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Newark courier-gazette. (Newark, N.Y.) 1967-1968, December 28, 1967, Image 1

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_Newark JCourier - Gazette Ne w a r k , n . y .. Th u r s d a y ,■'o e c I m b e r w , m i ' :K.N Y HU R SD A Y .\d ECBMBER W , 1 96 7 Drive Ccwtioudy verywhere HolWa Trcrffic is Heavy i ,y e a r — N o .^ 2 ,' ^^ g 16 PAGES ;i’?2W/Vwééwe VM/Wig: Post Office KeepsJliail Flow Even Police Probe ^3,500Haul AtCole Store the Newark Ekirglars m ade o ff with $ 3 ,5 00 in cash and merchan­- dise at Cole’s Department Store at the Newark\ \Plaah early Saturday morning. I Pniice\- ^ t e f D o na ld B row n sa id t h e in truder or in trud ers took $2,453 88 in m oney and $1,051.30 in m erch and ise, ac­ . easier alter the hectic holiday at the Newark breathing a little . in the parcel post departriielXt. . P ostm aster F ran cis t ea h y said the postal s t a ff han dletl 1.183.459 pieces o f m ail during tli<‘ holiday period from P cc. 9 througli Dec. 24. at Newark Plazt i k a last Saturday. Store ager Rernard Armitage said all doors locked at closing time Friday night. cordin g to figures g iv en h im b y store o fficia ls. He sa id th e pra - ; C hristm as haul netted tlie b u rg - Ilars 30 sports Jackets, 15 suitsc. a nd 12 r aincoats for a total ; valu e of $1,051.30. PROBE b u r g l a r y — Palrolme Stevens (le ft) and Nick Sculelji investigate Daniel th e f t c ■l]a (right) Cole Store IPOPLIAR POSTMAN — Veteran mail hr.iiikie Corthals has more help >n his route on the ' 111” the h •od\ Assistant Doug U ’erl cameraman to m.ike s III mail hat;, Corthals asked h e gcil a gone! ;r.ipher vv .ill I ’hfitiigi . . 'd elays becau.se .diliori.s in other w eather co n- parts of th e ^ Labor, Industry, School Vote it was a good Th e burglary, w as discoverM l r<Iay morning' wheiji IWan- B e rn a rd A rm ita ge opeubcl store in preltaration f o r th a t d ay’s good The postm aster sa id there iverc 644.103 pieces m ailed from the local fa cility an d included 335.640 cancelled U tte rs. 127.- m etered U tters, 142,425 ' g es t news sm a ll par-' And now that we have read jy jj, j^j,j Share News Highlights in 1 9 6 7 ^ . The labor p flats I new spap ers. ! cels) and 68,350 pict cel post. B y PA M EL.A H ILI.S o jJanuary It w par-w n a t m o st people consider the that the 51-year-old R ie g el pa-1 Jtop s e r ie s of the yea r, the top j perboard m ill would c lo se at the And If this w fj - oa r d s of the year and w ho,djg-iend of the m onth. 'B a rtle Lumber lo ticc as the m ost inllu-1 F'oWtn ' -... no sig n s ih ief Brow n th eo rized t h a t I t h e Intruder or in trud ers musjt ; have h id d en . th e m se lv e s in t h e -at closin g^ tim e F riday ? two ca found open in th e ' filin g c a b in et In th e rea r office 'f h .,r t fie d . P oliee sa id aev efa l p sek e j o f b ills w ere ta ken ffo m t h e pennies lark w ere. 'g e l P aper Coi e pii'.’ o f li '-' p u t o .iiiUs w ith .cry a.?si5 rp. J io w e v er . reciilai' ea rn er s I'.iulis a n d otU'. .u.-igned ti Mile ttork In~tdc4iU on 15 .. . ■...n.ii u.s.si.stant.s w e re h ire d to li.indie the parcel post shippc'^l _ .„.H£Hs£“ On Shriners Float incorpoi ea village. ' Sgt. V incent 'KrdbbelcA w»a I Another closin g w as noted ca lled t o du st th e c a sh diAiV'er* w hen it w as announced that the an^: o ther ite m s fo r f in g c r - , , entire farm operations of th e .prin ts. A lso a ssis tin g in -the i n - 'f F%-• f N ew ark State School would v estig a tto n -were P a tro b n e n Kose Queen to Kiae iST. , . , r - >5-1,‘T S S all w as^not bleak on the poll of d im es in th e of forcl-r What Residents Report Missing Yule Items Do You Think! $Y Charley JRoss^ Christm.r.s cifts, bulbs, tree c t. 1 Cl.iua Acre pflastic San 'period in tihe amorn; n community. John A C levcngci. 520 E U ion S t .reported to police Tne.s iKtog llic bells and soun'd the d ay that .someone 0vielcome 1968 : gifts, from hi.s Village Board RejectslBids On Sewage Plant .l;el() see W s re-parl the N ew ark-tial j k e d ih Ea.st New .irk A lis t .shotted th ree Community H o sp ita L y^iued ^ .t $30. a Aith its p la ns to :n:.'.,iuie wit I'Xtended Uii.s year. The hospi- .'ir.ped for sp ace w ith Robert .107 adm itted in one by St., rt 92 beds in the day th a t $15.50 a n d tw . a m o n g th e a r li c Ver Me.,'i e p o r tid someone stole a p!a.st;e S a n t a CIau.s frn.ri th e f n m h is residence. Mrs. E d ard Will'd unit would help Nituation. d o ll. sh a t valued .„.H£Hs£“ I H r o H m l M S t o w e r a t Ure T ^ a co ^ Serv - sion announced it^ would train 75 ^ay * m en in electronic a sse m b ly ta k e n from a Press Search : Train in g Act P ro g ra m .»-n i i , i grown-reapportion- Por Bedroom Infruder in ent and new -zoning orcllnanec.s .: m ade their a pp earances m F eb-p o lice weft) : ruary. a lerted early T n iu sd a y w h e n a I scho o ls lo o m tl A plan w as ai.so proposed to \'indow ludent.s at the Ea.st Pal- secon d .itory is o f a ladder. r;TrS?f,„‘Ko S\ p,t ' The first zoning o r d m ...... .... ............................... i r ’ l'n. Kn.t 3ol into School svsti Newark 3 and bu .s. and fifth . ANNEAL M E E T IN G 'h e Town of Arcf (Contih ued on Page 15) school. jr« anre for ^ ^ \ *^ of Arendt.i vvill be held the .supervisor’s : Miller ,St.. al .l;el() th Tire m ost exi rted sirl Miss Elizabeth Kelly o f Sodus .fam ou s P asadena Rose Bowl Parade Missing In fan t P r S V G n t S C h u r c h w m ride on the float spon-— From Erecting Crib:rrr%TrL«\S^^ In Wayne County today Is probably ,u who w ill'b e a purtieip anl In th e ,hea -Air t Hurt fit pr< • S L - S r S w ill be the only“ grown-reapportion- ple> who are an active group. She had originally been .sched-*•■'’'■5“ th'’’ r id e r s u lld m r iXon st^^^ M iss K elly will w ear a “r e g l s - r o r r : — ., iS”' \S ' H S .S J f = ! lin-'F o r the first tim e In m a n y pcj uracek-y e ar.' th e e wa.s no o u td o o r c rib ,.pnoi; e a t SI. M iehael s C h u c h ' Adventure.s \In design. a on order will d ep ict the philanthropic s'oa co v er ag e o The m anufacturer ’ work of the Shriners' Children’s adena parade. board razed ' cn , f a t h e r .McDonnell that the.' Christ-child ’'* ' .m oved from the crib last ■> [ •> - j^j^r foand broken jn Con-^j..^j pjeggs. year. t ill to resu m e productK entire com p lex a devast-atii® fire ?o,r zs:\ s s - r;TrS?f,„‘Ko the C hildren .' Hospital televisionl how a nd ofherev en ts ' i f Interest. Mrs. E d w ard .Muridy of 521 E a s t Ave to ld police Friday 15 bulbs were C h n stn ra.s tree . i.su like to buy the s m it h reported • lion m bond anticip a - were n la p o d 'A nn o ( It a ly ) l..k eii mat 23 bull- Ji'hn Ui anticip lenienLry'^'bufldmg^ B arilc^an d W. Maple Ave ukcr ha s the sa m e charl^.s McP.irKmd \f SumiriU . in tcrcst-ed, C h a rles D rive rt'p u rlc d 'o' p i'h 'th cvcrgrc-'.'i Maple McP.irKmd \f SumiriU i'h cr Frid.iv r ,UT lor work\' G in ev a tor ,hea Bonne ,\n n rc ( F r a n c e ) cvcrgrc-'.'i in h is b a ck y a rd ,.iui Dr W .d S. T lio m as r” !)' rted Sund.iy jj,,n sin.i!! tr \d h iic h .which cou ld be-a in 68, T h e f ould be p e r fe ct com p lex. W hat's ’ Nothin g. The iin en l is se ek in gg ir ■ the inall-han-dence w j j,,n sin.i!! tr \d h iic be-a n d a .small c a vu ' [il.m! from iris re^ldener .it ct Grae hat's Bailey The t h a t a u g h ts u inall-han-dence '.vrc.iiii .i..< \ rt-.n.s'.riu -re .stuicn ti' ' ,\,,r KHiifon ' .m \.u \9.» 1-ztiuorvuu .- ‘ ‘Q. I‘ Mr.s 'Edward ,S Main St th t i ' ‘ Soldier in Vietnam t. y ® prm d’' s h r h c,„.i. .■I.irv r - L ’ M P Children rovide Seeks War's End ''•'11 .., ^ j_,hr (Germ any Tlw Nl‘\\.H’k Li pubhr mm in vil-- Biggest Excitement On Christmas Day ONE - ‘ 'aiit.i C laus this year \'i 331 §ii\'1U1' Buiai T ellii-r w h o oi^ D ei ,16 the hi'i li ilher clay from F 'fc. Fdwii lewbere in V iet ”1 and m ay t he . sliow ay to sliow the r tliat ta x es can ., l r is with A Co.. 16.8tH. ribes his request for Christ- THE NeWaik servitemaii F n g m r e r s . t B I B n. H e desci V \ b ig Ol ine” .The Army private’s .letter follo-Wis: Inside YourC-G fp ? CjEAR Santa Claus; I am gift. 1 k no i vriting it this letter to 'you for ocir Christmas a..:hig onei it.s , g Where To rind ii ' base- WE all would like the our fightii war g come hor the l.ord to b e o ve r w ith soo n s o We a ls o W o u ld lik e h ere an d our p eo p le b a c k t c h ’ov* ' ''burn Park this y ea th e r v ea r fo r th a k .should a t le a -r.i'o .show h it ' base- r Annal.' t t Clvurelies s t Clvurelies it D e a th lm ^ R.iJvi'\ I know It seems lik-a lot but we are sure you can do It. This is from all the men in A Company. I 68th Engineers, CBT Bn., in the land of VietnBjn. , ea s D lm tm ,D ir rr to r y , ^

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