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Newark courier-gazette. (Newark, N.Y.) 1967-1968, April 11, 1968, Image 4

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f!° ' •-the'Rev. ■Mi-rmr.n W. Scjvwa’i, ■wtjo began. the work of tlie Free Methodist Church in Newark, c(ied * after m.dnight Sunday (April 7., 19681 in Kirkvtile-.-N.Y.. according to word received here. The Rev. Schwab minister of the Free Methodist Church, was sent to Newark in late 1964 tb open '.new work as part of the a church’s extension program. He was assigned to Newark by the Conference of the Free Methodist Church. He came here Iron; Vestal where he served cnc year after, a previous year at the church in :Ea.st Williani.ion. He had been a minister'for the church; for I over 40 years and was s.uperin- Hendent -for 14 years until eight j years ago. He also had held pas- . torates in Rose ‘ and East Wil- ’Jiamson. : - Mr. Schwab leaves his widow • and two children. Services were (held Tuesday with burial in ChittenanuO Cemetery. ; .Pedro R .jjs, 24. of i 22 St uart Ave. •a.u-. killed last Friday night, when Iris cur which -lie was- working on slipped ■ off .a jack at tlie DuPont Mfg. .Co., Route 88, just north of Newark. He was pronounced dead at I the scene by Dr. Joseph J. kauf* ' man, police: surgeon, at 7 -p.m., , according to police, Dr, Kauf- i man called Dr. David Ennis of, Lyons couniy coroner. ! Police stated, tlje man was j /working on his car and when; tliey arrived at tlie scene lie was j under the car.. They also stated that the car was jacked up by a bumper jack on the rig lit front.. bumper. There were two blocks, of wood under the base of the jack. The right front tire was off] the car, according to police, with the possibility that Rojas ( was changing the oil filter when . rah jack apparently slipped. The * accident was investigated, by [ village and county police. lift. Rd j as, who had\ been em­ ployed at the local firm, was1 born- in Puerto Rico, Nov. 24,; The .DuPont Ship, was pur­ chased nearly two years ago by | Tealle Machine Co. of Rochester ] from Orville .Greule'. 1 He leaves his widow, Julia;-liis 1 parents, iVIr. and Mrs, Domingo' Rojas Delgado of Puerto’Rico; one- daughter, Maria,, at home: | three- brothers, Patricio and ( Angel, both of .Newark, and- Gregory of Caugaus P. R : five , sisters, Fincenta Cdlomri, Juan- I ita Guvnones and Gufelinin : -®S!S8i8F'^iRe#s#eWaH£;«aatt1 ih Puerto' Rico. • Services were held Sunday at I the Schulz Funeral Home with ' coromital services yesterday in San Lorenzo, P. R. .«* NF.W R U L E R -— .H o w a rd Burgess (left) accepts gavel from M o o d y Corelli a s new - exalted ruler of N e w a rk Elks L o d g e at in ­ stallatio n cerem o n ies held Saturday night. P e ter Jacob, past district deputy grand .exalted ruler, observes. John; F VonDaackc, senior ' hi.stjr-ian -in the office of the New York State Historians, will be UIC speaker at the aiinnal '.meeting of the Wayne County. • 'Histurk’.vl Society at the Lyons ’.Grange Hall on Thursday, April '.18. \ • .. . _ i j. He will spcr*!,. on the topic. I ' “ History Is Not Dead. It is Alive and Hiding in. . .] I He was appointed historian in t January l'9nf. - 1 |- Aii'Ejdded feature to the pro-' . , , ' gram will be harp selections by | 1 h i f.G AUt.O.mQHi Miss ■ .Alice Lee Bourne, well-; known harpist of Lyons. O' _ „ U / _ . I Dinner will be served at-6:30f V*UT VTObli ■p.m. Reservations must be; ^ - - -- \..made on or before next'Tuesday I J J p U n i o n St ! noon, with Mrs. Frederick Tin-] r w W IUU,N I , -ne-y, Lyons RD 1. JOHN Von'DAAt’SEI CARD OF THANKS (Continued from Page 1) [.and with Christianity in parti- , . , , ! cular or else it has no meaning rmd . he -commonl y - ^ -... % f S S 2 f S 5 i f b - ' He isi Purgcss was installef ; ten,- » n / Missionary Allianfo rjnterestingtp note'how crysjta- . as-exalted ruler of the Newark,; ], Car owners ,h„ /their choice'of , _ l.matic car wash on Union] , We are sincerely grateful tot Charles W. r'l-iiar ’\frlHa^'\ana1TtlWW§\#'OT‘^1W \ d tor\'servlcT^\-,v, ; many -kind acts of- sympathy [ w . .tihion St.. has mpptiefli during our sad bereavement, soiling variancv f.,.' ^ ; Qur \ appreciation cannot -be to install-;an amtiSutiFcarl adequately expressed. at his station. tian - ahd '/Missionary , Alliance . —— -, , . , . , . . . , , . Church observ'd \silence and Nations of tb; real issues of life ■ Elks Lodge foftlte coming year prayer at the communion table ] ^ aboVrom lToi the !U cerema'hi^ held Sa-turda*v who sent us tne neauunu curus for-the nation- tn the Wake- of ;™ - wrotei about some . in the lodge rooms. : ^ • femembrances -on our pQfh the assassination of Martin Lu- jMi’sL Verna' wetaatari -and family J a public .hearing Wig 1 by the Zoning Bdard ufAj CARD' OP. THANKS t on April S 'at 4 p.m. on ‘ ’ I Ian’s application 0 ^ ^ ^ ! • Automatic who sent us the beautiful c a r d s ' ^ ther“ranff\7r\and* Boiihoeffer in.- He-sucrccds->Moody CorellL■..--Redding Anniversary. . - lopefated bTFivl' D-. vh!l rots and the ensuing Prison” sug^. Also installed- were. Charles:. Dan and Jennie Porrey. !A^ Loson y \ .° Vnel wimnm Mnmi noc 1 gested, his phtosuphy. Although Meyers, ^estyemed' leading,' f ‘ . - ^ wUliam Moon, po$ lt ^ ftot yet-well understood, his Prnnk Murrav esteemed CARD- OF THANKS tor, -prayed for a change In the emnhas}s ,those lef»eA affects Knl{>nl* t l ‘tnK ('?urra>’ eslfenieu TO GR-ADl ATE hearts of both folacks and^ -■ y0ly lffe ,mine today .Thus .JsyaL.knight; Hyman Fort, (am uy . of the jate Camiel j Stephen Mo. n,-;- whites and for peace ih,Upsi.jftfmtirr ttttiwr King, in-meeting teeiped lecturing— knight.: P a u l. tSaml Earx-.. wishes to express And Mrs. Ciif-ford j.^] . ..... ij.smi.iti... Muiitun.- .rtuar.-».p.£®re-.aDiii'cciaiicsh West Ave.. wiih s grSHisttJ mt-d schoi-j aJ p A R K E R - p A Y F f E L D (SfuNERAL ^ O M E 127 East M iller St. ' N ewark, New YoRk 14513 ' Leon J. Krolak, Lie. Mgr. Prepared, through experience, to. ren* If 'ktntT 3^ . . a ance to bereaved R; 11 bt families to a re- H , ’ 11 spectful and dig- 'A'p- • ' » 1 ‘ niffpfl irmnnor. 1s i % ■ I I Fgitbfully searing •J-&mlies--af- dlLStifths D E A T H S Katherine Hurley . Miss Katherine C. Hurley, 86,; of 78 Chapel St., Seneca Falls, died April 3, 19.68 at tlie Ne'wark Manor Nursing' Home,, where she had been a patient since Dec. 19, 1967. A lifetime r-esident -of -Seneca , Falls, Miss Hurley was am ein- i ployee of Bayard Dry Goods Store and the Helen Shop. ~\Sfie~is sumveiX Vy two sisters, Mrs, Stephen Kelleher of Green­ field, Mass.. and Miss Bertha Hurley of Newark:' one niece, Mfs. Leo (Margaret) McMahon, Seneca Falls, ahd five nephews, William Kelleher, Seneca Falls, Stephen, Richard and Joseph Kelleher, Greenfield, Mass., and John R. Hurley of Newark. CARD OF THANKS Excerpts from the Rev. Ber ____ . . ________ - _ nard D. Granger’s Palm Sunday untimely1’ in-his'emphasis on firmer guard; Peter Minutolo,, offerings, Mass cards, and many; ton-G. He has b\rh aetepj sermon .at St. Mark’s Episeopal non-violent direct action; has -tiler; Lyndon VanLiew, secre- kind expressions of sympathy the U. of petrn-.t Dir/.ii Church are as fellows: given to us a' rebuttal that wiil. tary; Isaac DcBruyne, treasurer; in. the time of our grief. 'for further stud ™ The 'theme of the sermbn'Was gp - down in \history as-\Letter/Dharles Miller, -organtst, and ■ ^ ' ■ to draw parallels .between our-.Prom. Birmingham Jail”. A t this_JLet'Pr _ •Jacob, trustee for five Lord's acts of Holy Week and point I quoted extensively from years. t.t-n i,tp nf- Pr King and; th<- G>At Mter-^wMoh-tells why King • Peter Jacob; past district -dep- parallels we find are that each believed' that, they could ngt. uty grand exalted ruler, and! of the two warned the existing “wait” any- longer to get the., past ..exalted rulers conducted. society of -turmoil, chaos, and equality and justice they de.- the instalimion which followed ■ destruction. . . - -served as American ' cltizensv. dinner served by FrecTCbombCr. Each of the two proposed an and promised, this on formula-; club chef.' , • ; alternative to the path toward~tinn?fof the Constitution and the,j The grand installation- ball1 complete destruction that their Declaration of Independence, as climaxed the program With Wil- present Societies were presently weli as the Judaeo-Chrtitian 11am Gersony and his band play- fpUowmg and each proposed a heritage. ing for dancing, plan which would lead us to aef- King closed the letter: “Let u; • inite-objectives and goals -rather all hope that the dark clouds; ot - c - n e ^*rcis/s H o u c a - than toward the catastrophy o l ,racial prejudice will soon pass * lawlessness, chaos, and-total dis-.,away and the deep fog of mis- ] T r a ile r Ql\ S w e d e R o c td integration pf.our Hoeietie?-j- ’understanding will be lifted . . ' “I commend to you£ think^gs,from the fdar drenched com.hu- Fire of unknown origin- dc- \ Rochester Jobs. Inc., the South'd mties add in some not too dis- stroyed a - house trailer oh the ern Chnsiiail 'Leiiderihip Cori-; tnr!t tomorrow tile radiant stars ■ Swede -Road- Monday at-’ --4.67 7 ference, and the Fight Organi- ] of love and brotherhood will 1 p.m. . : zation in Rochester which is -shine over our g-ieat nation Mr. and Sirs. Henry Nestle. officially supported-by the Dio^ 1 wit:h alMlieir scintillating-beau- and two-year-oid child were] cese Of Rochester”. . * ty.” j routed, from the trailer which'; T suggest .that you -read all Tlie Rev. Hani Khoury, pastor •was a total loss They lost all you can about the racial prob- ] of the Port Gibsor • Methodist their clothing and personal, pos- - lem aS it exists and why it ex- .Church, said in his tribute to'sessions in the blaze which was : ists”. |the assassinated Negro leader discovered by a neighbor. Fire-; “We must make a decision)—i-that the bullet which struck the P*®11 ,saW ^ blaze apparently we can’t put it off any longer— Rev. Mr, King differs only in started m the kitchen .area, either we allow our cities to be , kind ;oin the nails which bled CALL DE 1-3255 Newark’s Funeral Home relatives for their many acts of kindness during cur recent be­ reavement. The expressions of sympathy, cards, flowers and gifts to the Cancer Fund were greatly appreciated. The family of the late Jacob H. Weyklhan bt? ;“Jesus to his death \TneUC intentionilLC'tlLlAJil behindC11AA1U themiClU V F W Posf to Nominate ----- -w- , i l V W MI r* • nation destroyed or we take ac - 1 was the same to destroy God’s olafe rrtday E v e n in g lm 1 P Ki-yu f e r M r lV-.r ' YoUrs To Use 1 • 1 At No Additional Cost Offers you fhe privacy of your own home regardless of cosf. Provides for modem .surroundings in an atmosphere that is homelike. Ample parking pf cars, away from meters or other parking restrictions. A R T H U R G . S C H U L Z , I n c . • Leon R. Hall, Lie. Mgr. Maple Court — Just Off Main v ' £ yota* S a i & r t r il u te m a y le EVERLASTING B e re a d y b y P a s t e r to pay trib- Ute to your most loved one with th e surpassing beauty of a Rock of Ages family monument. Come in and let us help you- choose from- our wjde selection of Rock of Ages types and' designs. You can choose Rock o f Ages with confidence b& tion now. To turn our, back on the problem, to atlempt to jus­ tify the aloof “hands off” atti­ tude is to have our heads in the sand”. 'It would seem that the very people, for whom Christ under-7 took., the long Walk to the Cross, for whom' He was crucified, eaa, and- hTfrlodphave' tried lu wash, from their hands, the blood of those for whom Dt. King has pow died”. “I suggest that no' person to- this Church this morning flaunt his hypocrisy hSd 'blasphemy by going forth from this ChuTch holy purpose made known b y .. .. ... . . _ „... the lives and the messages cf Arcadia Memorial Post -883. love, peace and brotherhood Veterans of Foreign Wars, will , which they proclaimed,” said > ^°lci n°mmations of ofticers_ for Mr Khoury the eorhmg year this Friday at “It took onay one man -to 8 ' a£?°rdingJ ° ^ost Co!r‘- ;driVe the nails mto the hands' malt .er. William MacGregor. and feet of our Lord,” added, th e . . Rev. Khoury, “but- backing his ^ 1 ta e p pr act were tne shouts bt -tnose* ~ “ “ - ---- ■'— 1— 7 New product requirements dictated by our cvpind- ing markets have created many new opening .m-.-jr Engineering Division. We need model hi.iken and draftsmen NOWv Exeellent star-ting salary ami tw« ] benefits, M O D E L M A K E R S . Must be able to determine se­ quence of machining operations. Can'set up.'jJiuvt and- operate all machine shop e q u i p m e n t \ including, iathes, mills, grinders, shapers, and bands.ms t,> edt, drill, bend, punch and shape metal parts and. re-irs. W ill work from drawings, sketches and oral in.'.rrt- tions. D E T A I L D R A F T S M E N , Must be able to determine and provide adequate design features to cornpl\ with space, shape, dimensional or other limitation.-, con­ sidering operational functions and performance re­ quirements. Most important, however, is a icai ...d- irtgness to learn and mechanical aptitude. Cali between the hours of 9 end 4:30, Monday through Frida' Nr Cardile, A / C 716 244-5 m >> i Or write in confidence to Itck 'Bimwss Products, Box 1970, Rochester, | An equal New. York 14603. , opportunity employer - Crying, ‘CTueify him.’ It was one person who assassinated Dr., King, but prompting his deed were the voices of prejudice,; fear, ignorance. The majority of\ us, however,\ stand guilty be- . , causa of our indifference to fhe yyearmg a pglm cross or carry- cause for which -this great man mg re palm branch unless he- is- itvetF and 'dtedr cause they are m a d e from the world’s finey:_ .monumental granite, w ith a signed guarantee to you, your heirs or descendants. ^loojc- lor Mt on yoof Rock of Ages monufnent or .mo/kor. trijentiflos bH Rod; of Ages monuments. willing ty Lake up the Cross of Christ in the interest of Gods disadvantaged people” Excerpts from the Palm Sun­ day sermon of the Rev. Whiter R.' Hobkirk, pastor of the Park Presbyterian „ Church, in refer­ ence to Martin Luther King, Jr. follow: In the light of the world shaking events that have over­ taken -us_within the last ten days, we cannot dhsOfve Palm Sunday just like any other Palm Sunda'y. There is curious signifi­ cance in the :ry of Hosannah ahich-waa , used . by_thc-paapl DF AiiTKOVUSH NEWARK GRANITE WORKS Owned and Operated by Mrs. Mary Benzie 731 N. Main St. NewatE, N.Y. who acclaimed Jesus. It meant, among other \things ’“Help, we pray!” or “Help Israel. 0 God!” Certainly as a people: and as Christians we stand in need of divirie help in these times. .. The? honoring of the memory of Martin Luthei- King, Jr. seems appropriate tdday Both to .terms of timing and in terms of the non-violence for which hp 'stood. Jesus engaged in non-vU olent direct action himself. Martin Luther King’s non-vio- -leht.;-:emphnsis -is-an insta.nce-:cf “Ais . Christians we need. to awakefi to the rc-alities of Our task. We have to come to the realization that the Negro does1 not seek charity .or favOr, but his inherent right of equality, opportunity ahd freedom. Mar­ tin Luther King, jr. preached. this message trusitog in God ■ and in man’s sense of integrity. I Though he is dead, yet what he i proclaimed peed hot die for ■ l6ve,r peace, and brotherhood; and in God’s eternal plan for humanity.\ ' 7 ...... j ?TT w q S t a t e S c h o o l E m p l o y e e s E n d J 2 - Y e o r S e r v i c e what Jesus stond for catching on, Jesus non-violence has beeh reenacted. Crucifixions for righteousness sake still go on,- and God uses fhom 'frt hfe. *’rTtUlC» Ws-yndo. The assassin,. ..Mrs, Harthagle was first.em- .T:^lr> l^ln o , ' f h o f . V»o woe? a __i^ __ * _ - Dial 331-3005 thinking1 that he was doing a good deed by eliminating the trouble maker may not have re­ alized how God takes the most tinlikely situations and uses them for his purposes. This national social issue has to do with religion iii general Two more employees at the Newark State School have re­ tired in the past week. -Bernard B. Bramer of 153 w. Dezehg St., Clyde, retired as an attendant-after having'been 'em- r ployed for 12 years on East\ -Eform 1.—Mrs;—Josephine—kr Hartnagle of 804 Church St. re­ tired from her duties as kitchen helper in the food Service de­ partment after 12 years of serv­ ice. ployed on May 14, 1956 as a din­ ing room attendant but on June [ ■8., 1956, transferred to the posi­ tion of kitehen helper. She serv-j ed ih the Girls ihfortoary, the : main kitchen and in the central i vagetable unit during her years 1 at the School. i 1962 CHEVROLET CprvaiT Coupe, solid red fin* • ish, matching interior, radio, heater, WW fires, 4 speed transmission. $495 - f,66 Ford Galaxie 500 4 door, solid white finish, blue, interior1, radio, heater, Y/3; P o w e r steering, whitewall tires. Low mileage. ’ 1966 RAMBLER Classic Convertible, red With -Wack top, V/8, radio, heat*, eq standard trans. Locally owned. 1 1 SI 695 1964 FAIRLANE 590 Station Wagon, light bine finish matching interior, ra- dio. power steering. V/8. 1966 GALAXIE 2 door hardtop, solid gold finish, matching toterior, ra- \|o; heater, automatic trans. '/ 8 , power steering. ,1963 FALCON Station-- Wagon, beige finis matching interior, radio, mifnlnn tin trpn^ Clean car. 6 cylinder. 1964 FORD , Fordor, black and N ish. matching in4eri0.I\ .1 autohiatie, radio & pea j power steering. CiOQE 1 9 6 4 FORD Galaxie 500 , 4 door, white finish. Black .mteni radio and heater, auto. ■ WhiteWall tir-es. clean cart 1964 Tdbo*. blue fintsli. red !> ■terior, radio, heater. 6 cylU der, standard hams: - $895 135 W. MASN • \ d r THE SPOT’ 584-2141 FINANCING i PHELPS. N Y- • LOW

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