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Hamilton County record. (Wells, N.Y.) 189?-1947, December 19, 1946, Image 4

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'¥■ SEWING CIRCLE TAHERNS Scaiioped^^wo f^iecer ^outk^ui fo r • S c k o o i , CLASSIFIED DEPARTMENT BUILDING MATERIALS Concrete! Block Machines ’he G e o rge Su p e r V ib r a to r ” 2400 blocks VAN bB N U M C O ., _______ O uineif, M a s s ., or 111 B r o a d w a y , K . S . C. K m . 1333 or W estm o n t, N, J . ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT R U B B E R Male Electric wall plugs:, re ­ ta il 19c; sam p le two dozen $3 postpaid; carton 250 S25. E . T. M o o re. M a y w o o d . 111. FA R M S AND RANCHES aVoi,er Aib*hf;s MISCELLANEOUS ATOM BO M B E D NAGASAKI. 15 photoo $1 postp a id . 12 A leu tian photos $1. M a k ins P i c tu r e s , 038% W a sh., B r e m e r ton . W ash. NETXE—cleaner and polisher lor show c a s e s , w indshields and etc. Send fifty cen ts for one ounce bottle to K E N Y O N M F G . CO. O rtonvllle. M ina. Clever Two-Piecer p|ESIGNED with lines that flat- ter, this two-piece dress is versatile and smart. Scallops fin- . xsh the novel diagonal closings, . and the high slit neckline is young and gay. Short or three-quarjter buttoned sleeves are provided in the pattern. P a t t e r n N o . 8098 is fo r sizes 12, 14, 16, t t , 20; 40 a n d 42. Size 14. sh o r t sleeves, 3% y a r d s of 35 o r 39-inch f a b r ic . Favorite School Frock A N IDEAL school frock for a miss of three to eight. This side-buttoned princess style is sp easy for mother to sew, and can be trimmed with narrow ruffling in self or contrasting fabric. Sure to .be her favorite. SEW ING C IRC L E PA T T E R N D E P T . 1150 Sixth A v e. N ew Y o rk, N. Y. E n c lose 23 c e n ti in coins for each p a ttern desired. Pattern No. _________________ Size ___ Get sweeter, tastier bread! use FLEISCHMANN’S FULL-STRENGTH ! Fleischmaiin’s fresh active Yeast starts • working right away! All the strength of the yeast brings out all the flavorful goodness of your bread. Be sifrer of sweet taste—light texture—fragrant freshness every time! IF YOU BAKE AT HOME, insist on Fleischmann’s full-strength, fresh active Yeast with the familiar yellow label. De­ pendable—America’s favorite yeast for over 70 -years. a SAUNGS BONOS Are Always A Good Buy STRAINS, SORENESS CUTS, BURNS BALSAM toothing gu a* to relieve' . a cucu, inaeci; oiiea, oak ing, wind tn d lun bui chapped aldn. \ 1 - the danger ... n is cue u t o r broken. re th e soreness a n d the minor nursery. A t bottle 35^; SKin IS c o r oroaen. a C. h A n FORD MFa CO^ SynewA N.Y. on ai new, unusual series \CRIMES or CARELESSNESS\ SUNDAYS 3:30 pm Sponsored by .the NATIONAL BOARD OF FIRE UNDERWRITERS over the YANKEE NETWORK in NEW ENGLAND When Your Back Hurts- And, Y o u r S tren g t h 'an d Energy Is Below P a r You may suffer nagging backaeha. rheum a tic .pains, headaches, dizziness, getting up nights, leg pains, twelHng. Sometimea frequent and scanty urina­ tion- with smarting and burning is an­ other sign th a t something ia wrong, with th e kidneya or bladder. TheVe should be no d o u b t th a t prom p t trea tm e n t' !a wiser than neglect. Use Doan’s Pill*. I t is better to rely on a medicine th a t has won countrywide a p ­ proval than on.somcthing l(»a favorably know n .,Doan’s have been tried and test­ ed many years. Are a t all drug atorss. G et Dean’s today. On Christ^ mas morn’ ing when / awakCf and sleep-dust from my eyes / shake, t see a sigh t th a t makes me start and causes thumpings in my heart! A Christn\as tree — • oh, pretty sight—with can­ dles, hells and halls alight. With horns and dolls and sugar plumsi and skates and trains and beating drums. And oh, it is a won­ der-tree, with heaps of things for me to see! Rare gifts hang upon the side, which tinseled fairies cannot hide. A soldier- doll, a doll house, too, and strings o f g o l d come to my view, and as I look I seem to hear sweet Christmas m u sic soft and clear, A Merry Christmas it seems to say, A merry, happy, holy day I Stocking Hanging An Old Custom Almost without exception the chil­ d ren of A m e rican will put up their stockings by th e .s id e of th e chim n e y for Father Christmas or Santa Claus. For generations children have gone eagerly to their stockings on Christmas morning to see what ■ in as. The custom’i only connection w ith Christmas il Santa Claus has deposited in them. The origin has- nothing whatever to do with Christmas. The custom’s through S a int N icholas. Saint N ich lovely fSisters, in a poor cottage on the outskirts of town, were destitute. Saint Nicholas made his way to their home one night, and threw a gift of three gold pieces through the smoke-hole of the cottage. Instead of gold pieces falling on the hearth, as he had expected, they fell into the stockings of the girls, which had been h u n g up over the fire to dry after I washing. Hence, when the tale became known, the custom of hanging up stockings over the fire carpe into being—in hopes; and Christmas Day was chosen for the doing, because it was Saint Nicholas’ da; Greening, like most American boys, prefers that his tricycle be modeled NEEDLEWORK PATTERNS ' Crochet This Lovely Bed Cape Romaritic Design to Embroider Bear Markets Last Year ^ And Half, Study Showi WILD BLUE YONDER ----- -'Tig, like me-'- ireters that I after a fighter plane. World War II weapons and equip­ ment soon will give way to fan­ tastic \cosmic weapons,” as the motif for children’s toys. Dance Until Midnight. Mexican Christmas Eve is a pretty combination of the religious and the festive observance. There is- a until mid­ twelve the night, zzb kuc okiu musicians play aj mystical sacred melody, arid everyone converges front of the “naqimiento,' representation. con in ntn »» or crib 5608 Crocheted Bed Cape a n e x q u is it e crocheted bed ^ cape—so pretty it belongs in a trousseau! Use the palest of pink wool, , tie with narrow velvet ribbon. For about-the-house 'wear, use darker wools. It’s .17 inches in depth and requires only four one- ounce balls of lightweight wool. To o b ta in co m p lete cro c h e tin g in s t r u c ­ tions fo r th e S h o u lder C a p e (P a t t e r n N o. 5608) se n d 20 cen address and patter Embroidered Tea Towels TpHIS amusing romance of two '4 kittens will provide gay laugh­ ter at. a kitchen Shower. The .six- inch k i t te n s a r e em b ro id e red on a- set of tea towels in bright colors in outline and darning stitch. To o b tain 6 tra n s f e r p a tte r n s , color c h a r t fo r em b ro id e r in g th e K itte n R o ­ m a n c e T o w e ls (P a t t e r n No. 5095) send 20 cen ts in coin, y o u r n a m e , a d d r e s s and p a t t e r n n u m b e r. Send y o u r o r d e r to : SEW ING C IRC L E N E E D L E W O R K 1150 s ix t h A ve, N ew Y o rk, N . Y . E n c lo s e 20 cen ts fo r p a ttern . No _____ _ ______ A recent study of the 12 bear markets that occurred on the stock exchanges of this country between 1899 and 1942 shows that, on the average, they lasted one year and six months and that the value of securities decreased; on the aver­ age, n e a r l y 46 p e r cent. W h a t sh a ll 1 buy for him this C h ristm a s ? If h e ’s a cigaifette L ca r to n of 20ft g a r e ttes. The b ran d ? Give him a cigarette W ith long, p o p u lar a c c e p tan c e —C a m e ls . They’re sure to please. And for the man who smokes a pipe, give Prince Albertlert Smokingmoking Tobacco,bacco, the S To s largest-selling pipe tobacco. Special holiday gift wrap­ pings make both Camels and Prince Albert particularly desir­ able' choices! Camels are con­ veniently packed—ten packages of ■flavorful, mellow cigarettes to a carton . . . Prinefe Albert is hand- the packages include spai holiday message. Your neairest dealer is featuring these Christmas gifts now.—Adv. iea choics Splendid Cough Saves Big Dollars. - - - - Chen, you can easily mix a cough m edicine th a t is a w o n d e r fo r ;$uiclc results, and gives you about four fim ^ as much for your money. And it’s ho trouble—a child could do it. You’ll need a-syrup. Make it by .stirring 2 cups of grranulated sugar iand; one;cup.of -water a few.inoinenf8k until dissolved. No cooking needed. Or you can use com syrup or UqukI honey, -instead of sugar syrup. Now get, 2 ^ ounces of Pinex from any druggist^ and pour it into a pint bottle, and fill up with your synipw' ~liere you h&ve a full pint of remaik- to ooldM. up with your ____ _ i&ve a full pint of remaik- ougha . ..sts ts a family a lot tastes fine—children low you h&ve a full pin able medicine for coughs d u e _______ It la a family a long time, and ness, an d lets you Ihex is a special ren ingredients, t in compound*^ o f cracenttated ' mon&y wiU ^ refund^? DANGEROUS TIRES. BRING ’EM IN LIKE THIS How Washington Obsenred Christmas in Viigiiria George Washington celebrated Christmas, in much the sarne mari­ ner as it is observed today. With his neighbors he’ attended Christ­ mas Eve sacred services at the vil­ lage church. On Christmas^ Day an elaborate and delectable dinner was served, followed by hours of fun and merry-making, a't'wbich'most of the neighbors took part. Rhythmic feet stepped, the Virginia reel, followed - by the jigtime of the country. 0 «*W tftVe* You get new-tire rubber with full new- 1 width and depth. You get the tire tread w _ _ famous Firestone De Luke Champion Gear- Grip Tread design with 3,456 sharp angles to protect against dangerous skidding. . ■Why he satisfied with ordinary skimpy j. retreading? Get the best-^get Firestone! FOR EXTRA PROTECTION ASK FOR THE FIRESTONE STUDDED GROUND GRIP TREAD A “ must” for snow and mud! The famous Studded Ground Grip Tread Design gives you the extra trac­ tion you need for winter driving.-No slippinjg, no spin­ ning, no skidding! Deep, tough tread fpr long wear. ALL MATERIALS AND WORKMANSHIP FULLY GUARANTEED TAKE ’EM OUT LIKE THIS I I See Your Mearby Firestone Dealer Store or Firestone Store STAINED PAGE

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