9th, »fler many Jtarsof mentaliand phyilcal decline,' Mr. ELIBHA %HIPPEE, In Ithe 75th year of his age. | ^F\W»tertown papers pleise cojly. f LKT THE ON.| READY TO-MORItOW,-SOLD BY NEWSDEALERS ';' •''^\' •\•; VJ Jr' 1 \ f ffS-brrtOAti^otJRiiAiior THE» LJ Council, containing an extenslva programme, or- der of exercises, a multitude or local bit*, *c. No one allowed to celebrate without it.: Buy one for your uncle; Price ten cents. (dl) System Bjmea'BS of.•peciilcontrscU with pnbilihe'rs:through '. .. i out country we are'en»bledito;offer'to : • Such terms as cannotfill to.attract'attention. '•AClrcu- lar containing fnUlriforni»tl6n in regard to Ihe'faellltles ire posseijwilibescnt' to any address' on receipt of stkmn.' ':' . ?•>'•' ••'• ' --'.'- •- - ' •''•'& • • -£ • ! st»m»; ...T- ft T:/fiOWECt * 6O:i • . ' • Aavertlilhg-agent, / M'Ti : R^NTo -BQ0K AGENTS WANTED-FOR -•-\- L^N1>% lia JUi-'a Soliiiei' and a Statesman. j • An aceurateailstory of his Military and Clyll.Career. In one large octavo volume, nearly 850 pages,, finely, il- lult rated. Agents will find this,tne book to sell cat the present time. ,»Ihe!arge»t commission given. . We em- ploy no General JKgehta, and^other-extra ituhipementa to canvassers. Agents will seethe, -advantage of dealing directly with the publiihen.. Foridelcriptive drcuUra and terms address, J. B.BDBR 4: OQ:, Publishers, Havt- rord, Ct ..' . .'• : ••-^-.^. .•>•-.'>•—••' ' '- ' OFPICIAl. HISTORV of tbe WAR, ItJ. .Cause?;' Cluirdeier}, 'Conduct arid 'RisnUs. '• j ' By Hon. Aiix. H. BTSPirass, , * •-. f Its ready sale, .combined with an increased' commis- sion, make It the bent subscription book ever publishei. One Agent in.Easton,'Pa., reporti 12 : iu6ifclbers in three iiys. Another ln-BostoD,<103 suBscrlberi In four days. Bend for Circulars and see our terms, and a full description of the work. Address NATIONAL PUB- O oo.;phiua«iphu, Pa. < i Grreat '•i •• If- , /-.'fij.P*' ' • : • !•;. , ••'-.'•. j- Dry Goods, tarpetings, Boots & Shoes, \• * '• Silv«sr Plated Wai-e, j '\' \ Of ail kinds-ALBUMS, \' ' f. And a variety of of Valuable and'nieful articles for sale AT $1 TOR EACH ARTICLE. ! A check describing an article selected from, our Btock for sale at $1, will-be sent on receipt the receipt of three cents to pay postage. • No charge for Sehedule* o r CbeckW .,. maa e a t tbi* Establlahment. t : rknd for Circulars as-thii Is- themogt.liberal.-»»ie. of kind In the country.. Address,;-. .;• \ fARmJla k co., I'Qi.uii BiKVai/llia ^^^^s^K^ male, to Introduce the Genuine Improved Common Sense FamllySewlng Machine. '.This machine will Stitch; Fell, Hem. Tuclc. Quilt,' Cord Bind, Braid aria' Smb'rBiaer Inja most iiaperior-manner. Price only $18. Fully, warran- ted for five years. We will-pay $1000 for any machine that will sew a stronger, moat beautiful or moreelastlc •earn than onn. It jaakei the \Elastic Lockstitch.\^ i i '__±_ * a\*^i.ii_l. i ! i»i . .'.: * _•;•>• .iltl->*V.n* AlHtli' _rt1 MJ ^bUU |ieiilUUlUU Will UJXlUCa,:V[ V nmimiMiiMi. ii\jtu whichtwlceth»t amount can be mfMie;- •Address' SE- OOMiB k Qft, Htt'!burgPa.,oir Boston, Mali: .' } C^PT^i?A.V i ]iori'tbe'lmpoied\upbn'brother-parties palming off. worthless c«st iron machlnesVunier the same name or otherwise! Ours is the only genuine and reallj practical cheap machine manufactured'. Medical Ill l IlliiiiilQaliiBfif . t J%wffiagniaeentiy llloitrated Medical,BooVs, con- taining Important Physiological Information, for Hen and Women, sent free on,receipt of 25 cents, by addreu : . ,, n g.'..:... .-.--,..• -Br..JOHN VANBERl'OOL, ] ., 1 N0..8O 1 CUnton.PlacgjL».ew York City.; • Male aM •Female' Agentsinevery-Tlllage^tewnaria el : 'for our great •\ •> ••\'<:' , ONE J ! Of Dry and Fancy Goods. Agents making money. For fall particulars, address :- • ;' FABKER,JKILB8 4 CO., I 5C3 WashingtonStreet.Boston,Masa.' & CO'S TITIWENSK ONE DOLLAR SUE. ; [. Of Dry anil Papcy Goods,.Silyer Pitted Ware, .Out}e|r, ftc, 4c. SendlO'cts. ekch-fortnename 6r f 6ne' or more articles whichw.e will sell Ifpr ; '\.''. , ? ' OneDollarM Eaclt. . '.,,:'• ' Agehts'Wanted In.every, town and city iu.'the.coBntry; Extra inducement offered. Circulars ..sent free. . Ad- dress KIMBALL 4 CO., S Treinpnt v Bow, Boston, Mass.- Box2516. - • - |, KSTCHORrAWCiri or SoukCTuinrwne: How either se» may fas'efhate and gain'the affections' of\ Hie other, or any one they choose, Instantly; also to secure. prosperity in love or business. Every one can acquire this singular power. ^ This qneer, exciting book has been published by us ten years, tbe sale of which has been enormous, and Is the only boot of the kind in the En- glish Language. Sent by mall for 25 cents, or five for ;f 1 together with»guide to tbe.unmarried. Address 1 . WILLIAM 4 CO., Publishers, Philadelplilii. , J3TPersons think of adyertitlng toan: extent'will.]db well before making contracts to apply to j For-an estimates ..Th^haveiaclUtlei for iSec.uringtheii- sertlori of'Advertisement!,inall;newspapers andperiod- Icjils at lowTate'fc Addreu theintat , ., . ..-..£ Send stamp for circular. \ Complete\lists of NeWij perspubllshedln- any state, sent:f»r,25 cents, To >• •- ••••:•• .:;-:-.i/.:. : -;•••.' J We are agents for over one hundred Foreign and Do- chines, ke., at the uniform price of ONB DOLLAR FOR EACH ARTICLE. * • Send your clubs of ten and upwards, for descriptive checks-ihowlngwhat article c»hbe bbtaiu.dfor $1, with ten cents for each check, , CIRCULARS ISBNT FRKK. ) Presenti worth from $8 to $400 lent free of charge,to agents sending clubi. ttenWwattU.dlneverr;tojirn;^¥ * l'*\ •: [ 10 Aich Street, Boston, llu£ Chemical Electro Silver Plating Unld makes worn put nlited ware as good asnew. For sa!e by druggists. { ar\8»mplesfortrlal«ent freeby. m»ilon:recelptof SScentitopay for'naeklni(;ana postage. AdaressiJ, 8HAW, Chemist, 80 Kim Street, Bridgport, Conrfe— Agents wante.d.eyerywhjre._ - ., .. t TOBACCO ANTIDOtE. Warranted to.removieajj deiire for ToUcSo drftBe money'refahdtd. This'g«»t remedy ls r »tfeicellent5»p- petlier. It purifies the blood, In-rtgorates the «y»%Mi possesses great nourlslunRand Btrrogthenlns power^en- abiei'tue stomich; to. digest the leartlest food, make! ^prefreshln»-'*«e«bllsh'eB ; rbb«sthe*ltti.-- • : • Smokers'»n 80 penU:Box,.po«t 1 fecUof Tdbtcco,'with-1—., T . .... .and l ieiUmoniaU,attestlngthe great Mccess, L sent -fce|.— Bttwante% .EnEOAlti! Grisn .. 8. B. BARBIE A 00 . ample* bym&U23cU.- ureH,S25Teafl8Kii Nj. T. GOODS A* Foreign. and.domestlc ^. sale of Dry and Fancy Goods, PS and,equa^prije,of , . . B ; '.' One Dollar tor ^ Our goods are all new and'o rect from the Manufacturers; All we ask is a trial - , \. As a specialty we have arranged witti^ reUablemercanUlehouses^n Boston^ ™ e _ at quality, dl. For thetr.stand»rd Tei».and!Coflees. ' E«g£ * by them Is warranted to give entire 'pSiWj^,\ \\3 tbeir guarantee placed upon each4>acl|age^S on > * n ? female agents wanted c everywHereian4;satUt % 5W e W < f anteed in all cases. ' \ \ %tUOT iEW- 10 Milk St., Boston, i^ BOOTS' \AKD J aSHOSfc A j CHEAPER THAIS':, \ V siojiE,.. H, Have just opened 1 and' are now offering for sale a splen- did Summer stock of v i i : x ^... .'.•,• • . } • ' v > f ; . , rlHK.'STpgK EMEKA'CES oe tace to' ihe Finest Work.made. ^We manufacture to orderFrehch and American Calf Bo6tS','ana,Shpe», Sewed or Pegged,, at Reasonable Rates;.v •,*'.• ' • • • , • ; ' ~ ' :> ' ? •- . • '' l*-OAtt iStO SEE' -FOR YOtfRBEtVBS. • Next Door to the Post Office, State'tStreet, Ogdensburg. \ (je8d*w2m)- r ^; , =.; \ .JOHNSON, BROS. • A t NO, 8 J13DS0N BAWK BUttDING, \ Are closing'oiit tfieU stock of Shawls, Skirts, Parasols, Fan?, &c. At Prices that DEFT COMPETITION. J>0WA T • CORSETS clieaper titan ever,, , : HOQP .Spurs- so GTS. , .^'Pririts, B>own and BlfachM; Cottons Cheap;--. Trimmings of all jilndf at Greatly Reduced Prioes^Nap- klnCDoyles; Spreads, Couhterpines,..ic.- - |^\Eyerything Warrantedas •reprfesehted; AGENTS for, the Improved PARIS' SEWING »IA- •CHI^B, whfch:ls.excelled''lby none Jfor ; durability and •range b)f w.prk; .The most simple machine yetlnvehtea. Eyery',rnach.We;wa.rranted;' ; '' • ' ~.' Persobs wishing; to- obtain a good BlacHine should ex- amine 1 before •purchasing \elsewhere. ;_.\•' Gi!0:'A. 'p [apl8d4wtfj' JJ2T&. m W.M f OED-ST WPiFi»or Family Favorite. the•JVeea'Sewingirach'ine Company' tiffer .tKeir'new Machine to llie -pijtblicinthe. belief ttiatftney.possess ex- cellence for themse intended far superioV ;toany hillier- to.manufactured, hot pnly ; in mechanicai construction butte.gcneraiadanUvehes|;.tothe pnrposedesigneai iUhey, believe that liey..fiav.e* succeeded in;producing a rffiiciiih'e tjiat ail csiioperatje Inccessfuflyj, with a range eomp^ri'sihgtheentrre'«ewlng--reqtuired inafainlly, and: doing it without anriojance, loss of.tlime.orwaste, ana in' »n,effectV-ee aiaV.t§6roug1j. ! -ai4imei',. ; Much time and mpney-hii'been spent tp perfect' Its' construction; to make it convenient to use;an<l take care of, to,ao away withttroublesome features .wiiieni have beenithebane-pi oiflier. niSchlries'ana the torment- bit thpusandsiof opera- tives... \ . \. • Tiie WeediEaniily Favorite ^r'as presented to the public in the face of.\a tterca and determined oppouition, yet none of itsmany competitora ever received so warm a welcome: The reason of itSrgYeat popularity is its ad? mirable adaptability to the wants of the people and the pains taken by the Company to serve the public with systematic.anclscrupulous fidelity. An invitation il^ ex- tended to every one to come and make a personal exam- ination of our Machines and satisfy themselves. Salesroom at J. Allen'dprph's Notion' Store, 28 Ford St., Ogdensbhrg, . tjegdtwim) V.BkhVmjSl. •'i)y JolF S.'s'T Lake Street, Ogdensburg, West Side., ..Always on hand the choicest Cigars, Wines and Liq- ^P^The best medicine intheporld is Dr. Langley's Soot and Herb BUtersr-long a tried and standard remedy for Liver Complaints, BUlious diseasss, Humors of the Blood and Skin; jaundice aiid .Byspepsia, Indigestion, CoBtiveness, Headache, and all diseases arising from Dis- ordered Btomaph, Torpid Liver, or Impure Blood. They tlefai\^^ syitem, purify and new^cre'atethi-bloodvre- store the appetite, build up and strengthen the whole body. GEO. O. GOODWIN * CO., Boston. Sola by aUT)ruggists. . ( m hi Ta4w6m y ' 16W iisb The affections of the opposite .sex may be gained by •\'\\ ;;simp.le\ft1eii.andiallmay SnaWy happily, if de- ^,. .-Aputregardici.weajth^age or beauty; Bend ireas-ina^tampJfor^pUrtisWarsto .'•\ f \ * - '• -MaaameitJCItLK: DBMAEEE; (»V13a3\aw*wiy) \ Bible House, New York MOXEI, i FOBS1LG. the ^Wfte»jtjentl^fca :**. act as, agents and an '• o 110per day, ';Npcapitl aaS yBfRP ed sra inducements nity io /earn, fiota »8 to sary. Encloie-tampaid 1 ^a»;S*eet i New York,

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