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Newark courier-gazette. (Newark, N.Y.) 1967-1968, April 11, 1968, Image 10

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i>jw'arft,N.Y. Courier-Gazette Thursday, April If,\7968 A r m y S p e c i a l i s t R e c e i v e s P r o m o I n V i e t n a m Daniel D, File:'?' IK,..son Jbliii H Price, ill N„ Kxeii i SI,, Geneva, w;i,. prnmc-ited ;-o Araiy Mu > l.iliil lea., in, \*it ln.na A i'll! li .1 ' I p.iny D ij 1 tlu .■ Kiit'lv Ene.met r Batlali' i: ii - I.’h ik:n. op'-. Price I'i.n.ied ;li' Army u> No­ vember 1966 aiicj completed ns basic training a1 Ftl Di.x, N, J. He-Was xtaMoti.ed near Scliweiri- furC .Germany; pi.or to lus ii~~ flval in Vietnam Spec; Price ‘completed his ■ -Jrigh school education througn tire General 'Education Develop- . ment Test. . ■ His Another, .Mrs Betty, KI. Chiistramen. lives at 114, Wood- . side Drive, Newark. His wife. 'Di- . ane. lives at ,350 E Main St.\ j Waterloo. ' .(Continued from Page 7) NEWARK ASSEMBLY OF GOD Lincola Road Rev. Fred Parkison * Sunday.i; Sunday School at .1 45 am ; Worship at 11 am..; ’veiling worship at 7 a in Tuesday: Pra^ei meeting'and Bible study at 7:30 p tn. Thursday: Royaf Rangers and vlissiont tu-s at 7 p.m. Friday; Young people meet a t : T p.m.. D I S C O U N T ASSORTED COLORS STORE HOURS Mon. thru Wed. 0:30-6 P-M. thurs. & Fri. 9:30-9 P.M. Sat. 9:30-6 PJVI. I ASTI R C O R S A G E — Mr Ira F H u m . Slun pf 8 1 6 f>. Main St. adm ires her three T... pL. • in ; 1 l i i . H r orchid plants which she brought back from recent trip to Florida. Rotary Club to H o ld . Day for Farmers A p r il 18 “Rural Farmers Day” wili be observed by the Newark Rotary Club at an evf'nfng meeting bn By GEORGE E. FARRELL gB|j EASTER • -A pretty dress ... a brand new suit ay stylish h a t th a t ‘ s smart or cute . . . a basket f i l l e d with e g g s an d arc ail speeUI Bui these ex­ ternals shouldn’t be -all Eas ■ iyr Sunday means ’to met peace -hope ami ;,j»y are more the things, that we lione this years' Easter brings. Old- World Inn Eastman Kodak- Co-, will pre­ sent the program. “ThgTStory ol the Space=Rmgrai»--'’-Keta4rL. ans are requested- by Maurice 'StroLirMgV'&Eesideiit, to bring a guest to the ihepting. ARCADIA REFORMED Thursday: Choir practice. 7:30 p.m. All merubers are urged to be at the rehearsal for Easter music. Sunday: R.C.Y F meets at the church at 5 am. for an Easter ’Sunrise Service. Morning service at 10 a,m. Guest speaker will be Rev. Peter Var.aen Barqe of Colgate Divinity School. Nursery in charge of Mrs. Ronald Fag- ner and,. Mass Donna Glerum 11:15-l2:i5p.m , Sunday School. vfted to the First Reformed Church df Marion to Hear their Easter Cantata. sweets Eaiter these treats. •Bring your car iu tlmr-wpefr- for ,1 Spring tuneup. It wilt msure simoath, safe driving-in the lovely months ahead. -Come to Farrell's Service Station, 148 East. Union' Street, Newark. Phone 331— 2525 A Newark resident picked up three orchid plants on a recent trip to Florida and is looking forward to orchids oh Easter Sunday.- Mrs Ira F. -Hiimeston of 816 S. Main ,St. decided to- make a hobby out o f Tending .to the plants and to date has five blossd'msT The colors of t he’ blooms are , --------------- - ----- -purpie1 v.aai uai'K \purple mrou-1 j ; \i tning-'xneyrc --just-:gorge~ and yellow white throat. ous,\ she said. \fkey’ve always ' f x - N e w a f A P a tro lm a n • ‘ Mrs. Humeston trie.d to buy'brer, my favbrit- flower.” an orchid ptant in a greenhouse There weir no buds on ,;in Rochester.- She warjted one without a blossom Tlie price tag .was $20 a plant “I thought tlml Was- a little too much,\ she enjd. \ S o while I was in Florida last January f bought throe ,nf them dor $11 ” The - prints arc dome ,^*;.nnw-tnnH,ifc!^vt^i' h.aVe her. nrt * ir. the dispatching department. rmonat 8= p.m. Cmfessidhs after •nicely in a room that laces tht‘ chid° corsageWwniling for .her ;,Ochs, who worked the iriidnigt evening service.- the | Becomes Deputy Sheriff plants when jyirs: Humeston re- ' ' - 'turned to Newark from • her-L Russell Ochs of Lyons, a for- ,Florida visit. And the plants are mer' member of the Newark\ Po■ ‘ ndfc planted in dirt They're | lice 'Department, has joined the planted Tn pine needles qncT, Wayre County Shtriff-’s Depart- stor.es. f ment. - > „ ‘-‘They, require lots of water | Sheriff Jarpes : Hurley said .aiid a Mint sun,\ said Mrs Hi:-' Oehs lias .brew assigned to duty if ». w . . . . t - - _ _ , i . . » « . . . _ . . i south. -Easter Sunday. ,S h e ” ?wi'ifl'T+hp o r e h t d s - r e q u i r e -S tr tM m h H f r iM n - 1 8 p , m , J _ _ , _ _ _ with night tciiipciarrun'^T-irnaina y r u b l i d W orks X J ttlC ial frum tiu in v | ■tn 8 . 1 -m shift while a meln.icr Holy Saturday: Confessions of the Newark Folice Depart- from 3 to 6 p.m. No evening IfnCfl\ '1 ^1- ht-L. ■■ PP flB—fl'-pi'fth l-L-i ifniK ^ ^ i ^ l T l m i A t t e n d s 2.Day Comvp tiegi’cca nr M-tic-<4irylrHif ----- - : r n e - n t , [years, of _ service. .Mjjsic^-Arf Departments. g ? s The Perfect Diamond G. R. BOYNTON ^orm«rly JEWELERS 107 E.-Union St.- Vmeorit Dukas, supcrtnterident _ ,, , . , . _ .- of public works, attended a two-. r t a n r e s t t v a l ,M o y TO jday convention of-4he Westerij, 1 7 I New York Section of the Ameri- f The Newark senior’ high lean Water Works Association,.‘school music,, and; art depart- ' ..April 34. in-Niagara Fails.' . jments will preicnt a, fine-arts j Expenses were paid hy. tlie : fcstiyal on May 10 .from 7:30 to 'Municipal Board which author- 10 p.m. _ ___ iaed Lukas’ attendance at the ; The school band wiil present, i conference. ' a concert at 8 p.m. - . • ST MICHAEL’S CATHOLIC. Rev. Joseph McDonnell Holy , ThUfsday. Masses at 8 p.m.; At 8 p.m. Concelebratci Mass of the Last Supper and sermoh. The Biessed Sacrament, will be car­ ried to the Repository' in' a Solemn Procession where it wi'l remain until the Solemn Litjirgy of Good Friday.\ ' - GegjfeBSriday: Stations of fj^e 'CfiOS^P'Sp puiL- BoMnrt t t i r # and Holy Communion at 2.p.m.; Stations pf the Cross and scr lil\ confessions': East Vigil Service ‘ :af J .1 p-m.: Hieh m s s at mM -’ night. -— Sunday- MHMte,-.—-^t- 7 , -R, ■!>:3ft, iu:45, and 12 noon. ' April 24-25-2fi-27.‘ — Annual’ Spring Rummage Sale.-„ -' W h a t D o *55$. - CONTRACTOR'S WHEELBARROW Make garden work easier and more enjoyable.. Rugged, steel construction for denehiiaoia service.'Vou'll wonderhow you got along with- out one this long. 3.5 tu; feet capacity. ' RT 332 nOCH. RO. LU M B E R anrf B U ILD IN G CANANDAIGUA SU P P L IES C E N T E R rhone 3«4.Sivi RT. 414 MOUND RD WATERLOO PHONE 539,8246 . geneva ia»>stoo' Reg. 523.97 SSve 54.02 MON.. TUES.. .WED., THURS. 8 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. S/TTUWDaVs A.M. to 4 P.M. ' FRI. 8 A.M. TO 8 P.M., (Continued from Pagc l) nice job his favorite barber al­ ways did, \Cl’ESS-whci-e I net my hair-, CilL?\ asked the foartender. \Where?\ “ON by head,” snapped the j bartender. * #i * Police picked\ up a little blonde they found wanacring down Main St. She couldn't have been more than three years old, but how She charm­ ed the officers. She either cou-Id not or wouie not ten tnem ner name or where she lived. ~ ‘ IN hopes of finding some- clues to her Identity tlie baffled offi­ cers began going through her pockets. i,,The pert one made no pro­ test, but remarked innocently: “I don’t have a gun.” AND -how about the acrobat vvho \asked. \Where’s ' the tra­ peze?’’ ‘‘You missed it'Son, you miss­ ed it,” said St. Peter. * ’ Jfc ' * WOODROW CHURCH, a south- ferner. suli, likes to recall a poli­ tical 'meeting ih a small Noi Carolina mountain community. It got so hot that it erupted into a roaring, no-holds-barred gun. battle After (lie vinlence finally subsided and the wounded had been carried -off, a state trooper asked what had caused the don- nybrook. ‘‘Feller made a motion that was out of order,” volunteered an efderly. mountain man. ‘‘WHAT, for gosh sakes, .was the motion?” asked the trooper. \Toward his gun I” replied the native, OUR Internal Revenue \boys remind taxpayers that April 15 is just around th&..weekend and drop off the one about the agent who was momentarily shocked by a telephoned questfon from a lady, who asked how she should report, a certain type of inter­ est. “Interest oil what?” asked the agent. “H-BOMBS,\ answered the lady. __ “What was that again?” askecj the agent, „ “I'M sorry,” said tlie lady, “I fnean H bonds.” CONTAINERS STOLEN Five 5-gallon gas containers were taken from the General Dynamics plant, according to a report received at police head­ quarters. A L L 0G G A S I0N P IC T U R E FRA M ES T A M E TiR E M R R IN S E WITH TANGLE TAMER- 6 4 c t ? COMB.. H - '8 FL. uz. . | m | | C s 0 3 IIP TO 30% ON COLOGNES & GIFT ITEMS EIDYNORELCO SHAVER “ REG. $15798 BR0X0DENT ELECTRIC Lady Blair CHOCOLATE iOVEREB— CHERRIES D A R K CHOCOLATti i 13 oz. BEG. 59c REG. $49.95 DUSTING ________ ~~ Modei 320 P0WUER TOOTH BRUSH DELUXE 2-WAY BATHROOM CASE REG. $19.95 f | 87 L A D Y SGH IciT CONSOLETTE HAIR DRYER W/BEAUTIFYINC. MlM 3 4 ' SHULTON Desert Flower gfl J Summer Spray COLOGNE

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