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MARINE •— Ready, son Pittman of Pvt. M ichael D. of Mrs. R u th 40s Shuler St., JVli$s Margaret McClellan, of (Jfica ; returned home Sunday after visiting -her.mother, Mrs.* Morris Gtarirmn-HlgtrSi-^-fer -a- few days, ■ Lance JVlbnjp- visited his par­ ents Mr .arid'Mrs John M<’Cue of W, Maple Ave. over the past weekend,. He, returned Sunday to Ohio State U, Mrs. B. A. -VanOstrand of Van D.usen St. has returned home after spending 2 months with her daughter,'. Mrs. F. J, Se- 'beste, Mr. Sebeste and family EWARK CHURCH „of Tiffin,. Ohio. Lyons, has completed two -w e e k s o f training - a t -Gamp 1—Miss—Debbie P-^trus, a student Lejeune, N. C. He will go on !.at Mansfield College, was a to more advanced ' training ‘'BridesnlMJ'ToT MlSF Dttrrnr PSl-- befor«c-bein°^3signed.,ito„.Jua.„wh03c marriage took place permanent unit. r *'*■• • i Rev. and Mrs. John Lewien or Main St. were, guests, of. their HONOR STUDENT— Kate- jean Ferland of- Route 31, Newark, was named to the dean’s list at Cazeoovia Col­ lege for the first semester of the 1967-68 academic year. (Continue,({ frartr Page 5) I NEWARK ASSEMBLY OF GOD Lincoln Road j Rev. Fred Parkison • ; ■Sunday': Sunday School at1 9 4o . i , Worship at 1.1 a.m.; Evening worship at 7 p.tiff . Tuesday: Prayer meeting ahd! Bible study at 7:39 pan. ; Thursday: Royal Rangers and| Missiorettes at 7 p.m. .. | Friday: Young People meet- att 7 p.m. i .daughter and her husband, Mr.’ and Mrs; Myron Ellsworth of I Syracuse on Sunday. While there, Rev. Lewien baptized his grandson, Alan Christopher EIls- . worth • at., the Furman St. Me­ thodist Church. EAST PALMYRA M PRESBYTERIAN j Rev. Haiti Khoury Sunday: Morning worship . all ;9:45 a.m.; Sunday School at 111 a.m.^ Junior Youth Fellowship]I at 4:30 p.m. j MFAIRVILLE^ RRESRYTE m 35 i i j Rev. Gerald Iff Harris' I Wednesday: Lenten EJy-entag ; Service everyTVrffltesdayMirght * 1 ’ at .7:30;, special music. The top, i ic of the. Lenten' message is] : “Betrayed”. A coffee fellowship j will follow in the church base- | • • ’ meat.’ : \ ‘ ' T The Newark Grange will hold ; Thursday: Fellowship class ; I _ a tureen supper meeting Friday , will Jlave n nieeting at the home I L)r. nud, Mrs. Jorge Burlo of , at 6:30 p.m, in the Grange Hal! of .-Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gleruiii I Bueiu's-A'n o.> in ,• visiting • witn Mi Mi*. XL.ir>:-l!a:u at I Burlo s mother, Mrs. T. F*. Hea- pert in charge. •- j Friday.: World Day of Prayer j The 16th annual party of the Port Gobson firemen and their families w a s night in the fire present. ’ly.* Sr. of Church iSt. for a few days. • v iaiitru u j c u a u m , ^ - - - - - r - * - , ------ held Saturday M.rs George Feller of Mason] County Deputy Roy Heit and from six j hall with 200 St., Sunday. • • Mrs Heit. junior deputy, will be Rev. Paul 1 Congregational-meeting will bed following the | Town of Manchester officials M and Mrs Donald Williams! ArcWeLI Dt‘May’ Myr1/ , Rim®y, , .. . , „ who were dinner gyests mclud- aftd Mrs Helen Fake of Fair, -Mrs. Hazel Herdman, Mrs.-Ada held immediately ed Councilman Sherman Wilson nort w.p-p cr-.p-t* *f At,-, F„unn I Doreen, Mrs. Mary Alrce Rid- service. Sunday School for nurs of Port Gibson and Mrs. Joanne Rrt Sotnrdnv! ley. Past lecturers who will be ery. primary- and kindergarten ■ Mokher of Shortsvilie; Joseph. eveiHn e «, ’’ • unable to attend are Jerome during, the Worship Service. Jun- Volpe, town justice: Robert j LaMote and Lina‘DeWispelaere. ior and Senior High*Fellowship ’ Gersbach, town justice; Richard Miss Lori Quagliata. daughter ^iso serving on tne program will meet in the evening, Shekell, supervisor; Harold Ver- of Mr. and-Mrs. Fr-.nk Quaglia-1 committee are Albert H. Hart- Advance Notice: Christian Ed- straeteT highway\ superintend- fa of W. Pearl Sh, celebrated I Hagel, Stanley Herdman, Ken- . ucation meeting will be held at ent; State Senator Theodore 'her. eighth birthday, Saturday, *neth Miller, Orrin Faas, Orville the ,dwrt5ior’s house, Thursday, ;| in Joseph entertaining TO of her friends a t , Martin, Joseph Quagliata and‘''Sfarch 7 at 7:’30 ■home. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Brockej of East Pari St. celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary On i Day and Assemblyman , Finley. Other . guests . also incli&ied, Dale Vandermor.tel, in charge of the fire alarm system:- Ells-- Mpwi^k? ’were thPir daughters and hus- fuAap.: cdrntvoi ^ bands- Mr. and Mrs. Jacob I p I h * m I 2 ' . Boerman. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd i f ! n Hammond, Mr. and Mrs. Henry ™ I S Pt 'Dnf^-ir. n/,?rfS; Keukelaah; their grandchildren, coordinator of Ontario County ,, , ... tI ,. _. , Firemen’s Association Mr’ and Mrs’ HaroId ° eclue and Firemen s Association. ------ : family, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fire chiefs frorrr-area towns weeks, :i.lT'\’aua LIlJ. Ilinultl, who attended were Martin Hyl- Boerman. Mr. and Mrs. John1 kema of Newark, James O'Brien Dubler and daughter and a of Palmyra, Eugene , Vander- frienci_ Miss.Margaret Shortall. Wall of Manchester. Harold Jor-, dan of. Falrville, Kenneth Me- Mr.’ and Mrs. Kenneth Smith Ailister of-Phelps, Ray GoosSen and family of Palmyra were of East Palmyra and Laurence Saturday evening guests of Mr Tyler of Clifton Springs. ''—and J ’ *“■rs •*■—•*- - - j Music was provided for dane tag by Walt Gardner's orches I Martin Joseph Quagliata Herbert Doreen. p.m. \ B e lt s 2 5 9 G a m e ' M Irvin Smith and fam­ ily of Minsteed Rd. FIRST b a p t i s t ;, I Rev. Jack E. James Thursday: Adult choir rehear-j *7 p.m7 — ■ j ! Friday: Lenten luncheon at '-12:05 p.m. to 12.50‘p.m. at tlie j , First Methodist Church, New- lark. f j Sunday: Tower chimes.at 9:30 • a.m.. Morning worship service -10 a.m. Holy Communion. Pas- X.man„ippic:. “Looking At -it God’s_Way”i Sunday school begins‘ at 10:30 Juniors JoAnn Perry socked a 259 ! aad sennors and adults meet at middle game in her 623 series to 11'-15 a.m.; Baptism and mem- lead the Beautv Center five to a bership classes -meet m the swep over Port Gibson Equip- ial ci uai'Lo-,.!,lhi-, wiil meet School tra. R q d s S h a d e D e S a l e s i n O v e r t i m e meut, in the Mixed Couples • y outh Fellowship League at the Rose Bowl .Lanes. fr“® .6 P-m- to-7:30 Pm_ _ She sandwiched her big gafnfe Missions, th 7.30 .im, Mrs Irvin Smith of Minsteed! with 150 and 214 lines. Jim i No-evening Bible *tady- fed and I t o Irene De^av M*'FIacfe'i contribnted a 540. The! Tuesctay: Lend-A-Hand will _ana Mis. iiene DeMay of ^ ^ . ^ i m e e t at the homo of Mi's. lsa- Couples on a 225-553 effort by i be*]f Law^on at 7-30 p.m ■ Bob Henning Wednesday: A- special lenten In other matches the C o r n e r 1 series of study will toe held at i Mr. and Mrs. Albert Depape j Beauty Shoppe entry took three : Fll‘st Baptist Cliurch. “The sec- • and family entertained Mr. and - counters from Monje Bros., the ontl in the series will be held Mrs. Lloyd Parker and family Happy Rollers copped three ,his Wednesday, March 6. The Mobile* Trailer Pk. called on I M-r. and Mrs.- Simon Smith of -Geneva, last Wednesday.'' Newark scored seven points in a n d M rs. E s b o n P a r k e r of P a r - ] f rom the Alley C a ts, the Pin topic th is week will be “D e fend- k e r Rd. fo r d in n e r , Sunday a t , w h e e ls Inst th r e e to Fast. N e w - J n 0 Y o u rself”. Tire topic for ‘ffie G i r W o H d Inn— l a r k G rill,, th e G ray bills dropped M a rch 13^ will be “W h a t do we ; four to Alloy Supply, the Van„ Perceive? * - a n o v e r ttaie period t o shade D e - q m k D ^ . . z k J _ 1 D a m m e s won three fr<3m the , - . .. ,— - _____ _ _______ Ssnc 5 T 6 k U r ’49. \in 71 M -W O K ---- '-M Crry— MtaUps and Ih e \**B~ulI- * EVAN GELICA L U N ITED - ger L a k e s C o n ference gam e in In Coun fv Leaaue F r a v d o z e r s - l o s t four to th e N o w -; B R E T H R E N G e n e v a o h 'T u e s d a y night, r rt 1 ' p p m ers. i Rev.. D a v id L. D e rk It was NeWfk’s‘elgWh win as* \ Marion—The Pal-Macs'routed' Top'five: Brnniy Shoppe 65 ■ _ ’Himsday; —The: Wo.rllf -WMe. against six losses ta the league. 'Marion, 75 to 54, in a Wayne ; Beauty Center 64. Alley Cats 54.: Hiblc class wm m eet at tne ‘truth\ Mrs. will John Langenstein led the win- County ABCD League game\ at Mariop Couples 33 and Gray- home of Mis. Karl West. Roll tiers with 19 poinU followed b y , Palmyra on Tuesday night. 'bills 52’S. : ® w * /** Ralph Nash with- 12, Rick Gra-, ft was Pal-Mac's 15th. win in j i “ ‘aa£“e f Pa^“f r -m T f i t l I 1 9 x d DirkRtrge ttrtd-rr ogttlgg.--Kcn Rawkuu -paged |-------\.-TR IM a V 'IlhtalKa w“orsnrb Rr\ Paul Priebe with nine apiece, the winners with 18 points fol-j i_ punday, _Mormng \\or*tnp I0j_ The scorewas tiecLaT!35-45 at Towed by Larry Clark with- IS .J Travelers’ Club will meet. rSu\ * y \ ,,,1 a^,' ’ the eftd of the regulation game Tom Hunt with 12 ahd Mike Pe-, March 4 at 2 pm. with Mrs. / \ m ] n ! Z ™!in with Nash listing three points , rez with 11. Fred Kepler clicked Benson Shirtz, as hostess. Mrs. p ‘n; <Jlgan me‘°\ and Langenstein a pair in the ; for 14 points for Chuck Bailey’s . Bernard Bush will present a pa- ales i M , ‘ s worsllip extra period. Dan Wooden had | Black Knights 'with John De-; per on “Early American Decor- , be„r„VK'p at Ah TP m- 17 points and AUie Klestinec 14,-Lyser netting 13 and Paul.Res-taliasl', Mrs* Earl Stott _wiU be. for DeSales! - - ‘sue IS. - :assistant hostess. m i m t - GHERRY OPEN STOCK FULL SUITES MftPtE^ PINE SINGLE BEDS QUEEN & KING MODERN PROVINCIAL. COLONIAL ARTHUR G SCHULZ, Inc 215 So. Main DE 1-2125 Newark. N. Y. \Wake Your House A Home' Monday: The Knox Class will meet Tir the home orwrrs'Wal­ ter Brown. Roll call verse will be “house\. ' : • j Tuesday: Board of Trustees ; will meet'at the church at 7:30 , p.m. ; Wednesday: Junior choir fe^t , hearsal at 4 p.m. Prayer4 and (Bible study at 7:30 p.m. Sanc- i tuary choir reheasal at 8:30 P-m.\ ___ ., ■ ST. MARK'S EPISCOPAL T Rev, Bernard D, Granger i Thursday: Report meeting of I the 3T Program at 7:30 p.m. I Friday: Holy Eucharist and j Ministry of Healing at 9:30 a.m. Christian Lenten Series. First j Methodist Church from 12:10 to 1 12:50. p.m., cost $1. Rehearsal [for Youth Choir at 4 p.m. World | Day of Prayer Service at Park i Presbyterian Church- at 7:30 p.m.' ' ’ ’ - ' - ': Sunday; Jloly Eucharist at 8 a.m.; Famiiy worship service at 10 a.m. followed by church school classes and adult coffee hour, Lenten stud/ program (adult inquirers’ class) at 7:30 p.m. - • - ----- - - - ' Monday ! Youth -Confirmation class at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday: Holy Eucharist at 6:45 a.m. and 5:15 p.m. Crafts class from 3 to 6 p.m. (Continued on Page 10) S A L E N O W G O I N G O N ! > H u m e Srand Merchandise 4^ou|$ et Terri% Sdyjngs! Each family is asked to bring ; at . the Presbyterian j Table service, dish to pass and church. Service begins at 7:30 ! | Mr. and Mrs. Earl'Br.iggs ofsandwiches. Tl)e business meet-, p.m. Mrs. Gerald Harris wilj Rochester\ visite.d tbeir aunt, [ lng w’tll be held at 8 p.m. Viayne- participate along With women ~ 1 ‘ other area churches., Meyerink will be the [guests. speaker. u. o.,„. Wr. and Mrs. Paul Peters, | The program will be a \Spe- Saturday:’ Couples Club will'\’ - g ‘ ^ 8rfi&MKm^daughter. - -cortfme a n d son, i.ct-ai- m f+m.fgn-nFlhe-.rnllowinH meet at thec.lmrch at .8:15 p.m r and .Reggie»• Ziegler were in James, were dinner guests' Sun-1 past lecturers: Mrs. Elizabeth to go square dancing at Dublin, charge of the dinner, Charles day of another daughter, Mrs.. j Martin, chairman; Mrs. Ger* - Mr* and' Mrs.- Carl Tack are.host, | Rolland, past president, w a s ' Richard DeBruyne and Mr. De-I tyude Miller, Mrs. Gertrude i and hostess for the evening, -foastmaster................ ' .Bruyne of. Hiltoru Jt, Y. .. . iHarlnagfil, Mrs. Mabel Faas,; Sunday: Worship at 9:45 a.m. AT THE MERCY - O f T H E — * — FEDDERS AIR CONDITIONERS GOING « 9 9 95 And Up ALL 2 WAY ANTENNAS g o in g 2 0 9 b o f f RECONDITIONED USED TV’s * 2 5 00 AND UP REG. $105.00 11\ SCREEN PORTABLE TV N o w s8 8 00 REG. $599100 23\ EMERSON,. 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