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YEAR— N o 10 -Published Weekly*—-Sybacclption Rate 55-00 a i tar in Adv^jice— Srngjle tt-oyies ~'l 6 centa N E W A R K , N . Y.; THURSDAY, M A R C H ?, 1968 Eziteeed iS. SBBDdd class mall matter at Newark. N. Y. 14513;, Post Office TWO SECTIONS— IB I ffv ( heir lev, R om .l„lm IMr. D - E. Union bt u.„ -dm ins; up W. Miller bt. ,tl,i Saturday when suddenly m<■ 1111 n” landed in .his lajp. IT i \: uuA tin! ivu ■do?” we in- st>ut l* > tl> a-kt-d, I -• 11 I'm. leii -out of my j. li', • ’•What would , . . . . . ./i.t ” U, li haw\ pnlr-vaultcd out ..M llu Jar' eV replied.\ DU.’!* :d i' tyolt. tnm tire i ;... ti;.j to . grl the 'un- p.„vM'ti.ter out of the flu- Aria,dia Senior Citizens' , Kiu In n Band is in need- of j Oii-i t muriie. ■ “ -I ' MKs KARL RICE, pianist for * ; /e r r musical group, says al ra.Lvl. lively music.” _ ■ Hej,'JLook. MfirQver” and Hillo. Dolly!” are two lively Mines w hich ’the ban<) would like to play at their engage­ ments ANYONE having sheet music ; •:•.\-I M.ngs and ether snappy ; r* can. score a big hit am iin- -band''by contacting ei’h'-r Mis Rice cx Mrs. Nellie Ribu.soii director. , ( . » Newark and area Boy Scouts recently started a memorial j- fund for Sgt. L'twooii Covey Jr. j who was killed in Vietnam. 1 They raised S427, j r VN mnalator-respiratpr unit j purrtiased tor th e swhn- i te .peui a t Clamp ..B.abcack I _Si'“.y„with the. b a lance of. the j ror.fv used to buy special hooks ! for -.'.e Newark senior high whnni library;- - ........... It was Mrs. Covey’s wish that the S150 be used to buy the ; kooks in memory of her hu$- j band who was an Eagle scout in Troop 122 before h e enlisted in the Marines. * * * AVE rrn ntlv received a pub- r>ir,isc from a certain col- >-• a toting to a Newark stu- or- -b'lp.g named to the dean's iist. BORN FEB. 29 — William Clayton 'Underhill, horn to Mr. and Mrs. \X ill nun Underhill of 79 Maiuon Road, Walworth, will have to wait until I97z to celebrate his first\ birthday. The 6 pound 5-ounce infant-arrived at the Newark-Wayne Community Hospital at 5:42 a.m. on Feb. 29. ft was first Leap Year baby born ,at the hospital, ...... The \ illaue Board has ap proved the purchase of acres of land from- the Jackson & Perkins Co. for $6,000, ac- ccn-dinr to action taken at -T u e sday/night's m eeting -at City Hall, — . • -A.Ma.yo.r- iviutnn JSlzufon— w; authorized .by - the trustees to- complete the transaction far the purchase of the land -on the south side of Wood Lane, com- moniv railed \Bob’s Hill.” The nni-yr r had b.een empow­ ered at the Nov T, 1967 m eet­ ing to- sign and submit' a pur­ c h a s e -offer in the amount of i $6.0D0.1cr The. land;.and. on Nov. ; 21, .1967 was authorized: AmsuhJ mit an application for state aid ; in the amount of 50 per cent fof ‘ the cost of. buying the tract. ■ Cha'rles E. Stott, chairman of the Housing Authority, submit- t . ted his resignation in a letter\ to-| • : the board, citing increased busi- ‘ ness and “Civic responsibilities - tts: -thp-rt-auuns I Newark Girl Scouts have completed plans for Girl Scout Week, March 10 .t-h rough March 16, according to Mrs. Bernard O'Connell, neighborhood chairman. The week will bo opened Sunday morning with air the GliT ------ - ------- i Scouts and: their leaders attend - 1 ing- the church of their prefer- 'ence in uniform. A tea will be I held at 2 p.m. in the senior high I school chfeteria for. the girls, ; parents, leaders and service team. A short program on camming will be presented at tite tea by Mrs. Ronald Bowman, field di­ rector. Included in her program WiiT he slides' of all the Girl Scout camps in the Seven' Lakes Council. • • • -------- Mrs. O'Connell said the girls and their leaders will also be Large J-P Barn tion. The authority is associated i with the’ Urban Renewal pro-! ! gram m the,, village. Mayor E lz-} f ufon said the position would be ■ rfilled, at the annual ofganiza- [ tiona-i meeting April 1. j' ! Lyons Mayor George C. Y a c k -! ! el thanked the Newark Fire De-1 ‘ partment for responding to a | | call for assistance with an aeri- j at ladder and pumper during the ' 'devastating fire in the Lyons; ■ business section oh Feb. 18. j i ‘-'A large contingent of fire- ■m e n from your department I were on -hand to render assist: * ! aiiee and they rendered such as- j distance adm irably.” wrote the! Lyons mayor. \We in Lyons a r c , proud of our firem en and the! residents -of Newark should be j. equally proud to have a group i of dedicated DIRECT DRIVE— Planning $64,5-45 fund campaign of Arcadia Community Chest- Red Cross .are (seated) T., Spencer- Kninht. president; (standing from left) Robert D. The Rev. Hafold A. Avery, A goal of $64,545 has been-I ss-t fur the 1 968-69 Arcadia I Commimity Chest • Red Cross fund drive, if was announced - by .Charles E. Stott, cam p aign-| manage i. - The ouoti represents an ta-'-| cw .isf T f <2,501 over last year’s | iV.-nre .y>2.044 unci ra0.ecta.lnr. .erf is >s in the apbroved budge.tlij Lm aLS. m the nine member agen- eles of the Chest. Stott, who ann'-'uri.ced the goal I at a \Dut-h. treal.” kfckofl'.i bre-t‘<f.t.st of/thh Advanced Gift. 1 . 'DTvRT m''at t-he Newark-W ayne'; Onniiifi-ii'y -Hospital cafeteria I lust iT i'i.v -s.iui the Red Cross I htj/ii.et' will rt-iuain thie saine ifiAt yetvr. The Red Cross budget' ...is AlO.ViO. I v. The luigest men-nse of goes D the United Cerebral Pal­ sy t ■ meet the increased iie.ed: : f<n- its services in operating -Tt/I local area renter for perebyal.T , p tb'ed children in Geneva. Siqtt :| j d isclosed That the Cerebral—P sy. budget was modestly set\ $2,192.68; He explained- that t h e | i naisv m-otiu s nrotn-am has be&il j stepijed up from. 3'-i days d | i week to five..full days, a..sveek .< i opera-twa in orde-r- to ’twice tis many children a s to'j the past year. T~'QtHef 'participating agen - quotas were reported as fbllowsCI 1 Hoy Scouts, $7.,749i?80; . Ghridief mas Bureau, $350; Deluge First f Aid Fund, $1,144.70; Girl ScOUts, | $6,966, Hospital Bed Fund, $2&0; Newark Community Center, | $18,030.36; Salvation Arm y, $3,- 000; USO, $1,000. -r \Dr. Irving R. Lang, chairman' of the Advanced Gift Division, urged lhat contributors 'be guidsj ed by the \faiFshare ’1 idea -in'- AjNewtvrk man was killed and bis-wtie .senoit.sly inpiretl in a [-naitjng their ’ pledg e r head-on crash, on Ropte 88 , two miles xiortii of here, late Friday scribed it a s . $10 per $i,O00'j6tl ' riigftt, . ' - income - in launchinig Sis dtvi - 1 Van Reypen. f«r« vttc ciuurtwm; Qiarles Stott, chairman: Arthur Q. Legg. second vice chairman. The fund-raising effort 'is npw under way in community. =_ N e w a r k M a n K i l t e d .William H. DeBlaere, 54, Hydesvllie Road, was killed instantly sum's pliase of the furrd-ralsingJ of dedtpattf ^ sfl ,Tnhn viotent two-car crttslii - -- t e f ^ t at ibe ho^iitaL 45 rm H a ^ » .| the Newark! Fire Department, T // , ...... 'about 10'40 P m. ____________ mmmmmmmmmmammmmn' Each >' 081 ' 016 Ch 6 St iOSBS volunteering tnetr -w, «*> the protection and well being of rthe speaker a t Friday’s Lenten ; h® wire,- Betty, sz. Fire of undetermined origin destroyed a large barn on\ V 1 re win- sir Perkins Hn nmnert.v -Putung displays, in store win Jackson & Perk ms Co. property off E. Maple Ave. last Wednes­ day afternoon. No estimated toss was given by dqws. She pointed out that much planning , and creative work are—put-4nto this \•project and hoped the public would • their fellow m a n .” - ! T h e Arcadia Development Corp. informed the board in a letter that it has discussed the I kmclleon at the Park Presbyte- : concussion, scalp cuts and a rib ’’She is a English m ajor.” «rntr the person in th e public n-jatinhs office. WE J-P which was in the process o f ; make a special effort to see the selling the barn, greenhouses , displays. and .land to the Nqw-ai-k P la n t . Several troops haw planned Products Inc., a separate organ- - j p g ^ .programs in conjunction ization from Wayne- Floral Ca, nfrt Scout. Week. “TTie p-iosl-^ o r ld- Association ,J»&i Gerez m e lire loss mony.. was beid by Brownie JpresemTy reviewing which could run into the thou- T s 198 and 59 at the St. r - n vsrle rsf elrtlini*C . 4 _• : . . Michael School and Mrs. Rich- ; i> fhe chap who wrote m isn’t on the college’s - . - / d f . hnr of our.- Army contacts ■'vlnsprrs that a Newark native may coon be promoted to onrarticr-keneraL He was. quite, a star- in his own rlght' as a acwarh athlete. , ' * \* #' FRED WITT is preparing to 'Pre n'A-u barbel shop in the •fr-’h E::ri. * V- * 'thru the fire htirn sounded isi WcdnestJay afternoon for \ir barn fire on the Jackson & rerkins Co. property o f f E. Ma- Pfl t u . it ftrornpted «ne worn- tn ask Jifer. husband: \here is 63?” T here was nothing ‘unusual •• question except, that -isked in Lyons, The wind ”_ ’ nelit at the tjjne and ■•■'7 ;i.r sound waves a il the -- ■ sands of dollars. Firemen were called to the ^ Renckert-S ^ roop 291 is seene a t 4 33 and though they planning a father-daughter box had the stubborn blaze under > f control within 30 minutes they | . remained at the scene until ' ,.. .. 10:38 p.m. Shingles and flying I embersJlew as far away .as Ma-T pie Ave. and billowing smoke j could be seen for several miles. I Assistant B’irc Chief Harqid j -Glerurn said -3i3O0-feet of hose were used ami two nearby hy­ drants, one at'tlie State School, were tapped. Fairville sent a pumper ’for standby service in Newark with a Newark tanker standing by at the State School. One of the State School trucks Eight Times in Month of February county seat.* Dan Cupid really emptied his quiver in February, The little fellow with the bow was used in fighting the blaze, i and arrow hit the bull's-eye Heinz Mohr, whose floral firm [eight tim es. Mrs. Marilyn Kou- is negotiating for the acquisi- iw e, town clerk-, reports that” she- tion of the property which is : issued thirtr-nrany m arriage li- just west of the State School; censes during the Leap Year power house, said “his qpmpany ' month, ’ - had suffered a severe loss. Cor- j it was an especially good ruga ted boxes, peat pots, plaster , month for Cupid. Oniy. two li- pots aricf\'’other. containers w ere;censes were written in each of destroyed im the storage barn, the corresponding months the No plants were destroyed. i p ast two years. injury. She was reported in fair rian Church. ' condition at the Newark-Wayrie Luncheon will be from 12:10 Community Hospital ' pVopoSa i r \ n a d 7 “forT h 7 7 e locateto '2:50 p.m. 1 Also injured rvere five youths, tion of Route 31 through the. The Rev. Mr. Avery was grad- who were riding in the other Newark sector as submitted by uated from syYaeuse University }car- ................... - the district engineer last Janu-, aHd from the Episcopal Theolo- tQW‘1Uam n °n terlLn^,': ary. Jhe oftlcers and dti’^ t o r s ! . , enm}r»«r« Hydeswilie R?t>ad,--suflwd-a- nf fha- nnmnrdHnn ifni-ctrl unoni. g 1 C 3, 1 Seminary * ....Cambridge, i fpapt.lirPfi forparm. ie Now, What's Your Question? Pastor To Ask Sunday -.several, ui its faithful:; , tnnl Advanced Gift • contribu­ tions..” explained Dr. Lang tn\ : urging contributors t o ’do their- fair share in m eeting the in~ ! creased needs. - . Advanced Gift contributors | ’are asked to meet a goal o f $23,- 100 . an increase of - $1,600 over ! to Pulpit’’ program . >’eaF's «««** of ~ r u, \ : - -tarns and works r a in , tlus-dlvis-l of the corporation voted unant- | fractured forearm. (will replace th ministet s reg.t- sion aiade their ow-n persona)!| mously to support this proposal | Mass. He was ordained- to -tire , Harry I. Puff, 19, of the De- 4ar sennon a t Sunday s 10 a,m. pledges as -they o. and solocited the village s sup-, priesthood in 1953. He has'serv- r nnn Road, suffered a severe service at tlie First Methodist portant phase of the drive w h ich:| port in order that the Newark) ed as curate qt.St. Thomas .Epis-.:foot sprqip and James Van Cliurcli. is bxpected to be com p leted by sector Jje ^xpecjited. rcopal CfiuEdi-Tin...Rochester for [Schaffef. 19. Route 88 , sustained ; The Rev. Joim W.. Lewlen.T^ An r-nni-rihiJtirvris ' rvf tTh Msrt\ \The critical nature of_ traffic I one rector of g t Jolm a broken-arm. .pastor, said the unusual service p u b lish e d ^ -1 through the streets of N e w a r k !,^ , Paul A. Bimer Jft. 23. of 83 will afford fhe people ap oppor- Lhe Newark C o u r ilr^ r e ^ ^ 1 A \Pew and the need to relieve this sit- Episcopal Church in Mt. Morris uatlon as quickly as possible, as well, as statistics and explana­ tions of the advisability caused the corporation to support the for four years and- for 16 years has been rector of the Canan­ daigua church Paul A. Buiier jf:, 23, of 83 will afford fhe people an Maple Ave., Victor, and David tunity to ask\him qui-slWts. A l l , Wvin^'thiT e l o s e ' ' o f « E p U ^ ^ ’l Fanner, 19. Hydesviiic Road.; questions must be WritfcnnAs- [ S exce p t a s o t o e r e l s q ^ were treated for tlieir injuries ;sistm g the pastbr m’ Uic - Pew ted b individual contribu- - and released. ; to Pulpit program w i l l ^ as / expressifittJoU , ^ *u He is a member of the Board ! Investigator Joseph D.e A n - . Mansell Cooke and Al Horning.; thaAks bv £he com m u n ity-Chestt January proposal,’ stated the ,o f D i rectofS ofUhe Fmger Lake? tgelfsoir the BCI said that M r,! M t[ i ^ n sa,d-. jvorshipers .Red -Crew for help an d Support,-J totter. Conference, Diocesan Couneil Of. DeBIhere' was traveling sou th . wj^ be j,iVea a sheet-of p.vpur o n ! aceordinv to Stott. , the Episcopal Diocese of Roch- j and the other car was going , iv/U n questions arc to be writ- : ' - t ~ Cster and the Diocesan Apart-j north. He said Ost'erling was the for blm to answm-. The i B , , -u / . , , \ mem_cu-r.hristnin Krinratinn. [driver of the Other car. Pu ff ..1 qnpiUrmc -Will hn f-.nUrrt.pri :mri DOOSr e f S TO n o ! a I n d o o r Port Gibson Residents Lose Power for b-ffantrs Port Gibson residents were left ‘ without electricity for six hours Thursday morning when a car struck a Utility pole on Route 3l, just east of the How- ley Road. Charles E. Murphy of 116 Mad­ ison St, was traveling east on Civil Service Lists is on jeave from tlie Army (ans'wered at tlie time duly ’de- T before leaving for assignment i n , voted to the sermon. Vietnam, was thrown out of the „ h _ f„B)_ mnu, hn i | The pastor feels uicrx must be , Annual “ indoor outing” T ’ many questions the corfgrcga-. Newark Community R o o stefs n r , r ~ r Dr C Duoha Reeves countv ““j ‘v ,;, , , r ;” ” -Newark com m u n ity Boosts T e s t f o r T e m p o r a r y co£ n(£ S d a certificate of r , o ldhnve L al X n n , 7 v l Club wU1 be held March 17 - iaceidentw death. He sMd M r.jse®ms t0 bave opport' ^ ty;A2uppiato^R^teurant-pn-NFr -M al5l p n e f | r p l n h c DeiBlaere died of a compound i Suggested questions qre• What St., according to, John Bilotta, ] W tfractured skull, - ....................... ,is.Baptism.5. Wha.t Do We B e lieve; president. -. An examination for the o o s i - : The fatality was the second ’ About God? Bible? M orals? , A spaghetti dinner w ill’ \be. qt C V tion of r^ il handler will be held ^ported on Wayne County!FamUy Llfe? Church Pohcy? /serv e d at 5 p.m. Proceeds from ■Route^l -when. he .claimed h e ! _, n » w V teftee in ihp highways this.■Vedr. . The minister will also answer.‘Yh^teitmaaLQatmg_wfll- b e used*-! ! Osterling was to report for questions on “Hippies”. (to buy wrestling m a ts for the ‘ military service on March 28. H e . Politics? That’s out, please. (Newark Community Center. was Jgrced — ________ — , . , . , oncoxrimg car. The Murphy carI near future, according to Post- I - and I master Francis Leahy. 1 struck the pole. Murphy, -accord­ ing to State Police, escaped in­ juries. The accident was'report­ ed at 3:30 auri. Electricaj serv­ ice was restored at 9:15 a m. •hy a Rochestei“ooft ** -f'(ie occasion is not one to cry\ n Ln«] Mmn MA U in *- nouncement 11 was made by-the drlf5k fir^ ^ ”to stvimp the minlster- hut to' fi « civii AA C rim m U n ' home with his grandparents - -DOWNTOWN OFFICE i... i. ’ ! ,i ni. Hu at f l i c ju / , h m houi w as upset b e , ■“ - -liim i t- open htM foot Uf \ h 11 lUimb,, mg - - ’•h'' asked. Ins problem. are m u ”us- lie rtnsweretl/ ''ith 't 'i , ' \ U s u l >'tiu r carc1 ,hn. J T IH,mb(’l's on it?\ she -'U^tirtrri - ,;rv sflr\ved the teacher 11 It'd the numbers - V .,11 riyq. hmui- U % U>(' ciatc of your - '■■'I- inforUiecl the lad ' ■■':‘firt j[ oui, Colmty su- —p .” ,1 / '/■liif.f- that/when they Pr.sr „ '! '’’-’Wa tax it causes a r.,„...”‘crf “’U on certain com- ’ an!-1', SI\''V W0 understand that •ilk,- i>X Uil1 rbsnlt in a price L-rp ■ exPlain to us why a. \I r*. » R.lass °T beer now costs in soma places. U. S. Civil Service Commission. The exam is being held to fill several temporary positions at the post office. V” -. : -■• ‘i d -('d' i r part ,1Tr,r- »-r*'j'P -.diient f ir the sprinr ii i i u i 'i i s in ii,a tne 1 \ - 1 •:' ! - the Inrpe vulump ;»f parcel post? U .iriir.\ ti n - ; • , *■ - 1 in.-is i.U i i i n ’ ’ - ' ; ”\ :i office or tin- State Employment, office on N. Mam St. Starting • salaiy is $2 59 an hour. Rochester. (Continued on Page 4) get honest answers to honest Tire Urban R enewal office is I questions. j ;rjOW located on E. U n ion St. n e x t I Now, wfiat's your question? ( door to the Public Loan office.. “IT' BARN BLAZEl Firemen were given ' rugged workout Wednesday afternoon when fire razed large barn. on. Jackson & Perkins Co. property off Eh Maple Ave, Y o u r C - G Where To Find It Annuls ....... ....................... • SB Births . ........................ 2 Churches ........................ < 3,. 10 Dea hs -----./ ■ • >^urte-4- Dimng .............................. / • • 8 Directory .................. 7B -Editorials 3B Marion ................ 6 B Sports ...... 4B, 5B iheaters ........... 8 . Want Ads ................... 7B ” - ti ’ i _ M L . ; ' _ I DEATH CA R ,— A Newark man was killed late Friday night when his car was rK%>ihp>i»- involved in bead-on collisioft with anOthe* 'car on Rcaite 88 , north of here, -

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