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Newark courier-gazette. (Newark, N.Y.) 1967-1968, April 11, 1968, Image 19

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} / i |-egal N o tices ,v_r.GAZETTE/WANT. ADS reach, an estimated 15.000 I n'at the -ow cost 75c minimum (15 worJs or (ess), libdrtional * ords 3c a word- Send your WANT ADS to the IS trttl Courier-Gazette or phone DE IrToOQ'. Copy deadline' Want Ads is Tuesday noon;- week of publication. - Roofing, Siding I#® j fM *-9 Help Wanted— Female 12 [ permanent :- secretarial UI'u; 33 „„l!aSn^mHfical- ! POSITION Sinalr well-estnb- 1NO DOWN. PAYMENT heeded. I We install all types, roofing,, '.house sidings, aluminum com- , bination ' storm windows, doors. !„Free estimates, tmpalla Roofing ! Co. 3' Washington St. Phone .933-7758 Clyde. 37C12tf fJQTICE TO'BlbDERS P.ils fnv Daintmp -Ihe'‘ intevioi' of thf Wayne Countv Cj.wI I)efense l['ifuiqunrtei*s on Route :Vt. Town 1 of Lyons,/ New York, are soticiteci;, and. will ,toq received b> the Cs I rig* of tlie Bflfiid or Supervisors al her office irt. the Court H«rasre. Lvotm up to TQrOl) o clock a.m.. on the IGjrh ' “ | <lay of April LOCK. at .which time 0 7 1 they will he opened and read. 3-* • ape.m tications , v\m nr- avnrtamo at the Qivil -Defense RfeatUiuarters on i. Route 3 1 . Lyons, New York.. The County reserves' th e rm h t til M? je c t • any o r ,.a l l b ids. Dated A p ril 1 9 6 8 *v l.>ons. New .Ydrk ' . Huv.t*T.- B. EtweJI. Clerk Wti.sne l <*unty U,oaid of- Super\i««n: (Eighth anti Last i|i a Series) State Law) Against the ' Federal wciiaftonai aiiaiifLoa- ■ , “^ . ' ^ 1 “ ] WALLTEX PAPER HANGING, ‘i t . S - f i S . iS^ ! d , 0 f flce * N e w a r k w :‘l in t e r io r u a i n t m ? r n d ren a m in g . NOTICE OF PUBLIC. HEARING Notice is ^oieby-fsiyen that a he hearing wtll be held by the 2 on- iiit; Bouni of Appeals. N.Y., ij ,■* • . - . , ut a session to he bold at P*M* Wallpaper & Pdlfl* 46 •*\ Monday. A|»i*f 22 , -196s.. in the . : r .. r . , ( 1lv i{ali ou the upplic.it ion of Harry ,R and Eleanor J. Smith for a vari -SAVING TAX, TIPS If ytm nted help ih making out your New York State income N«n't-rkV'tak taturn,'.xQp .ufajuget ji-Itsom the nearest itew- York - State District Tax Office,’. Faulty-or incomplete reporting makes it difficult or impossi­ ble to credit’paymentSvto proper — -sry*. r - — accounts' and often results ip. New YqrK:St.ate should file tlieir delays: oh refund elfeeks -because returns with the New. York State, .it .slows down the' State’s 'tax Income Tax Bureau, State Cam- * processing machinery. It also Pus, Albany,- New York, 12226— causes, unnecessary correspdn-, fhe same address as the Albany dence * District Office. Please use the Here me 12 tax Ups Which lull I Vetm‘n «vvelope Pr\v bt %:he “Female\ tor ; „ reader? and are. K”\ \ - an unlawful libalta- ^,Sa\io5 bnned on -set. hava - , w, |interior painting and repairing, have openm, around [call .331-2625, Adrian M. Boer- i man. 46c ltf Trucks For Sole pa .MPER. CGMBINA-. [re iofl 8 Chev ■ 20 series—V-8 ^radio-booster brakes ^ 3rd vi nr els W. camper ”*aS »6 5 OR ’ 6 S Chev— 20 ‘__'y .8 Turbo-hydro- 'ransmns m. power steers rr.dio. 5 tires Ply- first of May. Excellent working conditions and , congenial.' per­ sonnel. Ability to meet puh'ic and accufac'y in typing ar.d fig­ uring are of paramount impor­ tance. Please reply in writing indicating experience and ex­ pectations. All replies will h- •treated in conftdenee. —Wrtty Box ,B„ Newark Courier-Gazetlv. ' ■ : 12eiit! Disposal Service 4^ J COMMERCIAL AND RBSEDEN- ' i TIAL Service. Weekly and semi- •; | weekly trash and garbage pie-k- ups. Our service is as good as jlie the best and better than the , rest. Norsen Disposal Service, phone 331-3887. 48cl8tf Farm Machinery 14 wheels 50 X 16, 2 campers of all sizes- and! readv for immediate sry y .i package -unit, 5. I * — a\ ailable. See f\;- Palmyra. N. Y. acte: bay i'n Westernllew Legal N o tices GRINDER MIXER MILLS — New Holland, Papec, Owatonna and Farmhand mills. 4 - wheel notice - of sale dijive Uni-loaders, ihc 504 .with J i n i-e-ix no . .;uoo industrial loader. 130 crawlers ' state of nbw yokk . ■and,wheel teactors fe iork Hfts.-! nirfir - DON HOWARD —.CANANDAI­ GUA-, N. Y. . 14c3tf Announcements 1 Hlf.t, DRIVING School. U Ray .Hill, 124 Rose 'Newark, N. Y 'p hone DE . . iciitf II . for 3 LADIES; Semi- isie, second floor. Excellent ils. ’and home-like atmos- if-Wiiiiswns- Home for -the, k 589-2895,. Wiliiam'son. • ' lc38tf BACKHOEB & LOADERS. 100 used balers ih l & J2 year olds. IHC & NEW HOLLAND with throwers. New Holland 616 & 717 choppers in Bargains. Good se­ lection used Owatonna &. ih c windrowers. 50 ueed hay condi­ tioners and « haybines. D O N HOWARD—CANANDAIGUA, ff. X. ’ ■ . . 14c3tf ’ WAYNE T dii.ee t‘*. ’'opet-au* u bieuutj :sult»n, at tbeir residence. Cnlonidl Drlvp. Suisi piemises heinif m Resilience Dis- liict -IL. 1 Stud BDuid of Apfiealii will ut oaul time and place heui: all per- c..»ns in BUpport of auul uppl icut IajH for a variance and all objectars thereto. Persons.*rimy uppear by ligent- ..r in pet'so.n.. Dated Anrii s. l ‘.* 6 s t\ A HAHSMAN. JR. t'lerk of the ,/.unmt? Board of Appeals NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Noticse K heteliv jTLVeb” that a pub** hearing will be held b> the, Zontfi}? .|< 1 ■.i u ii i't Aiip^al - Nets j i k N Y at' it se*.sinn to he held .at .’ttUl* P.M. on Moiulai Api'tl kJ, 1‘IGn m the City n t|l ..ii -the .dl'idic at ton of FhaHe* W' Met letluii li>r li vartunce to uiMtdll un iiutonmt ir, cut. wash at 1 .v,t West- I'nion Stfeet. Said pietjtlses- lieini; in “U^n* ihstfct,.- U- _ Sa^iL. H<*dr*l of \ppeals will dt sani time and plate hear all persons in support of >uid application for a variartcerand - all iibjecti’rs theielo. Persons niay 1 appear d>\ uneht or, in' person. l>.t I e«t • April .1. lyG^l C. A. }L,U’SMAN. JR. Clark of the Board ’of Appeals help you make sure’your tax re -1 ^ncome Tax ^Qr raadin® turn is Rrqperly filled o u t Cheek « lUrf a^ , tUt‘lr them before you sign youixStaie f rt[e.Ii m ( tax .fnt-nrn -art'd fiiA/it. dence with the Tax Department or its District Offices should be taX return and file.' tt. 1. Keep a copy of your Feder­ al return —' Cothplete your 1967 Federal income\ tax return be­ fore you fill in your State re­ turn. Type or' print your name and address on your State re- Newark.N.Y. Courier-GazeHe „ . Thursday, April T l, T968---— § i e v e n C r a y E n lists ■For A i r Forc& S e r v i c e - * Steven Barry Crov. son of Mi’s. Adeline’ Cray of Newark and Gerald Cray of Marion, has en­ listed in the U S. Air Force and is. taking' Ms training at Lack­ land AFB, Tex. His address is: A. B Steven B,; Cray, A.F. 11975953, Cmr. 5, Fit. • 321, 3701 Sqdn, Lackland 'AFB, Tex., 78236. ' STEVEN HARRY CRAY sent in other envelopes. U. Refunas wm oe tnaae witli- in a reasonable time after filing Classified Want Ads Bring Re- to tr:xpayers entitled to them su|ts who have completed flmir re­ turns correctly. Even with elec $ £ B S . y°U- did 2. Be sure to enter .your county of. residence In the space pro? P d l . l ’MRIA RANKINO. MXAN A S 3 0 ('1A T H )N # . A'VIN.q AND » ERRQL W., Iit)CHESTEK NEW VILLAGE ORDINANCES ADOPTED N o tice ia'heieliy given thnt at a reg-- - ol the BoarxJ rf T _ ^Newark, N. Y.. ft.U».\\in« a pubtlf I)l'TE*KR and LlN c 5lJM •-heurmiLxJield at 7.;«fO P.M . on A p ril 2; THt'ST1 COMPANY J th e H#>a»«-l of TiU stees di«l eoatrt X)efejidants *-«Ti'l unuimno'usjy adopt ^threw new v'il- - - - — I tnrm itvflmSVt/me . cnmpthidw.. * •' ■. * vided for it .1 Include your ZIP code' number. 3, Enter your Social Security number and. if married, that of your spouse. Check to be-sure the numbers’are right. -4. Use- Card Form. • IT-200 if you are eligible to use. this form. When us'ing the tax table for' Card Form IT-206, use tlie total income- line which corresponds to the total ihcofrie (Lirie 4 on . the Card Form). The 10% stan­ dard, deduction' is .-.figured into the Card -Form tax table. ’ 5 Reimrt ftH-hfebme as shown on your Federal return. If you In .itur'vunnce nf a jndpm e n t i. tapre mdmaTicns. enfrtind^,.. tif I A H WOSINO ORi-mN ANCE ■ fnrnc.ln,nm anil . ill p rlnly tfranted i n i A SE\\-EU C ^ P I N A N C B . _ Tffe alioV’e entitled, a c t inn. arid en t e r e d I A FI RE PHEV ENTION - O R IlIff A)dC& in tile W'avne Countv C lerk’.. O ffice • 'lh e s e prd m o n c e s 8llaU tnlie effect on th e 2 Mb dnC of M m * h .s LOGS. -I. l>fl M tfj-8 . .1 9 6 s . ‘ AVElfY B. KOBINSON. th e undei-sign- lintpd A p ril -1. 1 9 6 8 ■IMX INSTRUCTORS. AND operdti'irs contact Mrs. Mugrty. 39 Union SL.,\ iNY. phone 928-5606 for j. „ ’f r^prding* organiza- .G_UA, N. Y I inefung for future New I State Ceramic- Association' i: in Rin’iiastt-r. le 158-1 1 Rt-fere© m said judRm eirt n a m e d , will sell at the front vestible o'f -tk-e W a y n e County Coijrt _Housi? rn th e V illage of l.vons, ’ C n u n ty of W a y n e a m | S t*te pf New Yoi’k bn th e 3rd NEW HOLLAND - Single' beater'i'fiL- o-refl-tKni. ■ t hv -p«ii»i 5 ca \•do>:m=«njd-.i- spreaders iirall. sizes 20 used ' ,n sail1 *» follow... viz: PTO spreaders $150 & up. 2 D- 2 1,,^ !' ™ ,Z ! Cat's with PTO. 4 John Deefe ...... ,,r »«>'••• -f N‘“ Y o rk, and distinguished an t{. p a r t <»f 1„C No. i.‘> in the west iiiviiion o f , T 'i«n-|? p J J m the Th>rd Ranjre C. A. HAtTSMAN, JR# Village C^erk &■ i ■ crawlers' with PTO.and loaders. Oliver with winch & \blade $1630. DON HOWARD - CANANbAPi 14c3tf i, k'\ Wanted to Buy 20 | 1r> th»» ren t a r .t -»■- ^ * H.J. U ^ t .. cuiiiei o f tha p a r c e l ^ laad owned lu Kohert ‘I,. JJurK w it: thence eastern lY IO 0 feet afeinff. t h e ce n ter lin e of j * iialL'ui Koail .tu a pqinl.. thence nQrih- | . p^lv p a tallel witjh th ^ w e s t IinP Of ‘ I the Tot. het’Ain des<-.ribe'l. U-J3 feet tr> ‘ - -i . . , __ . , an ir»vQ» thedici* euAtcily I ,'*l) 1 W 'UtCfiUrS ChnFrt?!* O f N U* fu,t t.u,uilel XV,ih Kidne Ruud, tc) nij. . tjonai Campers AssoGfflUon nret vnAtriMiv t . d , ’ ,ro« stake, thence -.noctb^rly p a r a l le l .. . - * . .. - 5, -H^QVing! to around. July j With the 'West -lino of lot herein de- l*eC6IltlX^ttl6 honiP Of KIl. cip$ r\\' ,'VieWI,Y«k‘ state Mrs- Gordon Adriaansen\'for tire COM GUITAR LES- f ^ D TO BrV-Thr.i-e or i beaming soon, students r home. Will be M-15.2 to 3 riiontb course. , . .. , s 331-’992 IclHel 1 *’ aad want-Jo buy home with Marion. The Fire STILL HERE folks on |fe Union St.,. stop bj/ to li* iTiheil 23 7.7 feet rljtht-of-way line -of three and-preferably four bed- ! Hf«h»«V\uuute“i-ui; ‘'ihenoVwe?^ pui’pose of Aleetingmew: officers, roofns. Interested in property , ^ o , . ^ > .vliaose-elefcted win. presidents, S ta l e H ighw ay mo.nu- i and. M f S . L0St0r VH.?1 JKOUW- -viit.ti K 0 Art* *tXM>Qf ri .« . . ' _ not In excess of $25,0.00. Kindly' Lcl5tl [car nc:o.iis'brand name in- reply with particulars. Write 1 \Sfi iS enberg, and vice-ptasiaeats,«Mr. xr.:? Out .i T'iano, Newark. Newark Courier-Gazett.'. the ctntei of urdK© Roaa,. whicji is- and Mn& Riciiard I5 f Filter. JSlr. “ \ -Mid.' .Gordon ..Adrteansep ' ai?o th© part of the west . int. line of*. were elected to fulfill the Gjfnce*? the parcel of land owned by Rob - 1 - tmociiwjr nnri np»tCF <2 pit l . Burkwit. Said parcel of land o* secretary, tre«*^ipcr ana newn I,, be vl i.nvpAed is. distinguished on a , reportirtg. - - . u ’ • - ------ 'o Directors of th; group are Mr. WANTBpr BRUSH Oil SPRAY KV_ A. c.wiw. Jr..jtateg April 6 . i\si [and Mrs. Kenneth Ruple,- Mr — t ----- •- and f.red in thonVayne County Clerk’s For Rent 1 RENT—1-2 bedrooms, mo^ l-tiemes, furnished ’ and ’ with I mites, c a l l Palmyra-, 3C25tf Wanted 21 painting. Hoiises, barns, build Ings, roofing and gutteirs. Ralph Belinger, 587-9596, North Rose. 21cl3tl0 i Miscellaneous ■Tlie lUS SIGNS: Large 'cardboard, 15c ea,, 2 for following are ta stock* Keep Out, For . Renti it Inquire. Rooms? For-} ota For\Rent Fttfnlshed Furnished Rootas\ Epr Apartment For * Elnt, ana Rooms, Koitse.' -Eor For Sale, Lots 'Fdr Skfe, ’ For Rent, Roottjs T’ ot Trailers For’ftehi Eri- hoperty, No 'Tre^assfhg, Oor Rent. AIsarTegulsL- wted” signs. N’^ a r k r-Oazette, 104 B.*'Mlller W f l i S 0 M v Stuff,, sure nuf! Tlhaf's Blue Lustre' for cleaning ’. rugs and. Upholstery. Kent electric shampooer $1. Barker Bros. Hardware, Newark,\ N.‘ Y. \ - - ' • . 22cl5t:l Help Wanted «-,,, i ’ rrrr ^ ate insurance CO. orbs, single high school ! for its filing; division. training required. ’’11 Monrae Ave., Pitts- 10C14U 0 — •WOMEN to work cs Become a stylist fc.F F Fashions.. No collecting “Wfing. earn your full j®* by starting now. For ™>on call Evelyn: Porter, ff-ir uTite RD 2f Newark. ,4!'-3 10cl5tl [ONALLY KNOWN- COM- nw'is 2 key persons for ;*• ;n Wayne Couqty. m*nt. Car needed. *no qualify receive _ .*• - - moome during 12 - dang For full informa- '“ ■e L- L e rnen,\ R t . 2 , ■! Y:„ 14437. 10cl5t3 Ptee N ^Wanted—Male I,I mors v • R for external inter- “ -wr Extellent working Complete employee |rr; r’B«n«. Apply Gar Livisjcn St., Palmyra. Hcl5tl For Sa|e 22 fan T S 'A m 'ia im ’fiH: t r r a gas equipped, sleeps • six. new spare; tire,' gas refrigerator. PhtbHe\ 33t‘Afilfl: t 22cl5tlp K>K SALE: USED refrigerator, food condition.. Phone 946-9475. - - , 22c5tf gent(i| Sgryicg. 25 TRUCK ■ FOR HIRE, l'/c-ton Stake with driver. ?lp per hour. Call 597-4191i 25c52tf Electrical Service 27 E L E C T R I C MOTORS RE­ PAIRED, all types Of repairs, rejvinSjifg, etc. John Van Anker* sa^EiL Xlploit aiid Iglejiha sfej 331-5852. ' ‘ 27c35tf Office Equipment 28 TYPEWRITERS, adding ma- chinlfe *• fc4§_ leased; rdaesa, rspsared. Office furniturS and supplfes. Arcadls B u sfew MaShffar Co.,- Lyops- - New and Re- \198S OverhafllsT' Cleaning, 'Re^on- able. Rebuilt, $30 ' W- Year guarantee; All Makes Of Rorta- btei, Rene HecMer, Jr.. Newark D B 1-3281. ; ; , Sfcllti Home Service 31 w inners r^al winners in the 52 Br:d^e Club On March _ Mrs. Percy Hinckley, rst:; Mrs. Marion ,n'.Phe|PV second;.' Mrs, 1-kel and James Boehelm |3ij, lAithn third add fourth* I J^r Legg- Newafk, fifth I ®es Boeheim, LymS f6 R AIRWAY Sales and Service can Leon L Stell 218 West Mil lei St Newark. Phone DB 1 1094“ Also hkve good recondi- tiorifett' •Cleaners* - Hoover—Elec- trolux Al£,way _Lewyt Singer for cash or Od budget payments Kenmore arid Kirby. Will sell fpr eafth nr on budget Bayment'* RUSS trail to wall carpets and furniture cleaned Stair carpets cleaned and shiited Bijrns and faloth damage repaired Only re liable experience^ wifctoen will handle your work cad collect Thoinas Doyle Ontario $24 8402 OffuKW on September 9. 19^!.. ^ A VERY B RQBINSON Referee ijebscui ; tz . SI ITON, DE LEEUW CU\RKS& I^WIS Attorneys for Plaintiff • Office & tlffice Addresd: 31 Hain $treet ESst Rochester.^ New York, 146.14 Telephone: a46-«990 and Mrs., Gordon Adriaansen. Mr. and Mrs.'Sain Qobeyn, Tafid Mr. and Mrs. Paul Clarcq. ' Mr...and Mrs. Clarpnce Fisher will act as wagon masters, Mr. [and Mrs. James Dey are the historians, and Mr. and Mrs. (Harold Ocque arc the coortlipa- jtion pgmmittee, file a Long.Form State\felurn cherk Uig;’ additions to ...and Sub­ tractions . from Federal incorne for accuracvr^Appiy. rates shown :on Page 2 of the return to de­ term ine your. tax. 6 . ‘Before filing your return, dqublereheck your arithmetic- and be sure to attach a copy of- your State Wage and Tax State- JBgq.t_.-tlT -2102 1 . tem-eiu.: k-j a b <yeu held. \ \ ' 7. Instead of completing the! schedules on the’ back, df Form ■IT-201, you may attach a copy of your. Federal Fornv 1040 to your State'return: Any Federal return mailed to any State Dis- trii UTax -Off ice wilt be presum­ ed to have been subtnltted as part of your State Income tax return and win ibe kept as part of your State tax records,. 8 : Attach to your return ful-U- payment for tax due pf more than $i. You need not pay any tax due balance of $1 or less. A husband and wife filing separ­ ate returns- on '■ Form IT-208 showing a balance due on both returns may send ':one\T|mit- tance for the total amount 4 ue on- both returns. M akeyour check of money order payable to the H’New York'- State Income Tax Bureau”. Don’t seifd' cash or stumps. If you pay in cash • at your district Tax Office ydu’il get a receipt. 9. Don’t forget-to sign your return. Both husband and wife must sign return filed. on Form IT-2Q8 or a joint return filed on Form IT-200 or IT-201. Your re­ turn dobs, not have to be notar­ ized. cess more than 7 million .re- ;, turns,. If you write about your/ return, it may he taken out of the regular processing cycle und j- a further delay wili' result. 12. If you have o any question about yotjr return,' visit or call ! your local State-District Tax Of- fice. You cgn ‘get freejieip with |i your State income tax' problems,; and you can get tax forms for current or prior years. If you failed tp file a State tax return for .a former year, get the prop­ er blank and file it when you : .submit' your current return. Del ’ lay in filing a delinquent return will result in penalties and addi­ tional tax... . . And finally, be, sH£g_tiO. file- yoi'p l ;return by-H&e-\ deadline — Monday, April 15, 1968. - < r L c u n > n a v E - i N (7 * Rts. 5 & 20 Easi ol Cdi^andaigue FRI.-SAT.-SUN. ALL COLOR SHOW 'EXCLUSIVE SHOWING ' . LEE MARVIN ., SERfiEftNf RYKER . 2nd COLOR HIT ROBERT WAGNER BANNING 3rd COLOR HIT ----- VALLEY OF “ MYSTERY ROSE-CITY ■ ’ M V l GATES OPEN AT 6:30 S H O W START A t 7 : 3 0 FRI.-SAT.-SUN. ” T W O OF- r jE R R y L e w is THE PROFESSOR' (A Jtny LCvits P'Odust'Oo) TECHNIC0LDR* THE PR T S V lA Jetry lewS P'OduCt'Oh) TCCHNICOtOfT 8 o n u s \FecT ture; S e t.\ Ottfy- ’Easy Come - Easy Go1 ANNUAL SCHOOL DISTRICT 1\“ MEETING \ Notice is hereby given -tiiat the joSSUme thplr dutit'S When l’egti-.' arJnual nisotlng ct the -Inhahltirnts of (l&r meetings TESUmC m ©CtOPen CenUral Sehoor District No. I* Towns ; ol Arca44a, Palmyra, Marina.. Ijrons j Ttl0^Spring C.tTipoUt 8 UH5 D 6 6 H __ and Sodus. vvnync County. anU Man- planned or May 24, 25 and 26 at' IT-20Q Instructions.) Taxpayers cheater and Phelps. Ontano County. t ^, i U j a * • qualified to vote at sohooi meetings, Cayuga Lake. I who do not haye a residence in. in »uni. district., will be Jield tn the,—:------:— - , , --- - —-.x . oudrtoHnm of the fsphinr nlffh sehocl. 625 Peirson Avenue, in said district _ 10, File ydur return with the The'newly elected officers wilfjNew York State District Tax Of­ fice serving, the- county where, yuii live/ (See Back page of resi­ dent packet and front page of nn Tue«lnV; Muv 1^0^. at 7*'^0 P.M. for the transaction of such business as is authyrized by the Education Law. And nottce is also giver, that a copy of. the amo.ui)}t of mon^y which ^fill be ■required for the , ensuing year .fot sihnol putjphses,, exclusive .of public monevs, may be ’obtained -by any taxTr- payer in the district -durin-g the seven dalfs ImnmdlatHly preceding the an­ nual meetiiig,. except. SatuMay, Sun­ day, or Haliday; at .each- of the fol-, lowing school house*? {n which gchool is maintained during the hours desig­ nated: . ^ ' Senior 'High School. 9:0‘0 A.M.-12 Noon: IHJO P.M.-3:00 P.M. * Junior High School, 9:00 A.M.-1-2 Noon; 1:00 P.M. ^ \ - Perkins * Elenvehtdry School. 9:00 A.M:-t 2 Nmm: P.M.TdtOO P.M.- ^ Li’ncol-n:—Eiement’acy —School-r*— 0 / 0.0 A.M.-12:00 Noon: 1:00 P.M.-8:00 P.M. • , Hob^evclt Elementary J3chool. 9:00 -AJVJ.-12:00 Hopn*: 1:00 P.M.-3:00 P.M. ' - _ ______ East Palmyra Elementary School, 9:0(> A.M.-l2:00 Noon; 1:00 P.M»- SOO- t PrMt— -------- .\ ' And notice is also, given that Tieti- tiorts nominating, candidates for the office, of member of the Board of Edu­ cation must be filed with tne- Clerk of the District not later Ilian April 23, 1968. ' ’ ■he T following vacancies are to be _ •filled on the Board of Education: Term and name of last/’incumbent: Elizabeth Bergman. July 1, 1968 to June 30. 1971. ■ _ . James K. Peck. July 1. 196ft to j June .10. TUT’]. . - Each vacancy ts a separate speeifle office and a separate pefitiotr is re- Qiiired to nominate a candidate to each Separate office- Each-.pfrHtjpn rnnnt be directed to the.GIerk of the xiiatrict, must bfe signed' by at least twenty-five ciubKfied voters 6 f the -dlistriet, must state the name and. residence of the candidate and mdst describe the spe­ cific vacancy for .which the candidate Is ^ohitndfed Including At least tbe length of the term of office and tne name of the last Incumbent. • And notice is also given thatr-the Board of Education Has . determined that the vote uponi candidates, to be elected as merribers of the Board of Education* shall be by voting' mMhlWi •and such election of the members of the Board of Education shall be held •between the hours of l’2‘!fF0'/ Noon (EDSt) and 7:00 P.M. (EDST) oh Xnesday.. Mav 7. 196£? at the 1 Senior High School. 625 Peirson Avenue, Newark, N.Y, And notice is also given-that voting nhull- be bv. machine during the, annual meeting on the Bchooi budget ahd any other proposition which may legally: cotne before the Annual Meeting pro­ vided any such rroijositvp shall be filed with the''Clerk ot the District not later than six - daySj, immediately preceding the Annual Meeting, *, • 1 S rted MERLE H. HERRINGTON QiOrk of the District Dated: April 11* 1968 *■ A n a'dditiojiai- su p p ly o f sun-- flo w e r seeds w ill- enrich, the c o m m e r c ia l birdseeU\ ' f a r ' W ild : (urd s i n w in t e r M o s t 'b h d s seefii to p r e f e r sunflo w e r seeds. J P I T & L STARTS FRI- AfRIL 12th Thru 17th m s W t m s i m 1 ar/uwuNG. PETER DEAN SUZANNE Kisa LANCHE 8 T ERi - Jpby BAIIER^iott REID' M fM ttH illEWi VIST* DUIMUTMli CO,- e iH 7 * N * D t ^ r ^ « . T E C H N 1 C O U l l 1 « | UxiftloihenamgWAlTDISNEy ioilligtiriest inlamilyentertaiiimenI! j Shown Daily at 2-4:1^-7:3p CHILDREN—75c. ADLfLTS—150 Belhufst Castle Route 14, Geneva, N. % Long famous for Jts. fine foods: and congenial atmos­ phere high on the shores of beautiful Seneca Lake. Prime fibs, roast duck, lobster tails are our specialties. Catering - th- small .parties, weddings. Dancing on Friday, Saturday ahd* Sunday nights. ^ Connelly's Cove Lake Bluff Rd„ Sodus Bay Are you in the- mood for. f a ­ bulous food? Then you’ll go for the outstanding meals served on scenic Sodus.-Bay. Try our specialty—Delmonico steak: Catering to parties, all legal beverages. Reservations —call North Rose LT 7-9098. Cinelli's Country House Rest. Lake Rd. (Rte. 18) Sodus, Pit .For those who want a new dining.- experience make the happy discovery of Cinelli’S Country House, a royal wel­ come awaits you and your family, whether it be for .luncheon, -dinners,, -banquet br an outdoor affair. Tues. to Fri. 12-2, 5-9. Call HT 3- 9508. • . - , ____ ._ Prati's Restaurant 112 S. Main St.. Newark N.Y. Completely remodeled for Family atmosphere.' Special­ izing in Italian-Auierican lunches and dinners. Home­ made Pizza. Serving, 11 A.M. to midnight. Your Hosts, * John & Mary. Prati.8 fi, tt; Zappla's Restaurant’^ 224 N, Main St., Newark N.Y. ' • Italian Foods & specialty of the houSer “Alsor\ “AnteHcap menu. Fine facilities for banquets and parties. Ojpen daily at 4 B.M. Dinners from 5 :3 0 - 9 ;^ j^ e x o ^ t ^ M o n ttey; Zappia, DE 1-3000, Hotel Sellen Route 31, Palmyra, M. 1 . * y - Oin’ -Speela each Sunday i to 7 F.M Also open for dinners Tu%s. thru ■ Sat. from 6 to 9 serving char­ coal steaks and seafoods. - .Closed Mondays. L e fty-and Don Your Hosts. r»i ___ Yorfc Inn RET f , I mi! E. o f Phetpg on Rte. 96 Serving lunches and dinners 6 days a week. Closed Mon­ days.' The house specialty iferoiled Steaks. Make reser­ vations now 1 for your parties. RESERVATIONS EARtY! 4#.- iwt'.

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