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Newark courier-gazette. (Newark, N.Y.) 1967-1968, April 27, 1967, Image 10

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M o to r V eh kie Tor R e c e ip t^ S/iow G o iJ I ta x receipt.s j m onths ending d. J The county’s same^ quarter in ■ 2'-. !J ‘are i N(»wark,N .Y ,Courier^GaieHe rhuKday, April 27, 1967 1 0 Fire Dril Urged AsHi^ighfof SpriRg Clean-Up SAU Bcosters Press ProBaseballfor Newark and Area g Clean-F.p Week, v.-'v serves the du.,1 brighteaipi; yriur hoi ting rid of t ir e haza a i rin sp ;ards, 'Is l good tim e to h.,lc; ; ■ i if your fam ily h;'s r recen tly. Fir e Cliict : 'k ein a h a s fecom n iend ed V ,; t r tit ! l l j r .I P RO .’ W O T e d R alph .H .Allen of .io.G-VB w it h H e a d q u a r t e r s Rj f i r s t M arine Bivisitn. t M cN am ara, president New York-Pennsylvania League (Glass A ), will be a g uest of the Newark Com m unity Boosters Club at its r e g ular m eeting Tuesday. May 2, g t 6:30 p.m . a t D anceland in Cb-wntoWn Newark. B a seba ll .I t ’ s very sim ple; G ather a ll m em b e rs of the .family ' together toniuht and out two. w ays from the hou se in c: Then, if one esca pe route ilocked, you can use the othi esca p e Appoints New Agent ssr^xtenston Group as if a fire o ccurred in the night. ! In the drill, one of the parents at an unexp ected m oment; should shout, ‘‘F IR E ! L e t’s get It of the h ou se .” CENl MRS, DORO’THY WILLIAMS Sion,” sta w ill be a es Mrs. Wiliiai, challenge {pr hom e w onom ics agent t a sig n ifica n t contrib utetel a tte m p t to extend our econ om ics offerings to a aud ience of Wayne Countyl N E W O F F IC ER S ^ In sta lle d a s n e w o ffic e rs o f th e L a d ie s A u x ilia ry to th e N e w a rk V ^olunteer F ire D e p a r t m en t a t re c en t c e r e m o n ie s w e r e ( f r on t fro m , le ft) D o ris C a n ib ie r, c o rr e s p o n d i n g s e c r e t a r y ; C a r o l Bliss, v ic e p r e s i d en t: B e tte M o r ­ rison. tr ea s u r e r ; B ev e r ly P e tty , p r e s id e n t ( b a c k f ro m l e f t ) A m e lia B u rn s, c b n d u c Icieaitll Trli ■ league president ' w ill how Newark fits iii the discu ss n league plans for next year. N ew ­ a rk already has been granted a frsinchise in the leagt (able to effect £ a working league agreem ent with a team for the 1967 season opens in mid-June. lOILI Mrs. W illiam s resides in« P o i n t w ith her husbandl Rew. G o rd o n M c h u rc h e s .■Willjams, A lio r an d Your Chesf Dollars a t Work nomics Division leader for tlic Wayne County Cooperative E x te n ­ sion has been announced by Mrs. Anna G atch ell of Alton, cha ir - With a little pr a e tic e —two or irbe reh ea r sa ls—e v er y m em ­ ber of t h e fa m ily sh ould be able to get oiitsid e of a one-story or two-stpry hom e in le ss fnan a minute. And in w orking out your rs- cape plan. Instruct all m em bers ...-ork of the fa m ily to to a P m -a r -’ m eeting pla ce upon leav- '! years in a ;senior high Oxon Hill. Md„ W ashing tin, D. C. -i luii 'Waype ( i of th e Hume Econom ics Executive Committee. A n alu m na of Syracuse UnF rrstty. Mrs. Williains com es to xten.sion work ' with ing the ho u se so it can be asc tained that everyone is outsii previous school in burb of Breton Islan d during si 'acatlons. Sh e ha s been live in y o uth , work, serving as a counseleor for the M ethod ist Youth F ellow ship in Sodus Poirit and directin g a church c h il­- dren’s choir. lOILI These Inclui * ^We definitely have a franchise for nex t y e a r ,” «said,.i B ilotta, '% e ’ re going to talk nothing but ( A FACTUAL STORY ) B ilotta, who t o r s ’ meetiing in B( , said it is doi , lAtavta on Sun- lubtful if New- ca'n get enough p la y ers from the m ajors to field a team this y ear. ^ to o long ag o a f t e r ' the crib when that rything we had in a j pioded, w e probabl flash fire. I , e v e r goin g to be a b le t o re­- place even the barest essen tia ls in furniture? My w a g e s covered our liv ing ex p en se s but it ta k e s tim e to sa ve up for furniture and thin g s lik e that. , My worries or} this siiore w ere answered by the lo cal Salvation A rm y Unit. M en from the Sal­ LOIL M w h atotiation w ggJ really looki like« flash fire. We thanked all - - - - -------, , , lion s who helped but it bothered stroyed the c n b . Our chances^ of us that w e could n’t actually | gettin g to the baby through t te .thank the good folks who s u p - ! dense sm oke and flesh-searin g port those o rganizations tlyough fla m es wduld have their contrib utions each y ear. not im possib le. don’t know who the peo-i My wife and I took Goirtfort •e and we realize that m ost j » this knowledge even though-ple are of them probably do n’t k n o w ., , they help ed us -s i n ce our c o n - U y n t'''d a t w e would do now tact w as with the ofrganizationI dad no place t o liv e , no cl< ; is Were de soe ra te in o u r wor- )f wh . ’We represen tatives. .:cept what we had and no household goods . And w e had no thin g w( I ’ll never forget it and even n it se em s lik e a bad dream DOtHAK VOLKSWAGEN Geneva, N. Y . Small, “The Major Leagues know about N ew ark, N . Y ., sa id B i­- lotta, ‘‘and our in terest to bring professional b a seb a ll to the com m unity. 'We’re sure o f h a v ­ ing a team in 1968.” y vation Army d e liv e re d beds. hies, chair s, davenp ort—e ve r y ­ thing a fam ily o f three w ould need to furnish a kitchen, liv in g ro6m and bedroom .You Her pcr.'onrn The R ev . W alter F: Cushing antique w ill be the sp eak er at the final.finlsliin g, ramping, se ssio n of the p r e -c a iu c o n fe r -; traveling. Slie . i SP E A K ER pcr.'onrn interests include collecting,, furniture ramping, sc :ind liei . i ‘T ip excited aoout th is op- i re-portunity to work with N ew ring and York State Cooperative-E x te n - husband sion at a time w hen ch an g es are SPAI of the p r e-c aiu c on fer -; traveling. Slie :ind liei Sunday at-3 p.m . in St. i have toured Europe ; School auditorium . 1eled along tlie Cabot g Id trav-being su ggested in the em p h a Ti-ail on sis of our home o* ' -—\•v-moic l econom s B ilotta also d isclosed that a r rangem ents'' are bein g m ade w ith the NY -Penn Yan L eague to schedule three league g a m es at C plb utaJPark this .su m m er. .You can im a g iin e our r e lie f and hap piness to know tha t we w ere able to liv e n orm ally a g a in within just three davs follow in g the tra g ed y t h a t h a d la ll e a when that gas heater .exploded and burned us out. ence Sunday M ichael Tobin’s F A buffet lunch w ill p recede Tuesday night's m eeting of the Boosters' at their m eeting rooms at D anceland, burned us out. Y es, w e ’re liv ing norm ally a gain , thanks to mi' and the cooperation an d a ssist* ' § ‘A fter the m eeting w e’ll know itand for 1967,” sa id Bi- it seem s lik e a bad dream It w as real all right. I .' I It turned out w e w ere not charred rem n a n ts o l nur b e - 1 d> o h e-th ere w ere lots o f g o o ^ longings. Our se cond f i om r , P^oPTe wTio cared, I looked at the black- rs cooperation an a ancp wp H ' >t trom the F ir e D e­- p a rtm en t, the R ed C ross and the ,-3U.lva.ypn ..A rt» y ,--..... ....... .. ....... - My Wife and I hope none o you ev er need to wltn ''.<!S your C om m unity C hest In a c tio n .„ out It s im b f s l w ay t o see your C h est D ollars a t work. 'We know from experience. I - eu ess you a lm o st ha ve t o be in a predica­- m ent like ours, to ap p re c iate how m uch tho se dollars can m ean to anyone in d is tr e s s .” Riegel, Brown M erger Plans D ropped A m ic a b ly , apartm ent w as in ruiris. 'T here The N ew ark Chapter of the was no doubt about that. But Am erican Red C ross found us :lll hard for m e to r ea l-, an apartm ent, paid o ur fi: it w as still Ize that It had really happened. ■ m onth’s rent and provided about these things but with foodstuffs to take You read jm ehow you never e xp e ct ilT ha p pen to My despair irnlture and th The Fire Departm ent m ade a ip ecial a pp ea l for clothin g and fu i clothin g was rub-next thin g we knew w e had bed out, though, \^hen I.le a rn ed ,clo th in g , for our hab.v. m v w ife ]w h a t caused the fire. l and m yself, The gas heater w hic h had ex-! Now we had an .a p a r tm e n t, ■erger._________________________[pioded and started the fire stood food and Clothing but how w a s R iegel Paper Corporation and Brown Cotppar ed jointly that the suit betw een them , filed on April 3 in the N ew York D istrirt Court for the Southern D istrict of New York, s been discontinued am icab ly. 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