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Page 3 1 HAMILTOEOUNTKRECORI) C a r l L. F ry E s t a t e , P r o p . A r t h u r A. H o y t E d ito r O F F IC IA L COUNTY P A P E R p c b i , t s h : b d e v e k t t h u e s d a y November 29, 1945 Entered as second class matter at the Postoffice at Wells N. Y. Subscription Price $1.06 Yearly T ai 8h( TO WHOM IT MAY COIICERN Long La Dated Jai said county, inuary 3,1941. B eecher W ilson . Sheriff of Hamilton County WELLS Institute Plans Discussed A meeting of the Riverside I'l slitute Planning Commission was held in the Youth Fellowship^ Room of the Ccm- munity Methodist church last Friday, The theme and program of next Sum­ mer’s lustitute were discussed. It was decided that the Institute would be held from July 28 throught August 4. The .members of the Commission were Rev. Cliffbrd Fugate of Tieon- deroga, dean of the Institute, Rev. . Charon Denson of Pittsfield, Mrs. Daniel Partridge of Lake George, Rev. Harold Griffiths of Amsterdam and Rev. Frank Reid of Johnstown. The student members were David Carr of Ticonderoga, Conference President of the Youth Fellowship; Miss Dorothy Ober of Saranac Lak**, Chairman of Worship and Evangelism of Troy Con­ ference Youth Fellowship; Esther Read of Pittsfield and James Craig of Wells. Lunch was served to the group and their accompaning friends and relatives at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Morrison by Mrs. Morrison. Guest Preacher Rev. Frederick A. Shippey was the guest preacher at the Community Methodist church last Sunday morning. Rev. Shippey is working with the Board of Home Missions as Research Assistant in the Division of Church Extension, ite told how the World Service giving of the local church help­ ed to increase the effectiveness of the Methodist church throughout our country. During the past year he has worked on studies of Portland, Oregon; Toledo, Ohio; Miami, Florida; and Atlanta, Georgia. At present a study is being made of the burrough of Brcok-^ lyn in New York City involving forty two Methodist churches. Rev. Shippey was the guest of his brother, Rev. Joel W. Shippey, Satur­ day nigbt and Sunday. Fourth Quarterly Conference The Fourth Quarterly Conference of the Community Methodist church will be held at the church Wednesday,. ‘Dec­ ember 5, at 8 o’clock. Rev.\ Albert D. Parker, Superintendent of the Glens Falls District will preside, hearing re­ ports from heads of several organiz­ ations of the church in regards to tbier work for the pastVear and their plans for the future. v $2,764.50 in Christmas Club Checks Distributed this Week On Monday this week the Hamilton County National B a n k distributed Christmas Club checks to t a l l i n g $2,764. 50. This represents the largest distribution of funds ^ver made through the local bank. Birthday Party Miss Dianne Hosley entertained a number of her young friends a t a party given at her home on Tuesday, Novem-. her, 27tb, the occasion being her 11th birthday. Games were enjoyed after which delicious refreshments w e re served. Miss Hosley received many lovely gifts. Notice Dr, Beaty will be out of town from Saturday, December Stb, until Monday December 17th. Dr. Fiero of Spec­ ulator may be called for em.ergencieB, Personals Mr. and Mrs. Irving Cloutbier spent the holiday weekend with relatives in Cooperstown. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Malumphy, newley weds, were guests of Mr. Mainmphy’s uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs, Leon Perry and family, over the weekend. Mr, and Mrs. Townsend Fish and son, “Bill,” spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Buyce at Northville. Stanley Leslie of Schenectady spent Friday and Saturday at the home of his aunt, Mrs 'Arthur Hoyt, and family. Mr. and Mis. Donald Flood, Mrs. Maude Morrison and Mrs. Eugene Zoller were shoppers in Glov.ersville, Monday. (continued in next column) Holds Back Tears While She Dances Buddies Make Good Promise Of Dead Brother. MACON, GA. — Holding back the tears, a brother less “kid sister” swirled to dance music in a gown of white—“the prettiest in town”— just as her brother ■who died on Iwo Jima promised she would. It was Miss Frances Newman’s 18th birthday. Buddies of her brother in the tough 4th marine division provided her with the beautiful evening go-wn she wore to her birthday dance, arranged by her co-workers at War­ ner Robins field near here. The divi­ sion commander, Maj; Gen. Clifton B. Cates, sent orchids. “I miss Bob ferribly,” said the tall, earnest young girl. “But I’ll dance and have a good time—just as we had planned- I know he’d want me to.” The brother, 20-year-old Sgt. James R. (Bob) Ne-wman of Lump­ kin, Ga., had promised his “kid sis­ ter” long ago he’d get her orchids and the “prettiest evening gown I can find” for her 18th birthday and take her to a dance. But Bob was killed by a Japanese shell February 23. After he was killed, Frances -wrote General Cates, telling him she was going to keep her chin up—“be­ cause if Bob had to die, he would have wanted to die a marine.” Her note also told of her and Bob’s plans for her 18th birthday. Cates said the letter was the most beauti­ ful he’d ever received. When the dress came, there was a “Happy Birthday” card with it. It was signed “Bob’s Buddies.” Soil Depletions AliAost 200,000 tons of potash are removed in crops each year and in return, the soils receive about 45,000 tons in manure and only 20,000 tons in commercial fertilizers. Annual needs of phosphoric acid have been estimated at about 140,000 tons; farmers return 30,000 tons in manure and add an extra 60,000 tons in com­ mercial fertilizer. The deficit is no greater than before the war. Grow Fast Chicks grow at a very high rate. One hundred day-old chicks weigh about eight pounds. One hundred eight-week-old chicks will weigh 150 to 175 pounds, or 20 times their origi­ nal weight. Overcrowding causes uneven growth, slow growth, runts, poor feathering, cannabalism and usually excessive death losses. Agricultural' products produced during 1944 included such record- breaking totals as 155;d00,000 head- of livestock, 119,000,000,000 -pounds of milk, 13,500,000 tons of com­ mercial truck crops and the har­ vest of over 97,000,000 acres of corn and 110,000,000 acres of wheat, oats, rice and soybeans. Wells Continued Mre, Louis DtCaprio;, has received word that her husband, Sgt. Louis De Caprio arrived in the United Slates last Thursday. Sgt. DeCaprio has been in the European Theater of Operations for over two years. Mr^ and Mrs. W. C. Hopkins and SOD, Keith, spent the Thanksgiving holidays with M,r. Hopkins parents at Mrs. Lyndon Schuyler is spending a few day at the home of Mr. and Mis. Henry Schuyler. Lt. Paul Chapman spent Thanks­ g i v i n g \With h is f a m ily in to w n . Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Fountain of Lock Haven, Penn., spent the weekend at tBe White House. Mr. Fountain’s mother, Mrs. Olive Fountain, returned with them to Lock Haven to spend the winter. w e l l s c h u r c h e s M ethodist Sunday Services 10-30 A. M. Preaching Service Theme-“Ad ven t” Pr,elude—Schnecker Offertory—Hall Postlude—Sullivan Organist: Mrs. Leon Perry 11:40 A. M. Church School Mrs. John Hosley, Jr., . Superintendent 7:00 P.M. Youth Fellowship Monday: 7:00 P. M. Junior League Dianne Hosley will lead the worship Rev. Joel W. Shippey, Minister Pilgrim Holiness Church Sunday: 10:00 A. M. Sunday School 11:00 A. M. Morning Worship. 7:00 P. M. Prayer and Praise' 7:30 P.M. Preaching Service. Rev. Bernard Barton, Minister Sunday: 2:00 P. M. Sunday School 3:00 P. M. Worship Service Rev. Emerson G. Shimei, Pastor St. Ann's Catholic Sunday, 9:00 A. M. Mass. By Franciscan Fathers POST-WAR FLYING IN YOUR HOME TOWN _______ By C. C. CAMPBELL, ---------- On the Air Map America has become air con­ scious. Under the impetus of war, aviation has advanced further than'\ it might in several decades in nor­ mal times., Realizing this, town of­ ficials and civic minded citizens everywhere wonder just how and where their communities will fit in the postwar air picture. First necessary step, it is general­ ly understood, is to provide facili- •sssisr .■ V\ ,* * Cllilofd Winfs#r„ . IPresfo* ^ WeauWeiu SSfotkfon I'Jjkii B o lt A typical section of an air map re­ cently published by the department of resources and development of a midwestern state. ^ ties so -that planes can land and take-off, be maintained and re­ paired. But airports are known to be costly to build and operate. Me­ dium-sized and small communities feel that such installations are be­ yond their reach. If the term “airport” is used in its usual-significance as a terminus for commercial airlines this may well be true. It is because “airport” is too general a term and does not allowallow foror distinctionsistmctions ass too sizeize andnd f d a t s a type of landing facility, that it has now become 'necessary to provide other designations. Thus the Personal Aircraft Coun­ cil of the Aircraft Industries Asso­ ciation of America has suggested that facilities suitable for small com­ munities or for neighborhood land­ ing areas in large cities be called airparks. In te r m e d ia te landing places between cities, probably spaced at intervals where distances are great, are to be termed flight- stops. Towns or communities that have adjacent bays, rivers or lakes upon which aerial watercraft or am­ phibian planes could land, may be interested'in establishing air harbors. Showing that towns may easily be linked to world airways and pointing out that “the airplane has come to Main Street,” the Council has pre- ititled set,” the C illustrated booklet entit Put Your Town on the Air Map,” pared for free distribution to community officials and planing groups. It explains why the community which, has no provisions to accom­ modate personal, aircraft will be passed by in the air age. Whereas rails, roads and docks have built successful communities in the past, landing facilities for private planes as weU as for feeder or area type transport planes will pace the growth of communities in the future. In the plans and diagrams includ­ ed it is emphasized that no commu­ nity is too small for an airpark or similar landing facility; that the size and cost can be regulated according to the needs of the community or its potentialities; and that airparks’ eventually may pay their way, both directly and indirectly. Throttle Shot Off, Pilot Crash-Lands His Bomber CHICAGO. — A Yank who saw plenty of action but “didn’t get a scratch,” is Lt. William H. Carls, 25, of 2506 N. Mozart street, a com­ bat navigator - bombardier with the 9th air force. • In support of ground troops in a rtrid on Sauerlaten, Germany, his precision bombing with radar equipment helped take the town with negligible losses. On his re­ turn from the mission, his plane made a crash landing at 250 miles an hour, as flak had shot off the right throttle at full power and the pilot couldn’t cut the engine. - During an attack on the Ruhr val­ ley, his B-26 was jumped by enemy fighters. Three of the gunners were wounded, the hydraulics and air speed meter was knocked out, and the plane had over 300 bullet holes in the fuselage. The ship caught fire when they crash landed at a British fighter field, at Eindehove, Holland. Carls wears the DFC, the air medal with 10 clusters and 5 campaign stars. The two men halted, but as marine drew near they darted s Latest Jap Trick Kills Marine on Patrol Duty OKINAWA. — A new Jap lure re­ sulted in the death of Marine Pfc. Michael H. Shout of Minneapolis. Shout, on patrol in the rugged hills of Motobu, saw two men dressed as civilians. ReaHzing there were many troops ini the area and the civilians might be hit. Shout called to them to come back through the lines. ' and a Jap machine gun opened up. Shout blasted the nest with his sub­ machine gun. Then both guns were Four Japs lay slumped over the gvm, dead. Shout also was dead. Deafness Caused by Colds en, woj ited Stj of hea: mon cold, according to the Sonotone research laboratories. A single cold does not ordinarily impair hearing, but when a person contracts colds season after season, the effect US cumulative, it is believed. Because the middle ear is connect­ ed with the throat by the Eustachian tube, infections of colds rnay spread to the middle ear. In severe colds the tube and the middle ear may become filled -with mucus. Re­ peated cold infections, it is believed, may progressively injure the mem­ branes in the middle ear and affect the functioning of the delicately ad­ justed hammer, stirrup and anvil, which transmit sounds to the inner Millions of men, women and chil­ dren in the United States are hard Water Mammal A muskrat (musquash) can trav­ el as far as 50 yards xmder the wa­ ter without coming up for air. His fur is nearly as fine and dense as that of a beaver. When treated and dyed it may be known as Hudson seal, Wallaby, Velvet Coney, River Mink, Sealskin and a number of other trade names. Color - Moods The study of the relation between the colors which surroimd us and the state of our physical and men­ tal health is but in its infancy. There is no doubt that the colors in rooms have the utmost influence on the mood\ of every human being who coines in contact w:ith them. To The Qualified Voters oMndianiLake Fire District No. 2 PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, that the annual election of officers of the Indian Lake Fire District No. 2 of the town of Indian Lake will be held on Tuesday, December 4,1945, at the Fire House in Blue Mountain Lake, N. Y. That the polls will be open for the receipt of bal-, lots for the hereinafter designated of­ ficer to be voted upon,from7:00o’clock in the evening until 10:00 o’clock in the evening. PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOT- I [1] Fire J for a term of five [5] years. Published by order of the Fire Dis­ trict Commissioners of said District. Dated, November 28, 1945. ■ JOHN JOYCE, Secretary, Board of Fire CommissiODers. Rlxll-29-45 Notice Notice is hereby given in compliance with Chapter 731 of the Laws of 1945, that George L. Howland, Superinten­ dent of Highways, of the Town of Lake Pleasant, Hamilton County, N. Y., has recomended the purchase of a 1/2 ton pickup truck to be equipped with a heater, at a cost to-exceed. Five Hun­ dred Dollars. The Town Board of the Town of Lake Pleasant will meet at the Town Hall in the Village of Spec­ ulator, N. Y., on the 15th day of December, 1945, at 8:00 P. M. to con­ sider such purchase. Dated: November27,1846 Charles Wickes, Town Clerk Rlxll-29-45 Naval Idol Capt. James Lawrence was one of the most popular figures of the war of 1812. Early in the conflict in the sloop-of-war Hornet he successful­ ly engaged the British brig Pea­ cock and so let the world know that this new country had a navy to be feared and respected. He immediate­ ly became a national hero and many are the prints, broadsides and like­ nesses of and about him to be seen. The silver presented to Lawrence by New York and that presented by idea of the this daunt- »ss captain, was held. Cabbage Vitamins Air, water and heat are the thieves that rob cabbages of their .vitamin C.' Therefore, the less you cut, cook or have to store cabbage the more vitamin valtfe you receive for your money. Young green cabbage fresh from the garden, washed and eaten raw is the ideal way to get the most flavor and food value r that cabbage can give. Fresh Plaster Fresh plaster inside the house should be permitted to dry thor­ oughly before paint is applied on the exterior. There is always a danger that the sun will draw moisture from the plaster through the wood and cause blistering and peeling of the naiift film. Mixture to Kill Flies Sesamine, from sesame oil, will not kill flies. Pyrethrum is effective in killing flies. Mix these two to­ gether and they kill more flies than pyrethrum alone. Prevent Knife Breakage Knife blades may break with sud­ den changes of temperature. Run cold water over a knife to chill it before slicing a brick of hard-frozen ice .cream. Legal ’STATE OF NEW YORK S urrogate ’ s C ourt H amilton C ounty In the Matter of the Estate GEORGE H. CARLIN, Deceased. -T he P eople op the S tate op N ew To Frank D. Carlin, Roscoe Carlin, Charles Henry Carlin, Roscoe L. Car­ lin, a minor, Lillian Carlin, paragraph: will of George H. Carlin, deceased, William Carlin, if living, and if he is not living, to his executors, adminis­ trators, or legal representatives, dis­ tributees, wife, next o f kin, legatees, HsSignees, and successors in Interest, whose names, places of residence and post office addresses are unknown to and cannot after diligent inquiry be ascertained by the petitioner; and if any of eaid unknown persons and par­ ties is deceased, to his or h‘er executors, administrators, or legal representatives, distributees, husband or wife, next of 'kin, legatees, assignees and successors in interest, whose names, places of resi­ dence and post office addresses are un­ known to and cannot after diligent in­ quiry be ascertained by the petitioner, and to all persons.and parties interested in the estaie of George H. Carlin, late of the Village of Raquette Lake in the County of Hamilton, State of New York, deceased. YOU AND EACH OF YOU, are hereby cited, before a Surrogate’s Court in the County of Hamilton at the Sur­ rogate’s Office in ihe Town of Inlet, in said County of Hamilton on the lOth day of December, 1945, at 10 o’clock in the forenoon of that day, then and ere to show cause why a decree should It be made judicially settling the ac- unt* of thee Oneidaida Nationalonal Bank th One Nati Bank and Trust Compahy of Utica, whichueii has ’ iffice and — Street, ioa, Oneida County, New York, as enter of the will of said George H. _______ - . . » wuivjii its principal office and place of busiuesi at 157 Genesee Street, in the Utio I Genesee Street,‘ in the City < ,, Oneida County, New York, i exrcntor of the will of said George H. Carlin, deceased, and any supplemental account filed herein. And if any of the above named persons are under the age of twenty-one years, they are required by their Guardian if they lo, or if they have none, to ap­ pear and apply for one to be appointed, or in the event of their neglect and failure to do so, a Special Guardian will be appointed by the Surrogate, to pea IN 'I'ESTIMONY WHEREOF, we have caused the seal of\our said Surrogate’s Court to be hereunto affixed. (L.S.) said County of Hamilton, at ' Inlet, New York, this 31st day of October, 1945. (* The account is on file in the Surro­ gate’s Office and can be examined.) Alta P. Jqjinsob, . Clerk of tne Surrogate’s Court MILLER, HUBBEL & EVANS Attorneys for Executor, Office and Post Offlice Addi Mayro Building Utica, New York\ 1 Notice of Fire District Election The Annual Fire District Election of the qualified voters of the Town of Long Lake Fire District No. 1, owning properly in such Fire District, assessed upon the latest assessment roll of the Town, will be held at the Town Hall on Tuesday, December 4,1941 hours of sevej to vote upon follows: Dated; November 13, 1945. Charles F. Plumley, Secretary Long Lake Fire District No. 1 R8X11-29-45 Notice of License Notice is hereby given that license No. RL-12792 has been issued to the unj dersigned to sell liquor, wine and beer at retail in a restaurant under the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law at nu Bell Club, E-S Route 30, Northville- Wells highway, Hamilton County, for on premises consumption. ArthTjr A. Nubel R.F.D. Northville, N.Y. R2xll-29-45 V Notice is hereby given that license No. RL-12793 has been issued to the undersigned to sell liquor, wine and beer at retail in a restaurant under the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law at Melody Lodge, W-S Speculator-Indian Lake highway, Speculator, Hamilton County, for on premises consumption. Prances D. Chequer Speculator, N. Y. R2xl2-6-45 Notice ^ NOTICE is hereby given to all ap­ plicants wishing to take a road test for drivers license, that those tests will be given at Lake Pleasant, N. Y.-, begin­ ning THURSDAY May Srd, 1945 and every-SECOND THURSDAY there­ after, until further notice. Those applicants who wish to take the tests, PLEASE file your applica­ tions and be scheduled ahead of time. EARL. C, FARBER, Hamilton County Clerk 'Fire Damage Damage estimated at $200,000,000 was caused by the Chicago fire of 1871. ________________ Infantile Paralysis There were 12,404 cases of in!* .: tile paralysis reported in the U/u ■ States last year. ■ ' Dates for regular terms for Surrogate’ Court, ai County Court House, Lak< Pleasant, N. Y., are as tollows: First lursday o id Octobe TERMS OF COURT FOR 1946 1 further ordered, the terms of jf the County of Hamilton will For the trials of issues of law and faoi, tQ be held at the Court House in the town of Lake Pleasant, at the fol­ lowing times: MAY— F irst T desda ' OCTOBER— F ir s t Ti A grand jury will be drawn and i juired to attend each of si ,' u E sd a y . d r a w n t __ quired to attend each of said terms. A trial jury will not bfe summoned to attend, as per Bectiou 513 B of the Ju­ diciary Law, entitled “Jurors for Coun­ ty Courts”. If it shall appear upon the call -of the caieudar, pt subsequently thereto, that trial jurors are, or will be necessary for the disposal of actions to be brought to trial at that term of the Court or at any adjourned term, the County Judge may direct the County Clerk.to summou’Trial Jurors to serve on a day, or days, to bo specified by such Judge. Without a Jury lor the trial of issues of law, hearings of mo­ tions auo other proceedings, to be^ held at the Chambers of the County Judge, tne Town of Inlet, N, Y. t Tuesday of each m first Tuesday of each January, May, July ____ary, May, July, August,* and Oct­ ober. In January, May and October, hearing's will he held on the second Tuesdays. ____ ant, N. Y.,\are as tollows: Firs Thursday of each month except May and October. Other dates for Surrogate’s Court can be arranged upon request to the Surre^ gate, either at Chambers at Inlet, N \ or a t ■ I h e Court House at La Pleasant, New York. Dated January 15,1945. LANSING K. T iffany , [S e a l ] o o u n t y Ju d g e a n d tturrO g a l STATE OF NEW YORK, 1 Hamilton County Clerk^s Office. / . C. F A .R B B K Cl ____ inty of Hamilton, an -------- _ ___ Supreme Court, off 9aid State foi said County, do hereby certify, that 1 1, E a r l C. F a r b b r ClerR of lilt said County of Hamilton, and Clerk 01 the Supreme Court, o 9aid Stah said County, do hereby certify, thi.. _ have compared the preceding With the original Court Designations filed Jan. 27 iy45, at 9hr. a. m. in my office and that the same is a correct transcript therefrom and of the whole of said °*^in^*witnes8 Whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed m\ official sea), this 30th day of Jaquary; 1945. . EARL C. FARBER, Clerk Supreme Cpurt, iii. and for the Third Judicial Department, do hereby appoint the times for holding the terms of such Court.at the.Court House iu the City of Albany, for the year 1945 as follows: . SPECIAL TERMS WITH TRIAL TERMS Special Terms will be held at the Court House in the said counties re­ spectively at the same time with the Trial Terms, and the Jimitations of Rule 63, subdivision 4 of the Rules ni Civil Practice shall not apply. . 'EOIAL TERMS. Clinton County in the Supreme Court Chambers, City of Platcsburg Saturday, June 9, Ryan Monday, November 12, Ryan Essex County, Court House Village of Elizabethtown lay, July 13, Ryan Friday, August 31, Ryan Franklin County in the Court House, Village pf Malone. Friday. July 6, Lawrence Fulton County in the Court Borne City of Johnstown Friday, May 25, Imtie Friday, October 27, Imne Montgomery County, Supreme Conn imber, City of,,Am8terdam Saturday, April 21, Alexander Court House, Village of Fonda Thursday, August 30, (Naturalization) Alexander . Supreme Court Chambers, C it y of Amsterdam Saturday, November 10, Alexander , . St. Lawrence County, at the Court House, Village of Canton lay, A p r i 1 13, (Naturalization) Eawrence ‘ Saturday, April 14, Lawrence Friday, J u n e 16, (Naturalization) Ryan Saturday, June 16, Eyaii ' Friday, November 9, Ryan Saratoga County, Supreme Chambers, City of Saratoga Spri Saturday, March 24, Ryan Court House, Village of Ballston Spa Friday, July 6, Imrie Supreme Ooiirt Chambers, City of Sara- Springs iday, August 10, Imrie Schenectady County, at the Coun House, City of Schenectady Friday, March 30, (for naturalization) Alexander COMPEKSATION AND UNEMPLOYMENT * I nsurance O rder and G eneral C alendar T erms londay of Marcl Aonday of May 1 Monday of Sep„^ ------- 1 Tuesday of November January ■ irch On the second Monday of , On the first Monday of M On the first Monday of Mu, On the second Monday of September On the secoud Tuesday of November Dated. Albany, N. Y., November, 21, 1944. JAME^ P.- HILL, Presiding Justice. F. WALTER BLIbS; CHRIS rOPHLR J. 'HEFFERNAN, O. BYRON BREWSTER, SYDNEY F. FOSTER, Associate Justices. T K I A I . A N D StJE C lA li X B K M S 'O F TH ® SU P K E M E COURT. A s s ig n m e n t s of for the year 1945 for the Fourtn Jud cial District. Pursuant to the provisions of seefion 84 of the Judiciary Law, the under­ signed, Justices assigned to constitute the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court, in and for the third Judicial Department, do hereby appoint the times and places for holding Trial Terms and Special Terms, and assign Justices to hold sucji terms, within the Fourth Judicial District for the year 1945, and do also appoint the times when and the places where final action upon petitions for naturalization of aliens to be admitted to become citizens of the United States may be had within the Fourth Judicial District for the year 1945, as follows: TRIAL TEEMS, 1945 Clinton County, at Piattsburg. Monday, April 2, Lawrence ‘Monday, November 19, Imrie Essex County, at Elizabethtown Monday, June 4, Ryan Monday, September 24, Lawrence Franklin County at Malone. Monday, February 5, Lawrence Monday, May 14, Ryan Monday, Octobei 15, Alexander Fulton County, at Johnstown. Monday, January 8, Alexander ' Monday, ApriLlC, Ryan Monday, October 1, Imrie Montgomery County, at Fonda Monday, January 22, Alexander M ond y A p r il 30, L a w r e n c e M o n d a y , Bentember 10 Imrie St. Lawrence County, at Canton. Monday, January 8, Ryan Monday, April 30, Imrie Monday, September 10. Lawrence Saratoga County, at Ballston Spa onday,nday, Januaryanuary 8,, Lawrencea Mo J 8 L wren Monday, April 2, Alexander Monday, June 4, Imrie (Eq Monday, September 24, Ryi 12, Alexander, 5, Imrie, Alexai Warren County, at Lane George Monday, January 29, Imrie Monday, April 16, Lawrence Monday, October 22, Ryan Washington County, at Hudson Falls Monday, January 8, Im: Monday, May 28, La' Lawrence „ „„„.„gton County, at Salem. Monday, September 10, Ryan HOURS OF OPENING i Trialrial ' All T Terms shall open at one- thirty (1:30) o’clock P. M., on the first day of the Term and thereafter the hours of opening, and closing will be announced by the Justice presiding. GRAND AND TRIAL JURORS Grand Jurors shall be summoned to appear at all Trial Terms at the open­ ing of Court on the first day, except that no Grand Jury shall be summoned for the Schenectady Term beginning March 12th, and'no Grand or Trial Jurors shall be summoned for the Saratoga Term beginning June 4tb. Trial Jurors shall be summoned to thee aforesaidoresaid Trial Ten appear at th af ' the second day at nii o’clock A M. ne-thirty ”(9:S)) rids. Alexander Saturt^ay, July 21, Ah Friday, December 14, lion) Ale: iralization) lexander 14, (for naturallza- i) Alexander Saturday, December 15, Alexander Warren County, at the Supreme Court imbers, City of Glens Falls ‘ Saturday, February 24, Imrie Court House, Village of Lake George Wednesday, August 29,.Imrie . Supreme Court Chambers, City of Glens Falls : > Saturday, November 3, Imrie Washington County; Court-Hquse Village of Hudson Fal-ls ':5, Imrie Special 'Terms are always open f >arterte motibus ann d bnu ss inin ee ss pa motions a d b s a S c h e n e c ta d y , M a lonp, G len ills, and Plattsbuig when a Justic present, and for motions requiring iticee upon ordersers to show cause grant- notic upon ord to show c ed by the Justice before whi iturnable. At the Special Ten Frl< cause gran lom they are York, cases to be tried befoiethe Coui. without a jury,may be noticed for trial at ten o’clock A. M. In the event'that any of the Justices assigned to hold any of the above ap- lidted terms, be absent or unable to pointed terms, be absent or act, any other Justice resident in said district may preside thereat. APPLICATION h ’OR iSATURALIZATION Applications for final action on pet­ itions lor admission to citizenship will be heard upon the first day of the above appointedi Trial or Special Terms here-r in next stated, viz: Franklin: February 6; May 14,' July 6 Fulton; January 8; May 25 ,, Montgomery: January 22; April 80; lU g u s t 30 August 3( St. Lawrepce- April 13; June 15; Noyember 9 Saraioga; January 8; March 24; July Schenectady: March 3D; July 20; De­ cember 14 Warren: January 29; April 16; Aug- Washington: January 8; May 28; St 30 August 30 wbich falls, within sixty days pr ing the holding a general election. Dated Albany, N. Y., Nov. 21, 1944 JAMES P . H il l ■ Presiding Justice. F. W alter B liss , C hbistoph : er J. H e f f e r n a n O. B yron B rewster , S ydney F. F oster , Associate Justices. STATE OP NEW YORK, ) Hamilton County Clerk’s Office! j I hereby certify that I have conipan d the annexed copy of appointment terms of Supreme Court for 1945 witti the original filed in this office, au.i that the same is a correct tr&nscnnt therefrom and of the whole of said original appointment. Witness my hand and official a»- 1. this 8th day of December, 1944. E arl C. F abber , Clerk

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