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Page 2 iUMILTOIICOUlITVIiECOII November 8, 1945 SPEOflATOR Installation of Officers The Women’s Auxiliary of the Amer­ ican Legion held its installation oflacers on Saturday night at the Lake Pleasant Central school. Mrs. May Blow of Johnstown was the installing officer. Those installed were; Mrs. Ashley Perkins, president; Mrs. Eugene L. Greene, vice-president; Mrs. Stanley Schoonmaker, secretary; Mrs, John Lu­ cas, treasurer; Mrs. Pierson Aird, his­ torian; Mrs. James Walsh, chaplain. Members of the American Legion tended as guests. The program con­ cluded with the serving of refreshments Receives Discharge Howard Dauforth received an honor­ able discharge from the army on Friday November 2nd, after over -years active duty. Sgt. Danforth saw service in North Africa, and Italy, taking part in the invasion of Salerno. On his turn from tlae European Theater Operations, Howard served at McGuire hospital for about a year. For the last three months he had been stationed Hawaii, arriving by plane at Hamilton Field, California, from Hawaii very re­ cently. Howard and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Danforth, are spending this week in Speculator to do some hunting. Rate Sponsorship Panel The students of the Lake Pleasant Central school now rate a sponsorship panel on the bed of some wounded vet­ eran as a reward for the salg of $3,000 in stamps and bonds, and they have $940.60 toward another one. The fifth and sixth grades, taught by Mrs. Bar­ bour, are in the lead. The school also has the right to fly the Minute Man Flag for another month, Personals A change in the Friday assembly plans has been necessary at the school and a program of songs by the entire school will be substituted. Mrs. Charles Nisbet closed her cot­ tage in Speculator and returned Amsterdam on Tuesday so she could attend the celebration of the 50th an­ niversary of the Century Club Amsterdam, a woman’s literary club, of which she is the oldest living past- president, A feature of the event will be a pantomine in costume depicting the events of the past 50 years. - Mrs. Rollin P. Fiero, Mrs. L. M. Buyce, Mrs. A. W. Buyce, Mrs. Fred B. Grim, Mrs. Arthur -J. Teflt, Mrs. Eugene L. Greene, Mrs. Glenn North- rup and Mrs. William Wilber spent last Thursday in Glens Falls, attending the Sixth Annual Meeting of the W. 8. C. 8. of Troy Conference. “China Sky”, a movie based on thej book by Pearl Buck, will be shown at the Lake Pleasant Central School Saturday night Randolph Scott, Ruth Warrick and Ellen Drew are the stars of the picture. Abram Morrison, son of Mr. and Mrs, Robert I. Morrison, left on Monday ; take np training in the armed forces. The Y'outh Fellowship met on Mon­ day night at Airdwood. The program was in charge of the Commission on Evangelism. Mrs. Norma McDowell and daughter, Ada Susan, returned on Tuesday to their home in Batavia. NORTHERN CHURCHES SPECULATOR G kaob M ethodist C hurch 10:30 A. M. Worship Service 11:45 A. M. Sunday School. LAKE PLEASANT U nion M ethodist C hukch 2:00 P. M. Worship Service S t . J ames * C hurch Sunday, 11:30 A. M. Mass. Dehorning Young Calves Young calves may be dehorned with caustic or dehorning paste from one month to six weeks of age. Hot iron or scoop may be used for de­ horning at ages of two to four months. Guava Prevents Scurvy Powder made from the Guava is being used by the British troops as a source of vitamin C. Four ounces of powder will protect a soldier against scurvy for nearly three months. Ether Has Its Day - Massachusetts medical circles fre­ quently observe October 15 to com­ memorate the first use of ether in an operation at the Massachusetts General hospital in 1846. Steel: Safety Lessons Steel, the third safest, industry, has had success with using realistic models of machinery in training em­ ployees and dramatizing safety prac- Bug Bonds Now in America's Great Victory Loan For a more abundant future—^yours, your community’s, tbe future of ^ur millions of fighting men—^buy Victory Bonds in this last loan, the great Victory Loan! Your crop dollars can help pay the C 08 t of victory—and in ten yearsj Victory “E” Bonds pay you $4 for every $3 you put in. INDIAimKE Personals Mrs. Gertrude Donahue was admit­ ted to Glens B'alls hospital last Friday. Vernon Hall has returned home with an honorable dieebarge from service with the army. Staff Sgt. Stanley Savarie bae return- to Halloran General hospital after weekend in town. Ensign Marie Mitchell of Lakehurst Naval Station, N. J., spent a weekend with her sister, Mrs. Leslie Turner. Pvt. Kenneth Farrell has returned to Camp Pickett after a ten day furlough with his wife and children. Mrs. Farrell accompanied her husband as far as New York and spent the week­ end with her brother, Louis Iverson. Pfe. Gerald Parker arrived in town last weekend with his honorable dis­ charge from the army. Gerald has been on duty in England and the European continent. Mrs. Raymond Morehouse is employ­ ed at the Eagles Nest Estate at Blue Mt. Lake. Mrs. J. H. Farrell received word last weekend that her daughter Lieut. Henrietta McCormack had arrived on the West Coast and would be in town as soon as she receives her discharge. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bennett and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bennett have re­ turned home after a two weeks vacation in Virginia. Mrs. Olive Carroll is spending a week with friends in Schenectady. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Spring and son arrived In town last weekend from California. Reginald Spring of Albany and Miss Evelyn Spring of New York City were in town over the weekend to see their brother and his family. Mrs. Lena Anstin, Misses Helen Phelps, Virginia Fort and Margaret McCabe of Hudson Falls spent Sunday with Mr. Mrs. Guy Pelon. Rev. and Mrs. L. D. Keeler attended the District Meeting at Saratoga Springs last Wednesday then visited friends in Latham and Albany for a Pygmies Among Strange Sights in Philippines Pygmy natives adept with blow- guns, 20-foot pythons, pitcher plants which hold nearly a quart of water, and edible birds’ nests worth twice their weight in silver are a few of many strange sights on Palawan, southwesternmost big island of the Philippines. Among varied tribes of Palawan natives, whose total is estimated all the way from 20,000 to 50,000, are the Bataks, pagan black pygmies re­ sembling natives of the distant An­ daman Islands more than the re­ lated Negritoes common on Luzon, Skilled with bow and arrow for catching deer and big game, they use blowguns and poisoned darts to catch'monkeys and birds. Creeping stealthily up on their quarry perched high in a tree, they send their -darts vsdth a sudden puff. Their victim may continue to perch for minutes, apparently tmharmed, then fall to the ground from the effects of the poisoned barb. Wild-Life Restoration The apportionment of $806,500 among the states for the restoration and development of their wildlife re­ sources during 1945, under the terms of the Pittman-Robertson act, is the smallest since the act became ef­ fective in 1938. Secret Service All appointments of agents of the U. S. Secret Service are made from the top of a list of eligibles com­ piled by the U. S. Civil Service com­ mission on the basis of a competi­ tive examination, ed in order jdits sis of a compel] Names are list of individual ratings plus any credits for veteran preference. The Civil Service commission re­ quired an applicant for admission to the examination for treasury en­ forcement positions with the service to be a U, S. citizen with at least high school education and two years’ experience, in inal investigative at least work; be :e, both ; witlji good vision, keen col- ption and unimpaired hear- criminal investigative worl tween 21 and 52 years of ag« inclusive; witl^i good vision, ke or perception and unimpairec ing; minimum height, 66 inches; ninimum weight, 130 pounds; sound ihysical condition. All appointees a thorough medical ex- and are subject to rigid character investigation. Marital sta­ tus has no effect on eligibility. pi . are given amination i North For a Humane War Richard Gatling born on a 1 Carolina farm in 1818, who invented the machine gun, thought his device would make war more humane. Egg Has Many Uses albumin of the egg is paints, fertilizers, printers’ ink. egg is used in, making camera film, adhesives, — fertili paper sizing and Large Nation Largest nation in Latin America (larger even than the continental U. S.) is Brazil, known for the Amazon river and “Flying Down to Rio.” Natural resources are large but little exploited as yet. Rubber first came from Brazil. Tbugh Midget The king bird chases hawks, crows and even eagles, but is afraid of the tiny hummingbird and will flee from its attack. Resurrect Old Windows For Canadian Chapel Ten stained glass windows intend­ ed to inspire prospectors of the Yu­ kon gold rush days of ’98 have been installed in the sanctuary of an air transport command chapel near Whitehorse in the Canadian North­ west. Within a few months after the gold strike in the Dawson City area, a mushroom city of about 10,000 had sprung up on the shores of Lake Bennett, Skagway, Alaska, and Whitehorse, Yukon territory, where prospectors rested from the arduous climb through Chillicoot pass before mak­ ing their way in hastily built boats across Lake Bennett and down the Lewes river to Whitehorse. A member of the Presbyterii board of missions in Canada inter­ ested enough citizens of this heter­ ogeneous community to build a log church -in a single day th=+ stands on the lake shore, stained glass windows were ordered, but before they arrived the booj had collapsed and the mushroom city on Lake Bennett had shrunk to a dozen or more employees of the just then completed White Pass and Yu­ kon railroad, one of the few narrow gauge railroads still in use in North America. The windows were stored in a log warehouse in Whitehorse where they had been accumulating dust for lore than 40 years until a Mr, :ardy,'a director of the Canadian Bank of Commerci Bank of Commerce at Whitehorse, learned that a chapel was being built at the nearby air transport com­ mand base. His offer of their use was accepted and they now deco­ rate a sanctuary built onto a .pre­ fabricated structure ereqted for a chapel. Sound Envelo;^ “Sound in an envelope” describes a recent development in plastics' and electronics which is expected to find insiderable postwar use wherever permanent record of sound is dalled for. The device is a voice re­ cording - reproducing apparatus, made especially compact and port­ able. Sound is recorded with high I fidelity on a wafer-thin plastic ord which is only seven inches in diameter and on each side of which dictation can be record- is so light that it can be mailed in an envelope, bent, rolled, dropped, and written on with pencil withoul hout harming the soimd Lots of Bats It is estimated that 3,000,000 bats live in New Mexico’s Carlsbad cav- Large Early Rugby Teams 3 originally played, 100 players. Rugby, as it was origi .called for from 40 to Driver to Pay $5)092> 100 Years Is Allowed LONDON. — A truck driver in­ volved in an automobile accident was ordered to pay $5,092 dam- ages-^but he was given over 100 years to complete the payment at the rate of $4 per month. The decision 'ell, followed evi­ dence that he was a married man earning less than $16 weekly. jainst the driver, John -E. Newell, followed irried Annual TB Elssay Contest The essay contest offered each year by the Hamilton County Tuberculosis & Public Health Association to the students of tbe High schools of the county will start on Monday, November 12tb and close on December 3rd. The subject this year is “Every Person in Hamilton County Should Have Chest X-ray.” In addition to the kits of reference material supplied each school by the TB association, students may consult the physician and health committee in each community and any other reliable source of authorized information. Tbe English department in each school cooperated in this essay contest, assigning the topic for a 500 to800 word composition. The essays are corrected from that standpoint by the English teacher and dne credit is given to each student. Then the essays are delivered to the TB association to be judged entirely on a health information basis and awards of $5, $3, $2 ate given in each school. The contest is complete in each school and the schools dq not compete with each other. Mrs. Arthur J. Teffr, executive secre­ tary of the association, said that at the time of the Mass X-ray Survey to be conducted next fall, every person Hamilton County will be urged accept the opportunity to have a free chest x-ray, a service to be paid for by the health association as a Christmas Seal Sale dividend. The annual Christmas Seal Sale is tbe association’s sole means of support and everyone is urged to cooperate in the campaign which starts November 19th. A quota of at least $1600 has been set for this year as the amount necessary to finance the x-ray program. Piseco Fish and Game Asso. The November meeting of the Piseco Fish and Game Association, Inc., was held on Friday night at Clyde’s Res­ taurant in Piseco. There was a general feeling of appreciation of Clyde Died- rich's generosity in giving his place to be used for meetings during the wintei months. 36 new members were reported and several new names were added during the evening. Mrs. Richard Higgins resigned Chairman of the Membership Com­ mittee and Mr. Wilson McGee was ap­ pointed to fill that vacancy. 8,000 lake trout have recently been planted in Lake Pleasant, 6,000 in Sacandaga Lake, and 1,000 in Fawn Lake, evidence of the apparent success Of the removal of pike as this is the first time such stocking has been done. James -Higgins repotted that the trout recently transferred from Hamil­ ton Lake to other local waters were weighed, measured and tagged. He asked that anyone landing a tagged fish report its weight, length and the date taken as a check on the success of this project. It was voted to purchase the borrowed loudspeaker system which has been used in .the clubhouse. There was some question of the ad­ visability of having a game preserve in Arietta. The meeting adjourned to December 7tb, following which refreshments were served. Hamilton County Raises $2,592.23 For the U.S.O. Mrs. Stella King, chairman for Hamilton Connty in the recent U.S.O. drive, annonncea that the final total for the county was $2592.23. The report of the chairman of each community follows: Arietta, Mrs. William Lamkey, $41.00; Benson, Mrs. Forest Manzer, 53.00; Blue Mt. Lake, William L. Wessels, 116.91; Hope, Mrs. John Weaver, 59.00; Inlet, Hon. L, K. Tiffiauy and K. L. Harwood, 291.12; Indian Lake, Mrs. William McCane, 5-50.00; Lake PJeasant, Mrs. Sydney Griffiths, 716.53; Long Lake, Mrs. Edmund Clement, 460.67; Morehouse, Earl Farber, 80.67; Raqnette Lake, Mrs. Dennis Dillon, 102.76; Wells, Mrs. Irving Uloulhier, 120.50. The committee wishes to thank all who contributed in any way to the success of this campaign. Their loyal support is greatly appreciated. This hearty cooperation resulted in Hamilton County being the first county in New York State to go over tbe. top in this campaign. Red Cross Dinner The National Headquarters of the American Red Cross is sending an over­ seas man as speaker for the annual fall meeting of the Hamilton County Chapter, to he held at Farrell’s in Indian Lake on Saturday, November 10. This speaker will have a vital message and anyone unable to come in time for the luncheon is urgently invited to hear him at the meeting which will fol­ low at about 2 p. m. The luncheon at 1 p. m. will .be pre­ ceded by a brief but important meet­ ing of the executive committee. GET YOUR AN T I - F R E E Z E BEFORE ITS TO LATE ALCOHOL IN YOUR OWN CAN DAVIS & SON GARAGE WELLS, N. Y. Visual Purple About 80 yea^s ago a remarkable stance was found in the rods of a frog’s retina. A similar purple substs substance has been found in the hu­ man eye and it may be bleached and regenerated as rapidly as 8 or tors found that this substance bleached when exposedixposed to light,ght, and that it is regeneratedrated whenhen keptei in to li i w k the dark, but offiy if the retina wai kept in contact with the still living cells of the retinal pigment epi­ thelium. Following the discovery of vitamins only 25 years ago it has found that a deficiency of vitamin A apparently retards the regeneration of the visual purple and reduces the ability of the eye to adapt itself to varying light intensities. This has led investigators to conclude that the vitamins, especially vitamin A, 'Ti. because of lack of vita- Air Wacs’ Duties Every training plane of the army air forces has its radio transmitter and receiver checked regularly to insure proper communication with the ground. Members of the wom­ en’s army corps—called air WACs when they’re on duty with the AAP —handle this assignment at AAP fields. Big Horsepower Increase General Electric Review tells US that_ the capacity of electric gen­ erating plants in the United States was nearly 49,000,000' kilowatts, about 65,000,000 horsepower. The net increase over the previous year was 213,000 kilowatts. Q X A O THEATRE O northville I\FR I. & SAT. LINDA DARNELL GREG McCLURE G R E A T JO H N L Story of the “Boston Strong Boy” “RAIDERS OF GHOST CITY” ‘NEW RATHE NEWS” I PLUS. . . 4 o T Wheat Ma^ Be Kept Years Wheat, if properly stored, may be kept as long as 22 years and still make good bread, scientists have learned. Ordinarily, wheat is stored no longer than two or three years before being milled. Puppet Shows Ancient Puppet shows are old in history. China and India are both creffited with their origin. India has this evi­ dence: the word for stage manager in ancient Sanskrit was “thread- holder.” Paint Splashes Remedy When painting or varnishing rub vaseline on the hinges and door­ knobs to prevent splashes of paint from slicking. Rub it off when the j.bb is finished. The Six Big Cities of 1789 In 1789, there were six cities in the United States with more than 8,000 population: Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Charleston, Baltimore and Salein. Don’t SpUt Wood To avoid splitting wood when driv­ ing a nail, file or grind point of nail to a chisel edge and drive the naU with flattened side parallel to the DANCING E v e ry S a turday Nite GIRARD’S At “ T h e F o r k s ” LET ME HEDUCE THE INCREASED COST OF YOUR “AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE” “Lumbermens*’ has saved automobile policy-holders at least 20 per cent (dividends) since orsfanization NON-ASSESSABLE POLICIES TRACY H. HOWARD PHONEi04 NORTHVILLE, N. Y. When You Need INSURANCE Call AUGUSTUS U. HOPKINS NORTHVI1.LE. N. Y. WELLS. N. Y.

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