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Hamilton County record. (Wells, N.Y.) 189?-1947, March 28, 1946, Image 4

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NEEDLEWORK PATTERNS Blouse From. One Yard of Fabric JLIERE is a smart blouse that *3 even the most inexperienced sewer can put together in a couple of hoars. Very pretty too. Takes jirst one yard of fabric in size 12- use flowered or plain rayon silk or satin. Bind the neck with a double facing of self material, which forms the ties; pinch-pleat the cap sleeves and fasten with a bow, at-, tach sash ties to back—and there you are! and finish* Blouse Due to an unusually large demand and current conditions, more time is re* quired in filling orders for a few of the most popular pattern numbers. Send your order to: SEWING CIRCLE NEEDLEWORK 1150 Sixth Ave. New York, N. Y. Enclose 16 cents for Pattern. 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BEN-GAY— the o r i g i n a l a n a l g e s ^ q u e b a u m e r OIJETO l^ND CO L D S '^ j FOlf.C^llDREN STRAINS, SORENESS CUTS, BURNS >ng and liidment for 98 yeart—Hi BALSAM o r MYRRHI It c iting and itch out icaldi, inMCt bitei, oak and Ivy poUon- ing, wind and ■un burn, chafing and c h a p p ^ akin. I ta antlieptie action 1 cm * ena the danger o f infection whenever the ■kin i i cu t or broken. Keep a bottle handy for th e m inor eaeuaitiea of kitchen and nursery. A t ypur druggist—trial tire bottle 35^; bouaehdd tiae 6S^; economy $1.25. a C. HANFORD MFQ. C0.,^yra«MA .N. y. Salm mmket* o f Dr. True’s E lixir A family laxative used by young and old as an aid in, the relief of constipation .. CAUTION: use only a s directed .. Agreeable to take Buy U.S. Savings Bonds! Delivered great war correspondent* author and ' connentator QUENTIN REYNOLDS Tune In . 1 # . news programs \ with a new SUNDAYS ™ : 6 :4 5 P. Ms A Service o f the PEPSI-COLA CO. and ita 5 0 0 francbiae boitiexa ★ YANKEE NETWORK in N e w England •,'ln a series of RAZO IN T U I I S I Mlllioiui o f . people auffcrlnji from ■tmple P iln . have found prom pt relief w ith PAZO oin tm e n t. Here’s why; First, PAZO o intm ent,aooth Inflamed arena—relievea pain ai Itching. Second, PAZO ointmci lubricates hardened,* dried ^ r t e heip a ^ r e v e n t. cracking and eore- ness. Third, PAZO .ointm ent tende to reduce t w illin g and check m inor bleeding. Fourth, It’e easy to uae. PAZO o in t m e n t ’s perforated P ile P ipe m a k c e ap p lica t io n sim p le, th o r o u g h . Your doctor ca n t e l l you about PAZO o lntm k n t. SUPPOSITORIES TOOl CLOTHESPINS STRONG-IIARD WOOD IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT POSTPAID 100 FOR $1.00 WE WILL SHIP AT ONCE THE EMMONS CO. EAST HARTLAND, CONN. SALES PEOPLE-TEN SALES n e t you $ 1 6 . 5 0 WORLD WAR II a t popular pric­ es. No local competition. P. O. Box 1267-B, Roanoke, Va, ^ t i l 666 COLD PREPARATIONS liqifid—Tablal*—Solve—No*# Drop* H o a aotiaiiad m illions for years. Coutlow U m only o« directrd WNU—2 13 — 4 6 One of the best home ways to euHOWP m O B tO O D if you lock BLOOD-IRON \dragged out”—thl* may be k of blood-iron. So try' Lydia E. iKbam’B 'TAPLETS—one of the best ne ways to build up red blood—In ifi Ciaes. PlBkhdin’s Tablets are one the greatest blood-iron tonics yOU I buy I At sU drugstores. CLASSIFIED DEPARTMENT BUSINESS & INVEST. OPPOR. Increase Income, Sell Annie Blaln flavors. Once .used, always. Sure fire system, Test­ ed. G. S. PARKER, New Brunswick, N. jr. Beleaiod by Western Newspaper Union. By VIRGINIA VALE n ^ H I S is news that a lot of -L people h a v e been wait­ ing for — Lanny Ross returns to rad io A p ril 1. H e ’ll be heard from 7:00 to 7:15 E.S.T. every week night over CBS, with Evelyn Knight and the Chittison trio. He’s out of the ly after .27 months overseas, ’hich time he was assigned :’s hear e^Philii tion ribbon. First thing to MacArthur’s headquarters—has four battle stars, the Le Merit and the Philippines thini idquart the Legion of ,—j— Libera- LANNY ROSS he’ll probably be making pictures affain* “^Rfade Door Canteen” is his star athlete at Yale, last one. Lanny put himself through law school by singing on the radio, then decided he’d rather be a singer than a lawyer after all. Will George Sanders sprinkle his 'hair with water and wear curls in “Bel Ami” or won’t he? He says he won’t; he’ll play one of those awfully virile he-men, and he thinks curls would look sissy.. Director Albert Lewis thinks curls would be historically correct, and he’s an ex­ college prof and should know. What­ ever happens, Sanders will have a sweeping mustache; he won that argument. Virginia Keilly, a British film ac­ tress who’s just arrived in Holly­ wood to work place on a irk for RKO, gave up her fast ship to a G. I. bride and crossed on a boat that took 14 days—during which she found a stowaway, darned the crew’s socks, painted the captain’s quarters and weathered a storm without getting sick. You'll see her. soon in “Car­ nival,” a British film. CLOTHING, FURS, ETC. RABBIT SKIN HEADQUARTERS Breeding stock and supplies sold. For free magazine and price list, send your name and address—printed on a postcard will ^““ r e l i a b l e FDR INDUSTRIES D e p t. 05, 148 W. 28ih St., N e w -Xork 1, N . T. DOGS, CATS, PETS, ETC. HELP WANTED—MEN MECHANIC WANTED intiac or General Motors preferred This is an excellent opportunity. Experienced men only please contact PONTIAC MOTOR DIVISION 0 Park Square Building, Boston, Mass, HOME FURNISHINGS & APPL. HOME OWNERS „ Save time and money on repairs, You can rectlons and special tools. All for $6,00 MISCELLANEOUS CAN ^YOU TELL (without tells how^°'^Nlver fails. LEES, 505 N. 61st, Milwaukee 13, Wisconsin; XBx' x-r. Corn C u re— ^New, soothing medi- Projects Corp., 277 Broadway, New Fork. POULTRY, CHICKS & EQUIP. WANTED TO BUY Wanted to Buy—19th century uniforms. Fleming, Mt. Carmel, Conn. They were playing “If” in Holly­ wood, guessing what famous histori­ cal characters would be doing if they were in Hollywood today. Gracie Allen won; she said Shake­ speare would probably be under contract ,to Warner Bros., writing melodramas for Humphrey Bogart, the Borgia family would most likely be in charge of the studio commis­ saries, while ^Cleopatra would ^ be \giving Lamour a run for her money in the sarong field. An unusual feature of the hew office building which Bud Abbott and Lou Costello are erecting in Hollywood is a television test stu- “ ' that Thursday. dio. The stars of nightight airshowirshow are looking way n a ahead, polishing up their video rou­ tines for the future. — m — Somewhere there’s a colt that's going to be one of the screen’s big- Warren, trip name horses, J ames RKO’s western star, soon to be sei in “Sunset Pa®'’,” ” rough Arizoni in “Sunset Pass is on a tri through Arizona, Texas \and Wyo­ ming, looking for a colt with dis­ tinctive markings, to be featured with him in the studio’s next Zane Grey western. The colt will have film training at a ranch, and be groomed for stardom. Mrs. Lillian Fontaine, mother of Joan and of Olivia de Havilland, is going to play a mother again. She was Jane Wyman’s mother in le Lost Weekend,” then worked in’ “The Imperfect Lady,” in’ “The Imperfect Lady,” now she’s been cast as Paulette God­ dard’s mother Spring.” in “Suddenly It’s of the year’s^ best pictures. Bing Crosby and 'Joan Fontaine will co-star in this Tech­ nicolor musical, and the com­ pany will go all out in providing beautiful settings and JoVely mu­ sic. “Her most 'glamorous to date” is what the studio says of Joan’s role, promising .costumes that will make her look her loveliest. — — ODDS AND ENDS—Metro 'has signed Tony Martin to a long term contract foU towingving completionompletion off hisis roleole inn “Tillill thehe Chi c o h r i T t tuds Roll B y ” the life story of Jerome rn. . . . Alfred Hithcock has lost 90 diet. - . . Metro’s pounds on his lean meat diet. . . . Metro’s offered Ed ffynn a contract to co-star with his son, Keenaii IFynn.. . . The first radio assignment of Reese Tayhr, currently fear lured in “Young Dr. Malone,” was playing the lead in a sketch called “The Life of Clark Gable”. , . . Martha Vickers hiu to move from her North Hoflyi^ood house; wants to find a home for' herself, her for ^ e t, 'mother, brother and six kittens. COTftCOLIi? 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Haute, Indiana The Bakin* Powder with the Balanced Double Acooa o c i i M m ^ r o w d s A r SEWING CIRCLE PATTERNS ^Wiade P ia ^ 2 )redi for ^ o t C a p S iee v e d .Shirtwaist ^roch Tdt’s Play Dress. L I dress your tiny tot will adore. Self ruffles form the brief sleeves, the bottom, is cut all in one piece. So easily and quickly made you’ll want to run up several in gay checks, plaids or floral prints for fun in the .sun. Smart Shirtwaister. l^ESTINED ior a bright future L-' is this smart shirtwaist frock comes in Cool cap you’ll li\ long. Note the neat set in belt, the 1 Mfvewtd* TT,*«,-v that comej5 sizes. Cool in a wide range of sleeves make it a in all summer ‘aceful panelled skirt. graceful pan bright stripec stripes conhrast sleeves. id fabric and have the ; for yoke and Noise, Inspiration and Masterpiece Is Produced It has been stated that a neigh­ bor’s repeated knocking on his door at night gave’ Beethoven the inspiration for the four drum beats motif in his Fifth Symphony. When another composer awoke, one morning he. stretched, looked at'his watch, and saw itjwas time to get up, “Hi-Ho-Hum-Hiim,” he yawned. “Hi-Ho-Hum-Hum.” . Today every ‘symphony or­ chestra in the world plays those same four notes—the opening of Tschaikovsky’s B flat minor piano Due to an unusually large demand and :rent conditions; - more time is re­ filling orders for a few of the lar numbers. SEWING CIRCLE PATTERN DEPT. 1150 Sixth Ave. New York, N. Y. Enclose 25 cents in. coins for each pattern desired. Pattern No. mwi BE A SLAVE TO CONSTiPATION Do As Millions Do—E a t KELLOGG’S ALL-BRAN, For Lasting Relief Constipated? Using harsh laxa­ tive drugs? Millions have solved the problem of constipation due to lack of bulk in the diet. They eat a daily dish of KELLOGG’S ALL-BBAN, and driiik plenty of ■water for regular elimination! If you have this trouble and will fol­ low this simple precaution, you may never have to take a laxative for the rest of your life! ALL-BBAN’S not a ]purgative. Provides gentle bulk to aid-normal, natural elimination. It’s a great, naturally regulating food. Even R icher In N u trition . Thurt W h o le W h e a t Because it’s made from the vital outer layers of wheat, in which whole-wheat protective food ele- entsts arere concentrated.oncent men a c of KELLOGG’S One ounce ’BAN pro- am and phosphorus— ■ to help build bones and teeth. Whole-grain vitamins — to help guard against deficiencies. Protein —to help build body tissue essen­ tial for growth. Get ALL-BBAN at your gro­ cer’s. Made by Kellogg’s of BatUo Creek and Omaha. SORRY W e can’t m a k e en o u g h S m ith B ros. C o u g h D r o p s to satisfy everybody. O u r o u tp u t is still restricted. B u y o n ly w h a t you need. Sm ith B ros, h a v e s o o th e d c o u g h s d u e t o c o lds since 1847. B lack o r M e n t h o l - s t i l l om y 54 , SMITH BROS. COUGH DROPS BLACK OR M E N T H O L -

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