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Hamilton County record. (Wells, N.Y.) 189?-1947, January 16, 1947, Image 4

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OUSEHOID \m To cook m a c a r o n i or sp a g h e tti without' co n s tan t w a tching o r stir­ rin g , place i t in a colan d e r and then low er th e colander into a k e ttle of salted , boiling w a ter. F la v o r fo r th e soup an d s p ices into t e a ball h o lder t h a t in to t m a y easily be lifted out w h e n th e bro th is full-flavored. W h en ironing clothes, place sev­ e r a l d rops of cologne on yo u r iron­ ing b o a r d cover. Then a s you iron, . t h e cologne aro m a will be ab­ sorbed by h a n k ies and blouse; O a tm e a l cooked w ith m o lasses in th e w a te r m a k e s a ta s t y ce r e a l rich in iron and sav e s su g a r . To p e r k up fri rk u p fr a y e d blankets, why off th e old binding? B u y ; y a r d s of sp rig g e d sateen thhth aa tt costsostsosts bututut a fewew cemen itt ini ribbon t a t c b a f c ts a t th e dim e sto re. Ch( not rip c b “ h o o se i i co n tr a s tin g color and stitch it to give y o u r b lan k e ts new life. Spices lose s trength p a p e r co n tain e r, so err ly into a sm a ll glass ji screw top ja r . rap id ly in a p ty prom p t- j a r . U se a Shirtwaist Dress Flatters Figure 8001 i4 - 5 0 Shirtwaister A C A R E F U L L Y tailo r e d sh irt- waist dress for women in th e l a r g e r size ra n g e . Brief sleeves a r e co m fo r tab le an d p r a c t i c a l , th e d e e p e r notched co llar ad d s a flatterin g note. P a t t e r n provides sh o r t o r th r e e - q u a r t e r sleeves. You’ll find it y o u r y e a r ’roim d fav o rite. f 35 or 39-ii lusually lai! Send your order to: SEWING CIRCLE PATTERN DEPT. ”530 South WeUs St. Chicago 7, lU. Enclose 25 cents in coins for each pattern desired. Pattern No ________________ Size ____ MRSH UXITIVES URHECESSARY? MMonsFindHealthfiili?>esA Fruit Drink Gives Them All the Laxative Aid They Need Don’t form the habit of depending on harsh, griping laxatives until you’ve tried this easy, healthful way millions now'use to keep regular. It’s fresh lemon juice and water t ^ e a first thing in the m oming-just as sdon as you get up, the juice of one Suhkist Lemon in a glass of wat< after day, for most people. ter. Taken thus, on an empty stomach, it stimulates normal bowel action, day And lemons are actively good for you. They’re among the richest sources, of vitamin C, which combats fatigue, helps resist colds and infections. They supply vitamins B i and P, aid d i g ^ tion and help alkalinize the S 3 rstem. Try this grand wake-up drink 10 mornings. See if i t doesn’t help youl Use California Sunkist Lemons. ★ ’★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 'A ’ To Have and to .Hold! U. S. Sa,vings Bonds^ How To Relievo Bronehitis ._,jble to help _____ ___ germ laden phlegm, and aid to soothe a n d heal raw, tenc I exp^ flamed bronchial m ucous inemf* branes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the unr* derstanding you must like the way It quicldy allays the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, BronchiHr TOHELP, EASEOUGHIN^, TIEHr CHEST MUSCLES MENlHOlATUMf-*^^' f(eep y^ur feet dry end warn with SOUS es weft as Heetsby ^ ^ OSuliivanA • R u b in gently-warming, soothing Ben-G ay for fast relief from m uscular soreness a n d pain. Ben-G ay con- | tains up to 2 Y 2 tim e s m o re m e& y l salicylate and ^ m enthol—famous pain-relieving agents k n o w n to every doctor—than five other w idely offered rub-ins, Insist on ientdne Ben-Gay, the o riginal B aum e Analgesique. Also for Pain due to RHEUMATISM, NEURALGIA, aod COLDS. Ask for Mild Ben-Gay for Children. m m - m&M S e n G a g Button Trimmed Dress Pares Figure Pattern No. 8114 A s W INNING a d a te d ress a s you’ll s e e is this youthful, fig­ ure-paring frock. T h ree glowing buttons top th e soft g a th e rs on bodice and hip, and th e season’s p e t cap sleeves a r e featu red . T ry it in a brilliant wool or navy or black crepe accented w ith w h ite buttons. Enclose 25 cer pattern desired. Pattern No. ____ Classified Peparinienl M ISCELLANEOUS Clock T ronble? For quick, dependable. In­ expensive repairing send clocks for esU- mate. E . A S . Clock Service, A u b u rn. M a ss. Good Potatoes Best potatoes are' firm and clean, have shallow .eyes, are free of cuts, ■decay or green spots. The type of potato selected should depend on intended use. Mealy, flaky varieties are good for baking and mashing. Waxy varieties hold their shape and are best for salads and for cream, A Requisite l^es, \ becomes a ruler. Non-Stop Helen—You like his attentions— why don’t you m a r r y him ? B e tty—Ju s t because I like h is at- t . , “ PALCO GRANULATED SO A P For fine laundering. Will work wonders in your-washing machine. • ...... 30# per lb. 110 lb. d r u m 25^ 10 lb. c a n . O R D E R F.O .B. Send check or money order to -,- PAL PRODUCTS CO. BROOKLYN 32, N. Y. ..... For re l i a b l e p r e d i c t i o n s of f , e w E n g l a n d w e a t h e r ------- . LISTEN TO “YMKEE WlTBiRMir 8:15 A.«. M o n . t h r u S a t . ★ Sponsored by LEHIGH COAL & NAVIGATION. CO. YANKEE NETWORK in NEW ENGLAND ^^e6E-^CREEN«RAino Released by Western Newspaper Union. By VIRGINIA VALE '^ I M E was when a motion pic- X ture actor was jfist an actor; very few Hollywood stacs went in for business enterprises on the side. But nowadays there’s hardly one who isn’t emulating Bing Crosby in making money earn money. Alan Ladd not long ago bought a partnership in a S a n ta M o n ica re s ta u r a n t . And Bill H o lden, while w o rking in “ D e a r R u th ,” joined A r th u r T reach e r, b a n d C a rl Hoff and radio p roducer V G. H ickox in organizing H ickox Productions, Inc., a radio tran s c r ip tio n com p a n y w h ich will lea d e r C a rl Hoff an d rad io p roduc e r Andrew G . H icko x in o rg § n izin r :ate m u s ical an d d r a m a t ic to rad io statio n s acro s s th e ry. Oh y e s —Holden alsc in v e s ted m o n e y in a helicopter ‘irig con country. O h y e s —Holden also h a s ;te d m o n e y in a helicopte r m a n - co n c e rn. Jo y c e R e y n o lds is b a c k a t W a r­ n e r B ros, afte r an eighteen-m o n ths absence from m o v ies. H e r l a s t pic- oda, then dips th nake th e m b r ittle. You’ll s e e som e ; b e s t in E r r o l F ly n n ’s “ N e v e r JOYCE REYNOLDS tu r e w a s “ J a n i e ” ; h e r n e x t one vidll be. “ T h e W a llflow er,” a com e d y , b a s e d on th e p lay of-the sam e n a m e . R o b e rt H u tto n 'will co-star. iK— Ja c k B a k e r h a s one of th e oddest jo b s in Hollywood; h e m a k e s plas­ tic b a r n a c les for all p ier, dock and w h a rf sequences • in W a rn e r B ros, film s. H e also equips houses w ith artificial icicles—shapes them by h a n d fro m cellophane an d silicate of sod a , the n dip s th e m in alcohol to m a k e ' ‘ ' ^ of his Say G o o d b y e .’ Nanette Parks, who’s been under contract to Paramount for the last year, received a wonderful present fo r h e r 21st birthday—the lead in “Catalina,” a T e c h n ic o l o r m u s i c a l , sterling Hayden will he one Of her leading men, and Olga San Juan, Cass Haley and Billy De Wolfe head the supporting cast. The picture is slated to go before the cam eras very soon. C o n sidering th e high p rice of bak­ ery goods, i t ’s disconcerting to learn th a t eight pies w :ere.w a s ted on the set of “ I t ’s a W o n d e rful L ife,” for a scene in w h ich Todd K a r n s h a d to w a lk w h ile b a lancing a pie on his head. After- th e eighth pie hit* th e d u s t th e p ro p e rty m a n , Lou. H a fely, deflated th e pie ;tin and in s e rted tw o pins on e a c h 's i d e for b a lan c e ; th e ninth pie s f a y ld put. — ■ I t ’s no w o n d e r th a t th e g irls like to w o rk .fo r D irecto r M itchell Lei- s e n ; s t a r s like P a u lette G o d d a rd and O livia de H a v illand say they do, and. m o re and m o re o f t h e top notchers' a r e asking to be assigned to his film s. H e ’s introduced a new m e th ­ od in “ S u d d enly I t ’s S p ring” - h o l d s re h e a r s a l s w ithout m a k e -up fo r th e first hour or tw o , so th e g irl’s don’t h a v e to r e p o r t a t th e crack of daw n . Grosby, who has' crooned in nguages, including Esperanto, will sing a typicaj Brazilian song in Portuguese in “ Road to Rio” ; his tutor is Loiiis Oliveira, who’ll act as technical advisor on the picture. As in the four previous “Road” pic­ tures, Crosby will be team ed witb Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour, with Norman McLeod directing. Daniel Dare is producing for Param o unt. — ^ — M o st m u s ical plays or filtns have n o t m o re th a n h a lf a dozen new tunes, b u t n e a rly every A b b o tt and season h a s in- ritten m u s ical n u m b e r in w h ich th e th e m e dove- Bing 47 lanf nes, b u t n e a rly ev( Costello a i r show this eluded a specially tails w ith th e story.line of the T h u rs­ day NBC broadcast. To compose a sp e c ial m u s ical production each w e e k is no sm a ll assig n m e n t. RKO’s ten tativ e ly titled “ K a m i­ k a z e ” will include confiscated’J a p a ­ nese film n e v e r before seen by th e public. M o re .than a m illion feet of the film w e re studied before the film used in the p ictu re \yas decided on. ODDS AND ENDS— \Juvenile Jury,\ filmed by Universal Pictures, has been released throughout ihe country. . . .'Ed \Archie” Gardner has completed final sketches for his cartoon strip which will be based on the happenings at \Duffy’s , Tavern.”. . . Paulette Goddard’s wardrobe 'in \Unconquered” is costing Paramount $10,000, we’re told—though she has the role of a slave girl, , dressed mostly in homespun. . . \ . When something good happens to Larry Haines of \Young’Dr. Malone” he attributes it to the tie h^s wearing and continues to wear the same one till his luck changes. Crematories Offer Service, Niche for Departed Pets modern is in N e w York City, tablished in 1939, it crem a tes an­ nually over 500 pets, such as dogs, cats, parrots and canaries, charg­ ing from $15 to $25 for the s e r v ice, from $5 to $300 for the urn and from $25 to $100 for a niche and its perpetual care. VflaiisJi^ O vpjl WimL s i r M a r k Y o u n g , governor of H o n g K o n g w h e n it w a s tak e n by th e Jap a n e s e , an d who w a s t a k e n p r is o n e r a t t h a t t im e and l a t e r r e ­ leased , is th e hero of m a n y sto ries illu s tr a tin g a rap ier-lik e w it. One of th e b e s t is of th e lad y , lunching a t G o v e rnm e n t H o u se, who w a s aggrieved to find ^herself on S ir M a r k ’s left in s tead of his rig h t. She ap p r o a c h e d h e r grievance; obliquely—b u t m a d e it fa ir ly ob­ vious. F in a lly sh e re m a r k e d : “ I suppose it is re a lly v e r y difficult for yo u r A.D.C. alw a y s to p u t your gu e s ts in th e i r rig h t p l a c e s ? ” “ N o t a t all,” said S ir M a r k blandly, “ for those who m a t t e r d o n 't m ind, an d those who m ind don’t m a t t e r . ” WhenYoUrlriiianls” are Crying the Blues limEN CONS'npA’npN makes you fed punk as the dickens, brings on stomach upset, sour taste, gassy. discomfort, take Dr. CaldweFs famous medicine to quickly pull the trigger on lazy “in­ nards’*, and heljp you feel bright and chipper a gain., DR. CALDWELL’S is the. wonderful sen­ na lazatire contained in good old Syrup Pepsin to make it so easy to take. cine more palatable and agreeable ti take. So be sure your lazatiye is con tained in Syrup Pepsin. INSIST ON DR. CALD WELL’S— the fa­ vorite of millions foi SO years, and fed that wholesome relief from constipa­ tion. Even finiclqr children love it. CAUTION: Use only as directed. DLOUWEIL’S SEMAIAX/YTIVE CONTAINS ,N P E P S U f . change to CALOX for the ^oduc efihed. on YOiir smile Efficient Calox uorkt two tcaye: 1 Helps remove film... bring out all^the natural lustre o f your ^ 2 A special ingredient in Galox encourages regular massage. . . . which has a jconic effect on gums . . . helps make them firm and rosy. Tone up your smile. ..with Made in Jamout McKesson laboratories, 113^ rears of pharmaceutical knowhow When Your Back Hurts' And Your Strength and Energy Is Below Par I t may be caused by disorder of kid­ ney function .that permits poisohoua waste to accumulate. For truly many people feel tired, weak and miserable when the kidneys fail to remove exceaa acids and other waste matter from the tion w ith sm a rtins and burning is an­ other sign that something is wrong with th e kidneys or bladder. There should be no doubt that pronmt treatm e n t Is wiser than neglect* Vse Co«n'» pm.. U ir ■— ----- D.S. SAVINGS BONDS Are Always A Good Buy choices haye you? ^ 2. The narue Huguenots was en by the French during the century to what group? 3. Wh • lASKMW ; AmTMWR 11 I A G e n e r a l Q u i z . * | fk. (w cv. (w (V. (V. p . fu CU (V. (1. (I. (w The Questions 1. When you a r e confronted w ith a “ H o b son’s C h o ic e,” how m a n y — ./h a t m a k e s th e s t a r s twin- 4. The siege of Troy lasted how long? 5. W h a t bug. sw im s bottom up? The Answers 1. You have no altern a tiv e . 2. The P r o testan ts, 3. The density of th e air. 4. Ten y e a rs. 5. The “ b a c k sw im m e r” sw im s on its back. It is th e only w a ter bug th a t does so. Faithfiil Model of Sir Drake’s Ship Inch Long Am o n g th e o u tstanding exhibits of glass-case ship m o d e ls is the H a m p s h ire collection in th e In s ti­ tu te of M a r ine E n g in e e rs in Lon­ don, say s C o llier’s. The life w o rk *of one m a n , it consists of 13 m in­ iatu r e reproductions of fam o u s vessels built on a scale of l . i h c h to 64 feet, o r about one-eighth of , th e usual size of d e c o rativ e ship m o d e ls . M o st unusual of them all is a faithful reproduction of S ir F r a n ­ cis D r a k e ’s th ree-m a s ted Golden H ind, w h ich is one inch in over­ all length, o r so sm a ll th a t it can be hidden behind a h a lf dollar. Chopsticks Sole Survivor Of One-Finger Piano Pieces O f th e thousands of one-finger piano pieceg t h a t serv e d a s p a r lo r trick s d u ring th e 19th cen tu ry , th e sole ■ s u rv iv o r is C h o p sticks, say s C o llier’s. Since it w a s first pub­ lished in G lasgow in 1877, th is com m o n p lace little tu n e h a s not only becom e pop u lar th roughout th e w o rld but its th e m e h a s been borrow e d by s u c h o u tstanding c o m ­ p o s e r s as Liszt^ a n d R im s k i-K o rsa- tliBlioiiiD-Mixedl Syrup Relieyes CeugKs Quickly Needs No Cooking. Saves Money. ---------- , . . . :ringr 2 cups o t granulated sugar and: one cup o f water a J -------^ ----- -il .No cooking all. Or you ( one cup o water a Yew moments, unt dissolVed. ,Np cooki needed—it’s no trouble a t . use com syrup or liquid honey, instead o f sugar syrup* Then put 2 ^ ounces of Pinex (ob­ tained from any druggist) into a pint bottle. Fill up with your syrup, and full pint of really wonder- 'er spoil! sts a long time, and children love it. This home m ixture takes right hold mgh in a w a y that m eans bus- It loosens the phlegm, soothe# .and quic' eases soreness Pinex Is a special proven Ingredients, in form, well known for quick action in coughs and bronchial Irritations. Money refunded if it doesn’t please you in every way. Bathing. >und of iutrated p i f you catch cold easily—becaiuo ' you lack ail the natural A&I> k Vitamins and enersy-bnildingk r natural oils you need—you may­ be amazed how Scott’s Emulsion ................. energy, etaminm many doctors jecommend this _ ■ sood-tastinsr, high energy, food ® tonic. Buy at .yonr .druggist’s^ SCOTT'S EMULSION YEAR-ROUND TONIC Buy U. S. Savings Bonds! WtSHes?\ .vu.vv.uuai ,imudle-age’ period pecul­ iar to women cause jwtt to suffer ho* |S 5 1 u S \ l - h « ^ v , S ^ : ;Plnkbam’s Vegetable Compound to relieve such symptoms. It’s famous for this ptupose! , Taken reguli ' ' pound helps against such d ifira im jrm 'M ’sis It Is Wise to Read the Advertisemehts In This Newspaper Before Going Shoppinsr Thei^a%3sm H ^ V i e ^ n Y -tfs the fine, rich-tasfing tol^co fiiafs penally treated to insure against tongue bite—Prince AUi^.i. the world’s largest-selling tobacco! THE NATIONAL llllY SMOKE

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