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Newark courier-gazette. (Newark, N.Y.) 1967-1968, March 16, 1967, Image 16

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V I«waric ,N .Y. CourW-Gaierte _ te ric^ Personals M ovie Tim e Tabic IThe Phelps Silver Flosses Raven” ._-• ‘‘Hot j ser Qf rUshei » * , : 8 , ' S a l : , .. -“The . *^ivci>”, , una '224-S43 b ,v, J-. .Gopsseu and L o f' Ushers.” 3 ' the Old World Inners ropped -T h e Pit arid The Pen-^^ ''Se C.'y Cover. 4:20 & 9:55; “P re m a -; _,_' ,\ / r i .a . 1” .V4(» & n:iiv Sodus D e feo fs New ark mcr.^Sl^harnn. Sutton, K itty Hau-i, and Susan Cunninghnni. '; lock ri h Other Brov/nies taking part i in the Sunday service da Martin, Connie , Smith. ; 4ew,.iik 3op leaders Mrs. irtin and Mrs. Don Buri l” 5: 0 11:15. Mon. Thru IVed. — Theatre (Q uintet 53 fo 43 • -* S i Id u s del' aril tl I h e .Thur. & I'ri.r—“The Adven ■ Cnmini.i i '.N C .;; tiires of Biilhvhip G riffin.” .1-to 45 a! S, dui 7 :15 & 9:35, Ed Hi a ..Classified Want Ads Bring Re-Di.U\ Frr> '.o ,t .-.nd ftoberi Gr., Port Cibson Personal, \and daughter Candace called t ,-]yir and M rs. Sich-ard Colacii I ... , —------1 . sur'''' , Twentyeifht members, of the inday maid Hyman, suits. i for Ne'.v.'ik .........................-------------------------------------1 1 ........-^ -.................I Mr. and Mrs. La Vern Bunn ' r. \L . - ^\ * ■ . ' . ^ * of Newark, Mr. and .Mrs. ■Paul- By Emma Garluclr plares of interest. T h ey, expect of Macedon and Mr. Mr. and Mrs., L e ^ y Jones of ! Palmvr.i : pent Wednesday wttl..' ^ ren of the Jloodman Road weie ih ^ s i.c r Mrs, Guy Norton of ., of Sodus wehB Sunday afternoon Snrines K D Victor E. Campbell who. has and evening guests of Mr. and . ,, v 'hcei'. a patient at the CTiftoii,Mrs -. Glen Wright. . - ' Leonard .hurt ca lM on ■ C-.raf'houio With tits son Gerald an .-i luncheon Wednesday. 'Those ^ faniily ot the Floodman R d ., 'present were M r and Mrs W il-Edhih, Mosher spent Mi.-s Mt iind.T M artin was a h,ri-.'trhwirt? M fi Anno Curtis Thursday night and Friday in ,supp..r -mi St o f M iSs Cheryl Hy-\ ^ a a w S J o h Sf Rochester .vith Miss Katherine ■ s \ , . r ' ; r 'h i . ; i ^ s & , , h S ' z S d ? ,. Z o Z s“ s s \mI Z h c T e „, o „, « . nmd Mr, and Mrs. Ray Dangler of West Mvl'.or St. in Newaik Mr. and -Mrs . Howard BUrgess of Newark, ' spent Satur. ay evenina w ithth aecm pamod.M r. and'Mrs. Wil-Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rolland\ w.ok.s, vo.-.i'ioH visiting 'friends, .srnart of Lyons h Jr. and Jetf of the Flood. Mr.s .DanH'l Burgess, daughter \ an. Road w^re .Sunday . afternoon ;^ w ^ k '^ ;jM r s % iS e S - d a r g u ^\ ' c a lM on the. Mrs. .James Rahm of New- .,f M„,.,„..i, gu '.'5,ts also. T .S .Jahi.'s Dickens of Gjiffnn ■olyh Ji.cqbs of M il-Springs and Mr. and Mrs, Frank Wiscons in will arrive Walter were Sunday dihner Sunday to spend her Easter guests of Mr. and Mrs. Foster ‘ S r £ , i ; ; ; 5\ S“ .d . ^ d . r t ^ r S f ^ : ^ r f - s r Mrs. Samuel Farnsworth S a tu r -' Mr. and IvL'S .Charles Nichols M r and Mrs. Kenneth Mllllkin I'of Newark callfid On his sister 1^°®® °n bunday. the pledge of allegiance and iThe resnonse rending jtynie Mary H y m an ,,'Valerie: scripture lessoii wer,. Co le ,. Marie Khoiiry, Leigh She'r-I 'Cadet Scout Donh .-i Wr .jBht Joan Smith^explained I Junior Scout Karen \Vhgj„| .tie Pledge means to | ^he coUectfon Was -.t man and *■ r i Z : ™» .Bon»le the Brownie “ffs’h _______,da Ka,rge. FRIDAY thru SUNDAY J#;l ul\i\'l'Vl y l 4ALOIME,flLL-C0U | ReRE«TJ EDGAR ALLAN POE HORROR CLASS I CS! i ' / Starting. STURTS THURSDAY - . . . . . . . . . IIARBH 23rd '': T O I g M E y ^ S ■ S MASTERS OF TERRORI - VINCENT PRICE ^\ BOR IS KARLOFF - PETER LORRE‘S - LON CHANEY - RAY MftLAND EOSAR AiiAN POE 'S tfcjssrc tolrof THE Evil,.. O T X f c H e A VIN C D fr PRICE ^ COLOR day pveniri'g I'of Newark callfid On his sister 1^°®®°n bunday. Mr. and Mrs. Qlen Lyon en-Sidney M artyn and Mr. ' M r and IV Irs . Udyd Smith tertSined their neighbors for M^myn Monday evening. daughters .Joan and Jean and inciay evening. Mr. and' Mr. and Mrs. 'Peter Tack of son Jimmy attended the wed- Vande Voorde left Lansing. Mich were called home ding of Miss Htdcn Ouhek and •nine for Australia Past week Oh account of th\ Mr. Raymond Johnson Of Pal- r Mo day : .Mr.s .Andre ooi Tuesday mom: lit his list t . Z ™ left Rochester by Atngrican Air-, 'u'Tied home Saturday. Mr, Tack '‘e ^ ti o n at the Firemen s^ lines for Los Angeles, from there« convalescing following surgery T lw observance of G irl Scout „„ , S \Z” ‘“ le Troop 41 .md local Girl>Scouts ' ■ • Pamela, Mary and celebrating the day by taking .will ,m Pan American to Mr. and .Mrs. Donald H ym a n they ' m r c Auckland. Nevv Zealand, then t «*£-3rll?r irCz sH? “ m il il r . and. ..Mrs, VVfsbcndr. On their turn trip tiny will spend sev- er.il day .s on tjic west coast vis­- iting Di.srjeylatiJ and other ,. Church. Clyde f - The cahdk*s wei-e M r and Mrs. David Dayton Patricia Arthiirtnn children Bonnie, Duv.id Jr and Smith followed by n .i.lel had supper Saturday worship by Dawn Hi i vri'.ing with Mrs. , Dayton's brother, M r, James Barnes, * Mr.s Barnes and family of :md Mrs Mu.son A. Porter ndlock lor bearers for the | ftinnal were Pamela Hymar Debbie Vander MorteT Brownie Troop 41 le.id the congregation EDgARAUMPOES T A i I ^ V E I V ..a.. PAN.VISIOH PATHECOLOR PRICE tnatLOROT -iawKi / W 'V I l A H D . N J E C S M li ^ mC O LOIV,. p a n av u v o h .* ii i a - p i a i T E - H i i i i i B - i i i - R t a »» • * ■-’D p K P E N D m i l M 37 .C H U H — m ic a it h k T O O I .M r Paul Cole attended a mo- tnrryrle run at Dalton, Georg I over the -weekend, j Miss Julie Hunt itley of the Road spent th i? 1 w itii her grandparerf i Mrs. Willard Cook. J.iequehne Taylor, stu- .dent, nurse af Ogden^Arnotl Memorial Ho.spital, Elmira, .spem the weekend with her par- e n lV M r and M'r.s . Jesse Taylor. M r and Mrs Kenneth Johns, rh ild n n Kim and Marcia of Phelfis spent Sunday afternoon with h i.s mother, Mrs. Leon •Johns ot Granger Street. .gra 0ur5°°is yourbestbuy! Belhurst CosHe Route 14, G ,eneva, Nw h . Prafi's Restaurant Tromlaino's Restaurant 12 Pearl St., Lyons. N .Y 112 S. aiain St.. Newark N.Y. .gra d oth.-r Sny- Granger VVa ;: r Snyder of Rnehes- r. and .Mrs. Roland Wirth. Terrv. Carol and Jack- Idren, r if Palmyra were Sunday . • guests M l their mother and .ndmotli.'r Mrs Henry .gra Long famous for Its foods and congenial at: phere high on the shores of beautiful Seneca Lake. Prime Sen ribs, roast duck, lobster tails are our specialties. Catering to small parties, weddings. Dancing on Friday. Saturda' and Sunday nights. .gra tsnng in Itali.n-Am erlc an lunciies and dinners. Home- f 7 T l l S m ^ i ‘.^'rnig°h^Fy\ No ''^-open Sunday for break­- fast U-1 .and dinner 1-11 pm. Your Ho .sis , 'John & Mary .gra Saturday. 4 P M to !0 PM Sundays and Hoh.days ' Mrs. Dorothy Dayton of New­- ark was Sund'iy dinner guest of her son David Dayton and fam- Mr. Henrv Goellner returned home Friday from the Newark-^ Wayne Co-nmunity Ho.spltal Caruso's Midway Resrc N ew ark-I Lafayette Historic ^ Lafayette Inft =5!!! /3 9.,-\{ _,«‘..~.-ti}. Mr. and M15 Fred Hammond dam.-nu-rs Bnnnw an Nnmy and Mrs. Stella Gram scam and Mr and Mrs Donal Ham- mnnd and cmlzm-n gr the Bird R/uud call--d on menr pursnts Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hammond or [he Gums-‘y Rum! Sunday. Mr. and Mrs Dale vander Muner mu-ndeu the Boat show Thursday zwenxng at the Ruch- rsmr war Mvmurml. Our specialty. lt.1Ha.n-Amer. Lean food, served '0 order In our comromuaz-.= dining room We lnvma you to come In. re- lax and enjn¥ n dellclous meal at sensme prices. Dm- lng room open dzulv 5 to H] FM. 8 Days A week Clnséd Sxxndays Ange Csnxsa, pmp. a‘a‘.iy\\s u\‘i§i7z ‘§..$§§‘§3 and Holtdayn X2 noon ti‘. 11 F“ 5*“? °§'“\'\1\!\JS!‘5' 995- Th?‘ \“°\.=*-* 9* ‘“m.°=N.=s:s:' 'rr of MP FIn;.*\’l' Lakes W1th Jane Warm!‘ on the organ Your hosts REV and 0111? M301‘: - 4 Cimllh Counrry House luff: Piuelps Havel min 5». [112 1:: Turkey 1'own'Rmn'r Route 31! MQCEHDIL N Y- ceived a telephone call £ morning from Uieir son Richard B. Yost, who ___■spending m week^ f iirlniich Siiwt^bopprB4eaMe4ineffiflt— The varied suggestions on Clmtlfs meygxo catdr to and satisfy the st demandlnsz desires of my gourmet.- American. French. Italian or Contxnenlzl flavnr Meals are surpnsmgly moderate. com- plete luncheon: 8: dinners \:2-rveu every'da,v except. Mon _vvn =.....n.. -u-..... .. ..-.. Where mends meet Enjoy the Spccxnlu Ll Lu: Hnuse \Cluckcn on the Rough\. served the way you like It. OLhx'r mnnu hamres Include Steak. Hum‘ Fish Fries. Etc. C'\(Pr‘.I1a In all names Phnne 543-2503 T J Baker. Bmp. Effective immcd.Iav.ely—a §.‘Z“‘m,“ \“§.‘:“‘a“\u“c'.§“ :e_ on P0? (Friday. nan sun Luring famous amny St! nrkey Dinners. com%I1e| 9250. (Special Kiddies a news). Dancing ever m £i“.’£fn‘e‘f\ n w mm 0 County‘: LARGEST d Completely air c cloned (or your wmng dancing Qleaguyg. and Mr.s Burton Sher- rhildivn M.irk ar Sunday in i Masfenic Bowii Take if from Ccilum'bia, rfead tkls carefully before you open a savings account or add to your savings account. When you save here, you earn 5% compounded and paid quarterly. Deposit any amount^''® he first p tihat roonth* If you ney.'.it is always available, jtice is required. Safety of NO itten noti your savings is Federally insured to $15,000. Want more? Get EXTFtA Care by doing business with New York’s iarge§t state chartered savings association. want your moi wril Mr. and Mr.s Robert Short o Fayetteville, N . Y called on hi.s father Mr, Leonard Shoft of the Turner Ro.id Saiurdav. ....... n.v<Ay uagv clmcpt. Awuu. —V!P service Tues to FTI {inch :13‘-2’; Eglnnem 5-9 Cunnellfs Covc _ mu Blu r um. Sodas’ nu x‘/' Zuppiofs > Résiaural 224 N. min 51». mm» M Are ynu‘m the mood tor ra- buhvus food? Then yotfu 52 for the outstanding me served on scenic Sodus Bay Tn our specially-—Del.mon1co steak. Cabermg m partials. all legal beverages. Reservamons -0311 Nartb F058 LT \1-9098 Mr and Mrs Yzxln Norton ep- Lertninvd nmr pzncms Mr. and Mrs Jnrob Fruwley and Mrs. Eva Nnrmn and Mr :md_Mn. Gordon Prvsmn. sons Gregory and Duulzlns wr Rnrhrsler at .1 birthday dY«11|'lPX' {Or Mrs. How‘ my Sunday ’ iea,um.= .e.§P°.°‘:i‘.¥u we unuzw. unv ,.--— menu. Fine racmuas b quehs and puma dg :13 4 PM. Dlnnér‘ 510-9: 0 except M0“ Your Host: Frank Md Zappla. DE1vS8D % COLUMBIA BANKll\IG.SAVlI\lG & LOAN ASSOCIATION J%:%-‘vi A '/’”=7:'y I09 WEST MILLER ST., NEWARK — ALSO LYONS Mr and Mrs E B Gnrlnrk of Cnnnrdaicun cullud rm me Mxssos Fvrn Ind Emma Gnrlnck Mondnv ILL“:-rrgnnn Home Dairy Co. Cnfelerix and Baker! 209 s main st.. Newark. N.Y. ;__.___ Hotel Sellen mum 31. Palmyra. N. Y. Mr and Mn’ mmrl Burgess, and dnuehlrrr Kim of Wnst Aw. Newark -new Sunday dinner gucsls nf Ihc n/mus I-‘em and Emmn Cnrlru-'< I09 WEST MILLER ST., NEWARK — ALSO LYONS Two gnod places to eafehere and at home we cater on large pnmes. Sbeclallzixlg In Prim: §I1I.tnt1D{ gee: sgau _m our spccmcy smnrpzasbnrd each Sunday 1 my PM Alsn nnen tor dxnnors Tues mm su. frnm 5 Ln 9 <IIrvlmv Mm. in W: Guid- Cali Bob Hamillon

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