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p r j . 1 2 Pubhsfau4 Weekly—Subscription Rate §a.00r a i ear ift Ad*ai.ce—^Single Copies ip cents By Charley Ross N E W A R K , N . Y „ THURSDAY, M A R C H 21, 1968 E n t e r e d a s s e c o n d c la n s m a i l 5* 3 & e r a t N e w a r k , N . ■ Y . 1 4 5 I S , P o s t O f f ic e T W O S E C T IO N S — 20 P A G E S > 0 Think! Kgivs? bicaking^jvin-, ;;d- (' TBflea-s op the logiti- il'in.- We Rave it i u: superihtend- 1 Vincent Lai-; . ii. break ail the ul'i.i at the old . ; ipent' plant on petty appi.rtihrtls will br trmdt- iti'tbr ilowttiown urban tu.?-v\<i «ui,i bUiiting lui.cl.t},, ;V!ci-:,|i 23, tt wrjs disclosed yes- U-rday jby J»hn M. Kenney, executive director of'theV Newark urban Renewal Agency. _ The appraisals will be made by Thomas Donovan and w ill take approximately three weeks, according to Kenhev. Donovan,. a past president ot the Rufrhlo hoard o f Realtors, has had extensive experience in ] ' urban renewal appraisntr;, Ken- ~ ili-y disclosed, tie has worked j for Buffalo, Rochester and other i •-teger cities;! bat- -has- Riser had-;- • experience in smaller cities iike ; jVe-’rc referring -to that big | \ t / | | > | | 11IJ l i n Q l ' Geneva and Glens Falls. i i-eiiclosfd' -building; which t - — . He . is an appraiser for t.hp m the.in'ocess of being de- ^ ; Veterans . Administration, and ), dished to make room for a ^ Fleciges totaling $12,573 h a v e, the Federal Housing Adminis-1 lern faciiitv, . ‘ j ^ °en r e t r ied ^to date’by the Ad- tration and is qualified to tfesti- I ^vanced Gifts Division of the At-- fy in Supreme Court, Kenney I, revealed. Donovan has conduct^ by the time this Cross fund campaign now roll- MAYOR\DTGS —pr Ground wasiarokefrdri $ 8,000 w a ste water “treatment plant on Murray .St, Tuesday b y Mayor Milton Elzufon. On right is'V incent Lukas, super- fcWeR * s ^ dp street, There; ing- into high gear in. the com -; u V v e iltty o f 1 B ^ ffato^and ^at j id bo iiiuUMi piiiiGS of g la s s , munity, cti-t'oiciijig to' ChHiIcs EJ-. (iRnisius Colicfic ns well fts let1- j turing0 t:h|oughoiit the state on ,- \scconds:\' 1 Jon won't .got .arrested. We ' |ai the mayor throw a couple the glasshouse T u e s-. |hy He 11 Jifvcr make thc IVXets ra pitcher, that’s his tot pitch mciely glanced III tiic roof. He finally found a Stott, catnpuign chairman. The division's .quota is $23.100 all facets \of real estate :k large cnourfi to shatter |oti of tin- hundreds of panes id make up the structure. The Urban Renewal’ Agency * requests that all: property ow n -1 ers in the urban renewal area1 • cooperate with Donovan during ’ the appraisal vvorkUCenney said i it is important that the neces sary information ..order.,.tiyi» <'rd*'r tlv-d established uiiiiii.Ocr ssr.er. vve King arre->u-<l p.r breaking the licys H> hr,ally smashed :o£',.r .v:!uif .'..s and like'our spr xr n make the Ks^r.ot c.veii a.; bat. boy. with Dr. Irang R. Lang,‘ divi­ sion chairman, confident that it will be reached sincr there are several contacts still to be made for sure. Qr reportgci. ^ Stott said the Industrial Divi- it is important th at the neces- - An offer from Ray Wilson for j of the local office of the State Employment Service, sion. led by Frank F. Luerssen, sary information be secured in : village use of two lots for p a r k -; The-needs-of these employers j : . : - chrunV,'.an, will conduct an infer--. fmr and realistir ine in Hip downtown area was ■ range from nursery laborers to e{j jn the employment office uiation inecting lCr industry rep- pfices may be established. He . accepted ~ by tlie'‘ village board’lay 6iir draftsman: With the . ‘ ’ mae'hin- resentatives on Wednesday, pointed out that this is the first at Tuesday night's meeting at vent of good weather, the de- . . f u v«m» draftsman- rtunii- March 27. following, an 8 a.m. of t\v0 appraisals and is v,ery; City Hall. 1 mand for more workers is ex-i ’ 'm^_hlne ODpraU>rs in­ i' breakfast at the Home Dairy on important to' all property own-,. Mayor Milton Elzufon was peeled to increase greatly, ac- dustriaj electricians packers' S. Mam St. The division’s quota ers'. ” j powered by the hoard to sigh ah ■ cording to Bonafede. 4nurserv laborers nndf nsvehiatric will be presented as well as-an Kenny stressed that all in - . agreement for one year fon»the | Bonafede ' reported that f*101 aides explanation of help and assist- formation, gathered Will h e -tw o lots whieh adjoin the E. 1 number of persons receiving , \ , , ■ ance available to industry rep- strictly confidentiaT and used Union St. parking lot. The I benefits for the week ending Anyone interested and quan- ■ resentatives., .only by the Federal \Govern- agreement would be similar to i March 15 totaled 1,574 a s com- Servmg tin Luerssen's fe a m - mept to establish • fair m a r k e t. the one the village has w ith;pared With f,589 the previous Ground vv.us btokcq on tbc $ i .'41 a .uoo waste water Ireat- ; ment plant on Miirrny St. Tuesday morning with Mayor Miltom Elzufon turning over the ’’first shovel\ of dirt in the presence- .; of engineers and woikers. ' V , t Looking on were Vincent Lu- * ~ ' — ----------- * kas, supcrmtemlent 4>t ptiWiej works; August Bierman, vice ..president, and Harvey Beyer, j secretary-treasurer of Bancker| Construction, general rontiac-J ! tors ror tlie prorect Also pres- • t ; ent tor tlie 'ground-breaking |ceremony were. Fred .,Witt of r Newark, iv-oitlent illspcH Uii' for . ( William F. Cosulirh, consuming; I engineer; Lewis McLouth, su--; , perintendent for.\ JBanckx-f . C o n - ,— ... _ ■ struction; Sam Maio, owner, and' • „ , . Virgil Durgan of Maio Construe- - ^our 0 ^ ayne County s tion Co. 10 ' centralized school, districts -. Workers on the job took a few v°trtl Mvor of a proposed 0C- minutes ot! their work to watch cupational center in Sodus 'a$ • the brief berdmonies. Maio Com- the $2,325,000 bond issue w ent ( ; pany was awarded the dem o li-! down to a sm ashing 3,248 to 'tion and exeayation contract 3-342 defeat'1 in a coupty-wide Work is under way in removing ■ election Tuesday. tlie glass-enclosed drying beds. Williamson, Newark. Marion; t ' 'The i . iip » ijiiijii ' . piuoi. |Palmyra-Macedon and—Wayne on Murray Street will continue Central all walloped the propo- W a p e County employers-are gradually beginning to increase 1 ln operation duiung thc new . sal by big margins, i' their- work force, it was disclosed-by Josepii BonafedQ; manager construction. - j Williamson, home of the pres- lrifFndent of pu!; Fred W ith resident inspector for William F. Cosuhch, consulting engineer for ‘the village. T in -d our throwing ■aw nobody was ln- ■uF i-ht- ‘ cofistrtirnGu little “•BJfs. get ya m Ucks; atj. Robert Richardson, Richard! vMties. \fast those panes . of g la s s , d . BqeBuan, RodCTt F Ffcn-; He emhasized j joiin3ilotta\ for the use of h is| week. A year ago, he '5aid, there that c&oge.ra- property In the (Srange Hf-M was 1,765 persons receiving un­ fled is requested to apply ini- medmtelv at the employment of­ fice, 151 N. Main St. not last loo long. The nlhg, Donald L. Crowley and 1 tion is vital in obtaining this in- |%rea for downtown parking. ( emplpyment tnsurahce 'benefits - ijot ami th-- uritcr may de- ’ jam e s Shearer. formation. Donovan and his The village will pick up the ! in Wayne County—a drop of 191. k.jg -gii baUc._aad have, a I The breakfast ior if\.e._,indus- .staff will carry proper identifi- taxes on the Wilson property.1 Employers are urged to notify | ■an holiday. • .. (trial Division will be underwrit- cation from the AgenCy W h e n ' once £he“sit'er7df his hardware the employment offtee-of their- * * ten \ W several local concerns calling on property owners, store, which will foe converted | needs and avail themselves of a } •tt kapprrcrf ;.t a pir.cvvood' which are sending their repre-, Kenney said his office will be into a parking lot. Taxes were great reservoir, of people look-; '4 » iSF of cur many C u b ; sentatives.' Afr support the idea happy to diScuss any .questions ‘ listed at $479.50. i ing for work, said Bonafede. Re­ ts m thr community. , that Chest contributions are which the property owners may Vincent Lukas, superintendent I cently, discharged veterans are t made solely to support the work. want answered. 'of -public works, said additional |increasing in number and a,re of the Red Cross-and the nine The Urban Renewal Agency is parking would, be provided for a part of this available supply member agencies which look, to now loeated at 144 E. Union St. .approximately 20 cars on the l o t ' of labor, the Chest to conduct one com- adjoining City Hall. I w hich faces E. Union St. j Many varied openings are nst- all \ Grants be reieived from l>nt Board of Cooperative Ed.u- _ - the- Statei and Federal Govern^ rational Services tBOCES) cam- merit in the amount equal to 60 P®. battered the bond issud h y ., a- 699 tt> 56-w . - 1 whiie—Newaris— opposed the proposal, 386 to 187. Marion opposed the issue, 299 to 82, and Palmyra-Maeedon belt­ ed the proposal .500 to 93. Lyons voters were equally d i ­ vided In moving the campus from Williamson to a site east of Sodus with the vote being] 331 to 326 against the proposal.' | Wayne Central voted 295 to 39 per eehl costs. ” ' Public Works Superintendent Lukas pointed out that the vil­ lage is taking a progressive step m replacing a plant that has passrd its useful and taking in industrial waste.-He empha­ sized that the vlllagV has always strived to protect us water re­ sources One of fhe Cubs scored a anti a second, b u t failed sin the event. pst |HE thrru- his arms around hi? r ar.o said; -Don’t feel bad, '»t 11 win ft all next bined fund drive for a ll-th e s e agencies, according to Stott. 1 The overall Chest-Red Cross • y ■goal .is $64,545*- | Cute: i nr •/: ! t e r-f tah was py repigu-d to police - •<‘-’!i:’c from hjs car parked ir. the drive,- ■Somebody gave him a Quipped out of the off! Face Kidnapping Count in Newark Plans for a separate system of [ against the proposed campus sewers and treatment plant were j change, prepared in 1912 witli construe-, Sodus favored the proposal by tion completed and tlie system a 401 to 282 vote; North Rose- i placed into service in 1914. The Wolcott carried 1t by a 216-179 (Continued on Rage 4) (Continued on Page 4) i munity will swarm with \girls; help 300 troops with special ac- i in -green\ who Will be selling H ti - I toi - arid eqnipmaoi wtien th- 5 0 Years on t Mr. and Mrs. J. Carlton Hpste of 110 Blossom Road Will _ob- ^ serve their 50th wedding anniversary on Friday. * - • Tlie couple's daugiiters, Mrs, William (Margaret) Frank of Ontario and Mr?. Ronald (Joyce) Keels of Mountain- View, CaTil,, will hold open house for their I |IHEJ r, oi.-. cuss mg s snd -if a leash law in ! • biidtr w non Grant Pulver f r4 ; br^u^i.t the discussion : - fsr. end Two Newark youths have been charged with second degree kid­ napping for allegedly driving to Missouri with two young New­ ark girls. Stephen Wilbur Chappie, 20, of 214 E. Union St*, and Dennis j Wilson LaFluer, 18, of 503 N- (Main St., were-to have been Ar­ raigned in'village'court yester- « *» •» « * program and »;»»»»?<* '\**•'« «!» 35?*“ jborhood chairman. newspaper went to press. 1 Ridee Road West Ontario. cnaum a n oi nrcaaia om i. The annual cookif sale The two youths were arrested! jvir, and Mrs Hoste and rela- - M R e p f ast Presldent o f the .gahized in each community byra - -h a ^ a n t ' i h StCelvUle, Mb.. I Uvos. wffi'le~'entFrtaISea &t v.aniof.fe neighborhood cookie chairman | on Mo!Kiay at a.m. by. P o - n e r on Sunday at the home q f ! , \ ,„ , ^ troop chairmen, i |1{,p Lt Edwin Krueger and Pa- their grandson and wife. Mr. 3 ’f ? SJ , . _ , „ - -arIes - — - .......de. . J and M rs. Robert Gfattan of Llh-' ? “ S nf cookies. The The arrest report stated that coin Road. Ontario 1 *■ : former Wayne County Sheriff Friday as they launch tlie an-'m a ttresses, lawn mower, p,cnic; cookies are dchvcied \7 - ; chappie and LaFluer allegedly' Mr, Hoste was born tn New- during fund cssm&bms. H e lormei yn y . -a . r.ual cookie sale under the s u - ! f ah]ps. h&ftf racks, ontrinnr fire- company to netJroop,_usually Jeft Newark 0„ March 9, 1968 ark, March 22. 1898, the son Of; th e ir; Isalfi ends April 10. The ” profit ‘ From cookies to help finance council.and there troops. [ ' “The p r o fit' From the 1963’ h recruits Junior, Cadette and Senior! , . .. ...... , . . - . recruits ------ - ------------, --------------.. Pleading guilty tc two counts Girl Scouts will call On relatives, i cook,c salc wdI bc uscd t0 ^ ikeeps the records and_ arranges ■ lrolluan cb Scha of petit l a r c e n y involving $1013.- neighbors and friends starting jtt sail boat, such equipment as .fqr^ exchanges^ I,,- Vi,n ■ 'File- arrest repdr-t stated that coin Road, Ontario ; former Wayne County Sheri\ — *— ■— - ,w S“t a <I» k . ’ said Pulver, I Robert W- Buriu was given' 1,11 don't tutnu- if he wants ; suspended sentence in Wayne « ta-l. tin life.\ ' ■t — I it'! fltces?' fBETTER ____________ pervision of Mrs. Roger J o h n - iplaCeS and a gas heater. V o o k tel’e ^ t \in ' wt^ Z tw° ^ lrlS' one ,12 ^ |Magaale\C “ osi <j’ ■ bond \drivel m ^ W a y n e ^ C o S iUounty Court- t o Frrday before ;Son. neighborhood cookie ch a ir-ltenaHCg aQd repair work will Fire i L l on tho otht‘r ‘,3' gIfiS WW 2 and w a s .a 2Q-yeaf 1 Y ates County Judge Lyman H , man in Newark. (completed at each o f the Coun- E nnion St (Citv Hall) , returned k» Nvwark by thei j * • ' ° c \ ’®’ ' ' I m em b er of the Robhester Sales Kdis about the Sfnith. _ 1 „ In Marion fhe sale will be d F j c il’s five camp sites. Two thirds; 'onfy th e -gjrIs in green will be ! Pa^eats’ • kins ttev'p led g e d their marital\: ExecuWve Club. -' \ In d for a pizza. I An indictment against Bum s’ .rected by Mrs. Eleanor. Thorn, jof the profit will support the selling cookies. The Girl Scout I ae ,,SaIP„ra)nSltplivniP mr vows on Mr H o s tel 20th birth-1 He is now associated with Fin- l wife, M,uriel, was dismissed-on , Newark’s quota hfts'beeft set (council’s operating budget in th a t : st°PPed tha I 19lV t^th the - *?r Association, ffic , as grounds she had been deprived at 7.200 boxes of mints, sand- ,order that the Council can con- Brownie Scouts are too young to ! a‘ Bstr! eet ^ Saxe of the\ Methodist m em b d rshipfn f“f.“ “““ “TSLfSES ^ * S S £ ? ‘I,S ? .................................. '\ u \-in l «t sliced?” Jun ..Six o r eight il s|x,\ \1 can't t \ i f1”1 1 filled shop % 1 local barber, Hu- \Ions h a ir ’ °h«- of the chairs in Ken. ‘.'lin-.v iTTrn\ n r r 'T ' yard?” 1 that she had not. been' asked to shortbread cookies, The Seven (stimulating program to girls; (sign a waiver before she besti- Lakes Girl -Scout Council hopes j and to help reeruit and train j lied' before the grand jury. \ The 54-year-old ex-sheriff : and his wife v.c.c indicted by dip Wayne C -uc.ty Grand ; last Oct fiber H- hnmcd ,n 167 counts of fraud and grand larceny in two indielm ents and his wife. 53. was locief-endcnt in ,40 (-ou'st.s in ore liiciictnirnt 1',*rhi.s~'B\'art)lt;rTii ar.o-tk-ut»4- to have raised 336,000 to sup-1 adult volunteers, according- to . r ^ n ^ r ' - T (Continued on Page 4)- I Lrl ib-.u: the chap ( a ics Lumber \ut.inucil mi Page 4) . i rrC-G Wh To Find If 3B ■5. Hact Aos '1S~'anHt;rTll ar.o .th i n g y o u h a c - C o n e \ Ju d g e : Smith who had Irt ;.r,d the case. . ’ said in .mf tlF1 «cnten'*e LJisl A 'l y I. I .'ml K c h tir of W olcoti asked tlmV the indict­ ment. including p u r c h a s e of fnbd'i from , a Newark market,: : also hr dismissed in the case , nf Shin.-i. John Lo Pinto of. ; ar:i. Burn.; , alMria y. ‘said that the food have ty o-i purchase 1 uver a pcrind >f years and that (he sheriff's con-.mutee of ■''Waync'eotmt-y—Beard o l.S u per-:,,| visors had approved the vouen- t ers < ;ic ii month. The attorney; iaho said five indict inrnt as j amended boiled cioyr. to alkged t1 uusiapyi'iipriatlin. of $5 and $5.13^ m gasoiir.e .charges. ’ HEARINGS, SET ( j ; yv o r k hi e n’s com p ensation1 Board will hold - compensation .hearings Monday and Tuesday j-atr-10 a.m . at-the Newark Com-' i monity Center, r* the Gliapple youth. j Krueger and Schade left New­ ark in one of the police cars last Friday at 11 a m and returned' Tuesday the two youths at 2 p.m. Distance to Steclville ■ from Newark is 965 miles. I Town Board io-HoLd Hearing on Annexation __ , A petilior. for annexation int ) thc villag- vv.’.s icieivcd. by tho > Town Board at l ucsday nu lu j . meeting at City Hall from a i couple residing: on Vienna St. I The. petition was received from Mr. ahd Mrs. Cornelius Brockhuizer. who reside at the 1 corner of Silver H ill Road and Vienna St. Town officials thorized that a public hearing | ■bet held ore the annexation pe- : I titioh. ! I fordinator ahd director-at-large, Mr. Hoste retired on Feb. 10, [ Mrs. Hoste is an avid reader 1955 after 50 years of service * and enjoys gardening. Mr. and - with C. W. Stuart & Co. He h a s Mrs. Hoste also have six grand- been active in civic affairs fori sobs and one great-grandson.1, many years. He was recently The golden wedding annivetT presented with all of ap- .sartsts plan to travel extensive- preciation for 16 years if serv- ly with a trip planned to glQ Ice with the Salvation Army of West Coast in December. -Ar < - , IdiiS Oil) 5(01^, SELL COOKIES -r- Senior Girl Scouts junior, Cgdette and. will launch annual cookie sale in community tomorrow under supervision of Mrs, Roger Johnson, neigh­ borhood cookie chairman. Set to hetp New­ ark troops sell 7,200 boxes of “sweets\ are (from left) Amy Ferris, Mrs. Johnson, Susan Tiebout and-Debbie Gizzi. Public Hearing Slated On 3 New Ordinances A public hearing will be neid ; by the village board on' April 2 at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall to act im three proposed riew ordi­ nances. The proposed ordinances per­ tain. to housing, sewers and fire prevention. MR. a n d MRS. J . CAELTQJf HOSTE * , , Wed 50, Tears- ^ .

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