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Hamilton County record. (Wells, N.Y.) 189?-1947, September 05, 1946, Image 4

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NEEDLECRAFT PATTERNS Vinwheet Crocketers Favorite Due to an unusually large demand and current conditions, slightly more time is required in filling orders for a few of the most popular pattern numbers. Send your order to: m l 5 3 2 ■ ^ H E Pinwheel, all-time favorite makes this large lovely square a must for every crocheter. Used singly or joined they’re exquisite. t glorifies Revive old fiber porch ru g s with a coat of canvas paint. Leave rug on floor to paint it but put apers underneath to protect Make This Chair, Shelf and Cornice IT ISl a. eonfbination of things that * harmonize that make a home cozy and attractive. This corner of a room that was furnished with next to nothing proves that. Wear can be distributed on large and small-sized rugs by turning them around from time to time. Cutting one-fourth-inch notches in the edges! ham with the scissors will keep it from curling when cooking. 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Scrapings were taken from the feet and examined by the bacteri­ ologist. 2. Each subject was examined by a physician. We quote from the report: \After the use of Soretone accordlnzto the directions on the label for a period of only ten days, 80.6% of the cases showed ciinical improvement of an infec­ tion which is most stubborn to control.” improvements were shown in the symp­ toms of Athlete’s Foot—the itching, burn­ ing, redness, etc. The report says: \In our opinion Soretone is of very def­ inite benefit in the treatment of this disease, which is commonly known as ‘Athlete’s Foot’.\ So if Athlete’s Foot troubles you, don’t tem­ porize with this nasty, devilish, stubborn infection. Get SORETONE! McKesson at Robbins, Inc., Bridgeport, Connecticut. The chair fram e was made from odds and ends of lumber—no piece longer than ZVs feet. The shelf and matching cor­ nice also were made of scrap lumber. The curtains and chair cushion are of an Inexpensive cotton print. 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By VIRGINIA VALE ^ I ^HE build-up which How- ■A a rd Hughes gave J.ane Russell in “The Outlaw” cer­ tainly achieved its purpose; the picture has been breaking .records wherever it’s been Shown, and Miss R u s s e ll’s name and face were familiar to the public long before the pic­ ture was .shown. But it’s a question whether the reputation she’s acquired won’t handicap her in the JANE RUSSELL long run. She’s beautiful, she’s been :ing hard learning how work] act, she’s devoted to to her husband Gems of Thought A FUNDAMENTAL principle Sy of freedom is that “one man’s liberty ends where lib­ erties of another begin.” Opinion is a medium between knowledge and ignorance. — Plato. C o m p a risons do ofttim e s great grievance.—L-ydgate. There is nothing so easy in itself but grows difficult when it is per­ formed figdinsh one’s will,—Terence^ -Lack of confidence is not the result of difficulty; the difficul­ ty comes from lack of confi­ dence.—Seneca. You can preach a better ser. mon with your life than with your lips— Goldsmith. CLASSIFIED DEPARTMENT HELP WANTED—MEN EX-SERVICEMEN Set y o u r s e lf u p i n b u s i n e s s , s u p p l y ln g R & L K its. Sam e I>roduct fu r n ish e d by m il­ lio n s t o G .I.’s d u r in g war. Write fo r complete information ATLAS LABORAtORIES, AKRON 14, OHIO INSTRUCTION available. Approved G.I. bill. TERRY SCHOOL OF ART. Miami 35. Florida. MISCELLANEOUS and more interested in his career 'ofessional - football than in her own. .But — those lurid ads were, to put it mildly, exagger­ ated. She deserves success as an actress, not merely as an under­ dressed siren. player se lurid funded. KERNWOOD SRECIALTIEB. 1 Coburn Street, Maiaon, Mass. REAL ESTATE—BUS. PROP. Republic Productions, Inc., is go­ ing to make Wild Bill Elliott into William Elliott, top-budget star, or else! One-half million dollars has -— .f,—-y— been allotted for the publicity cam- toe'^'premfses™ paign. He’s finished two million-dol- ,j lar pictures under his present con­ tract, “In Old .Sacramento” and “The Plainsman and the Lady.” The new contract calls for' three pic­ tures a marked FOR SALE NORACO INN At North Raymond. Maine. 4 miles from Poland Spring, which consists of the Inn, which Is a large dining room.-log cabin style, with all strictly modern equipment, 2 mammoth fireplaces, office, kitchen and intract calls for' three year, with $15,000,000 ; for the productions. • Columbia’s “Jolson’s Story” will introduce a third-dimensional tech­ nicolor effect that’s said by tech­ nicians to be^ the best thing done in motion pictures; to date the best effect’s been achieved in animated cartoons, by artists, not camerar all with baths and hot and ----- w ater, capacity of 51 persons for overnight; 9-room residence for the own­ er or m anager and 210 acres of wood­ land. The famous Raymond Spring is on the premis EM F IRl 14 Lisbon S .EAL ESTATE i..GENCY ~;ewiston . M a ine. WANTED TO BUY OLD U. S. STAMPS, letters, collections: ■Best cash prices paid. J. LAMBERTI, Central Hotel, Rar^e. Vt. Buy U. S. Savings Bonds! from Uviaide, just to Texa;s, :a to Hollywo just to see her daughter, Ds Evans. But between picture-makii Mrs. Settle-Sue Smith traveled Uv to IS. I free time. Then—*'Th(ey vans. But between pi and radio chores. Dale had T h e n -“ at Republic and ra< appearance 3 til that ‘My Pal TriL_ at one of the theaters in Uvalde,” said Mrs. Smith, “and I made up .-my mind I’d see more of Dale if I went home and saw the movie!” and pers had Ch wrote me :r’ was showing A new air show starring Roy Rog­ ers, Pat Buttram, Dale Evans, Gabby Hayes, the Sons of the Pioneers and Country Washburn • and his orchestra will replace the j National Barn Dance October^ 5. ■ NBD’s sponsors are switching to it I —after 14 years! I Dee- Engelbach; producer-director of the CBS “Academy Award,” be- 1 lieves listeners like fresh voices in supporting roles, and each week he auditions budding. actors. Ex-G.I. Ira Grosel got an “Award” role, then was hired for the Dick Powell film, “Johnny Q’Clock.” i “Buck Rogers in the 25th Cen- iirv” <rni>s on< the aii day through :00 E S T . B the air since 1935. Another favor- iffA tm e s ^ The renowned Southern con­ fection that crunches and melts, in your mouth. Made of Pure Cane .Syrup, Sugar and Pecans. BOX OF ONE DOZEN Postpaid anywhara in U. 5. I Send Peiaonal Check or Money Order | I ' with your Order I CHkISTMAS on Pitts ACCSPTtO 3S8 Lowerlln* Street C New Orleene 18, Le. tury” goes as a Mondi 4:45 to 5; 3s on> the air September 30 day through Friday serial, :0 0 E S T . Buck’s been off ;ince 1935. Another favo r­ ite of young people, “House of Mys­ tery,” returns October 6, Sunday afternoons. Sydney Srnith, star “Richard Lawless,” gets a leading lady every five weeks. ' current one is Vivi Janiss, who re­ cently arrived in New York from Hollywood, She’s blonde, five feet three, ^and hails from Omaha, Neb, wood after traveling through Ne­ vada and northern California, scout­ ing towns with more than 10,000 population —i acting as talent scout for a town, in other wo ' justust a nn !, averageverage t , . Robert Ris- uiaxion —1 acung as xaieni a town, in other words. It be j a a town, to be led as the locale for Robert Ris- ire,re, “Magic Town,” starring James Stewart; five weeks kin’s RKO pictu starring Jam es Ste of shooting will take place there. ODDS A m ENDS — D’Artega makes his debut as an actor in “Carnegie Hall,” portraying. Tsrhaikmvsky; he’ll also con­ duct several orchestral sequences. . . . Viveca Lindfors, Swedish film star recent­ ly signed by Warner Bros., wears the big­ gest sun glasses in -Hollywood. . . . Patti Clayton, of “Chiquito Banana” fame, who’s done so well with her own air show, has been screen-tested by 20th Century-Fox. . . . Bob Burns hasn’t made a movie for years, but his tvell-stocked farm will be the subject oj a Scientific Farms feature. . . . Harold Lloyd owns one of the coun­ try’s largest botvling alleys, in Santa Monica. A Special ingfedient in Calox encourages regular massage. . . which has a tonic effect on gums , helps make them -firm and y. Tone up your smile...with M }am»us McKesson laboratories, 113 years of pharmactutkal know-how 36—46 MWIIEDBIMU TO GET MORE SnWNOTN If your blood LACKS IRON! TABLETS—one of the best home to build up red Wood—In such t ____ Plnkham 's Tablets are one of the great, eat blood-iron tonics you can buyl At all drugatorM. Worth trylngl SEWING CIRCLE PAHERNS S l m p i e j ^ o i o i * ^ u i J ’J - o u d e c o a t aSide-d^uttoned JnocL Jiattering^ 8000 14-46 Easy-to-Wear Housecoat A SIMPLE and very delightful wrap around housecoat for moments of relaxing. Make it in a colorful all-over flower print and edge with narrow ruffling. You’ll like it for cold weather, too, in a soft lightweight wool with three- quarter sleeves. Pattern includes a ^collar, if you like. Pattern No. 8000 comes in sizes 14, 16, 18, 20; 40, 42, 44 and 46. Size 16 requires 5V4 yards of 35 or 39-inch; 3 yards of 54- inch; 114 yards purchased ruffling. Smart Side Buttoner CCALLOPED side closing makes. ^ a striking trim on this smart daytime” frock. Wide extended shoulders are comfortablCj and accent a neat trim waist. Wear it iverywhere with assurance—your iudience ’is sure to approve. Pattern No. 1538 is designed for aizes 12, 14, 16, 18. 20; 40 and 42. Size 14, 3Va yards of 35 or 39-inch. 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