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Newark courier-gazette. (Newark, N.Y.) 1967-1968, March 16, 1967, Image 14

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Pmtmt Yeur No\v , Drivers Reminded lSTEBS & ZINNIA S: Right up intil recently every one could V asters and zinnias. Not Q i Ger impecfien Horton Announces 1 State Withdraws Academy O peninfs^M fin luring t i issioner Vincent t . Tofany recommerids that you make arrangements nOw,to have the \' Motor Vehicle Cominis a t an official statioj :he last 12 months, safety check performed C” \”™*\ f .On HjglwoyjBb.... d diir-1 A proposed project for. the re- |ing Which he Will accept appli--constniction of : chtions: fo r service academy ap-'\ -pointmehts. 14, north of .“While there are more than registered! last year, and he -0 ,000 such stations scattered! renews the registration before throughout the-State,” he said, April .1, he need furnish \no “there are approximately a I proof, merely indicate the million vehicles due for the in -; name of the coverihg spection and you might not be land the-polii mid' de-1 a d able to get it done it’s notice. This d by aphids, and thrips. There is no aster which is im -r mune to the aster yeltows dis­- ease, although some are more resistant than others. Your best bet is to destroy tofect- immediatelv. Keep lants . sprayed with malathion to k« ' E l S f r i i Clifton Spriiigs le of our issuing offices ’’ naottling distortion sharp eye < o f leaves, c Iand dwarfing. The a r e symptoms caused Virui yellows. If you\want .to a good aslgr, try the “powderpuff\ type, coming in a m ix ture of white,, rose pink, -------------------IjJyg extra loiig _.:rimsdn, azure purpfe. Steams are trs and growth is upright. ■' This month marks the end of the-transition i period during whjch the State established its staggered registration expira­- tion system. Prom now on, all motorists will be on ah annual fee basis-\ Punch card renewal applica­- tions for the March-expiration .registrations have -been mailed the Department of Mot Albany and Coi Vehicles i-n misMoner 'Tofany . “dia t the renewals ms eomplished by mail within the next tW( M-eili^igs _ Which .shonlrl include the remewaf stub from the pres-- ent registration, bearing the stamp of inspection approval, the new application and check for the fee a s ‘Shown o t li e punchcard ap'plicatiot causes a fungus disease the leaves to turn j He a the entire pla nt to ,th e pi should be addressed to the mo­- tor vehicle issuing office near­- est the motorist’s place of resi- lunchcc Church to Hole! Smorgasbord 'ests that perhaps 1 mav be for aj the i which the I I drawn from the letting o f bids The four academies to which in Albany cn.Mkroh 9, aOcOrd-' Congressman nominates ,ng to, the Department .of Public, .ftuallfiedl young men to compete works, for admission are the U. S: M i li - ! ■ j ., tary Academy, at West Point, f^r bids at a later date. e re-!offered nile of Boul alignment as-a .'ine highway rebuilt with a 2Q“foot- Wide asphalt concrete pavement : Horton set Mtmda-y. Dee. 4, the' deadline for his-receipt of to eliminate a sharp curve at GOmplfted applications, from the intersection of Route 14 and those seeking to enter an acad-Schle'e _ de and Armitage Roads, in emy in June 1 918 and graduate the Town of -Lyons. Included is in 1 972 .Full information' can he ■ work on 0;$4-mile of connecting obtained, by writing Horton a-t road. T otal estimated cost vias his Washington.'Office. ■ I listed .at $376,QOO. ______________sociatloh,, 1^«warl,N.y.CoHrr»P-68»!rt , Tfi(ir$day, Mareh .1 6 , 1967' H ie Green Thumb By George Abrahefli crs..”— ut the measles death rate in half. I ’ .that measles ceive T o ’ id. See your do i-tot ------^-unendations. ______________sociatloh,, ■ Many parents are surprised to learn -hoW dangerbus this common childhood disease real- l-iy te. An estii------ children died from 1966.Morr than — — measles encephalitis, so .i times called sleeping' sicknt mated 250 American lied .o measles . In. ■ 150 suffered p c ome- I t ’ s ppssibile .that eottld be eradicated in ' future if more parents measles .the near re'' f protecL their children with .immuni­- zation. AM’A recommends that be vaccinated every infant -when he Is aboi 'mental retardation, deaf-1 ------^-unendations. If enough childn-n tected h y immumz;, slC3 w i l l.disappear, to get rid of this fauu often dangerous, and times deadly ch ildhdod Young Child.ren .should be allowed to - play w ith Dated balloons. A ch ild 'mental retardation, deaf-1 less, and blindness. Future tragedies can be pre-]' 'i:3'r'{§1e”'mE {£i§i§€.\':. .,,.......-.‘-.,. 1iiu}§riii?g’ ii/;$_?E{a‘i1? Clifton Springs — The Good Cheer Class of the First Bap­- tist Church will hold its 15th annual St. Patrick's Day smor­- gasbord in the main social Foom 's of the ch-ureft on Frida'” March 17. Servings will begin nt 5 p. i and will continue until all ha' been^ .served; ’ Mrs. Gladys Williams, presi- mt, appointed the following immittPe's ■ for the benefit af- co ittee fair: Mrs-Lee Elverson.-gener- al chairman, with' Mrs. ’ Yale Norton as co-chairman: Mrs. Arthur^ Martin, publicity; Adel- bert Cooley, David Williams, Leslie Everson, tickets; Mrs. Howard Hlckok, dining room; Mrs. Adelhcrt Cooley. Mrs*, pla ,th e pi mav aj oing the i car which the owner no longer zaneb Is! has since the cards have been lol damp'I printed for time. If such lol damp'I printed for some time. If such one reason not receive resistant (up to a point) to al-[ the card by March 10, a paper tem a ria blight, and we recom-application obtained from any: mend this one to folks who’ye motor vehicle office' may be been having poor luck growing used, zinnias. Plants and. He \also said that if the -| t 'Weather, this not 10001 effec-is I tive. The variety, State Fair is o r another 1 ) Stephen Brouwers, serving ta- ble> Mrs. Dean-Hawley, salads '-nd relishes. Also, Mrs. Leslie' Everson. Schmitt, molded sal­- ads; Mrs. Edward Shahtz, cas­- seroles: Mrs. David. Williams, desserts. Gladys Williams and Mrs. Stephen Brouwers, serving ta- ble> Mrs. salads 4 - I I been having poor luck growing used, zinnias. Plants are husky, and. He \also said that if the o coming in a varie d of colors. , 1 er is fegistermg a different' FREE: Having trouble getting | jhan the one he had registered addressed stamped envelope transferring the plates to the [ 1 # -i-. '*.—Ik i ' ' 5 ^.1« ■ ■ Tua v> i »AVr'5 ■Did menu wm feaTure old fashioned 'baked, ham, chicken and biscuits. Swedish meat balls, assortmerit of ' salads, | roles, breads. Sit ““ i coffee or 1 'vehicle ■ ' i k l may ’ be purcha.sed' liability in. from any member, or at _ the > Form FS-IR ;'^”\ ' -! tin , “How to StftTb Flowers and proof that the new vehicle; TicKet.s Vegetables from Seed”. My conie.s under his\ .............guide is fu ll'o f good tricks ropsur^nre through a avoid plant diseases so you'll , which he can get from his in-| v - - have a hettef g ard en ’ this|suranfp agent. I One Bid SubmHfed IIf it is the same vehicle he; ^ ^ rCLA.MEN NOTES: T h es e' ------------------T ~ ~ plants are getting ready for a! --------------------- For TwO Scmpers :' ' Upper two place it wit summer scrape c inches of soil, r ma,i cause-pota to Hi ;hwny Denartr with,.siJiet bid of .91 4,863. .' The bidder Tillov.-fd all of 1966 rental tb.v.irds the pur-; of the two machines. T h e ’ ith in mixture-of lb scab. Also do not use each sand, peat and ioani. Wa--arouBd acid-iovmg plants ter It and bring uidoors to grow as azaleas, rhododend In a sunny w indow. One woman la are’ or ' already has a cyclamen which I thie : has bloomed for 35 years in tb ejlcar 50-mo roof All she does is r e - |i d . gerani- cha .se .axea., xr.uuuucf.ueur., . Of $14 363 ' WPS the dif , to turn yellow (ehlorot-rental paid. | FREE: How or? your ( doing? W ill they ing ,Decoration Day? If not. sene season. an-J provides a mom 'a self-addre.<aed, .stamped It ogs t ay,'velope and msk f< ' ' 65 at nigl GREEN 7 Gel temperature of 72 dogs'at dt \^ Vh uMB CLIN IC : A'doors and IC E CREAM FORMCLA chef of Charles I -in tro- \ id me duced ice ore.im tn England in pn-tire ITUi Century, and in 1750 .a itin, formula ■appea; i for making ice cream ■d in a book publDhcd s 44' COU PON DAYS DRISTAN g C TABLETS CANNON 2 FOR BATH OO'i TdWEtS COUPON DAYS ■ 8 OZ. BOTTLE LAVORI s 3 3 ‘ I Mouthwash ADJUSTABLE Hi-lntensily LAMP T88 Easter—the one time in the year when the whole fam ily Is dressed up In their best,, all at the same fime. It s the Easter Parade , there’s a wonderfu l picture story when the ch ildren start coloring those eggs . Get your camera “dressed\ for Easter . .. with a fresh roll or two of Kodak F ilm Stop m and we'll g ive you some useful bps orr shestinf farnity closM ips. COMPLETE W ITH BULB HI-LOW-OFF SWITCH 2.3 OZ. BOTTLE DuPont Cellulose JeJf'Wrlamng Silk n Satin CHOGOUATes’ THE PERFECT GIFT FOR E ! A S T E - R BATH OIL CLEAN AND W AX TBDE AlODEBN WAY 044 PZU R_$ETTES - 353. REGENT [gm G T hood w ilh f e l h m t o l l signal indic(^^ Chrom ed a ir c E a h e r................ ............. .. ........... W id e O v a Ifire s (w ith V-8's)..........Included Included Included TIAMPONS New in 2 ideniical layers 41% Vain-sir s: ‘COTTON Eg__”___§WABS‘ mvs f , ,_,_ 3;: V, . £3. % j 3.; R\eg. 78¢ . « I’ Bucket seats, stick shifty p t o h e o rp e to g W h ite sidewalls . . . . . . . , . . . Sporty luggage r a c k......... . Low-cost option . . . . .itactuded V. , . . , M u d e d option wj __ aa Kg \ \ it Cuu & Eu~sxFm:q1:.us \‘”’=/'4‘!!!/I1?/=:Azz=A/tug PACQUI-NS‘ % ‘. HAND ‘ CREAM “:9- mm the imunq map.‘ . \I Muse In any extra la! gnome: Eosllng mm .9 imllaljqn M_usLngs.'.' .. .4 Reg. ~51 The Finest Box m‘ cm gtwéé in (134; World! $2.21: lb ax‘ri£,i§n'{an xbnmn |...m.,,,.,.1.;.m, ‘ 3 EK§TEgR | | Spectacular 3 [NYLON MESH] | | [ MKCLEANS IV . JELLY BEAN] , VALIANT , , SEAMLESS‘; .m5H BULBS. IV room ; I fA'-\DY .I I;,....CM’.‘ERA II H055 :1. 33; .4 R\A5T-E “ I. :3’. _‘2‘.;I I_°*-’j=;°‘=\=‘5£*«*_3_?‘_I I_‘_P‘::“:9_!3.J L _2_u1‘;»;;»» I u _f‘3J %ziiit-Tiiiie Savings n6w in Foid Countiy < KEN LARSON, Inc. _ NEWARK-FALMYIRA RD. _ » L x‘1‘-\‘*\’«5.‘}:i§’4 $4’. bv:%f¥ \ -- -)5‘ 9, § ‘

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