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BORDEN COMPANY PLANS TO BUY J-P OFFlCE^-'BUILDLNG Roads Are Slippery ::.vi l v •• *•*■ • :i» i A t. ■ .uiqu J . i1 k-o;: N-' a .-.U :: ■■ uu.i ! !u <. y i'fiun-ci r . J Iv . ( • . i . : ( y , ' > . .• ,np ‘ i > : r. :i' ' ■ - .n'ct t 1 - S .. .f . pi - . -v ' i’ 'i - : //*rvn ’ ill Vi ’Ah.' ■. . ( - o ' - . . ’ * . ■ p k ' n. S’ ‘ a 'k* r I) IV •\ ; ' bi.iluu-. i- •- 1 i' a .. . f -r t:...- \ : . ; . • ■ . •• V v !'•::»() S Al.', r.-Nj'i. : Si ’I hr p : o \ ’.Sc I! ’ M ; . ;-t» ll'.J.lp- • up.-ta- • Ti • rk .. f! u. l.»c iiuiUlU at UUi.’ ’\..\'ii' -r • ::i ■* N^v. , itk . .the Rose Capital, the J-P gar- luHise will .reiiiodeled U*-r. ^-CwiUiiuecl on Page iL J-P TO MOVE OFFICES INTO ROSE GARDEN HOUSE •3 * II Hk YEAR—No, . 8 P u b lish e d - W e e k ly— S u b s c r ip t io n R a t e $ 5 . 0 0 a Y e a r m A d v a n c e — Sin g le C o p ies l o ce n t s NEWARK, N;.Yn-THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 22, 1968 Entered as second olqAs mail matter at Newark, N. Y. 14,5.18, Poet Office TWO SECTIONS— 20 PAGES -**r J- ll l B\ ( lia r l e v R o s s WHIN V ' ’5 ,Wd.. arc : ;.:i v Richardson. t nritc laconteurs, •■..nu d t.su u ic e w e |- .■ .i point to be on ] * i -tnll'W r r* hi run- form for his secoml .ippi .iranci. before a 8:81 :.itliirma at the OUl; IVorid Inn list Wednesday , mjhtnhrri 1 HH patrons laugh- , ed it up tnr JO minutes. s TUl KL ..i-u.g ta run TICKET TEAM— Handling ticket detail for annual pancake-sausage dfnner to be\ sponsored March 14 at Grange Hall by Rotary Club are (seated j f o m left) Carl Larson, assistant chairman; Vincent Lu- gair. ,'r p:rKcct on our mayor j anr “You don’t Iran; ; an *.vr»i'k at your age.” j I “I uant to. tnank Congress- i [man Frank Horton for being * [here tonight.'' he said. \We’re , iEoing to have a High Mass for j Ijoa, I know you're a 32nd de- -. [gree Jfasnu. but u e're going to , [have uni- anyway.*’- . | THE synn'piier said he just! get bdti ijijtn Isiael where he ; pent.ili.aiir.ths raising money' lor the United Slates. He said [he movies were so old on his let plane that he saw Gabby,, pyu..-; ti.c i,:ri. [He said the Catholics arc |aow railing the bingo’ numbers '.'. [in tatiu so the Protestants - l^11’1 \in and' got a b.ig re- 1 Newai'k-Wayne community Hos-1 said the dinner will be held on hwnw from -hr Notre »annr‘ cbnfpTctea annthrrrsHe—^ruch. U adthihg^hjit directors j |joke. He was invited to a Notre-, year ,n vp!unteering va-!-dertgnatiflg to be 1 1 lie Newark . Urban 'Re­ newal uffur*, is totiving ili.wn- town— in the hc-rttl of the ptopuscd urban r<iicw<il area. John M Kel.i y. executive' di- la ctoi.-\ (Uscfosed that as of L March 1 lus utfiet will be lo- j Union St. jvisL ' skip Iron- r-ity Hall. ..................... c new offices v on * street level, will not only be in the center of the proposed ur­ ban jcnewal afea but will be ‘.convenient to the eciu-ral public j and piupcrtj o.',.'iUr,. ;ti The area 'affected. The urban renewal offices am .presently located on the second ' floor of the village office build­ ing at 100 Wood Lane, off Grace Ave. in the southwestern sector | of the oommunity. It was the opinion of meai- j bgrs of the 'Urbair Ilcncwal ; Agency that the Wood Lane location was' not „as convenient to the public • as It should be and therefore moved for a. more central headquarters downtown. Kenney told the Courier-Ga- , w „ . , ■ , , _ zette yesterday’that a successful I The Newark Rotary Club has announced plans for its anr.uuLUrban Renewal progTam can pancake dinner to be held in the Grange Hall for the benefit of onjy bc achieved by gathering, the Arcadia Ambulance Fund. -*■ [the opinions of the entire com kas, chairman; Anthony Zappia, chairman of ticket committee; (back from left) Robert Forbes. Joseph T. Colacino, \Xar ren Neely and Dave'Brown. Proceeds will be used, to buy new town ambulance. The Women's Auxiliary at thej~ ■ Vincent Lukas, chairman of the club's pancake day committee, jmunity and presenUng a 'plan that reflected these views. ' He said it is impossible to collect. (Continued on Page 3) _ _ the proceeds to be I CHANtiL try MASS 1 opinions without interested per- 0MC banquet* w’^re\ he'said i cessfui ye8r m *pi' T ’■used“ for the, town ambulance; The. ^ Josfeph McDonnel of !*°«f bringing, in their qjtestions ■Hugh 'Duffy, Daugherty gave ■ nous scrytces at the local-hos {und It has been learned that ot 7 wrir*h:,el-V rhi,v,.h , m n„n1« and seeking the facts. Parscghiau a tic for ‘ pital. 'efforts are being made to Mass on' The directnr r’aid that one of Cteima,. j Mrs_ paul Rubery of Palmy- place the present a m b u l a n c e That the a.dU aun. \ |t he greatest problems in urban ...D, „ momi,c,,5h]n rhairman re- with a $13,000. vehicle and the »unaay wm oe an announcea lrenewal ls the misinformation - Pr.-ibytcnanjjrid a ;ia- membership chairman re eds from m paIJpake din- CnT he* saifl “They don,t 1 P°rted that of-the 450 members !jjer wiu heJp send the fund on P/'Fjo-v ;,* Ij)p Notre Dame no are associate members. The , jjs way. P ' ” r-M** 't iling rugs.’’ auxiliary ‘ vo.nnueeraa 23,S0a.. CarlLLarson ls assisting Lukas RitlurtLiin, who didn’t tell InT ■''iorv, broke up I p plan mtu the one con- r?nrae 11,1 Luihcraii minister I o hopped in lu a cab in New I York en,. auxiliary ’ hours of service. with the March 14 project witfif Mrs George E Lookup, treas- Bud Sova handling publicity, i urer ' reported a i b a l a n c e on Tom Morrison, club promotion; 'hand of $14,022 80 on Jan. 3 1 . Tony Zappia. tickets; Cltff Pitch*- ' 1968. Auxiliary gifts to the hos- er. dining room, and Carl Lar- “ M1SS HOPE\— Miss Marsha Surridge of Sodus will repre­ sent Wayne County in the \1968 Miss Hope\ contest in Buf • Falo' on 'March 2 1. She w-iH be accompanied by Dr. J. Wil­ liam Liidemann. vice president and Crusade rhairmarr of the Wayne County UmtC Amerlcan Cancer SbcieTy, and Mrs. Nathan Freedman, chairman of the \Miss Hope\ Wayne County. A post seasonTarm labor re­ port cornpiled by the Newark' office of the State Employment Service shows that dairy farm­ ers in Wayne County are con- . • firming to sell their farms and , several farmers have discon- 1 tinued itieir poultry operations. . ; cLignce J. Witt, farm employ; mi nt repre.srntative. stated thftl' the number of dairy “farmers quitting in 1967 is smaller than in preceding years. He reported th. t ii’i general the size of -dairy tirrd'-innv-linve increased slight­ ly and the trend of a small in­ crease in. the number of beef cattle continues. tTlicre was no. apparent in­ crease in the number of regular or seasonal laborers in dairy farming, according to the report. - i Witt disclosed that there has !been some redaction in- the sizc-^ of poultry flocks and knows of several farmers in the county • who have ■ discontinued their contest in . poultry operations. He pointed : out that this was due to the cost— i arid price squeeze the popltry-. men experienced in 196T x -^ l !_ ! There was definitely no Sig­ nificant change in Hand utjfiza- ! tion by participation in acreage. J control programs. Witt noted ,- that a trend is being established • 'of a reduction in the number of facni;? and acres iri' the so-called .'Soil Batik Program. \As cdti- ”1 Th, mmisu-r l0 fathcdral r'T pital in the past year mduded son having charge of the kitch-j ,.. ■a diet cart ($1,543 56», coloring en. | , to Christ-; books, for pediatrics ($231 651 Team captains have been se-j inuuster. a n d magazine .^subscriptions TectedI for the promotion oi tick- ($290' for a total of $2.065 21. ets which are now being SOtd by bought from Rotarians... Heading the ticket Al Horning, Robert f rahbir i.ink the Luther The diet cart was St. Patricks proceeds from the hospital ball, .group are Forbes, J • Dave Brown ahd Warren Neely. The\ 1968 ball icateed $2,66l'.0o ^ 1'boesi; Jose?h, T’ Colacino> >\ gc to Christ in gross receipts and a net prof- '—••■'led the minister, ut Ot $1,953.05, Pruefeeds will ’ ■u , ■It v f. .„ *■ , used to buy an image intensi-./-/al/smcfn A d m i n i s t e r s \ivhr„ „ n ' ’,aili the cabbie, , fief for the X-ray department 111 • *40(11ov^n that’s ’. S t . M i c h a e l . t f'intuiucd on Page 3) t o . T o R e g i s t e r P u p i l s o n M a r c h 4 AJ * V To F in d I f b L- “ ' 3B frv , - • ..... '............ 2 bea\-i ” - [®Ife'U.rv I editoriai - jMarir',. , Nine memoers of the Newark! Fire Police took the constitution-. al path tn support! the Gpnstitu-l tionp of'the United’States and'; the State of New York before! Village Clerk Charles A. Hamr--! man, Jr. at City Hall. Registration for kindergarten They were Peter DteWispe-1 rim-iils at tlie . St. Mi - , laere. Andrew D,‘tv.svr.- WoocL, chael School wMl be taken iri row Church, Dexter Morrison, e i S sryrn on Monday. Carl Herron Cornelius DeCook, j 1 t.) 5 Dm Charles Libbert, Anthony Vai- firSt Z e and M i be on Feb. 12, Thi, Wq, “•rti Ads one through eight. ..terinff k.indergaiter must \ \ to 'five years old by Nov. 30, 1968.- . trrTIN r to ‘ Parents of all registrants must; * ATTFNDS MEETING ' fiR 'present ehid’s record of baptism, i Police Cbief Donald Brown at- kft ' if child was hot baptizfd iri. ^t. < tended a meeting pf Zone 11 of i ^15,. dd i iviichricTs Chur^li- ^hiiri'c Mrtji ■.ho the GtatoTwifip nniipp t.ra.inin£ i to 1 certificate; TB 'o r d . ■ i tracts expire they are not being _ A student nurse ate'Genesee Hospital in Rochester has been- stated. He dd^tiL_ selected as a •candidate for the 1968 Miss Hope Contest U'om ^ f ^ ^ t h e r e ^ n o ;prov|mn : . Wayne County. . under this program. She is Miss Marsha Surridge, daughter of Mr; and Mrs. James Tbe rep0rt also revealed that .- A l l S c h o o l s fo C l o s e W a s h i n g f o n s B i r t h d a y H, Surridge, Jr. pf Sodus, who is also employed part-time at the Myers Community Hospital in Sodus. ' - Dr. Joseph J. Kaufman of Newark, president of the Ameri­ can Cancer Society, Wayne County Unit, said the Sodus Blonde will represent the coun­ ty at the New York State DWT- sion of the American Cancer SO- ciety’s annual crusade kickoff; day• and Friday meeting in Buffalo on March 21. j schools will rtopi-n. j 30 acres of land have been pom- ,1 ■ mitted in the .Newark area to the Greenspan-' program with 'only - minor activity implement- H Ing the program to date. Consid­ erable urban expansion, whs ; Public and pirochia! school.; seen in the county, particularly ; in Newark .Central- School Dis- in the western and eentral areas trict No. 1 Thursday will be closed on i0^ roun^ ‘ , , , , “The trend continues for re- tWashington s Birth,- dU(-ti0n in the number of farms • and the population on aetlve- it the farms,\ stated Witt’. “ An In- She will compete with the 51 , . Monday- Fcb creasirie number of people liv- fnr thp title regular time oil .viouuay, n u . ,, ing in the rural areas, but not j '^ ^ r® '7 no relisiqUo'!‘a,etively engaged in 'full’ tffie” education classes at the paro­ chial school th's Saturday, j (Continued on Page ft) unit candidates for the title “Miss Hope—1968cite,New York State Division. A panel of three judges, head- pre-sklcnt of Melody Fair Corp.,. Buffalo, will select Tha, winner and two runners-up. Tile winners will be Selected 0’n personality, intelli­ gence and beauty, and tiie pres­ entation of a three-minute talk on some phase of nursing and the,dancer' problem. Gifts donated by merchants and industry in Newark, Palmy- MrsSehtettian:' The 1'vvm wh,,?h operates the snack bar at the Newark-* -Freedman of Newark, chairman) Wayne Oommunity Hospital reported a total of $8752.81 in sales- of the' “ 1968 Miss Hope’Contest ” in 1967 Expenditure.;- amounted to $5,443.97, leaving p-profit of $3,12ft,^ child’s birth t Statewide police traitiin! immufjization rec-1 program held recently in Roch­ ester. 2,000-HOUR-PIN-—Mrs. E. O. Bingham of Newark receives 2.0GO-h6ur pin from Mrs. Herman Garlipp of Maripn, presi­ dent of Women's Auxiliary at the Newark-Wayne Commu- riily Hospital, fqr volunteer service \over the years at the hospital., - — Wayne County; Mrs. Nofris VanDuser of Sodus. service chairman of the unit, and Dr. J. William LUdemann of Newark,, vice president an d Crusade' chairman of the Wayne County Unit, American Cancer Society. DAY OF PRAYER The World Day of Prayer service •will beheld at the Park Presbyterian Church on Friday, March 1, at 7.30 p.m. 84, according to Mrs. Harold Tank, chairman, and Mrs. Rob-, ert Fanning, eo-eliairmari. Comprising a membership of 67, the twig devoted 4,706 hours of service. Newark members spent' 2,524 hours, in- the snack; bar and out-of-town volunteers 2,182 hours The Newark women work Mondays, Tuesday eve­ nings, Thursday -and most Satur­ days and Sundays. The William­ son Twig served Tuesday mofh^ 1 ings and afternoons-,-the Palmy-. T ra Twig serves all day Wednes^';'! day and the Marion Twig all ci&y ■' [ Friday. ' ; | An iced tqa dispenser was ta- J stalled this year as welt as a.\ j new hot -chocolate maker. • cof- .1 fee, tea, pop, baked goods'ahd I ice cream are also. sold., at.the 1 shack bar.

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