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Newark courier-gazette. (Newark, N.Y.) 1967-1968, April 27, 1967, Image 16

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Mewark ,N;Y* Courier-GawH® AH 27, ,.A7 **-4 :Wclc Arnold Pacos. ,■ ^ I Eagles in Scoring _ P ersonally ersonally Speaking Speaking in P o rt Gibsorj] _ Movie Time Table j. SSSSS: « S i -' School where he won letters in _ won !soccer, basketball arid basket­- ball. has ibeen recommended fqr s the U .S. ‘Goodwill Tei 1 whlc'h:| South America and Eur- Thiir.—Theatre closed. F ri.—“ One Million \ B. C.,” 6:45 & 10:05;“ She,” ■ By eTmMA GABMICK Port Gibson - - Mrs. Harii [ Khoury attended a Ptesbyterlan District m eeting Wedftesday in a t Canandaigua , th e Fresbyter- Mr. and Mrs. Charles-Everetts i Palm yra called on Mrs. Leon Mr. and Mrs. p ale Wirth call-1 ed on Mrs. Gertrude Brink of E ast Union St'. Newark, Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Russell ei lined Mr. and Mrs. MUton Seymour, and Mr. arid Mrs. seph Fellela of Newark and A Lewis Jolirisofi a t their he ;urday eveninf guests of Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Sr. of Clyde. Sunday Hyman‘s parent Mason A. Porte I Oakleaf ( ' Maartense of Ma- guest Sunday • Mrs. Leon j ' daughter and family. Mrs. Frank Robson of J. spent the sister Mrs. cobs and j New . Egypt, I I weekend with i Artiiur Jacobs. Mr. ylor and J ; Short Rd. Personal N o tes | weddmgof • .cobs Saturday afternoon. I n JW ar iO n /4 .r e a [sp en t Sunaay whh^M^'i'^Boyfe'h ____________________________I mother _Mrs. Bessie Palmer of Keuka Park. Mr. and Mrs. F rancis p e a n j Russell Bodine of New - id th eir daughter and her fam, and Mrs. Normar ,ily. Mr. and Mrs. Philip ^.ixon''Cannon o f Plainsville were Sat- ''o f ci.rtiing, returned last w eek:“ ^day callers on Mr. and Mrs. !from a iwo-wcek vacation Lafinori .and d^dghler Very Beach. Fla. [Kimberly K aran. Attending the Roger Williams'“ i’ - Mrs. Jacob Callward aTTEasfman T h eater l as t ; MuJion called on ,Mr. \and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gunkler.j Donna, Michael and Timothy; and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth; Johns, children Kim arid Mar­- cia all of Phelps called on their mother and grandmother Mrs. Leon Johns Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Gary Burgess,1 children Cindy Lee, Jack and I Laura Lee of Clifton Springs ;fe.D.; Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bur- gess, daughter Kimberly Ann of West Ave., Newark; and the Misses F e r n 'a n d Emma-Gar- lock were Saturday evening I guests of Mr. and Mrs. Howard , | the Capitol Theatre. The Seven Arts,Ham 1 duction, in color-I istar.s Raqual Wcl< t Riclutrd.soh and ru ;-Sund.iy. I .Michael C arreras ;.screenplav and produce! ;Million Years B .. C ears B. 1 Saturday _.„ ___■alay a t M argaret Curtis. Miss iFollette and Mrs. Bessi r pro-I Hanegem. Do, Luxe, j M and John hroi tliroiudi thoir daughter and. fami Iand Mr.s, Harvey Kais •ote th e ; sons of Syracuse. ■cl \One Mr. and Mrs. Albert Deal rr„ u„.„ ; ,,,,...0 ...,«sts Sunday a t the home daughter-in- ari n s. F ra n k Tack Friday, me Mr, Herman Schumm is vi< sister Mrs. Ernest iM erkle an d Mr. Merkle. who Mrs. Robert P em ein r'' celebrating their 60th wed- sunefay guests of anniversary ! '■ *■ -- = -c ily. M r.! Schumnri, Ohio. Id Michael McCue of Newark j spent all day Saturday and S at­- in : urday night w ith his grandpar- s .Mr. a n d Mrs. Dale Wirt' Mr. and Mrs. Sherm an Wilson .law ..Mr, and Mrs. Pranhls.athm dfid a Rebubiican mePMng Dean, f ,r a celebration of the a t Canandaigua Saturday. [ ill .’’ Toh e lp ; were gue dramaMEC the peril of being ef their .son and -t «hve aP-that-tUMo. -liJs itor,v Gon-, l vv. .....Dean’s ,S3rd birthday. remem^ daughter h*’ ' .mothci ! ,Tid live the hard. ruRBPd cave now re.dde.s In Long B e ^ h ! gy'ifjlly ^ Dick'en: MrsT James H iie p layed l>v Jo h n Richa.rd.son. a Ir.em lier of th is trih c who t o n e d oiil.side iho f.Tinily c.iv e F r e d W itt by a f.itlu 'r a n d ea h u .,: b ro th e r, , H urdi Alone in .a tjE utal w orld f pre-ri;iyf giinl-tine Dickens of Clifton Springs were dinner guests of Mr. Newark for a few, EuK^ -ne Fletch er J r. of IClifton non and vea:lation difficult Montana, ha.s al.so been visiting - nmn .stunihle.s in the .area. Mr.s. Effic Larwood Mr and brantiful body of Palm yra and Mrs. Elizabeth daughter K .vliieti i . s enioved b\ .1 Goodwin of Syracuse complete Ne-wafk. and :.Slie’.l I’lopie. a f.,ir. t.he group of .dx si.sters who iit-'‘'id Emma GarJocI ..witive tribi liviim in tended .scliool in Marion when Mrs .Stephen pe 0 1 One lit autiliil tie tr f.imilv lived, on the farm afternoon a t tl ■ !. R:e •:el Weic::. i.;,d.h , now o.-riiuled by .Mr. and Mrs. Bosplfal and .Mr LoRoy at their' dr.tti-Kui :; ti.ccam.i;:'., Mailm Luotens. honv 01 . Wcg,t Main Sl.^. Cllfr ir.s l.ani l/:ie,lr f . !:e,u|:‘i • ----------, | to n S p rin g s Their struggle to find coimnon ' i a * 1 • »Kl'icury-, Mrs. Ar‘ understanding le.ids tiiein into J,- j 1th u r Stacy. Mrs. Henry Gocll- j,\'\i:'tenT icn ool . . . . . - For exterior filming, producer Q : 3 | ' 4 | A | n a ' f o f IM Carrera.s took die company to_f Q j J j | the Canary islands where prim-.» [| and yyiic:.J ' rxhan.sted u I of^ \yuti r , and rtu 'f.s Mrs. Daniel Burgess, imberly of West Ave.. Misses Fern ■k railed on n LcRoy, Sunday he Clifton Springs • it i rn. 7 .Cll ■' Mr.s Haul lio , . , r . ll n er attended th e Geneva Dls triU loeelnig of the. Woman's '’'''-ii'ty of C hristian Service, ■sday . at the Methodist r spn EAS/3 Ront 3 and his wife ler party for maid L. Bur- , where he will be sta- for sevefal months be- rning to' V'iet Nam . ;d Mrs. Brian Lannpif j had -as guests Friday Mr . \\ and Mrs. Gary East, of kario n , Mr. , I and Mrs. Guy Lannon of Cllf' n Springs and Mr. and Mrs. irl Haynes and daughter Von- i Kdy of Rochester. Mrs-Austin Herbert a n d 'I daughter Mrs. Suzanne Burke of Buffalo spent the -weekend at \le home of Mrs. Herbert’s sls^ X Jdrs. Willard .Cook, Peter Moose of Marion was ,I Sunday caller on Mr. and Mrs ’F rank Tack. scHimrs w rrr inon.sltT' S I Library Program V .-R;iv 11 ,ir, ryhau.'-cn :ind th e o ve ra ll Seta M a rio n -T h ro u g h o u t th e c ou n - [ S p r in g s un d e r th e .sum rv islo n of A rt Di-( fv.A u ril 16-‘2 'J w as d e sig n a te d Jamc.s® Mai ■k a n d ItS-M-tS B n a n L an t C.hiireh. m Skiuieateks, Born T'lursday. April 20 .1 967 n t the riifto h Springs Ho.spital, a daughter Catherine Grace, w eight 7 lbs 1 3 or .to Mr and Slpplmn LfRoy of Clifton .under the .sum rvuslon of Art Di- rryiliins inthi.niic ,S p , „Bro«l-.-uM Hra. Marion A nnals ration wa.s conducted by i i l ' 'L m l,r u n : ': a .m '; lu n S i ^ C h U r c k e S ibchuul LiOrariai of the Junior !brary Clubs. ( Gn Wedne.se I faculty and’a nun't prngr.im nreparect by lem bers ( ‘ I - '2 S la te Services, 1ea'and A ctw ities Herman Schumm returned home Monday from Syracuse where he spent the weekend with hi.s s o n Harold. Mrs, and children Carol and Schumi Don't forget th e'b enefit ham dinner. Saturday at the Fire j Hall, serving 5 -7 p.m. The pro.^ ceeds will go to the Laura Lee Burgess Fund. Laura is the s ix year old daughter of Mr. and [Mrs. Gary Burgess, who, had surgery a t the Mayo Clinic Hos- pital in pochester, Minn., re- ■ g home last Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs, DuWaytie Patll- ickand of S i _ S a t . -“ One Million Years B. ^ sophomore ,nt State Tcnch-i W'itli-224 for H.7 a game. He Mbft. thrc Timr. Theatl-e | stands 6*4 amd wefglis 185 .' ® ! Arnold was rec.on'mended fot .u Goodwill Term beeau.se of Oaks make excebent shade ,,(3 c'etcnriination trees for lawns and streets ge-j ----------—^ — cause they are hardy, long-A f S S e ts , $ S 0 0 Q u o f a .. 'in Current fund Drive ion American ested st.udei iittee and other inter-[ m ts will be conduct-: next SundaSun y. committee, according to Charles I Huber, share drive chairman. Money collected is used to de-1 fray expenses for a foreign stu-; dent gue.st m M:tricn during the, next academic vear. Mr. and Mrs, DuWaytie Patll- ick and family of Spencerport were Sunday guests of her par^ and Mrs. Donald Cole ii= li and Mrs. on Mrs. ark Sundajla y afternoon. Mrs: Eleveiay S h e ilanche Martyn. - Joan lice Curtis t ra, A a n d ' Jean O'Conner participated in the Peter Pan Bowling Tournament a t Sunset Bowl Geneva, Salt Goellner attended Ck s a s , ; r ' i ; , ' £ s« [accompanied by^' they hardy, S I .V R IN ■ ‘ SH F.” -----Starrin g in“ She” , b oo k e d from F rid a y through S.und.iy at the C a pito l T h eatre, are R o sen d a M dn- tero.s. Lrsiii;> .Aiidri s9 a nd Ji)hn Richardson'. Tom Goellner attended a Ck c C ar Club m eet at Hatribut [N, Y - over the weekend, - Mrs. son Gregory, Mr. ;.nd '.nest Rude and ,Austin Herbert, and [N, Y - over the weekend, Mrs. Raymond Lyon a surgi­- cal patient at the -Newark- Wayne Comraunity Hospital Is recuperating at her home oh Canandaigua St. Miss Dorothy Geneva tvas Sti Mrs. \Wilbur Schwartz, Sunday calleEs a t the home of Mrs. Stanley BUrcroff were-her brothers. Mr. H arry King ftnd Mrs. King of Hudson./N. Y. Also- Mr. Henry King, and Mr§. KIhgi of Newark; Mrs. Bbreroff's daughters Mrs. E dw ard MaslYh: and daughters'L inda and Maty Ellen of-Clifton Hpflngs, Mrs. Olney Exton sons. Richard, WJL. liam. and Jam es, and Dennis I U ,Austin Herbert, and :e Of .Buffalo arf zanne Burki ed th e funeral Allen of South. Butler Mrs. Anna Kellv spent Sharrow. ■Mr. aftd Mrs, Charles f of Field St. were Sunday„ guests of their son and-wif [and Mrs. Tom Rojiana of t o .and Mrs. hurti tteijded the Junior 1 e d Creek Central Set qiay,evening. t o . Jam es C Crawfc at the W elch i in favp ' -'• ^ 1 .,> 111.V M f V 1 • JP JN I ifA [ I ra rn p i L l l v L>l V llllL J j ' sponsil vised to be selective when ing a babysitter. Also, be s u uj'Tiinri. ui r is prepared to handle any rg y that miuht arise. einergenc; I liam. and Jam es, and Dennis Holley all of \Victor. TTu l Victor. 'I ie group Hebrated Mrs.-Eifton’s blrth- J t o . Jam es C has been a patien. at the ark-\Wayne Commumiy Ho jb several weeks is and evening Mrs. George Hayton of jsta ark-\Wayne Commumiy b r several weeks is .jingf a t his home. Mr. and, Mrs, j-jcob BntI and daughter Cit o! of Ville called Friday afternc jsta 'n le y Bt n.other lurcroff Miss Donna Jacobs daui George of Honeoye. Honeoye. interested; in Anyone the Port interested in Anyone ; ‘ibson Cemetery remei inual cem eter 7;30 p m . Fire Hall, i terv meeting at this Thursday at the the Port Miss Donna Jacobs daui ■mber .the j of Mr. and Mrs Arthur Ji l i .an d Dennis Baker, son ot ner Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. F rancis Glazier. Nancy, Anna and .William Carol and Mrs. ind ghi mcr and daughter P at. all of Palm yra called on Mr. and Mrs, Brian Lannon and baby Klmber- ly Karan. ’\ K . m M ,abeis Helen .Tbt cf DrJ Park, Newark,« .-fp maF Saturday aftermx.n in the pel of the First Methl Church“ in Nevwrk by John W .Lewien, ir .the'l [^ence of the imnifdntr f; f T he Senior MVF everyone v) ' 'uppB ;m at their \Ti's-.ir .! : Suil Tuesday evening r discussion . I ' I » _;';/5,’: ifs;/I’::Z\/)>;‘ni\;”*1(y y ‘ 4 BeIhursI C a$tie Prati's Rest 112 S, Main St.. Newark N.Y, Trortibino's Restourcmtl 12 Pearl S t, Lyons. N . Y. M3\ ma in ’ST C A P I T O L [- H53 I Long famous, for .its. fine foods and congenial atm os­- phere hig h on the shores of beautiful Seneca Lake. Prime ribs, roast duck. lobster ta ' are our specialties. Caterl to small parties, weddlrii Dancing on Friday, Sat and Sunday nights. Completely remodeled for Family atmosphere. \Speclal- in Itallan-Am ericf > and dinners\ ------Pizza. Kltchf from 1 1 AJJ. to ■ ‘ ■ made . itchen open JM. 12;30 nightly. Now open Sunday fo r break­- fast 11 -1 and dinner 1-11 p.m. Your. Hosts, John & Mary House Specialty Prime or Alaskan King Crab 0 ? dayk a week. Dining Rooj open 8 P.M. to 10 PM weej FRIDAY thru SUNDAY APRIL 2840 C a ru s o 's C a ru so 's M idw ay R esta u ra n t Newaik-Lyons Kd. ifa y e rtc Inn es. S & 20 Gene The 'Touse of Atmosphere” serving the finest In f ^ s r-M Sundays and Holidays 12 noon to 11 York Inn Rd 2, 1 niL E . of Phelps «i KWi 96 IS .iT .a L S rtc'S 'K a , T ’S a ? r .s.'a & Stmdaya Ange Caruso, pnrop. Serving lunclms a : 6 days a w e« . CtwK-, days. The house specie prngr.im nreparect by .! of Hie library clubs ' High Librarv Club ’rs reported on the live! ■ontributio l atoi follows:!^*„ • mernbe Ten years ago—April 25. 19,57 Dr. D W Bovet. Marion town health officer, remind.s resident.s [book iltustr ■of annua! \Spring Clean-Up B arbara Cat I Day\ which will be held T h u rs-, Patty Deiine day Town truck .will cover all, Patty D eFisl •street.s in the village and haul j Bene Gobeyn- g left . 1.1 the curb Harmon—J a ir . GREGORY’S Charles B. Connell Masses a t .9 a.m. al DennKs. ' Sendak. ' lenti Angelo. ,; -Wlli Jam es. Tim m e s Dam e—Mauri i her^Vah Daily Mas ^ Confessioi away e.ver.vUdni except garbage Twenty years 1947.Richard 1 named valedicti ion senior cl.i.s .s ird--Eiizal .of the M ,ar-redy, Lynn VanStrien-Margua- l Jam es O. rite DeAngel , ibrary ;ST REFORME Sunday, 8 a.m., “Temi will be heard over ,—.........I v i i - - Dean. .s.UuHttorian I Each Senior High L i b r a r y ^ ! ? ’ .Sunday School, m cctlr^. 7 pm . dnesaay, senior Choir raciice, 7 p.m. Saturday Junior C ’ hpir prac- T h irty y e a r s ag o April 22. Club memtier discu.s.sed Uie life j , b 7 The M.inon Central School p n d -ro n tii but ions of a promt-1 n™ i ^ figure in the field of libra- ip.' Their program follows;: , b an d will co m p ett 1 ippointm Western-[ i i 24 ln ;( ........ irifwell Louis B 'Cehtr.il TTnir-April 24.and I | ctrerryl C an K v c ir'“ ‘'Lmm ! Lyons On.Saturday the band [ Shores. Linda M ayriard-F w-ill march in the parade a nd, eric G. Melcher. Sherry Scho mw3e<i hand con-..enrian—Melvil Dewey, i l play in tl I'C pl.V\a'd_ Sat ! — ple Timf radio station 1 ., Mbrning wor- i •ed ti nber.s will Scro'diy t' h ., Mmiiford April -28.-w WP .so tic c l l: 3 0 - a m .Apr. 26 , Womens' Otiild spring [conference. Trinity Reformed [Church. Rochestej, 3:30 p.m. , V ,.< 1 I K.IV Vieie H .i , ‘0 Mo'hei - Dnughter Jane W ^ o t ^ Y ou^ hosts Bay and S “ on ^ e r Cinefli's Tuikey Town Resfii't Route 81, Macedon. N .Y- Cinefli's Caunfry House Rest. Lake Rd., (Bte. 18) Sodna The varied suggestions on Clne’.li’s menu cater to ahd satisfy the mfost demanding )Sl ital flavoi. ______ s ^ i sa e r T iiS served every day except Mot l ,n_:.:' . ‘V3 ~ lmecilve ImmeG1at1’17—1 !32=_*2:I;.\°*‘.‘.“.*n‘.§ wean, seamen W. ... (many, us): fry). sun: tux-mg tazzmus Family ‘nu-my mnnm camp $2.50. ( Ktddlrsl mm. Dancing swag; m and sat. nlbe wa Ma Mannett‘ Quartet un Wu County’! umossr da ..,.. ,-._.......u. m? cm C onnelly's C ove Lake Bluff R»i,. Sodas Phelps Hofei Main St., Phelps 37$ F\€|rl:II n.. . _{r§_z_n;‘dyn:ng April -28.-w WP.so le rlin g o t The iib r.irv letd April • decnmled with i s w ere en-N atio n al •hich Mt.ss I.U -, !,9 '27 The cloM! tbe^ - ,.S*ui.i,v Club wa.s 10 .selection 8 , Musii rim ed,' f'-iollowitig lla,:i san to id gav Mo.Saics' i .s in teie.stm gly lo b ilcs b e a rin g S l ^ Q ^ ■sa\ n REFOR.MED Thursday, 7 p m .. Junio; rehearsal. Will be h WACK; 10 a. »U 5“'V m T ‘\ | u S hi,; .. 'ii; »,.rr n™:. \5& ,.1 ,. ., i n S l 't , . .”\““I »-I lh »e h „,c h .inbers of , having ' ,.fme M ~ ^ \ ^ eard over radio a of illijstrntion.s M rs hnni Rich exhibited a fine phot ■clion of r:une>i bro o ch es l-ifty. y ea r s ag o A iin l 28. m eh ta r y 1917 - T h ere will he a la r g e pole ^ RinHerl ii '.'id tbi.\ ,n b e>! bv, ttie v illn g e Np.,,: on S a tu r d a y . The ocr.a.sion .will Liiir.ir m a d e as' p;il-r,iotic 'k marks,..' itngrnph.s f Bliincll from the ig schonl :hjbits the Seme 'vi ! l i v Cluli not only in; lie U a .s p.oSsi mvltriiion.s hut .dso a special, hie and a .speaker from out of [ bulletin hoard dl.splay town will prob.aMy lie pro.--'i.t In addition to membcr.s of the The pole will Im r.ai.sed iti the . .administration, elementary and rent^T of the l)u .siiii-..3 .s .section on secondary faculties, and .sccre- ^fain St.» .:ari d st.iff, 5trs Gertrude Five, llbr m .in of tiie Marion Public A hungry chuyl will t’ v l ■.' ' ■ ■■ .. ■ Mr.s F'ruie. Young, j',a.in thine , im luding tnn.si ii-; Act-Mr, , s ‘;v ivi.i Is-M.iy, Mabel na Life & Casualty advises Smith, Ml.ss, Irene Foilette. mothers, to ft reet the rioek and Mi.s .s.lUargarct Curt [feed theiV eliildven when they personnel, attended ii [are hungry. i program. tea and >r .William Davii Interim Pastor Sunday, Morning worship. iO:30 a m . B aptist Church'; Sunday school classes for all Thursday, Junior choir r e - j| hearsal. 3 p.m/; teen and senior | choir rehearsal, 7 p.m. Aprl , 27. 28 . 29. Rummage ' laie. East Bii.ldmg. . I May 4, Mother-Daughter ban- uet, MCS cafeteria, 6; 15 p.m. £aaata*s R« 224 it MalB St for the outstanding m e ^ s^vpd on scenic Sodus Bay \ m our specialty-Deim onico steak. Catering to parties beverages. Reservati —call North r ~ - ----------1Bose L -T ? ^ o f t t ISS PLUS ON THE SAME PROGRAM M , - G : M .« A S E V E H ARTS PROOUCIION H R ie H iS 66 A R D T itUfSULAAiiSS Zappla. DB 1-3806 Home Dairy Co.' Hotel Seifi Eontc *1,, Pa 11 lms**, M. T. F« Infoirnation on ■ \\ l l g ^ r s T S i : 1 ;^ ° ■Ingphar- seafoods. »fty and coal stei Closed Mom Don YoOt Call Bob Hamilton in thi» ’Qu'd* 331 - 100 Mon. th ru Thur.. M ay 1-4 Theofre Closed NEWARK _ FRI. - SAT. - SUN. SHIRLEY MarLAINE GAMBIT N TECHNICOtOR ' J.AMES s t e u .v r t ; SHENANDOAH r^-—3rd COLOR HIT --- — KING KONG VS. GODZILLA PLUS CARTOONS MICHAEL CAINE CAINE CAINE

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